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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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07/20/17 new patent  Systems and methods for spectroscopy of biological tissue
07/20/17 new patent  Dihydrogen tetrametaphosphate, its derivatives, and preparation thereof
07/20/17 new patent  Alkali metal ion source with moderate rate of ion release and methods of forming
07/20/17 new patent  Aminoalcohol lipidoids and uses thereof
07/20/17 new patent  Cell rolling separation
07/20/17 new patent  Genomically-encoded memory in live cells
07/20/17 new patent  Methods and true high dynamic range imaging
07/20/17 new patent  Normalizing signal energy for speech in fluctuating noise
07/20/17 new patent  Sleeved coaxial printed circuit board vias
07/13/17Carrier-free biologically-active protein nanostructures
07/13/17Emulsions by condensation
07/13/17Methods for identification of sites for igg conjugation
07/13/17Synthesis of nanocrystals
07/13/17Engineering and optimization of improved systems, methods and enzyme compositions for sequence manipulation
07/13/17Methods for targeted modification of genomic dna
07/13/17Method for forming magneto-optical films for integrated photonic devices
07/13/17Method of manufacturing a substrate
07/13/17Interconnect structures for assembly of multi-layer semiconductor devices
07/13/17Metal sulfide electrodes and energy storage devices thereof
07/06/17Electrically-driven fluid flow and related systems and methods, including electrospinning and electrospraying systems and methods
07/06/17Nanoparticle chains and preparation thereof
07/06/17Crispr-cas nickase systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation in eukaryotes
07/06/17Optimized fuel management system for direct injection ethanol enhancement of gasoline engines
07/06/17Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
07/06/17Constriction-expansion blood plasma separation
07/06/17Processing system for small substrates
07/06/17Multi-layer semiconductor structure and methods for fabricating multi-layer semiconductor structures
07/06/17Miniature ultra-wideband multifunctional antennas and related techniques
06/29/17Biodegradable free-standing controlled drug release stickers
06/29/17Fabrication of three-dimensional kirigami structures with tunable properties
06/29/17Systems and methods for growth of nanostructures on substrates, including substrates comprising fibers
06/29/17Tuning bacteriophage host range
06/29/17Strain and bioprocess engineering for high lipid production
06/29/17Digital flexural materials
06/22/17Optical sensor for needle-tip tissue identification and diagnosis
06/22/17Magnetic field alignment of emulsions to produce porous articles
06/22/17Ion sequestration for scale prevention
06/22/17Blue light-activated ion channel molecules and uses thereof
06/22/17Crispr-cas altering expression of gene products
06/22/17Genome editing using cas9 nickases
06/22/17Graphene oxide sensors
06/22/17Auxiliary antenna array for wideband sidelobe cancellation
06/22/17System and automatically identifying mobile communication devices within the vicinity of a gunshot
06/15/17Ph-responsive mucoadhesive polymeric encapsulated microorganisms
06/15/17Amino acid-, peptide- and polypeptide-lipids, isomers, compositions, and uses thereof
06/15/17Coated nanoclusters for carbon dioxide adsorption
06/15/17Systems, devices, and methods for deposition-based three-dimensional printing
06/15/17Pressure driven flow crystallizer
06/15/17Inducible dna binding proteins and genome perturbation tools and applications thereof
06/15/17Elastic wave damping structures
06/15/17Electric field activation of shape memory ceramics
06/15/17Methods and compositions for detecting and modulating cancer cells
06/15/17Universal methodology to synthesize diverse two-dimensional heterostructures
06/15/17Asynchronous digital communication
06/08/17Methods of treating fragile x syndrome and related disorders
06/08/17Intravesical drug delivery methods and devices
06/08/17Ultra-thin, pinhole-free, flexible metal-organic films
06/08/17Composability and design of parts for large-scale pathway engineering in yeast
06/08/17Semiconductor structures for assembly in multi-layer semiconductor devices including at least one semiconductor structure
06/08/17Interconnect structures for assembly of semiconductor structures including at least one integrated circuit structure
06/08/17Metallic photovoltaics
06/01/17Articles for manipulating impinging liquids and methods of manufacturing same
