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Linde Aktiengesellschaft
Linde Aktiengesellschaft_20100114
Linde Aktiengesellschaft_20131212

Linde Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Linde Aktiengesellschaft. Linde Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Linde Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Linde Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Support for a packing column
11/09/17Combined membrane-pressure swing adsorption recovery of helium
11/09/17Method and producing hydrocarbons
11/02/17Gas supply system and gas supply
10/26/17Method and system for generating a mechanical output and producing reaction products in a parallel manner
10/26/17Method for producing a plate heat exchanger using two welds, and a corresponding plate heat exchanger
10/19/17Y-grade ngl stimulation fluids
10/19/17Method and device for variably obtaining argon by means of low-temperature separation
10/12/17Hydrocarbon based carrier fluid
10/12/17Miscible solvent enhanced oil recovery
10/12/17Miscible solvent assisted gravity drainage
09/28/17Low temperature waterless stimulation fluid
09/28/17L-grade stimulation fluid
09/28/17Supercritical y-grade ngl
09/07/17Method and producing hydrocarbons
09/07/17Method and producing hydrocarbons
08/17/17Method for the cryogenic separation of air and air separation plant
08/03/17Plasma treatment of an infected nail or infected skin
08/03/17Y-grade ngl recovery
08/03/17L-grade recovery
08/03/17Method and system for recovery of methane from hydrocarbon streams
07/27/17Recovery of gases, especially permanent gases, from streams of matter, especially from offgas streams from polymerizations
07/27/17Production of an air product in an air separation plant with cold storage unit
07/06/17Method for producing product olefins by catalytic dehydration of suitable reactants
06/29/17Device for introducing a fluid medium into a container
06/15/17Additive manufacturing of titanium article
06/08/17Method for pressure and temperature control of a fluid in a series of cryogenic compressors
06/08/17Heat storage device
06/01/17Method for controlling the speed of cryogenic compressors arranged in series for cooling cryogenic helium
06/01/17Method and device for the low-temperature separation of air at variable energy consumption
05/18/17Flow apparatus and monitoring system relating thereto
05/11/17Device and heating a fluid in a pipeline using three-phase current
05/11/17Method and device for the low-temperature separation of air at variable energy consumption
05/04/17Block-in-shell heat exchanger
03/30/17Process and plant for producing olefins
03/02/17Method and plant for obtaining crude oil products
02/23/17Process and system for obtaining crude oil products
02/23/17Heat exchanger having channels for damping liquid motions
02/09/17Process and the low-temperature fractionation of air
01/26/17Method and installation for storing and recovering energy
01/19/17Inert gas and metal inert-gas welding for pollutant reduction
01/12/17Method for tungsten inert gas welding
01/05/17Non-thermal plasma
01/05/17Process and treating spent caustic solution
12/22/16Method for producing at least one air product, air separation system, for producing electrical energy
12/22/16Heat exchanger with elastic element
12/15/16A lever for a lever operated valve
12/08/16Process and device for the steam reforming and steam cracking of hydrocarbons
12/01/16Olefin production process
12/01/16Method for separating a hydrocarbon mixture containing hydrogen, separating device, and olefin plant
11/24/16Oil scrubbing column
11/24/16Process for producing and purifying a synthesis gas
11/17/16Plasma device
11/17/16A nozzle for a plasma generation device
11/10/16Diluting alkane oxydehydrogenation reactants with carbon dioxide
11/10/16Method and system for obtaining dimethyl ether from syngas
11/10/16Processing by a separation technique of a gas mixture formed from a product stream of a dimethyl reactor
11/03/16Method for separating a hydrocarbon mixture, separating plant and steam cracking plant
10/20/16Method and apparatus to isolate the cold in cryogenic equipment
10/20/16Method for controlling knocking in a piston compressor
10/06/16Heat exchanger with collecting channel for discharging a liquid phase
09/29/16Piston compressor and compressing a cryogenic gaseous medium, in particular hydrogen
09/15/16Device for feeding gasification agent into a low-temperature gasifier
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09/15/16Method for producing a contiguous ice body in a ground-freezing process
09/01/16Method and device for regulating the pressure in a liquefied natural gas vessel
08/25/16Apparatus and detecting health deterioration
08/25/16Method and plant for gasifying input material
08/18/16Polymerization system having a regeneration device for an adsorptive and/or catalytic cleaning device, regeneration device, and regeneration method
08/18/16Storage device, gas storage unit and the at least partial filling or emptying of a gas storage unit
08/11/16Wine oxygenation device
08/11/16Process for the purification of a cracking gas stream in an oil scrub column
07/21/16Column with angular profiles
07/21/16Method for producing a plate heat exchanger with multiple heat exchanger blocks connected by solder-coated supports
07/14/16Method and device for sour gas scrubbing
07/14/16Process and plant for at least partial gasification of solid organic feed material
07/07/16Method for producing hydrocarbon products
