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Mann hummel Gmbh
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Mann hummel Gmbh_20100114
Mann hummel Gmbh_20100128
Mann hummel Gmbh_20131212
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Mann hummel Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Mann hummel Gmbh. Mann hummel Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mann hummel Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mann hummel Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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Self-adjusting resonator


Self-adjusting resonator

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Count Application # Date Mann hummel Gmbh patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015018462307/02/15 new patent  Cowl-mounted air cleaner
22015018462507/02/15 new patent  Self-adjusting resonator
32015017654406/25/15Filter housing and filter assembly
42015016534406/18/15Filter element and filter device
52015016535506/18/15Filter for fluids and an additive container for a filter
62015016760106/18/15Filter device, in particular for gas filtration
72015016760206/18/15Filter device, in particular for gas filtration
82015017144206/18/15Humidification device, in particular for a fuel cell
92015017144506/18/15Humidification device, in particular for a fuel cell
102015015960006/11/15Filter device, in particular for gas filtration
112015015960206/11/15Fluid guiding element of an air intake system of an engine
122015016262706/11/15Humidifier, in particular for a fuel cell
132015015281906/04/15Self-adjusting resonator
142015014454805/28/15Tank vent filter with downpipe
152015013566505/21/15Cabin air filter and filter element for a cabin air filter
162015013566605/21/15Tank venting filter
172015013595605/21/15Tank venting filter having a constriction in the air inlet area
182015013750905/21/15Clamp apparatus having indexing feature
192015013963205/21/15Heating device for a fluid line
202015012272005/07/15Water separating device, filter element of a fuel filter and a fuel filter
212015011393104/30/15Filter element and filter assembly
222015011419104/30/15Method and device for manufacturing filter elements and filter element
232015011489804/30/15Filter element with a bypass duct as well as filter assembly with a filter element
242015011550004/30/15Filter element, filter device and producing a filter element
252015010720004/23/15Filter device, especially air filter
262015010720704/23/15Nanofiber coating, its production, and filter medium with such a coating
272015010745504/23/15Hollow fiber module of a device for separating fluids and producing same
282015010129304/16/15Cup-shaped housing, device for separating liquid from air, and mounting the cup-shaped housing on a nipple
292015010197504/16/15Filter element and filter system for a liquid medium, in particular diesel fuel
302015010259604/16/15Detachable connecting device for connecting at least two functional components and functional components
312015008298203/26/15Filter element and filter system having a filter element
322015007512603/19/15Air filter device, especially for a motor vehicle
332015007512703/19/15Air filter device, particularly for a motor vehicle
342015007512803/19/15Air filter device for a motor vehicle and filter element for an air filter device
352015007549403/19/15Filter device for absorbing a water fraction contained in a liquid
362015005929603/05/15Filter element and filter system with a filter element
372015005929703/05/15Air filter system and air filter element for an air filter system
382015005930103/05/15Filter system with filter element
392015005930203/05/15Filter system having a support tube
402015005930303/05/15Filter element and filter system
412015005930403/05/15Filter element and filter system with a filter element
422015005958403/05/15Filter system with sensor socket
432015006035103/05/15Filter system with seal
442015005360302/26/15Filtration apparatus
452015003368802/05/15Filter element and producing a filter element
462015003368902/05/15Filter system for filtering fluids
472015003455002/05/15Filter element for liquid filtration
482015003831002/05/15Oil centrifuge with centrifuge rotor
492015002709201/29/15Support tube for a filter element
502015002741701/29/15Filter head for an exchange or housing filter
512015002048901/22/15Method for producing a filter element provided with a sealing part
522015002124601/22/15Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine and heating sensor module of a fuel filter
532015001328101/15/15Air filter element, filter housing and filter arrangement
542015001328201/15/15Filter element with hand grip elements and filter with a filter element
552015001328801/15/15Filter element with at least one guide crosspiece, filter with a filter element and filter housing of a filter
