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Linkedln Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Linkedln Corporation. Linkedln Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Linkedln Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Linkedln Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Mobile device pairing
06/22/17 new patent  Entity-faceted historical click-through-rate
06/22/17 new patent  Dynamic video acquisition based on event characteristics
06/22/17 new patent  Adaptive pairwise preferences in recommenders
06/22/17 new patent  Presenting a user profile
06/08/17Skills endorsements
06/01/17Conditional animation of an icon
06/01/17Personalized data-driven skill recommendations and skill gap prediction
06/01/17Identifying actual coworkers for a particular job listing
06/01/17Recommending position qualifications
06/01/17Independent targeted sponsored content management system and method
06/01/17Expanding a social network
05/25/17Generating recruitment leads based on targeted content
05/25/17Prioritizing search terms representing companies
05/25/17Prioritizing search terms representing locations
05/11/17Techniques for exchanging contact information and establishing a connection via a social networking service
05/04/17Recommending a social structure
05/04/17Activity sensing online preference assay
05/04/17Embedding and executing commands in messages
04/20/17Assisted creation of a search query
04/20/17Mobile device pairing
03/30/17Organizational url enrichment
03/30/17Managing search engines using dynamic similarity
03/30/17Inferring attributes of organizations using member graph
03/30/17Tracking interaction with sponsored and unsponsored content
03/30/17Targeting analysis with skills data
03/16/17Integrating quality analysis with a code review tool
03/16/17Model-based classification of content items
03/09/17Providing graphical user interfaces for skill flows
03/02/17Visually displaying performance of content on a social network
03/02/17Controlling servicing of requests in a data migration system
03/02/17Generating relevance scores for keywords
03/02/17Controlling data migration
03/02/17Predicting churn risk across customer segments
03/02/17Talent flow visualization
03/02/17Cache and uniform resource locator based event tracking
03/02/17Generating graphical presentations using skills clustering
03/02/17Proxy email server for routing messages
03/02/17Leveraging persistent identities in website testing
02/16/17Suggested out of network communication recipients
02/02/17Settings management of an online service
02/02/17Organizational directory access client and server leveraging local and network search
02/02/17Optimal course selection
02/02/17Entity aware snippets
02/02/17Publisher facilitated advertisement mediation
02/02/17Managing unprofessional media content
02/02/17Organizational directory access client and server leveraging local and network search
01/26/17Enhanced employee turnover rate
01/19/17Automatically securing an electronic device
01/05/17Recruiting for a job position using social network information
01/05/17Recruiter-initated employment referrals leveraging member connections
01/05/17Online ad metrics and billing reporting
01/05/17Automatic approval of advertisements for a social networking system
12/22/16Centralized notification center of generated events associated with an organizational member of a social networking service
12/22/16Member time zone inference
12/15/16Tracking data in an online environment
12/01/16Mining parallel data from user profiles
12/01/16Intra-document search
12/01/16Storage and access time for records
12/01/16Searching using pointers to pages in documents
12/01/16Selecting content to surface via an inferred social connection
12/01/16Scheduling content generation
12/01/16Crowdsourcing entity information
11/24/16Visually displaying relationships among companies
11/24/16Second-pass ranker for push notifications in a social network
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11/17/16Automated talent nurturing
11/03/16Network insights
11/03/16Constrained-or operator
11/03/16Model generator for career path options
11/03/16Customer lifecycle prediction
11/03/16Managing distribution of media content
10/20/16Inferring contributions of content to marketing events
10/06/16Proactive identification of content items for a member of a social network
10/06/16Organizational interest modeling
10/06/16Estimating workforce skill gaps using social networks
10/06/16Forecasting of online advertising revenue
10/06/16Selection and display of a featured professional profile chosen from a social networking service
10/06/16Content personalization based on attributes of members of a social networking service
09/29/16Detecting and alerting performance degradation during features ramp-up
09/22/16Using large data sets to improve candidate analysis in social networking applications
Patent Packs
09/22/16Depicting attributes of connections in a social network
09/08/16Increasing interaction between clusters with low connectivity in a social network
