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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Massachusetts Institute Of Technology patents (2015 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/31/15Photometric stereo endoscopy
12/31/15Electrophoretic-deposited surfaces
12/31/15Cryptography and key management device and architecture
12/31/15Cryptography and key management device and architecture
12/31/15Managing transforms for compressing and decompressing visual data
12/24/15Methods for digital composites
12/24/15Multi-stage bubble column humidifier
12/24/15Novel full spectrum anti-dengue antibody
12/24/15Artificial sigma factors based on bisected t7 rna polymerase
12/24/15Dendritic cell response gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof
12/24/15Optimized fuel management system for direct injection ethanol enhancement of gasoline engines
12/24/15Water-soluble membrane proteins and methods for the preparation and use thereof
12/24/15Water-soluble trans-membrane proteins and methods for the preparation and use thereof
12/24/15Individually switched field emission arrays
12/24/15Improving linearity in semiconductor devices
12/24/15Lubricant-impregnated surfaces for electrochemical applications, and devices and systems using same
12/24/15Secure network coding for multi-resolution wireless transmission
12/17/15T cell balance gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof
12/17/15Methods and apparatus for artificial olfaction
12/17/15Content-adaptive parallax barriers for automultiscopic display
12/17/15Systems and methods for single cell culture and analysis by microscopy and maldi mass spectrometry
12/17/15Controlled porosity in electrodes
12/17/15Rf-input / rf-output outphasing amplifier
12/17/15Traffic backfilling via network coding in a multi-packet reception network
12/17/15Network coding for multi-resolution multicast
12/17/15Cognitive radio method and apparatus for achieving ad hoc interference multiple access wireless communication
12/10/15Methods for treating tissue damage associated with ischemia with apolipoprotein d
12/10/15Indazole derivatives and uses thereof
12/10/15Continuous oligocrystalline shape memory alloy wire produced by melt spinning
12/10/15Methods, models, systems, and apparatus for identifying target sequences for cas enzymes or crispr-cas systems for target sequences and conveying results thereof
12/10/15Electromechanical device
12/10/15Method and apparatus to provide power conversion with high power factor
12/10/15Hardware-efficient compensator for outphasing power amplifiers
12/10/15Method and apparatus for reducing feedback and enhancing message dissemination efficiency in a multicast network
12/03/15Particles for inhalation having sustained release properties
12/03/15Methods for cardioprotection and cardioregeneration with dimers of egf family ligands
12/03/15Hydrodynamic trap array
12/03/15Thermo-adsorptive battery climate control systems
12/03/15Coded seeking apparatus and techniques for data retrieval
12/03/15Organically cooled nuclear reactor for enhanced economics and safety
11/26/15Debridement apparatus using linear lorentz-force motors
11/26/15Compositions comprising functionalized carbon-based nanostructures and related methods
11/26/15Superelastic alloy structural geometry for ultrahigh mechanical damping
11/26/15Sensor, method for forming the same, and method of controlling the same
11/26/15Ultra-high efficiency color mixing and color separation
11/26/15Methods of imprint patterning of irregular surface
11/19/15Compositions and methods for affecting movement of contaminants, bodily fluids or other entities, and/or affecting other physiological conditions
11/19/15Antibacterial coatings that inhibit biofilm formation on implants
11/19/15Systems, devices, and methods for three-dimensional printing
11/19/15Cysteine arylation directed by a genetically encodable pi-clamp
11/19/15Methods and apparatus for surface classification
11/19/15Ultra-fast mechanical shutter
11/12/15Insulin derivatives for diabetes treatment
11/12/15Radiolucent cranial implants for neural applications
11/12/15Multi-stage bubble column humidification and dehumidification
11/12/15Continuous fabrication system and method for highly aligned polymer films
11/12/15Silica aerogels and their preparation
