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M i L l c patents

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12/14/17 new patent  Shaker screen assembly
11/16/17Wellbore fluids for increased wellbore stability and reduced torque
11/09/17Separator lifting apparatus and method
11/09/17Intrinsically safe safety goggles with data display, user input and data communication
11/09/17Agglomeration-resistant desulfurizing product
11/09/17Apparatus, flowing a fluid through a trough
11/09/17Recovery hopper trough for vibratory separator and method
11/02/17An apparatus, moving material discharged from a vibratory separator
10/05/17Apparatus, folding a screen for use with a screen tensioning system
10/05/17Emulsifiers for invert emulsion wellbore fluids and methods of use thereof
10/05/17Milled fibers for fracture sealing performance improvement
09/07/17Complex emulsifier compositions and methods of use
08/31/17Shale hydration inhibitor and use
08/31/17Modular pressure control and drilling waste management subterranean borehole
07/13/17Crosslinked synthetic polymer-based reservoir drilling fluid
07/13/17Breaker fluids and methods of use thereof
07/13/17Methods of logging
07/06/17Use of particulate or fibrous materials in gravel pack applications
07/06/17Branched acid emulsifier compositions and methods of use
06/22/17Encapsulated polymers and selective activation thereof
06/22/17Emulsifiers for wellbore strengthening
05/18/17Anti-accretion additives for wellbore fluids and methods of use thereof
05/11/17Series and parallel separation device
04/27/17Transverse flow microfiltration of solids from fluids with inserts
04/20/17Emulsion preventer for completion brines
04/20/17Non-emulsifier for completion brines to prevent emulsion from forming
04/20/17Microwave induced curing of nanomaterials for geological formation reinforcement
04/13/17Screen tensioning system and method
03/30/17High density brine with low crystallization temperature
03/30/17Internal breaker compositions for wellbore applications
03/30/17Invert emulsion fluids with high internal phase concentration
03/02/17Breaker and displacement fluid
02/23/17Transverse flow self-cleaning strainer
02/02/17Smart filter cake for strengthening formations
02/02/17Methods of drilling
02/02/17Methods of formulating wellbore fluids
02/02/17Methods of pneumatically conveying solid particulates
02/02/17Wellbore fluids for use downhole
01/26/17Apparatus, separating componenets of a slurry
01/19/17Smart lcm for strengthening earthen formations
01/19/17Smart filtrate for strengthening formations
12/08/16Asphaltene dispersant and methods of use thereof
11/03/16Self-crosslinking polymers for wellbore strengthening
11/03/16Self-crosslinking polymers and platelets for wellbore strengthening
09/29/16Drill cuttings circular separator
09/15/16Method and treatment of oil based drilling fluid
08/18/16Hose for bulk transfer operations
08/18/16System and catalyst regeneration
08/04/16Encapsulated production chemicals
06/30/16Low temperature stability of fluid flow improvers
06/23/16Demister for capturing moist fine particulates
06/23/16Modular gyratory sifter
06/23/16Organic-inorganic hybrid polymer based fluids
06/09/16System and method removal of contaminants from drill cuttings
06/02/16Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid water soluble polymers in oil field applications
06/02/16Catalytic system for breaker fluid formulations
06/02/16Acid precursor in divalent brines for cleaning up water-based filter cakes
06/02/16Method of applying solvent treatments using emulsions
05/26/16Recovery trough with conveyor for vibratory separator and method
05/19/16Lost circulation material
04/28/16Cross-flow shaker and using the same
04/21/16Viscoelastic surfactants in mixed brines
04/21/16Chemical inhibitors with sub-micron materials as additives for enhanced flow assurance
04/14/16High capacity filtering screen
03/31/16Modular waste processing system
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03/17/16Modular drilling fluid control system
03/10/16Reversible foamed wellbore fluids
02/18/16Method and coating a screen
02/11/16System and using a pressure differential for separation
02/04/16Polymeric compositions for downhole applications
01/14/16Delayed enhancement or breaking of viscosity for viscoelastic surfactant containing wellbore fluids
12/31/15Dual pass stacked shakers and using same
12/31/15Reverse crowned filter assembly
12/31/15Beach detection sensors for vibratory separator
12/24/15Carbonaceous nanoparticles as conductivity enhancement additives to water-in-oil emulsions, oil-in-water emulsions and oil-based wellbore fluids
12/03/15Enhanced wellbore strengthening solution
12/03/15Mechanical shaft coupling for fluid system connections
11/26/15Surface active additives for oil-based mud filter cake breakers
11/26/15Use of rapid onsite bacteria test for oil and gas applications
