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Lg Hausys Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Lg Hausys Ltd. Lg Hausys Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lg Hausys Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lg Hausys Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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11/02/17Aqueous composition for surface coating and automotive sheet using the composition
10/26/17Matte coating composition
10/12/17Polymer powder and preparing same
10/12/17Thermoplastic elastomer resin powder and producing thermoplastic elastomer resin powder
10/05/17Cushion flooring material and manufacturing the same
09/28/17Knee bolster device for vehicle
09/21/17Visible light activated photocatalytic tile
09/14/17Photocatalyst functional film and producing the same
08/03/17Photocatalyst functional film and producing the same
07/27/17Seat-back frame, preparing the same, and seat-back for vehicle
07/27/17Continuous fiber reinforced composite and manufacturing method therefor
07/06/17Brick insulation composite and manufacturing same
06/22/17Vehicle interior material and manufacturing method therefor
06/08/17Method of making side step for vehicle
06/08/17Low-emissivity coating and functional construction material for window/door comprising low-emissivity coating
06/01/17Transmittance-variable film and producing same
05/04/17High-refractive composition, anti-reflective film and production method thereof
04/20/17Electromagnetic wave shielding sheet and manufacturing same
03/23/17Long fiber reinforced plastic composite material and manufacturing long fiber reinforced plastic composite material
02/16/17A flame retardant flooring material and manufacturing the same
02/16/17Outer covering material for vacuum heat insulation material and vacuum heat insulation material comprising same
02/16/17Foam tray for food packaging and manufacturing the same
02/16/17Fiber-reinforced plastic composition, and fiber-reinforced composite with improved impact performance, prepared therefrom
01/19/17Resin composition and molded article using the same
01/12/17Interior film having excellent metallic appearance effect and producing the same
01/05/17Knee protection structure for vehicle
12/22/16Heating seat with high efficiency for vehicle
11/03/16Automobile roof rack made of continuous fiber thermoplastic composite
11/03/16Adhesive composition having improved adhesive force for use as insulator
10/13/16Low-emissivity coating film, manufacturing same, and functional construction material for window and doors including same
10/13/16Low-emissivity coating film, manufacturing same, and functional construction material for window and doors including same
09/15/16Method for preparing photocatalyst, and photocatalyst prepared thereby
09/08/16Flooring material and the the same
08/18/16Non-curable rubber-based adhesive composition for touch screen panel, and non-curable rubber-based adhesive film for touch screen panel using same
08/18/16Cover window for touch screen panel formed with printing layer and forming printing layer on cover window for touch screen panel
08/11/16Vacuum insulation panel and manufacturing the same
08/04/16Led photocatalyst module using photocatalyst
08/04/16Method for manufacturing fibrous particles of polylactic acid resin, colloid composition for forming foam sheet, foam sheet, and manufacturing foam sheet
08/04/16Photo-curable resin composition for adhesive film and adhesive film
07/28/16High-refractive adhesive film and touch panel including the same
07/28/16Adhesive composition for heat dissipating adhesive tape, and heat dissipating adhesive tape
07/21/16Low-emissivity coating and functional construction material for window and door including same
07/21/16Polyisocyanurate foam and preparation method therefor
07/21/16Foamable resin composition for foam sheet, foam sheet, process for preparing particulate polylactic acid and process for preparing foam sheet
07/21/16Rubber-based adhesive composition and rubber-based adhesive tape for automobile using the same
07/14/16Rubber-based adhesive composition having excellent durability
06/30/16Apparatus for forming polymer, comprising polymer backflow prevention portion
06/30/16Battery assembly having a heat-dissipating and heat-emitting functions
06/23/16Decorative sheet
06/16/16Carbon fiber reinforced polymer plate and manufacturing method
06/09/16Continuous fiber reinforced resin composite material and molded article thereof
06/09/16Hood insulator including a non-woven fabric and a fine resonance layer and a manufacturing the same
06/02/16Adhesive composition for touch panel, adhesive film and touch panel
05/26/16Optical adhesive film, manufacturing optical adhesive film and touch screen panel comprising same
04/28/16Anti-scattering film with excellent optical and scratch-resistant properties and manufacturing same
04/28/16Core material for vacuum insulator, comprising organic synthetic fiber, and vacuum insulator containing same
04/21/16Adhesive composition for touch panel, adhesive film and touch panel
03/24/16Outer cover material for vacuum insulator and high- performance vacuum insulator comprising same
03/10/16Board comprising biodegradable resin and wooden flour and manufacturing the same
03/10/16Acrylic foam adhesive tape and flat-panel display applying same
01/21/16Outer skin material for vacuum heat insulator including glass fiber and vacuum heat insulator including the same
01/07/16Automotive sheet heater using radiant heat
