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Microchip Technology Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Microchip Technology Incorporated. Microchip Technology Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microchip Technology Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microchip Technology Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17Integrated circuit device with selectable processor core
02/23/17Single-wafer real-time etch rate and uniformity predictor for plasma etch processes
02/23/17Power converter with sleep/wake mode
02/09/17Coaxial data communication with reduced emi
02/02/17Zero overhead code coverage analysis
01/26/17Method and system for usb 2.0 bandwidth reservation
01/26/17Smart wireless asset tracking
01/26/17Backside stacked die in an integrated circuit (ic) package
01/19/17Method for enlarging data memory in an existing microprocessor architecture with limited memory addressing
01/19/17Spi interface with less-than-8-bit bytes and variable packet size
01/05/17Combined power supply and input/output system with boost capability
01/05/17Flat no-leads package with improved contact pins
12/29/16Sidewall-type memory cell
12/29/16Uart with line activity detector
12/22/16Configurable mailbox data buffer apparatus
12/22/16Uart with automated protocols
12/22/16Damascene thin-film resistor with an added mask layer
12/22/16Compact electrostatic discharge (esd) protection structure
12/22/16Ultra-low power crystal oscillator with adaptive self-start
12/22/16Periodic kick-starter for a crystal oscillator
12/22/16Independent uart brk detection
12/15/16Sensor design for enhanced touch and gesture decoding
12/15/16Method of forming shallow trench isolation (sti) structures
12/08/16Integrated circuit with sensor printed in situ
12/01/16Method and split burst bandwidth arbitration
12/01/16Primary-side start-up method and circuit arrangement for a series-parallel resonant power converter
12/01/16Reducing power in a power converter when in a standby mode
11/24/16Microcontroller with average current measurement circuit using voltage-to-current converters
11/17/16Analog to digital converter with internal timer
11/03/16Central processing unit with dsp engine and enhanced context switch capabilities
11/03/16Universal serial bus smart hub
11/03/16Central processing unit with enhanced instruction set
10/27/16Capacitive sensor system with multiple transmit electrodes
10/27/16Sensor device for a display
10/27/16Spacer enabled poly gate
10/27/16Resistive memory cell having a reduced conductive path area
10/13/16Zero-voltage switching buck converter and control circuit therefor
10/06/16Run time ecc error injection scheme for hardware validation
09/29/16System and ripple-free ac power determination
09/22/16Apparatus for improving signal-to-noise performance of projected capacitance touch screens and panels
09/22/16One time programmable memory
09/22/16Compression user friendly address in mesh networking
09/15/16Low-pin microcontroller device with multiple independent microcontrollers
09/15/16Low-pin microcontroller device with multiple independent microcontrollers
09/15/16Using pmos power switch in a combination switching and linear regulator
09/15/16Combinatorial/sequential pulse width modulation
09/15/16Fluorescent replacement led lamps
09/08/16Microcontroller or microprocessor with dual mode interrupt
09/08/16Three input comparator
09/08/16Constant-current controller with square-wave input current shaping
09/01/16Watchdog timer
09/01/16Bldc adaptive zero crossing detection
08/11/16System and generating cross-core breakpoints in a multi-core microcontroller
08/11/16Gesture based access control method and system
08/04/16Inductive load driver slew rate controller
07/28/16Battery with communication interface
07/14/16Low power and integrable on-chip architecture for low frequency pll
07/14/16Efficient dithering technique for sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters
06/30/16Resistive memory cell with sloped bottom electrode
06/30/16Resistive memory cell having a reduced conductive path area
06/23/16Communication method and apparatus using modulation of post-conduction oscillation frequency in switching converters
06/16/16Open cavity plastic package
05/26/16Flat no-leads package with improved contact pins
05/26/16Qfn package with improved contact pins
05/26/16Start-up controller for a power converter
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05/12/16Multi-channel i2s transmit control system and method
05/12/16Class d power driver peripheral
05/12/16Switchable filtering circuit and the operation method using the same
05/12/16Asymmetric hysteretic controllers
05/12/16Pulse density modulation digital-to-analog converter with triangle wave generation
05/05/16Capacitor-less low drop-out (ldo) regulator
04/28/16Analog elimination of ungrounded conductive objects in capacitive sensing
04/28/16Method for photolithography-free self-aligned reverse active etch
04/28/16Method and semiconductor testing at low temperature
04/21/16Measuring output current in a buck smps
04/21/16Analog-to-digital conversion with micro-coded sequencer
04/14/16Side channel access through usb streams
04/07/16Differential current measurements to determine ion current in the presence of leakage current
04/07/16High voltage double-diffused mos (dmos) device and manufacture
03/31/16High voltage double-diffused mos (dmos) device and manufacture
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03/31/16Selectable programmable gain or operational amplifier
03/17/16Resistive memory cell having a spacer region for reduced conductive path area / enhanced electric field
03/03/16Apparatus and led running light control and status
