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Merck Patent Gmbh
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Merck Patent Gmbh Mit Beschraenkter Haftung
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Merck Patent Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Merck Patent Gmbh. Merck Patent Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Merck Patent Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Merck Patent Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Novel indolizine derivatives and their use in neurodegenerative diseases
03/23/17Heteroaryl compounds as irak inhibitors and uses thereof
03/23/17Heteroaryl compounds as irak inhibitors and uses thereof
03/23/17Hydroxystatin derivatives for the treatment of arthrosis
03/23/17Conversion phosphors
03/23/17Organic semiconducting compounds
03/23/17Fused bis-aryl fullerene derivatives
03/23/17Formulations of luminescent compounds
03/16/17Pyridazinone-amides derivatives
03/16/17Fgf-18 compound dosing regimen
03/16/17Heterocyclyl-butanamide derivatives
03/16/17Robust antibody purification
03/16/17Liquid crystalline medium
03/16/17Method of detecting microbes carried in a non-liquid sample
03/16/17Method for the preparation of fibers from a catalyst solution, and articles comprising such fibers
03/16/17Organic electroluminescent device
03/09/17Novel affinity chromatography media for removal of anti-a and/or anti-b antibodies
03/09/17Methods of evaluating quality of a chromatography media which binds anti-a or anti-b antibodies
03/09/17Methods of evaluating quality of media suitable for removing anti-a or anti-b antibodies
03/09/17Stable catalyst ink formulations, methods of using such inks in fiber formation, and articles comprising such fibers
03/02/17Fgf-18 compound dosing regimen
03/02/17Fgf-18 in graft transplantation and tissue engineering procedures
03/02/17Implant comprising fgf-18
03/02/17Methoxyaryl surface modifier and organic electronic devices comprising such methoxyaryl surface modifier
03/02/17Composition and preparation of organic electronic devices
03/02/17Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
03/02/17Materials for electronic devices
03/02/17Cyclic amine surface modifier and organic electronic devices comprising such cyclic amine surface modifier
02/23/17Process for producing of inorganic particulate material
02/23/17Liquid crystalline medium
02/23/17Sample preparation device and preparing a sample for sterility testing
02/23/17Method of detecting a microorganism in a sample by a fluorescence based detection method
02/16/17Filler pigments
02/16/17Composition for forming low-refractive-index film, forming low-refractive-index film, and low-refractive-index film and antireflective film both formed by the formation method
02/16/17Liquid-crystalline medium
02/16/17Liquid-crystalline medium
02/16/17Liquid-crystalline medium
02/16/17Reactive mesogen based polymer particles
02/16/17Method for detecting micro-colonies growing on a membrane or an agarose medium of a sample and a sterility testing apparatus
02/09/17Liquid-crystalline medium
02/09/17Liquid-crystalline medium
02/09/17Electronic device with thin porous layers of mixed metal oxides
02/02/17Biocidal purification device
02/02/17Liquid crystal material
02/02/17Apparatus and removing moisture from a surface in a container
02/02/17Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
01/26/17Fluid transfer device and process of aseptically transferring a fluid
01/26/17Method for detecting protein modifications using specific antibodies
01/26/17Organic electronic compositions and device thereof
01/19/17Novel heterocyclic derivatives as modulators of kinase activity
01/19/17Down conversion
01/19/17Materials for electronic devices
01/19/17Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
01/12/17Fluorinated tensides
01/12/17Heteroaryl compounds as btk inhibitors and uses thereof
01/12/17Materials for organic light-emitting devices
01/12/17Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
01/05/17Imidazopyrazinone derivatives
01/05/17Dye compounds
01/05/17Liquid crystal medium
01/05/17Bimesogenic compounds and mesogenic media
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01/05/17Liquid-crystalline medium and liquid-crystal display
01/05/17Electro-rheological fluid and haptic device
01/05/17Sample preparation unit and sample preparation device
01/05/17Light modulation element
12/29/16Process for producing inorganic particulate material
12/29/16Tbk/ikk inhibitor compounds and uses thereof
12/22/16Assays and monitoring paradigms for stem cell culture
12/22/16Spiro-condensed lactam compounds for organic electroluminescent devices
12/15/16Novel heterocycles as modulators of kinase activity
12/15/16Polymerizable compounds and the use thereof in liquid-crystal displays
12/15/16Metal complexes
12/08/16Preparation of semiconductor films
12/08/16Light emitting compounds
