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Lsi Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Lsi Corporation. Lsi Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lsi Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lsi Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Numerical method: making the infinite, finite. a universal transform and system of force vector


Direct routing between address spaces through a nontransparent peripheral component interconnect express bridge

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Count Application # Date Lsi Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014026633809/18/14 new patent  Biased bang-bang phase detector for clock and data recovery
22014026639509/18/14 new patent  Ac coupling circuit with hybrid switches
32014026649709/18/14 new patent  Ac coupling circuit with hybrid switches and constant load
42014026681509/18/14 new patent  Lempel-ziv data compression with shortened hash chains based on repetitive patterns
52014026682009/18/14 new patent  Interleaved multipath digital power amplification
62014026700409/18/14 new patent  User adjustable gesture space
72014026838909/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for enhanced sync mark mis-detection protection
82014026839009/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for transition based equalization
92014026839109/18/14 new patent  Data sequence detection in band-limited channels using cooperative sequence equalization
102014026839709/18/14 new patent  Hardware support of servo format with two preamble fields
112014026840009/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for loop feedback
122014026840109/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for p-distance based priority data processing
132014026904809/18/14 new patent  Retention detection and/or channel tracking policy in a flash memory based storage system
142014026905309/18/14 new patent  Nonvolatile memory data recovery after power failure
152014026988809/18/14 new patent  Adaptive continuous time linear equalizer
162014026997809/18/14 new patent  Interleaved multipath digital power amplification
172014028041709/18/14 new patent  Linear phase fir biorthogonal wavelet filters with complementarity for image noise reduction
182014028041809/18/14 new patent  Numerical method: making the infinite, finite. a universal transform and system of force vector
192014028042909/18/14 new patent  Efficient hardware structure for sorting/adding multiple inputs assigned to different bins
202014028105709/18/14 new patent  Unified message-based communications
212014028108309/18/14 new patent  Enhanced queue management
222014028110609/18/14 new patent  Direct routing between address spaces through a nontransparent peripheral component interconnect express bridge
232014028114309/18/14 new patent  Reducing flash memory write amplification and latency
242014028117109/18/14 new patent  Lock-free communication storage request reordering
252014028128109/18/14 new patent  Host command based read disturb methodology
262014028162709/18/14 new patent  Device sleep partitioning and keys
272014028168809/18/14 new patent  Method and system of data recovery in a raid controller
282014028170309/18/14 new patent  Local repair signature handling for repairable memories
292014028176709/18/14 new patent  Recovery strategy that reduces errors misidentified as reliable
302014028178709/18/14 new patent  Min-sum based hybrid non-binary low density parity check decoder
312014028181809/18/14 new patent  Method for format savings in coherently written fragmented sectors
322014028182209/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for generation of soft decision error correction code information
332014028184109/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for sync mark mis-detection protection
342014028314609/18/14 new patent  Tamper sensor
352014025320309/11/14Programmable clock spreading
362014025322209/11/14Preventing electronic device counterfeits
372014025322609/11/14Power integrity control through active current profile management
382014025404109/11/14Servo marginalization
392014025404309/11/14Sampling-phase acquisition based on channel-impulse-response estimation
402014025459309/11/14Network processor having multicasting protocol
412014025465509/11/14Adaptation of equalizer settings using error signals sampled at several different phases
422014025473509/11/14Transmit reference signal cleanup within a synchronous network application
432014025837509/11/14System and method for large object cache management in a network
442014025856509/11/14Smart discovery model in a serial attached small computer system topology
452014025857209/11/14Preemptive connection switching for serial attached small computer system interface systems
462014025858709/11/14Self recovery in a solid state drive
472014025859509/11/14System, method and computer-readable medium for dynamic cache sharing in a flash-based caching solution supporting virtual machines
482014025859809/11/14Scalable storage devices
492014025861009/11/14Raid cache memory system with volume windows
502014025861309/11/14Volume change flags for incremental snapshots of stored data
512014025862809/11/14System, method and computer-readable medium for managing a cache store to achieve improved cache ramp-up across system reboots
522014025875509/11/14Storage device power failure infrastructure
532014025875909/11/14System and method for de-queuing an active queue
542014025876909/11/14Partial r-block recycling
552014024751409/04/14Systems and methods for adc sample based inter-track interference compensation
562014025024609/04/14Intelligent data buffering between interfaces
