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Mediatek Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mediatek Inc. Mediatek Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mediatek Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mediatek Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/11/10Frequency synchronization apparatus
02/05/09Method and apparatus of seek end polarity detecdtion for optical disk drive
10/19/17 new patent  Power management circuit and associated power management method
10/19/17 new patent  Power-saving method and an electronic device for performing power consumption management
10/19/17 new patent  Applicaiton low power control and the apparatus using the same
10/19/17 new patent  Multi-processor system with cache sharing and associated cache sharing method
10/19/17 new patent  Display providing black frame insertion thereof
10/19/17 new patent  Matching circuit for antenna and associated method
10/19/17 new patent  Efficiency improvement for soft-switched wireless power transmitters
10/19/17 new patent  Signaling enhancement for fast network entry
10/19/17 new patent  Control channel design for elaa
10/19/17 new patent  Chip aware thermal policy
10/19/17 new patent  Non-local adaptive loop filter
10/19/17 new patent  System and adaptive frame re-compression in video processing system
10/19/17 new patent  Enhanced codec control
10/19/17 new patent  Radio link failure report extensions in mobile communication networks
10/19/17 new patent  A macro-assisted multi-connectivity scheme in multi-rat cellular systems
10/19/17 new patent  Physical random access channel design in elaa
10/12/17Phase-rotated harmonic-rejection mixer apparatus
10/12/17Oscillator circuit with reconfigurable oscillator amplifier and/or hybrid amplitude calibration circuit and associated method
10/12/17Camera auto-focus performing lens position compensation to determine focused lens position and related camera auto-focus method
10/12/17Method of cross color intra prediction
10/05/17Graphics generating a blended image using content hints
10/05/17Semiconductor package assembly
10/05/17Charger circuit with battery protection mechanism
10/05/17Programmable amplifier circuit capable of providing large or larger resistance for feedback path of its amplifier
10/05/17Methods and level-shifting high speed serial data with low power consumption
10/05/17Method and edge equalization for high speed drivers
10/05/17Tagging mechanism and out-of sequence packet delivery for qos enhancement
10/05/17Systems and methods for producing an output image
10/05/17Method for color index coding using a generalized copy previous mode
10/05/17Method and system of indoor positioning of a user and delivery of information thereto
10/05/17Efficient control and data multiplexing in communication systems
10/05/17Method and control signaling
10/05/17Wireless communication system design
10/05/17Transmission preemption and its indication
10/05/17Method of adaptive tti tuning
09/28/17Reconfigurable rf front end and antenna arrays for radar mode switching
09/28/17Efficient work execution in a parallel computing system
09/28/17Semiconductor package assembly
09/28/17Antenna with swappable radiation direction and communication device thereof
09/28/17Hybrid telematics enhancements with in-vehicle mobile devices and smart sensors
09/28/17Multiple sim multiple standby strategy on a ue with carrier aggregation
09/21/17Multiprocessor systems having processors with different processing capabilities connecting to a clock generator
09/21/17Dynamic rank switching for low power volatile memory
09/21/17Method and computing system for handling instruction execution using affine register file on graphic processing unit
09/21/17Selective execution of ahead-of-time compiled code
09/21/17Measurement matrix generating system based on scramblingand method thereof
09/21/17Event detecting method and electronic system applying the event detecting method and related accessory
09/21/17Semiconductor package assembly
09/21/17Semiconductor device and wafer level package including such semiconductor device
09/21/17Clock generator using passive mixer and associated clock generating method
09/21/17Digital signal up-converting apparatus and related digital signal up-converting method
09/21/17System for acquiring channel knowledge and method thereof
09/21/17Portable device with adaptive panoramic image processor
09/21/17Portable device capable of generating panoramic file
09/21/17Video coding with interpolated reference pictures
09/21/17Method and apparatus of intra prediction in image and video processing
09/21/17Method and apparatus of video coding
09/21/17Video encoding method and apparatus using independent partition coding and associated video decoding method and apparatus
09/14/17Audio synchronization method and associated electronic device
09/14/17Heterogeneous computing system with a shared computing unit and separate memory controls
09/14/17Scene-aware power manager for gpu
09/14/17Wafer-level chip-size package with redistribution layer
09/14/17Power and ground routing of integrated circuit devices with improved ir drop and chip performance
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09/14/17Semiconductor package assembly