11/12/15High temperature viscosifier for insulating packer fluids
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11/05/15Unitary screen frame and discharge spout apparatus and system
11/05/15Model for strengthening formations
10/29/15Shaker and degasser combination
10/22/15Colloidal silica and polymer system for insulating packer fluids
10/22/15Colloidal silica and polymer system for insulating packer fluids
10/22/15Vapor displacement hydrocarbon removal and recovery from drill cuttings
10/15/15Method and measuring particle size distribution in drilling fluid
10/08/15Shaker with automatic motion
10/08/15Electrically conductive wellbore fluids and methods of use
09/17/15Composite screen frame with semi-flexible mechanical strain relief
09/10/15Magnetic wedge for shaker
08/27/15Method for increasing density of brine phase in oil-based and synthetic-based wellbore fluids
08/27/15Hot swappable choke actuator system and/or method
08/20/15Fluid displacement tool and method
08/13/15Drilling assembly
08/13/15Packer plug retrieval tool and related methods
07/16/15Process for recovery of oleaginous fluids from wellbore fluids
07/09/15High-temperature high-pressure reservoir drilling fluid
07/09/15Wellbore fluid used with oil-swellable elements
07/02/15Methods of using invert emulsion fluids with high internal phase concentration
06/25/15Breaker fluid
06/18/15Enhanced acid soluble wellbore strengthening solution
06/11/15Vibratory separator screen
06/11/15Acid soluble defluidizing pills
06/11/15Reservoir wellbore fluid
06/04/15Water based completion and displacement fluid and use
06/04/15Insulating annular fluid
05/28/15Fluid loss control material tester
05/21/15Variable geometry fracture sealing tester
05/07/15Apparatus and using an inline electrical conductivity monitor
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05/07/15Shaker screen assembly
04/30/15Triggered heating of wellbore fluids by carbon nanomaterials
04/23/15Fluid pressure transmission pill
04/23/15Synthesis of magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons
04/16/15Viscoelastic surfactant based wellbore fluids and methods of use
04/09/15High internal phase ratio invert emulsion
02/19/15Separator and separation with a pressure differential device
02/12/15Modeling and analysis of hydraulic fracture propagation to surface from a casing shoe
01/29/15Methods of using oleaginous fluids for completion operations
01/22/15Breaker fluids for wellbore fluids and methods of use
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01/15/15Frame, system and/or deploying a skid
01/08/15Gravel-packing carrier fluid with internal breaker
01/01/15Density based mechanical valve control system
12/18/14Wellbore fluids incorporating magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons and methods of using the same
12/18/14Drilling fluid processing
10/23/14Use of chelants in formate-based solutions to dissolve residual filtercakes in subterranean wells
10/16/14Composition of polybutadiene-based formula for downhole applications
10/09/14Disinfecting water used in a fracturing operation
10/02/14Filter cake drag tester
10/02/14Wellbore strengthening composition
09/18/14Apparatus and method to measure a property of wellbore fluid
09/04/14Use of cuttings vessel for tank cleaning
08/14/14Hydrocarbon fluid flow improver
08/07/14Rotating flow head apparatus
08/07/14Integrated managed pressure drilling riser joint
08/07/14Compound angle wedge screen clamp for vibratory separator
07/24/14Return drilling fluid processing
07/03/14Slot tester
07/03/14Vibratory separator screen with multiple frame design
07/03/14Process for mixing wellbore fluids
06/19/14Self clamping shaker screens
06/19/14Multi-deck shaker
06/12/14Continuous circulation valve
06/12/14Drilling waste treatment
06/12/14Precipitated weighting agents for use in wellbore fluids
06/05/14Chelate compositions and methods and fluids for use in oilfield operations
06/05/14Low conductivity water based wellbore fluid
06/05/14System and catalyst regeneration
05/29/14Modular rig design
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05/22/14Kinetic hydrate inhibitors with pendent amino functionality
04/24/14Wellbore fluid used with swellable elements
04/03/14Gravel pack carrier fluids
04/03/14Invert wellbore fluid
03/27/14Method of making a shaker screen
03/27/14Invert emulsion based completion and displacement fluid and use
02/20/14System and method to assist in lifting a vessel
02/13/14Hydraulic position indicator system
01/30/14Method of minimizing wellbore instability
12/12/13Fluid loss additive for oil-based muds
12/12/13Flat rheology wellbore fluid
12/05/13Magnetic leak management apparatus and methods
11/14/13Tank system
11/14/13Viscosified fluid loss control agent utilizing chelates
10/17/13Agglomeration-resistant desulfurizing product
