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Mediatek Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mediatek Inc. Mediatek Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mediatek Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mediatek Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/11/10Frequency synchronization apparatus
02/05/09Method and apparatus of seek end polarity detecdtion for optical disk drive
07/21/16 new patent  Method of distance measurement between wireless communication devices in wireless communication system
07/21/16 new patent  Method for controlling audio playing of an electronic device, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product
07/21/16 new patent  Methods for operating electronic devices, and electronic devices
07/21/16 new patent  Semiconductor package structure and forming the same
07/21/16 new patent  Microelectronic package with surface mounted passive element
07/21/16 new patent  Method and performing system power management
07/21/16 new patent  Multi-mode, multi-standard wireless power transmitter coil assembly
07/21/16 new patent  Low-power retention flip-flops
07/21/16 new patent  Digitally-corrected analog-to-digital converters
07/21/16 new patent  System and measuring the dc-transfer characteristic of an analog-to-digital converter
07/21/16 new patent  Detection path design for communication systems
07/21/16 new patent  Wireless communication device capable of adjusting at least one antenna to improve efficiency of other coexisting antenna(s) and related wireless communication method
07/21/16 new patent  Modulator, phase locked loop using the same, and method applied thereto
07/21/16 new patent  Packet processing apparatus utilizing ingress drop queue manager circuit to instruct buffer manager circuit to perform cell release of ingress packet and associated packet processing method
07/21/16 new patent  Method for performing preview control in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
07/21/16 new patent  Video displaying method, video decoding method and electronic system applying the method
07/21/16 new patent  Methods for efficient wireless communications and communications apparatus utilizing the same
07/21/16 new patent  Method of multi-radio interworking in heterogeneous wireless communication networks
07/21/16 new patent  Power saving mechanism for in-pocket detection
07/21/16 new patent  Methods for efficient wireless communications and communications apparatus utilizing the same
07/21/16 new patent  Methods for efficient wireless communications and communications apparatus utilizing the same
07/21/16 new patent  Wireless communication
07/21/16 new patent  Methods for handling a pdn disconnection request and communications apparatus utilizing the same
07/14/16Wearable device interactive system
07/14/16Controlling optimizing a processor and controlling system
07/14/16Loading calculation method and loading calculation system for processor in electronic device
07/14/16Modularized stacked ic physical design framework
07/14/16Methods for reducing congestion region in layout area of ic
07/14/16Air writing and gesture system with interactive wearable device
07/14/16Memory circuit and layout structure of a memory circuit
07/14/16Semiconductor package
07/14/16Multi-mode wireless receiver apparatus and resonator circuit design
07/14/16Driver circuit with feed-forward equalizer
07/14/16Sigma-delta adc with dither
07/14/16Rf testing system using integrated circuit
07/14/16Method and apparatus of delta quantization parameter processing for high efficiency video coding
07/14/16Method and deriving temporal motion vector prediction
07/14/16Service discovery with low power consumption in wireless communications networks
07/14/16Wireless communication
07/07/16Systems and methods for determining a remaining battery capacity of a battery device
07/07/16Method and analysis of thread latency
07/07/16Write assist circuit and memory cell
07/07/16Integrated circuit device and forming the same
07/07/16Driver circuit for signal transmission and control driver circuit
07/07/16Frequency divider, clock generating apparatus, and method capable of calibrating frequency drift of oscillator
07/07/16Rf testing system with serdes device
07/07/16Rf testing system with parallelized processing
07/07/16Service discovery in a self-managed mobile communications network
07/07/16Method of motion information prediction and inheritance in multi-view and three-dimensional video coding
07/07/16Method of lossless mode signaling for video system with lossless and lossy coding
07/07/16Wireless communication
06/30/16Satellite-based positioning method and associated apparatus
06/30/16Thermal control system and thermal control electronic device
06/30/16Method for interrupting cleaning procedure of flash memory
06/30/16Memory pool management sharing memory pool among different computing units and related machine readable medium and memory pool management apparatus
