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Motorola Inc. patents

Recent patent applications likely related to Motorola Inc.. These are listed under Motorola Inc. because it's listed as Agent/Assignee. Note: Motorola Inc. (MOT) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Motorola Inc., we're just tracking patents. Full list of Stock Symbols and Company RSS Feeds. SUBSCRIBE to updates on this page: Motorola Inc. patents RSS Feed (FREE) RSS

Application # Date Motorola Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140108951 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for providing adaptive wallpaper display for a device having multiple operating system environments
20140106808 04/17/14 Enhanced push to talk systems and methods with floor control and media traffic optimization
20140105194 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for more efficient sharing of synchronized direct mode timeslots
20140105040 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for uplink power control in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
20140105017 04/17/14 Service data flow detection in a conforming 3gpp access network having a packet modification function
20140104767 04/17/14 Inline tray assembly for receiving multiple data cards
20140098120 04/10/14 Image color correction for an image by a graphical processing unit looking up color corrections in a lookup table
20140098717 04/10/14 Method and apparatus for establishing radio communications on a trunked network using an inbound proxy
20140099805 04/10/14 Electronic connector capable of accepting a single subscriber identity mopdule or a memory card
20140099910 04/10/14 Method and apparatus for operating a radio communication device to efficiently propagate emergency signals
20140100915 04/10/14 Systems and methods for estimating sales and marketing parameters for a product
20140101226 04/10/14 Methods and apparatus for performing dynamic load balancing of processing resources
20140092759 04/03/14 Locationing using differential phase measurements of ieee 802.11 preambles
20140092817 04/03/14 Real time traffic adaptive data channel bandwidth control among agency access groups
20140092883 04/03/14 Method and system for assigning slot reservations to subscriber radios in a telecommunications system
20140092956 04/03/14 Adaptive transform options for scalable extension
20140092982 04/03/14 Scan pattern determination from base layer pixel information for scalable extension
20140094215 04/03/14 Method and apparatus for power cutback in a simultaneous dual frequency band call
20140095890 04/03/14 Systems and methods for manipulating sensitive information in a secure mobile environment
20140096120 04/03/14 System and method for downloading software upgrades
20140084060 03/27/14 Rfid-based inventory monitoring systems and methods with self-adjusting operational parameters
20140084856 03/27/14 Methods and systems for rapid wireless charging
20140084996 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for controlling or managing bandwidth of a filter circuit within a system having two integrated circuits
20140085048 03/27/14 System and method for unlocking an electronic device via a securely paired remote device
20140085492 03/27/14 Preventing motion artifacts by intelligently disabling video stabilization
20140085493 03/27/14 Preventing motion artifacts by intelligently disabling video stabilization
20140086216 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for providing acknowledgement information to radio communication devices in a wireless communication system
20140088973 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for encoding an audio signal
20140088974 03/27/14 Apparatus and method for audio frame loss recovery
20140077769 03/20/14 Method and apparatus for improving cycle life capacity of a battery pack
20140077968 03/20/14 Prediction of an estimated remaining utility usage via meter
20140078055 03/20/14 Touch sensor integrated with a track pointer
20140078300 03/20/14 Adjusting surveillance camera ptz tours based on historical incident data
20140078318 03/20/14 Electronic device with sensing assembly and method for interpreting consecutive gestures
20140078660 03/20/14 Apparatus for securing memory modules and/or subscriber identity module in an electronic device
20140079397 03/20/14 Serially-distributed devices in a communication network
20140071052 03/13/14 User interface for electronic devices and methods therefor
20140071944 03/13/14 Method and apparatus for distinguishing cells with the same physical cell identifier
20140072159 03/13/14 Leak tolerant acoustic transducer for mobile device
20140075011 03/13/14 Providing a mobile access point
20140075369 03/13/14 Displaying side-tabbed panels for an application operating on a computing device
20140064350 03/06/14 Noise power thresholding and balancing for long term evolution (lte) symbol detection
20140064238 03/06/14 Flexible low complexity reference signal filtering for lte receivers
