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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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02/16/17 new patent  Vital signs monitoring via radio reflections
02/16/17 new patent  Feedback method and wearable device to monitor and modulate knee adduction moment
02/16/17 new patent  Method for cross-diagnostic identification and treatment of neurologic features underpinning mental and emotional disorders
02/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods for predicting adverse events and assessing level of sedation during medical procedures
02/16/17 new patent  System and methods to predict serum lactate level
02/16/17 new patent  Tissue collection needle
02/16/17 new patent  Targeted nanoparticle compositions and methods of their use to treat obesity
02/16/17 new patent  Hybrid system for treating mental and emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation
02/16/17 new patent  Block copolymer complex coacervate core micelles for enzymatic catalysis in organic solvent
02/16/17 new patent  Multi-phase oscillatory flow reactor
02/16/17 new patent  Grafted polymer surfaces for dropwise condensation, and associated methods of use and manufacture
02/16/17 new patent  Self-assembling assemblers
02/16/17 new patent  Digital material assembly by passive means and modular isotropic lattice extruder system (miles)
02/16/17 new patent  Method and partially desalinating produced water to form extraction fluid used for fossil fuel extraction
02/16/17 new patent  Red-shifted opsin molecules and uses thereof
02/16/17 new patent  Molecularly tunable heterogeneous catalysts by edge functionalization of graphitic carbons
02/16/17 new patent  Sulfide barrier coating or solid electrolyte
02/09/17Liquid purification system
02/09/17Two-phase gripper to reorient and grasp
02/09/17Localized solar collectors
02/09/17Multi-layer semiconductor devices fabricated using a combination of substrate and via structures and fabrication techniques
02/09/17Photodiode placement for cross talk suppression
02/09/17Solid electrolyte and lithium battery including the same
02/09/17Printed circuit board assembly with foam dielectric material
02/09/17Efficiency maximization for device-to-device wireless charging
02/09/17Homopolar, flux-biased hysteresis bearingless motor
02/09/17System and decoding tree-based messages
02/02/17Systems and methods for a short wave infrared device
02/02/17Systems for filling a sample array by droplet dragging
02/02/17High molecular weight, post-translationally modified protein brushes
02/02/17Characterization and directed evolution of a methyl binding domain protein for high-sensitivity dna methylation analysis
02/02/17Printed circuit board assembly with air dielectric
01/26/17Methods and neuromodulation
01/26/17Systems and methods for unipolar separation of emulsions and other mixtures
01/26/17Functionalized triptycene polymers and their uses
01/26/17Solid electrolyte and/or electroactive material
01/26/17Physical layer encryption using out-phased array linearized signaling
01/26/17Methods for quantum key distribution and related devices
01/26/17Devices and methods for optically multiplexed imaging
01/19/17Multi-effect membrane distillation
01/19/17Engineered band gaps
01/19/17Methods for in vivo genome editing
01/19/17Enhancement of video-rate fluorescence imagery collected in the second near-infrared optical window
01/19/17Multifunctional cnt-engineered structures
01/12/17Serotonin 2c receptor antagonists to prevent and treat stress-related trauma disorders
01/12/17Biophysically sorted osteoprogenitors from culture expanded bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells (mscs)
01/12/17Concentrated solar power system receiver
01/12/17Grid arrays with enhanced fatigue life
01/05/17Nanostructured gels capable of controlled release of entrapped agents
01/05/17Receptor-targeted nanoparticles for enhanced transcytosis mediated drug delivery
01/05/17Preparation of nanorods
01/05/17Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
01/05/17Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
01/05/17Direction sensitive neutron detector
01/05/17Optical cryptography for high speed coherent systems
12/29/16Uses of paralog-selective inhibitors of gsk3 kinases
12/29/16In vivo targeting of cells with ligand-conjugated particles
12/29/16Conductive aerogel
12/29/16Nickel pre-catalysts and related compositions and methods
12/29/16T cell balance gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer
12/29/16Wireless non-radiative energy transfer
