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Mediatek Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mediatek Inc. Mediatek Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mediatek Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mediatek Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/11/10Frequency synchronization apparatus
02/05/09Method and apparatus of seek end polarity detecdtion for optical disk drive
03/23/17 new patent  Electronic apparatuses and methods for providing a man-machine interface (mmi)
03/23/17 new patent  Processor equipped with hybrid core architecture, and associated method
03/23/17 new patent  Sensor hub, communications personalized model training
03/23/17 new patent  Low-power display method by sensing ambient light and associated device
03/23/17 new patent  Semiconductor package structure and forming the same
03/23/17 new patent  Semiconductor package structure and forming the same
03/23/17 new patent  Semiconductor package, semiconductor device using the same and manufacturing method thereof
03/23/17 new patent  Semiconductor package assemblies with system-on-chip (soc) packages
03/23/17 new patent  Semiconductor package structure and forming the same
03/23/17 new patent  Semiconductor device
03/23/17 new patent  Apparatus for performing capacitor amplification in an electronic device
03/23/17 new patent  Analog-to-digital converter with bandpass noise transfer function
03/23/17 new patent  Method of adjusting modulation and coding scheme
03/23/17 new patent  Method of handling nfc device with non-fixed low power polling number and nfc device using the same
03/23/17 new patent  Electronic device, processor and setting a sensor
03/23/17 new patent  Method and response of feedback information during video call
03/23/17 new patent  Method of motion information coding
03/23/17 new patent  Method of adaptive interpolation filtering in video coding
03/23/17 new patent  Method of operating in wireless system and wireless device using the same
03/23/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for reducing setup time of a circuit-switched fallback (csfb) call
03/23/17 new patent  Method of enhancing transmission opportunity and wireless device using the same
03/23/17 new patent  Method and guided adaptive spatial reuse in wireless communication
03/23/17 new patent  Device and setting clear channel assessment threshold
03/16/17Method and arranging pixels of picture in storage units each having storage size not divisible by pixel size
03/16/17Fan-out package structure having embedded package substrate
03/16/17Power transfer circuit and method utilizing power capability proclamation to transfer electrical power to charger
03/16/17Scheme for automatically searching optimal phase shedding threshold for voltage converter having multi-phase output stage circuit
03/16/17Voltage regulator and controlling output stages of voltage regulator
03/16/17Switched mode power supply circuit
03/16/17Class-d amplifier with pulse-width modulation common-mode control and associated performing class-d amplification
03/16/17Self-regulated reference for switched capacitor circuit
03/16/17Error cancellation in a current digital-to-analog converter of a continuous-time sigma-delta modulator
03/16/17System for conversion between analog domain and digital domain with mismatch error shaping
03/16/17Signal processing system and associated method
03/16/17Method and interference cancellation by a user equipment
03/16/17Data processing system for transmitting compressed multimedia data over camera interface
03/16/17Adaptive power saving for multi-frame processing
03/16/17Location context managing method and electronic device
03/16/17Apparatuses and methods for avoiding location exposure
03/09/17Systems and methods for focusing objects to capturing images thereof
03/09/17Adaptive thermal slope control
03/09/17Electronic system and related clock managing method
03/09/17Apparatus and controlling multi-core of electronic device
03/09/17Low-power memory-access method and associated apparatus
03/09/17Power saving methodology for storage device equipped with task queues
03/09/17Fine-grained heterogeneous computing
03/09/17Semiconductor device allowing metal layer routing formed directly under metal pad
03/09/17Single-ended to differential conversion circuit and signal processing module
03/09/17Radio frequency receiver front-end with gain control capability as well as improved impedance matching control capability
03/09/17Direction finding positioning in wireless local area networks
03/09/17Method for bss transition
03/09/17Spatial reuse parameters for opportunistic adaptive tpc and cca
03/09/17Device of handling block transmission in multicarrier system
03/02/17Dynamic memory sharing
03/02/17Apparatus for performing secure memory allocation control in an electronic device, and associated method
03/02/17Package structure
03/02/17Method for power budget
03/02/17Low power clock buffer circuit for integrated circuit with multi-voltage design
03/02/17Phase lock loop
03/02/17Subchannel feedback for ofdma systems
03/02/17Image tuning in photographic system
03/02/17Method of hard-limited packet size for video encoding
03/02/17Method of dynamic pdcp status report polling for lte-wlan aggregation
