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Leica Geosystems Ag
Leica Geosystems Ag_20100107
Leica Geosystems Ag_20131212

Leica Geosystems Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Leica Geosystems Ag. Leica Geosystems Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Leica Geosystems Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Leica Geosystems Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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10/05/17Laser scanner
09/28/17Creation of a 3d city model from oblique imaging and lidar data
09/21/17Surveying instrument
09/21/17Laser tracker having two measurement functionalities
08/03/17Device for automatically finding a mobile geodetic target object
06/22/17Surveying pole
06/15/17Tec module having laser diode as an interferometer laser beam source in a laser tracker
06/15/17Portable distance measuring device and capturing relative positions
06/15/17Method for creating a spatial model with a hand-held distance measuring device
05/25/17Lidar system
05/04/17Surface surveying device for determining 3d coordinates of a surface
03/09/17Surveying pole
02/02/17Optical sensor element for a measuring machine, and coupling element therefor on the measuring machine side
01/19/17Calibration device and calibration a laser beam horizontal trueness testing device
12/22/16Referenced vehicle control system
12/01/16Target point detection method
11/10/16Scanning method and surveying system with scanning functionality
10/27/16Scanning measuring device with thermally neutral axis
10/27/16Laser receiver
09/22/16Electro-optical distance measurement method and equivalent distance meter
09/08/16Surveying device having a fine targeting and target tracking functionality
09/01/16Laser tracker having target-seeking functionality
07/21/16Self-calibrating laser tracker and self-calibration method
06/30/16Method for determining a position and orientation offset of a geodetic surveying device and such a surveying device
06/23/16Surveying apparatus with positioning device
06/16/16Laser tracker
05/19/16Geodetic surveying system
05/19/16Geodetic surveying system
05/12/16Control of image triggering for aerial image capturing in nadir alignment for an unmanned aircraft
04/28/16Targeting device for electro-optical measuring apparatuses
04/14/16Surveying device having ball-point bearing
04/14/16Laser tracker with a warm air flow shield for the measurement beam
03/17/16Surveying apparatus with function for calibrating focusing optical unit positions to be set in a distance-dependent manner
03/10/16Automatic track alignment control kit and automated track alignment
03/03/16Range data compression
03/03/16Multi-camera laser scanner
03/03/16Line parametric object estimation
02/04/16Coordinate measuring device
01/28/16Measuring device having a function for calibrating a display image position of an electronic reticle
01/07/16Geodetic instrument with diffractive optical elements
12/10/15Co-located antenna
12/03/15Self-calibrating laser tracker and self-calibration method
10/29/15Laser beam horizontal trueness testing device and corresponding method
10/29/15Method and handheld distance measuring device for creating a spatial model
10/22/15Method and geodetic device for surveying at least one target
10/22/15Method and device for determining an orientation of an object
09/24/15Surveying system and method
09/03/15Laser tracker with hybrid imaging extending the measuring range
08/13/15Laser tracker with calibration unit for self-calibration
07/23/15Hand-held distance-measuring device having an angle-determining unit
06/18/15Distance measuring method and distance measuring element
06/11/15Distance measuring method and distance measuring element
05/21/15Laser tracker comprising interferometer and absolute distance measuring unit, and calibration a laser tracker
05/21/15Measuring apparatus comprising an interferometer and an absorption medium defining a dense line spectrum
04/23/15Method and handheld distance measurement device for indirect distance measurement by means of image-assisted angle determination function
04/02/15Laser system with a laser receiver capable to detect its own movements
03/19/15Buried service detection
03/19/15Camera system comprising a zoom lens and a linear encoder
03/19/15Electro-optic distance-measuring device
03/12/15Electro-optic modulator and electro-optic distance-measuring device
02/12/15Method for determining a change in distance by means of interferometry
02/05/15Laser receiver
01/22/15Lidar system
01/22/15Positioning apparatus, in particular for adjusting lenses or lens system in optical devices
01/15/15Capacitive rotary position encoder
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01/08/15Laser tracker with functionality for graphical target preparation
01/01/15Laser-based coordinate measuring device having a fixed/loose bearing apparatus
12/25/14Laser tracker with a target sensing unit for target tracking and orientation detection
12/04/14Sketching functionality for a handheld field device
11/20/14Light detection circuit
11/20/14Handheld measuring aid for use with a six-degrees-of-freedom laser tracker
11/13/14Model-based scan line encoder
10/09/14Surface determination for objects by means of geodetically precise single point determination and scanning