07/07/16Method for producing hydrocarbon products
06/16/16Treatment of gases
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06/09/16Method and device for producing compressed nitrogen
06/02/16A pressurised fluid container
06/02/16A pressurised fluid container
05/12/16Method for determining a hydrogen tank pressure
05/05/16Y-grade ngl stimulation fluids
05/05/16A pressurised container valve
04/28/16Process and plant for at least partial gasification of solid organic feed material
04/28/16A pressurised fluid cylinder
04/28/16Heat exchanger, maintaining, producing and operating a heat exchanger, power plant and generating electric power
03/31/16A pressurized fluid container with a valve operated with a lever
03/24/16A pressurised fluid container
03/10/16Emergency disposal of storage containers
03/10/16Method for obtaining an air product in an air separating system with temporary storage, and air separating system
03/03/16Compression machine with a body oscillating between two reversal points
02/25/16Process for producing synthesis gas and electrical energy
02/18/16Lever valve
02/18/16Method for combustion of a low-grade fuel
01/14/16Method and device for generating electrical energy
01/07/16Method and device for generating gaseous compressed nitrogen
01/07/16An end port regenerative furnace
01/07/16An anti-frozen processing apparatus and method
01/07/16Methods for the oxygen-based delignification of pulp
01/07/16Method and device for producing gaseous compressed oxygen having variable power consumption
12/24/15Air separation plant, obtaining a product containing argon, and creating an air separation plant
12/24/15Method for controlling a temperature distribution in a heat exchanger
12/17/15Separation of biologically generated gas streams
12/17/15Method for treating a hydrocarbon-rich gas mixture containing mercury and acid gases
12/10/15Method and device for generating fuel for a gas turbine
11/26/15Device for providing a flow of plasma
11/19/15Cooling process
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11/05/15A tunnel
11/05/15Process for preparing olefins by thermal steamcracking
11/05/15Method and device for low-temperature air separation
10/29/15Method for converting hydrocarbon feedstocks by means of thermal steam cracking
10/29/15Voltage generation for electrical devices
10/08/15Heat exchanger
10/01/15Preheating and annealing of cold rolled metal strip
09/24/15Method and filling device for filling a storage tank with a pressurised, gaseous medium
09/10/15Plant and process for producing synthesis gas
09/10/15Method for cooling a hydrocarbon-rich fraction
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09/03/15Flow apparatus
09/03/15Plate heat exchanger having an in particular t-shaped connecting element
08/27/15Temperature measurement by means of an optical waveguide in a plate heat exchanger
08/20/15Subframe for a valve body
08/13/15Process for converting hydrocarbon feeds to olefin-containing product streams by thermal steamcracking
08/13/15Method and device for generating electrical energy
08/06/15Process for preparing olefins by thermal steamcracking in cracking furnaces
08/06/15Integrated dispensing station
07/30/15Direct liquid injection of solution based precursors for atomic layer deposition
07/23/15Gas supply device
07/09/15Process and generating electric energy
07/09/15Method and device for generating electrical energy
06/25/15Method of operating a gas scrub and gas scrub
06/25/15Method and system for purifying synthesis gas, in particular for ammonia synthesis
06/25/15Method for the liquefaction of a hydrocarbon-rich fraction
06/18/15Fire prevention in storage silos
06/18/15Method for selectively desulfurizing a crude synthesis gas
06/18/15Reformer tube and apparatus and also process for producing a synthesis gas
06/18/15Wheels for pressure vessel
06/11/15Carbon dioxide based the humane mass culling of poultry and sterilization of rearing sheds
06/04/15Fire prevention in storage silos
06/04/15Process and producing synthesis gas
06/04/15Method for production of co, h2 and methanol-synthesis gas from a synthesis gas, in particular from acetylene off-gas
06/04/15Heat exchanger
05/14/15Plasma treatment device
05/07/15Process for reliquefying a methane-rich fraction
05/07/15Method and the low-temperature fractionation of a fluid mixture
04/30/15Process and the parallel production of different synthesis gases
04/09/15Method for liquefying a hydrocarbon-rich fraction
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04/09/15Transportable package having a cold box, low-temperature air separation plant and producing a low-temperature air separation plant
03/19/15Device and a controlled discharge of a fluid
03/05/15Plate heat exchanger with heat exchanger blocks joined by metal form
03/05/15Method for separating olefins with gentle cleavage
02/26/15Combined removal of heavies and lights from natural gas
02/26/15Transportable package with a cold box, and producing a low-temperature air separation system
02/12/15Method for removing contaminants from exhaust gases
02/12/15Method for processing coke oven gas
02/12/15Method for producing dimethyl ether from methane
01/22/15Method and device for generating an alkene
01/22/15Separation sequence for hydrocarbons from a gentle thermal cleavage
01/15/15Method for separating off acid gases from natural gas
01/15/15Direct dimethyl ether synthesis from synthesis gas
01/15/15Direct synthesis of dme at equilibrium
