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Lextar Electronics Corporation
Lextar Electronics Corp
Lextar Electronics Corporation_20131212
Lextar Electronics Corproation

Lextar Electronics Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Lextar Electronics Corp. Lextar Electronics Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lextar Electronics Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lextar Electronics Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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05/09/13Solid state light emitting semiconductor device
08/03/17Dimming module and solid state lighting device
07/27/17Dimming module, solid state lighting device, and dimming method
07/27/17Light emitting device and light emission control method thereof
07/13/17Led device and dimming system and method thereof
07/06/17Phosphor, fabricating method thereof, regulating crystal phase thereof, and changing crystal phase thereof
07/06/17Light-emitting diode chip
06/15/17Light emitting diode structure
06/01/17Quantum dot composite material and manufacturing method and application thereof
06/01/17Epitaxial structure and epitaxial growth forming epitaxial layer with cavities
06/01/17Semiconductor light-emitting structure and semiconductor package structure thereof
06/01/17Wavelength-converting material and application thereof
05/25/17Epitaxial structure and epitaxial growth forming epitaxial layer with cavities
05/25/17Light emitting diode package
05/18/17Fluoride phosphor, fabricating method thereof, and light-emitting apparatus and backlight module employing the same
05/18/17Ultraviolet light-emitting diode
04/27/17Compound semiconductor film structure
03/23/17Led chip package
03/09/17Light-emitting diode package
03/09/17Light-emitting diode device
02/16/17Semiconductor light emitting structure
01/19/17Led display and manufacturing method thereof
01/12/17Light-guiding pillar and vehicle lamp using the same
01/12/17Light-guiding pillar and vehicle lamp using the same
01/12/17Light-emitting element and light-emitting device
12/29/16Led sub-mount and manufacturing light emitting device using the sub-mount
12/15/16Light emitting structure, light device and backlight module
12/15/16Light-emitting diode device
12/15/16Light-emitting device
12/08/16Phosphor with preferred orientation, fabricating method thereof, and light-emitting element package structure employing the same
12/01/16Semiconductor light emitting structure and manufacturing method thereof
11/24/16Phosphor, fabricating method thereof, and light-emitting device and backlight module employing the same
11/03/16Light beam controlling member and light-emitting component
11/03/16Light-emitting diode module and lamp using the same
10/27/16Lighting apparatus and lens structure thereof
10/20/16Vehicle lamp
10/13/16Light-emitting diode chip package
09/22/16Photocoupler package
09/22/16Dimming circuit
08/25/16Light-emitting diode chip package
07/28/16Light emitting diode headlight
07/07/16Light emitting diode vehicle headlight
07/07/16Flip-chip light emitting diode chip
06/16/16Illumination device and light-emitting diode circuit
06/09/16Light emitting diode structure
05/26/16Light-emitting diode and manufacturing the same
04/28/16Solid state light source device and dimming circuit thereof
04/21/16Light-emitting diode chip
03/24/16Mold for manufacturing led mounting substrate
03/24/16Led display and manufacturing method thereof
03/10/16Lens having through hole and lighting module
01/07/16Light-emitting assembly and manufacturing the same
12/10/15Recessed light fixture
11/26/15Light emitting diode structure
10/01/15Light emitting diode and fabricating the same
09/10/15Light-emitting diode chip
09/10/15Comprehensive light-emitting diode device and lighting-module
08/13/15Back light module
08/13/15Epitaxial structure and epitaxial growth forming epitaxial layer with cavities
08/13/15Epitaxial structure and epitaxial growth forming epitaxial layer with cavities
07/30/15Light-emitting diode device and fabricating the same
07/30/15Light emitting diode package structure and method thereof
07/23/15Panel light
07/23/15Semiconductor light emitting structure
07/23/15Semiconductor light emitting structure
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07/23/15Led device and led lamp using the same
07/09/15Panel lamp with an easily assembled lampshade
07/02/15Light-emitting diode chip
07/02/15Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
07/02/15Light-emitting diode elements
06/25/15Light emitting module and optical lens thereof
