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Mcafee Inc
Mcafee Inc A Delaware Corporation
Mcafee Inc_20131212

Mcafee Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mcafee Inc. Mcafee Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mcafee Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mcafee Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  System, migrating a device having a platform group
04/20/17 new patent  Centralized and automated recovery
04/13/17Remote provisioning and authenticated writes to secure storage devices
04/13/17Multilayer access control for connected devices
03/30/17Contextual scoring of automobile drivers
03/30/17User mode heap swapping
03/30/17Hardware-assisted software verification and secure execution
03/30/17Crowd-source as a backup to asynchronous identification of a type of form and relevant fields in a credential-seeking web page
03/30/17Distributed data query
03/30/17Secure communication between a virtual smartcard enclave and a trusted i/o enclave
03/30/17Hardware-enforced code paths
03/30/17Atomic detection and repair of kernel memory
03/30/17Enforcement of file characteristics
03/30/17Provable traceability
03/30/17Multi-label classification for overlapping classes
03/30/17Geo-mapping system security events
03/30/17Systems and methods for utilizing hardware assisted protection for media content
03/30/17Secure service matching
03/30/17Remote authentication and passwordless password reset
03/30/17Cumulative authentication for step-up increased authentication factors
03/30/17Automatic log-in and log-out of a session with session sharing`
03/30/17Algorithm hardening in background context and external from the browser to prevent malicious intervention with the browser
03/30/17Application phenotyping
03/23/17Systems and methods for multilingual document filtering
03/23/17Systems and methods for multi-path language translation
03/23/17Multi-ring encryption approach to securing a payload using hardware modules
03/02/17Location verification and secure no-fly logic for unmanned aerial vehicles
03/02/17System and statistical analysis of comparative entropy
03/02/17Two-device scrambled display
03/02/17Contextual privacy engine for notifications
03/02/17Sentinel appliance in an internet of things realm
02/23/17Data mining algorithms adopted for trusted execution environment
02/16/17Real-time code and data protection via cpu transactional memory suppport
02/16/17Mitigation of malware
02/09/17Trusted execution of an executable object on a local device
02/09/17Systems and methods for phishing and brand protection
02/02/17Segregating executable files exhibiting network activity
02/02/17Systems and methods for traffic control
02/02/17System, method, and computer program for preventing infections from spreading in a network environment using dynamic application of a firewall policy
02/02/17Method and system for detection of malware that connect to network destinations through cloud scanning and web reputation
01/26/17System, method, and computer program product for mounting an image of a computer system in a pre-boot environment for validating the computer system
01/19/17Enabling dynamic authentication with different protocols on the same port for a switch
01/05/17Generic unpacking of applications for malware detection
01/05/17Goal-driven provisioning in iot systems
01/05/17Just-in-time, email embedded url reputation determination
01/05/17Security service for an unmanaged device
01/05/17Frequency-based reputation
12/29/16Single solution for user asset control
12/29/16Virtualized trusted storage
12/29/16Profiling event based exploit detection
12/29/16Simulation of an application
12/29/16Detection of malicious thread suspension
12/29/16Malware detection using a digital certificate
12/29/16Protection of sensitive data
12/29/16Protection of sensitive chat data
12/29/16Enterprise reputations for uniform resource locators
12/29/16Data loss prevention for mobile computing devices
12/29/16Anomaly detection to identify malware
12/29/16Detection of shellcode
12/29/16Detection of malware
12/29/16Cognitive protection of critical industrial solutions using iot sensor fusion
12/29/16Peer-to-peer group vigilance
12/29/16Query engine for remote endpoint information retrieval
12/22/16Detection of malicious invocation of application program interface calls
12/22/16User behavioral risk assessment
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12/15/16Device naming in an internet of things
12/15/16Security of vdi clones
12/01/16System and redirected firewall discovery in a network environment
11/24/16Secure context sharing for priority calling and various personal safety mechanisms
11/10/16Hardened event counters for anomaly detection
11/10/16Alerting the presence of bundled software during an installation
11/10/16Computing platform security methods and apparatus
11/10/16Secure proxy to protect private data
11/10/16Automatic placeholder finder-filler
11/10/16Conditional login promotion
11/10/16Using trusted platform module to build real time indicators of attack information
11/03/16Device pairing in a local network
11/03/16Trusted container
10/27/16Method and system for implementing mandatory file access control in native discretionary access control environments
10/20/16Social drive for sharing data
Patent Packs
10/20/16Distributed tracking and blocking malicious internet hosts
10/13/16Mechanisms for conserving resources of wearable devices
10/06/16Method and processes for securely autofilling data fields in a software application
10/06/16Generic unpacking of program binaries
10/06/16Security gateway for a regional/home network
09/29/16Management of agentless virtual machines via security virtual appliance