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02/23/17Shape-sensing system having sensor strip and deformable object
02/23/17Method and image capture in transmitter of wireless communications system
02/23/17Structure and layout of ball grid array packages
02/23/17Portable device and related vibration detecting method
02/23/17Spatial diversity scheme in communication systems of beamforming
02/23/17Robust mobility measurements and inter-cell coordination in mmwave small cell
02/23/17Multi-chip structure having flexible input/output chips
02/23/17Mobile communication devices and context-based geofence control methods thereof
02/23/17Method for load redistribution in mobile communication systems
02/23/17Method of high-efficiency connected mode cell re-selection
02/23/17Wireless communication device
02/23/17Methods of distributed control achieving fair radio resource access
02/16/17Asynchronous first-in first-out buffer apparatus with active rate control and dynamic rate compensation and associated network device using the same
02/16/17Method and associated interface circuit for mitigating interference due to signaling of a bus
02/16/17Electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
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02/16/17Multi-path low-noise amplifier and associated low-noise amplifier module and receiver
02/16/17Signal modulation and demodulation for multiuser superposition transmission scheme
02/16/17Signal modulation and demodulation for multiuser superposition transmission scheme
02/09/17Dynamic current sink for stabilizing low dropout linear regulator (ldo)
02/09/17Wearable electronic device and operating method
02/09/17Methods and systems for handling interrupt requests
02/09/17Electronic device controlling and user registration method
02/09/17Graphics system and associated generating dirtiness information in image having multiple frames
02/09/17Electronic device capable of displaying and performing color compensation and color compensation method
02/09/17Method for adjusting display of electronic device and electronic device capable of adjusting display
02/09/17Fan-out package structure including antenna
02/09/17Semiconductor package, semiconductor device using the same and manufacturing method thereof
02/09/17Power management method capable of preventing an over current event by performing a power control operation
02/09/17Buck-boost converter and controlling buck-boost converter
02/09/17Apparatus for performing signal driving in an electronic device with aid of different types of decoupling capacitors for pre-driver and post-driver
02/09/17Method and circuitry for generating trigger signal and associated non-transitory computer program product
02/09/17Methods for mitigating interference in a communications apparatus and communications apparatus utilizing the same
02/09/17Enhanced ue data transmission for power consumption optimization
02/09/17Methods of enabling multiuser superposition transmission
02/02/17Portable device and calibration method thereof
02/02/17Method for performing process fault tolerant control of an electronic device with aid of control signals, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product
02/02/17Data processing apparatus capable of using different compression configurations for image quality optimization and/or display buffer capacity optimization and related data processing method
02/02/17Image processing method and apparatus and system for dynamically adjusting frame rate
02/02/17Simulated transparent device
02/02/17Data processing apparatus capable of performing optimized compression for compressed data transmission over multiple display ports of display interface and related data processing method
02/02/17Semiconductor package structure and forming the same
02/02/17Mos transistor structure with hump-free effect
02/02/17Preview system for concurrently displaying multiple preview images generated based on input image generated by image capture apparatus and related preview method thereof
02/02/17Data processing configuring camera interface based on compression characteristic of compressed multimedia data and related data processing method
02/02/17Method and sign data hiding of video and image data
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02/02/17Wireless communication device with channel scanning capability and associated method
01/26/17Apparatus for performing resistance control on a current sensing component in an electronic device, and associated method
01/26/17Dynamic switching of voltage regulators in a multiprocessor system
01/26/17Data processing performing display data compression/decompression with color format conversion and related data processing method
01/26/17Method for performing adaptive input current control in an electronic device with aid of adaptor management, and associated apparatus
01/26/17Constant on-time pulse width control-based scheme including capabilities of fast transient response and adaptively adjusting on-time pulse width
01/26/17Clock generator and integrated circuit using the same and injection-locked phase-locked loop control method
01/26/17Multi-antenna system
01/26/17Hybrid video decoder and associated hybrid video decoding method