20140064193 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for managing resources in a wireless communication system implementing multiple air interface technologies
20140064109 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for mitigating downlink interference
20140064037 03/06/14 Wearable device with acoustic user input and method for same
20140063249 03/06/14 Method, apparatus and system for performing facial recognition
20140062892 03/06/14 Systems and methods for a wearable touch-sensitive device
20140062799 03/06/14 Wireless communication device and method with an enhanced antenna farm
20140062605 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for a synthesizer architecture
20140060150 03/06/14 Odor removing device
20140064405 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for out-of-channel emission suppression
20140066026 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for facilitating a communication session
20140068700 03/06/14 Prioritized token based arbiter and method
20140068558 03/06/14 Displaying dependent files for computer code in a tabbed-application user interface
20140068288 03/06/14 Method and device with enhanced battery capacity savings
20140068251 03/06/14 Method and device for dynamically updating and maintaining certificate path data across remote trust domains
20140068091 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for determining a synchronization of subscription-notification service subscriptions among multiple entities
20140067468 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for supply range based forecasting
20140066126 03/06/14 Portable electronic device having an antenna system with a non-resonating structure
20140066118 03/06/14 Systems and methods for sending floor requests in parallel with traffic channel setup in wireless networks
20140066089 03/06/14 Analytic and tracking systems and methods using over-the-air identifiers of mobile devices
20140066028 03/06/14 Method and apparatus for identifying a suspect through multiple correlated device identities
20140055210 02/27/14 Tunable notch filtering in multi-transmit applications
20140056356 02/27/14 Method and apparatus for efficient signaling of weighted prediction in advanced coding schemes
20140056392 02/27/14 Frequency offset compensation improvement for a long term evolution (lte) searcher
20140057557 02/27/14 Electronic device and method for transferring information from one device to another device
20140057568 02/27/14 System and method for mitigating the effects of interferers while performing conditional device scan
20140057574 02/27/14 Method and apparatus for controlling receive volume in a two-way radio system
20140057645 02/27/14 Method and device for automatic creation of a location-based talk group call with reduced messaging overhead
20140057671 02/27/14 Method and apparatus for informing a dispatcher of conventional traffic in a different and conflicting talkgroup
20140057681 02/27/14 Adaptive noise mitigation for touch-screen displays
20140049477 02/20/14 Systems and methods for touch-based two-stage text input
20140049912 02/20/14 Vehicular rooftop communication system
20140050137 02/20/14 Methods and apparatus for serving content to a wireless device
20140050945 02/20/14 Intrinsically safe battery pack
20140051366 02/20/14 Method for automatic frequency correction in a multi-carrier communications device
20140051373 02/20/14 Method for simultaneous transmitter operation
20140051436 02/20/14 Methods and devices for identifying local area networks
20140053065 02/20/14 System and method for adjusting website displays
20140043295 02/13/14 Electronic device having managed input components
20140044021 02/13/14 Tunable inter-antenna isolation
20140044286 02/13/14 Dynamic speaker selection for mobile computing devices
20140045450 02/13/14 Apparatus and method for secure private location information transfer
20140035731 02/06/14 Method and apparatus for improving reception of an rfid tag response
20140035830 02/06/14 Device and method for touch sensor eliminating shadowing
20140035833 02/06/14 Touch sensor panel with in-plane backup bypass connections
20140036095 02/06/14 Method and system for testing temporal latency in device having optical sensing component and touch-sensitive display component
20140036747 02/06/14 Method and apparatus for receiving a control channel
20140038536 02/06/14 Methods and apparatus for detecting presence of a jamming signal
20140038662 02/06/14 Method and apparatus for compensating for phase shift in a communication device
20140038668 02/06/14 Apparatus and method for initiating and sharing incident information in a communication system
20140039790 02/06/14 Systems and methods for correlating routes of mobile devices
20140028564 01/30/14 Touch sensor integrated with a keyboard spacebar
20140028601 01/30/14 Using pressure differences with a touch-sensitive display screen
20140028785 01/30/14 Video bandwidth allocation in a video conference
20140029494 01/30/14 Power saving for a mobile device in a wireless communication network
20140031019 01/30/14 Reserved virtual radio conference calling
