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Motorola Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Motorola Inc., listed under Motorola Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Motorola Inc. (MOT) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Motorola Inc.. Updates: Motorola Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Motorola Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150058942 02/26/15 Accessing a primary device using a wearable device and a wireless link
20150054451 02/26/15 Method and apparatus for charging devices using a multiple port power supply
20150055504 02/26/15 Management of ad-hoc peer-to-peer connections to provide data network access using a plurality of heterogeneous wide area networks
20150055567 02/26/15 Methods and devices for allocating resources in device-to-device communication
20150057040 02/26/15 Trunked and broadband radio communication method and system
20150057830 02/26/15 Method and apparatus for adjusting portable electronic device operation based on ambient temperature
20150057917 02/26/15 Method and apparatus for positioning an unmanned vehicle in proximity to a person or an object based jointly on placement policies and probability of successful placement
20150058023 02/26/15 Method and system for translating speech
20150048801 02/19/15 Method and system for energy storage capacity estimation of batter cells
20150048979 02/19/15 Antenna system for a smart portable device using a continuous metal band
20150049221 02/19/15 Method and apparatus for pre-processing video frames
20150050884 02/19/15 Method and apparatus for extending coverage in a wireless communication system
20150050963 02/19/15 Electronic device with power sharing capabilities and methods therefor
20150041614 02/12/15 Flexible mounting apparatus for mounting an antenna
20150041979 02/12/15 Method to enhance reliability of through mold via tmva part on part pop devices
20150042523 02/12/15 Body-worn antenna
20150042570 02/12/15 Method and apparatus for keyword graphic selection
20150042572 02/12/15 Method and apparatus for user interaction data storage
20150042571 02/12/15 Method and apparatus for action indication selection
20150043362 02/12/15 Method and apparatus for wireless network data collection
20150043528 02/12/15 Method and device for accepting or rejecting a request associated with a mobile device wirelessly connecting to a network
20150043539 02/12/15 Concurrent voice and data service on a same digital radio channel
20150047050 02/12/15 Method and apparatus for configuring privacy settings for publishing electronic images
20150046996 02/12/15 Adaptive method for biometrically certified communication
20150046711 02/12/15 Adaptive method for biometrically certified communication
20150046705 02/12/15 Apparatus and method for deploying encrypted mobile off-line web applications
20150046213 02/12/15 Method for identifying a shopping group in a store
20150044977 02/12/15 Method and wireless communication device for using an antenna as a sensor device in guiding selection of optimized tuning networks
20150035686 02/05/15 Traffic light control using destination information in calendar data of a user device
20150036861 02/05/15 Earbud with pivoting acoustic duct
20150039310 02/05/15 Method and apparatus for mitigating false accepts of trigger phrases
20150039311 02/05/15 Method and apparatus for evaluating trigger phrase enrollment
20150039373 02/05/15 Method and apparatus for material requirements planning adjustments
20150039438 02/05/15 Method and apparatus for providing recall notifications to customers
20150039692 02/05/15 Sharing content within an evolving content-sharing zone
20150029059 01/29/15 System and method for short uhf antenna with floating transmission line
20150029995 01/29/15 Interference mitigation in heterogeneous wireless communication networks
20150030092 01/29/15 Methods and a device for multi-resolution precoding matrix indicator feedback
20150030197 01/29/15 Audio accessory with improved ear hook and low frequency acoustic performance
20150031324 01/29/15 Method to provide context-aware linkage between ng9-1-1 sms and public safety incident
20150031405 01/29/15 Method and system for seamlessly switching between a trunked mode operation and a direct mode operation
20150031416 01/29/15 Method and device for command phrase validation
20150031419 01/29/15 Method and device for loudness level determination
20150032238 01/29/15 Method and device for audio input routing
20150032451 01/29/15 Method and device for voice recognition training
20150032682 01/29/15 Efficient prediction
20150033187 01/29/15 Contextual based display of graphical information