11/12/15Isolated adult cells, artificial organs, rehabilitated organs, research tools, organ encasements, organ perfusion systems, and methods for preparing and utilizing the same
11/05/15Adaptor for removal of fluid from vial using a needle-free syringe
11/05/15Self-assembling peptide and peptide gel with high strength
11/05/15Synthetically functionalized living cells
11/05/15Directed evolution of synthetic gene cluster
11/05/15Production of stable non-polyadenylated rnas
11/05/15Genetic device for the controlled destruction of dna
11/05/15Reducing leakage current in semiconductor devices
11/05/15Method and apparatus for recovering audio signals from images
10/29/15Carbon-dioxide compound and catalyst
10/29/15Apparatus and methods employing liquid-impregnated surfaces
10/29/15Methods and apparatus for additive manufacturing of glass
10/29/15Formation of core-shell fibers and particles by free surface electrospinning
10/29/15Applications of contact-transfer printed membranes
10/29/15Nanowire-modified graphene and methods of making and using same
10/29/15Thermo-electrically pumped light-emitting diodes
10/29/15Electrodes formed by oxidative chemical vapor deposition and related methods and devices
10/29/15Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer
10/29/15Method and apparatus for smart adaptive dynamic range multiuser detection radio receiver
10/29/15Devices and techniques for integrated optical data communication
10/22/15Rapid reconstitution packages for mixing and delivery of drugs
10/22/15Use of antagonists of ghrelin or ghrelin receptor to prevent or treat stress-sensitive psychiatric illness
10/22/15Methods and compositions for the treatment of open and closed wound spinal cord injuries
10/22/15Systems for filling a sample array by droplet dragging
10/22/15Attitude determination using infrared earth horizon sensors
10/22/15Compositions and methods comprising rhenium for the treatment of cancers
10/22/15Localization with non-synchronous emission and multipath transmission
10/22/15Methods and apparatus for light harvesting in displays
10/22/15Developer free positive tone lithography by thermal direct write
10/22/15Liquid metal alloy energy storage device
10/22/15Random linear coding approach to distributed data storage
10/22/15Methods and apparatus for demultiplexing illumination
10/22/15Characterizing multipath delays in antenna array and synthetic aperture radar systems
10/15/15Inter-detector scatter enahnced emission tomography
10/15/15Reconstitution of pharmaceuticals for injection
10/15/15Multi-stage bubble-column vapor mixture condenser
10/15/15Devices and methods for layer-by-layer assembly
10/15/15Engineering and optimization of systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation with functional domains
10/15/15Inducible dna binding proteins and genome perturbation tools and applications thereof
10/15/15Double pinch criterion for optimization of regenerative rankine cycles
10/15/15Mobile coherent change detection ground penetrating radar
10/15/15Radio frequency localization
10/15/15Systems and methods for a variable frequency multiplier power converter
10/08/15Methods and apparatus for physiological measurement using color band photoplethysmographic sensor
10/08/15Methods of inhibiting surface attachment of microorganisms
10/08/15Nanofluidic sorting system for gene synthesis and pcr reaction products
10/08/15Heterocycle-bisamide inhibitors of scavenger receptor bi
10/08/15Tunable surface topography through particle-enhanced soft composites
10/08/15Univariant extrinsic initiator control system for microbes and an in vitro assembly of large recombinant dna molecules from multiple components
10/08/15Pressure control in fluidic systems
10/08/15Detection of electromagnetic radiation using nonlinear materials
10/08/15Compact x-ray source for cd-saxs
10/08/15Active transport of charged molecules into, within, and/or from charged matrices
10/08/15Reagents for enhanced detection of low volatility analytes
10/08/15Serial arrays of suspended microchannel resonators
10/08/15Method and system modeling social identity in digital media with dynamic group membership
10/08/15Use of microparticle additives to simultaneously enable artifact-free image registration, auto-focusing, and chromatic aberration correction in microscopy