562015001328901/15/15Filter element, filter with a filter element and a filter housing of a filter
572015001329101/15/15Filter element with retaining surfaces, filter with a filter element and filter housing of a filter
582015001329301/15/15Air filter element
592015001329401/15/15Air filter and filter element of an air filter
602015001354201/15/15Air filter element and air filter
612015001423701/15/15Filter element, filter device and method
622015001423901/15/15Filter device, especially liquid filter
632015001424101/15/15Filter element of a filter, multilayer filter medium of a filter and filter
642015001697801/15/15Compressor housing of radial compressor
652015000753301/08/15Filter element and air filter
662015000753501/08/15Air filter element and air filter
672015000753601/08/15Flat filter element and air filter
682015000753701/08/15Flat filter element, filter housing and air filter
692015000753901/08/15Filter element of a filter for filtering fluids, and filter
702015000773201/08/15Air filter element and air filter
712015000817201/08/15Filter element and filter device
722014037349012/25/14Cyclone separator
732014037349512/25/14Air filter, filter element and filter housing of an air filter
742014035253912/04/14Oil mist separator for a crankcase ventilation for separating particles and corresponding method
752014035323012/04/14Filter with heating medium and filter element of a filter
762014035323412/04/14Filter device, in particular liquid filter
772014035323612/04/14Filter for fluid, filter element of a filter, and filter housing of a filter
782014033829511/20/14Separating element for separating liquids from a gas flow
792014031455310/23/14Method for manufacturing a plastic housing and plastic housing
802014031510910/23/14Humidification device, in particular for a fuel cell
812014030530810/16/14Air filter
822014030552310/16/14Intake pipe for gas of an internal combustion engine with a flap unit
832014029019410/02/14Filter device, especially an air filter
842014029122210/02/14Magnetic filter medium and its production
852014028728209/25/14Filter element
862014026014109/18/14Filter element and production thereof
872014026014609/18/14Method and device for manufacturing a filter element and filter element
882014026299509/18/14Valve assembly of a filter element
892014023851908/28/14Integrated vacuum port module
902014023892708/28/14Liquid filter
912014024183008/28/14Device for connecting two components, holding means of such a device, and component
922014023038908/21/14Sealing device of a filter system for filtering fluids
932014023040908/21/14Method and device for determining a starting time of a regeneration process for regenerating a diesel particle filter
942014022386808/14/14Air filter element
952014022386908/14/14Filter body
962014022387008/14/14Filter element
972014022387408/14/14Air filter element
982014022412908/14/14Filter element
992014022436108/14/14Control valve unit for a liquid circuit
1002014021699708/07/14Filter element and fuel filter
1012014021700608/07/14Fuel supply system for a vehicle with internal combustion engine
1022014021765008/07/14System for injection molding and related method
1032014020894407/31/14Method and device for metering the additive for regenerating a diesel particulate filter
1042014020212307/24/14Filter element, device for folding a filter medium web and process for producing a zigzag-folded filter element
1052014020294707/24/14Liquid filter
1062014019697907/17/14Pulsation damper
1072014018252507/03/14Control housing cover for an internal combustion engine
1082014017404706/26/14Filter element, filter arrangement and producing the filter element
1092014017429706/26/14Filter element
1102014016551306/19/14Cyclone separation device
1112014016583406/19/14Air filter system, air filter element and exchanging an air filter element
1122014016733106/19/14Method for producing a ceramic filter element
1132014015773706/12/14Oil mist separator for separating aerosol oil from an oil-laden gas
1142014015799006/12/14Antimicrobial filter medium and filter module
1152014015773806/12/14Filter insert, and filter comprising a filter insert and a housing
1162014013450705/15/14Humidifier, in particular for a fuel cell
1182014010205404/17/14Cyclone separator
1192014010205804/17/14Air filter system, air filter element and exchanging an air filter element
1202014010230404/17/14Filter assembly with sound attenuation member and related manufacture
1212014010305204/17/14Fluid reservoir and manufacturing a fluid reservoir
1222014010624504/17/14Methods for the operation of a humidification device for a fuel cell
1232014009034404/03/14Flat filter element of a filter, filter and support device of a filter