572014025026309/04/14Techniques for reducing memory write operations using coalescing memory buffers and difference information
582014025026909/04/14Declustered raid pool as backup for raid volumes
592014025031509/04/14Storage system data hardening
602014025033809/04/14Virtual function timeout for single root input/output virtualization controllers
612014025035209/04/14Systems and methods for signal reduction based data processor marginalization
622014024003308/28/14On-die programming of integrated circuit bond pads
632014024046708/28/14Image processing method and apparatus for elimination of depth artifacts
642014024086408/28/14Storage device having degauss circuitry configured for generating degauss signal with asymmetric decay envelopes
652014024087008/28/14Analog tunneling current sensors for use with disk drive storage devices
662014024102808/28/14Two-bit read-only memory cell
672014024105608/28/14Reduced complexity reliability computations for flash memories
682014024106108/28/14Fast access with low leakage and low power technique for read only memory devices
692014024106208/28/14Modular, scalable rigid flex memory module
702014024147808/28/14Timing phase estimation for clock and data recovery
712014024487508/28/14Priority based connection arbitration in a sas topology to facilitate quality of service (qos) in sas transport
722014024490108/28/14Metadata management for a flash drive
732014024490208/28/14Fast read in write-back cached memory
742014024492608/28/14Dedicated memory structure for sector spreading interleaving
752014024492808/28/14Method and system to provide data protection to raid 0/ or degraded redundant virtual disk
762014024493608/28/14Maintaining cache coherency between storage controllers
772014024508608/28/14Test signal generator for low-density parity-check decoder
782014024509308/28/14Master boot record protection in a solid state drive
792014024530008/28/14Dynamically balanced credit for virtual functions in single root input/output virtualization
802014024540808/28/14Biometric approach to track credentials of anonymous user of a mobile device
812014023312808/21/14Systems and methods for burst demodulation
822014023312908/21/14Noise predictive filter adaptation for inter-track interference cancellation
832014023313008/21/14Systems and methods for determining noise components in a signal set
842014023330208/21/14Write-tracking circuitry for memory devices
852014023332208/21/14Adaptive architecture in a channel detector for nand flash channels
862014023356708/21/14High speed network bridging
872014023361908/21/14Pattern-based loss of signal detector
882014023366808/21/14Code forwarding and clock generation for transmitter repeaters
892014023716208/21/14Non-volatile memory channel control using a general purpose programmable processor in combination with a low level programmable sequencer
902014023716308/21/14Reducing writes to solid state drive cache memories of storage controllers
912014023716608/21/14Higher-level redundancy information computation
922014023719308/21/14Cache window management
932014023731308/21/14Systems and methods for trapping set disruption
942014023731408/21/14Systems and methods for skip layer data decoding
952014023732908/21/14Ratio-adjustable sync mark detection system
962014022566908/14/14Extended variable gain amplification bandwidth with high-frequency boost
972014022622908/14/14Systems and methods for shared layer data decoding
982014022623308/14/14Storage device with reflection compensation circuitry
992014022623408/14/14System and method for providing controllable steady state current waveshaping in a hard disk drive (hdd) preamplifier
1002014022685408/14/14Three-dimensional region of interest tracking based on key frame matching
1012014022689508/14/14Feature point based robust three-dimensional rigid body registration
1022014022796908/14/14Indium tin oxide loop antenna for near field communication
1032014022807308/14/14Automatic presentation of an image from a camera responsive to detection of a particular type of movement of a user device
1042014022965108/14/14Managing arbitration in mixed link rate wide ports
1052014022965208/14/14Methods and structure for fast context switching among a plurality of expanders in a serial attached scsi domain
1062014022965808/14/14Cache load balancing in storage controllers
1072014022967008/14/14Cache coherency and synchronization support in expanders in a raid topology with multiple initiators
1082014022967608/14/14Rebuild of redundant secondary storage cache
1092014022970008/14/14Systems and methods for accommodating end of transfer request in a data storage device
1102014022973308/14/14System and method for key wrapping to allow secure access to media by multiple authorities with modifiable permissions
1112014022975708/14/14Restoring expander operations in a data storage switch
1122014022976908/14/14Methods and structure for single root input/output virtualization enhancement in peripheral component interconnect express systems
1132014022977808/14/14At-speed scan testing of interface functional logic of an embedded memory or other circuit core
1142014022979908/14/14Statistical adaptive error correction for a flash memory
1152014022980608/14/14Systems and methods for distributed low density parity check decoding
1162014022994108/14/14Method and controller device for quality of service (qos) caching in a virtualized environment
1172014022995408/14/14Systems and methods for data quality based variable data process scheduling
1182014021902808/07/14Compensation loop for read voltage adaptation
1192014022076008/07/14Integration of shallow trench isolation and through-substrate vias into integrated circuit designs
