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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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12/30/10Compositions and methods for identification of parp function, inhibitors, and activators
12/30/10Global transcription machinery engineering targeting the rnap alpha subunit (rpoa)
12/30/10High precision scanning of encoded hydrogel microparticles
12/30/10Aminoalcohol lipidoids and uses thereof
12/23/10Telemetry through remote detection of nmr-active particles
12/23/10Engineered bacteriophages as adjuvants for antimicrobial agents and compositions and methods of use thereof
12/23/10Branched dna/rna monomers and uses thereof
12/23/10Compositions and methods relating to dna-based particles
12/23/10Real time stimulus triggered by brain state to enhance perception and cognition
12/23/10Model-based neuromechanical controller for a robotic leg
12/16/10Thermal sensing fiber devices
12/16/10Tunable surface
12/16/10Methods and compositions for empirical selection of drugs or other molecules
12/09/10Pseudo-periodic structure for use in thin film solar cells
12/09/10Organic materials able to detect analytes
12/09/10Self-assembling peptide incorporating modifications and methods of use thereof
12/09/10Powered artificial knee with agonist-antagonist actuation
12/02/10Method and apparatus for penetrating particulate substrates
12/02/10Microfluidic lasers
12/02/10Determination of explosives includnig rdx
12/02/10Nanocell drug delivery system
12/02/10Catalysts and methods including steam reforming
12/02/10Cell rolling separation
12/02/10Conditionally active ribozymes and uses thereof
12/02/10High resolution near field scanning optical microscopy
11/25/10Supercritical fluid facilitated particle formation in microfluidic systems
11/25/10Recrystallization of semiconductor waters in a thin film capsule and related processes
11/25/10Oscillating cell culture bioreactor
11/25/10Treatment of autoimmune disease
11/25/10Diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders
11/25/10Systems and methods for microfluidic crystallization
11/18/10Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
11/18/10Electropermanent magnet-based motors
11/18/10Uv-reflective structural color
11/18/10Selecting transforms for compressing visual data
11/18/10Methods and compositions relating to progenitor cells
11/18/10Cellular automotion digital material
11/11/10Methods for tailoring the surface topography of a nanocrystalline or amorphous metal or alloy and articles formed by such methods
11/11/10Bactericidal nanofibers, and methods of use thereof
11/04/10High affinity metal-oxide binding peptides with reversible binding
11/04/10Silk fibroin materials and use thereof
11/04/10Systems and methods for the separation of carbon dioxide and water
11/04/10Systems and methods using photoluminescent nanostructure based hydrogels
10/28/10Nanocell drug delivery system
10/28/10Pulmonary delivery particles comprising water insoluble or crystalline active agents
10/28/10Densification of metal oxides
10/28/10Innate immune suppression enables repeated delivery of long rna molecules
10/28/10Substrates and methods for culturing stem cells
10/21/10Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
10/21/10Aircraft drag management structure
10/21/10Oxides having high energy densities
10/21/10Image and data segmentation
10/21/10Method for reducing pressure drop through filters, and filter exhibiting reduced pressure drop
10/21/10Washable wearable biosensor
10/14/10Methods and apparatus for coordinated lens and sensor motion
10/14/10Methods and systems for treatment and/or diagnosis
10/14/10Methods and compositions for enhanced differentiation from embryonic stem cells
10/07/10Microbial production of 3-hydroxyacids from glucose and glycolate
10/07/10Millimeter-wave drilling and fracturing system
10/07/10System and method for providing electromagnetic imaging through magnetoquasistatic sensing
10/07/10Carrier-envelope phase shift using linear media
10/07/10Engineered proteins with high affinity for dota chelates
10/07/10Multifunctional composites based on coated nanostructures
09/30/10Pak modulators
09/30/10Three dimensional single-chamber fuel cells
09/30/10Glycosaminoglycan-coated particles and uses thereof
09/30/10Bioactive molecules from co-cultivation of microbes
09/30/10Dinitroxide-type biradical compounds optimized for dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp)