06/30/16Flip chip scheme and forming flip chip scheme
06/30/16Hybrid-type nfc antenna and the electronic device thereof
06/30/16Driver circuit for signal transmission and control driver circuit
06/30/16Soft packet combining for superposition coding
06/30/16Resource allocation for superposition coding
06/30/16Rate matching and soft channel bits storage for superposition coding
06/30/16Method and controlling data transmission between client side and server side
06/30/16Mixed-level multi-core parallel video decoding system
06/30/16Method and system with data reuse in inter-frame level parallel decoding
06/30/16Method and removing redundancy in motion vector predictors
06/30/16Dynamic data distribution method in private network and associated electronic device
06/30/16Apparatuses and methods for selection among multiple subscriber numbers
06/30/16Network control devices and methods of performing wireless communications between two communications apparatuses via multi-level signaling entities
06/30/16Soft buffer partition for superposition coding
06/30/16Method for accessing a network in electronic system and associated portable device
06/23/16Portable device with multiple optical sensing functions and related optical sensing method
06/23/16Thermal management method and electronic system with thermal management mechanism
06/23/16Visual data processing method and visual data processing system
06/23/16Computing system with reduced data exchange overhead and related data exchange method thereof
06/23/16Memory management supporting shared virtual memories with hybrid page table utilization and related machine readable medium
06/23/16Cpu control method, electronic system control method and electronic system
06/23/16Graphic processing circuit with binning rendering and pre-depth processing method thereof
06/23/16Depth processing method and associated graphic processing circuit
06/23/16Eye tracking with mobile device in a head-mounted display
06/23/16Differential sensing circuit with dynamic voltage reference for single-ended bit line memory
06/23/16Semiconductor package assembly with through silicon via interconnect
06/23/16Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
06/23/16Wireless power transmission structures
06/23/16Hybrid passive device and hybrid manufacturing method
06/23/16Method for determining an optimum set of transmitting/receiving beams and a communications device utilizing the same
06/23/16Dynamic content adaptive frame rate conversion
06/23/16Projection display component and electronic device
06/23/16Method of deriving default disparity vector in 3d and multiview video coding
06/23/16Method and throttling uplink data based on temperature state
06/23/16Apparatus and switching networks
06/23/16Methods for reducing the power consumption in voice communications and communications apparatus utilizing the same
06/23/16Time division multiplex system and transmission method thereof
06/23/16Wireless device and setting packet de-queue scheduling of packet queue device based on airtime quota allocation
06/23/16Wireless communications system and transmission method thereof
06/23/16Allocation of uplink resources in orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) wireless networks
06/16/16Cost-effective device interface for data input and output
06/16/16Methods for minimizing layout area of ic
06/16/16Voice wakeup detecting device and method
06/16/16Voice wakeup detecting device with digital microphone and associated method
06/16/16Semiconductor package assembly
06/16/16Structure and formation chip package structure
06/16/16Antenna ground and feed swapping in handheld applications
06/16/16Electronic device and power adapter capable of communicating with each other, and associated charging system
06/16/16Line driver with active termination and associated method
06/16/16Method for performing impedance profile control of a power delivery network in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
06/16/16I/o driving circuit and control signal generating circuit
06/16/16Method for performing signal driving control in an electronic device with aid of driving control signals, and associated apparatus
06/16/16Cyclic redundancy check device and method
06/16/16Method and parsing error robustness of temporal motion vector prediction
06/16/16Method and derivation of motion vector candidate and motion vector prediction candidate
06/16/16Methods and devices for media casting management among multiple media casting devices supporting different media casting protocols
06/16/16Method for handling radio activities of multiple sim cards equipped in a communications apparatus and communications apparatus utilizing the same
06/16/16Method for controlling lighting element and associated system
06/09/16Thermal management method and electronic system with thermal management mechanism