06/18/15Packaging material and led packaging structure containing the same
06/18/15Light-emitting diode package and manufacturing the same
06/18/15Control device with light adjustment function
06/11/15Direct-type illumination device and light bar structure for use therein
06/11/15Method for fabricating light-emitting diode device
06/11/15Light emitting diode module
06/04/15Light emitting diode package structure
05/28/15Lamp tube
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05/28/15Light emitting diode projection bulb
05/28/15Method for producing light-emitting diode
05/21/15Illuminating device
05/21/15Led package frame and led package structure
05/14/15Light emitting diode structure
05/14/15Electrode structure
05/14/15Light-emitting diode package
05/07/15Apparatus and fabricating periodic micro-pattern by laser beams
05/07/15Light emitting diode structure
05/07/15Lamp tube
05/07/15Light emitting diode device and light emitting diode lamp
05/07/15Lighting apparatus and wavelength converting apparatus thereof
04/30/15Light-emitting diode
04/30/15Electrode structure and light emitting diode structure having the same
04/30/15Light-emitting diode package and manufacturing the same
04/30/15Light emitting diode structure
04/30/15Light emitting diode device and light emitting diode lamp
04/30/15Lamp structure
04/30/15Light emitting diode bulb
04/23/15Light emitting diode package
04/23/15Light-emitting diode
04/23/15Light emitting diode package structure and light emitting diode package module
04/23/15Light-emitting structure
04/23/15Eutectic solder structure for chip
04/23/15Light emitting diode light tube
04/23/15Manufacturing light-emitting structure
04/16/15Led driver circuit capable of extending a lifespan of the led driver and reducing manufacturing cost
04/09/15Semiconductor chip structure
04/09/15Lamp and electrode module thereof
04/09/15Panel light module and backlight module
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04/02/15Light emitting diode package
03/26/15Method for manufacturing a light-emitting diode
03/19/15Light-emitting diodes
03/19/15Light-emitting device package and manufacturing the same
03/19/15Light-emitting diode
03/19/15Light emitting module
03/19/15Heat sink for electrical elements and light-emitting device containing thereof
03/19/15Light emitting diode and manufacturing the same
03/12/15Light emitting diode structure
03/12/15Omnidirectional lighting unit and illumination device and manufacturing omnidirectional lighting unit
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03/12/15Light emitting module
03/12/15Light-emitting diode chip
03/12/15Backlight module
03/05/15Light-emitting diodes and fabrication methods thereof
03/05/15Light-emitting assembly and manufacturing the same
03/05/15Led packaging structure and manufacturing the same
03/05/15Light adjusting device with switching element
03/05/15Illumination apparatus automatically adjusted with time
03/05/15Light bar structure
03/05/15Lens device and light source module using the same
03/05/15Lighting apparatus
02/26/15Light emitting diode
02/26/15Pixel structure and display using the same
02/26/15Light-emitting device
02/26/15Light emitting module
02/19/15Light-emitting diode and manufacturing thereof
02/19/15Light emitting diode substrate
02/19/15Light-emitting device
02/12/15Light emitting device
02/12/15Light emitting device, flat light and flat panel display
02/12/15Light-emitting device
02/05/15Patterned substrate and light emitting diode structure having the same
02/05/15Light emitting diode structure
01/29/15Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof
01/29/15Light-emitting diode package structure and light-emitting diode light bulb
01/22/15Light-emitting diode package and light-emitting device
01/15/15Light emitting diode package structure
01/15/15Light-emitting diode light tube driving circuit
01/08/15Light emitting diode
01/08/15Integrated wireless and wired light control system
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01/08/15Wireless control system and wireless network expansion method applied thereto
12/25/14Light emitting diode structure
12/25/14Light emitting diode chip manufacturing method
12/18/14Light emitting diode structure
12/11/14Light emitting diode package structure
12/11/14Package structure and manufacturing the same
11/27/14Application circuit and control method thereof
11/27/14Dual function light controller with stand-alone and peripheral mode of operation
11/06/14Led lighting module
11/06/14Illumination device and led dimming circuit thereof
10/30/14Light tube device
10/23/14Led display and manufacturing method thereof