1202014022307108/07/14Method and system for reducing write latency in a data storage system by using a command-push model
1212014022307208/07/14Tiered caching using single level cell and multi-level cell flash technology
1222014022307508/07/14Physical-to-logical address map to speed up a recycle operation in a solid state drive
1232014022309408/07/14Selective raid protection for cache memory
1242014022310608/07/14Method to throttle rate of data caching for improved i/o performance
1252014022311408/07/14Buffer for managing data samples in a read channel
1262014022313608/07/14Lookup tables utilizing read only memory and combinational logic
1272014022325908/07/14Memory architecture for layered low-density parity-check decoder
1282014022326708/07/14Radix-4 viterbi forward error correction decoding
1292014022327008/07/14Classifying bit errors in transmitted run length limited data
1302014022329508/07/14Geographic based spell check
1312014021133607/31/14Automatic gain control loop adaptation for enhanced nyquist data pattern detection
1322014021133707/31/14Systems and methods for improved short media defect detection
1332014021183907/31/14Receiver having limiter-enhanced data eye openings
1342014021474807/31/14Incremental dfa compilation with single rule granularity
1352014021474907/31/14System and method for dfa-nfa splitting
1362014021509007/31/14Dfa sub-scans
1372014021512307/31/14Controller-opaque communication with non-volatile memory devices
1382014021514907/31/14File-system aware snapshots of stored data
1392014021519907/31/14Fast-boot list to speed booting an operating system
1402014021528507/31/14Integrated-interleaved low density parity check (ldpc) codes
1412014021534107/31/14Transitioning between pages of content on a display of a user device
1422014020465907/24/14Capacitive coupled sense amplifier biased at maximum gain point
1432014020466007/24/14Memory having sense amplifier for output tracking by controlled feedback latch
1442014020468307/24/14Margin free pvt tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset circuit
1452014020498707/24/14System and method for determining channel loss in a dispersive communication channel at the nyquist frequency
1462014020499507/24/14Efficient region of interest detection
1472014020500507/24/14Method and apparatus for mpeg-2 to h.264 video transcoding
1482014020774307/24/14Method for storage driven de-duplication of server memory
1492014020799607/24/14Hybrid hard disk drive having a flash storage processor
1502014020800307/24/14Variable-size flash translation layer
1512014020800407/24/14Translation layer partitioned between host and controller
1522014020800507/24/14System, method and computer-readable medium for providing selective protection and endurance improvements in flash-based cache
1532014020800707/24/14Management of and region selection for writes to non-volatile memory
1542014020802407/24/14System and methods for performing embedded full-stripe write operations to a data volume with data elements distributed across multiple modules
1552014020804607/24/14Storage device out-of-space handling
1562014020804807/24/14Method and apparatus for efficient remote copy
1572014020806107/24/14Locating data in non-volatile memory
1582014020806207/24/14Storage address space to nvm address, span, and length mapping/converting
1592014020807607/24/14Dfa compression and execution
1602014020817507/24/14At-speed scan testing of clock divider logic in a clock module of an integrated circuit
1612014020818007/24/14Systems and methods for reusing a layered decoder to yield a non-layered result
1622014019840407/17/14Systems and methods for x-sample based noise cancellation
1632014019840507/17/14Systems and methods for loop processing with variance adaptation
1642014019878907/17/14Low latency in-line data compression for packet transmission systems
1652014020084907/17/14Diversity loop detector with component detector switching
1662014020144207/17/14Cache based storage controller
1672014020146207/17/14Subtractive validation of cache lines for virtual machines
1682014020158407/17/14Scan test circuitry comprising at least one scan chain and associated reset multiplexing circuitry
1692014020158507/17/14State-split based endec
1702014019140307/10/14Multi-die semiconductor package and method of manufacturing thereof
1712014019180107/10/14Bicmos gate driver for class-s radio frequency power amplifier
1722014019260307/10/14Differential sense amplifier for solid-state memories
1732014019263307/10/14System and method for providing fast and efficient flushing of a forwarding database in a network processor
1742014019284107/10/14Ultra-wideband loss of signal detector at a receiver in a high speed serializer/deserializer (serdes) application
1752014019293507/10/14Receiver with dual clock recovery circuits
1762014019309207/10/14Superresolution image processing using an invertible sparse matrix
1772014019571407/10/14Methods and structure for buffering host requests in serial attached scsi expanders
1782014019571807/10/14Control logic design to support usb cache offload
1792014019573107/10/14Physical link management
1802014019573207/10/14Method and system to maintain maximum performance levels in all disk groups by using controller vds for background tasks
1812014018432307/03/14Hybrid digital/analog power amplifier
1822014018515807/03/14Fly height control for hard disk drives
1832014018515907/03/14Sync mark detection using branch metrics from data detector
1842014018536607/03/14Pre-charge tracking of global read lines in high speed sram
1852014018565807/03/14Serdes data sampling gear shifter