09/14/17Semiconductor device capable of high-voltage operation
09/14/17Semiconductor device capable of high-voltage operation
09/14/17Semiconductor device capable of high-voltage operation
09/14/17Method for controlling graphical user interface of camera application
09/14/17Method and aligning multiple audio and video tracks for 360-degree reconstruction
09/14/17Control rf receiver and user equipment
09/07/17Reference voltage generator and analog-to-digital converter
09/07/17Method and computer system for reducing inter-cell interference and inter-antenna interference in wireless communication system
09/07/17Feed-forward filtering device and associated method
09/07/17Selective uplink only header compression mechanism
09/07/17User equipment and circuit-switched fallback method thereof
08/31/17Apparatus and controlling controllable clock source to generate clock signal with frequency transition
08/31/17Semiconductor package assembly
08/31/17Qc-ldpc coding methods and apparatus
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08/31/17Method and apparatus of video coding
08/31/17Residual processing circuit using single-path pipeline or multi-path pipeline and associated residual processing method
08/24/17Position tracking ring, band or bracelet and virtual reality system
08/24/17Inductive sensor for position/orientation sensing
08/24/17Image data processing system and associated methods for processing panorama images and image blending using the same
08/24/17Termination topology of memory system and associated memory module and control method
08/24/17Termination topology of memory system and associated memory module and control method
08/24/17Composite inductor structure
08/24/17Semiconductor package
08/24/17Fan-out package structure and forming the same
08/24/17Semiconductor package incorporating redistribution layer interposer
08/24/17Hybrid analog-to-digital converter using digital slope analog-to-digital converter and related hybrid analog-to-digital conversion method thereof
08/24/17Method and apparatus of flexible block partition for video coding
08/24/17Video processing generating count table in external storage device of hardware entropy engine and associated video processing method
08/24/17Reconfigurable interpolation filter and associated interpolation filtering method
08/24/17Method for controlling network interfaces of electronic device and associated processing circuit
08/24/17Pucch resource allocation and peak to average power ratio reduction in elaa
08/17/17Peak to average power ratio reduction in elaa
08/17/17Multi-carrier operation for narrowband internet of things
08/17/17Listen before talk channel access procedure for uplink laa
08/17/17Channel access procedure and qos provisioning for uplink laa
08/10/17Schemes capable of efficiently and accurately estimating and/or predicting available battery capacity and battery aging factor
08/10/17Method and apparatus capable of accurately estimating/determining power percentage of battery based on confidence levels determined from resultant information of multiple different fuel gauge operations and/or information of battery history, aging factor, sleep time, or battery temperature
08/10/17Power managing avoiding sudden drop in voltage and electronic system applying the power managing method
08/10/17Apparatuses and methods for activity-based resource management, and storage medium thereof
08/10/17Electrostatic discharge (esd) protection device
08/10/17Wideband adaptive bias circuits for power amplifiers
08/10/17Comparator circuits
08/10/17System for conversion between analog domain and digital domain with mismatch error shaping
08/10/17Low papr dual sub-carrier modulation scheme for bpsk in wlan
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08/10/17Method and apparatus of mode information reference for 360-degree vr video
08/10/17Method and image compression without residue signaling
08/10/17Methods and apparatuses for performing entropy encoding and entropy decoding with size determination of at least one bitstream portion
08/10/17Failure event report extension for inter-rat radio link failure
08/03/17Radar interference mitigation method and apparatus
08/03/17Method for controlling operations of an electronic device through ambient light detection, and associated apparatus
08/03/17Electronic apparatus, frames per second decision method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof
08/03/17Memory interface circuit having signal detector for detecting clock signal
08/03/17Electrostatic discharge protection circuit with leakage current reduction and associated electrostatic discharge protection method
08/03/17Method for performing performance control in an electronic device with aid of management of multiple charger circuits, and associated apparatus
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08/03/17Closed loop current control in a wireless power system
08/03/17Dc-dc converter and associated control method
08/03/17Memory interface circuit capable of controlling driving ability and associated control method
08/03/17Method and reordering
08/03/17Video transmitting system with on-the-fly encoding and on-the-fly delivering and associated video receiving system
08/03/17Method of block vector clipping and coding for screen content coding and video coding
