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Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd
Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd Singapore
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Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd. Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lenovo singapore Pte Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Managing battery and engine power to propel vehicle based on upcoming road feature
11/30/17Systems and methods for presentation of images from camera concurrently with presentation of virtual reality content
11/30/17Electric device and electronic device system
11/30/17Docking station and electronic device system
11/30/17Foot assembly system
11/30/17Method and driving actuators
11/30/17Method and driving actuators using a shape memory alloy
11/30/17Systems and methods for presentation of elements on a display based on context
11/30/17Information processing device and input character conversion method
11/30/17Fingerprint reader on a portion of a device for changing the configuration of the device
11/30/17Configuring virtual display zones within one flexible display
11/30/17Information processing device and image display method
11/30/17Systems and methods to determine time at which battery is to be charged
11/23/17Removable access panel
11/23/17Method, apparatus and computer program product for user detection and operation control
11/09/17Audio device arrays in convertible electronic devices
11/02/17Data storage device with dynamic display
11/02/17Accessibility of applications based on network connection type
11/02/17Disabling an application based on power level
10/26/17Member for electronic device chassis
10/26/17Fast system setting changes
10/26/17Method for recognizing motion gesture commands
10/05/17Water heater monitoring
10/05/17Apparatus, method, and program product for controlling appliances
10/05/17Systems and methods for control of output from light output apparatus
10/05/17Controlling appliance setting based on user position
10/05/17Single piece card retainer
10/05/17Virtual notifications
10/05/17Secure device chamber
10/05/17Selectively transmitting signals
10/05/17Minimizing nuisance audio in an interior space
10/05/17Increasing activation cue uniqueness
10/05/17Apparatus, method, and program product for controlling appliances
10/05/17Allocation of broader network bandwidth within a local network
10/05/17Finding commonality among socially aggregated contextual information
10/05/17Mechanisms for casting content
10/05/17Systems and methods to identify device with which to participate in communication of audio data
10/05/17Ascertaining a region of interest in a wireless network
10/05/17Intelligent notification delivery
10/05/17Systems and methods for taking actions based on whether secondary power is being received
10/05/17Group network acquisition
09/28/17Interfacing with multiple components connected to a printed circuit board
09/28/17Adjusting volume settings based on proximity and activity data
09/28/17Accessing supervisor password via key press
09/28/17Providing contact data of second mobile devices proximate to a target person of a first mobile device
09/21/17Apparatus, method, and program product for blocking group message replies
09/21/17Confining data based on location
09/21/17Systems and methods to provide notifications based on failure of first device to communicate with second device
09/14/17Device, method and computer program product for display of electronic information
09/14/17Automatic control of display brightness
09/14/17Method and dynamically controlling privacy of a display screen
09/07/17Hinge mechanism for an electronic device
09/07/17Performing actions responsive to hovering over an input surface
09/07/17Apparatus, method, and program product for detecting input gestures
09/07/17Method and identifying audio output outlet
09/07/17Flexible printer circuit board
08/24/17Camera and task light on adjustable arm and weighted base
08/24/17Determining whether to rotate content based on identification of angular velocity and/or acceleration of device
08/24/17Conforming electronic communication attachments to a recipient system's settings
08/24/17Apparatus, method, and program product for pre-caching streaming content
08/17/17Method for producing a chassis member usable in a chassis of an electronic device
08/17/17Systems and methods to determine user emotions and moods based on acceleration data and biometric data
08/10/17Dual display panel mount accessory
08/10/17Modular display system interface
08/10/17Hidden compartment with ports for mini pc or pc stick
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08/10/17Lobster hinge assembly
08/10/17All-in-one with sliding mechanism to reveal removable modules
08/10/17Vertical modular computing device
08/10/17Modular display system
08/03/17Case with strap comprising computer cable coupled thereto
08/03/17Magnetic hinge assemblies
08/03/17Identification and presentation of element at a first device to control a second device
08/03/17Text alterations based on body part(s) used to provide input
08/03/17Alteration of data associated with electronic calendar based on whether use is actually available
07/27/17User action activated voice recognition