20150022439 01/22/15 Method and apparatus for selecting between multiple gesture recognition systems
20150022679 01/22/15 Fast motion detection with gpu
20150022978 01/22/15 Circuit assembly and corresponding methods
20150022986 01/22/15 Circuit assembly and corresponding methods
20150023155 01/22/15 Ieee 802.11u failover for a mesh network
20150023324 01/22/15 Systems, devices, and methods for improving data capacity in a communications system by managing short addresses
20150024738 01/22/15 Method and system for controlling a wireless receiver
20150013112 01/15/15 Three-piece device ear hook
20150016633 01/15/15 Method and apparatus for multi-stage adaptive volume control
20150016693 01/15/15 Method and apparatus for prioritizing image quality of a particular subject within an image
20150017978 01/15/15 Systems and methods for antenna switches in an electronic device
20150019892 01/15/15 Low-power near-field communication authentication
20150012610 01/08/15 Method and system for vicarious downloading or uploading of information
20150009120 01/08/15 Gesture-sensitive display
20150002734 01/01/15 Electronic device with modulated light flash operation for rolling shutter image sensor
20150006172 01/01/15 Electronic device and method for managing voice entered text using gesturing
20150006904 01/01/15 Method and apparatus for electronic device access
20140376652 12/25/14 Method and precoder information feedback in multi-antenna wireless communication systems
20140376764 12/25/14 Augmented custom fit headset
20140378098 12/25/14 Trusted sensor data unaffected when an application processor operates in an unlocked state
20140378180 12/25/14 Method and network entity for reducing inter-network interference
20140378189 12/25/14 Parallelization of application launch and activation of mobile data connection for applications requiring remote data in a device
20140380251 12/25/14 Method and device for augmented handling of multiple calls with gestures
20140373122 12/18/14 Method and apparatus for electronic device access
20140372360 12/18/14 Determining micro-climates based on weather-related sensor data from mobile devices
20140372109 12/18/14 Smart volume control of device audio output based on received audio input
20140368981 12/18/14 Molding a display screen into a housing of an electronic device
20140361955 12/11/14 Means for dynamically regulating the time-out characteristics of a display of an electronic device
20140362119 12/11/14 One-handed gestures for navigating ui using touch-screen hover events
20140362938 12/11/14 Methods for codebook sub-sampling
20140354495 12/04/14 Tunable multiband wan antenna for global applications
20140345514 11/27/14 Safety alert apparatus for a portable communication device
20140347188 11/27/14 Auto-adjust of indication characteristics based on user proximity
20140347340 11/27/14 Method and system for detecting display driver error
20140347824 11/27/14 Portable electronic device display assemblies and methods and apparatus for manufacturing the same
20140348034 11/27/14 Systems and methods for group communication in noisy environments
20140348061 11/27/14 Method for establishing device-to-device communication
20140348127 11/27/14 Micro to macro ip connection handover
20140349588 11/27/14 Method and apparatus for operating a portable radio communication device in a dual-watch mode
20140351618 11/27/14 Method and electronic device for bringing a primary processor out of sleep mode
20140351617 11/27/14 Method and electronic device for bringing a primary processor out of sleep mode
20140350935 11/27/14 Voice controlled audio recording or transmission apparatus with keyword filtering
20140350926 11/27/14 Voice controlled audio recording system with adjustable beamforming
20140350924 11/27/14 Method and apparatus for using image data to aid voice recognition
20140349698 11/27/14 Method and apparatus for reducing call setup delay
20140341389 11/20/14 Headset microphone boom assembly
20140339738 11/20/14 Floating core for glass insert molding method and apparatuses therefrom
20140333486 11/13/14 Systems and methods for antenna arrangements in an electronic device
20140334021 11/13/14 Lens laminate and method
20140334081 11/13/14 Electronic device assembly with compression gasket
20140334293 11/13/14 Offloading communication from a cellular network to a wireless local area network
20140334361 11/13/14 Apparatus for communication using simplex antennas
20140335916 11/13/14 Method and device for determining user handedness and controlling a user interface
20140337092 11/13/14 Systems and methods for predicting occurrences of consumers returning purchased devices
20140337152 11/13/14 Method and system having a virtual stock keeping unit for configurable mobile phone purchases