10/08/15System and method for extracting dominant orientations from a scene
10/08/15Electro-optical device
10/08/15Method and system for identification and mitigation of errors in non-line-of-sight distance estimation
10/01/15Apparatus and method for motor function characterization
10/01/15Lipid vesicle compositions and methods of use
10/01/15Blood clotting control
10/01/15Short-wavelength infrared (swir) fluorescence in vivo and intravital imaging with semiconductor nanocrystals
10/01/15Methods and apparatus for learning representations
10/01/15Power converter with capacitive energy transfer and fast dynamic response
10/01/15Electric field activation of shape memory ceramics
10/01/15Method and apparatus for rate determination in a radio frequency system
10/01/15Cognitive radio method and apparatus for achieving ad hoc interference multiple access wireless communication
09/24/15Methods and apparatus for physiological parameter estimation
09/24/15Nanoparticles for targeted delivery of multiple therapeutic agents and methods of use
09/24/15Discrete bypass particle concentrator
09/24/15Treatment of age-related and mitochondrial diseases by inhibition of hif-1 alpha function
09/24/15Micropatterned co-culture systems as infectious disease analysis platforms
09/24/15Applications of contact-transfer printed membranes
09/24/15Vertical nitride semiconductor device
09/24/15Digital transmitter
09/24/15Imaging systems and methods for immersive surveillance
09/17/15Thiohydantoin derivatives and uses thereof
09/17/15High affinity metal-oxide binding peptides with reversible binding
09/17/15Her2- and vegf-a-binding proteins with enhanced stability
09/17/15Contact-independent electrical conductance measurement
09/17/15Plasmon-enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells
09/17/15Level-crossing based circuit and method with offset voltage cancellation
09/10/15Multilayer compositions, coated devices and use thereof
09/10/15Split peroxidases and methods of use
09/10/15High-definition dna in situ hybridization (hd-fish) compositions and methods
09/10/15Method and apparatus for tracking cell identity
09/10/15Controlling gaasp/sige interfaces
09/10/15Efficient transmission of information to multiple nodes using cooperative feedback requests
09/10/15Methods and apparatus for illumination control
09/03/15Z-selective ring-closing metathesis reactions
09/03/15Cell rolling separation
09/03/15Engineering of systems, methods and optimized guide compositions for sequence manipulation
09/03/15Sensor of species including toxins and chemical warfare agents
09/03/15Gas sensors based upon metal carbon complexes
08/27/15Micro-fluidic device and uses thereof
08/27/15Cd20- and egfr-binding proteins with enhanced stability
08/27/15Catalysts and methods for ring opening metathesis polymerization
08/20/15Buffered body return receiver
08/20/15Layered medium for three-dimensional imaging
08/20/15Engineering of systems, methods and optimized guide compositions for sequence manipulation
08/20/15Delivery, use and therapeutic applications of the crispr-cas systems and compositions for targeting disorders and diseases using particle delivery components
08/20/15Beam-based nonlinear spring
08/20/15Microstructure synthesis by flow lithography and polymerization
08/20/15Wireless power transfer
08/20/15Materials for use with aqueous redox flow batteries and related methods and sysytems
08/13/15Blue light-activated ion channel molecules and uses thereof
08/13/15Suprametallogels and uses thereof
08/13/15Programmable drug delivery profiles of tumor-targeted bacteria
08/13/15Electronically controlled squishable composite switch
08/13/15Bottom-up ultra-thin functional optoelectronic films and devices
08/13/15Method and apparatus for stereoscopic imaging
08/06/15System and method for large field of view, single cell analysis
08/06/15Wearable robot assisting manual tasks
08/06/15Methods and products related to targeted cancer therapy
08/06/15Fluorescent contact imaging for in-process print sensing
08/06/15The use of gene expression profiling as a biomarker for assessing the efficacy of hdac inhibitor treatment in neurodegenerative conditions
08/06/15Water-activated permanganate electrochemical cell
08/06/15Switched capacitor circuits having level-shifting buffer amplifiers, and associated methods
