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Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd Corporation

Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd. Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lenovo Enterprise Solutions singapore Pte Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17Selective loading of components within a node to speed up maintenance actions
04/20/17Managing component changes for improved node performance
04/13/17Automatically cooling computer system components for safe servicing
04/06/17Computer system and method providing both main and auxiliary power over a single power bus
04/06/17Topical expertise determination
04/06/17Link aggregation group (lag) support on a software-defined network (sdn)
04/06/17Assigning network addresses to possible network ports to fullest extent to which addresses can be assigned to ports
04/06/17Enabling application functions responsive to biometric input from more than one person
04/06/17Managing a multi-user communication based on the topical expertise of one or more users
03/30/17Authorizing user access to resource by determining whether other, authorized users have indicated that the user should be permitted access
03/30/17Systems and methods for enhancing performance of resource state polling
03/30/17Calling a response provider based on detection of an emergency situation
03/30/17Mitigating electromagnetic interference in a computing device
03/23/17Identifying a position of a computing device in a rack
03/23/17Computing devices having slots and components for receipt of different types of peripherals
03/16/17Data transfer connector, system and method
03/16/17Network prioritization based on node-level attributes
03/16/17Systems and methods for authorizing a session between a browser and a terminal server
03/16/17Security considerations for outgoing communications
03/16/17Peer-to-peer wireless connection between server computing device and mobile client computing device for authentication and server management
03/09/17Reducing ethernet latency in a multi-server chassis
03/09/17Rack assemblies for server carrying and pivoting
03/02/17Pci-e real-time flow control optimization
03/02/17Maintaining cryptoprocessor types in a multinode environment
03/02/17Repurposing a target endpoint to execute a management task
03/02/17Signature based distributed inventory caching
03/02/17Vertical installation of a server midplane
03/02/17Heat management in a server rack
02/23/17Displaying indicator when data of cell that is not visible changes
02/23/17Secure network server boot without the use of dhcp and pxe
02/23/17Memory module having a memory controller for controlling non-volatile memory
02/16/17Repairing a hardware component of a computing system while workload continues to execute on the computing system
02/16/17Multi-server system interconnect
02/16/17Apparatus and methods for creating environmentally protective coating for integrated circuit assemblies
02/16/17Apparatus and system for multifunction camming support shelf
02/16/17Coolant distribution unit for a multi-node chassis
02/09/17Controller-based dynamic routing in a software defined network environment
02/09/17Prioritizing network traffic based on relative imminence of usage
02/02/17Coordinated storage of operating data among multiple voltage regulators in response to a fault condition
02/02/17Capturing physical inventory in a data center
02/02/17Emulating end-host mode forwarding behavior
02/02/17Securing a server before connecting the server to a data communications network
02/02/17Non-networking connection with server computing device to at least power off the server computing device
12/29/16Power supply circuit for a computing server
12/29/16Automatic discovery and installation of secure boot certificates
12/29/16Cable having a spare signal line for automatic failure recovery
12/29/16Switch, device and constructing aggregated link
12/29/16Server, physical switch and communication system
12/29/16Populating forwarding database tables in a fabric environment
12/29/16Movable image capture devices and methods for capture of images from behind a display screen
12/22/16Computing device-specific memory module
12/22/16Raid logical stripe backup to non-volatile memory in response to raid storage device media errors
12/22/16Method and determining a user's level of interest in web-based content
12/22/16Identifying an outlet of a power distribution unit based on a power rating of an electronic device
12/22/16Compensating for optical signal degradation
12/15/16Workload allocation based on downstream thermal impacts
12/15/16Data storage device identifying an electronic device to a hardware-switching device
12/15/16Orthogonal card edge connector
