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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2012 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/27/12Power converter with capacitive energy transfer and fast dynamic response
12/27/12Led array with photodetector
12/27/12System, method and apparatus for wavelength-coded multi-focal microscopy
12/27/12System, method and apparatus for phase-coded multi-plane microscopy
12/27/12System, method and apparatus for contrast enhanced multiplexing of images
12/27/12Modulated aperture imaging for automatic moving target detection
12/20/12Methods and compositions comprising macrocycles, including halogenated macrocycles
12/20/12Semiconductor nanocrystals heterostructures
12/20/12Efficient mcmc sampling with implicit shape representations
12/20/12Z-selective ring-closing metathesis reactions
12/13/12Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
12/13/12Power converter with capacitive energy transfer and fast dynamic response
12/13/12Systems and methods for delivering substances into nanoporous mineralized tissues
12/13/12Methods for microbial production of terpenoids
12/13/12Method for promoting behavior change through social reward mediation
12/06/12Layer processing for pharmaceuticals
12/06/12Recycled light interferometric fiber optic gyroscope
12/06/12System, method and apparatus for phase contrast enhanced multiplexing of images
12/06/12Method and apparatus to perform function compression
12/06/12Modified alginates for cell encapsulation and cell therapy
12/06/12Method and apparatus accounting for independent cognitive capacities in the right vs. left half of vision
12/06/12Monitoring task engagement using beta oscillations
12/06/12Tracking a body by nonlinear and non-gaussian parametric filtering
11/29/12Methods for electrochemically induced cathodic deposition of crystalline metal-organic frameworks
11/29/12Methods and apparatus for estimation of motion and size of non-line-of-sight objects
11/29/12Methods and apparatus for online calorimetry
11/29/12Methods and apparatus for prediction and modification of behavior in networks
11/22/12Double pinch criterion for optimization of regenerative rankine cycles
11/22/12Hybrid solar concentrator
11/22/12Microfluidic bubble logic devices and methods
11/22/12Methods and apparatus for actuated 3d surface with gestural interactivity
11/22/12Method and apparatus for determining radiation
11/22/12Method of lift-off patterning thin films in situ employing phase change resists
11/22/12Hard, impermeable, flexible and conformal organic coatings
11/22/12Methods and apparatus for assessment of atypical brain activity
11/15/12Acoustic probe for leak detection in water pipelines
11/15/12Optimized fuel management system for direct injection ethanol enhancement of gasoline engines
11/15/12Back-tension archery release
11/15/12Compact coherent current and radiation source
11/15/12Templated monolayer polymerization and replication
11/15/12Microbial production of pentanol from glucose or glycerol
11/15/12Methods and products related to the improved analysis of carbohydrates
11/08/12Jamming methods and apparatus
11/08/12Optical receiver configurable to accommodate a variety of modulation formats
11/08/12Battery structures, self-organizing structures, and related methods
11/08/12Multi-axis water jet propulsion using coanda effect valves
11/01/12Self-regulating pressure source
11/01/12In-pipe leak detection based on pressure gradient
11/01/12Robotic system for pipeline rehabilitation
11/01/12Fabrication of electronic and photonic systems on flexible substrates by layer transfer method
11/01/12Precision parabolic mirror structures
11/01/12Scaling signal quality with channel quality
11/01/12Surfaces with controllable wetting and adhesion
11/01/12Nanofiber electrodes for energy storage devices
11/01/12Devices and processes for analyzing nucleic acid damage and repair using electrophoresis
11/01/12Coating compositions, methods and coated devices
11/01/12Coating compositions, methods and coated devices
11/01/12System and method for providing product data collection, monitoring, and tracking
10/25/12Fiber draw synthesis
10/25/12Biodegradable elastomers
10/25/12Automated layer by layer spray technology
10/25/12Engineered proteins including mutant fibronectin domains
