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Mediatek Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mediatek Inc. Mediatek Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mediatek Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mediatek Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12010003433102/11/10 Frequency synchronization apparatus
22009003437502/05/09 Method and apparatus of seek end polarity detecdtion for optical disk drive
32015024906009/03/15  new patent  Enhanced flip chip structure using copper column interconnect
42015024952709/03/15  new patent  Support of network based positioning by sounding reference signal
52015024983809/03/15  new patent  Method and apparatus of virtual depth values in 3d video coding
62015024151808/27/15 Electronic device, method, and computer readable medium having instructions capable of automatically measuring parameter(s) associated with battery cell
72015024152108/27/15 Scheme applied into electronic device and capable of measuring resistance parameter(s) associated with battery cell
82015024359508/27/15 Semiconductor chip and semiconductor chip package
92015024420008/27/15 Method for performing wireless charging control of an electronic device with aid of frequency detection, and associated apparatus
102015024440108/27/15 Transmitting device and associated transmitting power efficiency enhancement
112015024540508/27/15 Method of enhanced connection recovery and loss-less data recovery
122015024540608/27/15 Method of enhanced connection recovery and loss-less data recovery
132015024540708/27/15 Method of enhanced connection recovery and cell selection
142015023466208/20/15 Apparatus for mutual-transposition of scalar and vector data sets and related method
152015023554208/20/15 Method for performing alarm grouping control of an electronic device with aid of at least one grouping control strategy, and associated apparatus
162015023672908/20/15 Methods and envelope tracking system
172015023687708/20/15 Methods and envelope tracking system
182015023735308/20/15 Method and packing tile in frame through loading encoding-related information of another tile above the tile from storage device
192015023737408/20/15 Method for performing image processing control with aid of predetermined tile packing, associated apparatus and associated non-transitory computer readable medium
202015023737808/20/15 Method for controlling sample adaptive offset filtering applied to different partial regions in one frame based on different weighting parameters and related sample adaptive offset filter
212015022836008/13/15 Memory-testing device and memory-testing method
222015022938308/13/15 Communications method and apparatus
232015022941508/13/15 Rf testing system
242015023017108/13/15 Method for controlling bluetooth device for power conservation
252015022292208/06/15 Motion prediction method
262015022043208/06/15 Method and managing at least one non-volatile memory
272015022231808/06/15 Transmit-receive front end
282015022284708/06/15 Apparatus and processing a vertical blanking interval signal
292015022291208/06/15 Method and apparatus of interlayer texture prediction
302015022308708/06/15 Method for deactivated secondary cell measurement and communications apparatus utilizing the same
312015021263607/30/15 Electronic devices, near field communication methods and near field communication systems
322015021387907/30/15 Memory devices and control methods thereof
332015021419207/30/15 Structure and formation chip package structure
342015021473007/30/15 Esd protection circuit
352015021474807/30/15 Wireless power supply scheme capable of dynamically adjusting output power of wireless power transmitter according to voltage/current/power information of portable electronic device to be charged
362015021477007/30/15 System and method supporting hybrid power/battery scheme
372015021477307/30/15 Method for performing wireless charging control of an electronic device with aid of predetermined data in non-volatile memory, and associated apparatus
382015021496907/30/15 Multiplying digital-to-analog converter and pipeline analog-to-digital converter using the same
392015021506107/30/15 Method for cancelling a data transmission of a neighboring cell
402015021510307/30/15 Method for cancelling a data transmission of a neighboring cell
412015021543207/30/15 Data compression method and decompression method
422015021583907/30/15 Dynamic offload selection in mobile communication systems
432015021586907/30/15 Handheld device, base station and transmission control method thereof
442015021594507/30/15 Buffer status report and logical channel prioritization for dual connectivity
452015020685507/23/15 Semiconductor package
462015020782707/23/15 Method to support service continuity for multiple sessions
472015020808607/23/15 Method and inter-component motion prediction in three-dimensional video coding
482015020828507/23/15 Apparatus and circuit switched fallback
492015019864007/16/15 Method for performing wireless charging control with aid of admittance detection, and associated apparatus