12/15/16Data center networking
12/15/16Acquiring and displaying information to improve selection and switching to an input interface of an electronic device
12/08/16Selecting active power supplies based on power supply cable length
12/08/16Processing visual cues to improve device understanding of user input
12/08/16Video adapter alignment
12/08/16Digital processing equipment
12/08/16Systems and methods for performing operations on a computing device
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12/01/16Sensing current of a dc-dc converter
12/01/16Trans-locality based fixed storage security
12/01/16Identification of ports from which cables have been recently removed and that have the same physical form factor using existing visual port indicators
12/01/16Automatic configuration of switch port settings based on the device attached to the switch port
11/24/16Controlling a redundant array of independent disks (raid) that includes a read only flash data storage device
11/24/16Separating a hybrid asymmetric mix of a raid 1 mirror and a parity-based raid array
11/24/16Modular battery cell architecture and control method
11/17/16Systems and methods for performing operations on memory of a computing device
11/17/16Managing computing devices in a computing system
11/03/16Electronic device management using a label providing management data
11/03/16Method, device and equipment for ensuring data security
10/27/16Impersonating a specific physical hardware configuration on a standard server
10/20/16Utilizing computing resources under a disabled processor node
10/13/16Minimizing thermal impacts of local-access pci devices
10/13/16System for electromagnetic interference noise reduction within an enclosure
Patent Packs
10/06/16Memory system facilitating high bandwidth and high capacity memory
10/06/16Authentication of remote host via closed ports
09/29/16Systems and methods for determining an operational condition of a capacitor package
09/29/16Applying firmware updates in a system with zero downtime by selectively offlining and onlining hardware using a scale-up hypervisor layer
09/29/16Modulating brightness of optical element conveying human-discernible information to also convey machine-discernible information
09/29/16Differential transmission line having quarter wavelength differential coupler to reduce common mode noise
09/29/16On-demand power management in a networked computing environment
09/29/16Automatically orienting hardware ports in a computing device
09/29/16Modifying operation of a mobile communication device based on interest level in a geographic location
09/22/16Managing water leakage from a water cooling system within a compute node
09/22/16Viewing multi paired schematic and layout windows on printed circuit board (pcb) design software and tools
09/22/16Processor related noise encryptor
09/22/16Memory type designation and/or verification system
09/22/16Universal socket solution
09/15/16Resistor and fuse overcurrent protection device
09/01/16Serial data signal edge detection
08/25/16Transferring workloads between computing devices in a distributed computing system
08/25/16Controlling access to components in a server housing to enforce use of a grounding strap
08/11/16Testing individual cells within multi-cell battery applications
08/11/16Protection circuit that detects fault impedance during power up of a device
08/11/16Modular chassis with floating midplane carrier
08/04/16Inter-circuit board connector with current sensor
08/04/16Linking a program with a software library
08/04/16Electromechanical assembly with socket and card edge connector
08/04/16Seamless connection handshake for a reliable multicast session
07/21/16Executing an additive manufacturing job by a plurality of additive manufacturing printers
07/21/16Preventing recurrence of deterministic failures
07/14/16User generated data based map search
07/07/16Processor power optimization with response time assurance
07/07/16Central electronics complex ('cec') and fan structure
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06/30/16Adjusting content on an interactive display to user physical height and reach
06/23/16Service indicators with minimal light sources
06/16/16Total manufacturing planning management control system
06/16/16Administering a remote session between a target computing device and a remote computing device
06/16/16Reducing impedance discontinuities on a printed circuit board ('pcb')
06/09/16Preventing corrosion of an electrical connector
06/09/16Reconfigurable processors and methods for collecting computer program instruction execution statistics
06/09/16Dynamic activation of service indicators based upon service personnel proximity
06/09/16Contextual contact substitution for mobile devices