12/31/15Exterior insulation mortar for cold weather and constructing exterior insulation system using same
12/24/15Bumper back beam for vehicle
12/24/15Bumper stiffener vehicle
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12/10/15Back beam for driving apparatus having reinforcement part
12/10/15Core material for vacuum insulation panel, manufacturing thereof, and vacuum insulation panel using same
12/03/15Low-emissivity transparent laminate and building material containing the same
12/03/15Transparent resin laminate and touch screen panel including the same
11/19/15Foam sheet using polylactic acid having extended chain and preparing the same
11/12/15Cargo support using wood polymer/plastic composite material
11/12/15Anti-reflective film having superb optical characteristics
11/12/15Heating sheet for battery module and battery module including same
11/05/15Films expressing metallic appearance using ultraviolet curable resin and manufacturing thereof
11/05/15Device for producing composite material, composite material produced using same, and producing composite material
11/05/15Adhesive tape
11/05/15Sound absorbing sheet having micro resonant structure, manufacturing same, and sound absorption type soundproof panel using same
10/29/15Coating composition for layer having low refractive index, and transparent conductive film including same
10/22/15Wood polymer/plastic composite material available for direct connection construction and manufacturing same
10/22/15Anti-reflective film, comprising hard coating layer, having superb optical characteristics
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10/22/15Transparent conductive film having bending resistance, and manufacturing same
10/15/15Ultra-hydrophilic antireflective coating composition comprising siloxane compound, ultra-hydrophilic antireflective film using same, and preparing ultra-hydrophilic antireflective film
10/15/15Composition for coating low-refractive layer, and transparent electrically-conductive film comprising same
10/08/15Thermoplastic resin composition for use as vehicle interior material, and formed product for use as vehicle interior material
10/01/15Anti-reflective coating composition including siloxane compound, and anti-reflective film of which surface energy is adjusted using same
10/01/15Super-insulating multi-layer glass
10/01/15Transparent conductive film having improved visibility and manufacturing same
08/27/15Scattered powder cleaning device
08/27/15Laminate comprising adhesive layer and manufacturing same
08/27/15Window having ventilation structure
08/20/15Adhesive composition for touch panel, adhesive film, and touch panel
08/20/15Tilt and turn window system having damper
08/13/15Functional film for improving impregnation properties of composite material and manufacturing composite material using same
07/30/15Acrylic multilayered film with high weather resistance, and preparation method thereof
07/30/15Flame retardant adhesive agent composition having improved gas bubble stability, and preparing same
07/23/15Photocurable adhesive composition
07/09/15Thermoplastic resin composite composition, thermoplastic resin composite material, and manufacturing same
07/09/15Vacuum insulation panel with improved rupturing and preparation method thereof
07/02/15Curable resin composition, curing same, and sheet manufactured therefrom
07/02/15Thermoplastic resin composition for interior material of automobiles, and molded product for interior material of automobiles
07/02/15Interior sound absorption sheet and sound absorbing sound-proofing panel containing same
06/25/15Interior film having transverse hairlines formed therein and a manufacturing the interior film
06/25/15Back beam for vehicle
06/25/15Core material for sandwich panel and manufacturing same, and sandwich panel comprising core material
06/25/15Anti-reflective coating composition comprising siloxane compound, and anti-reflective film using same
06/25/15Sound absorption sheet with improved sound absorption function and manufacturing same
06/25/15Photothermal conversion film having good visible light penetrability, and transfer film for oled using same
06/18/15Wood polymer/plastic composite material having transparent surface layer
06/18/15Adhesive composition containing uv curable rubber, and protective film using same
06/11/15Low-emissivity transparent laminate, manufacturing said low-emissivity transparent laminate and construction material including the same
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06/04/15Interior sheet for vehicles and manufacturing same
05/21/15Adhesive composition having high flexibility
05/21/15Bumper back beam made of composite material and having improved energy absorption rate, and bumper including same
05/21/15Adhesive composition having high flexibility
05/14/15Low-emissivity transparent laminated body and building material comprising same
05/14/15Adhesive agent composition having improved bubble stability and preparing same
05/07/15Optical adhesive film having excellent peeling effect at high temperatures
05/07/15Transparent conductive film including hybrid undercoating layer, manufacturing same, and touch panel using same
04/30/15Coating composition with excellent tactile characteristics, preparation method thereof, and transfer sheet using same
04/30/15Lint-preventing yarn and woven floor decoration material using the same
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04/30/15Wood plastic composites and manufacturing method thereof
04/16/15Photocatalyst, preparation method thereof, and photocatalyst apparatus