502015019904707/16/15 Touch panel devices, electronic devices, and virtual input methods thereof
512015020056507/16/15 Intergrated circuit
522015020069207/16/15 System for the coexistence between a plurality of wireless communications modules sharing single antenna
532015020069307/16/15 Transmitter having integrated design of multiple wireless communication modules
542015020121407/16/15 Method and apparatus of disparity vector derivation in 3d video coding
552015020121507/16/15 Method of constrain disparity vector derivation in 3d video coding
562015020121607/16/15 Method and apparatus of unified disparity vector derivation for 3d video coding
572015020135107/16/15 Method for performing wireless charging control of an electronic device with aid of random phase-delay packet, and associated apparatus
582015019440307/09/15 Semiconductor package
592015019554607/09/15 Video operating and processing apparatus
602015019498007/09/15 High-speed successive approximation analog-to-digital converter
612015019498807/09/15 Methods and envelope tracking system
622015019511807/09/15 Methods and envelope tracking system
632015019550607/09/15 Method of reference picture selection and signaling in 3d and multi-view video coding
642015019553307/09/15 Method and sample adaptive offset processing
652015019578307/09/15 Communication apparatus and bluetooth id packet recognition method thereof
662015018704507/02/15 Methods of multiple-slice coding for frame buffer compression
672015018705307/02/15 Method and image denoising with three-dimensional block-matching
682015018775707/02/15 Integrated circuits and fabrication methods thereof
692015018849907/02/15 Communication detecting loading variation of power amplifier thereof
702015018932107/02/15 Method of binarization and context adaptive binary arithmetic coding of depth coding syntax
712015018947107/02/15 Location option control for minimization of drive test in lte systems
722015018961307/02/15 Apparatuses and methods for physical broadcast channel (pbch) assisted synchronization during a discontinuous reception (drx) operation
732015017841706/25/15 Method for showing hierarchical structure for a given power intent described in a power intent description language with a design described in a hardware design description language, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product
742015017872906/25/15 Electronic transaction between a mobile device, a touch panel device and a server
752015017963006/25/15 Esd protection circuit
762015018042006/25/15 Amplifier, fully-differential amplifier and delta-sigma modulator
772015018122906/25/15 Method and apparatus of inter-view candidate derivation in 3d video coding
782015018123906/25/15 Method and frame rate control in transmitter of wireless communications system
792015018146906/25/15 Methods for managing radio resources between multiple radio modules and communications apparatus utilizing the same
802015018147906/25/15 Mechanism for radio link monitoring and radio link failure handling in small cell networks
812015017071906/18/15 Method for performing memory interface calibration in an electronic device, and associated apparatus and associated memory controller
822015017107206/18/15 Electrostatic discharge protection device
832015017181106/18/15 Current controlling device and signal converting apparatus applying the current controlling device
842015017187706/18/15 Analog-to-digital converting device and analog-to-digital converting method
852015017208706/18/15 Methods for communication apparatus to align a frame boundary with a cell and communication apparatus utilizing the same
862015017229006/18/15 Mobile devices, terminal devices, and authentication methods thereof
872015017266606/18/15 Method and sample adaptive offset coding with separate sign and mag -nitude
882015017271406/18/15 Method and apparatus of inter-view sub-partition prediction in 3d video coding
892015017311606/18/15 Communications method, device and system
902015016198906/11/15 System for speech keyword detection and associated method
912015016224206/11/15 Radio-frequency device package and fabricating the same
922015016226706/11/15 Radio-frequency device package and fabricating the same
932015016348806/11/15 Method and slice common information sharing
942015016350906/11/15 Method and fine-grained motion boundary processing
952015016376206/11/15 Downlink network synchronization mechanism for femtocell in cellular ofdm systems
962015016381006/11/15 Method and collecting and providing diverse traffic information in cellular networks
972015015386006/04/15 Touch panel device controlling method and touch panel device
982015015394006/04/15 Method for adjusting playback of multimedia content according to detection result of user status and related apparatus thereof
992015015413306/04/15 Apparatus for processing packets and system for using the same
1002015015433606/04/15 Method for flip chip packaging co-design
1012015015433706/04/15 Method for co-designing flip-chip and interposer
1022015015500206/04/15 Method and accessing data of multi-tile encoded picture stored in buffering apparatus
