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Micron Technology Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Micron Technology Inc. Micron Technology Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Micron Technology Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Micron Technology Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/01/09Phase change memory
09/21/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for photonic communication and photonic addressing
09/21/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for power regulation based on input power
09/21/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for operations using compressed and decompressed data
09/21/17 new patent  Signed division in memory
09/21/17 new patent  Semiconductor device having error correction code (ecc) circuit
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for providing a program voltage responsive to a voltage determination
09/21/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for concurrently accessing different memory planes of a memory
09/21/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for setting a signal in variable resistance memory
09/21/17 new patent  Cell-specific reference generation and sensing
09/21/17 new patent  Ferroelectric memory cell sensing
09/21/17 new patent  Ferroelectric memory cell apparatuses and methods of operating ferroelectric memory cells
09/21/17 new patent  Memory cells having a plurality of resistance variable materials
09/21/17 new patent  Feram-dram hybrid memory
09/21/17 new patent  3d flash memory device having different dummy word lines and data storage devices including same
09/21/17 new patent  Carrierless chip package for integrated circuit devices, and methods of making same
09/21/17 new patent  Semiconductor constructions, electronic systems, and methods of forming cross-point memory arrays
09/21/17 new patent  Structures incorporating and methods of forming metal lines including carbon
09/14/17Method, apparatus and system providing holographic layer as micro-lens and color filter array in an imager
09/14/17Counter operation in a state machine lattice
09/14/17Memory system data management
09/14/17Apparatuses and methods for cache invalidate
09/14/17Memory having a static cache and a dynamic cache
09/14/17Systems and methods to determine kinematical parameters using rfid tags
09/14/17Apparatus for power management
09/14/17Offset compensation for ferroelectric memory cell sensing
09/14/17Parallel access techniques within memory sections through section independence
09/14/17Memory cell sensing with storage component isolation
09/14/17Apparatuses and methods for logic/memory devices
09/14/17Methods of forming nanostructures having low defect density
09/14/17Methods of forming a portion of a memory array having a conductor having a variable concentration of germanium
09/14/17Semiconductor package with sidewall-protected rdl interposer
09/14/17Semiconductor device structures
09/14/17Conductive structures, systems and devices including conductive structures and related methods
09/14/17Semiconductor constructions
09/14/17Three dimensional memory array with select device
09/14/17Replacement materials processes for forming cross point memory
09/14/17Constructions comprising stacked memory arrays
09/14/17Conductive hard mask for memory device formation
09/14/17Buried low-resistance metal word lines for cross-point variable-resistance material memories
09/14/17Apparatuses and methods for voltage buffering
09/14/17Apparatuses and methods for adjusting timing of signals
09/14/17Read threshold calibration for ldpc
09/14/17Folding device stand for portable devices
09/07/17Apparatuses and methods of entering unselected memories into a different power mode during multi-memory operation
09/07/17Space efficient random forests implementation utilizing automata processors
09/07/17Ground reference scheme for a memory cell
09/07/17Apparatuses and methods for performing multiple memory operations
09/07/17Method of forming patterns
09/07/17Methods of forming through substrate interconnects
09/07/17Low capacitance through substrate via structures
09/07/17Methods of forming semiconductor devices including determining misregistration between semiconductor levels and related apparatuses
09/07/17Semiconductor memory device including output buffer
09/07/17Methods of making semiconductor device packages and related semiconductor device packages
09/07/17Apparatuses and methods for semiconductor circuit layout
09/07/17Semiconductor device structures including staircase structures, and related methods and electronic systems
09/07/17Methods for forming narrow vertical pillars and integrated circuit devices having the same
08/31/17Redundant array of independent nand for a three-dimensional memory array
08/31/17Microprocessor architecture having alternative memory access paths
