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Medtronic Inc patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Medtronic Inc. Medtronic Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Medtronic Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Medtronic Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/27/12Emi shield for medical device telemetry antenna
12/27/12Implantable medical device with time for therapeutic output replenishment determination and method therefore
12/27/12Secure telemetric link
12/20/12Implantable medical device electrode assembly
12/20/12Medical assemblies and methods for implementation of multiple medical leads through a single entry
12/13/12Apparatus for restricting moisture ingress
12/13/12Fault tolerant methods and architectures for embedded intelligence in medical leads
12/13/12Timing techniques for magnetic resonance imaging
12/13/12Method and devices for treating atrial fibrillation by mass ablation
12/13/12Programming interface for stimulation therapy
12/13/12Method and apparatus to manage lead-related conditions for fault tolerance enhancements
12/06/12Ablation catheters and associated systems and methods
12/06/12Delivery catheter system with micro and macro movement control
12/06/12Capacitor including registration feature for aligning an insulator layer
12/06/12Diagnostic kits, genetic markers, and methods for scd or sca therapy selection
12/06/12Delivery catheter system with micro and macro movement control
11/29/12Droop tester apparatus and method
11/29/12Electrical feedthrough for implantable medical device
11/29/12Integrated wireless non-invasive perfusion sensor
11/29/12Cradle apparatus for a stepper to hold ultra-sound probe
11/29/12Acoustic based cough detection
11/29/12Optical sensor and method for detecting a patient condition
11/29/12Secure and efficacious therapy delivery for a pacing engine
11/29/12Methods and apapratus for manually suspending intrathoracic impedance fluid status measurements
11/29/12Electrode structure for implantable medical device
11/29/12Attachment mechanism for stent release
11/29/12System and method for smoothing sampled digital signals
11/22/12Heart sounds-based pacing optimization
11/22/12Therapy system including multiple posture sensors
11/22/12Non-sustained tachyarrhythmia analysis to identify lead related condition
11/15/12Techniques for determining morphological stability of cardiac cycles
11/15/12Techniques for determining cardiac cycle morphology
11/15/12System and implantable device for treating chronic kidney disease
11/15/12Battery feedthrough for an implantable medical device
11/15/12Leadless implantable medical device with osmotic pump
11/15/12Av nodal stimulation during atrial tachyarrhythmia to prevent inappropriate therapy delivery
11/15/12Techniques for modifying breathing rate using cardiac pacing
11/15/12Techniques for modifying breathing rate using cardiac pacing
11/15/12Dynamic representation of multipolar leads in a programmer interface
11/15/12Phrenic nerve stimulation during cardiac refractory period
11/15/12Network distribution of anatomical models
11/08/12Verification of pressure metrics
11/08/12Method of signal enhancement for ecg devices
11/08/12Assessing intra-cardiac activation patterns and electrical dyssynchrony
11/08/12Detecting empty medical pump reservoir
11/08/12Drug infusion system and method adapted to start during programming cycle
11/08/12Percutaneous delivery tool
11/08/12Selectively enabling a passive recharge cycle for an implantable cardiac stimulation device
11/08/12Active fixation medical lead
11/08/12Assessing intra-cardiac activation patterns
11/01/12Multimodal dialysis system
11/01/12Image-based analysis of implantable medical device positioning
11/01/12Therapy for kidney disease and/or heart failure
11/01/12Biodegradable insertion guide for the insertion of a medical device
11/01/12Method and device to monitor patients with kidney disease
11/01/12Implantable medical device with automatic sensing threshold adjustment in noisy environment
11/01/12Automatic detection of premature ventricular complexes for heart rate turbulence measurements
11/01/12Distinguishing premature contractions in a medical device
11/01/12Distinguishing premature contractions in a medical device
11/01/12Distinguishing premature contractions in a medical device
11/01/12Seizure probability metrics
11/01/12Detecting food intake based on impedance
11/01/12Determining nerve location relative to electrodes
11/01/12Obtaining baseline patient information
11/01/12Combination oxygenator and arterial filter device with a fiber bundle of continuously wound hollow fibers for treating blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit
11/01/12Combination oxygenator and arterial filter device for treating blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit
11/01/12Burr hole cap assembly with therapy delivery member orientation feature
11/01/12Detecting and responding to software and hardware anomalies in a fluid delivery system
11/01/12Limiting pressure in an implanted catheter
11/01/12Medical tunneling device and method
11/01/12Unipolar pacing in the presence of electromagnetic interference