02/25/16Low power connection detect usb charging
02/25/16Method and system for ground plane isolation
02/18/16Touch screen stylus with force and/or angle sensing functionality
01/28/162-phase switched capacitor flash adc
01/14/16Method and system for gesture detection and touch detection
01/14/16Direct memory access controller
01/14/16Bumps bonds formed as metal line interconnects in a semiconductor device
12/31/15Compensation of a target object coupling to feeding lines in capacitive sensing system
12/31/15Air-gap assisted etch self-aligned dual damascene
12/10/15Device and method to assign device pin ownership for multi-processor core devices
12/10/15Device and method to assign device pin functionality for multi-processor core devices
11/19/15Determining rate of change in temperature measurements
11/19/15Circuit for measuring power violations using high side current sensing
11/19/15Switchless usb c-connector hub
11/19/15Unifying class device interface with one host interface by using embedded controller
11/19/15Method and system for improving led lifetime and color quality in dimming apparatus
11/12/15Usb power port control
11/05/15Coaxial data communication with reduced emi
11/05/15Port disconnect charging function for usb hub
10/29/15Flexconnect disconnect detection
10/29/15Memory cell retention enhancement through erase state modification
10/29/15Wireless quiet enrolment
10/22/15Projected capacitive touch with force detection
10/22/15Lcd controller with capacitive touch interface
10/22/15Apparatus for improving signal-to-noise performance of projected capacitance touch screens and panels
10/22/15Touch detection in a capacitive sensor system
10/22/15Ramp generation module
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09/03/15System and gesture control
09/03/15Forming fence conductors using spacer etched trenches
09/03/15System, method and apparatus having improved pulse width modulation frequency resolution
08/20/15Spacer enabled active isolation for an integrated circuit device
08/20/15Resistive memory cell having a reduced conductive path area
08/20/15Resistive memory cell with sloped bottom electrode
08/20/15Resistive memory cell with sloped bottom electrode
08/20/15Resistive memory cell having a reduced conductive path area
08/06/15Digital period divider
07/16/15High voltage double-diffused mos (dmos) device and manufacture
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07/02/15Digital temperature sensor with integrated timer and burst mode
07/02/15Digital temperature sensor with integrated digital temperature filter
07/02/15Method for treating a leadframe surface and device having a treated leadframe surface
06/11/15Automatic load share architecture for usb port power
06/11/15Proximity detection using an antenna and directional coupler switch
06/11/15Proximity detection using an antenna and directional coupler switch
05/28/15Main clock high precision oscillator
05/14/15Integrated circuit device with tamper detection input and having real time clock calendar logging thereof
04/16/15Capacitive touch system using both self and mutual capacitance
04/09/15Multiple channel capacitive voltage divider scanning method and apparatus
04/09/15Continuous circle gesture detection for a sensor system
03/19/15Smoke detector with enhanced audio and communications capabilities
03/19/15Initiation of carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector alarm test using image recognition and/or facial gesturing
03/19/15Smoke detectors with wireless local area network capabilities
03/12/15Sampling input stage with multiple channels
03/05/15Analog signal compatible cmos switch as an integrated peripheral to a standard microcontroller
02/26/15Touch screen stylus with communication interface
02/12/15Wireless transmission system and method
01/22/15Human interface device and method
01/15/15Single wire programming and debugging interface
01/15/15Programmable cpu register hardware context swap mechanism
01/01/15Method and apparatus of non-linear compensation of power monitoring for power supply units
12/18/14Capacitive proximity detection using delta-sigma conversion
12/18/14Quantization noise coupling delta sigma adc with a delay in the main dac feedback
09/18/14Resistive memory cell with trench-shaped bottom electrode
09/18/14Method and monitoring semiconductor fabrication
09/18/14Spacer enabled poly gate
09/18/14Insulated bump bonding
09/18/14Forming fence conductors using spacer etched trenches
09/18/14Forming fence conductors using spacer pattern transfer
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09/18/14Constant brightness led drive communications port
09/18/14Capacitive sensor electrode
09/18/14Low emi wide frequency range oscillator with automatic digital amplitude control
09/18/14System and locating wireless nodes
09/18/14Knob based gesture system
09/18/14Capacitive based gesture input system
09/18/14Electrostatics stylus
09/18/14Eeprom memory cell with low voltage read path and high voltage erase/write path
09/18/14Multi-current harmonized paths for low power local interconnect network (lin) receiver
09/18/14Combined power and input/output line
09/18/14Minimizing switchover time in a hot swappable program memory
09/11/14Using synchronous converter in asynchronous mode to prevent current reversal during battery charging
09/11/14Single wire analog output sensor architecture
09/11/14Reducing insertion loss in lna bypass mode by using a single-pole-triple-throw switch in a rf front end module
09/11/14Optimizing isolation and insertion loss of a radio frequency single-pole-double-throw switch
09/11/14Two-wire serial interface and protocol
09/04/14Power mos transistor with improved metal contact