06/01/17Systems, devices, and methods for high-throughput three-dimensional printing
06/01/17Thermal-energy-driven mechanical compression humidification-dehumidification water purification
06/01/17Amine-containing lipidoids and uses thereof
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06/01/17Ph-sensitive polymeric compositions, kits, and methods
06/01/17Delivery systems and kits for gene editing
06/01/17Delivery, engineering and optimization of systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation and therapeutic applications
05/25/17Pressure compensating emitter having very low activation pressure and large operating range
05/25/17Scanning optical probe
05/25/17Compounds, compositions and methods of agelastatin alkaloids
05/25/17Compositions and methods for affecting movement of contaminants, bodily fluids or other entities, and/or affecting other physiological conditions
05/25/17Nanoparticles and methods of making
05/25/17Self-assembling assemblers
05/25/17Self-lubricating surfaces for food packaging and food processing equipment
05/25/17Engineered bacteroides outer membrane vesicles
05/25/17Digital material assembly by passive means and modular isotropic lattice extruder system (miles)
05/25/17Waveguide formation using cmos fabrication techniques
05/25/17Stable electrolyte for lithium air battery and lithium air battery including the same
05/18/17Systems and methods for surface retention of fluids
Patent Packs
05/18/17Raman signal measuring method and apparatus, and biometric information analyzing apparatus including the raman signal measuring apparatus
05/18/17Self-assembled residence devices and related methods
05/18/17Stretchable, robust and biocompatible hydrogel electronics and devices
05/18/17Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules
05/18/17Stable three-axis nuclear spin gyroscope
05/18/17Computationally-assisted multi-heterodyne spectroscopy
05/18/17System for wide field-of-view, highly oblique illumination microscopy for scatter-based discrimination of cells
05/18/17Computing system for identification of solid-solid interphase products
05/18/17Paramagnetic tree coupling of spin qubits
05/18/17System and extracting and providing a measure of taxable income and audit likelihood
05/18/17Method and system for assessing auditing likelihood
05/18/17Method and motion correction and image enhancement for optical coherence tomography
05/18/17Multiloop interferometers for quantum information processing
05/11/17Methods and detecting hand-to-mouth behavior
05/11/17Systems and methods for sampling calibration of non-invasive analyte measurements
05/11/17Compositions and methods for preventing and treating organ injury and/or dysfunction
05/11/17Enteric elastomers
05/11/17Noble metal monolayer shell coatings on transition metal ceramic nanoparticle cores
05/11/17Z-selective ring-closing metathesis reactions
05/11/17Complexes comprising a platinum compound and an immune checkpoint inhibitor and related methods
05/11/17Dynamic knockdown of central metabolism for redirecting glucose-6-phosphate fluxes
05/11/17Rapid assembly of multiple arbitrary length dna fragments
05/11/17Detection of electromagnetic radiation using nonlinear materials
05/11/17Fluid analysis using digital imagery
05/11/17Saccharide responsive optical nanosensors
05/11/17Dynamic task allocation in an autonomous multi-uav mission
05/11/17Interconnect structures and methods for fabricating interconnect structures
05/04/17Actuatable assemblies fabricatable by deposition of solidifying and non-solidifying materials
05/04/17Methods and compositions for increased safety of stem cell-derived populations
05/04/17Microbial production of renewable glycolate
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05/04/17System and discriminating between origins of vibrations in an object and determination of contact between blunt bodies traveling in a medium
05/04/17Systems and methods for medical image segmentation and analysis
05/04/17Light emitting device including semiconductor nanocrystals
04/27/17Methods and systems for pre-symptomatic detection of exposure to an agent
04/27/17Coated controlled release polymer particles as efficient oral delivery vehicles for biopharmaceuticals
04/27/17Electrochemical process for gas separation
04/27/17Electrochemical devices or systems comprising redox-functionalized electrodes and uses thereof
04/27/17Highly z-selective olefin metathesis
04/27/17Vegf-a-binding proteins and her2-binding proteins with enhanced stability against aggregation