06/09/16Detection devices and methods for detecting regions of interest
06/09/16Method and electronic device for controlling peripheral device
06/09/16Portable device capable of controlling output characteristics of adaptor, and corresponding method
06/09/16Signal processing circuit for mitigating pulling effect and associated method
06/09/16Low noise, programmable gain current buffer
06/09/16Apparatus and transmitting and receiving data
06/09/16Projection processor and associated method
06/09/16Systems for providing image or video to be displayed by projective display system and for displaying or projecting image or video by a projective display system
06/02/16Living body determination devices and methods
06/02/16Inverter and ring oscillator with high temperature sensitivity
06/02/16System and adaptive thermal analysis
06/02/16Thermal management method and electronic system with thermal management mechanism
06/02/16Storage apparatus, storage system, storage apparatus controlling method
06/02/16Apparatus and processing data samples with different bit widths
06/02/16Switching methods for context migration and systems thereof
06/02/16System and circuit using usb type-c interface
06/02/16Sensing circuit
06/02/16Siginal generator and calibrating method thereof
06/02/16Frequency synthesizing module and related frequency gain determining method
06/02/16Fractional dividing module and related calibration method
06/02/16Wireless communication methods
06/02/16Projection processor for projective display system
06/02/16Apparatus and sample adaptive offset for luma and chroma components
06/02/16Collaborative obss interference mitigation for wireless communication systems
06/02/16Method to determine the starting subframe of data channel
06/02/16Methods for monitoring paging messages with reduced power consumption and communications apparatuses utilizing the same
06/02/16Sta initiated uplink aggregation in wireless communication systems
05/26/16Methods of processing mosaicked images
05/26/16Packaging substrate with block-type via and semiconductor packages having the same
05/26/16Semiconductor device
05/26/16Communication apparatus with improved radiated spurious emission and loss
05/26/16Devices and methods of cancelling the switching noise from power management integrated circuits
05/26/16Wireless power receiver device and wireless communications device
05/26/16Scheme for performing beamforming calibration by measuring joint signal path mismatch
05/26/16Network allocation vector improvement for wireless networks
05/26/16Method and mobile communication device for changing setting of mobile communication device
05/26/16Method for performing multi-camera capturing control of an electronic device, and associated apparatus
05/26/16Wireless communications devices and related methods for performing positioning measurements in a service network
05/26/16Wearable device, portable device and associated control method
05/26/16Method of access point connection
05/26/16Method and managing a call during a handover procedure in a communications system
05/26/16Method for performing opportunistic power saving in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
05/26/16Wireless device for improving operating efficiency
05/19/16Energy efficiency strategy for interrupt handling in a multi-cluster system
05/19/16Data processing apparatus and data processing method
05/19/16Energy efficient multi-cluster system and its operations
05/19/16Static random access memory free from write disturb and testing method thereof
05/19/16Electrostatic discharge (esd) protection device
05/19/16Operational amplifier based circuit with compensation circuit block used for stability compensation
05/19/16Amplifier and related method
05/19/16Signal receiving apparatus and signal receiving method
05/19/16Rate indication and link adaptation for variable data rates in long range wireless networks
05/19/16Method and coding of intra prediction mode
05/19/16Transceiver architecture for multiple antenna systems
05/19/16Methods for efficient wireless communications and communication apparatus utilizing the same
05/19/16Wireless communication
05/19/16Methods for re-synchronizing a communication mode with a peer device and communications apparatus utilizing the same
05/19/16Multi-sim user equipment and wireless communication method thereof
05/19/16Apparatuses and methods for logic channel prioritization
05/19/16Physical structure and reference signal utilization of enhanced physical downlink control channel for ofdm/ofdma systems
05/19/16Enhanced rach design for machine-type communications
05/19/16Methods for multi-point carrier aggregation configuration and data forwarding
05/19/16Printed circuit board having power/ground ball pad array
05/12/16Clock tree circuit and memory controller
05/12/16Methods for cross-mounting devices and apparatus utilizing the same
05/12/16Storage device calibration methods and controlling device using the same