07/30/15Optimal design of a lower limb exoskeleton or orthosis
07/30/15Combination therapies and methods of use thereof for treating cancer
07/30/15Methods and devices for inserting a needle
07/30/15Method for preparing a slurry of pulverized solid material in liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide
07/30/15Wheel spoking systems and methods of manufacturing and installing wheel spokes
07/30/15Neuropsychiatric disorder-associated mutations and uses thereof
07/30/15System for introspection and annotation of electronic design data
07/30/15No-insulation multi-width winding for high temperature superconducting magnets
07/30/15Microplasma generation devices and associated systems and methods
07/30/15Alkali metal ion battery with bimetallic electrode
07/30/15Tangible social network
07/23/15High charge density structures, including carbon-based nanostructures and applications thereof
07/23/15Liquid separation device
07/23/15Aminoalcohol lipidoids and uses thereof
07/23/15Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
07/23/15Crispr-cas systems and methods for altering expression of gene products
07/23/15Co-culture based modular engineering for the biosynthesis of isoprenoids, aromatics and aromatic-derived compounds
07/23/15Screening solid state ionic conductors for high ionic conductivity
07/16/15Polymer matrices for controlling crystallization
07/16/15Compositions and uses to govern cancer cell growth
07/16/15Optogenetic control of endothelial cells
07/16/15Thermo-mechanical process to enhance the quality of grain boundary networks in metal alloys
07/16/15Travel survey systems and methods
07/16/15System and method for providing unidimensional scale extraction from a multidimensional entity
07/16/15Knowledge registry systems and methods
07/09/15Temporal structured-illumination motion-detection system
07/09/15Activation of histone deacetylase 1 (hdac1) protects against dna damage and increases neuronal survival
07/09/15Foams of graphene, method of making and materials made thereof
07/09/15Methods and apparatus for optically detecting magnetic resonance
07/09/15Wireless energy transfer
07/09/15Puf authentication and key-exchange by substring matching
07/09/15Riesz pyramids for fast phase-based video magnification
07/02/15Modified saponins for the treatment of fungal infections
07/02/15Self-assembling peptides incorporating modifications and methods of use thereof
07/02/15Crispr-cas systems and methods for altering expression of gene products
07/02/15Engineering dna assembly in vivo and methods of making and using the reverse transcriptase technology
07/02/15Wireless non-radiative energy transfer
07/02/15Apparatus for multi-level switched-capacitor rectification and dc-dc conversion
06/25/15Peripheral neural interface via nerve regeneration to distal tissues
06/25/15Controllably degradable compositions and methods
06/25/15Identifying and modulating molecular pathways that mediate nervous system plasticity
06/25/15Reversible masking of pore-forming proteins for macromolecular delivery
06/25/15High-throughput synthesis of nanoparticles
06/25/15Hybrid photocatalyst for wastewater remediation
06/25/15Thermal desalination for increased distillate production
06/25/15Wastewater filtration system and method
06/25/15Tomographic phase microscopy
06/25/15Biosensor, palm-sized device and method based on magnetic resonance relaxometry
06/25/15Wireless communication systems for underground pipe inspection
06/25/15Controlled liquid/solid mobility using external fields on lubricant-impregnated surfaces
06/25/15Method for coding-based, delay-efficient data transmission
06/18/15Fortified micronutrient salt formulations
06/18/15Translocation of non-natural chemical entities through anthrax protective antigen pore
06/18/15Methods and products related to protozoan disease
06/18/15Engineered microbes and methods for microbial oil production
06/18/15Tunable nucleate boiling using electric fields and ionic surfactants
06/18/15Methods and apparatus for spectrometry
06/18/15Method and apparatus for a porous electrospray emitter
06/18/15Inverter/power amplifier with capacitive energy transfer and related techniques
06/11/15Polymers for functional particles
06/11/15Discrete deposition of particles
06/11/15Object of additive manufacture with encoded predicted shape change and method of manufacturing same