05/26/16Signaling control among multiple communication interfaces of an electronic device based on signal priority
Patent Packs
05/19/16Optimized placement design of network and infrastructure components
05/12/16Modifying a three-dimensional object to be printed without exceeding a time or cost threshold
05/12/16Adjusting the use of a chip/socket having a damaged pin
04/28/16Light pipe heat sink element
04/21/16Three-dimensional printer having an expandable envelope
04/21/16Three-dimensional printer having an expandable envelope
04/21/16Managing i/o operations in a shared file system
03/31/16Protocol independent multicast (pim) multicast route entry synchronization
03/31/16Scalable logging control for distributed network devices
03/31/16Low profile, light weight hybrid wood/paper pallet
03/31/16Interleaved transformer/inductor
03/31/16Protocol independent multicast (pim) register message transmission
03/24/16Address verification on a bus
03/24/16Link layer discovery protocol (lldp) on multiple nodes of a distributed fabric
03/24/16Sensor-based removal of a soldered device
03/03/16Smart cover for an electronic device
03/03/16Differential transmission line with common mode notch filter
03/03/16Quantized congestion notification (qcn) proxy function in data center bridging capabilities exchange (dcbx) protocol
03/03/16Maximizing surface area of surface mount contact pads of circuit board also having via contact pads
02/25/16Controlling power consumption of a voltage regulator in a computer system
02/25/16Dynamic risk assessment based product sampling
02/18/16Unlocking an electronic device
02/18/16Predictive risk management based product procurement
02/04/16Method and system for giving prompt about touch input operation
02/04/16Configurable storage device and adaptive storage device array
02/04/16Short path circuit card
02/04/16Automatic configuration of host networking device networking interface without user interaction
01/28/16Controllable virtual link aggregation internet protocol forwarding
01/28/16Shielded pallet
01/28/16Probe supporting and aligning apparatus
Patent Packs
01/28/16Method to improve strain rate control of small lead free printed circuit board assembly during in circuit test process
01/28/16Managing cyber attacks through change of network address
01/14/16Resource advisor for automated bare-metal operating system installation
01/14/16Allocating memory usage based on voltage regulator efficiency
01/14/16Cached phy register data access
01/14/16System guided surrogating control in broadcast and multicast
01/07/16Communication of alerts to vehicles based on vehicle movement
01/07/16Advertising accessories for a digital imaging device
12/24/15Preventing oversubscription to power resources in a computing system
12/24/15Presenting search term suggestions on graphical user interfaces
12/24/15Unobtrusive sizing and placement of pop-ups
12/24/15Visualizing pinpoint attraction objects in three-dimensional space
12/24/15Fine control of media presentation progress
12/17/15Parallel storage system testing
12/17/15Light pipe heat sink element
12/17/15Video scrolling shortcuts for touchscreen display
12/17/15Managing a storage device using a hybrid controller
12/17/15Swim lane display mode for file system content
12/10/15Unlocking touch screen devices
12/10/15Associating data with pages of an application to allow selection of the pages via a selected navigation category
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12/10/15Rising and falling edge detection and re-assembly for high speed serial data communications
12/10/15Configuring a computing system to delay a system update
12/10/15High speed circuit board to circuit board connector via mating in an orthogonal direction to the axis of the pins
12/03/15Autonomous propagation of system updates
12/03/15Transversely actuated piezoelectric bellows heatsink
11/19/15Caching of look-up rules based on flow heuristics to enable high speed look-up
11/12/15Breakout cable
11/12/15Memory refresh rate throttling for saving idle power
11/12/15Load distribution of logical switch routers in a distributed system
11/12/15Circuit board assembly, electronic device having the same, and lifting and lowering apparatus thereof
11/12/15Logical switch architecture for network virtualization
11/12/15Backside initiated uniform heat sink loading
11/12/15Rack mountable network switch
10/29/15Positioning autonomous vehicles based on field of view
10/29/15Regional operation modes for autonomous vehicles
10/22/15Communicating with an owner of an object without the owner's contact information
10/15/15Eye gaze direction indicator
10/15/15Systems and methods for recommending image capture settings based on a geographic location
