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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2011 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/29/11Systems for filling a sample array by droplet dragging
12/29/11Inorganic particle conjugates
12/22/11Method and apparatus for desalination and purification
12/22/11Mode-locking with reduced nonlinearity using gain-matched output couplers
12/22/11Glassy surface smoothing layer for integrated waveguide
12/22/11Plaque removal and differentiation of tooth and gum
12/15/11Conducting polymer with actively switchable absorbency
12/15/11Mutant interleukin-2 (il-2) polypeptides
12/08/11Apparatus for direct fabrication of nanostructures
12/08/11Nanostructures for drug delivery
12/08/11Mutations and genetic targets for enhanced l-tyrosine production
12/08/11Image search and retrieval
12/01/11Methods and apparatus for applying tension to a motion transmission element
12/01/11High peak power optical amplifier
12/01/11Material properties of t cells and related methods and compositions
12/01/11Aminoalcohol lipidoids and uses thereof
12/01/11Methods and compositions for localized agent delivery
12/01/11Small molecule pak inhibitors
12/01/11System and method for relativistic statistical securities trading
11/24/11Thermophotovoltaic energy generation
11/24/11Selecting transforms for compressing visual data
11/24/11Measurement of material properties and related methods and compositions based on cytoadherence
11/24/11Targets, methods, and reagents for diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia
11/24/11Kinetic input/output
11/24/11Computational methods and compositions
11/24/11Resonance compensation in scanning probe microscopy
11/17/11Light emitting material
11/17/11Battery charger circuit and control schemes
11/17/11High duty cycle radar with near/far pulse compression interference mitigation
11/17/11Systems and methods for producing high-power laser beams
11/17/11Nanocells for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders
11/17/11Degradable polymer nanostructure materials
11/17/11Sox-based kinase sensor
11/17/11printed circuit board manufacture
11/17/11Method and apparatus for audio source separation
11/17/11Image retrieval
11/10/11Cavity-enhanced parametric amplification at full repetition rate
11/10/11Broadband dispersion-free optical filter cavities based on dielectric mirrors with complementary dispersion
11/10/11Method and apparatus for phase shift keyed optical communications
11/10/11Energy transfer using electrochemically isolated fluids
11/10/11Catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution in metal-air electrochemical cells
11/10/11Microfluidic bubble logic devices
11/03/11Method and apparatus for motion correction and image enhancement for optical coherence tomography
11/03/11Method and apparatus for depositing films
11/03/11Transient migrating phase low temperature joining of co-sintered particulate materials including a chemical reaction
11/03/11Systems and methods related to optical nanosensors comprising photoluminescent nanostructures
11/03/11Method and apparatus for hypothesis testing
10/27/11Image comparison
10/27/11Method and apparatus for depositing led organic film
10/27/11Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
10/27/11Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
10/27/11Celastrol, gedunin, and derivatives thereof as hsp90 inhibitors
10/27/11Multifunctional encoded particles for high-throughput analysis
10/27/11Artificial human limbs and joints employing actuators, springs, and variable-damper elements
10/20/11Tuned solar concentrators and devices and methods using them
10/20/11Method and apparatus for forming mems device
10/20/11Fast curable liquid resin procedure for the manufacture of micro/nano featured parts
10/20/11Targeted delivery of nucleic acids
10/20/11Fabrication of large-area hexagonal boron nitride thin films
10/20/11Modular glycan arrays
10/20/11Bio-field programmable gate array and bio-programmable logic array: reconfigurable chassis construction
10/20/11Platinum (iv) complexes for use in dual mode pharmaceutical therapy
10/20/11Epoxidation catalysts
10/20/11Controlled needle-free transport
10/20/11Powered ankle-foot prothesis
10/20/11Execution migration
10/13/11Method and system for measurement of physiological parameters