04/09/15Insulation using long glass fibers and manufacturing the same
04/09/15Photocatalyst, manufacturing method therefor, and photocatalyst apparatus
03/19/15Base material composition for bubble-dispersible foam tape, foam tape using same, and preparation method thereof
03/19/15Environmentally-friendly board using polylactic acid and wood fiber, and preparing same
03/12/15Board using crosslinked polylactic acid and preparing same
03/12/15Biodegradable resin composition containing eco-friendly plasticizer, and biodegradable resin product using the same
02/26/15Apparatus for manufacturing eva sheet for solar cell sealant
02/26/15Marble chip flooring material using pla resin
02/26/15Eco-friendly and high-strength resin composite material
02/19/15Flooring having pla layer
02/19/15In-mold transfer film and fabricating the same
02/19/15Board using crosslinked polylactic acid and preparing same
02/12/15Eva sheet for solar cell sealing material and manufacturing the same
02/12/15Floor panel having adhesive applied sheet
02/12/15Semi-hardened pressure-sensitive adhesive film
02/12/15Amino group-containing phosphate ester flame retardant and preparing the same
01/22/15Transparent conductive film having excellent electrical characteristics and touch panel using the same
01/22/15Dimensionally stable resin composition for flooring
01/15/15Eva sheet comprising microparticles for solar cell and manufacturing the same
01/15/15In-mold transfer film having an elastic texture and manufacturing the same
01/15/15Extrusion die for synthetic wood, manufacturing apparatus and method using the same, and synthetic wood manufactured by the same
01/01/15Continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic composite having excellent impregnation properties and a manufacturing the same
01/01/15Hybrid winding thermoplastic plastic-continuous fiber hybrid composite and a high pressure vessel using the same and a manufacturing the same
01/01/15Multilayer optical film having high heat resistance and manufacturing the same
12/25/14Heat insulation door for a refrigerator having 3 dimensional shapes
12/25/14Laminated floor using poly lactic acid resin
12/18/14Glass fiber board comprising inorganic binder and preparing the same
12/18/14Flooring material using poly lactic acid resin and construction methods of the same
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12/18/14Biodegradable panels
12/11/14Flooring using pvc and constructing the flooring
12/11/14Double-sided transparent conductive film having excellent visibility and a manufacturing the same
11/13/14Bumper back beam being equipped with a fiber composite reinforcing material with hollow section inside and a bumper having the same
11/06/14Bioplastic composition
10/30/14Transfer film for in-mold injection showing three-dimensional pattern, and preparation method thereof
10/30/14Synthetic marble with high hardness and manufacturing the same
10/02/14Foam sheet using cross-linked polylactic acid, and preparation method thereof
09/18/14Adhesive film having good machinability for protecting the surface of a semiconductor wafer
09/18/14Vacuum glass panel having getter filler and manufacturing same
09/11/14Composition for forming electronic paper without particle freezing, and adhesive film prepared thereby
08/21/14In-mold transfer film which changes its color according to a temperature and which has a scent-emitting function and manufacturing same
08/21/14Adhesive tape for car
08/14/14Anti-slip vinyl flooring and manufacturing the same
07/31/14Vacuum glass including pillars having different arrangement distances, and manufacturing same
07/31/14Inlaid type floor sheet having polyvinyl chloride chip and the manufacturing thereof
07/10/14Heat-treatable low-emissivity glass and a production method therefor
06/26/14Vacuum thermal insulation material equipped with a getter material for water-fraction and gas adsorption, and production method therefor
06/19/14Vacuum insulation material including composite getter material
06/19/14Environmentally-friendly sheet using pla resin
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06/19/14Production thermochromatic glass in which use is made of a low-temperature metal-vapour-deposition process, and thermochromatic glass obtained thereby
06/12/14Heat-strengthened vacuum glass
05/22/14Glass fiber-based sound absorbing sheet having adjustable permeability and air porosity
04/24/14Window profile provided with skin layer having wood fiber
03/13/14Biodegradable sheets
02/20/14Biodegradable sheets having foamed layer
01/23/14Synthetic wood having elastic layer
12/19/13Sandwich structure welded by high-frequency induction heating, and manufacturing same
12/12/13Humidifier apparatus using a photocatalyst having an air-cleaning function
12/05/13Production a bezel for a display panel using mould casting, and bezel for a display panel produced thereby
11/28/13Heating paint coating steering wheel and steering wheel made by the same
11/21/13Environmentally friendly deco sheet having outstanding moulding properties and glossiness
11/21/13Method for manufacturing a flame-resistant and transparent film, and flame-resistant and transparent film manufactured using same
11/21/13Biodegradable polymer composite material
11/14/13Chip-inlaid flooring material using pla resin
11/07/13Metal-colored and non-conductive transfer film
11/07/13Mirror-surface sheet comprising transparent projections having an independent structure and production method therefor
11/07/13Adhesive composition for a wafer processing film