09/29/16Goal-driven provisioning in iot systems
09/29/16Determination of sensor usage
09/22/16Collaborative searching
09/08/16System, method, and computer program product for dynamically configuring a virtual environment for identifying unwanted data
09/01/16System and method to mitigate malware
08/25/16Determining trustworthiness of a virtual machine operating system prior to boot up
08/25/16System, method, and computer program product for isolating a device associated with at least potential data leakage activity, based on user input
08/18/16Configuration management for a capture/registration system
08/11/16System and firmware based anti-malware security
08/11/16Process efficient preprocessing for any encryption standard
08/04/16User authentication for mobile devices using behavioral analysis
08/04/16System and virtual partition monitoring
08/04/16Creating and managing a network security tag
07/28/16Context-aware network on a data exchange layer
07/21/16Location services on a data exchange layer
07/21/16Merging multiple system trees over a data exchange layer
07/21/16Prevalence-based reputations
07/21/16Task-context architecture for efficient data sharing
07/21/16Service-oriented architecture
07/21/16Merging multiple system trees over a data exchange layer
07/14/16Proxy authentication for single sign-on
07/14/16Security-connected framework
07/14/16System, method and computer program product for using opinions relating to trustworthiness to block or allow access
07/14/16System, method and computer program product for determining preferences of an entity
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07/14/16Providing a fast path between two entities
07/14/16One-click reputation adjustment
07/14/16Proxy authentication for single sign-on
07/14/16System, method and computer program product for using opinions relating to trustworthiness to block or allow access
07/14/16Managed software remediation
07/14/16Real-time policy distribution
07/14/16Security-connected framework
07/07/16Threat intelligence on a data exchange layer
07/07/16Mechanism for automatic creation and access to favorite personal cloud data
06/30/16System and collective and collaborative navigation by a group of individuals
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06/30/16Trusted binary translation
06/30/16Digital protection that travels with data
06/30/16Outbreak pathology inference
06/30/16Encryption key retrieval
06/30/16Predictive user authentication
06/30/16Message sender authenticity validation
06/30/16Real-time mobile security posture
06/23/16Discovery of malicious strings
06/23/16Identification of malicious execution of a process
06/23/16Execution profiling detection of malicious objects
06/23/16Portable secure storage
06/23/16Systems and methods for real-time user verification in online education
06/23/16Digital heritage notary
06/23/16Determining the reputation of a digital certificate
06/23/16Trust establishment between a trusted execution environment and peripheral devices
06/23/16Self-organizing trusted networks
06/23/16Input verification
06/23/16Determining a reputation through network characteristics
06/23/16Detection of a malicious peripheral
06/23/16Embedded script security using script signature validation
06/23/16Real-time module protection
06/16/16Rootkit detection by using hardware resources to detect inconsistencies in network traffic
06/16/16Hardware-based device authentication
06/16/16System, method, and compuer program product for preventing image-related data loss
06/16/16Smart home security of metered data using a mask
06/09/16User driven emulation of applications
06/02/16Stopping and remediating outbound messaging abuse
05/26/16Method and system for discrete stateful behavioral analysis
05/26/16Protecting user identity and personal information by sharing a secret between personal iot devices
05/19/16Account recovery protocol
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05/19/16System and intelligent state management
04/28/16Structural recognition of malicious code patterns
04/28/16Security orchestration framework
04/21/16Mobile risk assessment
04/14/16Secure automatic authorized access to any application through a third party
04/14/16Enforcing alignment of approved changes and deployed changes in the software change life-cycle
04/14/16Preventing execution of task scheduled malware
03/31/16Fuzzy fingerprinting of communicating wearables
03/31/16Taxonomic malware detection and mitigation
03/31/16Context-aware reputation of a place
03/31/16Mitigation of stack corruption exploits
03/31/16Cross-view malware detection
03/31/16Detection and mitigation of malicious invocation of sensitive code
03/24/16Pre-launch process vulnerability assessment
03/24/16Non-invasive whitelisting
03/24/16Device lock while in motion
03/17/16Data leakage prevention system, method, and computer program product for preventing a predefined type of operation on predetermined data
03/10/16Generic privilege escalation prevention
02/25/16Asset detection system
02/25/16Zero day threat detection using host application/program to user agent mapping
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02/25/16System and method to detect domain generation algorithm malware and systems infected by such malware
02/18/16System, method, and computer program product for monitoring an execution flow of a function
02/11/16System and limiting data leakage in an application firewall
02/04/16Secure content packaging using multiple trusted execution environments
02/04/16System, method and computer program product for sending information extracted from a potentially unwanted data sample to generate a signature
01/28/16System, method, and computer program product for monitoring and/or analyzing at least one aspect of an invocation of an interface