10/09/14Geodetic referencing of point clouds
10/09/14Total station having scanning functionality and selectable scanning modes
09/25/14Construction laser system having a rotation laser and a laser receiver, with functionality for automatic determination of the laser receiver direction
09/25/14Construction laser system with an at least partially automatically running recalibration functionality for a beam levelling functionality
09/11/14Cooled aerial camera
08/14/14Measuring device that can be operated without contact and control such a measuring device
08/14/14Surveying device and filtered display of object information
Patent Packs
08/14/14Electro-optical distance measuring device
07/31/14Measuring device for determining the spatial position of an auxiliary measuring instrument
07/24/14Electro-optical distance measuring device
07/24/14Multi psd-arrangement and circuitry
07/17/14Tilt sensor for a device and determining the tilt of a device
07/10/14Surveying appliance and method having a targeting functionality which is based on the orientation of a remote control unit and is scalable
03/20/14Integrated terrain modelling system
02/20/14Grade mechanism for tiltable laser optical systems
02/06/14Method and system for the determination of a steering angle
01/02/14Electro-optical distance measuring device with a gesture-based measurement trigger that functions without contacting the measuring device
12/12/13Device for measuring and marking space points along horizontally running contour lines
11/14/13Construction laser system comprising a rotation laser and a laser receiver, and method
11/07/13Measuring appliance comprising an automatic representation-changing functionality
10/24/13Measuring appliance comprising a dynamic sighting functionality and associated method
10/24/13Geodesic measuring device comprising a thermographic camera
10/24/13Portable optical sensor module
09/26/13Robotic surveying instrument and an automatic collimation telescope and surveying instrument with an objective goal
09/19/13Digital multi-spectral camera system having at least two independent digital cameras
09/05/13Rotating laser
08/15/13System and determining an unambiguous heading direction of a vehicle
08/15/13Universal remote terminal unit for tracking the status and position of self-propelled irrigation systems
07/04/13Control producing ground markings, and reference beam generator
06/27/13Geodetic survey system having a camera integrated in a remote control unit
05/23/13Measurement a surface-measuring measuring machine
04/25/13Optical measurement method and measurement system for determining 3d coordinates on a measurement object surface
04/18/13Geodetic surveying device having automatic high-precision target point sighting functionality
04/18/13Method for verifying a surveying instrument's external orientation
04/18/13Vehicle guidance and sensor bias determination
04/11/13Vehicle guidance and sensor bias determination
03/14/13Coordinate measuring device having automatic target detection
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02/28/13Surveying method
02/28/13Surface sensing device with optical monitoring system
02/21/13Method and guidance-unit for guiding battery-operated transportation means to reconditioning stations
01/03/13Electromagnetic proximity detection method and unit
12/20/12Surveying instrument
11/29/12Distance-measuring a device projecting a reference line, and such a device
10/25/12System and data sharing
10/11/12Highly accurate distance measurement device
10/04/12Target point recognition method and surveying instrument
09/27/12Method for speckle mitigation in an interferometric distance meter and corresponding distance meter
Patent Packs
09/06/12Calibration method and angle measuring an angle measuring device, and angle measuring device
08/09/12Sighting device, in particular telescopic sight, for a geodetic measuring apparatus and optical objective unit assembly for such a sighting device
08/09/12Method of calibrating inertial sensors
07/12/12Rapid, spatial-data viewing and manipulating including data partition and indexing
05/24/12Building surveying device with an automatic plumb point finding functionality
05/17/12Tracking method and measuring system comprising a laser tracker
05/10/12Chart specific navigation plotter and inexpensive production thereof
05/10/12Coordinate measuring device
05/10/12Apparatus for generating three-dimensional image of object
05/03/12Tracking method and measuring system having a laser tracker
05/03/12Coordinate measuring machine (cmm) and compensating errors in a cmm
04/26/12Calibration a measuring system
04/19/12Vehicle guidance and sensor bias determination
04/12/12Coordinate measuring machine (cmm) and compensating errors in a cmm
03/29/12Proximity detection method and system
03/22/12Method and system for highly precisely positioning at least one object in an end position in space
03/15/12Aerial camera correcting distortions in an aerial photograph
02/16/12Coordinate measuring machine (cmm) and compensating errors in a cmm
02/02/12Piezo drive
01/19/12Leveling device and leveling method
01/19/12Geodetic measuring device
01/12/12Geodesic measurement identifying a target unit having a geodesic measurement device
