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Maxim Integrated Products Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Maxim Integrated Products Inc. Maxim Integrated Products Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Maxim Integrated Products Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Maxim Integrated Products Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/08/17Systems and methods for dc power line communication in a photovoltaic system
06/01/17Power adaptive dual mode card emulation system for nfc and rfid application
05/25/17Direct measurement of an input signal to a loudspeaker to determine and limit a temperature of a voice coil of the loudspeaker
04/27/17Dual galvanic isolation barriers and monitoring systems and methods
04/06/17Method and multi-phase dc-dc converters using coupled inductors in discontinuous conduction mode
03/02/17Methods for multi-phase voltage regulator control
01/26/17Orientation aware audio soundstage mapping for a mobile device
01/19/17Switching circuits having multiple operating modes and associated methods
01/19/17Systems and methods for dc power line communication in a photovoltaic system
01/05/17Master slave charging architecture with communication between chargers
01/05/17Systems and methods for authentication based on physically unclonable functions
12/22/16Driver for high speed laser diode
12/15/16Mobile sample analysis system, mobile measurement device, and providing analysis results
11/10/16Electric-field imager for assays
10/20/16Thermal management of thermal sensor in a mobile device
10/20/16Color matching with shade detection
09/29/16Thermopile temperature sensor field of view narrowing using integrated light blocking layer and lens
09/22/16Mobile personal point-of-sale terminal
09/22/16Systems and methods for operating secure elliptic curve cryptosystems
09/15/16Heat imaging thermopile device and method
09/15/16Method for providing power to an electronic device
08/25/16Low-profile coupled inductors with leakage control
08/25/16Backward compatible using 4p audio jack to provide power and signal to headset with active noise cancellation
06/30/16Mobile uv sterilization device and method
06/23/16Ambient temperature measurement sensor
06/16/16Micromechanical coriolis rate of rotation sensor
06/09/16Mems-based wafer level packaging for thermo-electric ir detectors
05/12/16Multi-channel uv detection for improved solar spectrum and uv index estimation
05/05/16Thermopile temperature sensor with a reference sensor therein
05/05/16Group-aware current-limited amplifier and system
04/28/16Temperature compensated real-time clock
04/28/16Interconnect structures for minimizing clock and output timing skews in a high speed current steering dac
04/28/16Mimo antenna leakage canceller system
04/07/16Tamper detection industrial & metering devices not requiring a battery
04/07/16Systems and methods for enhancing confidentiality via logic gate encryption
03/31/16Three phases controller for buck-boost regulators
03/24/16Secure memories using unique identification elements
03/17/16Semiconductor device having a die and through-substrate via
03/10/16Three-dimensional chip-to-wafer integration
03/10/16Systems and methods for managing cryptographic keys in a secure microcontroller
03/03/16System, method and apparatus with multiple reservoirs for in situ calibration of implantable sensors
02/25/16Digital technique for excess loop delay compensation in a continuous-time delta sigma modulator
02/11/16Micro-gyroscope and operating a micro-gyroscope
02/11/16Gyroscope shock and disturbance detection circuit
02/11/16System and estimating spectral contributions in ambient light and correcting field of view errors
02/11/16Detecting and thwarting backside attacks on secured systems
02/04/16Micro rate of rotation sensor and operating a micro rate of rotation sensor
02/04/16Daisy chain configuration for power converters
01/28/16Mems gyroscope for determining rotational movements about an x, y, and/or z axis
01/28/16Method and sensing capacitance value and converting it into digital format
01/28/16Method and device for issuing an access authorization
01/28/16Maintain power signature (mps) powered device (pd)
01/21/16Wearable device for using human body as input mechanism
01/21/16Programmable mixed-signal input/output (io)
01/14/16Fully capacitive coupled input choppers
01/07/16Method for detecting accelerations and rotation rates, and mems sensor
01/07/16Electronic circuit arrangement for receiving low frequency electro-magnetic waves with an adjustable attenuator element
12/24/15Capacitive touch panel having dielectric structures formed therein
12/17/15Silicon shield for package stress sensitive devices
12/03/15Photopatternable glass micro electrochemical cell and method
11/26/15Systems and techniques to determine whether a signal is associated with a periodic biologic function
11/26/15Ultraviolet sensor having filter
11/19/15Systems and methods for mems gyroscope shock robustness
11/19/15Shock-robust integrated multi-axis mems gyroscope
11/19/15Bipolar chopping for 1/f noise and offset reduction in magnetic field sensors
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11/12/15Multi-die, high current wafer level package
11/12/15Formation of a thermopile sensor utilizing cmos fabrication techniques
10/29/15Gesture detection and compact representation thereof
10/15/15Hybrid pen device and method
10/15/15Usb hubs with galvanic isolation
10/01/15Mems pressure sensor with improved insensitivity to thermo-mechanical stress
10/01/15Wafer level device and method with cantilever pillar structure
10/01/15Systems and methods for capacitive digital to analog converters
09/24/15Method and system for quadrature error compensation
09/17/15System and current measurement in the presence of high common mode voltages
09/17/15High voltage switching output driver
