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Medtronic Inc. patents

Recent patent applications likely related to Medtronic Inc.. These are listed under Medtronic Inc. because it's listed as Agent/Assignee. Note: Medtronic Inc. (MDT) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Medtronic Inc., we're just tracking patents. Full list of Stock Symbols and Company RSS Feeds. SUBSCRIBE to updates on this page: Medtronic Inc. patents RSS Feed (FREE) RSS

Application # Date Medtronic Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140100652 04/10/14  new patent  Attachment device and methods of using the same
20140099833 04/10/14  new patent  Implantable medical device headers that facilitate device and lead configuration variants
20140100527 04/10/14  new patent  Infusion device with a grooved piston channel wall
20140100557 04/10/14  new patent  Electrosurgical device for cutting and removing tissue
20140100624 04/10/14  new patent  Cardiac pacing during medical procedures
20140100634 04/10/14  new patent  Pacemaker event queue to control device processor operating power
20140100640 04/10/14  new patent  Implantable medical device
20140100653 04/10/14  new patent  Stents for prosthetic heart valves
20140091057 04/03/14 Method of forming hollow tubular drug eluting medical devices
20140094755 04/03/14 Monitoring the operating health of a force sensor in a fluid infusion device
20140094756 04/03/14 Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
20140094905 04/03/14 Prosthetic heart valve systems
20140087239 03/27/14 Hermetic coin cell-type assemblies
20140088442 03/27/14 Method and device to monitor patients with kidney disease
20140088556 03/27/14 Reservoir fluid volume estimator and medical device incorporating same
20140088561 03/27/14 Renal neuromodulation for treatment of patients with chronic heart failure
20140088580 03/27/14 Method and system for preventing nerve injury during a medical procedure
20140088656 03/27/14 Therapy delivery method and system for implantable medical devices
20140088659 03/27/14 Therapy delivery method and system for implantable medical devices
20140088662 03/27/14 Reducing inappropriate delivery of therapy for suspected non-lethal arrhythmias
20140088666 03/27/14 Unwrapped 2d view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array geometry
20140088680 03/27/14 Prosthesis for transcatheter valve implantation
20140088693 03/27/14 Methods for treating a heart valve, in particular a mitral valve
20140088697 03/27/14 Heart valve assemblies
20140081128 03/20/14 Automatic identification of instruments used with a surgical navigation system
20140081259 03/20/14 Methods and apparatus for renal neuromodulation
20140081347 03/20/14 Assessing cognitive disorders based on non-motor epileptiform bioelectrical brain activity
20140081354 03/20/14 Assignment and manipulation of implantable leads in different anatomical regions with image background
20140081383 03/20/14 Stents for prosthetic heart valves
20140069841 03/13/14 Modular instrument tray
20140069844 03/13/14 Circuit board magazine having retention bar with a locking mechanism
20140071015 03/13/14 Trim algorithm for a medical device antenna
20140073601 03/13/14 Method for treating the ear, nose or throat
20140074098 03/13/14 Surgical cutting instrument with dual surface interlocking coupling arrangement
20140074155 03/13/14 Percutaneous atrial and ventricular septal defect closure device
20140074187 03/13/14 Electrode selection based on current source density analysis
20140074223 03/13/14 Multiple orifice implantable heart valve and methods of implantation
20140074227 03/13/14 Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery device with stability tube and method
20140066886 03/06/14 Generation of target glucose values for a closed-loop operating mode of an insulin infusion system
20140066885 03/06/14 Safeguarding measures for a closed-loop insulin infusion system
20140066884 03/06/14 Sensor model supervisor for a closed-loop insulin infusion system
20140066851 03/06/14 Medical device with membrane keypad sealing element, and related manufacturing method
20140066796 03/06/14 Display of detected patient posture state
20140066887 03/06/14 Safeguarding techniques for a closed-loop insulin infusion system
20140066888 03/06/14 Regulating entry into a closed-loop operating mode of an insulin infusion system
20140066889 03/06/14 Generation and application of an insulin limit for a closed-loop operating mode of an insulin infusion system
20140067053 03/06/14 Devices and methods for loading a prosthesis onto a delivery system
