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Linear Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Linear Technology Corporation. Linear Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Linear Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Linear Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/01/17Ripple monitoring
05/18/17Double-balanced field-effect transistor mixer with direct single-ended intermediate frequency outputs
05/18/17Active differential resistors with reduced noise
05/11/17System and synchronization among multiple pll-based clock signals
04/13/17Circuit and arrangement for 3-wire measurements with input protection
03/02/17Adaptive in-rush current control for minimizing mosfet peak temperature upon voltage step
02/23/17Multiple access point wireless mesh network
12/01/16Maintaining output capacitance voltage in led driver systems during pwm off times
12/01/16Maintaining led driver operating point during pwm off times
11/24/16Low power sensor node operation for wireless network
11/17/16System with sleep and wake up control over dc path
09/22/16Spread spectrum for switch mode power supplies
09/08/16Input current conditioner for precision coulomb counting
09/08/16Laser drilling encapsulated semiconductor die to expose electrical connection therein
09/08/16Accurately detecting low current threshold
08/25/16Control architecture with improved transient response
08/25/16Fast transient power supply with a separated high frequency and low frequency path signals
08/25/16Distortion compensation circuit
07/28/16Mosfet protection using resistor-capacitor thermal network
06/23/16System and providing programmable synchronous output delay in a clock generation or distribution device
06/09/16Peak-buck peak-boost current-mode control for switched step-up step-down regulators
06/09/16Current mode switching power supply having separate ac and dc current sensing paths
06/02/16Circuit architectures for protecting against podl wire faults
06/02/16High voltage selector circuit with no quiescent current
05/19/16Detecting ground isolation fault in ethernet podl system
04/21/16Low power radio receiver
03/31/16Controller area network bus transmitter with complementary source follower driver
03/24/16Dcr inductor current-sensing in four-switch buck-boost converters
03/10/16Driver for wireless power transmitter sensing required transmit power for optimum efficiency
02/25/161-wire bus pd detection and classification scheme for ethernet podl
02/25/16Notch filter for ripple reduction
02/04/16Anemometer detecting thermal time constant of sensor
02/04/16Exposed, solderable heat spreader for integrated circuit packages
02/04/16Exposed, solderable heat spreader for flipchip packages
02/04/16System and clock generation with an output fractional frequency divider
01/07/16Chopper-stabilized square cells
12/17/15Class ab inverting driver for pnp bipolar transistor ldo regulator
12/17/15Ldo regulator powered by its regulated output voltage for high psrr
12/17/15Transition timing control for switching dc/dc converter
11/26/15Broadband integrated rf/microwave/millimeter mixer with integrated balun(s)
11/19/15Configuring signal-processing systems
11/19/15Podl system with active dv/dt and di/dt control
11/12/15Low-voltage analog variable gain amplifier with enhanced linearity
11/12/15Pse controller in poe system detects different pds on data pairs and spare pairs
10/22/15Voltage regulation in resonant power wireless receiver
10/15/15Suppressing dielectric absorption effects in sample-and-hold systems
10/15/15Converting time-encoded signal into analog output
10/15/15Broadband power coupling/decoupling network for podl
10/08/15Boost then floating buck mode converter for led driver using common switch control signal
09/24/15Bootstrap sampling circuit with accurately averaging pre-charge circuit
09/10/15Exponential rom table tuning using trim for frequency agile analog filters
08/13/15Cancellation of distortion induced by elevated op-amp bias current
07/30/15Detection scheme for four wire pair power over ethernet system
07/23/15Switched capacitor dc-dc converter with reduced in-rush current and fault protection
07/23/15Predictive and reactive control of secondary side synchronous rectifiers in forward converters
05/28/15Power over data lines detection and classification scheme
05/28/15Pre-charging inductor in switching converter to achieve high pwm dimming ratio in led drivers
04/23/15Isolated bootstrapped switch
04/02/15Detection and classification scheme for power over ethernet system
02/19/15Accurate current sensing in h-bridge applications without amplifier having high common mode rejection ratio
01/22/15Power supply system and method
01/15/15Detecting faults in hot-swap applications
01/15/15Inrush control with multiple switches
01/15/15Pd in poe system having redundant pse channel inputs
12/18/14Power over ethernet on data pairs and spare pairs
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11/20/14Resolution-boosted sigma delta analog-to-digital converter
10/23/14Voltage generator with current source compensated for an error current operable over a wide voltage range