01/26/17Partial decoding for arbitrary view angle and line buffer reduction for virtual reality video
Patent Packs
01/26/17Method of setting mapping between channel number and program number
01/26/17Processor and capable of reducing image flicker and a related method
01/26/17Measurement enhancements for lte systems
01/19/17Standard cell circuitries
01/19/17Drive circuits for multi-mode wireless power transmitter
01/19/17Multi-mode resonant wireless power transmitter
01/19/17Multi-mixer system and associated receiver and signal processing method
01/19/17Method and self-forming a tree topology network in a communications network
01/19/17Hybrid video decoding performing hardware entropy decoding and subsequent software decoding and associated hybrid video decoding method
01/19/17Partial decoding circuit of video encoder/decoder for dealing with inverse second transform and partial encoding circuit of video encoder for dealing with second transform
01/19/17Power management method by providing power according to power allocation for improving power consumption
01/12/17Environment-aware cache flushing mechanism
01/12/17Apparatus for performing tessellation operation and methods utilizing the same
01/12/17Method for generating a plurality of oscillating signals with different phases and associated circuit and local oscillator
01/12/17Active compensation for power amplifier gain droop
01/12/17Method and triggering acknowledgement status report in wireless communications system
01/12/17Multiband filter circuitry, multiband duplexer circuitry, and related radio-frequency system
01/12/17Methods and devices for sharing a service among multiple devices
01/12/17Method and apparatus of video encoding with partitioned bitstream
01/12/17Electronic devices and near field communication between two electronic devices
01/12/17Coordination and provision of non-interfering long-range low-power wireless communications
01/05/17Communication units and methods for power supply control
01/05/17Method for one-handed operation on electronic device and associated electronic device
01/05/17Object analyzing method and object analyzing system
01/05/17Image processing method and electronic apparatus with image processing mechanism
01/05/17Tunable antenna module using frequency-division circuit for mobile device with metal cover
01/05/17Multi-mixer reducing interference within multi-mixer system
01/05/17Method and apparatus using software engine and hardware engine collaborated with each other to achieve hybrid video encoding
01/05/17Residual up-sampling performing transform block up-sampling and residual down-sampling performing transform block down-sampling
01/05/17Apparatus for dynamically adjusting video decoding complexity, and associated method
Patent Packs
12/29/16Method and generating featured test pattern
12/29/16Hand and body tracking with mobile device-based virtual reality head-mounted display
12/29/16Probabilistic framework for compiler optimization with multithread power-gating controls
12/29/16Policy-based compression of machine code generated by a virtual machine
12/29/16Methods of a graphics-processing unit for tile-based rendering of a display area and graphics-processing apparatus
12/29/16Graphics-processing a graphics-processing unit and graphics-processing apparatus
12/29/16Harmonic rejection translational filter
12/29/16Feedforward filter using translational filter
12/29/16Delay cell in a standard cell library
12/29/16Image processor comprising local color processing circuits and associated image processing adjusting blue light strength of image
12/29/16Video frame transmitting system and video frame transmitting method
12/29/16Stereoscopic camera device and associated control method
12/22/16Processor memory architecture
12/22/16Scalarization of vector processing
12/22/16Semiconductor device
12/22/16Fin field-effect transistor gated diode
12/22/16Variation calibration for envelope tracking on chip
12/22/16Digital signal up-converting apparatus and related digital signal up-converting method
12/22/16Methods and apparatus of processing image and additional information from image sensor
12/22/16Inter prediction method with constrained reference frame acquisition and associated inter prediction device
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12/22/16Service continuity for group communication over lte embms
12/22/16Transceiver architecture for multiple antenna systems
12/22/16Enhanced channel contention schemes for high-efficiency wlan
12/15/16Method and associated circuit for arranging window on screen
12/15/16Wideband highly-linear low output impedance d2s buffer circuit
12/15/16Vco-based continuous-time sigma delta modulator equipped with truncation circuit and phase-domain excess loop delay compensation
12/15/16Methods and systems for providing virtual lighting
12/15/16Image frame synchronization for dynamic image frame rate in dual-camera applications
12/15/16Direction finding and ftm positioning in wireless local area networks
12/08/16Wearable device and determination method thereof
12/08/16Network switch and database update with bandwidth aware mechanism
12/08/16Swap method and electronic system thereof
12/08/16Network switch and data base updating method
12/08/16Semiconductor package using flip-chip technology