10/31/13Artificial stone and manufacturing method thereof
10/31/13Vacuum insulation material including an inner bag, and manufacturing same
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10/17/13Decorative sheet for decorating a surface of a three-dimensional molded material, manufacturing the same, and decorating the surface of the molded material using the same
10/17/13Apparatus for manufacturing a high-strength composite sheet having superior embeddability, and manufacturing a high-strength composite sheet using the same
10/17/13Method for manufacturing a polymer-molded material using a mold which easily forms a 3-dimensional surface pattern, and molded material for a home appliance having the 3-dimensional surface pattern
10/10/13Flooring material including a pla surface layer having wood patterns
10/10/13Eco-friendly foaming sheet
10/10/13Adhesive resin composition containing amine accelerator and decorative film including the same
10/03/13Vacuum mold having reverse solid pattern, and vacuum-forming method using the same
09/19/13Double-sided adhesive sheet and display device for touch panel including same
09/19/13Sheet for a sealing member of a solar cell, and preparing same
09/19/13Production a splash shield using a continuous extrusion-injection-foaming moulding process
09/12/13Adhesive composition for touch panel, adhesive film, and touch panel
09/12/13Adhesive composition for touch panel, adhesive film, and touch panel
09/12/13Adhesive composition for touch panel, adhesive film, and touch panel
09/12/13Battery assembly having a heat-dissipating and heat-emitting functions
09/05/13Abs resin composition capable of maintaining high glossiness in thermoforming and abs sheet using same
09/05/13Sheet for use as a packaging material for solar cells
08/29/13Silicone adhesive composition for a window film having excellent release properties and compatibility, and window film using same
08/29/13Apparatus for manufacturing synthetic wood having stripes and the method thereof and the synthetic wood of the same
08/08/13Gypsum panel having outstanding sound-absorbing properties and a production method therefor
08/01/13Vacuum thermal-insulation material, and a device and assessing the degree of vacuum in the vacuum insulation material by using the frequency response method
08/01/13Synthetic acrylic marble having pearl-containing patterns and producing the same
07/18/13Wetted type calibrator for manufacturing window frame and manufacturing device including the calibrator
07/04/13Paste composition for artificial marble and manufacturing artificial marble using the same
06/27/13Method of preparing thermoplastics-continuous fiber hybrid composite
06/27/13Resin composition for injection comprising low birefringence polymer blend, and front panel prepared using the same
06/06/13Conductive polymer composition for ptc element with decreased ntc characteristics, using carbon nanotube
06/06/13Composite core material for vacuum insulation panel, preparation method thereof, and vacuum insulation panel using the same
06/06/13Method for improving hydrophilicity of a coating film through treatment on a surface morphology and super-hydrophilic glass coating layer produced by the same
05/30/13Acrylic artificial marble having granite pattern and manufacturing the same
05/23/13Surface-waterproofing sheet for mineral board using a mixed-use nonwoven fabric and a waterproofing coating layer, and a production method therefor
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05/16/13Articulated bracket for fence
05/09/13Insert sheet for an automobile interior material, and a production the same
05/09/13Artificial marble containing chips of plate-shaped waste glass and fabricating the same
05/02/13Mold for forming 3-dimensional pattern and manufacturing exterior material for home appliance using the same
04/18/13Flooring material having superior nonslip characteristics, and synthetic wood flooring using the same
04/18/13Transparent conductive film having excellent visibility and manufacturing the same
03/28/13Light reflective material, and preparation method thereof
03/28/13Pla flooring material having fabric surface
02/07/13Block deck using concrete
01/31/13Assembly wall body having improved sound absorbing and screening performance and a assembly structure comprising the same
01/31/13Humidifying medium having excellent lifespan characteristics and manufacturing the same
01/31/13Adhesive film for touch panel and touch panel
01/31/13Multilayer sheet for molding which is highly glossy even after a molding process, and preparing same
01/17/13Adhesive composition for a touch panel, adhesive film, and touch panel
01/03/13Adhesive composition, adhesive sheet, and touch panel
01/03/13Board complex having pla cover
01/03/13Floor material using pla resin
12/20/12High frequency induction heating double steel belt press apparatus
12/20/12Core material for vacuum insulation panel and manufacturing the same
12/13/12Reinforced wood flooring and manufacturing same
12/06/12Dust filter assembly attachable to office equipment
09/13/12Adhesive film and touch panel
09/13/12Grooved type vacuum thermal insulation material and a production the same
09/13/12Chip through flooring material using pla resin
07/19/12Resin composition for forming hard coating
07/12/12Artificial marble and manufacturing the same
07/05/12Sheet for forming hard coating
07/05/12Anti-fog heat generating glass controlling the same
06/28/12Vacuum insulation panel and manufacturing the same

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