09/30/10Quantitative spectroscopic imaging
09/30/10Flow estimation
09/30/10Identifying biological response pathways
09/23/10Formation of close-packed sphere arrays in v-shaped grooves
09/23/10Cholesterol-regulating complex of sirt1 and lxr and methods of use
09/23/10Methods and products for in vivo enzyme profiling
09/23/10Parallel proximity ligation event analysis
09/23/10Light emitting device including semiconductor nanocrystals
09/23/10Calibration of pulse transit time measurements to arterial blood pressure using external arterial pressure applied along the pulse transit path
09/23/10Artificial joints using agonist-antagonist actuators
09/23/10Method and system for micropayment transactions
09/16/10Formation of vascular networks using embryonic stem cells
09/16/10Systolic merge sorter
09/09/10Nanoparticle thin-film coatings for enhancement of boiling heat transfer
09/09/10Method and apparatus for synchronizing a wireless communication system
09/09/10Conversion of natural products including cellulose to hydrocarbons, hydrogen and/or other related compounds
09/09/10Predictive semi-autonomous vehicle navigation system
09/09/10System and method for modeling supervisory control of heterogeneous unmanned vehicles through discrete event simulation
09/02/10Method and system for in situ aerosol thermo-radiometric analysis
09/02/10Coated sensors and methods related thereto
09/02/10Directed engagement of activating fc receptors
09/02/10Nuclease compositions and methods
09/02/10Responsive materials for isolating organic compounds
08/26/10Emissive polymers and devices incorporating these polymers
08/26/10Grazing-incidence-disk laser element
08/26/10Methods and apparatus for energy demand management
08/19/10Fuel management system for very high efficiency flex fuel engines
08/19/10Hitless tuning and switching of optical resonator amplitude and phase responses
08/19/10Unsolicited message communication characteristics
08/12/10Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
08/12/10Influenza therapeutic
08/05/10System and method for providing electromagnetic imaging through electroquasistatic sensing
08/05/10Silk biomaterials and methods of use thereof
08/05/10Controlled-orientation films and nanocomposites including nanotubes or other nanostructures
08/05/10Wearable gestural interface
07/29/10Method and apparatus for microcontact printing of mems
07/22/10Methods and systems for generating and evaluating peptides
07/15/10Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
07/15/10Liquid filtration using pressure difference across a hydrophobic membrane
07/15/10High charge density structures, including carbon-based nanostructures and applications thereof
07/08/10Pumping and flow control in systems including microfluidic systems
07/08/10Heat exchangers and related methods
07/08/10Microstructure synthesis by flow lithography and polymerization
07/08/10Fuel management system for very high efficiency flex fuel engines powered by methanol and gasoline
07/01/10Oxide coatings on lithium oxide particles
07/01/10Processing images having different focus
07/01/10Environmentally sensitive fluorophores
06/24/10Compliant tactile sensor
06/24/10Resonant optical modulators
06/24/10Layer-by-layer assemblies of carbon-based nanostructures and their applications in energy storage and generation devices
06/17/10Electrically controlled catalytic nanowire growth
06/17/10Niobium-tin superconducting coil
06/17/10Compositions and methods for modulating cognitive function
06/17/10Pelvis interface
06/17/10Scalable parallel gene therapy injector array
06/17/10Methods and systems for automatically summarizing semantic properties from documents with freeform textual annotations
06/10/10Superelastic alloy structural geometry for ultrahigh mechanical damping
06/10/10Rapid patterning of nanostructures
06/10/10Oligonucleotide systems for targeted intracellular delivery
06/03/10Polymeric coatings that inactivate viruses and bacteria
06/03/10Matrix stabilization of aggregation-based assays
05/27/10Delta 4,5 glycuronidase compositions and methods related thereto
05/27/10Highly reactive multilayer assembled coating of metal oxides on organic and inorganic substrates
05/27/10Method of making and assembling capsulated nanostructures
05/20/10Small-scale method and apparatus for separating mixtures
05/20/10Glycan data mining system
05/13/10Systems and methods for tracking impacts
05/13/10Autonomous modular vehicle wheel assembly