10/23/14Light-emitting diode with side-wall bump structure and mounting structure having the same
10/16/14Led drive circuit
10/02/14Semiconductor light emitting device and package structure thereof
10/02/14Lamp structure
09/25/14Dual-use light fixture having ac and dc leds
09/18/14Luminous element, bar-type luminous element and applications thereof
08/28/14Package structure of light emitting diode
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08/21/14Led chip and manufacturing the same
08/21/14Light emitting module
08/21/14Led sub-mount and manufacturing light emitting device using the sub-mount
08/21/14Information exhibition system
08/14/14Light-emitting diode and manufacturing the same
08/07/14Light emitting diode display panel
08/07/14Light-emitting module and manufacturing method thereof
07/31/14Method and system of detecting flickering frequency of ambient light source
07/17/14Light emitting diode chip structure and light emitting diode element
07/17/14Lighting apparatus, led mounting substrate and mold for manufacturing the same
07/17/14Lighting unit and light bar having the same
07/10/14Dimming circuit and lighting device using the same
06/19/14Illumination system and illumination driving method
06/12/14Light emitting device
05/29/14Detachable bulb
05/22/14Phosphor composition and light emitting diode device using the same
05/22/14Light-emitting device
05/15/14Die-positioning device, die-positioning system having the same, and die-positioning led display board
05/01/14Illumination apparatus
05/01/14Illumination system
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05/01/14Lighting device
05/01/14Illumination apparatus
04/24/14Dimmer circuit and lighting apparatus using the same
04/17/14Light-emitting diode structure
04/17/14Light-emitting module, led driving circuit, and led driving method
04/17/14Light fixture
04/10/14End cap of a lighting tube
04/03/14Illumination component package
04/03/14Light emitting diode chip
03/20/14Light emitting diode
03/20/14Light device
03/13/14Solid state light source array
03/13/14Light-emitting device
03/06/14Flip-chip light-emitting diode structure and manufacturing method thereof
03/06/14Lamp tube
02/27/14Illumination module and apparatus and element thereof
01/16/14Light emitting device
01/09/14Light emitting diode device
01/02/14Light emitting diode structure and manufacturing method thereof
12/26/13Light emitting diode and manufacturing the same
12/26/13Light emitting diode structure and manufacturing method thereof
12/19/13Semiconductor light emitting structure
12/19/13Manufacturing process of vertical type solid state light emitting device
12/12/13Light-emitting diode and manufacturing the same
12/05/13Light emitting diode and manufacturing the same
12/05/13Light source module
12/05/13Light emitting device
11/21/13Control lamp
11/07/13Light emitting diode element
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10/24/13Package structure of light emitting device
10/24/13Illumination device with adjustable luminance and luminance adjustment method thereof
10/17/13Light-emitting diode package
10/17/13Package structure of semiconductor light emitting device
10/17/13Light-emitting diode package
10/17/13Illumination system
10/17/13Color temperature and illumination adjusting system, and method thereof
10/03/13Light-guiding element, illumination module and laminate lamp apparatus
09/19/13Light source module
09/12/13Light emitting diode packaging structure
09/05/13Light emitting diode bar and light emitting diode module using the same
08/22/13Light bar assembly
08/22/13Electronic unit base and electronic module and electronic device using the same
08/15/13Light emitting diode array
08/15/13Patterned substrate of light emitting semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
08/15/13Optical reflection plate and lighting device having the same
08/08/13Package structure for semiconductor light emitting device
08/01/13Patterned substrate and stacked light emitting diode
07/18/13Lighting device
07/04/13Illumination control circuit and illumination control method
07/04/13Lamps with functions of adjusting illumination directions
06/13/13Illumination controlling circuit and illumination system
05/30/13Light module and light component thereof
05/30/13Led package
05/30/13Light adjustment device and light system including the same
05/23/13Assembly light bar structure
05/16/13Bootstrap circuit and electronic device applying the same
05/02/13Illumination structure and assembly light base and cover
04/25/13Light bar structure

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