1862014018896907/03/14Efficient algorithm to bit matrix symmetry
1872014018942107/03/14Non-volatile memory program failure recovery via redundant arrays
1882014018967307/03/14Management of device firmware update effects as seen by a host
1892014017623006/26/14High-voltage tolerant biasing arrangement using low-voltage devices
1902014017623906/26/14Adaptive control mechanisms to control input and output common-mode voltages of differential amplifier circuits
1912014017708206/26/14Over-sampled signal equalizer
1922014017708406/26/14Systems and methods for managed operational marginalization
1932014017708706/26/14Equalization combining outputs of multiple component filters
1942014017732406/26/14Single-port read multiple-port write storage device using single-port memory cells
1952014017737106/26/14Suspend sdram refresh cycles during normal ddr operation
1962014018132706/26/14I/o device and computing host interoperation
1972014018137006/26/14Method to apply fine grain wear leveling and garbage collection
1982014018157006/26/14Signal processing circuitry with frontend and backend circuitry controlled by separate clocks
1992014018161706/26/14Management of non-valid decision patterns of a soft read retry operation
2002014018162406/26/14Majority-tabular post processing of quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check codes
2012014018162506/26/14Read channel data signal detection with reduced-state trellis
2022014018184506/26/14Single serdes transmitter driver design for both ethernet and peripheral component interconnect express applications
2032014016880906/19/14Tag multiplication via a preamplifier interface
2042014016881006/19/14Systems and methods for adaptive threshold pattern detection
2052014016881106/19/14Irregular low density parity check decoder with low syndrome error handling
2062014016921006/19/14Link rate availability based arbitration
2072014016942606/19/14Receiver with distortion compensation circuit
2082014016944006/19/14Adaptive cancellation of voltage offset in a communication system
2092014016945706/19/14Performance control in video encoding
2102014016946806/19/14Picture refresh with constant-bit budget
2112014017279706/19/14Method and apparatus to share a single storage drive across a large number of unique systems when data is highly redundant
2122014017293406/19/14Systems and methods for data retry using averaging process
2132014017313906/19/14System, method, and computer program product for inserting a gap in information sent from a drive to a host device
2142014017315306/19/14Method and system for detecting multiple expanders in an sas topology having the same address
2152014017316506/19/14Expander for loop architectures
2162014017325406/19/14Cache prefetch for deterministic finite automaton instructions
2172014017325606/19/14Processor configured for operation with multiple operation codes per instruction
2182014017333006/19/14Split brain detection and recovery system
2192014017334606/19/14Validating operation of system-on-chip controller for storage device using programmable state machine
2202014017338506/19/14Low density parity check decoder with dynamic scaling
2212014017360306/19/14Multiple step non-deterministic finite automaton matching
2222014015980706/12/14Multiple-clock, noise-immune slicer with offset cancellation and equalization inputs
2232014015999106/12/14Switching power amplifier system for multi-path signal interleaving
2242014016059206/12/14Systems and methods for x-sample based data processor marginalization
2252014016119806/12/14Multi-layer approach for frame-missing concealment in a video decoder
2262014016430906/12/14Non-deterministic finite automaton overflow recovery
2272014016465306/12/14Load balancing with scsi i/o referrals
2282014016467006/12/14Structure for non-blocking serial attached scsi infrastructure utilizing virtual pathways
2292014016471506/12/14Methods and structure for using region locks to divert i/o requests in a storage controller having multiple processing stacks
2302014016484606/12/14Master-slave expander logging
2312014016486606/12/14Low density parity check decoder with miscorrection handling
2322014016486806/12/14Flash memory read error recovery with soft-decision decode
2332014016488006/12/14Error correction code rate management for nonvolatile memory
2342014016488106/12/14Policy for read operations addressing on-the-fly decoding failure in non-volatile memory
2352014015234106/05/14External component-less pvt compensation scheme for io buffers
2362014015234506/05/14Sense-amplifier latch having single data input
2372014015236606/05/14Concurrent true and complement signal generation
2382014015312606/05/14Systems and methods for old data inter-track interference compensation
2392014015334606/05/14Read assist scheme for reducing read access time in a memory
2402014015357506/05/14Packet data processor in a communications processor architecture
2412014015364406/05/14Dynamic slice resizing while encoding video
2422014015707406/05/14Systems and methods for selective retry data retention processing
2432014014577505/29/14Overshoot suppression for input/output buffers
2442014014641305/29/14Systems and methods for enhanced servo data processing
2452014014686005/29/14Transceiver with short-circuit detection and protection
2462014014686705/29/14Receiver with parallel decision feedback equalizers
2472014014943905/29/14Dfa-nfa hybrid
2482014014961405/29/14Sata data appliance for providing sata hosts with access to a configurable number of sata drives residing in a sas topology
2492014014962405/29/14Method for determining a serial attached small computer system interface topology

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