09/17/15Accessory management and data communication using audio port
09/17/15Wafer-based electronic component packaging
09/10/15Enhanced board level reliability for wafer level packages
09/10/15Adaptive dead time control
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09/10/15Multiple camera synchronization system
09/03/15State based full and empty control for rechargeable batteries
08/27/15Nondispersive infrared micro-optics sensor for blood alcohol concentration measurements
08/27/15Embedded die redistribution layers for active device
08/27/15Optical sensor having a light emitter and a photodetector assembly directly mounted to a transparent substrate
08/27/15Interconnect structures for minimizing clock and output timing skews in a high speed current steering dac
08/27/15Method for trimming segment currents in current steering dac based on most back gate voltage modulation
08/20/15Predictive sampling for primary side sensing in isolated flyback converters
08/20/15System and extracting parameters of a speaker without using stimulus
07/23/15System and method to reduce power consumption in a multi-sensor environment
07/09/15Eliminating visible flicker in led-based display systems
07/02/15Symmetrical, direct coupled laser drivers
06/25/15Precise accurate measurement of the administration of drugs using the injection method by means of ultrasonic pulse-echo principles
06/04/15Techniques for adhesive control between a substrate and a die
05/21/15Systems and methods to monitor current in switching converters
05/14/15Bonded stacked wafers and methods of electroplating bonded stacked wafers
05/07/15Adaptive dead-time control
04/30/15Systems and methods for on-chip temperature sensor
04/30/15Systems and methods to secure industrial sensors and actuators
04/23/15Wafer level lens in package
04/09/15Systems and methods to determine stiction failures in mems devices
03/26/15Systems and methods for discharging inductors with temperature protection
03/12/15Continuous cuffless blood pressure measurement using a mobile device
03/05/15Ldmosfet having a bridge region formed between two gate electrodes
03/05/15Time of arrival delay cancellations
03/05/15Detecting pressure exerted on a touch surface and providing feedback
02/19/15Capacitive touch sense architecture having a correlator for demodulating a measured capacitance from an excitation signal
02/19/15Glass based multichip package
02/19/15Integrated circuit package having surface-mount blocking elements
02/05/15Systems and methods for power transfer based on resonance coupling of inductors
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01/29/15Method for varied topographic mems cap process
01/29/15Technique for wafer-level processing of qfn packages
01/22/15System and method to eliminate transition losses in dc/dc converters
01/22/15Inductive antenna coupling
01/15/15Integrated standard-compliant data acquisition device
01/08/15Wafer-level chip-scale package device having bump assemblies configured to furnish shock absorber functionality
01/08/15Method and activating electronic devices with gestures
01/08/15Electronic circuit arrangement for receiving low frequency electromagnetic waves with an adjustable attenuator element
01/08/15Heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring system
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01/01/15Recovery system and methods for mems devices
12/25/14Mdac with differential current cancellation
12/25/14System and method to drive touch panel to measure hover
12/25/14System and applying multi-tone ofdm based communications within a prescribed frequency range
12/25/14Direct reference subtraction system for control of optical transmitters
12/18/14Digital receivers
12/18/14Secure modules using unique identification elements
12/11/14Precision alignment unit for semiconductor trays
12/04/14Programmable mixed-signal input/output (io)
11/27/14Capacitive touch panel configured to sense both active and passive input with a single sensor
11/20/14Method and controlling a multichannel tdm device
11/20/14Multichannel digital audio interface
10/23/14System and sequentially distributing power among one or more modules
10/09/14Micro-electromechanical structure with low sensitivity to thermo-mechanical stress
10/09/14Microelectromechanical z-axis out-of-plane stopper
10/09/14Secure payment card interface
10/09/14Systems and methods to auto-adjust zero cross circuits for switching regulators
10/09/14Systems and methods to control dc/dc multiphase switching regulators
10/09/14Input common mode control using a dedicated comparator for sensor interfaces
10/09/14Electro-mechanical resonance loop
10/09/14Low side nmos protection circuit for battery pack application
09/25/14Optical gesture sensor having a light modifying structure
09/18/14Light sensor with vertical diode junctions
09/18/14Soft start multi-stage step-up converters
09/18/14Multi-level step-up converter topologies, control and soft start systems and methods
09/18/14Planar diffractive optical element lens and producing same
09/18/14System and method to securely transfer data
09/18/14Always-on low-power keyword spotting
09/11/14Wafer-level package mitigated undercut
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09/11/14Pad defined contact for wafer level package
09/11/14Chip-on-glass for touch applications
09/04/14Systems and methods for feed-forward control of load current in dc to dc buck converters
08/28/14Touch panel sensor having dual-mode capacitive sensing for detecting an object
08/21/14Accelerometer with low sensitivity to thermo-mechanical stress
08/21/14Multichip wafer level package (wlp) optical device
08/21/14Fast-settling capacitive-coupled amplifiers
07/31/14Low distortion mos attenuator
07/17/14System and discerning complex gestures using an array of optical sensors
07/03/14Multi-die, high current wafer level package