1032015015590506/04/15 Wireless communication device
1042015015591606/04/15 Electronic devices, near-field wireless communications establishing a wireless communications link between two electronic devices
1052015015605306/04/15 Signal modulator and signal modulating method
1062015015628806/04/15 Parser for parsing header in packet and related packet processing apparatus
1072015014512705/28/15 Semiconductor package
1082015014579205/28/15 Devices and methods of touch communications
1092015014665705/28/15 Methods for codeword level interference cancellation with network assistance
1102015014678205/28/15 In-loop fidelity enhancement for video compression
1112015014799405/28/15 Methods for interference cancellation and suppression with network assistance
1122015013814205/21/15 Method for performing touch communications control of an electronic device by using location detection with aid of touch panel, and an associated apparatus
1132015013897605/21/15 Method for verifying and/or preprocessing data packets and control device set up to carry out the method
1142015013916705/21/15 Systems and methods for providing categorized channel reservation
1152015013918105/21/15 Methods for call management with multiple subscriber identity cards and apparatuses using the same
1162015013923505/21/15 Packet processing apparatus using action command parameterization
1172015013931105/21/15 Method and performing block prediction search based on restored sample values derived from stored sample values in data buffer
1182015013932505/21/15 Method and apparatus of bi-directional prediction for scalable video coding
1192015013933605/21/15 Method and related apparatuses for decoding multimedia data
1202015014093905/21/15 Wireless communication device
1212015013120305/14/15 Electronic devices with floating metal rings
1222015013162605/14/15 Handheld device, base station and transmission control method thereof
1232015013163805/14/15 Methods for packet transmission protection and communications apparatus utilizing the same
1242015013172405/14/15 Method for performing hybrid multihypothesis prediction during video coding of a coding unit, and associated apparatus
1252015013173005/14/15 Method and using small-sized buffer in compression/decompression with block prediction
1262015013181105/14/15 Signal output device and signal output method
1272015013498805/14/15 New power thermal policy using micro-throttle
1282015012436205/07/15 Esd protection circuit
1292015012320605/07/15 Body-contact metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor device
1302015012373005/07/15 Integrated circuit
1312015012383005/07/15 Digital to analog converting system and digital to analog converting method
1322015012478305/07/15 Method for performing uplink transmission control of an electronic device, and associated apparatus
1332015012486605/07/15 Apparatus and efficient sample adaptive offset
1342015012486905/07/15 Apparatus and sample adaptive offset for video coding
1352015011881604/30/15 Mos device with isolated drain and fabricating the same
1362015011540604/30/15 Semiconductor structure
1372015011542904/30/15 Semiconductor package
1382015011695204/30/15 Apparatus for performing communication control
1392015011728304/30/15 Mobile communication device and method thereof
1402015011906604/30/15 Method for enhancing positioning measurement and communications apparatus utilizing the same
1412015011909804/30/15 Power control method to mitigate interference for in-device coexistence
1422015012096404/30/15 Peripheral device complying with sdio standard and managing sdio command
1432015012112004/30/15 Data transmission apparatus having frequency synthesizer with integer division factor, corresponding method, and data transmission system
1442015012138704/30/15 Task scheduling dispatching tasks based on computing power of different processor cores in heterogeneous multi-core system and related non-transitory computer readable medium
1452015012138804/30/15 Task scheduling dispatching tasks based on computing power of different processor cores in heterogeneous multi-core processor system and related non-transitory computer readable medium
1462015010998404/23/15 Methods for coordinating transmission and reception operations of radio modules in a communications apparatus and communication apparatuses utilizing the same
1472015011017004/23/15 Method and simplified depth coding with extended prediction modes
1482015011152004/23/15 Enhanced access control in lte advanced systems
1492015010249504/16/15 Semiconductor package
1502015010286804/16/15 Frequency modulator having digitally-controlled oscillator with modulation tuning and phase-locked loop tuning
1512015010388304/16/15 Method and fast intra prediction
1522015010667404/16/15 Hybrid automatic repeat request management improving transmission quality
1532015010301604/16/15 Electronic devices and near field communication between two electronic devices
1542015010375204/16/15 Harq memory space management for lte carrier aggregation
1552015009727704/09/15 Fan-out semiconductor package with copper pillar bumps