12/29/11Optoelectronic angle sensor
12/15/11System and reference position determination
12/15/11Positioning system and method
12/01/11Interferometric distance measuring method with spectrally separable double chirp and device
11/24/11Position determination method and geodetic measuring system
11/10/11Optoelectronic position measurement device and optoelectronic position measurement method
10/06/11Optoelectronic position measurement device and position measurement method
09/29/11Laser receiver for detecting a relative position
Patent Packs
09/22/11Optical sensor element for a measuring machine, and coupling element therefor on the measuring machine side
07/28/11Tracking method and measuring system comprising a laser tracker
07/21/11Device for marking or processing a surface, tool, and articulated arm
06/30/11Optical sensor with collision protection for a measurement machine
06/16/11Method and device for determining positions
05/26/11Rotating construction laser with a dual grade mechanism
05/12/11Position determination method
05/05/11Rotating construction laser, in particular a self-compensating rotating construction laser, and measuring a tilt of an axis of rotation of a construction laser
05/05/11Lidar system
03/03/11Positioning system and method
03/03/11Interferometric distance-measuring method with delayed chirp signal and such an apparatus
02/24/11Optoelectronic angle sensor and determining a rotational angle about an axis
02/24/11Measuring an articulated-arm coordinate measuring machine
02/10/11Scanner registering surfaces
01/27/11Transimpedance amplifier circuit for a photodetector
01/20/11Measuring head system for a coordinate measuring machine and optically measuring of displacements of a probe element
12/16/10Electro-optical distance-measuring unit
12/09/10Method and measuring device for gauging surfaces
12/02/10Method for determining position, laser beam detector and detector-reflector device for a system for determining position
11/25/10Distance-measuring a device projecting a reference line, and such a device
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11/25/10Optical-electronic distance measuring device
11/25/10Laser operation for survey instruments
10/28/10Shape measuring instrument with light source control
10/28/10Method and system for the high-precision positioning of at least one object in a final location in space
10/21/10Method for multi-target-enabled resolution of phase ambiguity
10/07/10Coordinate measurement instrument
09/16/10Position determination a geodetic measuring device
08/26/10Antenna combination for a mobile gnss station and mobile gnss station
08/26/10Optical guidance system for a laying engine for producing a concrete or asphalt top layer
08/19/10Localization system for an earth moving machine
08/19/10Method for accuracy estimation of network based corrections for a satellite-aided positioning system
08/19/10Laser scanner
08/12/10Sideways drift correction device
06/10/10Telescope based calibration of a three dimensional optical scanner
06/10/10Identification of 3d surface points using context-based hypothesis testing
06/03/10Optoelectronic longitudinal measurement method and optoelectronic longitudinal measurement device
06/03/10System and remote diagnostics
05/27/10Control producing ground markings, and reference beam generator
05/13/10Position determination a geodetic measuring device
03/11/10Reference beam generator for generating guide beams for marking machines
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03/04/10Localization system for an earthmoving machine
03/04/10Point-cloud clip filter
02/25/10Method and device for generating a synthetic wavelength
02/18/10Method for determining an influencing variable acting on the eccentricity in a goniometer
01/07/10Calculation network-specific factors in a network of reference stations for a satellite-based positioning system
11/12/09Electro-optical range finder
11/05/09Calibration method and calibration a hand-held locating device
10/22/09Target object used for retroflexion of optical radiation
10/22/09Optical distance measuring method and corresponding optical distance measurement device
10/08/09Articulated arm coordinate measuring machine
09/17/09Method and system for determining position and orientation of an object
07/23/09Distance measuring method and distance measuring element for detecting the spatial dimension of a target
07/02/09Surveying procedure and system for a high-rise structure
05/28/09Electro-optical measuring distance and detecting a non-ideal chirp profile
04/23/09Angle measuring device
04/16/09Systems and methods for improved position determination of vehicles
03/26/09Method for determining positions of points to be measured
03/05/09Rapid, spatial-data viewing and manipulating including data partition and indexing
02/19/09Method and measurement system for contactless coordinate measurement on an object surface
02/05/09Method and measuring device for measuring an absolute distance
12/12/13Device for measuring and marking space points along horizontally running contour lines
01/07/10Calculation network-specific factors in a network of reference stations for a satellite-based positioning system

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