07/27/17Disregarding input provided by a source other than the user
07/27/17Toggling between presentation and non-presentation of representations of input
07/27/17Virtual interface offset
07/27/17Display of ink input and digital recognition results
07/27/17Current distribution for battery pack management
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07/27/17Optical routing
07/20/17Force indication of a boundary
07/20/17Gesture ambiguity determination and resolution
07/13/17Method for processing fiber-reinforced resin materials
07/13/17Item detection based on temporal imaging analysis
07/13/17Automatic modification of augmented reality objects
07/06/17Hinge assemblies
07/06/17Selecting a target application based on content
07/06/17Method and device to control secondary devices
07/06/17Method and device to present candidate contacts based on proximity information
06/29/17Device for cursor movement and touch input
06/29/17Notifying a user to improve voice quality
06/22/17Adhesive member for an electronic device
06/22/17Expansion unit for portable information equipment
06/22/17Electronic device with self-aligning accessory
06/22/17Electronic device, method, and program product for software keyboard adaptation
06/22/17Content-based authentication
06/22/17Device with magnet(s) for engaging with another device
06/15/17Projector unit for portable information devices
06/15/17Flip down double sided touch screen
06/15/17Hot swapping batteries in a mobile device
06/15/17Pen hover range
06/15/17Apparatus, method and comptuer program product for information processing and input determination
06/15/17Apparatus, method and comptuer program product for information processing and keyboard display
06/15/17Swipe mechanism
06/15/17Augmented reality workspace transitions based on contextual environment
06/15/17Displaying an object with modified render parameters
06/15/17Extending the period of voice recognition
06/15/17User focus activated voice recognition
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06/15/17Modifying input based on determined characteristics
06/15/17Shorting battery to ground responsive to battery impedance reaching threshold
06/15/17Reducing streaming content interruptions
06/15/17Camera assembly for electronic devices
06/15/17Dynamic pricing for use of network
06/15/17Usage of network based on quality of network at a particular location
06/15/17Systems and methods to cool mobile device using thermoelectric cooler
06/08/17Disablement of global positioning system transceiver while providing directions
06/08/17Cooling device for cooling portable information devices
06/08/17Electronic apparatus
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06/08/17Indicating a connection to a printer
06/08/17Determination of device with which to establish communication based on biometric input
06/08/17Modification of audio signal based on user and location
06/08/17Presentation of information based on whether user is in physical contact with device
06/08/17Initial access to network that is permitted from within a threshold distance
06/01/17System wakeup on wireless network messages
06/01/17Apparatus, method, and program product for projecting battery usage
06/01/17Preventing screen rotation during use
06/01/17Portable information apparatus
05/25/17Apparatus, method, and program product to reduce noise
05/25/17Apparatus, method, and program for a software keyboard display
05/18/17Context-based program selection
05/18/17Logogram phrase completion from initial strokes
05/18/17Updating hint list based on number of strokes
05/18/17Electronic apparatus having a switch device
05/18/17Methods and arrangements for tracking and locating laptops
05/11/17Audio input of field entries
05/04/17Camera assembly for electronic devices
05/04/17Two stroke quick input selection
04/27/17Displaying a logogram indication
04/27/17Multi-processor computing system
04/27/17Gesture control using depth data
04/27/17Electronic word identification techniques based on input context
04/27/17Systems and methods for biometric authentication circuit offset from front surface of device
04/27/17Crowd sourced theft deterrent for neighborhoods
04/20/17Distributed network data usage metering across authorized personal devices
04/20/17Automatic network tethering for authorized personal devices
04/20/17Automatic network connection data synchronization for authorized personal devices
04/13/17Detecting logograms using multiple inputs
04/13/17Electronic device
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04/13/17Sensor based interface adjustment
04/06/17Devices and methods to discharge battery
03/30/17Granular quality of service for computing resources
03/30/17Optically connected hinge
03/30/17Determining digit movement from frequency data
03/30/17Flexible mapping of a writing zone to a digital display
03/30/17Adapting audio output based on context
03/23/17Identifying and modifying specific user input
03/23/17Charge notification
03/16/17Apparatus, method, and program product for data bandwidth optimization
03/16/17Gauge opacity control
03/16/17Information processing apparatus, display method therefor, and computer-executable program
03/16/17Portable electronic device, control method, and computer program