10/13/11Neural prosthetics using a chemical harvesting and stimulation device
10/06/11Deposition of nanowires and other nanoscale objects on surfaces
10/06/11Multifunctional cnt-engineered structures
10/06/11Structural health monitoring system and method using soft capacitive sensing materials
10/06/11Iterative clutter calibration with phased array antennas
10/06/11Method for low sidelobe operation of a phased array antenna having failed antenna elements
10/06/11Chemical-mechanical polishing pad conditioning system
10/06/11Efficient methods for z- or cis-selective cross-metathesis
10/06/11System and method for providing perceived first-order control of an unmanned vehicle
10/06/11Translating text to, merging, and optimizing graphical user interface tasks
09/29/11Low ionization potential additive to dielectric compositions
09/29/11Single-electron detection method and apparatus for solid-state intensity image sensors
09/29/11Detection of materials via nitrogen oxide
09/29/11Method and apparatus for super radiant laser action in half wavelength thick organic semiconductor microcavities
09/29/11Cmos readout architecture and method for photon-counting arrays
09/29/11Genetically stabilized tandem gene duplication
09/29/11Olefin metathesis catalysts and related methods
09/22/11Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
09/22/11Lipid vesicle compositions and methods of use
09/22/11Lipid-coated polymer particles for immune stimulation
09/22/11Blue light emitting semiconductor nanocrystal materials
09/22/11Generating a multiple-prerequisite attack graph
09/15/11Method for building massively-parallel preconcentration device for multiplexed, high-throughput applications
09/15/11Thermal and/or electrical conductivity control in suspensions
09/15/11Two-dimensional wavelength-beam-combining of lasers using first-order grating stack
09/15/11Microbial engineering for the production of fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives
09/08/11Offshore energy harvesting, storage, and power generation system
09/08/11asymmetric multilevel outphasing architecture for rf amplifiers
09/08/11Image search using images in query
09/01/11High-throughput platform for in-vivo sub-cellular screens on vertebrate larvae
08/25/11Process for preparing ink jet inks
08/25/11Method and apparatus for forming structures of polymer nanobeads
08/18/11System and method for thermal process including a thermoelectric heat pump and internal heat exchanger
08/18/11Amplified electrokinetic fluid pumping switching and desalting
08/18/11Fouling resistant membranes formed with polyacrylonitrile graft copolymers
08/18/11Single-transducer, three-dimensional laser imaging system and method
08/18/11Digital transmitter
08/18/11Non-ionic self-assembling peptides and uses thereof
08/18/11Compositions of modulators of the wnt/b-catenin pathway and an n-cinnamyl-n'benzhydryl piperazine and their use in treating neoplastic conditions including malignant melanoma
08/18/11Inhibitors of bacterial nitric oxide synthase, and related screening methods
08/18/11Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules with error control
08/18/11Engineered polypeptide agents for targeted broad spectrum influenza neutralization
08/18/11Nucleic acid shearing device with disposable cartridge
08/11/11Inertial measurement unit
08/11/11Niobium-tin superconducting coil
08/04/11Method and apparatus for embossing a deformable body
08/04/11System and method for uniaxial compression of an article, such as a three dimensionally printed dosage form
08/04/11Radio-frequency (rf) amplifier circuits and related techniques
08/04/11Methods for preparing sequencing libraries
08/04/11Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
08/04/11Trapping, recycling, and other techniques involving catalysts
08/04/11Protective polymeric materials and related devices
08/04/11Methods and apparatus for direct-global separation of light using angular filtering
07/28/11Grid-tied power conversion circuits and related techniques
07/28/11Method and apparatus for controlling film deposition
07/28/11Polymer arrays for biofilm adhesion testing
07/21/11Flexible actuator based on shape memory alloy sheet
07/21/11Multifunctional electroprocessed membranes
07/21/11Emissive polymers and devices incorporating these polymers