07/27/17Power budget allocation generating power management output according to system setting of multi-core processor system and target power budget
07/27/17Bandwidth efficient generating an alpha hint buffer
07/27/17Power amplifier system and associated bias circuit
07/27/17Adaptive power amplifier supply with pre-distortion mechanism
07/27/17Switched-capacitor loop filter
07/27/17Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter applying calibration circuit, associated calibrating method, and associated electronic device
07/27/17Method and wireless communication system for processing data
07/27/17Method for controlling motions and actions of an apparatus including an image capture device having a moving device connected thereto using a controlling device
07/27/17Apparatus of inter prediction for spherical images and cubic images
07/27/17Audio refocusing methods and electronic devices utilizing the same
07/20/17Method for adjusting display of electronic device and electronic device capable of adjusting display
07/20/17Hybrid system integrating package-on-package soc and embedded multi-chip package on one main circuit board
07/20/17Wireless power transfer through metal objects
07/20/17Power amplifier system and associated control circuit and control method
07/20/17Signal generator using multi-sampling and edge combining and associated signal generating method
07/20/17Methods for enhancing performance of a communications apparatus suffering from doppler effect and communications apparatus utilizing the same
07/13/17Method and apparatus of image formation and compression of cubic images for 360 degree panorama display
07/13/17Electrostatic discharge protection device
07/06/17Semiconductor package, semiconductor device using the same and manufacturing method thereof
07/06/17Semiconductor package with three-dimensional antenna
07/06/17Vco-based continuous-time sigma delta modulator equipped with truncation circuit and phase-domain excess loop delay compensation
07/06/17Method of intra block copy with flipping for image and video coding
07/06/17Count table maintenance maintaining count table during processing of frame and related count table maintenance method
07/06/17Enhanced audio effect realization for virtual reality
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07/06/17Apparatuses and methods for recovering from security mode command failures
07/06/17Random access probing enhancement during state mismatch between user equipment and network
07/06/17Decoding across transmission time intervals
06/29/17Methods and systems for managing an instruction sequence with a divergent control flow in a simt architecture
06/29/17Manufacturing chip package and package substrate
06/29/17Method and entropy coding in image compression
06/29/17Method and apparatus of bandwidth estimation and reduction for video coding
06/29/17Method of handling normal bandwidth and narrow bandwidth coexistence
06/29/17Semiconductor package
06/22/17Power managing method and electronic system applying the power managing method
06/22/17Display control for transparent display
06/22/17Input recognizing user input according to vector combination derived from single-stroke input and associated non-transitory machine readable medium
06/22/17Wireless power coil with multi-layer shield
06/22/17Semiconductor package
06/22/17Semiconductor structure
06/22/17Apparatus for performing hybrid power control in an electronic device to allow charging using any of high power adaptors corresponding to different voltages
06/22/17Interleaver design for dual sub-carrier modulation in wlan
06/22/17Network device and outputting data to bus with data bus width at each cycle by generating end of packet and start of packet at different cycles
06/22/17Phone number switching method, and associated apparatus
06/22/17Method and communications performing a cell reselection process
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06/22/17Physical downlink control channel design for narrow band internet of things
06/15/17Differential sensing circuit with dynamic voltage reference for single-ended bit line memory
06/15/17Electrostatic discharge (esd) protection circuit
06/15/17Oscillator scheme capable of reducing far-out phase noise and closed-in phase noise
06/15/17Voltage generating circuit and esd protecting method
06/15/17Vht operation information subfield design in wlan
06/15/17Control-less data transmission for narrow band internet of things
06/08/17Healthcare systems and monitoring physiological signals
06/08/17Share power source mechanism in a multicore processor system
06/08/17System and processor mapping
06/08/17Semiconductor device
06/08/17Wafer-level chip-scale package with redistribution layer
06/08/17Methods and devices for protection in wireless power systems
06/08/17Reference voltage generator having at least one bipolar junction transistor biased by negative base voltage and associated reference voltage generating method
06/08/17Method for cancelling a data transmission of a neighboring cell
06/08/17Image-based motion sensor and related multi-purpose camera system
06/08/17Method and associated time manager for managing time relation between system times of different remote systems