06/11/15Method and system for extending reach in deviated wellbores using selected injection speed
06/11/15Method and system for extending reach in deviated wellbores using selected vibration frequency
06/04/15Independent magnetically-multiplexed heating of portions of a target
06/04/15Methods and products related to lung cancer
06/04/15Nanocrystal synthesis
06/04/15Protein retrosplicing enabled by a double ligation reaction
06/04/15Microbial engineering for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products from the isoprenoid pathway
06/04/15Device and method for luminescence enhancement by resonant energy transfer from an absorptive thin film
06/04/15Gravity induced flow cell
06/04/15Reducing view transitions artifacts in automultiscopic displays
05/28/15Photovoltaic power balancing and differential power processing
05/28/15Quick-release adhesive tapes
05/28/15Wideband simultaneous transmit and receive (star) antenna with miniaturized tem horn elements
05/28/15Influenza treatment and/or characterization, human-adapted ha polypeptides; vaccines
05/28/15Sustained delivery of molecules using peptide surfactants and uses thereof
05/28/15Systems and methods for detecting molecular interactions using magnetic beads
05/28/15Spinal cord injury, inflammation, and immune-disease: local controlled release of therapeutic agents
05/28/15Steering techniques for surgical instruments
05/28/15System and method for non-contact ultrasound
05/28/15System and method for analyzing tissue using shear waves
05/28/15Photovoltaic power balancing and differential power processing
05/28/15Quick-release adhesive tapes
05/28/15Wideband simultaneous transmit and receive (star) antenna with miniaturized tem horn elements
05/28/15Influenza treatment and/or characterization, human-adapted ha polypeptides; vaccines
05/28/15Sustained delivery of molecules using peptide surfactants and uses thereof
05/28/15Systems and methods for detecting molecular interactions using magnetic beads
05/28/15Spinal cord injury, inflammation, and immune-disease: local controlled release of therapeutic agents
05/28/15Steering techniques for surgical instruments
05/28/15System and method for non-contact ultrasound
05/28/15System and method for analyzing tissue using shear waves
05/21/15Multi-actuator design and control for a high-speed/large-range nanopositioning system
05/21/15Lipid formulations for delivery of messenger rna
05/21/15Massively parallel combinatorial genetics
05/21/15Rna interference mediating small rna molecules
05/21/15Nickel pre-catalysts and related compositions and methods
05/21/15Continuum style manipulator actuated with phase change media
05/21/15Signal-flow architecture for cooperative control and resource allocation
05/14/15Synergistic tumor treatment with extended-pk il-2 and therapeutic agents
05/14/15Percolated microstructures for multi-modal transport enhancement in porous active materials
05/14/15Microbial production of branched medium chain alcohols, such as 4-methylpentanol
05/14/15Device and method for continuous cell culture and other reactions
05/14/15Patterning of nanostructures
05/14/15Cell-based genomic recorded accumulative memory
05/14/15Near infrared fluorescent single walled carbon nanotubes as tissue localizable biosensors
05/07/15Automated method for simultaneous bubble detection and expulsion
05/07/15Mitigating leaks in membranes
05/07/15Membrane for filtrating water
05/07/15Joint view expansion and filtering for automultiscopic 3d displays
05/07/15Hardware-efficient signal-component separator for outphasing power amplifiers
05/07/15Waveguide formation using cmos fabrication techniques
05/07/15Bone and metal targeted polymeric nanoparticles
05/07/15Flexible containers for use with short shelf-life products, and methods for accelerating distribution of flexible containers
05/07/15Flow battery using non-newtonian fluids
05/07/15Biodegradable layer-by-layer (lbl) films for cell capture and release
05/07/15Probe incorporation mediated by enzymes
05/07/15Selection of nucleic acids by solution hybridization to oligonucleotide baits
05/07/15Systems for filling a sample array by droplet dragging
05/07/15Diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders
05/07/15Endovascular devices with axial perturbations
05/07/15Active ankle foot orthosis