04/27/17Nanowire fet imaging system and related techniques
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04/27/17Simultaneous oscillation and frequency tracking of multiple resonances via digitally implemented phase-locked loop array
04/27/17Packet header randomization
04/27/17Cognitive radio achieving ad hoc interference multiple access wireless communication
04/20/17Residence structures and related methods
04/20/17Hydrogel composites, compositions, and methods
04/20/17Methods and computer-assisted spray foam fabrication
04/20/17Methods and computer-assisted spray foam fabrication
04/20/17Control of carbon dioxide levels and ph in small volume reactors
04/20/17Delivery, engineering and optimization of systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation and therapeutic applications
04/20/17Method and a porous electrospray emitter
04/13/17Gel-electrospinning process for preparing high-performance polymer nanofibers
04/06/17Nonlinear system identification techniques and devices for discovering dynamic and static tissue properties
04/06/17Multi-layer hydrogel capsules for encapsulation of cells and cell aggregates
04/06/17Biological state machines
04/06/17Interconnect structures for fine pitch assembly of semiconductor structures
03/30/17Apparatus and supporting a human body using supernumerary artificial limbs
03/30/17Channelrhodopsins for optical control of cells
03/30/17Protein retention expansion microscopy
03/30/17Anti-dengue virus antibodies and uses thereof
03/30/17Interconnect structures for assembly of multi-layer semiconductor devices
03/23/17Catheter device for transmitting and reflecting light
03/23/17Compositions and methods for modified dendrimer nanoparticle delivery
03/23/17Metakaryocidal treatments
03/23/17Cell surface coupling of nanoparticles
03/23/17Plasticity induced bonding
03/23/17Methods and additive manufacturing of glass
03/23/17Methods and systems for solid phase peptide synthesis
03/23/17Solid phase peptide synthesis methods and associated systems
03/23/17Three-dimensional nanofabrication by patterning of hydrogels
03/23/17Survival assays for metakaryotic stem cells
Patent Packs
03/23/17Low cost parabolic cylindrical trough for concentrated solar power
03/23/17Motion tracking via body radio reflections
03/23/17Fuse-protected electronic photodiode array
03/23/17Voltage regulation of device functional properties
03/23/17Distributed airborne beamforming system
03/16/17Layered medium for three-dimensional imaging
03/16/17Systems and methods for diagnosis of middle ear conditions and detection of analytes in the tympanic membrane
03/16/17Compositions, systems, and methods for generating inner ear hair cells for treatment of hearing loss
03/16/17Scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components for cells, tissues, and other applications
03/16/17Suprametallogels and uses thereof
03/16/17Compositions and methods comprising conductive metal organic frameworks and uses thereof
03/16/17Object tracking via radio reflections
03/09/17Methods to treat visual impairment
03/09/17Injection methods using a servo-controlled needle-free injector
03/09/17Ion concentration polarization-electrocoagulation hybrid water treatment system
03/09/17Nanoscale imaging of proteins and nucleic acids via expansion microscopy
03/09/17Metallic dielectric photonic crystals and methods of fabrication
03/09/17Digital transmitter
03/02/17Systems, apparatus, and methods related to modeling, monitoring, and/or managing metabolism
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03/02/17Pharmaceutical cold box with central ice or cold pack chamber
03/02/17Continuous process for the production of nanostructures including nanotubes
03/02/17Genetically engineered sensors for in vivo detection of bleeding
03/02/17Combined intensity and coherent change detection in images
03/02/17Systems and methods for tissue stiffness measurements
03/02/17Photonic integrated circuits based on quantum cascade structures
02/23/17Multi-link modular continuum robotic endoscope system
02/23/17Mri characterization of placental oxygen transport
02/23/17Model-based neuromechanical controller for a robotic leg
02/23/17Molecular activators of the wnt/beta-catenin pathway
02/23/17Lipid vesicle compositions and methods of use
02/23/17Translocation of non-natural chemical entities through anthrax protective antigen pore
02/23/17Thermoreversible hydrogels from the arrested phase separation of elastin-like polypeptides
02/23/17Re-dispersible dry graphene powder
02/23/17Cancer-related extracellular matrix signatures and related methods and products