12/22/16Alkenyl substituted 2,5-piperazinediones, compositions, and uses thereof
12/22/16Selective arylation of dichalcogenides in biomolecules
12/22/16System and neuroendocrine control
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12/22/16Dye sensitized photoactive surfaces
12/22/16Paper-based immunoassay with polymerization-based signal amplification
12/22/16Glycomic patterns for the detection of disease
12/22/16System and method to improve image quality of emission tomography when using advanced radionuclides
12/15/16Methods for inducing electroporation and tissue ablation
12/15/16Methods to identify macromolecule binding and aggregation prone regions in proteins and uses therefor
12/15/16Pyrolyzed porous carbon materials and ion emitters
12/15/16Multifunctional cnt-engineered structures
12/08/16Systems and methods for reducing scar formation about a neural implant
12/08/16Therapeutic strategies for treating mitochondrial disorders
12/08/16Compounds, conjugates and compositions of epipolythiodiketopiperazines and polythiodiketopiperazines
12/08/16Compositions and methods of use of crispr-cas systems in nucleotide repeat disorders
12/08/16Hybrid sensor-enabled electric wheel and associated systems, multi-hub wheel spoking systems, and methods of manufacturing and installing wheel spokes
12/08/16Articles and methods comprising persistent carbenes and related compositions
12/08/16Engineering of systems, methods and optimized guide compositions with new architectures for sequence manipulation
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12/08/16Compositions and methods of use of crispr-cas systems in nucleotide repeat disorders
12/08/16Systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation with optimized functional crispr-cas systems
12/08/16Methods for conversion of food waste to chemical products
12/08/16Activated aluminum fuel
12/08/16System and quantifying and presenting information representative of technological improvements in a target technological domain based on patent metrics
12/08/16[2.2]paracyclophane-derived donor/acceptor-type molecules for oled applications
12/01/16Peripheral neural interface via nerve regeneration to distal tissues
12/01/16Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
12/01/16Compositions of and methods for making stable carbonaceous nanomaterials
12/01/16System for introspection and annotation of electronic circuit design data
11/24/16Artificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components
11/24/16Methods and compositions for the treatment of open and closed wound spinal cord injuries
11/24/16Maintenance of gas layers for fouling prevention on submerged surfaces
11/24/16Methods and microfluidic perfusion
11/24/16Inertio-elastic focusing of particles in microchannels
11/24/16Methods and actuated fabricator
11/24/16Pre-stressed and constrained transformable materials
11/24/16In-fiber particle generation
11/24/16Multifunctional particles for enhanced oil recovery
11/24/16Crispr-cas systems, crystal structure and uses thereof
11/24/16Delivery, use and therapeutic applications of the crispr-cas systems and compositions for genome editing
11/24/16Engineering of systems, methods and optimized guide compositions for sequence manipulation
11/24/16Microfluidic bubble logic devices
11/24/16Device and sampling bodily fluid for medical analytes in ultra low concentrations
11/17/16Integrated electrical profiling system for measuring leukocytes activation from whole blood
11/17/16Immunomodulating compositions and methods of use thereof
11/17/16Compositions, methods, and devices for treating disease
11/17/16Eliminating emissive sub-bandgap states in nanocrystals
11/10/16Fused deposition model cold slurry printer
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11/10/16Modified alginates for cell encapsulation and cell therapy
11/10/16Modular angular-momentum driven magnetically connected robots
11/10/16Micro-pillar methods and apparatus
11/10/16Broad wavelength range chemically tunable photonic materials
11/10/16One-pot preparing core-shell nanocrystals
11/10/16Metabolic flux biosensor
11/10/16Generation of layered transcriptional circuitry using crispr systems
11/10/16T-peel test fixture
11/10/16Method of forming an integrated circuit and related integrated circuit
11/10/16Substrate pre-scanning for high throughput microscopy
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11/10/16An integrated circuit adapted for mobile communication and related mobile computing device
11/03/16System and measuring skin movement and strain and related techniques