05/13/10Hardware synthesis from multicycle rules
05/13/10Asymmetric multilevel outphasing architecture for rf amplifiers
05/13/10Methods and compositions related to modulating the extracellular stem cell environment
05/13/10Semi-automatic speech transcription
05/13/10Speech data retrieval apparatus, speech data retrieval method, speech data retrieval program and computer usable medium having computer readable data retrieval program embodied therein
05/06/10System and method for providing amplitude spectroscopy of a multilevel quantum system
05/06/10External-cavity one-dimensional multi-wavelength beam combining of two-dimensional laser elements
05/06/10Filter-based dpsk receiver
05/06/10Method for measuring physiological stress
04/29/10Stabilized semiconductor nanocrystals
04/29/10Asynchronous logic automata
04/29/10Modulator for frequency-shift keying of optical signals
04/29/10Conducting polymer nanowire brain-machine interface systems and methods
04/22/10Nanostructured alloy coated threaded metal surfaces and methods of producing same
04/22/10Stop flow interference lithography system
04/22/10High-scan rate positioner for scanned probe microscopy
04/15/10Photon processing with nanopatterned materials
04/15/10Mesostructured zeolitic materials and methods of making and using the same
04/15/10Method for making high jc superconducting films and polymer-nitrate solutions used therefore
04/15/10Systems and methods for phase measurements
04/08/10Absorbant superhydrophobic materials, and methods of preparation and use thereof
04/08/10Hepatocyte precursor cell lines
04/01/10Nanotemplate arbitrary-imprint lithography
03/25/10System for electrophoretic stretching of biomolecules using micro scale t-junctions
03/25/10Electro-mechanical switches and methods of use thereof
03/25/10Methods and apparatus for automated base-calling on multiple dna strands
03/25/10Methods for identifying stem cells by detecting fluorescence of cells and syncytia
03/25/10Systems and methods for generating peptides
03/25/10Method and apparatus for modeling deformation of a deformable body embossed with a stamp
03/18/10Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
03/11/10Surface-plasmonodielectric-polaritonic devices and systems
03/11/10Hemagglutinin polypeptides, and reagents and methods relating thereto
03/11/10Methods and products related to low molecular weight heparin
03/11/10Systems, devices and methods for noninvasive or minimally-invasive estimation of intracranial pressure and cerebrovascular autoregulation
03/04/10Absorbing film
03/04/10Random linear network coding for time division duplexing
03/04/10Devices and systems for local delivery of inotropic agents to the epicardium
02/25/10Compact background-free balanced cross-correlators
02/25/10Detection of materials via nitrogen oxide
02/18/10Oil circulation observer for hvac systems
02/18/10Controlled delivery of bioactive agents from decomposable films
02/18/10Fullerenic structures and such structures tethered to carbon materials
02/11/10Analog logic automata
02/11/10Biodegradable poly(beta-amino esters) and uses thereof
02/11/10Coding for visual prostheses
02/04/10Compositions including polymers aligned via interchain interactions
02/04/10System and method for providing a high frequency response silicon photodetector
02/04/10Magnetic membrane mirror
02/04/10Phase-contrast x-ray imaging
02/04/10System and methods for identifying mirna targets and for altering mirna and target expression
01/28/10Uniform magnetic field spherical coil for mri
01/28/10Large-area single- and few-layer graphene on arbitrary substrates
01/28/10Inorganic resist sensitizer
01/28/10Determination of explosives including rdx
01/21/10Optical structures including nanocrystals
01/21/10Methods and compositions for altering biological surfaces
01/21/10Estimating aortic blood pressure from non-invasive extremity blood pressure
01/21/10Needle-free injector device with autoloading capability
01/14/10Electrochemical methods, devices, and structures
01/14/10Methods for the treatment and prevention of cancer
01/14/10Resist sensitizer
01/14/10Method of protecting sensitive molecules from a photo-polymerizing environment
01/07/10White light emitting devices
01/07/10Optoelectronic sensor
01/07/10Decoy influenza therapies
01/07/10Measuring properties of an anatomical body
01/07/10Lens coupled quantum cascade laser

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