04/30/15Chemical and physical sensing with a reader and rfid tags
04/30/15Method and apparatus for producing an asymmetric magnetic field
04/30/15Cell-directed synthesis of multifunctional nanopatterns and nanomaterials
04/30/15Hydrogel microstructures with immiscible fluid isolation for small reaction volumes
04/30/15High-throughput corrosion testing platform
04/30/15Methods and apparatus for coded time-of-flight camera
04/23/15Methods and apparatus for layer jamming
04/23/15Continuous measurement chromatography and method of continuous stochastic perturbation chromatography
04/23/15Methods and systems for carrying out a ph-influenced chemical and/or biological reaction
04/23/15Reversible sorbent for warm co2 capture by pressure swing adsorption
04/23/15Carrier-free biologically-active protein nanostructures
04/23/15Self-assembled nanoparticle vaccines
04/23/15Hydrophobic materials incorporating rare earth elements and methods of manufacture
04/23/15Using correlation structure of speech dynamics to detect neurological changes
04/23/15Methods and devices for sensing tissues and tissue compartments
04/16/15Particles for inhalation having sustained release properties
04/16/15Process for the production of non-sintered transition metal carbide and nitride nanoparticles
04/16/15Enterobactin conjugates and uses thereof
04/16/15Methods for treating polycystic kidney disease and polycystic liver disease
04/09/15Aerosol generation for stable, low-concentration delivery
04/09/15Nanocell drug delivery system
04/09/15Electrochemical systems and methods for harvesting heat energy
04/09/15Battery with heterogeneous flow-through porous electrodes
04/09/15Monolithic integration of cmos and non-silicon devices
04/02/15Passivation technique for wide bandgap semiconductor devices
04/02/15Optoelectronic detection system
04/02/15Cellular production of glucaric acid
04/02/15Lectin conjugates for mucin hydration
04/02/15Systems and methods for composable analytics
03/26/15Methods and apparatus for robotic zipper
03/26/15Combustion system
03/26/15Methods, compositions, and devices to induce mobilization and recruitment of progenitor cells
03/26/15Cancer-related extracellular matrix signatures and related methods and products
03/26/15Self assembled films for protein and drug delivery applications
03/26/15Extruder feed system
03/26/15Analog and mixed-signal computation and circuits in living cells
03/26/15Application specific integrated circuit with column-row-parallel architecture for ultrasonic imaging
03/19/15Devices and methods using porous membranes for oil-water emulsion separation
03/19/15Method and apparatus for release-assisted microcontact printing of mems
03/19/15Mena and alpha5 integrin interaction
03/19/15Conductive polymer films grafted on organic substrates
03/19/15Microbial engineering for the production of fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives
03/19/15Crispr-cas component systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation
03/19/15Cell patterning
03/19/15Compounds, compositions and methods of agelastatin alkaloids
03/19/15Medicament, method, and drug delivery device for treatment of ovarian cancer
03/19/15Product promotion optimization system
03/19/15Inverse patterning process for three-dimensional multi-compartmental micro-organization of multiple cell types
03/12/15Methods and apparatus for selective rod actuation
03/12/15Methods for high figure-of-merit in nanostructured thermoelectric materials
03/12/15Metallic dielectric photonic crystals and methods of fabrication
03/12/15Systems and methods related to the formation of carbon-based nanostructures
03/12/15Localized solar collectors
03/12/15Ethanol production in engineered yeast
03/12/15Controllable compression garments using shape memory alloys and associated techniques and structures
03/12/15Controllable compression textiles using shape memory alloys and associated products
03/05/15Tuning microbial populations with programmable nucleases
03/05/15Methods for treatment of cervical insufficiency
03/05/15Seed for metal dichalcogenide growth by chemical vapor deposition
03/05/15Tuning bacteriophage host range
03/05/15Microfluidic-based gene synthesis
03/05/15Multi-well micropatterning by ablation
03/05/15Olefin metathesis catalysts and related methods