08/31/17High speed, parallel configuration of multiple field programmable gate arrays
08/31/17Multi-mode memory device and method having stacked memory dice, a logic die and a command processing circuit and operating in direct and indirect modes
08/31/17Current sense amplifiers, memory devices and methods
08/31/17Methods for isolating portions of a loop of pitch-multiplied material and related structures
08/31/17Memory array having connections going through control gates
08/31/17Solid-state radiation transducer devices having at least partially transparent buried-contact elements, and associated systems and methods
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08/31/17Memory arrays and methods of forming memory arrays
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for level shifting
08/31/17Multi channel memory with flexible code-length ecc
08/24/17Apparatuses and methods for photonic communication and photonic addressing
08/24/17Apparatuses and methods for multiple address registers for a solid state device
08/24/17Error rate reduction
08/24/17Data transfer with a bit vector operation device
08/24/17Modified decode for corner turn
08/24/17Method and controlling access to a common bus by multiple components
08/24/17Refresh architecture and algorithm for non-volatile memories
08/24/17Removing polysilicon
08/24/17Methods of forming vertical field-effect transistor with selfaligned contacts for memory devices with planar periphery/array and intermediate structures formed thereby
08/17/17Apparatuses and methods for data movement
08/17/17Distributed input/output virtualization
08/17/17High performance memory controller
Patent Packs
08/17/17Semiconductor device with single ended main i/o line
08/17/17Read threshold voltage selection
08/17/17Data gathering in memory
08/17/17Loop structure for operations in memory
08/17/17Memory cell architecture for multilevel cell programming
08/17/17Memory devices with a connecting region having a band gap lower than a band gap of a body region
08/17/17Selectors on interface die for memory device
08/17/17Array of gated devices and methods of forming an array of gated devices
08/17/17Apparatuses and methods for internal heat spreading for packaged semiconductor die
08/17/17Memory cells
08/17/17Solid state lighting devices with improved contacts and associated methods of manufacturing
08/17/17Apparatuses and methods for voltage level control
08/10/17Apparatuses and methods for providing constant current
08/10/17Apparatuses and methods for arbitrating a shared terminal for calibration of an impedance termination
08/10/17Apparatuses and methods for partitioned parallel data movement
08/10/17Command line output redirection
08/10/17Methods of operating memory including receipt of ecc data
08/10/17Semiconductor device
08/10/17Memory systems and memory programming methods
08/10/17Memory devices with a transistor that selectively connects a data line to another data line and methods for programming and sensing
08/10/17Fast programming memory device
08/10/17Methods of manufacturing stacked semiconductor die assemblies with high efficiency thermal paths
08/10/17Integrated structures and methods of forming vertically-stacked memory cells
08/10/17Methods of forming metal on inhomogeneous surfaces and structures incorporating metal on inhomogeneous surfaces
08/10/17Methods, apparatuses, and circuits for programming a memory device
08/10/17Systems and methods to selectively connect antennas to receive and backscatter radio frequency signals
08/03/17Three-way valve and using the same
08/03/17Memory device having address and command selectable capabilities
08/03/17Memory device for a hierarchical memory architecture
08/03/17System and command based and current limit controlled memory device power up
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08/03/17Device having multiple channels with calibration circuit shared by multiple channels
08/03/17Methods and apparatuses for modulating threshold voltages of memory cells
08/03/17Cell-based reference voltage generation
08/03/17Memories having a shared resistance variable material
08/03/17Erasable block segmentation for memory
08/03/17Semiconductor device including a roll call circuit for outputting addresses of defective memory cells
08/03/17Apparatuses and methods for forming die stacks
08/03/17Methods of forming phase change memory apparatuses
08/03/17Solid-state radiation transducer devices having flip-chip mounted solid-state radiation transducers and associated systems and methods
08/03/17Progressive effort decoder architecture
Patent Packs
07/27/17Memory systems and methods including training, data organizing, and/or shadowing
07/27/17Memory systems and methods including training, data organizing, and/or shadowing
07/27/17Apparatuses and methods for encoding and decoding of signal lines for multi-level communication architectures