05/12/16Data writing dma
05/12/16Semiconductor package
05/12/16Flash adc with interpolators
05/12/16Sar adc and method thereof
05/12/16Wireless communication device
05/12/16Joint position detection by sensor devices
05/12/16Method and heterogeneous communication
05/12/16Methods for multi-point carrier aggregation configuration and data forwarding
05/05/16Systems and methods for processing incoming events while performing a virtual reality session
05/05/16Touch rim control method and associated device
05/05/16Audio data transmitting method and data transmitting system
05/05/16Multi-channel memory system using asymmetric channel frequency scaling and related power management method
05/05/16Semiconductor package
05/05/16Method for reading, writing, or updating information for battery cell via connecting interface between portable device and battery pack including battery cell so as to obtain precise information
05/05/16Modulation circuit and operating method thereof
05/05/16Apparatus and controlling impedance tuning by using hybrid control algorithm
05/05/16Signal amplifying system, ac signal generating circuit, amplifying gain acquiring method, and ac signal generating method
05/05/16Phase detector
05/05/16Circuit, communication unit and vco frequency adjustment
05/05/16Transmitter circuit, communication unit and amplifying a complex quadrature signal
05/05/16Video decoding method/device of detecting a missing video frame
05/05/16Method of sample adaptive offset processing for video coding
05/05/16Contention based uplink orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma)
04/28/16Electronic device and a managing memory space thereof
04/28/16Snoop filter for multi-processor system and related snoop filtering method
04/28/16Semiconductor package with through silicon via interconnect
04/28/16Compensation apparatus and inductor-based apparatus
04/28/16Signal generating system and signal generating method
04/28/16Frequency tripler and local oscillator generator
04/28/16Digital-to-analog conversion generating combined analog output by combining analog outputs derived from using different sampling clocks and related method thereof
04/28/16Method and apparatus of utilizing image/video data from multiple sources
04/28/16Method and resolution adaptive video encoding with search range constraint
04/28/16Method and determining silence time
04/28/16Sgs or gsgsg pattern for signal transmitting channel, and pcb assembly, chip package using such sgs or gsgsg pattern
04/21/16Dynamic adjustment of speed of memory
04/21/16Computer system for notifying signal change event through cache stashing
04/21/16Semiconductor package
04/21/16Low-cost test/calibration system and calibrated device for low-cost test/calibration system
04/21/16Metal-frame slot antenna with matching circuit and apparatus thereof
04/21/16Method for processing unsuccessful pdn establishment request
04/21/16Method for maintenance of maximum number of bearers when maximum number of bearers reached
04/14/16Antenna structure
04/14/16Front-end module and coupling compensation for closed-loop digital pre-distortion system
04/14/16Method for controlling an electronic device with aid of user input back channel, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product
04/14/16Timing control method and communication device
04/14/16Method of managing data transmission for wireless system
04/07/16Heterogeneous swap space with dynamic thresholds
04/07/16Semiconductor package assembly
04/07/16Method for performing phase shift control in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
04/07/16Method of in-device interference mitigation for cellular, bluetooth, wifi, and satellite systems coexistence
04/07/16Beam synchronization methods for beamforming wireless networks
04/07/16Beam administration methods for cellular/wireless networks
04/07/16Method of pulse-code modulation and palette coding for video coding
04/07/16Method and motion vector predictor derivation
04/07/16Signal format for cell search and synchronization in wireless networks
04/07/16Signaling of network-assisted intra-cell interference cancellation and suppression
03/31/16Mobile communication apparatus having anti-theft and auto-notification functions
03/31/16Power management circuit and associated power management method
03/31/16Method and device of brightness adjustment for display
03/31/16Integrated circuits with built-in self test mechanism
03/31/16Incremental scheduling for wireless communication system with beamforming
03/31/16Rrc re-establishment on secondary enodeb for dual connectivity
03/31/16Beam misalignment detection for wireless communication system with beamforming
03/24/16Current amplifier and transmitter using the same
03/24/16Control signaling in a beamforming system
03/24/16Control signaling in a beamforming system
03/24/16Synchronization in a beamforming system

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