11/24/16Novel heterocyclic carboxamides as modulators of kinase activity
11/24/16Skin lightener in phototherapy
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11/24/16Azaquinazoline carboxamide derivatives
11/17/16A 6-oxo-1,6-dihydro-pyridazine derivative for the use for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma (rcc)
11/17/16Liquid-crystalline medium
11/10/16Combination of a 6-oxo-1,6-dihydro-pyridazine derivative having anti-cancer activity with gefitinib
11/10/16Process for the purification of a liquid-crystal mixture
11/10/16Use of cyclohexanol derivatives as antimicrobial active compounds
11/10/16Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
11/10/16Liquid crystal medium and liquid crystal display
11/10/169,9'-spirobixanthene derivatives for electroluminescent devices
11/10/16Photovoltaic cells
11/03/16Substituted quinoxaline derivatives and their use as positive allosteric modulators of mglur4
11/03/16Purification device
11/03/16Method for producing a marking
11/03/16Phthalazine derivatives
11/03/16Liquid crystalline medium
11/03/16Device for regulating the passage of light
11/03/16Organic electroluminescent device
10/27/16N1-(3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxo-2-methylpropionyl)-piperidine derivatives as inhibitors of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase
10/27/16Tetrahydro-tetrazolo[1,5-a]pyrazines as ror-gamma inhibitors
10/27/16Method for the production of single crystalline mgtio3 flakes
10/27/16Electrophoretic fluid
10/20/16Silicon dioxide nanoparticles and the use thereof for vaccination
10/20/16Eu2+-activated phosphors
10/20/16Method for the preservation of a machine element and use of an anionic liquid
10/20/16Materials for electronic devices
10/20/16Substituted oxepines
10/20/16Heterocyclic spiro compounds
10/20/16Metal complexes and use thereof in electronic devices
10/13/16Novel quinoline derivatives and their use in neurodegenerative diseases
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10/13/16Black polymer particles
10/13/16Mesogenic media and liquid crystal display
10/13/16Liquid-crystalline medium and liquid-crystal display comprising the same
10/13/16Fluorinated dibenzofuran and dibenzothiophene derivatives
10/13/16Compositions containing a polymeric binder which comprises acrylic and/or methacrylic acid ester units
10/13/16Compounds and organic electronic devices
10/13/16Novel polycyclic polymer comprising thiophene units, a producing and uses of such polymer
10/13/16Compound with novel six-membered ring structure for use in organic electronic devices
10/06/16Bimesogenic compounds and mesogenic media
10/06/16Method for the production of single crystalline tio2 flakes
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10/06/16Method for structuring a transparent conductive matrix comprising nano materials
09/29/16Survivin-directed cancer vaccine therapy
09/29/16Piperazine derivatives as fasn inhibitors
09/22/16Filling device and use thereof for dispensing a fluid
09/22/16Conjugated polymers
09/22/16Electrically conductive pigment
09/22/16Conjugated polymers
09/15/163-aminocyclopentane carboxamide derivatives
09/15/16Heteroaryl compounds as btk inhibitors and uses thereof
09/15/16Method for the production of polymers
09/15/16Silicate phosphors
09/15/16Liquid crystalline medium
09/15/16Liquid-crystalline medium
09/15/16Detector array for vein recognition technology
09/15/16Materials for electronic devices
09/08/16Radiative fibers
09/08/16Device for regulating the entry of light
09/08/16Method for isolating microorganisms from a complex sample
09/08/16Materials for electronic devices
09/01/16Predictive biomarker for hypoxia-activated prodrug therapy
09/01/16Synthesis of 1-alkyl-2-amino-imidazol-5-carboxylic acid ester via calpha-substituted n-alkyl-glycine ester derivatives
09/01/16Pigments based on bismuth compounds
09/01/16Hole transport material
09/01/16Materials for electronic devices
08/25/16Method of preparing a birefringent polymer film
08/25/16Azaborinine derivatives, their synthesis and use in organic electronic devices
08/25/16Boron-containing compounds
08/25/16Materials for electronic devices
08/18/16Materials for organic electroluminescence device
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08/11/16Aminostatin derivatives for the treatment of arthrosis
08/11/16Method of treating disorders using a pharmaceutical composition of oligopeptides
08/11/16Compounds and mesogenic media
08/11/16Macrocyclic compounds as irak1/4 inhibitors and uses thereof
08/11/16Pyridazinone macrocycles as irak inhibitors and uses thereof
08/11/16Metal complexes
08/11/16Polycyclic phenylpyridine iridium complexes and derivatives thereof for oleds
08/04/16Interference pigments
08/04/16Mesogenic compounds and mesogenic media
08/04/16Organic electroluminescent device
08/04/16Heterocyclic compounds
07/28/16Triarylamine-substituted benzo[h]quinoline-derivatives as materials for electronic devices