07/27/17Apparatuses and methods for accessing memory cells in semiconductor memories
07/27/17Apparatuses, multi-chip modules and capacitive chips
07/27/17Method of forming patterns
07/27/17Method for fabricating semiconductor package
07/27/17Semiconductor with through-substrate interconnect
07/27/17Semiconductor devices including a diode structure over a conductive strap and methods of forming such semiconductor devices
07/27/17Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
07/27/17Method for manufacturing a package-on-package assembly
07/27/17Semiconductor memory device having enlarged cell contact area and fabricating the same
07/27/17Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device having enlarged cell contact area
07/27/17Semiconductor structure and fabricating method thereof
07/27/17Apparatus and standby current control of signal path
07/20/17Non-volatile memory module architecture to support memory error correction
07/20/17Development developing photoresist layer on wafer using the same
07/20/17Non-volatile memory including selective error correction
07/20/17Recovery for non-volatile memory after power loss
07/20/17Apparatuses, circuits, and methods for biasing signal lines
07/20/17Integrated circuitry and 3d memory
07/20/17Functional data programming in a non-volatile memory
07/20/17Memory devices that apply a programming potential to a memory cell in a string coupled to a source and data line concurrently with biasing the data line to a greater potential than the source
07/20/17Methods for forming interconnect assemblies with probed bond pads
07/20/17Semiconductor device
07/20/17Semiconductor devices with duplicated die bond pads and associated device packages and methods of manufacture
07/20/17Microelectronic die packages with metal leads, including metal leads for stacked die packages, and associated systems and methods
07/20/17Memory cell with independently-sized elements
07/20/17Diode/superionic conductor/polymer memory structure
07/20/17Ultrathin solid state dies and methods of manufacturing the same
Patent Packs
07/13/17Chained bus method
07/13/17Apparatuses and methods for concurrently accessing multiple partitions of a non-volatile memory
07/13/17Solid state memory formatting
07/13/17Apparatuses and methods for configuring i/os of memory for hybrid memory modules
07/13/17Estimation of error correcting performance of low-density parity-check (ldpc) codes
07/13/17Apparatuses and methods for current limitation in threshold switching memories
07/13/17Forming array contacts in semiconductor memories
07/13/17Waters having a die region and a scribe-line region adjacent to the die region
07/13/17Memory device and fabricating the same
07/13/17Memory device and fabricating method thereof
07/13/17Integrated structures and methods of forming vertically-stacked memory cells
07/13/17Devices and methods including an etch stop protection material
07/13/17Semiconductor devices with magnetic regions and attracter material and methods of fabrication
07/06/17Error code calculation on sensing circuitry
07/06/17Memory tile access and selection patterns
07/06/17Methods and systems for vector length management
07/06/17Overhead traveling vehicle, transportation system with the same, and operating the same
07/06/17Semiconductor constructions, methods of forming vertical memory strings, and methods of forming vertically-stacked structures
07/06/17Semiconductor-metal-on-insulator structures, methods of forming such structures, and semiconductor devices including such structures
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07/06/17Packaged leds with phosphor films, and associated systems and methods
06/29/17Apparatuses and methods for exiting low power states in memory devices
06/29/17Data shift by elements of a vector in memory
06/29/17Memory device command receiving and decoding methods
06/29/17Semiconductor memory device including output buffer
06/29/17Apparatuses and methods of reading memory cells
06/29/17Test mode circuit for memory apparatus
06/29/17Stacked semiconductor dies with selective capillary under fill
06/29/17Methods of forming a ferroelectric memory cell
06/29/17Cross-point memory and methods for fabrication of same
06/29/17Computerized apparatus with a high speed data bus
06/22/17Apparatuses and methods for providing reference voltages
06/22/17Asymmetric chip-to-chip interconnect
06/22/17Phase change memory in a dual inline memory module
06/22/17Methods and apparatuses for compensating for source voltage
06/22/17Control lines to sensing components
06/22/17Methods and apparatuses including a string of memory cells having a first select transistor coupled to a second select transistor
06/22/17Apparatuses and methods for charging a global access line prior to accessing a memory
06/22/17Programming memory cells to be programmed to different levels to an intermediate level from a lowest level
06/22/17Reducing programming disturbance in memory devices