03/16/17Content ranking based on person-to-person sharing
03/16/17Association of objects in a three-dimensional model with time-related metadata
03/16/17Method and device to manage video content
03/09/17Electronic device having a member for chassis
03/02/17Electronic device having a member for chassis
03/02/17User interface for electronic device, input processing method, and electronic device
02/23/17Information processing device
Social Network Patent Pack
02/23/17Orientation control
02/23/17Validation of internet address input to a device
02/09/17Forecasting arrival times
02/09/17Wireless charging device with circuit electrically coupleable to first and second coils
02/09/17Zooming and panning within a user interface
02/09/17Natural handwriting detection on a touch surface
02/09/17Assisting a user in term identification
02/09/17Transitionable magnetic barrier for wireless charging device
02/02/17Proactive control of electronic device cooling
02/02/17Gesture recognition of ink strokes
02/02/17Preventing the automatic display of an onscreen keyboard
02/02/17System performance monitoring and optimization
02/02/17Modification of input based on language content background
02/02/17Insertion of characters in speech recognition
01/26/17Electronic device system, electronic device cover, and electronic device
01/26/17Input device for a portable electronic apparatus
01/26/17Transmission of data pertaining to use of speaker phone function and people present during telephonic communication
01/19/17Portable electronic apparatus
01/19/17Portable electronic apparatus
01/19/17Component retention mechanism
Social Network Patent Pack
01/19/17Interacting with application beneath transparent layer
01/12/17Stand assembly for a portable electronic device
01/05/17Method and assembly for using switchable backlighting to distinguish between multi-function keys
12/29/16Validating firmware on a computing device
12/22/16Managing storage of digital content
12/22/16Portable computing device, screen switching method therefor, and computer-executable program therefor
12/22/16Multi-modal disambiguation of voice assisted input
12/22/16Modifying search results based on context characteristics
12/22/16Adapting search queries using a specific result
12/22/16Creating and using document pedigree data
12/22/16Customizable extensions for virtual assistants
12/22/16Adapting voice input processing based on voice input characteristics
12/22/16Directing voice input
12/22/16Determining close contacts using communication data
12/22/16Determination of device at which to present audio of telephonic communication
12/22/16Determining the necessity of device tracking
12/22/16Device location determined by wireless signals
12/15/16Reduced document stroke storage
11/17/16Keyboard for portable information equipment
11/17/16Continued presentation of area of focus while content loads
11/17/16Information processing storing data in cloud environment, terminal device, and storage method
11/17/16Usage of first camera to determine parameter for action associated with second camera
11/10/16Configuration of standby portion of memory based on context
10/13/16Activating an electronic privacy screen during display of sensitve information
10/13/16Electronic display content fitting
10/13/16Bandwidth prioritization
10/06/16Touch panel click action
10/06/16Wireless network access for social network connections
10/06/16Coincidental searching and browsing
10/06/16Suppress and resume notifications based on motion
Social Network Patent Pack
10/06/16Audio compression using vector field normalization
10/06/16Initiating a secure action via physical manipulation
10/06/16Photo cluster detection and compression
10/06/16System with stepped three dimensional profile and venting
09/29/16Appending a user identifier to an image
09/29/16Controlling a wearable device using gestures
09/29/16Device input and display stabilization
09/29/16Human interface device input fusion
09/29/16Text correction using a second input
09/29/16User verification using touch and eye tracking
09/29/16Handwriting data search
09/29/16Camera that uses light from plural light sources disposed on a device
09/22/16Apparatus, method, and program product for setting a cursor position
09/22/16Prevention of light from exterior to a device having a camera from being used to generate an image using the camera based on the distance of a user to the device
09/22/16Input device with gas vent(s)
09/22/16Battery with cathode materials for charging at different rates
09/22/16Presentation of audio based on source
09/15/16Determining available capacity in a transportation mechanism
09/15/16Removing connective strokes
09/15/16Predicting a target logogram
09/15/16Detecting cascading sub-logograms
09/15/16Hinge device for a portable computer
09/15/16Supply of power from one device to another device
09/15/16Execution of function based on location of display at which a user is looking and manipulation of an input device
09/15/16Touch pen system and touch pen
09/15/16Virtualized extended desktop workspaces
09/15/16Authentication based on body movement
09/15/16Selecting a contactless payment card
09/15/16Providing sound as originating from location of display at which corresponding text is presented

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