07/28/16Liquid-crystal medium
07/28/16Polymerisable liquid crystal material and polymerised liquid crystal film
07/28/16Filter device for filtering complex fluid samples
07/28/16Liquid doping media for the local doping of silicon wafers
07/21/16Special effects with mixtures of interference pigments
07/21/16Printed image
07/21/16Phl p 5a derivatives having reduced allergeneity and retained t-cell reactivity
07/21/16Alkinyl-tolanes, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them and components for high-frequency technology
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07/21/16Liquid-crystalline medium
07/21/16Precursors for the production of thin oxide layers and the use thereof
07/21/16Metal complexes
07/14/16Diffusion pigments in phototherapy
07/14/16Peptides and peptide/active compound conjugates for renal targeting
07/14/163-substituted cyclopentylamine derivatives
07/14/16Polycyclic compounds
07/07/16Potent inhibitors of human matriptase derived from mcoti-ii variants
07/07/16Emitter having a condensed ring system
07/07/16Composition comprising polymeric organic semiconducting compounds
06/30/16Piperidine urea derivatives
06/30/16Aminopyrimidine derivatives for use as modulators of kinase activity
06/30/16Oxoquinazolinyl-butanamide derivatives
06/30/16High pressure extraction capsule
06/30/16Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
06/30/16Materials for electronic devices
06/23/16Intraarticular application of pepstatin in the case of arthrosis
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06/23/16Method for vacuum purification
06/23/161,3-disubstituted cyclopentane derivatives
06/23/16Sirp-alpha immunoglobulin fusion proteins
06/23/16Improved electron transfer composition for use in an electron injection layer for organic electronic devices
06/23/16Electroluminescence device
06/23/16Electro-optical device and use thereof
06/23/16Organic electroluminescent device
06/23/16Materials for electronic devices
06/23/16Formulation for the preparation of organic electronic (oe) devices comprising a polymeric binder
06/16/16Macrocycles as kinase inhibitors
06/16/16Compounds containing hydrido-tricyano-borate anions
06/16/16Novel indole derivatives and their use in neurodegenerative diseases
06/16/16Liquid-crystalline medium
06/16/16Assays for btk inhibitors
06/09/16Treatment of pancreatic cancer with a combination of a hypoxia-activated prodrug and a taxane
06/09/16Polymerizable compounds and the use thereof in liquid-crystal displays
06/09/16Pyridines, pyrimidines, and pyrazines, as btk inhibitors and uses thereof
06/09/16Fail safe mechanism for switchable window
06/09/16Electro-optical device and the use thereof
06/09/16Materials for electronic devices
06/02/16Liquid-crystalline medium
06/02/16Imidazole compounds as modulators of fshr and uses thereof
06/02/16Pyrazole compounds as modulators of fshr and uses thereof
06/02/16Liquid crystal medium
06/02/16Conjugated polymers
06/02/16Organic electroluminescent device
05/26/16Heteroaryl compounds as irak inhibitors and uses thereof
05/26/16Hydroxy-ethylene derivatives for the treatment of arthrosis
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05/26/16Cell culture media
05/26/16Optical device with power supply system
05/19/16Benzamide derivatives as modulators of the follicle stimulating hormone
05/19/16Particles for electrophoretic displays
05/19/16Transparent, electrically semiconducting interference pigments with high color strength
05/19/16Transparent, optically variable interference pigments having electrically semiconducting properties
05/19/16Liquid crystal medium
05/19/16Materials for electronic devices
05/12/161,3-diaminocyclopentane carboxamide derivatives
05/12/167-azaindole derivatives
05/12/16Method for producing salts having hydridocyanoborate anions
05/12/16Method for producing salts having monofluoro-tricyanoborate anions
05/12/16Materials for electronic devices
05/12/16Formulation and preparation of organic electronic devices
05/05/16Fluorosurfactants in pesticides
05/05/16Metal complexes
04/28/16Filler, process for producing the same, and cosmetic
04/28/16Conjugates for protection from nephrotoxic active substances
04/28/16Quinoline inhibitor of the macrophage stimulating 1 receptor mstr1
04/28/16Mesogenic compound, liquid-crystal medium and liquid crystal display
04/28/16Method for controlling the optical properties of uv filter layers
04/21/16Biocidal purification device
04/21/16Device for controlling the passage of energy, containing a dichroic dye compound
04/21/16Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal device
04/07/16Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
04/07/16Heteroaryl compounds as btk inhibitors and uses thereof
03/31/16Removal of fragments from a sample containing a target protein using activated carbon

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