1242014009072104/03/14Pipe system for a fluid, a method and an connecting at least one duct part of a pipe system
1252014008392703/27/14Filter element and support body for such a filter element
1262014008392803/27/14Hollow cylindrical filter element for a liquid filter
1272014005998603/06/14Filter arrangement and producing a filter receptacle
1282014006111903/06/14End disk for a filter element
1292014005411902/27/14Brake dust collector for motor vehicles
1302014005412002/27/14Brake dust collector for motor vehicles
1312014005412102/27/14Brake dust collector for motor vehicles
1322014004780802/20/14Air filter element, air filter housing and air filter system
1332014003366602/06/14Filtering device, in particular air filter
1342014002035101/23/14Compact filter element
1352013034039912/26/13Filter device having an annular filter element
1362013032700512/12/13Air filter system and filter element
1372013031936212/05/13Intake system of internal combustion engine
1382013031317911/28/13Filter head, filter element, mounting device and filter arrangement
1392013030569311/21/13Exhaust gas recirculation device for an internal combustion engine
1402013030593011/21/13Air cleaner assembly and filter element providing improved dynamic wall stiffness
1412013030958611/21/13Expansion tank for a liquid fluid and ion exchanger of an expansion tank
1422013031024711/21/13Ceramic body composed of an aluminum titanate mixture
1432013029150111/07/13Separating device
1442013028466110/31/13Housing for filter and filter
1452013025620610/03/13Filter element, a filter set, and a filter device
1462013024842709/26/13Filter element and fuel filter
1472013023981509/19/13Air dryer, in particular in a compressed air system in a commercial vehicle
1482013023993209/19/13Crankcase ventilation device
1492013023292809/12/13Filter element for an air inlet system
1502013023293309/12/13Interior air filter, filter holder and filter arrangement
1512013023340009/12/13Filter device
1522013021298908/22/13Air cleaner pre-filtration improvement
1532013021323508/22/13Particle separator with deflector and lateral opening and air filter system
1542013020668308/15/13Method for producing a polyamide nanofiber product by electrospinning, polyamide nanofiber product, a filter medium with polyamide nanofiber product, as well as a filter element with such a filter medium
1552013019998008/08/13Ion exchange filter assembly
1562013019998608/08/13Ion exchange exoskeleton and filter assembly
1572013019218108/01/13Filter mechanism for internal combustion engines
1582013018604807/25/13Filter device, especially air filter for an internal combustion engine
1592013016749007/04/13Filter assembly
1602013015252606/20/13Filter insert and filter device
1612013015253006/20/13Filtering device, in particular diesel particulate filter
1622013015347506/20/13Oil filter module and thermostat unit
1632013014603306/13/13Fluid-guiding housing of an internal combustion engine with an electrically operated heating device
1642013014652306/13/13Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine and filter element of a fuel filter
1652013014652406/13/13Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine and filter element of a fuel filter
1662013013994706/06/13Filter element and process for producing a filter element
1672013014022306/06/13Liquid filter and filter element with an additive container
1682013013330005/30/13Two-part cyclone separator
1692013013351705/30/13Filter element and process for producing a filter element
1702013012551905/23/13Flange with integral electrically conductive seal and seal arrangement
1712013012641605/23/13Urea-water solution filter system
1722013011492005/09/13Shaft penetration of a housing of an internal combustion engine and bearing of a shaft penetration
1732013009882404/25/13Filter device, in particular liquid filter
1742013009882504/25/13Fuel supply device, particularly for an internal combustion engine
1752013009882604/25/13Treatment unit for treating a cooling fluid of a cooling device of a functional system
1762013010190904/25/13Humidifier for a fuel cell
1772013008687704/11/13Filter cartridge system
1782013008199004/04/13Filter for filtering fluids, filter cup and filter head
1792013007446203/28/13Filter device, especially air filter for an internal combustion engine
1802013007531903/28/13Filter, filter element, fastening housing part of a filter housing and telescopic switching element of a switching device of a releasable detent connection
1812013006227703/14/13Filter for filtering fluids
1822013006472103/14/13Freshening clip cabin air cleaner
1832013004854602/28/13Filter element especially for filtering liquids or gases
1842013004275702/21/13Filtering a gear transmission
1852013003187802/07/13Cyclone separator
1862013003211402/07/13Intake system of internal combustion engine