02/23/17Polymeric materials for bio-applications
02/23/17Assessing disorders through speech and a computation model
02/23/17Planar mixed-metal perovskites for optoelectronic applications
02/23/17Low-delay packet erasure coding
02/16/17Vital signs monitoring via radio reflections
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02/16/17Feedback method and wearable device to monitor and modulate knee adduction moment
02/16/17Method for cross-diagnostic identification and treatment of neurologic features underpinning mental and emotional disorders
02/16/17Systems and methods for predicting adverse events and assessing level of sedation during medical procedures
02/16/17System and methods to predict serum lactate level
02/16/17Tissue collection needle
02/16/17Targeted nanoparticle compositions and methods of their use to treat obesity
02/16/17Hybrid system for treating mental and emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation
02/16/17Block copolymer complex coacervate core micelles for enzymatic catalysis in organic solvent
02/16/17Multi-phase oscillatory flow reactor
02/16/17Grafted polymer surfaces for dropwise condensation, and associated methods of use and manufacture
02/16/17Self-assembling assemblers
02/16/17Digital material assembly by passive means and modular isotropic lattice extruder system (miles)
02/16/17Method and partially desalinating produced water to form extraction fluid used for fossil fuel extraction
02/16/17Red-shifted opsin molecules and uses thereof
02/16/17Molecularly tunable heterogeneous catalysts by edge functionalization of graphitic carbons
02/16/17Sulfide barrier coating or solid electrolyte
02/09/17Liquid purification system
02/09/17Two-phase gripper to reorient and grasp
02/09/17Localized solar collectors
02/09/17Multi-layer semiconductor devices fabricated using a combination of substrate and via structures and fabrication techniques
02/09/17Photodiode placement for cross talk suppression
02/09/17Solid electrolyte and lithium battery including the same
02/09/17Printed circuit board assembly with foam dielectric material
02/09/17Efficiency maximization for device-to-device wireless charging
02/09/17Homopolar, flux-biased hysteresis bearingless motor
02/09/17System and decoding tree-based messages
02/02/17Systems and methods for a short wave infrared device
02/02/17Systems for filling a sample array by droplet dragging
02/02/17High molecular weight, post-translationally modified protein brushes
02/02/17Characterization and directed evolution of a methyl binding domain protein for high-sensitivity dna methylation analysis
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02/02/17Printed circuit board assembly with air dielectric
01/26/17Methods and neuromodulation
01/26/17Systems and methods for unipolar separation of emulsions and other mixtures
01/26/17Functionalized triptycene polymers and their uses
01/26/17Solid electrolyte and/or electroactive material
01/26/17Physical layer encryption using out-phased array linearized signaling
01/26/17Methods for quantum key distribution and related devices
01/26/17Devices and methods for optically multiplexed imaging
01/19/17Multi-effect membrane distillation
01/19/17Engineered band gaps
01/19/17Methods for in vivo genome editing
01/19/17Enhancement of video-rate fluorescence imagery collected in the second near-infrared optical window
01/19/17Multifunctional cnt-engineered structures
01/12/17Serotonin 2c receptor antagonists to prevent and treat stress-related trauma disorders
01/12/17Biophysically sorted osteoprogenitors from culture expanded bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells (mscs)
01/12/17Concentrated solar power system receiver
01/12/17Grid arrays with enhanced fatigue life
01/05/17Nanostructured gels capable of controlled release of entrapped agents
01/05/17Receptor-targeted nanoparticles for enhanced transcytosis mediated drug delivery
01/05/17Preparation of nanorods
01/05/17Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
01/05/17Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
01/05/17Direction sensitive neutron detector
01/05/17Optical cryptography for high speed coherent systems
12/29/16Uses of paralog-selective inhibitors of gsk3 kinases
12/29/16In vivo targeting of cells with ligand-conjugated particles
12/29/16Conductive aerogel
12/29/16Nickel pre-catalysts and related compositions and methods
12/29/16T cell balance gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof

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