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06/22/17Electronic component of integrated circuitry and a forming a conductive via to a region of semiconductor material
06/22/17Methods of processing wafer-level assemblies to reduce warpage, and related assemblies
06/22/17Memory having a continuous channel
06/22/17Method and apparatus providing multi-planed array memory device
06/15/17Systems and methods for reordering packet transmissions in a scalable memory system protocol
06/15/17Conditional operation in an internal processor of a memory device
06/15/17Apparatus for impedance adjustment and methods of their operation
06/15/17Apparatuses and methods for dynamic voltage and frequency switching for dynamic random access memory
06/15/17Threshold voltage distribution determination
06/15/17Memory devices with controllers under memory packages and associated systems and methods
06/15/17Apparatuses and methods for forming die stacks
06/08/17Controller to manage nand memories
06/08/17Solid state drive controller
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods for pre-fetching and write-back for a segmented cache memory
06/08/17Systems, circuits, and methods for charge sharing
06/08/17Apparatuses including multiple read modes and methods for same
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods for performing logical operations using sensing circuitry
06/08/17Systems, methods, and apparatuses for performing refresh operations
06/08/17Providing power availability information to memory
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods including memory access in cross point memory
06/08/17Programming a memory device in response to its program history
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods for reducing read disturb
06/08/17Low capacitance interconnect structures and associated systems and methods
06/08/17Ferroelectric capacitor, ferroelectric field effect transistor, and method used in forming an electronic component comprising conductive material and ferroelectric material
06/08/17Transistors, semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming semiconductor constructions
06/08/17Methods and generation of voltages
06/08/17Phase interpolators and push-pull buffers
06/08/17Error correction methods and apparatuses using first and second decoders
06/01/17Storage devices configured to generate linked lists
06/01/17Apparatus having dice to perorm refresh operations
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06/01/17Apparatuses and methods for providing set and reset voltages at the same time
06/01/17Capacitor, array of capacitors, and device comprising an electrode
06/01/17Recessed transistors containing ferroelectric material
05/25/17Input receiver circuit
05/25/17Semiconductor device with single ended main i/o line
05/25/17Multi-bit ferroelectric memory device and methods of forming the same
05/25/17Through substrate via liner densification
05/25/17Methods and systems for imaging and cutting semiconductor wafers and other semiconductor workpieces
05/25/17Methods of forming a semiconductor device comprising first and second nitride layers
05/25/17Interconnect structures with intermetallic palladium joints and associated systems and methods
05/25/17Integrated assemblies and methods of forming integrated assemblies
05/25/17Memory arrays and methods of forming memory arrays
05/25/17Vertical solid-state transducers having backside terminals and associated systems and methods
05/25/17Memory cell structures
05/25/17Apparatuses and methods for providing a signal with a differential phase mixer
05/18/17Apparatus providing simplified alignment of optical fiber in photonic integrated circuits
05/18/17Method for controlling user access to an electronic device
05/18/17Stt-mram cell structures
05/18/17Apparatuses and methods for transistor protection by charge sharing
05/18/17Erasing memory segments in a memory block of memory cells using select gate control line voltages
05/18/17Microelectronic device packages, stacked microelectronic device packages, and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
05/18/17Proximity coupling of interconnect packaging systems and methods
05/18/17Integrated structures and methods of forming integrated structures
05/18/17Vertical memory blocks and related devices and methods
05/11/17Apparatuses and methods for concurrently accessing multiple memory planes of a memory during a memory access operation
05/11/17Interconnect systems and methods using hybrid memory cube links to send packetized data over different endpoints of a data handling device
05/11/17Memory devices having differently configured blocks of memory cells
05/11/17Setting a default read signal based on error correction
05/11/17Apparatuses and methods for asymmetric bi-directional signaling incorporating multi-level encoding

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