01/01/15Spiral wound heat exchanger system with central pipe feeder
12/25/14Shut-off device for pipelines
12/18/14Process and separating metal carbonyls from gas mixtures
11/27/14Process and treating a sulphur-containing off-gas from a sulphur recovery system
11/27/14Hydrogen production method by multi-step copper-chlorine thermochemical cycle
11/20/14Method for obtaining olefins from furnace gases of steel works
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08/28/14Method for the photocatalytically active coating of surfaces
08/21/14Method and device for recovering high-pressure oxygen and high-pressure nitrogen
08/14/14Method and device for the cryogenic decomposition of air
08/14/14Method and device for generating two purified partial air streams
08/07/14Method for deicing and cleaning of fans
08/07/14Process for production of synthesis gas
07/10/14Method and device for obtaining gas products
06/05/14Flow apparatus and monitoring system relating thereto
03/27/14Process and plant for the removal of nitrogen oxides from oxygen-containing gas streams
03/06/14Process for liquefying a hydrocarbon-rich fraction
03/06/14Method for separating c2+-hydrocarbons or c3+-hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon-rich fraction
02/06/14Method and device for generating electrical energy
02/06/14Method for producing gas products from syngas
12/19/13Cryogenic cooling transport of perishable goods
12/12/13Steam generator
10/31/13Piping module for air fractionation plant
10/31/13Multiflame burner with flame
10/24/13Plate heat exchanger with several modules connected by sections
10/17/13Burner with adjustable flue gas recirculation
10/17/13Convection zone of a cracking furnace
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10/10/13Oscillating flow freezer
08/15/13Method and device for obtaining compressed oxygen and compressed nitrogen by the low-temperature separation of air
08/15/13Method and device for vacuum pressure swing adsorption with temporary storage
08/01/13Device for low-temperature separation of air
08/01/13Crucibles for holding molten material and methods for producing them and for their use
06/06/13Method and producing pressurized oxygen by low-temperature separation of air
06/06/13Method for the removal of acid gases from a residual gas of an alcohol synthesis
05/09/13Rebalancing a main heat exchanger in a process for liquefying a tube side stream
05/09/13Synthesis gas generation
05/09/13Device for bringing about a phase contact between a liquid phase and a gaseous phase, in particluar a heat and mass transfer column
04/18/13Method and device for melting meltable stock
04/11/13Device for the cryogenic separation of air
03/21/13Main heat exchanger and a process for cooling a tube side stream
03/21/13Co2 recovery using the sure process
03/14/13Cooling system
03/07/13Treatment of a carbon dioxide-rich fraction of a system for production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide
02/28/13Method and device for obtaining pressurized nitrogen and pressurized oxygen by low-temperature separation of air
02/14/13Power generation from low-temperature heat
02/14/13Method for the compression of boil-off gas
01/31/13Method and device for producing a carbon dioxide-rich gas mixture, for improved oil recovery and corresponding use of a gas engine
01/31/13Method and device for scrubbing medium regeneration in gas scrubbers
12/27/12Process for preparing linear alpha-olefins
12/13/12Heat exchanger
12/06/12Process and device for gas scrubbing
11/08/12Method and device for producing a fragranced air stream
11/08/12Device for generating gaseous species
10/18/12Heat exchanger with sections
10/18/12Heat exchanger with additional liquid control in shell space
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10/18/12Heat exchanger with central pipe and ring channel
10/11/12Column with carrying devices for column internals
10/04/12Heat exchanger system
09/27/12Method and device for treating a carbon dioxide-containing gas stream
09/27/12Method and device for generating an oxygen product by low-temperature separation of air
09/27/12Device for the low-temperature separation of air
09/20/12Method and plant for flue gas de-noxing
09/13/12Cooling unit
08/09/12Method for cooling a single-component or multi-component stream
08/09/12Method of separating off trace components from a fraction containing at least nitrogen and helium
07/12/12Method and device for producing a gaseous pressurized oxygen product by cryogenic separation of air
07/12/12Distribution system and heat exchanger apparatus
07/12/12Integrated flow meter
06/28/12Column material exchange and/or heat exchange
06/21/12Storage container
05/31/12Method for recovering a gaseous pressure product by low-temperature separation of air
05/10/12Method and separation of gas mixtures
04/12/12Process for the oxidation of waste alkali under superatmospheric pressure
04/05/12Removal of hydrogen
03/29/12Gas scrubbing and operation thereof
03/15/12Natural gas liquefaction
03/15/12Method for separating off nitrogen and hydrogen from natural gas
03/15/12Process and device for decomposing laughing gas
03/01/12Method for separating off nitrogen from natural gas
03/01/12Method for producing cosmetics
02/16/12Process for removing nitrogen
01/26/12Process for separating off nitrogen
01/26/12Device for supplying gas to a patient
01/19/12Apparatus and process for decomposing dinitrogen monoxide in an adiabatic fixed bed reactor

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