06/19/14Low-cost low-profile solder bump process for enabling ultra-thin wafer-level packaging (wlp) packages
06/19/14Current-steering digital-to-analog converter with cancellation of dynamic distortion
06/19/14Direct measurement of an input signal to a loudspeaker to determine and limit a temperature of a voice coil of the loudspeaker
06/12/14System to determine associated electronic devices
06/05/14Continuous time correlator architecture
06/05/14Digital to analog converters with adjustable output resolution
05/29/14Simple and high efficiency balancing circuits and methods for hybrid batteries
05/29/14Dual-mode capacitance sensing in a touch panel sensor
05/22/14Led lighting system and method
05/22/14Dynamic speaker management for multichannel audio systems
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05/15/14Embedded radio frequency identification (rfid) package
05/15/14Dynamic speaker management with echo cancellation
05/08/14System and reducing ambient light sensitivity of infrared (ir) detectors
04/17/14Capacitive touch panel sensor for mitigating effects of a floating condition
04/10/14Mode-based secure microcontroller
03/27/14Maintain power signature (mps) from a powered device (pd) while power is drawn from another source
03/27/14Active bridge back powering protection and powered device interface with active bridge control
03/20/14Three-dimensional semiconductor package device having enhanced security
03/20/14Semiconductor package device having passive energy components
03/13/14Piezo driver having passive energy storage component recharging capability
03/13/14Piezo driver having recharging capability
03/06/14N-channel multi-time programmable memory devices
02/06/14Non-linear pwm controller
02/06/14Light sensor having ir cut interference filter with color filter integrated on-chip
02/06/14Gesture sensing device
01/30/14Light sensor having ir cut and color pass interference filter integrated on-chip
01/16/14Active transducer probes and circuits
01/02/14Secure payments with untrusted devices
12/26/13Safety device and using a safety device
12/19/13Gesture detection and recognition
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11/07/13Daisy chain configuration for power converters
10/17/13Micromechanical coriolis rate of rotation sensor
09/12/13Systems and methods for managing cryptographic keys in a secure microcontroller
08/29/13Method and active ripple cancelation
08/22/13Low distortion mos attenuator
08/15/13Usb dedicated charger identification circuit
08/15/13Capacitive touch panel having protrusions formed between drive and/or sensor electrodes
08/15/13Capacitive touch panel for mitigating and/or exaggerating floating condition effects
08/01/13Touch panel excitation using a drive signal having time-varying characteristics
07/25/13Video encoding control using non-exclusive content categories
07/18/13Ambient light based gesture detection
07/11/13Semiconductor device having capacitor integrated therein
07/04/13Micro rate of rotation sensor and operating a micro rate of rotation sensor
07/04/13Microelectromechanical system
07/04/13Mems acceleration sensor
07/04/13Semiconductor device having a through-substrate via
07/04/13Self-calibrated ringing compensation for an autofocus actuator in a camera module
07/04/13Electromagnetic connector
07/04/13Switch fabric having a serial communications interface and a parallel communications interface
07/04/13Communications control system with a serial communications interface and a parallel communications interface
06/27/13Micro-gyroscope and operating a micro-gyroscope
06/27/13Semiconductor device having trench capacitor structure integrated therein
06/27/13Techniques for wafer-level processing of qfn packages
06/27/13Gesture detection and compact representation thereof
06/27/13Capacitive touch sense architecture
06/20/13Maintain power signature (mps) powered device (pd)
06/20/13Fully capacitive coupled input choppers
06/13/13Adaptive dead-time control
05/30/13Light sensing device having a lens
05/23/13Offset cancellation for sampled-data circuits
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05/09/13Led current control in a dimmable led illumination system
05/02/133d chip package with shielded structures
05/02/13Three-dimensional chip-to-wafer integration
04/25/13Multilevel class-d amplifier
04/25/13System and applying multi-tone ofdm based communications within a prescribed frequency range
04/18/13Adaptive motion estimation cache organization
04/11/13Semiconductor device having dmos integration
04/11/13Wafer level packaging using a lead-frame
04/11/13Sending digital data visually using mobile display and camera sensor
04/04/13Strapped dual-gate vdmos device
04/04/13Dual-gate vdmos device
04/04/13Antibody categorization based on binding characteristics
03/28/13Soft repetition code combiner using channel state information
03/21/13Digital frequency divider
03/07/13Stacked wafer-level package device
02/28/13Load compensation for an electronic transformer in a led illumination system
02/28/13Device and using high efficiency ballasted lamps with electronic transformer
02/28/13Multi-mode parameter analyzer for power supplies
02/14/13Semiconductor device having a through-substrate via
02/07/13Failsafe galvanic isolation barrier
01/24/13Full-duplex single-ended serial link communication system
01/17/13Bump i/o contact for semiconductor device
12/27/12Enhanced wlp for superior temp cycling, drop test and high current applications
12/27/12Systems and methods for power transfer based on resonance coupling of inductors
12/13/12Active cell balancing
12/13/12Inter-symbol interfence reduction for touch panel systems
12/06/12Wafer-level package device
11/22/12Touch panel testing using mutual capacitor measurements
11/08/12Optical gesture sensor using a single illumination source

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