12/08/16Jitter control circuit within chip and associated jitter control method
12/08/16Communication device, integrated circuitry, and the communication method thereof
12/08/16System and content adaptive clipping
12/08/16Method and entropy transcoding
12/08/16Wireless communications devices supporting wifi and lte communcations and methods for transmission control thereof
12/01/16Methods for displaying image data in a computer system supporting multiple displays
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12/01/16Method for performing processor resource allocation in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
12/01/16Semiconductor integrated circuit
12/01/16Semiconductor device capable of high-voltage operation
12/01/16Variable gain amplifier circuit, controller of main amplifier and associated control method
12/01/16Method and wireless device for antenna selection
12/01/16Reliable dual sub-carrier modulation schemes in high efficiency wlan
12/01/16Method for identifying source bss in wlan
12/01/16Apparatus and acquiring ipv6 domain name system server and sip server address
12/01/16Method for search space configuration of enhanced physical downlink control channel
11/24/16Method and adjusting voltage threshold for battery by measuring internal resistance of battery, and corresponding method and sensor circuit for measuring internal resistance of battery
11/24/16Apparatus and controlling multi-core processor of computing system
11/24/16Method and controlling data migration in multi-channel memory device
11/24/16Method for managing a last level cache and apparatus utilizing the same
11/24/16Method of dynamic random access memory resource control
11/24/16Chip package having a patterned conducting plate and forming the same
11/24/16Semiconductor package assembly and forming the same
11/24/16Semiconductor package assembly and forming the same
11/24/16Semiconductor package assembly and forming the same
11/24/16Capacitor structure and forming the same
11/24/16Semiconductor package assembly with thermal recycling function
11/24/160/90 degree coupler with complex termination
11/24/16Method and adjusting voltage threshold for battery by measuring internal resistance of battery, and corresponding method and sensor circuit for measuring internal resistance of battery
11/24/16Auto-selection modeling secondary-path estimation filter for active noise control system
11/24/16Data processing transmitting/receiving compressed display data with improved error robustness and related data processing method
11/24/16Methods and electronic devices for controlling transmission power
11/24/16Method to set up a wireless communication connection and electronic device utilizing the same
11/17/16Power detector
11/17/16Methods for providing macro placement of ic
11/17/16Semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
11/17/16Semiconductor device and structure
Social Network Patent Pack
11/17/16Electronic device, charger within the electronic device, and detecting detecting abnormal status of connector of electronic device
11/17/16Apparatus for performing multi-loop power control in an electronic device with aid of analog compensation and duty cycle selection, and associated method
11/17/16Inductor capacitor tank for resonator
11/17/16Low-ripple latch circuit for reducing short-circuit current effect
11/17/16Continuous time delta sigma modulator, analog to digital converter and associated compensation method
11/17/16Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter and accuracy improving method thereof
11/17/16Use of different precoders for superposed signals in downlink multiuser superposition transmission
11/17/16Clock and data recovery circuit using an injection locked oscillator
11/17/16Method for performing image control in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
11/17/16Method and adaptive motion vector precision
11/17/16Channel state feedback enhancement in downlink multiuser superposition transmission
11/17/16Finer control of wlan association for network-controlled lte-wlan internetworking
11/17/16Communication extending device
11/17/16Rate adaptation for lte-wlan aggregation
11/17/16Qos provisioning for lte-wlan aggregation
11/17/16Method and apparatus of latency measurement for lte-wlan aggregation
11/17/16Qos provisioning for lte-wlan aggregation
11/17/16Efficient discontinuous reception in a mobile network
11/17/16Electronic apparatus
11/17/16Routing solutions for lte-wlan aggregation
11/10/16Dynamic frequency scaling in multi-processor systems
11/10/16Thermal management for smooth variation in display frame rate
11/10/16Vertex data compression compressing vertex data through analyzing channel properties and related vertex data decompression method and apparatus
11/10/16Graphics system and associated displaying blended image having overlay image layers
11/10/16Semiconductor chip package assembly with improved heat dissipation performance
11/10/16Fan-out package structure including antenna
11/10/16Multiple transmitter controlling impedances of multiple transmitter system
11/10/16Image processor, display image processing method and associated electronic device
11/10/16Communication apparatus and bluetooth id packet recognition method thereof

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