10/18/12Fluid level sensor system
10/18/12Nanoscale thermoelectric wave generators
10/18/12Photodetecting fiber
10/18/12Biocompatible adhesive materials and methods
10/18/12Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules
10/11/12Leak detection system
10/11/12System for dual pressure sensing
10/11/12Apparatus and method of wireless underwater inspection robot for nuclear power plants
10/11/12Cardiovascular index estimation methods
10/04/12Thermally-actuated gas lift safety valve
10/04/12Method for enhancing current throughput in an electrochemical system
10/04/12Methods and apparatus for accessing peripheral content
10/04/12Conjugated lipomers and uses thereof
10/04/12Battery structures, self-organizing structures, and related methods
10/04/12Water soluble membrane proteins and methods for the preparation and use thereof
10/04/12Methods for diagnosing and treating cancer
09/27/12Direct synthesis of patterned graphene by deposition
09/27/12Batteries and electrodes for use thereof
09/20/12On-chip miniature optical isolator
09/20/12Random linear network coding for time division duplexing
09/20/12Mission planning interface for accessing vehicle resources
09/20/12Silicon-rich alloys
09/13/12Biologically self-assembled nanotubes
09/13/12Phased array buckling actuator
09/06/12Photovoltaic energy extraction with multilevel output dc-dc switched capacitor converters
09/06/12Pathogen detection biosensor
09/06/12Microbial production of 3,4-dihydroxybutyrate (3,4-dhba), 2,3- dihydroxybutyrate (2,3-dhba) and 3-hydroxybutyrolactone (3-hbl)
08/30/12Methods and compositions for increased safety of stem cell-derived populations
08/30/12Influenza treatment and/or characterization, human-adapted ha polypeptides; vaccines
08/23/12Electrophoretic-deposited surfaces
08/23/12Photovoltaic reverse osmosis system with thermal management
08/23/12Magnetic colloid petroleum oil spill clean-up of ocean surface, depth, and shore regions
08/23/12Rateless and rated coding using spinal codes
08/23/12Hydrogel encapsulated cells and anti-inflammatory drugs
08/23/12Hemagglutinin polypeptides, and reagents and methods relating thereto
08/23/12Conductive lithium storage electrode
08/23/12Probe incorporation mediated by enzymes
08/23/12Cre-lox based gene knockdown constructs and methods of use thereof
08/16/12High-efficiency thermal-energy-driven water purification system
08/16/12Collapsible input device
08/16/12Methods and apparatus for cataract detection and measurement
08/16/12Method and apparatus for generating a forecast weather image
08/16/12Dosage form exhibiting rapid disperse properties, methods of use and process for the manufacture of same
08/16/12Innate immune suppression enables repeated delivery of long rna molecules
08/09/12Kinetic super-resolution imaging
08/09/12Tunable multiscale structures comprising bristly, hollow metal/metal oxide particles, methods of making and articles incorporating the structures
08/02/12Thermo-mechanical process to enhance the quality of grain boundary networks in metal alloys
08/02/12Nanocrystals including iii-v semiconductors
08/02/12Array directed light-field display for autostereoscopic viewing
08/02/12Holographic video display system
08/02/12Co-continuous polymer composites with enhanced mechanical performance and multi-functional applications
07/26/12Method and kit for stand-off detection of explosives
07/26/12Brewing system
07/26/12Thermal imager
07/19/12Solar thermoelectric conversion
07/19/12Gas detector for atmospheric species detection
07/12/12Electrochemical actuators
07/12/12Polyphase nonlinear digital predistortion
07/12/12Digital compensation of a nonlinear system
07/12/12asymmetric multilevel outphasing architecture for rf amplifiers
07/12/12Compositions, methods, and systems comprising fluorous-soluble polymers
07/12/12Treatment of rett syndrome and other disorders
07/12/12Lipid vesicle compositions and methods of use
07/12/12Virus scaffold for self-assembled, flexible and light lithium battery
07/12/12Nanotube array for optical detection of protein-protein interactions
07/05/12Tellurium-containing nanocrystalline materials
07/05/12Compositions comprising functionalized carbon-based nanostructures and related methods
07/05/12Production of triacylglycerides, fatty acids, and their derivatives
07/05/12System for determining co2 emissions