09/04/14Power grid load monitor and shed control
08/28/14Configurable time delays for equalizing pulse width modulation timing
08/21/14Non-conventional silicon wafer sawing using a plurality of wafer saw rotational angles
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08/21/14Using bodycom to modify the configuration of a device based upon context
08/14/14Pulse width modulation load share bus
02/20/14Signal processing for a capacitive sensor system with robustness to noise
02/06/14Smoke detection using change in permittivity of capacitor air dielectric
02/06/14Timebase peripheral
11/28/13Digital-to-analog-converter with resistor ladder
11/28/13Processor device with instruction trace capabilities
11/07/13Processor device with reset condition trace capabilities
11/07/13Device having configurable breakpoint based on interrupt status
10/24/13Method and system for energy efficient measurement of sensor signals
10/03/13Method and system for multi-touch decoding
09/26/13System and method to share electrodes between capacitive touch controller and gesture detection device
09/26/13Microcontroller with context switch
09/19/13Input capture peripheral with gating logic
09/19/13Enhancing security of sensor data for a system via an embedded controller
09/12/13Constant current output sink or source
09/05/13Power field effect transistor
09/05/13Capacitive touch sensing and light emitting diode drive matrix
08/29/13High resolution pulse width modulator
08/22/13Cryptographic transmission system
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08/15/13Proximity detection using an antenna and directional coupler switch
08/01/13Timebase peripheral
08/01/13Peripheral special function register with soft-reset disable
07/25/13Inductive touch sensor using a flexible coil
07/18/13Analog signal compatible cmos switch as an integrated peripheral to a standard microcontroller
07/18/13Voltage regulator over-voltage detection system, method and apparatus
07/11/13Monitor chaining and docking mechanism
06/27/13Current sensing with internal adc capacitor
06/20/13Self-aligned gate structure for field effect transistor
06/20/13Method and detecting smoke in an ion chamber
06/20/13Method and detecting smoke in an ion chamber
06/20/13Method and detecting smoke in an ion chamber
06/20/13Capacitive proximity based gesture input system
06/20/13Capacitive/inductive proximity detection for wi-fi protection
06/13/13Integrated circuit device with two voltage regulators
06/06/13Integrated circuit device with integrated voltage controller
06/06/13Analog-to-digital converter with early interrupt capability
05/23/13Physical force capacitive touch sensors
05/16/13Method and system to dynamically position a switch mode power supply output voltage
05/16/13Analog front end device with two-wire interface
05/16/13Temporal horn pattern synchronization
05/16/13Automatic audible alarm origination locate
05/16/13Serial memory with fast read with look-ahead
05/16/13High resolution temperature measurement
04/11/13Differential current measurements to determine ion current in the presence of leakage current
04/11/13Microcontroller with sequencer driven analog-to-digital converter
04/11/13Microcontroller with optimized adc controller
04/11/13Measuring capacitance of a capacitive sensor with a microcontroller having digital outputs for driving a guard ring
04/11/13Microcontroller adc with a variable sample & hold capacitor
04/11/13Measuring capacitance of a capacitive sensor with a microcontroller having an analog output for driving a guard ring
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04/04/13Variable frequency ratiometric multiphase pulse width modulation generation
04/04/13Extending pulse width modulation phase offset
04/04/13Repetitive single cycle pulse width modulation generation
03/28/13Maintaining pulse width modulation data-set coherency
03/28/13Virtual general purpose input/output for a microcontroller
03/28/13Microcontroller with scheduling unit
03/14/13Code hopping based system with increased security
03/07/13Enhanced complementary waveform generator
01/31/13Multiple well drain engineering for hv mos devices
01/31/13Modified dynamic element matching for reduced latency in a pipeline analog to digital converter
01/24/13Multi-channel homogenous path for enhanced mutual triggering of electrostatic discharge fingers
01/17/13Temperature measurement of active device under test on strip tester
01/10/13Distributed bootstrap switch
01/03/13Modified dynamic element matching for reduced latency in a pipeline analog to digital converter
01/03/13Multichannel analog to digital converter using
12/27/12Data retention secondary voltage regulator
12/06/12Standalone radio frequency wireless device having data acquisition capabilities
11/08/12Switch sequencing for code-range-specific linearity improvement in digital-to-analog converters
11/01/12Radio frequency tag location system and method
10/25/12Configurable logic cells
10/25/12Configurable logic cells
10/25/12Selecting four signals from sixteen inputs
10/25/12Touch sense determined by characterizing impedance changes in a transmission line
10/25/12Logic device for combining various interrupt sources into a single interrupt source and various signal sources to control drive strength
10/04/12Low switching error, small capacitors, auto-zero offset buffer amplifier
09/13/12Using low voltage regulator to supply power to a source-biased power domain
09/13/12Microcontroller with can bus module and auto speed detect
08/30/12Physical force capacitive touch sensors having conductive plane and backlighting
07/26/12Voltage regulator having current and voltage foldback based upon load impedance

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