1872013000884901/10/13Device for folding a web-shaped filter medium and producing a filter element folded in a zigzag shape
1882013000115501/03/13Filter medium of a filter element, filter element and producing a filter medium
1892013000555901/03/13Centrifugal separator with protected bearing
1902012032484912/27/12Filter element for fluid filtration, in particular for intake air of internal combustion engines
1912012032485012/27/12Air filter element with covered terminal disks
1922012032517412/27/12Air intake tract having a flexible sump
1932012031793912/20/12Air filter element, filter housing and filter arrangement
1942012031794312/20/12Filter element and housing for a filter element
1952012030462912/06/12Adsorption unit and absorption muffler of an intake manifold of an internal combustion engine
1962012030547012/06/12Housing pot for accommodating a filter element in a filter device
1972012027918611/08/12Compact filter, producing a compact filter, and filter medium
1982012027946211/08/12Control valve unit for a liquid circuit
1992012027341011/01/12Metal semi-finished product
2002012026657810/25/12Filter element for filtering fluids
2012012026789110/25/12Connecting socket for filter hoses
2022012026358410/18/12Compressor housing of a radial compressor
2032012024733810/04/12Venting device for a housing and producing same
2042012024741610/04/12Intake device of an internal combustion engine
2052012024802610/04/12Filter element, filter device and producing a filter element
2062012024054009/27/12Filter housing with replaceable latching element having pre-determined breaking point
2072012024103109/27/12Non-return valve and filter arrangement
2082012023397209/20/12Filter device
2092012023474909/20/12Filter element, filter device and producing a filter element
2102012023819809/20/12Filter element and producing a filter element
2112012022736709/13/12Filter element with pleat support combs
2122012022264309/06/12Swirl guiding acoustic device with an internal coaxially integrated swirl guide structure
2132012022300809/06/12Filter for filtering fluids
2142012022300909/06/12Filter for filtering fluids and producing the same
2152012021649708/30/12Air filter unit having a radially divided housing
2162012021719608/30/12Exchangeable filter element, filter part fixed with respect to system, and filter system
2172012021944108/30/12Hand pump for pumping fluids, and filter system for fluids including a hand pump
2182012021068308/23/12Filter element and filter system
2192012019880208/09/12Filter device and main filter element for a filter device
2202012019880308/09/12Filter device
2212012019952208/09/12Filter with bayonet coupling to cover
2222012019253208/02/12Filter device, especially air filter for an internal combustion engine
2232012019328108/02/12Filter element of a liquid filter and a liquid filter
2252012016753407/05/12Filter having a drainage connection
2262012016074706/28/12Method and device for marking objects, particularly components of a motor vehicle, with an embossed hologram and objects marked in this way
2272012015219906/21/12Replaceable filter having a filter closure system
2282012014893006/14/12Cooling device for a functional system
2292012013258205/31/12Filter device for filtering liquids
2302012009759304/26/12Connecting element for multilayer media, filter element, and connecting laminar media
2312012008038604/05/12Fuel supply system of an internal combustion engine and separating water from fuel
2322012006131103/15/12Method for producing an in particular flat filter element
2332012005512403/08/12Filter pipline
2342012004326702/23/12Water separator, in particular for fuel supply systems of internal combustion engines in motor vehicles
2352012003754802/16/12Filtering device for fluids, in particular for fuel
2362012002477402/02/12Filter medium and filter element
2372012001755101/26/12Filter for cleaning a fluid
2382012001251301/19/12Filter element and filter module
2392012000137101/05/12Method for producing a ceramic filter element
2402011030821212/22/11Filter element and filter system
2412011030821312/22/11Support grid and alignment appartus for a filter element and housing
2422011030821412/22/11Filter device for filtering gaseous fluids
2432011031249212/22/11Method for producing a ceramic filter element and filter element
2442011030289012/15/11Liquid separator, particularly oil separator for compressed air systems
2452011028989512/01/11Ceramic filter element with structural elements and production method
2462011029398512/01/11Heat transfer module for battery cells and battery assembly therewith
2472011028367011/24/11Method for producing a ceramic filter element and filter element
2482011028396511/24/11Oil pan for an internal combustion engine
2492011028410711/24/11Multi-chamber fluid reservoir

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