09/01/16Post experiment power
09/01/16Most impactful experiments
09/01/16Joins and aggregations on massive graphs using large-scale graph processing
09/01/16Bias correction and estimation in network a/b testing
09/01/16Site-wide impact
09/01/16Triggered targeting
09/01/16Intelligent messaging
08/18/16Managed memory cache with application-layer prefetching
08/18/16Profile update evaluator
08/11/16Methods and integrating social network metrics and reputation data
08/04/16Content provision based on user-pair affinity in a social network
08/04/16Trending topics on a social network based on member profiles
08/04/16Diversity of federated content items in a social network
08/04/16Relevance driven aggregation of federated content items in a social network
08/04/16Social network content item federation based on item utility value
08/04/16Size of prize predictive model
08/04/16Determining a cost of an application programming interface
08/04/16Confirming an identity of a user of a social network
07/21/16Capacity planning for database replication latency
07/14/16Standardizing attributes and entities in a social networking system
07/07/16Configuring a web feed
06/02/16Independent targeted sponsored content management system and method
05/26/16Intelligent scheduling for employee activation
05/26/16Group formation for employee activation
05/19/16Smooth playing of video
05/19/16Automatically recommending point of presence centers
05/05/16Transfer learning for bilingual content classification
05/05/16Techniques for personalizing expertise related searches
Social Network Patent Pack
05/05/16Applicant analytics for a multiuser social networking system
04/28/16Dynamic adjustment of cpu operating frequency
04/28/16Title standardization
04/28/16Organization targeted status updates
03/31/16Controlling remote presentations through a wearable device
03/31/16Mobile job posting
03/31/16De-duplicating combined content
03/31/16Techniques for identifying and recommending skills
03/31/16Reading from a multitude of web feeds
03/31/16Facilitating social networking service connections via an ad hoc peer-to-peer network of mobile devices
Patent Packs
03/10/16Systems and methods for improving video stutter in high resolution progressive video
03/03/16Slide to apply
03/03/16Faceting search results
03/03/16Credit attribution based on measured contributions of marketing activities to deals
03/03/16Job poster identification
03/03/16Intelligent discovery of qualifications of a web browsing user
03/03/16Anomalous event detection based on metrics pertaining to a production system
03/03/16Calculating an entity's location size via social graph
02/11/16Computer-based evaluation tool for selecting personalized content for users
02/11/16Annotation probability distribution based on a factor graph
02/11/16Suggested out of network communication recipients
02/04/16Providing recommendations for electronic presentations based on contextual and behavioral data
02/04/16Personalized search based on similarity
02/04/16Personalized search using searcher features
02/04/16Hybrid aggregation of data sets
02/04/16Determining a user's latent preference
02/04/16Job hosting service for paid and unpaid job postings
02/04/16Identifying occupation of a professional using profile and social data
02/04/16Influencer score
02/04/16Revising connection strengths in a social graph
01/28/16Social selling index scores for measuring social selling practices
01/21/16Search engine using name clustering
01/21/16Recommender evaluation based on tokenized messages
12/31/15Context-aware approach to detection of short irrelevant texts
12/31/15Determining a relationship type between disparate entities
12/31/15Determining a function of an entity
12/31/15Techniques for overindexing insights for schools
12/31/15Lead recommendations
12/31/15Account recommendations
12/31/15Suggested accounts or leads
Patent Packs
12/24/15Unit test generation
12/10/15Connection invitation ordering
12/10/15Recording and indicating preferences
12/03/15New heuristic for optimizing non-convex function for learning to rank
12/03/15Storing and analyzing presentation data
12/03/15Dynamic advertisement pricing system
12/03/15Interleaving primary and private conversations
12/03/15User-activity-based routing within a website
11/26/15Fact checking search results
11/19/15Suggested keywords
11/19/15Facilitating performance monitoring for periodically scheduled workflows
11/05/15Task management from within a data feed
11/05/15Content search vertical
11/05/15Dynamic targeting to achieve a desired objective
11/05/15Optimizing a content campaign to achieve a desired objective
11/05/15Optimizing a content campaign to achieve a desired objective
11/05/15Job recommendation engine using a company employee profile
11/05/15Creation of job profiles using job titles and job functions
11/05/15Executing commands embedded in messages
11/05/15Viral invitations for social networks
Social Network Patent Pack
11/05/15Simultaneous formation of associations among multiple members of a social network
10/29/15Navigation and recommendation on payment checkout in a professional social network