1562015009798404/09/15 Method and controlling image generation of image capture device by determining one or more image capture settings used for generating each subgroup of captured images
1572015009837604/09/15 Methods for one radio module to listen to paging signals without breaking the data transmission of the other radio module operating in the connected mode and communication apparatuses utilizing the same
1582015009851304/09/15 Method and coding of sample adaptive offset information
1592015009956104/09/15 Method for controlling rf signal processing components and communications apparatus utilizing the same
1602015009995704/09/15 Ecg device, ecg lead signal generating circuit, and related method
1612015009276004/02/15 Systems and methods for activity coordination in multi-radio terminals
1622015009108504/02/15 Mos device with isolated drain and fabricating the same
1632015009114704/02/15 Semiconductor package
1642015009115804/02/15 Package structure
1652015009154004/02/15 Regulator and regulating method
1662015009258204/02/15 Methods of discovery and measurements for small cells in ofdm/ofdma systems
1672015009263004/02/15 Ue enhancement in fdd-tdd joint operation networks
1682015009265504/02/15 Methods of discovery and measurements for small cells in ofdm/ofdma systems
1692015009411304/02/15 Methods used in telecommunications system having early termination capability
1702015009455704/02/15 Patches for bio-electrical signal processing
1712015008593203/26/15 Method and apparatus of motion vector derivation for 3d video coding
1722015008711503/26/15 Chip package and forming the same
1732015007756903/19/15 Method and performing image processing operation based on frame/algorithm selection
1742015007023903/12/15 Antenna
1752015007116803/12/15 Method and system for improving the efficiency of packet transmission in a multi-user wireless communication system
1762015007379903/12/15 Voice verifying system and voice verifying method
1772015007434603/12/15 Memory controller, memory module and memory system
1782015006173303/05/15 Frequency dividing system and input level triggering device
1792015006111703/05/15 Chip package and forming the same
1802015006175803/05/15 Signal processing device and signal processing method
1812015006506603/05/15 Apparatus and setting antenna resonant mode of multi-port antenna structure
1822015005458402/26/15 Class ab signal generation apparatus
1832015005569102/26/15 Communication circuit and associated calibrating communication circuit
1842015005699602/26/15 Methods for determining whether to perform cell measurement on a predetermined neighbor cell and for ping-pong avoidance during cell reselection and communication apparatus utilizing the same
1852015004909702/19/15 Data processing transmitting/receiving randomly accessible compressed pixel data groups over display interface and related data processing method
1862015004909802/19/15 Data processing transmitting/receiving compressed pixel data groups via multiple display ports of display interface and related data processing method
1872015004909902/19/15 Data processing transmitting/receiving compressed pixel data groups of picture over display interface and related data processing method
1882015004910502/19/15 Data processing transmitting/receiving indication information of pixel data grouping setting via display interface and related data processing method
1892015004981902/19/15 Method and system for symbol binarization and de-binarization
1902015004344002/12/15 Wireless communications devices supporting wifi and lte communications and methods for transmission control thereof
1912015003601802/05/15 Method and tuning camera correction setting for camera module
1922015003662902/05/15 Method and apparatus of data transmission over guard sub-carriers in multi-carrier ofdm systems
1932015003810802/05/15 Methods for processing emergency call and communications apparatuses utilizing the same
1942015003982302/05/15 Table lookup apparatus using content-addressable memory based device and related table lookup method thereof
1952015003992302/05/15 Method of controlling sdio device and related sdio system and sdio device
1962015002894001/29/15 Integrated circuit having at least one functional circuit block operating in multi-source power domain and related system with power management
1972015002895101/29/15 Operational amplifier circuits
1982015002931101/29/15 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
1992015002999101/29/15 Method for coordinating transmissions between different communications apparatuses and communication sapparatuses utilizing the same
2002015002999201/29/15 Method for coordinating transmissions between different communications apparatuses and communication sapparatuses utilizing the same
2012015003306201/29/15 Apparatus and controlling controllable clock source to generate clock signal with frequency transition
2022015003315701/29/15 3d displaying apparatus and the method thereof
2032015002224301/22/15 Driver circuit for signal transmission and control driver circuit
2042015002320001/22/15 Method of ue rsrq measurement precaution for interference coordination