11/01/12Multiphasic pacing in the presence of electromagnetic interference
11/01/12Entrainment of bioelectrical brain signals
11/01/12Electrical stimulation therapy based on head position
11/01/12Delivery systems and methods of implantation for replacement prosthetic heart valves
11/01/12Predictive background data transfer for implantable medical devices
10/25/12Method for attaching gold to titanium and niobium
10/25/12Brain condition monitoring based on co-activation of neural networks
10/25/12Method and apparatus for assessing neural activation
10/25/12Method and apparatus for embolic protection during heart procedure
10/25/12Electrical therapy for facilitating inter-area brain synchronization
10/25/12Electrical brain therapy parameter determination based on a bioelectrical resonance response
10/25/12Adaptively configuring the validation timeout of a session key used for securing communication with an implantable medical device
10/25/12Large-pitch coil configurations for a medical device
10/25/12Low impedance, low modulus wire configurations for a medical device
10/25/12Cable configurations for a medical device
10/18/12Recharge tuning techniques for an implantable device
10/18/12Evaluating dosing from an implantable infusion device
10/18/12Detecting a full reservoir of an implantable infusion device
10/18/12Estimating the volume of fluid in therapeutic fluid delivery device reservoir
10/18/12Flow restrictor for medical devices
10/18/12Implantable fluid delivery device including gas chamber pressure sensor
10/18/12Medical device sensing and detection during mri
10/18/12Implantable medical devices storing graphics processing data
10/11/12Detecting fill status for medical pump reservoir
10/04/12Aspiration catheters for thrombus removal
10/04/12Method for joining dissimular separator materials
10/04/12Heart failure monitoring
10/04/12Systems and methods for optogenetic modulation of cells within a patient
09/27/12Moment fraction computation for sensors
09/27/12Automatically indentifying therapy delivery component connected to implantable medical device
09/27/12Sleeve valve catheters
09/27/12Implantable vascular access system
09/20/12Methods for ectopy rejection for atrial fibrillation detection based on ventricular cycle lengths
09/20/12Method and apparatus for noise rejection in atrial arrhythmia detection
09/20/12Automated catheter length determination for implantable fluid delivery device
09/20/12Sleeve valve catheters
09/20/12Transseptal puncturing device
09/20/12Recharge system and method for deep or angled devices
09/20/12In-line connector terminals for implantable medical electrical leads
09/13/12Optical sensor system and measurement method
09/13/12Implant catheters for physiological pacing
09/13/12Using focal myocardial stimulation to distinguish supraventricular tachycardia from ventricular tachycardia
09/13/12Using focal myocardial stimulation to distinguish supraventricular tachycardia from ventricular tachycardia
09/06/12Multiple sensor input for structure identification
09/06/12Conformable prostheses for implanting two-piece heart valves and methods for using them
08/30/12Systems and methods for therapy of kidney disease and/or heart failure using chimeric natriuretic peptides
08/30/12Method and device to treat kidney disease
08/30/12Emergency mode switching for non-pacing modes
08/30/12minimum ventricular pacing to break the repetitive ar-vs pattern
08/30/12Medical electrical lead
08/23/12Modular medical device programmer
08/23/12Medical device programmer with adjustable kickstand
08/23/12Lead retention and sealing device
08/16/12Method and apparatus to detect and monitor the frequency of obstructive sleep apnea
08/16/12Medical fluid delivery device programming
08/16/12Implantable medical device
08/16/12Lead having thin distal end portion
08/16/12Magnetic resonance imaging compatible medical electrical lead and method of making the same
08/09/12Display of an acquired cine loop for procedure navigation
08/09/12Reduction of inflammatory mass with spinal catheters
08/09/12Connector enclosure assemblies of medical devices including an angled lead passageway
08/09/12Implantable medical electrical stimulation lead fixation method and apparatus
08/09/12Connector enclosure assemblies of medical devices including an angled lead passageway
08/02/12Medical pump with fixed stroke length
08/02/12De-airing oxygenator for treating blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit
08/02/12Techniques for detecting magnetic resonance imaging field
08/02/12External cardiac monitor
08/02/12Implantable capacitive pressure sensor apparatus and methods regarding same
08/02/12Delivery methods for a biological pacemaker minimizing source-sink mismatch
08/02/12Tools and methods for removing anchors from medical leads
08/02/12Recharge coupling efficiency for patient posture state
08/02/12Fault tolerant system for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator or pulse generator
08/02/12Isolating lead conductor for fault detection
08/02/12Disabling an implanted medical device with another medical device