10/29/15Providing social context to calendar events
10/22/15Multi-tenancy storage node
10/22/15System and searching a distributed node-sharded graph
10/22/15Determining logical groups without using personal information
10/22/15Score and suggestion generation for career requirement
10/22/15Requirement feasibility scoring based on data object and social network website
10/01/15Graphical user interface for mobile presentation application
10/01/15Using predictive optimization to facilitate distributed computation in a multi-tenant system
10/01/15Generating network activity indicators for users of a social network
10/01/15Methods and systems for surfacing content items based on impression discounting
10/01/15Member engagement multi-objective optimization in a social network
10/01/15Subset multi-objective optimization in a social network
10/01/15Automatically selecting addressees for receiving a content item
10/01/15Automatically selecting addressees for receiving a content item
09/24/15Business audience marketing system
09/10/15Techniques for inferring an organizational hierarchy from a social graph
09/03/15Job applicant ranker
08/27/15Method and system for generating a targeted churn reduction campaign
Social Network Patent Pack
08/27/15Generating member profile recommendations based on community overlap data in a social graph
08/27/15Dynamically updating content in e-mail
08/20/15Forecasting electronic events
08/20/15Automated management of a distributed computing system
08/20/15Online address book with multi-use input bar and profile bookmarking
08/13/15Systems and methods for software dependency management
08/13/15User characteristics-based job postings
08/06/15Identifying member profiles containing disallowed content in an online social network
08/06/15System and reviewing job applicants
08/06/15Replacing an image with a media player
07/30/15Systems and methods for email response prediction
07/30/15Including content items in advertisements
07/23/15Tracking user interactions with a mobile ui to facilitate ui optimizations
07/23/15Systems and methods for enforcing code reviews
07/16/15Method and system to provide a unified set of views and an execution model for a test cycle
07/09/15Techniques for determining relationship information
07/02/15Techniques for performing social interactions with content
07/02/15Voice interface to a social networking service
07/02/15Techniques for exchanging contact information and establishing a connection via a social networking service
06/25/15Facet-based filtering of social network update data
05/07/15Bid suggestions for online advertising auctions
05/07/15Multi-tenancy storage node
04/30/15Systems and methods for evaluating interviewers
04/23/15Systems and methods for determining recruiting intent
04/23/15Site flow optimization
04/23/15Maintaining channels lists
04/16/15Generating member profile recommendations based on common connection data in a social graph
04/16/15Generating member profile recommendations based on connection timing data in a social graph
04/09/15Identification of a broker-type leader in a social network
04/09/15Identification of a trigger-type leader in a social network
Social Network Patent Pack
04/02/15Systems and methods for categorizing exceptions and logs
04/02/15Systems and methods for evaluating a change pertaining to a service or machine
03/26/15Skills ontology creation
03/26/15Methods and systems for utilizing activity data with clustered events
03/19/15Presenting content items relevant to a group of users
03/19/15Cross document communication
03/19/15Cross document communication
03/12/15Techniques for providing a scrolling carousel
03/12/15Distributed storage system with pluggable query processing
03/05/15Techniques for suggesting content to promote via a feed
03/05/15Guided browsing experience
02/19/15Community notification based on profile update
02/12/15Method and system for leveraging the power of one's social network in an online marketplace
02/12/15Techniques to facilitate recommendations for non-member connections
02/12/15Controlling the actions of a mobile browser
02/12/15Navigating between a mobile application and a mobile browser
02/05/15Framework for large-scale multi-label classification
01/22/15Method and system to provide reputation scores for a social network member
01/22/15Crowdsourced content publication platform
01/01/15Methods and systems for name pronunciation
01/01/15Serendipitous issue reminder system
01/01/15Techniques for quantifying the intent and interests of members of a social networking service
01/01/15Targeting rules based on previous recommendations
01/01/15Targeting users based on previous advertising campaigns
01/01/15Facilitating machine learning in an online social network
01/01/15Virtual conference manager
12/25/14Transactional key-value database with searchable indexes
12/25/14Identifying entities based on free text in member records
12/18/14Dynamic social network relationship determination method and apparatus

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