07/21/11Cement-based materials system for producing ferrous castings using a three-dimensional printer
07/21/11Bioprocess and microbe engineering for total carbon utilization in biofuel production
07/14/11Graft copolymers, methods for grafting hydrophilic chains onto hydrophobic polymers, and articles thereof
07/14/11Cross-talk suppression in geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes
07/14/11System and method for detecting damage, defect, and reinforcement in fiber reinforced polymer bonded concrete systems using far-field radar
07/14/11Space-time digital power amplifier
07/14/11Waveguide coupler having continuous three-dimensional tapering
07/14/11Nanostructured devices including analyte detectors, and related methods
07/07/11Systems and methods for enhancing growth of carbon-based nanostructures
07/07/11Plasma decomposition apparatus and method for carbon dioxide
07/07/11High-throughput fabrication of microparticles
07/07/11Swirl-counter-swirl microjets for thermoacoustic instability suppression
07/07/11Light-activated proton pumps and applications thereof
07/07/11Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (nfi)
06/30/11System and method for extracting feature data of dynamic objects
06/30/11Portable device having vibration reduction function and vibration reduction methode thereof
06/30/11Low-loss bloch wave guiding in open structures and highly compact efficient waveguide-crossing arrays
06/30/11System and method for simplification of a matrix based boosting algorithm
06/23/11Phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer
06/23/11Methods for identifying bacterial strains that produce l-tyrosine
06/23/11Identification of drug effects on signaling pathways using integer linear programming
06/16/11Efficient high-harmonic-generation-based euv source driven by short wavelength light
06/16/11Graphite microfluids
06/16/11Emissive sensors and devices incorporating these sensors
06/16/11Protective articles for resisting mechanical loads and related methods
06/16/11Methods and apparatus for control of hydrothermal nanowire synthesis
06/16/11Methods and compositions comprising macrocycles
06/16/11Methods, systems and media utilizing ranking techniques in machine learning
06/09/11Hybrid sensor-enabled electric wheel and associated systems, multi-hub wheel spoking systems, and methods of manufacturing and installing wheel spokes
06/09/11Methods and apparatus for optical coherence tomography scanning
06/09/11Digital transmitter
06/09/11Metalloprotein mri contrast agents and related methods
06/09/11Method for depositing a carbon nanotube thin film coating on an arbitrary substrate directly from chemical vapor deposition synthesis
06/09/11Multiplexed quantitative pcr end point analysis of nucleic acid targets
06/09/11Phonon-enhanced crystal growth and lattice healing
06/02/11Systems and methods for handling solids in microfluidic systems
06/02/11Microstructures for fluidic ballasting and flow control
06/02/11Blue light emitting semiconductor nanocrystals and devices
06/02/11Kinetically efficient substrate for lipoic acid ligase
06/02/11Compounds and methods for treating toll-like receptor 2-related diseases and conditions
05/26/11Annular solid immersion lenses and methods of making them
05/26/11Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules
05/26/11Cellular production of glucaric acid
05/26/11Biotemplated inorganic materials
05/19/11Self-assembly of macromolecules on multilayered polymer surfaces
05/19/11Continuous biomolecule separation in a nanofilter
05/19/11Virus/nanowire encapsulation within polymer microgels for 2d and 3d devices for energy and electronics
05/19/11Enhancement of in vitro translation by nanoparticle conjugates
05/19/11Continuous flow synthesis of amino alcohols using microreactors
05/12/11Water desalination using directional solvent extraction
05/12/11Phased array buckling actuator
05/12/11Non-intrusive monitoring of power and other parameters
05/12/11Methods for microbial production of terpenoids
05/12/11Rnai-based therapeutics for allergic rhinitis and asthma
05/05/11Photovoltaic device including semiconductor nanocrystals
05/05/11Information search and retrieval system
04/28/11Methods and compositions for increasing the activity of inhibitory rna
04/28/11Compositions and methods for treating cancer and modulating stress granule formation