03/05/15Orthopaedic joints providing enhanced lubricity
03/05/15System and method for designing three-dimensional objects
02/26/15Internally-heated thermal and externally-cool photovoltaic cascade solar energy system for full solar spectrum utilization
02/26/15Carrier-substrate adhesive system
02/26/15Methods for identification of sites for igg conjugation
02/26/15Methods for treatment of 16p11.2 microdeletion syndrome
02/19/15Wireless non-radiative energy transfer
02/19/15Method and apparatus for motion coded imaging
02/19/15Bacteriophages expressing antimicrobial peptides and uses thereof
02/19/15Optoelectronic detection system
02/19/15Anti-sigmas for programmable transcriptional regulation
02/19/15Mucins as antiviral compounds
02/19/15Nonlinear system identification techniques and devices for discovering dynamic and static tissue properties
02/19/15Model-based neuromechanical controller for a robotic leg
02/12/15Menainv and cancer invasion and metastasis
02/12/15Dynamic in-fiber particle production with precise dimensional control
02/12/15Cathode buffer materials and related devices and methods
02/12/15High-throughput platform for in-vivo sub-cellular screens on vertebrate larvae
02/12/15Extracellular release of lipids by photosynthetic cells
02/12/15Phosphine-ligated palladium sulfonate palladacycles
02/12/15Automatic process control of additive manufacturing device
02/12/15Nanobionic engineering of organelles and photosynthetic organisms
02/05/15Methods and apparatus for visual display
02/05/15Cytosolically-active peroxidases as reporters for microscopy
02/05/15Multi-channel scalable eeg acquisition system on a chip with integrated patient specific seizure classification and recording processor
01/29/15Electrodes formed by oxidative chemical vapor deposition and related methods and devices
01/29/15Aluminum nitride based semiconductor devices
01/29/15Accurate timing distribution by high-frequency radio
01/29/15Spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy electrode assembly
01/29/15Thulium laser
01/29/15Glucose-responsive microgels for closed loop insulin delivery
01/29/15Methods and compositions for the treatment of open and closed wound spinal cord injuries
01/29/15Multilayer films and uses thereof
01/29/15Crispr-cas component systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation
01/29/15Emissive compositions with internal standard and related techniques
01/29/15Methods and apparatus for omnidirectional tissue illumination
01/22/15Visible-infrared plane grating imaging spectrometer
01/22/15Resonant power converters using impedance control networks and related techniques
01/22/15Wind turbine power augmentation
01/22/15Piezoelectric and electrorestrictor materials
01/22/15System for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents
01/22/15Self-regulated peptide hydrogel for insulin delivery
01/22/15Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (nfi)
01/15/15Sleeved coaxial printed circuit board vias
01/15/15Methods and apparatus for refractive flow measurement
01/15/15Synergistic tumor treatment with extended-pk il-2 and adoptive cell therapy
01/15/15Persistent-mode mri magnet fabricated from reacted, monofilamentary mgb2 wires and joints
01/15/15Molecular and cellular imaging using engineered hemodynamic responses
01/15/15Delivery, engineering and optimization of systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation and therapeutic applications
01/08/15Turbocharged single cylinder internal combustion engine using an air capacitor
01/08/15Optical structures including nanocrystals
01/08/15Microfluidic bubble logic devices
01/08/15Tip actuated disposable endoscope
01/01/15Polymer particles and methods of using these for oil recovery
01/01/15Wide-field imaging using nitrogen vacancies
01/01/15Flexible high-voltage thin film transistors
01/01/15Permute codes, iterative ensembles, graphical hash codes, and puncturing optimization
01/01/15Functionalization of endogenous bacteria
01/01/15Reagents for oxidizer-based chemical detection
01/01/15Pulse detection from head motions in video
01/01/15Controlled needle-free transport
01/01/15Use of humanized mice to determine toxicity
07/23/15Methods to identify amino acid residues involved in macromolecular binding and uses therefor

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