10/15/15Viewing multi paired schematic and layout windows on printed circuit board (pcb) design software and tools
10/01/15Adaptive game enhancement for multiplayer online games
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10/01/15Global positioning system routing based on altering arrival time
10/01/15Cable assembly
10/01/15Link aggregation group (lag) support on a software-defined network (sdn)
09/24/15Optimizing computer hardware usage in a computing system that includes a plurality of populated central processing unit ('cpu') sockets
09/24/15Optimizing computer hardware usage in a computing system that includes a plurality of populated central processing unit ('cpu') sockets
09/24/15Optimizing computer hardware usage in a computing system that includes a plurality of populated central processing unit ('cpu') sockets
09/24/15Network switch load balance optimization
09/24/15Systems and methods for altering movement of mobile communication devices based on determined movements
09/17/15Electronic device housing
09/17/15Managing a blocked-originator list for a messaging application
09/03/15Performance-aware job scheduling under power constraints
08/27/15Collaborative infrastructure update scheduling
08/27/15Externally serviceable it memory dimms for server/tower enclosures
08/20/15Apparatus for providing a three dimensional tactile display of an electronic device
08/20/15Physical presence of a virtual button on a touch screen of an electronic device
08/20/15Enabling capacity on demand in a computing system using a calendar
08/20/15Administering a recall by an autonomous vehicle
08/13/15Privately unlocking a touchscreen
08/13/15Constructing and verifying switch fabric cabling schemes
08/13/15Constructing and verifying switch fabric cabling schemes
08/13/15Pivoting cable management assembly
08/06/15Reduce size of ipv6 routing tables by using a bypass tunnel
08/06/15Network address allocation
07/30/15Orthogonally hinged individualized memory module cooling
07/30/15Indicating altered user interface elements
07/30/15Dynamic use of raid levels responsive to predicted failure of a data storage device
07/23/15Interactively cooperative mobile communication device power management
07/23/15Handling system interrupts with long running recovery actions
07/23/15Handling system interrupts with long-running recovery actions
07/23/15Computing device interface connectors for peripheral component interconnect compliant devices and other devices
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07/23/15Computing device interface connectors for peripheral component interconnect compliant devices and other devices
07/23/15Chip select ('cs') multiplication in a serial peripheral interface ('spi') system
07/16/15Reference-based circular scrolling menu
07/16/15Automatic geo metadata gather based on user's action
07/16/15Confidential information delivery in a multi-device environment
07/09/15System and altering interactive element placement based around damaged regions on a touchscreen device
07/09/15Assisting an expert to answer preexisting questions in a time efficient manner
07/09/15Establishing an action list for reconfiguration of a remote hardware system
07/09/15Virtual group policy based filtering within an overlay network
07/09/15Sequenced orthogonal disconnection of electronic modules
07/02/15Vlag pim multicast traffic load balancing
07/02/15Low-latency lossless switch fabric for use in a data center
06/25/15Compensating for identifiable background content in a speech recognition device
06/25/15Effective power management for pluggable transceiver receiving hardware in network switching systems
06/25/15Reduced backdrilling with quarter wavelength transmission line stubs
06/25/15Reduced emi with quarter wavelength transmission line stubs
06/18/15Translation suggestion
06/18/15Collision avoidance among vehicles
06/18/15Emi suppression technique using a transmission line grating
06/11/15Control of computing device use during conferences
06/11/15Generating a hybrid quick response (qr) code
06/11/15Generating a hybrid quick response (qr) code
06/11/15Control of computing device use during conferences
06/04/15Provisioning memory in a memory system for mirroring
06/04/15Recommending preferred ringer settings for a mobile communications device
06/04/15Recommending preferred ringer settings for a mobile communications device
05/21/15Configuration of transparent interconnection of lots of links (trill) protocol enabled device ports in edge virtual bridging (evb) networks
05/21/15Managing faulty memory pages in a computing system
05/21/15Preventing a rollback attack in a computing system that includes a primary memory bank and a backup memory bank

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