11/03/16Engineered polypeptide agents for targeted broad spectrum influenza neutralization
11/03/16Delivery, use and therapeutic applications of the crispr-cas systems and compositions for hbv and viral diseases and disorders
11/03/16Triggerable shape memory induction devices
11/03/16Electrically-driven fluid flow and related systems and methods, including electrospinning and electrospraying systems and methods
11/03/16Methods and systems for manufacturing a tablet
11/03/16Methods and retinal retroreflection imaging
11/03/16Assisted surveillance of vehicles-of-interest
10/27/16Alkali metal ion source with moderate rate of ion release and methods of forming
10/27/16Hic: identifying interactions between genomic loci
10/27/16Micro magnetic resonance relaxometry
10/20/16Methods and visual cues for eye alignment
10/20/16Lipid vesicle compositions and methods of use
10/20/16Hybrid sensor-enabled electric wheel and associated systems, multi-hub wheel spoking systems, and methods of manufacturing and installing wheel spokes
10/20/16Spatial multiplexing for multisignal cellular imaging
10/20/16Iterative expansion microscopy
10/20/16Stochastic arrangement of reagents in clusters - starc
10/20/16Hybrid sensor-enabled electric wheel and associated systems, multi-hub wheel spoking systems, and methods of manufacturing and installing wheel spokes
10/20/16Coherent electron and radiation production using transverse spatial modulation and axial transfer
10/13/16Method for automated opening of craniotomies for mammalian brain access
10/13/16Surface binding of nanoparticle based drug delivery to tissue
10/13/16Drug delivery polymer and uses thereof
10/13/16Compositions and methods for promoting hemostasis and other physiological activities
10/13/16Articles for manipulating impinging liquids and associated methods
10/13/16Propellant tank and loading for electrospray thruster
10/13/16Wireless energy transfer
10/13/16Coding approach for a robust and flexible communication protocol
10/06/16Compositions and methods for treating immune and viral disorders and modulating protein-rna interaction
10/06/16Low power cochlear implants
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10/06/16Devices and methods for crystallizing a compound
10/06/16Articles and methods comprising persistent carbenes and related compositions
10/06/16Detection of amines
10/06/16Optoelectric devices fabricated with defect tolerant semiconductors
09/29/16Methods and systems for continuous heterogeneous crystallization
09/29/16Methods and pipetting
09/29/16Activators of class i histone deacetlyases (hdacs) and uses thereof
09/29/16Polymers, hydrogels, and uses thereof
09/29/16Crispr-cas altering expression of gene products
09/29/16Electronics including graphene-based hybrid structures
09/29/16Organic conductive materials and devices
09/22/16Multi-stage bubble-column vapor mixture condenser and hdh system
09/22/16Formation of macromolecules using iterative growth and related compounds
09/22/16Functional genomics using crispr-cas systems, compositions, methods, screens and applications thereof
09/22/16Sub-decimeter radio frequency ranging
09/15/16Manufacture of a pharmaceutical product
09/15/16Carrier-substrate adhesive system
09/15/16Water soluble membrane proteins and methods for the preparation and use thereof
09/15/16Spatial and cellular mapping of biomolecules in situ by high-throughput sequencing
09/15/16Method for controlling the energy damping of a shape memory alloy with surface roughness
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09/15/16Compositions and methods for diagnosing and/or treating influenza infections
09/15/16Methods and modeling deformations of an object
09/15/16Metallic photovoltaics
09/15/16Method and wirelessly charging portable electronic devices
09/15/16Phase-lock loop synchronization between beam orbit and rf drive in synchrocyclotrons
09/08/16Methods and compositions for localized agent delivery
09/08/16Implantable devices and methods for evaluation of active agents
09/08/16Underwater vehicle design and control methods
09/08/16Underwater vehicle design and control methods
09/08/16Method and system for determining the prognosis of a patient suffering from pulmonary embolism
09/08/16Methods and enhancing depth maps with polarization cues
09/01/16Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
09/01/16Functional genomics using crispr-cas systems, compositions, methods, screens and applications thereof
09/01/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer and modulating stress granule formation
09/01/16Methods and broadband angular selectivity of electromagnetic waves