2052015001530701/15/15 Comparator and amplifier
2062015001544101/15/15 Methods for providing positioning service for a wireless device in an wireless network and related wireless devices
2072015001646601/15/15 Network device and outputting data to bus with data bus width at each cycle by generating end of packet and start of packet at different cycles
2082015001650601/15/15 Method and loop filtering across slice or tile boundaries
2092015001671901/15/15 Methods of sifting out significant visual patterns from visual data
2102015000928801/08/15 Synchronization controller for multi-sensor camera device and related synchronization method
2112015000929101/08/15 On-line stereo camera calibration device and generating stereo camera parameters
2122015000981501/08/15 Traffic shaping mechanism for ue power saving in connected mode
2132015000981601/08/15 Traffic shaping mechanism for ue power saving in idle mode
2142015000985001/08/15 Method for wireless communication in a device with co-existence radio
2152015000987701/08/15 Energy saving functionality for small cells in e-utra and e-utran
2162015001005501/08/15 Method and unification of significance map context selection
2172015001007201/08/15 Method and unification of coefficient scan of 8x8 transform units in hevc
2182015001009101/08/15 Method and loop filtering cross tile or slice boundaries
2192015001276101/08/15 Method for performing wake-up control with aid of wake-up packet, and associated apparatus
2202015000167501/01/15 Method for including decoupling capacitors into semiconductor circuit having logic circuit therein and semiconductor circuit thereof
2212015000240201/01/15 Method, device, and computer-readable medium for changing size of touch permissible region of touch screen
2222015000274301/01/15 Video data displaying system and video data displaying method
2232015000340501/01/15 Enhanced broadcast channel for primary system information acquisition in ofdm/ofdma systems
2242015000351401/01/15 Method and block-based significance map and significance group flag context selection
2252015000684501/01/15 Method of creating target storage layout table referenced for partitioning storage space of storage device and related electronic device and machine-readable medium
2262014037548912/25/14 Analog-to-digital conversion apparatus and method capable of achieving fast settling
2272014037654912/25/14 Packet processing processing input packet according to packet processing list created based on forwarding decision made for input packet
2282014037666012/25/14 Devices of iq mismatch calibration, and methods thereof
2292014037791312/25/14 Molded interposer package and fabricating the same
2302014037818812/25/14 Wireless communications circuit for improving current consumption and rf performance
2312014036910312/18/14 Content addressable memory cells and ternary content addressable memory cells
2322014035437112/04/14 Radio frequency transmitter, power combiners and terminations therefor
2332014035553012/04/14 Method for performing seamless transmission control with aid of request carrying fragment id, and associated apparatus
2342014035558312/04/14 Wireless communicating method and electronic system utilizing the wireless communicating method
2352014035571712/04/14 Radio frequency transmitter with extended power range and related radio frequency transmission method
2362014035572812/04/14 Receiver front-end circuit, communication unit and method therefor
2372014035720612/04/14 Radio frequency transmitter, power combiners and terminations therefor
2382014035720812/04/14 Radio frequency transmitter, power combiners and wireless communication unit therefor
2392014034709411/27/14 Reconfigurable circuit block supporting different interconnection configurations for rate-conversion circuit and processing circuit and related method thereof
2402014034712711/27/14 Switching power amplifier and controlling the switching power amplifier
2412014034821711/27/14 Transmitter system with digital phase rotator used for applying digital phase rotation to constellation data and related signal transmission method thereof
2422014034822211/27/14 Method of sample adaptive offset processing for video coding and inter-layer scalable coding
2432014034825911/27/14 Signal converting device and digital transmitting apparatus applying the signal converting device
2442014034826411/27/14 Digital transmitter and calibrating digital transmitter
2452014034826511/27/14 Digital transmitter and compensating mismatch in digital transmitter
2462014034826911/27/14 Data converting device, digital transmitting apparatus using the data converting device, and ralated data converting method
2472014034827911/27/14 Digital signal up-converting apparatus and related digital signal up-converting method
2482014034049111/20/14 Apparatus and referring to motion status of image capture device to generate stereo image pair to auto-stereoscopic display for stereo preview
2492014034111111/20/14 Linking method between communication devices and related machine readable medium

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