06/28/12Articles and methods for reducing hydrate adhesion
06/28/12Stationary, fluid redox electrode
06/28/12Hybrid lithographic method for fabricating complex multidimensional structures
06/28/12Microbial production of natural sweeteners, diterpenoid steviol glycosides
06/28/12Selective ion binding nanomaterials
06/28/12Articles and methods related to the formation of nanostructure reinforced structures
06/21/12Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
06/21/12Ionic junction for radiation detectors
06/21/12Bayesian inference of particle motion and dynamics from single particle tracking and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
06/21/12Methods for forming electrodes for water electrolysis and other electrochemical techniques
06/21/12Programmable surface
06/21/12Secret key generation
06/14/12Electrochemical actuator
06/14/12Method and apparatus for complex in-phase/quadrature polyphase nonlinear equalization
06/14/12Method and apparatus for depositing led organic film
06/14/12End-modified poly(beta-amino esters) and uses thereof
06/07/12Articulating protective system for resisting mechanical loads
06/07/12Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
06/07/12Water desalination using directional solvent extraction
06/07/12Color selective photodetector and methods of making
06/07/12Wireless hand gesture capture
06/07/12Content-adaptive parallax barriers for automultiscopic display
06/07/12Sketch recognition system
06/07/12Superconducting coil
06/07/12Hierarchical thermoplastic surface textures formed by phase transformation and methods of making
06/07/12Robotic apparatus
06/07/12Global hosting system
06/07/12Automatic correction of program logic
05/31/12Electrochemical double-layer capacitor using nanotube electrode structures
05/31/12Method and apparatus for synthesizing filamentary structures
05/31/12Core-shell magnetic particles and related methods
05/31/12Carbon-based nanostructure formation using large scale active growth structures
05/31/12Lock-release polymerization
05/31/12Optoelectronic detection system
05/24/12Compact cold, weak-focusing, superconducting cyclotron
05/24/12Transport and detection of superparamagnetic particles by nanowire
05/24/12Balanced bypass circulators and folded universally-balanced interferometers
05/24/12Silica aerogels and their preparation
05/24/12Subcellular in vivo time-lapse imaging and surgery of c. elegans in standard multiwell plates
05/24/12Charged polymers and their uses in electronic devices
05/17/12Apparatus and method for measuring buoyant mass and deformability of single cells
05/17/12A passive louver-based daylighting system
05/17/12Image comparison and processing
05/17/12Methods and apparatus for wireless control of biological tissue
05/17/12Method and apparatus for distributing requests among a plurality of resources
05/10/12Electronically controlled squishable composite switch
05/10/12Architectures for universal or software radio
05/10/12Compositions comprising and methods for forming functionalized carbon-based nanostructures
05/10/12System and method for providing a geo-referenced virtual collaborative environment
05/03/12Articles and methods for reducing hydrate adhesion
05/03/12Alkali metal ion battery with bimetallic electrode
05/03/12Particles for inhalation having sustained release properties
05/03/12Stimuli-responsive systems for controlled drug delivery
05/03/12Multiplexed quantitative pcr end point analysis of nucleic acid targets
05/03/12Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
05/03/12Patterning of nanostructures
05/03/12Molecular tweezers for the treatment of amyloid-related diseases
05/03/12Methods and apparati for predicting and quantifying threat being experienced by a modeled system
05/03/12Touch-based system for transferring data
04/26/12System and methods related to generating electromegnetic radiation interference patterns
04/19/12Methods and apparatus for digital composites
04/19/12Fluorescent sensor and methods
04/19/12Delivery of a solid body and/or a fluid using a linear lorentz-force actuated needle-free jet injection system
04/12/12Immunonanotherapeutics that provide igg humoral response without t-cell antigen
04/12/12Injection methods using a servo-controlled needle-free injector