08/02/12Intra-burst pulse variation for stimulation therapy
08/02/12Bilateral electrical stimulation therapy for bladder dysfunction
08/02/12Stimulation therapy including substantially simultaneous bilateral stimulation
08/02/12Communication dipole for implantable medical device
08/02/12Waveforms for remote electrical stimulation therapy
08/02/12Wound heat exchanger
08/02/12Isolated lead conductor measurements for fault detection
08/02/12High dielectric constant sheath materials for implantable medical device leads or catheters
08/02/12Anchors including rigid bodies defining full length slots for use with implantable medical leads
08/02/12Delivery systems and methods of implantation for prosthetic heart valves
07/26/12High-energy beta-particle source for betavoltaic power converter
07/26/12Telemetry control for implantable medical devices
07/26/12Locating an indicator
07/26/12Method and apparatus for regulating the formation of ice on a catheter
07/26/12Method and apparatus for regulating the formation of ice on a catheter
07/26/12Method and apparatus for regulating the formation of ice on a catheter
07/26/12Diagnosis of lead fracture and connection problems
07/26/12Target therapy delivery site selection
07/26/12Method and device for treating osteoarthritis noninvasively
07/26/12Trans-septal lead anchoring
07/19/12Feed-through assembly
07/19/12Method for planning a surgical procedure
07/19/12Vagal stimulation
07/12/12Slitting tool
07/12/12Associating therapy adjustments with posture states using a stability timer
07/05/12Methods and kits for linking polymorphic sequences to expanded repeat mutations
07/05/12Implantable medical device fixation
07/05/12Implantable medical device fixation testing
07/05/12Implantable medical device fixation
07/05/12Disabling an implantable medical device
07/05/12Synchronization of electrical stimulation therapy to treat cardiac arrhythmias
06/28/12Techniques for bonding substrates using an intermediate layer
06/28/12Security use restrictions for a medical communication module and host device
06/28/12Stand alone medical communication module used with a host device
06/28/12Therapeutic agent reservoir delivery system
06/28/12Fully inhibited dual chamber pacing mode
06/28/12Multi-electrode implantable systems and assemblies thereof
06/28/12Medical device with an electrically conductive anti-antenna member
06/28/12Application limitations for a medical communication module and host device
06/21/12Antimicrobial compounds having protective or therapeutic leaving groups
06/21/12Delivery needle apparatus with sleeve
06/21/12Mri-compatible implantable device
06/21/12Aortic pacing to control cardiac afterload
06/21/12Aortic pacing to reduce heart rate
06/21/12Activity sensing for stimulator control
06/14/12Connector assemblies and contacts for implantable medical electrical systems
06/14/12Microcoil construction
06/14/12Impedance measurement to monitor organ perfusion or hemodynamic status
06/14/12Impedance measurement to monitor organ perfusion or hemodynamic status
06/14/12Implantable medical device for treating neurological conditions including ecg sensing
06/14/12Algorithm for the automatic determination of optimal av and vv intervals
06/14/12Collecting posture and activity information to evaluate therapy
06/14/12Memory with selectively writable error correction codes and validity bits
06/14/12Preselector interference rejection and dynamic range extension
06/07/12Prosthetic heart valve, prosthetic heart valve assembly and method for making same
06/07/12External power source for an implantable medical device having an adjustable carrier frequency and system and method related therefore
06/07/12Method and apparatus for determining left ventricular lusitropy
06/07/12Method for treating damaged tissue of the cns
05/31/12Detection of relaxation abnormality in heart tissue
05/31/12Rule-based stimulation program search
05/31/12Pelvic floor muscle training
05/31/12Implantable medical device conductor insulation and process for forming
05/24/12Methods of manufacturing a hermetic lead connector
05/24/12Cold weld
05/24/12Coefficent determination for blood oxygen saturation and total hemoglobin concentration indices
05/24/12Illustrating a three-dimensional nature of a data set on a two-dimensional display
05/24/12Collecting posture information to evaluate therapy
05/24/12Rate control during af using cellular intervention to modulate av node
05/24/12Varying lead configuration implantable medical device
05/24/12Implantable medical device with swappable headers
05/24/12System and method for monitoring power source longevity of an implantable medical device
05/24/12Incontinence therapy
05/24/12Radiopaque markers for implantable medical leads, devices, and systems
05/24/12Multi-polar electrical medical lead connector system
05/17/12Bridge clip tissue connector apparatus and methods
05/17/12Damping systems for stabilizing medications in drug delivery devices
05/17/12Connectivity detection and type identification of an implanted lead for an implantable medical device
05/17/12Therapy control using relative motion between sensors
05/17/12Patient programmer with customizable programming