20140067050 03/06/14 Trans-aortic delivery system with containment capsule centering device
20140067049 03/06/14 Integrated dilation balloon and valve prosthesis delivery system
20140066913 03/06/14 Ablation device and method for electroporating tissue cells
20140066892 03/06/14 Insulin on board compensation for a closed-loop insulin infusion system
20140055073 02/27/14 Dynamic pulse-width modulation motor control and medical device incorporating same
20140055076 02/27/14 Occlusion detection using pulse-width modulation and medical device incorporating same
20140058240 02/27/14 Implantable medical device electrode assembly
20140058289 02/27/14 Posture state classification for a medical device
20140058292 02/27/14 Ultrasound diagnostic and therapy management system and associated method
20140058327 02/27/14 Needle to port trajectory indicator
20140058349 02/27/14 Reservoir plunger position monitoring and medical device incorporating same
20140058356 02/27/14 In situ blood vessel and aneurysm treatment
20140058377 02/27/14 Methods and apparatus for renal neuromodulation
20140058501 02/27/14 Apparatus for treatment of cardiac valves and method of its manufacture
20140050617 02/20/14 Dual outlet oxygenator for treating blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit
20140050303 02/20/14 System and method for off-center imaging
20140049924 02/20/14 Implantable medical devices and related connector enclosure assemblies utilizing conductors electrically coupled to feedthrough pins
20140049397 02/20/14 Battery life indication techniques for an electronic device
20140048234 02/20/14 Wound heat exchanger
20140047712 02/20/14 Methods of manufacturing mapping and ablation catheters
20140052118 02/20/14 Catheters and methods for intracardiac electrical mapping
20140052119 02/20/14 Electrophysiology catheter design
20140052456 02/20/14 System for optimizing a health care delivery infrastructure by reducing barriers through a comparison of an ideal infrastructure to a current infrastructure and identifying recommended interventions
20140052242 02/20/14 Replacement prosthetic heart valve, system and method of implant
20140052227 02/20/14 Implantable medical leads and systems that utilize reflection points to control induced radio frequency energy
20140052225 02/20/14 Connector assemblies for implantable medical electrical systems
20140052173 02/20/14 Perivascular leak repair system
20140052120 02/20/14 Electrophysiology catheter design
20140043739 02/13/14 Implantable medical devices and related connector enclosure assemblies utilizing conductors electrically coupled to feedthrough pins
20140046154 02/13/14 Methods and systems for detecting the hydration of sensors
20140046329 02/13/14 High speed surgical cutting instrument
20140046355 02/13/14 Motor assembly for a powered surgical instrument
20140046389 02/13/14 Single-pass left-sided ddd pacing lead
20140046424 02/13/14 Methods, devices and systems for treating venous insufficiency
20140046426 02/13/14 Heart valve prosthesis
20140046433 02/13/14 Heart valve prosthesis
20140046435 02/13/14 Stented transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery system and method
20140046690 02/13/14 Management and distribution of patient information
20140034493 02/06/14 Methods and systems for detecting the hydration of sensors
20140039544 02/06/14 Method and assembly for distal embolic protection
20140039610 02/06/14 Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve post-dilatation remodeling devices and methods
20140039612 02/06/14 Method for stabilizing a cardiac valve annulus
20140026395 01/30/14 Fluid-assisted electrosurgical devices, and methods of manufacture thereof
20140027889 01/30/14 Reconstituted wafer package with high voltage discrete active dice and integrated field plate for high temperature leakage current stability
20140031660 01/30/14 Isolating lead body for fault detection
20140031749 01/30/14 Syringe piston with check valve seal
20140031787 01/30/14 Feedback-based diuretic or natriuretic molecule administration
20140031804 01/30/14 Device and method for ablating tissue
20140031900 01/30/14 Therapy program modification based on an energy threhold
20140031907 01/30/14 Magnetic resonance imaging compatible medical electrical lead having lubricious inner tubing
20140031917 01/30/14 Matched end stiffness stent and method of manufacture
20140031922 01/30/14 Delivery catheter with distal moving capsule for transapical prosthetic heart valve delivery
20140031923 01/30/14 Trans-aortic surgical syringe-type device for deployment of a prosthetic valve
20140032512 01/30/14 Techniques for data retention upon detection of an event in an implantable medical device