04/28/11Poly(propargyl-l-glutamate) and derivatives thereof
04/28/11In-fiber filament production
04/28/11Small-scale batteries and electrodes for use thereof
04/28/11In vivo gene sensors
04/28/11Electrochemical actuator
04/28/11Integrated learning for interactive synthetic characters
04/21/11Devices and methods for determination of species including chemical warfare agents
04/21/11Microspheres including nanoparticles
04/21/11Apparatus and methods for interactive illumination
04/21/11Mutant interleukin-2 (il-2) polypeptides
04/14/11Compliant holder device for animal imaging and surgery
04/14/11Electrodeposited alloys and methods of making same using power pulses
04/14/11Phase from defocused color images
04/14/11High-throughput method for quantifying sialylation of glycoproteins
04/14/11Light-proof electrodes
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for microstructure lightguides
04/07/11Photovoltaic devices
04/07/11Light emitting device including semiconductor nanocrystals
04/07/11Method and apparatus for determining radiation
04/07/11Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (nfi)
03/31/11Superhydrophilic coatings
03/31/11Apparatus and method for generating high-intensity optical pulses with an enhancement cavity
03/31/11Method to reduce dislocation density in silicon using stress
03/31/11Optical limiting using plasmonically enhancing nanoparticles
03/31/11Articles formed by manufacturing processes, such as three-dimensional printing, including solvent vapor filming and the like
03/31/11Highly z-selective olefins metathesis
03/24/11Concentrated solar power system
03/24/11Spark ignition engine that uses intake port injection of alcohol to extend knock limits
03/24/11Concentrated solar power system receiver
03/24/11Reticulated and controlled porosity battery structures
03/17/11Electronic shutter with photogenerated charge extinguishment capability for back-illuminated image sensors
03/17/11Method of asymmetrically functionalizing porous materials
03/17/11Reticulated and controlled porosity battery structures
03/10/11Light emitting material
03/10/11Aglycosylated immunoglobulin mutants
03/10/11Controlled modification of semiconductor nanocrystals
03/03/11Microfluidic bubble logic devices and methods
03/03/11Digital transmitter
03/03/11Kinase sensors
03/03/11Nonlinear system identification techniques and devices for discovering dynamic and static tissue properties
02/24/11Thermo-mechanical process to enhance the quality of grain boundary networks
02/24/11Electrochemical actuator
02/24/11Optical nanosensors comprising photoluminescent nanostructures
02/24/11Solar cells with textured surfaces
02/17/11Photovoltaic devices
02/17/11High-resolution 3d imaging of single semiconductor nanocrystals
02/17/11Directed material assembly
02/17/11Exoskeletons for running and walking
02/10/11Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
02/10/11Compositions and methods for diagnosing and/or treating influenza infection
02/10/11Reagents for inducing an immune response
02/10/11Compositions of and methods of using sulfatases from flavobacterium heparinum
02/03/11Light emitting device including semiconductor nanocrystals
02/03/11Fabrication-tolerant waveguides and resonators
02/03/11Systems and methods related to the formation of carbon-based nanostructures
02/03/11Compositions for chemical and biological defense
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for bokeh codes
01/27/11Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
01/27/11Bi-directional screen
01/27/11Adhesive articles
01/20/11Methods and apparatus for light harvesting in displays
01/20/11Semiconductor nanocrystal heterostructures
01/20/11Structural colors having uv reflectance via spray layer-by-layer processing
01/20/11Liquid electrode battery
01/20/11Poly zinc finger proteins with improved linkers
01/20/11Metal-catalyzed carbon-fluorine bond formation
01/13/11Sirtuin based methods and compositions for treating beta-catenin-related conditions
01/13/11Methods for treating stress induced emotional disorders
01/06/11System and method for providing high throughput entropy coding using syntax element partitioning
01/06/11Optical devices having controlled nonlinearity
01/06/11Methods and apparatus for monitoring patients and delivering therapeutic stimuli

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