10/23/14Linear regulator ic with versatile ground pin
10/23/14Balun mixer circuits
10/23/14Poly-phase filter with phase tuning
10/16/14Voltage compensated active cell balancing
09/18/14Single supply amplifier with swing to ground
09/18/14Bipolar transistor with lowered 1/f noise
09/18/14Translinear slew boost circuit for operational amplifier
09/18/14Output stage with fast feedback for driving adc
09/18/14Methods and systems for control of dc-dc converters
09/18/14Address translation in 12c data communications system
08/28/14Thermocouple open-circuit detection circuit and method
08/28/14Synchronized charge pump-driven input buffer and method
08/28/14Rotating 3-wire resistance temperature detection excitation current sources and method
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08/21/14High-frequency rms-dc converter using chopper-stabilized square cells
07/10/14Low current dc-dc converter with integrated low current coulomb counter
07/10/14Method and system for measuring the resistance of a resistive structure
06/19/14Power converter for generating both positive and negative output signals
05/22/14Feed forward current mode switching regulator with improved transient response
05/15/14Analog-to-digital converter system and method
05/15/14Analog-to-digital converter
05/15/14Analog-to-digital converter
05/08/14Polarity correction bridge controller for combined power over ethernet system
04/24/14Pwm control for leds with reduced flicker when using spread spectrum switching frequencies
04/24/14Magnetic field cancellation in switching regulators
04/10/14Auto resonant driver for wireless power transmitter sensing required transmit power for optimum efficiency
04/10/14System and input voltage regulation of switch mode supplies implementing burst mode operation
04/10/14Configurable serial interface
03/06/14Monitoring cells in energy storage system
01/23/14Temperature compensation of output diode in an isolated flyback converter
01/02/14Current mode voltage regulator with auto-compensation
12/05/13Expanding dc/dc converter into multiphase dc/dc converter
10/24/13Analog-to-digital converter system and method
10/17/13High side current sense amplifier
10/03/13Common mode input control for switched capacitor amplifier in pipeline analog-to-digital converter
09/12/13Isolated flyback converter with sleep mode for light load operation
08/15/13Negative slope compensation for current mode switching power supply
08/01/13Isolated flyback converter with efficient light load operation
06/20/13Primary unit control of resonant inductive power transfer system for optimum efficiency
06/13/13Second order intermodulation canceller
05/16/13Anemometer detecting thermal time constant of sensor
05/09/13Switching of conductor pair in power over ethernet system
05/09/13Systems and methods for randonmizing component mismatch in an adc
04/25/13Optimized bi-directional balancing method and system
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03/28/13Stackable bi-directional multicell battery balancer
02/28/13Power combining in power over ethernet systems
02/28/13Feedback control of a dc/dc power converter
02/21/13Common mode input control for switch capacitor amplifier in pipeline analog-to-digital converter
02/21/13Radar providing information on movements of object's surface
02/07/13I2c isolated, bidirectional communication system with isolated domain current source pull-ups
01/17/13Switching power supply having separate ac and dc current sensing paths
12/27/12Simultaneously-sampling single-ended and differential two-input analog-to-digital converter
12/13/12System and methods to improve the performance of semiconductor based sampling system
12/13/12System and methods to improve the performance of semiconductor based sampling system
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12/13/12System and methods to improve the performance of semiconductor based sampling system
12/13/12System and methods to improve the performance of semiconductor based sampling system
11/29/12Balancing temperatures in a multi-phase dc/dc converter
11/15/12Circuitry to prevent overvoltage of circuit systems
11/01/12Switched capacitance voltage differential sensing circuit with near infinite input impedance
11/01/12Current steering circuit with feedback
11/01/12Isolated communications interface
09/13/12Methods and system for erasing data stored in nonvolatile memory in low power applications
08/30/12Accurate current sensing with heat transfer correction
08/16/12Interpolating digital-to-analog converter with separate bias current source for each differential input transistor pair
08/16/12Circuits for and methods of accurately measuring temperature of semiconductor junctions
06/28/12System and charging capacitors using automatic cell balancing
06/07/12High dynamic range coulomb counter which simultaneously monitors multiple sense resistors
06/07/12Third order intermodulation cancellation by in-line generated signal
06/07/12Bias point setting for third order linearity optimization of class a amplifier