10/10/13Graphene-based material for shale stabilization and use
10/10/13System and separating solids from fluids
10/03/13High pressure fracture tester
09/26/13Return fluid separator
09/12/13Boat installation frame for transportation tanks
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09/05/13Shaker and degasser combination
08/29/13Feeder with screen for shaker
08/29/13Panel for exhibiting items, with changeable elements
08/22/13Breaker and displacement fluid
05/30/13Aqueous gels for well bore strengthening
03/21/13Gravel pack carrier fluids
11/01/12Methods for treating a wellbore
10/04/12Treatment of hydrocarbon fluids with ozone
09/20/12Degradable gels in zonal isolation applications
08/09/12Precipitated weighting agents for use in wellbore fluids
07/26/12Invert emulsion fluids with high internal phase concentration
07/19/12Choke trim assembly
07/05/12Slurrification process
06/28/12Use of cuttings tanks for recycling oil based mud and water
06/28/12Method and drilling a zero-radius lateral
05/31/12Conveyor for drill cuttings
05/24/12Gasket for locating and sealing a screen in a round separator
05/03/12Water based completion and displacement fluid and use
04/19/12Cuttings treatment and reuse
03/22/12Methods of using invert emulsion fluids with high internal phase concentration
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02/23/12Sanitary gapless separator discharge
02/16/12In-line treatment of hydrocarbon fluids with ozone
02/02/12Autochoke system
01/05/12Well treatment fluid
12/08/11Wellbore strengthening material recovery
12/01/11Wellbore fluid testing apparatus and methods
11/24/11Apparatus and process for wellbore characterization
11/17/11Defluidizing lost circulation pills
11/17/11Cation exchange capacity titration unit
11/10/11Cleaning agents for wellbore cleaning and methods of use thereof
10/20/11Mechanically modified filter cake
10/13/11Waste processing system
10/06/11Magnetic screen clamping
09/29/11Method of detecting an emulsion in brine
09/22/11Filter screen with tension element
09/15/11Methods for minimizing fluid loss to and determining the locations of lost circulation zones
09/15/11System and separating solids from fluids
09/08/11Particulate bridging agents used for forming and breaking filtercakes on wellbores
09/08/11Non-aqueous breaker fluids and methods of use thereof
08/04/11System and gyratory sifter deblinding
08/04/11Molded end cap for oilfield screens
08/04/11Treatment of recovered wellbore fluids
08/04/11Method and a means for the separation of oil from a coolant/lubricant
08/04/11Low toxicity shale hydration inhibition agent and use
07/21/11Method and composition for determining hardness in wellbore fluid filtrate
07/07/11Nitrogen-free invert emulsion wellbore fluid
06/30/11Invert emulsion wellbore fluids and reducing toxicity thereof
06/23/11Cuttings transfer system
05/26/11High pressure fracture tester
05/26/11Flanged perforated metal plate for separation of pellets and particles
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05/19/11Vibratory separator motion
05/05/11Methods of delaying the curing of moisture sensitive curable elastomers
05/05/11Dual feed centrifuge
04/28/11Method of remediating bit balling using oxidizing agents
04/21/11Producing gaseous hydrocarbons from hydrate capped reservoirs
04/14/11Independent deck adjustment
03/24/11Treatment of hydrocarbon fluids with ozone
03/17/11Low conductivity water based drilling fluid
03/17/11High density breaker fluids and methods of use thereof
03/17/11Oil-based insulating packer fluid
03/10/11Wellbore fluids containing sized clay material and methods of use thereof
03/10/11Methods and aqueous based wellbore fluids for reducing wellbore fluid loss and filtrate loss
03/10/11Methods to increase force and change vibratory separator motion
03/03/11Methods for preventing or remediating xanthan deposition
02/03/11Annular fluids and emplacing the same
01/20/11System and detection of oversize particles in the underflow of a vibratory separator
01/13/11Fluid distribution system
01/13/11Offshore thermal treatment of drill cuttings fed from a bulk transfer system
01/13/11Shaker deck adjustment apparatus
12/30/10Method of estimating well disposal capacity
12/23/10Application of degradable fibers in invert emulsion fluids for fluid loss control
12/16/10Test procedure to determine concentration and relative distribution of sized particles in a drilling fluid
12/09/10Emulsifier free oil-based wellbore fluid
12/09/10Total containment tank cleaning system
11/25/10Chemical treatment of cuttings for re-injection into subterranean formations
11/18/10Screen wash machine
09/09/10Apparatus and homogenizing two or more fluids of different densities
08/26/10Gravel-packing carrier fluid with internal breaker
08/19/10Methods and compositions for preventing high density well completion fluid loss

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