09/01/16Self-aligned gated emitter tip arrays
09/01/16Electrochemical cell with bipolar faradaic membrane
09/01/16Systems and methods for a variable frequency multiplier power converter
08/25/16Cationic nanoparticles for co-delivery of nucleic acids and therapeutic agents
08/25/16Use of ghrelin or functional ghrelin receptor agonists to prevent and treat stress-sensitive psychiatric illness
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08/25/16Artificial transcription factors comprising a sliding domain and uses thereof
08/25/16Theranostic nanoprobes for overcoming cancer multidrug resistance and methods
08/25/16Population-hastened assembly genetic engineering
08/25/16Beam-based nonlinear spring
08/25/16Toroidal bending magnets for hadron therapy gantries
08/18/16Methods, systems, and self-calibrating eeg neurofeedback
08/18/16Compositions containing pufa, uridine and choline and methods of use thereof
08/18/16Methods and compositions for the upconversion of light
08/18/16Compositions and methods for the downconversion of light
08/18/16Biopolymer-mediated assembly of nanoparticles using genetically encoded proteins
08/18/16Pumilio domain-based modular protein architecture for rna binding
08/18/16Systems and methods for determining an unknown characteristic of a sample
08/18/16System and sepsis care task management
08/18/16High-temperature superconducting high-current cables
08/11/16Artificial human limbs and joints employing actuators, springs and variable damper elements
08/11/16Modified saponins for the treatment of fungal infections
08/11/16Isolated mucins and different microorganisms, and methods of use
08/11/16Particles with multiple functionalized surface domains
08/11/16Hybridization of humidification-dehumidification and pressure-retarded osmosis
08/11/16Metathesis catalysts and methods thereof
08/11/16Devices and methods including a preconcentrator material for detection of analytes
08/11/16Methods and handheld tool
08/04/16Self-assembling underwater adhesives
08/04/16Mutagenic nucleoside analogs and uses thereof
08/04/16Transparent flat-panel holographic display
08/04/16Control of current collapse in thin patterned gan
08/04/16Sodium-conducting solid electrolyte
08/04/16Transponder localization
07/28/16Orthopaedic joints providing enhanced lubricity
07/28/16Small volume bioreactors with substantially constant working volumes and associated systems and methods
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07/28/16Sieve valves, microfluidic circuits, microfluidic devices, kits, and methods for isolating an analyte
07/28/16Systems, methods, and in vitro single-cell identification and recovery
07/28/16System and real-time analysis and guidance of learning
07/28/16Digital matching of a radio frequency antenna
07/21/16Methods and anterior segment ocular imaging
07/21/16Conjugated lipomers and uses thereof
07/21/16Neuromuscular model-based sensing and control paradigm for a robotic leg
07/21/16Novel crispr enzymes and systems
07/21/16Methods for shearing and tagging dna for chromatin immunoprecipitation and sequencing
07/21/16Systems, methods, and in vitro single-cell identification and recovery
07/14/16Highly luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals
07/14/16Transparent luminescent displays enabled by electric-field-induced quenching of photoluminescent pixels
07/14/16Compressive sensing with local geometric features
07/14/16Fabrication of stable electrode/diffusion barrier layers for thermoelectric filled skutterudite devices
07/14/16Systems and methods for model-free compression and model-based decompression
07/07/16Filter materials including functionalized cellulose
07/07/16Selective delivery of material to cells
07/07/16Production of composite parts
07/07/16Metathesis catalysts and methods thereof
07/07/16Catechol-rich polymers from n-substituted maleimides
07/07/16Compositions and methods for epithelial stem cell expansion and culture
07/07/16Methods and devices for deposition of materials on patterned substrates
07/07/16Controlled needle-free transport
06/30/16Engineered microbes and methods for microbial oil overproduction from cellulosic materials
06/30/16Delivery, engineering and optimization of tandem guide systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation
06/30/16System for screening particles
06/30/16Non-volatile photonic material and production the same
06/30/16In-fiber filament production
06/30/16Sulfur nanosponge cathode for lithium-sulfur battery and methods of manufacture thereof

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