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods for physical broadcast channel (pbch) assisted synchronization during a discontinuous reception (drx) operation
06/08/17Multiple access system for multiple users to use the same signature
06/01/17Efficient on-demand content-based memory sharing
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06/01/17Multi-port memory controller capable of serving multiple access requests by accessing different memory banks of multi-bank packet buffer and associated packet storage design
06/01/17Input buffer and analog-to-digital converter
06/01/17Method for cancelling a data transmission of a neighboring cell
06/01/17Method for cancelling a data transmission of a neighboring cell
06/01/17Method of bypassing data and mobile device using the same
06/01/17Microelectronic system including printed circuit board having improved power/ground ball pad array
06/01/17Apparatus and video coding by intra-prediction
05/25/17Method for performing signal control of an electronic device, and associated apparatus
05/25/17Application driven dynamic voltage and frequency scaling method and associated machine readable medium
05/25/17Direct memory access system using available descriptor mechanism and/or pre-fetch mechanism and associated direct memory access method
05/25/17Video data processing system and associated analyzing and summarizing recorded video data
05/25/17Inductor and inductor module
05/25/17Charge pump and associated phase-locked loop and clock and data recovery
05/25/17High speed synchronous rectifier
05/25/17Matching network circuit and radio-frequency power amplifier with odd harmonic rejection and even harmonic rejection and adjusting symmetry of differential signals
05/25/17Apparatus for detecting variation in transistor threshold voltage
05/25/17Method and video coding
05/25/17Method, system and circuits for headset crosstalk reduction
05/25/17Method and system for call setup
05/18/17Composite solder ball, semiconductor package using the same, semiconductor device using the same and manufacturing method thereof
05/18/17Testing device for connection interface and related testing methods
05/18/17Sense amplifier circuits
05/18/17Semiconductor package assembly
05/18/17Signal generator and associated resonator circuit
05/18/17Amplifier controlling amplifier
05/18/17Amplifier system, controller of main amplifier and associated control method
05/18/17Clock data recovery apparatus and method capable of reducing more noise as well as tracking larger frequency offsets
05/18/17User equipment, base station, and early decoding user equipment
05/18/17Design for directional reference signal transmission
05/18/17Method for enhancing performance of a communications apparatus in a plmn search procedure and a communications apparatus utilizing the same
Social Network Patent Pack
05/18/17User equipment and timing advance value updating method thereof
05/11/17Memory capable of entering/exiting power down state during self-refresh period and associated memory controller and memory system
05/11/17Interface module and related method
05/11/17Antenna having passive booster for near field communication
05/11/17Resource element mapping for interference cancellation friendly new air interface
05/11/17Assistance info and ue feedback for interference cancellation friendly new air interface
05/11/17Signaling and feedback schemes of time-vary channels in high-efficiency wlan
05/11/17Method for efficient reliable transmission
05/11/17Method and block prediction using variable block-size in image compression
05/11/17Apparatuses and methods for handovers in a wireless mesh network
05/11/17Long-range low-power integrated wireless transmission in channel gaps and guard spectrum
05/11/17Rate assignment with rate splitting for interference cancellation friendly new air interface
05/04/17Method for performing user-input control in an electronic device, and associated apparatus
05/04/17Method and preventing rollback of secure data
05/04/17Adaptive display partial update methods and apparatus thereof
05/04/17Semiconductor package with coated bonding wires and fabrication method thereof
05/04/17Integrated circuit, electronic device and transmitting data in electronic device
05/04/17Efficiency estimation in a switching power converter
05/04/17Frequency tunable filter with voltage stressed relaxed switch, and associated apparatus
05/04/17Flip-flop circuit with data-driven clock
05/04/17Method and wireless charging receiver capable of automatically detecting information of wireless power transmitter to limit maximum charging current provided for portable device
05/04/17Transition enforcing coding receiver for sampling vector signals without using clock and data recovery
05/04/17Photography method using gaze detection
05/04/17Method for performing depth information management in an electronic device, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product
05/04/17Ultrasonic proximity detection system
05/04/17Beam misalignment detection for wireless communication system with beamforming
04/27/17Frame rate control method and image processing apparatus selectively limiting frame rate
04/27/17Robust foreign objects detection
04/27/17In situ coil parameter measurements and foreign objects detection

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