20140024920 01/23/14 Methods and apparatus for electromagnetic navigation of a magnetic stimulation probe
20140026016 01/23/14 Memory with selectively writable error correction codes and validity bits
20140013602 01/16/14 Semi-rigid annuloplasty ring and band
20140017543 01/16/14 Battery shock absorber for a portable medical device
20140018688 01/16/14 Device based cardiac monitoring and stress test
20140018723 01/16/14 Apparatuses for renal neuromodulation and associated systems and methods
20140018791 01/16/14 Systems and methods for transmural ablation
20140018873 01/16/14 System and method for identifying lead dislodgement
20140018877 01/16/14 Methods for promoting intrinsic activation in single chamber implantable cardiac pacing systems
20140018879 01/16/14 Apparatuses for renal neuromodulation
20140018880 01/16/14 Methods for monopolar renal neuromodulation
20140007406 01/09/14 Method of forming a drug-eluting medical device
20140012115 01/09/14 Plasma deposited adhesion promoter layers for use with analyte sensors
20140012130 01/09/14 Flexible circuit sheet
20140012131 01/09/14 Method and apparatus to optimize electrode placement for neurological stimulation
20140012230 01/09/14 Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiac disorders
20140012253 01/09/14 Variable-output radiofrequency ablation power supply
20140012285 01/09/14 Method and apparatus for replacing lead extension without tunneling
20140012348 01/09/14 Electrical stimulation therapy to promote gastric distention for obesity management
20140012369 01/09/14 Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery system with funnel recapturing feature and method
20140012370 01/09/14 Methods of implanting a unit in a tubular element with a wall
20140000338 01/02/14 Glucose sensor signal stability analysis
20140002142 01/02/14 Circuit to generate high frequency signals
20140005591 01/02/14 Devices and methods for photodynamically modulating neural function in a human
20140005740 01/02/14 Criteria for optimal electrical resynchronization during biventricular pacing
20140005748 01/02/14 Human-implantable-neurostimulator user interface having multiple levels of abstraction
20140005762 01/02/14 Drug-eluting polymer coated implantable electrode
20140005769 01/02/14 Transcatheter heart valve delivery system with reduced area moment of inertia
20140005770 01/02/14 Catheter assembly with valve crimping accessories
20140005774 01/02/14 Prosthetic valve for transluminal delivery
20130340238 12/26/13 Surgical instrument with telescoping attachment
20130345584 12/26/13 Posture-induced changes to physiological parameters
20130345625 12/26/13 Handheld personal data assistant (pda) with a medical device and method of using the same
20130345633 12/26/13 Mechanically actuated fluid infusion device
20130345635 12/26/13 Insertion device
20130345646 12/26/13 Fluid flow control devices, rotors and magnets with increased resistance to inadvertent setting change and improved accessory tool coupling
20130345662 12/26/13 Medical fluid delivery system
20130345663 12/26/13 Diabetes therapy management system for recommending bolus calculator adjustments
20130345781 12/26/13 Electrical stimuluation of the colon to treat chronic constipation
20130345803 12/26/13 Methods for delivering a heart valve prosthesis
20130334040 12/19/13 Methods and systems for detecting the hydration of sensors
20130334680 12/19/13 Wafer level packages of high voltage units for implantable medical devices and corresponding fabrication methods
20130335927 12/19/13 Planar transformer assemblies for implantable cardioverter defibrillators
20130335937 12/19/13 Integrated circuit packaging for implantable medical devices
20130336356 12/19/13 Systems and methods for detecting channel faults in energy delivery systems
20130337313 12/19/13 Power sources suitable for use in implantable medical devices and corresponding fabrication methods
20130338584 12/19/13 Infusion medium delivery device and method with drive device for driving plunger in reservoir
20130338749 12/19/13 Nerve electrode
20130327413 12/12/13 Reservoir filling systems and methods
20130328573 12/12/13 Application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in sensor systems, devices, and related methods

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This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with Medtronic Inc. in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Medtronic Inc. with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Page by



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