05/10/12Capacitor reformation method and apparatus
05/10/12Techniques for data retention upon detection of an event in an implantable medical device
05/10/12Treatment of neurological disorders
05/10/12Lead connector with glass insulators
05/10/12Arousal state modulation with electrical stimulation
05/10/12System and apparatus for controlled activation of acute use medical devices
05/03/12Method of maintaining wet-tantalum electrolytic capacitors
05/03/12Electrochemical cell with a direct connection between a feedthrough pin and an electrode stack
05/03/12Electrochemical cell with electrode elements that include alignment aperatures
05/03/12Electrode with interconnection design for miniature electrochemical cells and methods of making
05/03/12Energy storage device fluid aperature
05/03/12Artificial scab for use in an airway
05/03/12Enhanced sensing by an implantable medical device in the presence of an interfering signal from an external source
05/03/12Symmetrically packaged optical sensors for implantable medical devices
05/03/12Monitoring of tissue hemoglobin concentration
05/03/12Staged sensing adjustments by an implantable medical device in the presence of interfering signals
05/03/12Error correction techniques in surgical navigation
05/03/12Integrated patient care
05/03/12Ischemia detection and classification
05/03/12Electrode shapes and positions for reducing loss of contact in an implantable ecg recorder
05/03/12Therapy control based on a patient movement state
05/03/12Sensing in an implantable device in the presence of an interfering signal using lead impedance measurements
05/03/12Medical device fixation attachment mechanism
05/03/12Distance measurement using implantable acoustic transducers
05/03/12Telescoping catheter delivery system for left heart endocardial device placement
05/03/12Implantable medical pump diagnostics
05/03/12System and method for retrieval of an implantable medical device
05/03/12System and method for implantation of an implantable medical device
05/03/12Capture detection in response to lead related conditions
05/03/12Supraventricular stimulation to control ventricular rate
05/03/12Automatic personalization of parameter settings and algorithms in a medical device
05/03/12Heart failure monitoring and notification
05/03/12Assessing a lead based on high-frequency response
05/03/12Pacing interval determination for ventricular dyssynchrony
05/03/12Impedance-based stimulation adjustment
05/03/12Determination of dipole for tissue conductance communication
05/03/12Low-power system clock calibration based on a high- accuracy reference clock
05/03/12Implantable medical device telemetry in disruptive energy field
05/03/12Protecting an implantable medical device from effects caused by an interfering radiation field
05/03/12Reinforced silicone insulation for implantable medical electrical leads
05/03/12Implantable medical device with compressible fixation member
05/03/12System and method for identifying a prospective clinical therapy for a prospective patient having a medical device
04/26/12Laser assisted direct bonding
04/26/12Optimization of arrhythmia detection based on patient activity
04/26/12system and method for deriving respiration from intracardiac electrograms (egm) or ecg signals
04/26/12Trans-septal catheter with retention mechanism
04/26/12Wafer-scale package including power source
04/26/12Diagnosis and therapy of bigeminy and frequent premature contractions
04/26/12Capture threshold measurement for selection of pacing vector
04/26/12Implantable medical device impedance measurement module for communication with one or more lead-borne devices
04/26/12Method and apparatus to determine the relative energy expenditure for a plurality of pacing vectors
04/26/12Electrical stimulation based on phase response mapping
04/26/12Stereo data representation of biomedical signals along a lead
04/26/12Mitral bioprosthesis with low ventricular profile
04/19/12Sequential discrimination approach for detecting treatable cardiac rhythms
04/19/12Detection of heart rhythm using an accelerometer
04/19/12Electrode arrangements for medical lead
04/12/12Tnf inhibitor formulation for use in implantable infusion devices
04/12/12Common carrier for the integrated mandrel battery assembly
04/12/12Coiling device for making an electrode assembly and methods of use
04/12/12Methods for distributing agents to areas of brain
04/05/12Conformal antenna for implantable medical device and implantable medical device with such antenna
04/05/12Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
04/05/12Hub for implantable medical leads
04/05/12Prosthetic cardiac valve from pericardium material and methods of making same
03/29/12Heart wall ablation/mapping catheter and method
03/29/12Element for implantation with medical device
03/29/12Transvenous active fixation lead system
03/29/12Prioritized programming of multi-electrode pacing leads
03/29/12Identifying combinations of electrodes for neurostimulation therapy
03/29/12Helical electrode arrangements for medical leads
03/29/12Electrode arrangements for suborbital foramen medical lead
03/29/12Arcuate introducer