05/10/12Method and system for detecting and asserting bus speed condition in a usb isolating device
02/16/12Method and system for extending pwm dimming range in led drivers
02/02/12A/d converter using isolation switches
01/26/12Synchronous rectifier control for synchronous boost converter
01/19/12Capacitively coupled switched current source
01/12/12Method for clamping a semiconductor region at or near ground
01/05/12Leadframe current sensor
12/08/11Dynamic compensation of aging drift in current sense resistor
12/08/11Dc/dc converter with magnetic flux density limits
11/24/11Method and circuit for encoding and transmitting numerical values from an analog-to-digital conversion process
11/24/11A/d converter with compressed full-scale range
10/06/11Error amplifier for regulating single feedback input at multiple levels
08/25/11Charge pump with reduced current variation
08/04/11Time-multiplexed residue amplifier
06/30/11Efficiency measuring circuit for dc-dc converter which calculates internal resistance of switching inductor based on duty cycle
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06/23/11Continuously switching buck-boost control
06/23/11Clean transition between ccm and dcm in valley current mode control of dc-to-dc converter
06/09/11Method and system for minimum output-voltage battery charger
05/26/11Method and system for improved phase noise in a bicmos clock driver
05/26/11Method and system for improving limiting amplifier phase noise for low slew-rate input signals
05/26/11Providing power to powered device having multiple power supply inputs
05/19/11Analog-to-digital converter
05/05/11Voltage regulator with virtual remote sensing
04/14/11Method and system for communicating multiple data signals over a single unidirectional isolation component
03/17/11Extending achievable duty cycle range in dc/dc forward converter with active clamp reset
03/17/11Feedback control of a dc/dc power converter
03/17/11Dc/dc converter having a fast and accurate average current limit
03/17/11Dc/dc converter overcurrent protection
03/17/11Accuracy of a volt-second clamp in an isolated dc/dc converter
02/24/11Flexible contactless wire bonding structure and methodology for semiconductor device
02/17/11Switch mode power supply with dynamic topology
12/30/10Monitoring cells in energy storage system
12/02/10Monolithic voltage reference device with internal, multi-temperature drift data and related testing procedures
11/25/10Chopper stabilized bandgap reference circuit and methodology for voltage regulators
11/18/10Pulse-width modulation (pwm) with independently adjustable duty cycle and frequency using two adjustable delays
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11/11/10Method and system for high efficiency, fast transient multi-channel led driver
10/28/10Complex-admittance digital-to-analog converter
10/21/10Voltage and current regulators with switched output capacitors for multiple regulation states
10/14/10Buck-mode boost converter with regulated output current
09/30/10Average inductor current mode switching converters
09/23/10Bidirectional power converters
09/09/10Inrush current control system with soft start circuit and method
08/05/10Method and system for polarity independent step-up converter capable of operating under ultra-low input voltage condition
07/08/10Switching mode converters
07/08/10Extending input to output voltage range in multiple channel switching regulator applications
07/01/10Method and system for voltage independent power supply load sharing
07/01/10Bootstrap transistor circuit
07/01/10Autonomous multi-device event synchronization and sequencing technique eliminating master and slave assignments
06/10/10Linearity in led dimmer control
06/10/10Current ripple reduction circuit for leds
06/10/10Dimmer-controlled leds using flyback converter with high power factor
06/10/10Dimmer control leakage pull down using main power device in flyback converter
06/10/10Universal input voltage light emitting device
05/27/10Power measurement circuit
05/27/10Power measurement circuit
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05/20/10Accelerated response to load transients in pfm dc-to-dc converters
04/15/10Systems and methods for characterizing component ratios and generating a digital representation of same
03/04/10Semiconductor device having a suspended isolating interconnect
12/31/09Single pass inl trim algorithm for networks
10/22/09Systems and methods for fast switch turn on approximating ideal diode function
10/22/09Systems and methods for oscillation suppression in switching circuits
10/01/09Method and system for bit polarization coding
09/17/09System and charging capacitors using automatic cell balancing
07/09/09Flexible contactless wire bonding structure and methodology for semiconductor device
05/14/09Method for clamping a semiconductor region at or near ground
05/14/09Circuits and methods to reduce or eliminate signal-dependent modulation of a reference bias
04/30/09Bidirectional power converters
03/05/09Multiple output amplifiers and comparators
02/05/09Over-voltage protection circuit

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