20140327180 11/06/14 Floating core for glass insert molding method and apparatuses therefrom
20140327181 11/06/14 Floating core for glass insert molding method and apparatuses therefrom
20140328185 11/06/14 Link layer assisted robust header compression context update management
20140320086 10/30/14 Power converter having reduced switching transients
20140320540 10/30/14 Method and apparatus for creating a graphics data represenatation and scaling a graphic represented thereby
20140321033 10/30/14 Enhanced mobile electronic device and battery pack
20140321072 10/30/14 Electronic device with folded display
20140321097 10/30/14 Electromagnetic emission shield with substrate reinforcement features
20140321444 10/30/14 Wireless local communication systems and methods from wan fallback
20140321541 10/30/14 Method and apparatus for capturing an image
20140323141 10/30/14 Methods and apparatus for determining a transmit antenna gain and a spatial mode of a device
20140313985 10/23/14 Method and apparatus for enhanced modulation in a wirless communication system
20140315542 10/23/14 Establishing mobile connectivity conditions for mobile subscriber units in a wireless communication network
20140317569 10/23/14 Methods and devices for chinese language input to a touch screen
20140306009 10/16/14 Arrangement for and method of cleaning a platter of a product checkout workstation
20140304699 10/09/14 Methods and apparatus to trigger firmware update request in response to a failure event
20140304280 10/09/14 Text display and selection system
20140302855 10/09/14 Methods and devices for cell discovery
20140302856 10/09/14 Methods and devices for cell discovery
20140301196 10/09/14 Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling quality of service
20140297854 10/02/14 Method and apparatus for adaptive network heartbeat message for tcp channel
20140298213 10/02/14 Electronic device with gesture-based task management
20140286311 09/25/14 Method for conserving resources during wireless handover of a dual mode mobile station
20140270233 09/18/14 Communicating via a body-area network
20140270217 09/18/14 Apparatus with adaptive microphone configuration based on surface proximity, surface type and motion
20140270202 09/18/14 Apparatus with adaptive audio adjustment based on surface proximity, surface type and motion
20140270150 09/18/14 Apparatus with dynamic audio signal pre-conditioning and methods therefor
20140269986 09/18/14 Method for envelope tracking multiple transmissions through a single power amplifier
20140269851 09/18/14 Systems, methods, and devices for improving signal detection in communication systems
20140269811 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for determining a thermal state of a battery taking into account battery aging
20140269610 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for performing wi-fi offload without interrupting service
20140269521 09/18/14 Method and device to support site activation using a hailing channel
20140270248 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for detecting and controlling the orientation of a virtual microphone
20140270249 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for estimating variability of background noise for noise suppression
20140273886 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for tuning an antenna based on unreliable data
20140273882 09/18/14 Evolving antenna system based on user habits
20140273845 09/18/14 Method and apparatus to facilitate pairing between wireless devices
20140273820 09/18/14 Automatic user notification, with quick response (qr) code generation following failed nfc device pairing
20140273546 09/18/14 Magnetic electrical connection system for an electronic device
20140272355 09/18/14 Siloxane coating for a display lens assembly for mobile devices
20140270415 09/18/14 Sensing characteristics of adjacent fingers for user authentication
20140270414 09/18/14 Auxiliary functionality control and fingerprint authentication based on a same user input
20140270413 09/18/14 Auxiliary device functionality augmented with fingerprint sensor
20140269483 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for alert message reception
20140269482 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for propagating public safety multicast and broadcast services among public safety personnel
20140267133 09/18/14 Off-center sensor target region
20140267059 09/18/14 Adaptive touch sensor control based on identification of attached accessory
20140266624 09/18/14 Wearable authentication device
20140266462 09/18/14 Low power consumption adaptive power amplifier

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