03/22/12Identification and remediation of oversensed cardiac events using far-field electrograms
03/22/12Method and apparatus for event-triggered reinforcement of a favorable brain state
03/22/12Medical leads and related systems that include a lumen body that is joined to a lead body and that has multiple filar lumens
03/15/12Apparatus for restricting moisture ingress
03/15/12Genetic modification of targeted regions of the cardiac conduction system
03/15/12Radiopaque embedded into desiccant for implantable medical device
03/15/12Radiopaque markers for implantable medical devices
03/15/12Power source coupling and decoupling in medical device
03/08/12Stented prosthetic heart valves
03/08/12Self-improving classification system
03/01/12Method and apparatus for enhancing treatable arrhythmia detection specificity by using accumulated patient activity
03/01/12Drug infusion device with controllable valve
03/01/12Fluid delivery device refill access
03/01/12Fluid delivery device with active and passive fluid delivery
03/01/12Single handed deployment handle
03/01/12Symmetrical physiological signal sensing with a medical device
03/01/12Symmetrical physiological signal sensing with a medical device
03/01/12Fixation components for implantable medical devices and associated device construction
03/01/12Biologically implantable prosthesis and methods of using the same
02/23/12Method and apparatus for performing a navigated procedure
02/23/12Optical detector for use in therapy
02/23/12Shielding an implantable medical lead
02/16/12Establishing continuity between a shield within an implantable medical lead and a shield within an implantable lead extension
02/16/12Termination of a shield within an implantable medical lead
02/16/12Slitter with mechanical holding finger
02/16/12Detection of proper insertion of medical leads into a medical device
02/16/12Connector for implantable medical lead
02/16/12Implantable medical device with adaptive operation
02/16/12Flexible tube sensor for sensing urinary sphincter pressure
02/16/12Lead insertion visibility
02/09/12Multiple use temperature monitor adapter, system and method of using same
02/09/12Surrogate temperature sensor for a radiant heat source
02/09/12System and method for unscheduled wireless communication with a medical device
02/09/12Medical devices with plasma-treated surface and methods
02/09/12Hand piece assembly for a disposable flushing nozzle unit for cleansing and/or irrigating surgical wounds
02/09/12Methods and systems for providing therapies into the pericardial space
02/09/12Steering an implantable medical lead via a rotational coupling to a stylet
02/09/12Fail-safe programming for implantable medical device
02/09/12Grounding of a shield within an implantable medical lead
02/09/12Termination of a shield within an implantable medical lead
02/09/12Method and apparatus for fixating an implantable medical device
02/09/12Verification that a patient with an implantable medical system can undergo a magnetic resonance imaging scan
02/02/12Techniques for approximating a difference between two capacitances
02/02/12Tissue stabilizing device and methods including a self-expandable head-link assembly
02/02/12Antenna for an implantable medical device
02/02/12Inductive coil device on flexible substrate
02/02/12Prevention of false asystole or bradycardia detection
02/02/12Medical delivery systems and apparatus
02/02/12Sealing for medical devices/instruments
02/02/12Catheter apparatus
02/02/12Tools and methods related to catheter delivery
02/02/12Parasympathetic stimulation to enhance tachyarrhythmia detection
02/02/12Nerve signal differentiation in cardiac therapy
02/02/12Graphical configuration of electrodes for electrical stimulation
02/02/12Antenna for an implantable medical device
02/02/12Nerve signal differentiation in cardiac therapy
01/26/12Detecting sleep to evaluate therapy
01/26/12System for nerve stimulation and cardiac sensing prior to and during a medical procedure
01/26/12Shifting between electrode combinations in electrical stimulation device
01/26/12Shifting between electrode combinations in electrical stimulation device
01/26/12Attachment mechanism for stent release
01/19/12Modulation of socs expression in therapeutic regimens
01/19/12Evaluation of implantable medical device data
01/12/12Battery longevity estimator that accounts for episodes of high current drain
01/12/12Medical device sensing and detection during mri
01/12/12Conditional electrical stimulation
01/12/12Lead electrode for use in an mri-safe implantable medical device
01/05/12Implantable medical device antenna
01/05/12Lithium-ion battery
01/05/12Sensor assemblies formed of silicone rubber for implantable medical electrical leads
01/05/12System including an implantable medical device and electronic valve indicator and locator device
01/05/12Delivering a conduit into a heart wall to place a coronary vessel in communication with a heart chamber and removing tissue from the vessel or heart wall to facilitate such communication
01/05/12Identifying a lead related condition based on motion-based lead impedance fluctuations

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