20140033323 01/30/14 Secure time for mobile devices
20140026180 01/23/14 Security in wireless communication system and device
20140024332 01/23/14 Configuration of display settings for broadcast messaging while roaming
20140022108 01/23/14 Inter-vehicle alert system with nagable video look ahead
20140016514 01/16/14 System and method for interrupting a transmitting device in a communication system
20140016627 01/16/14 Private line automatic ringdown-like connection for a mobile device
20140018037 01/16/14 On-demand access tunnel between service provider network and wireless commuinication network
20140018123 01/16/14 Method and system for managing transmit power on a wireless communication network
20140019142 01/16/14 Apparatus and method for audio frame loss recovery
20140010078 01/09/14 Method and system and reducing congestion on a communication network
20140009682 01/09/14 System for media correlation based on latent evidences of audio
20140009461 01/09/14 Method and device for movement of objects in a stereoscopic display
20140009402 01/09/14 Method and device for interactive stereoscopic display
20140002419 01/02/14 Systems and methods for processing content displayed on a flexible display
20140003556 01/02/14 Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a signal in a frequency band using non-uniform sampling
20140004807 01/02/14 Method and apparatus for operating accessory interface functions over a single signal
20130346846 12/26/13 Non-hierarchical multi-hash table model for menu data representation
20130346494 12/26/13 Cloud-based system and method for sharing media among closely located devices
20130344862 12/26/13 Mobile device with user interaction capability and method of operating same
20130342560 12/26/13 Layering a line with multiple layers for rendering a soft brushstroke
20130342171 12/26/13 Battery charging interrupt
20130335929 12/19/13 Electronic device and method with flexible display
20130337761 12/19/13 Method and apparatus for in-channel interference cancellation
20130337771 12/19/13 Systems and methods for authenticating mobile devices at an incident via collaboration
20130337805 12/19/13 Access control for roaming radio devices
20130339485 12/19/13 Multi-threaded asynchronous download of a set of script files used in a web application
20130339844 12/19/13 Methods and systems for styling web elements
20130339843 12/19/13 Methods and systems for styling web elements
20130326790 12/12/13 Wearable band with ease of adjustment
20130329043 12/12/13 Transmissions of images in a remote recognition system
20130331123 12/12/13 Method for improving discovery of preferred mobile computing locations
20130333020 12/12/13 Method and apparatus for unlocking an electronic device that allows for profile selection
20130319640 12/05/13 Methods, apparatuses, and systems for thermal management between devices
20130320926 12/05/13 Method and apparatus for adapting a battery voltage
20130322414 12/05/13 Method and apparatus for confirming delivery of group data to radio communication devices in a wireless communication system
20130322568 12/05/13 Methods, apparatuses, and systems for radio frequency management between devices
20130322646 12/05/13 Mintiurization rotational switch actuation
20130324095 12/05/13 Apparatus and method for dynamic call based user id
20130324124 12/05/13 Method and apparatus for controlling network selection
20130324177 12/05/13 Method and apparatus for automatically determining a communication range status of communicating radios
20130315084 11/28/13 Iq imbalance image compensation in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
20130315085 11/28/13 Iq imbalance image compensation in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
20130315157 11/28/13 Reducing the effects of interference experienced by a communication device
20130315285 11/28/13 Method and apparatus for compensating for phase shift in a communication device
20130315344 11/28/13 Rf transmitter and method of operation
20130318151 11/28/13 Sharing media among remote access clients in a universal plug and play environment
20130308638 11/21/13 Synchronizing multiple transcoding devices utilizing simultaneity of receipt of multicast packets
20130308504 11/21/13 Method and apparatus for transport block signaling in a wireless communication system
20130308485 11/21/13 Interference mitigation in heterogeneous wireless communication networks
20130307788 11/21/13 Device and method for automated use of force sensing touch panels
20130307735 11/21/13 Multi-band subscriber antenna for portable two-way radios
20130307441 11/21/13 System and method for control of linear and rotary vibrators in an electronic device
20130308835 11/21/13 Mobile communication device with image recognition and method of operation therefor

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This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with Motorola Inc. in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Motorola Inc. with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Page by



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