04/12/12Methods and apparatus for high-throughput neural screening
04/05/12Fetal ecg monitoring
04/05/12Integrated framework for vehicle operator assistance based on a trajectory and threat assessment
03/29/12Cryogenic vacuum break thermal coupler
03/29/12Compositions, methods, and systems comprising poly(thiophenes)
03/29/12Methods and apparatus for transient light imaging
03/29/12Compositions, methods, and systems relating to controlled crystallization and/or nucleation of molecular species
03/29/12Method and apparatus for thermal jet printing
03/29/12Nanowire-based detector
03/22/12Method and apparatus for microcontact printing of mems
03/22/12Method for nanopatterning based on self assembly of a triblock terpolymer
03/22/12Laminar flow fuel cell incorporating concentrated liquid oxidant
03/15/12Reconfigurable logic automata
03/15/12Method and apparatus for transmitting optical signals
03/15/12Measurement of material properties and related methods and compositions
03/15/12Biodegradable poly(beta-amino esters) and uses thereof
03/15/12System and method for providing road condition and congestion monitoring
03/08/12Method for synthesizing metal oxide nanocyrstals
03/08/12Aqua-robotic pollutant removing systems and devices, and methods of removing pollutants from bodies of water
03/08/12Method for antireflection in binary and multi-level diffractive elements
03/08/12Fabrication of anti-fouling surfaces comprising a micro- or nano-patterned coating
03/01/12Optimized fuel management system for direct injection ethanol enhancement of gasoline engines
03/01/12Highly luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals
03/01/12Methods and apparatus for holographic animation
03/01/12Superwetting surfaces for diminishing leidenfrost effect, methods of making and devices incorporating the same
03/01/12Parametric audio system
02/23/12Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
02/23/12Particles with charged surface domains
02/23/12Extraction of liquid elements by electrolysis of oxides
02/23/12Delta 4, 5 glycuronidase compositions and methods related thereto
02/23/12Method and apparatus for pulse-modulated feedback control
02/16/12Discriminating electromagnetic radiation based on angle of incidence
02/16/12Compositions of and methods of using ligand dimers
02/09/12Personalized building comfort control
02/09/12Wavelength beam combining of quantum cascade laser arrays
02/09/12Authentication of integrated circuits
02/09/12Electrolytic recycling of compounds
02/09/12Strains for the production of flavonoids from glucose
02/02/12Mesostructured zeolitic materials, and methods of making and using the same
02/02/12Confined lateral growth of crystalline material
02/02/12Electrochemical methods, devices, and structures
02/02/12Asynchronous logic automata
02/02/12Modified heparinase iii and methods of sequencing therewith
02/02/12Genetically programmable pathogen sense and destroy
02/02/12Multilayer coating compositions, coated substrates and methods thereof
02/02/12Methods and compositions for managing cancer cell growth
01/26/12System for discretely actuated solar mirrors
01/19/12Quantum dot white and colored light-emitting devices
01/19/12Performance of nitride semiconductor devices
01/19/12Dexterous and compliant robotic finger
01/19/12Time varying quantization-based linearity enhancement of signal converters and mixed-signal systems
01/19/12Continuous wave or ultrafast lasers
01/19/12Method and apparatus for depositing led organic film
01/19/12Method for diagnosing allergic reactions
01/19/12Fetal ecg monitoring
01/19/12Diagnostic measuring device
01/12/12Three-dimensional photovoltaic apparatus and method
01/12/12Terahertz sensing system and method
01/12/12Modulation of the immune response
01/12/12Guided self-assembly of block copolymer line structures for integrated circuit interconnects
01/12/12Self-assembling peptides for regeneration and repair of neural tissue
01/05/12External-cavity one-dimensional multi-wavelength beam combining of two-dimensional laser elements
01/05/12Image comparison using regions
01/05/12Solid-phase and solution-phase synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol glycans
01/05/12Jet injector use in oral evaluation
01/05/12High precision scanning of encoded hydrogel microparticles

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