01/21/16Rollback feature
01/21/16Rollback feature
01/21/16Detection of stack pivoting
01/14/16System and innovative management of transport layer security session tickets in a network environment
01/14/16Method and system for enhanced wireless network security
01/07/16System, method, and computer program product for determining whether an electronic mail message is compliant with an etiquette policy
01/07/16Remote malware remediation
01/07/16Secure enclave-rendered contents
01/07/16Detection and prevention of installation of malicious mobile applications
12/31/15System and limiting spyware activity
12/31/15Mitigation of malware
12/31/15Location-based data security
12/31/15Methods and using keys conveyed via physical contact
12/31/15Premises-aware security and policy orchestration
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12/31/15Identification of call participants
12/24/15System and malware and network reputation correlation
12/24/15Simplified mobile communication device
12/17/15Detection of malicious scripting language code in a network environment
12/17/15System and interlocking a host and a gateway
12/10/15Trusted communication network
12/03/15System, method, and computer program product for conditionally preventing use of hardware virtualization
12/03/15Rollback feature
11/26/15System, method, and computer program product for mounting an image of a computer system in a pre-boot environment for validating the computer system
11/19/15User behavioral risk assessment
11/05/15System and kernel rootkit protection in a hypervisor environment
10/29/15System and selectively grouping and managing program files
10/22/15System, method, and computer program product for detecting unwanted data based on an analysis of an icon
10/22/15Cloud email message scanning with local policy application in a network environment
09/24/15Embedded anti-virus scanner for a network adapter
09/10/15Securing email conversations
09/10/15System, method, and computer program product for conditionally performing an action based on an attribute
09/10/15Optimizing communication for mobile and embedded devices
09/03/15System and below-operating system trapping and securing loading of code into memory
09/03/15Electronic message manager system, method, and computer program product for scanning an electronic message for unwanted content and associated unwanted sites
08/20/15System and kernel rootkit protection in a hypervisor environment
08/20/15System and profile based filtering of outgoing information in a mobile environment
08/06/15Mobile application management
08/06/15Hardware-based device authentication
07/30/15Method and system for protecting against unknown malicious activities by detecting a heap spray attack on an electronic device
07/16/15Execution profile assembly using branch records
07/16/15Hardware-based device authentication
07/16/15System and network level protection against malicious software
07/02/15System, method, and computer program product for dynamically adjusting a level of security applied to a system
07/02/15System, method, and computer program product for identifying a file used to automatically launch content as unwanted
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07/02/15Timing management in a large firewall cluster
06/25/15System and local protection against malicious software
06/25/15System and determining and using local reputations of users and hosts to protect information in a network environment
06/25/15System and whitelisting applications in a mobile network environment
06/25/15Herd based scan avoidance system in a network environment
06/18/15System, method, and computer program product for reacting in response to a detection of an attempt to store a configuration file and an executable file on a removable device
06/18/15Geo-mapping system security events
06/11/15Detecting java sandbox escaping attacks based on java bytecode instrumentation and java method hooking
05/21/15Marking electronic messages to indicate human origination
05/07/15System, method, and computer program for preventing infections from spreading in a network environment using dynamic application of a firewall policy
05/07/15Context-aware network forensics
05/07/15Scanning computer files for specified content
04/23/15Network monitoring by using packet header analysis
04/23/15System, method, and computer program product for managing a plurality of applications via a single interface
04/23/15Method and system for proactive detection of malicious shared libraries via a remote reputation system
04/23/15System, method, and computer program product for managing a plurality of applications via a single interface
04/16/15Master security policy server
04/16/15System and data mining and security policy management
04/16/15User behavioral risk assessment
04/09/15Master security policy server
04/02/15System, method, and computer program product for preventing communication of unwanted network traffic by holding only a last portion of the network traffic
03/05/15Collaborative searching
02/05/15System, method, and computer program product for preventing a modification to a domain name system setting
01/29/15System, method and computer program product for determining preferences of an entity
01/22/15Game console system, method and computer program product with anti-malware/spyware and parental control capabilities
01/22/15System and enforcing security policies in a virtual environment
01/08/15System and flexible network access control policies in a network environment
12/18/14Modification of application store output
11/06/14Indicating website reputations during user interactions

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