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Microsoft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Systems and methods to protect against inadvertant actuation of virtual buttons on touch surfaces


Custom narration of a control list via data binding


Light concentrator assembly

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Count Application # Date Microsoft Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009032741912/31/09Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
22014023057508/21/14 new patent  Piezo-actuated virtual buttons for touch surfaces
32014023257308/21/14 new patent  Method for processing data quantifying force applied to one or more keys of a computer keyboard
42014023263208/21/14 new patent  Interactive badge
52014023265008/21/14 new patent  User center-of-mass and mass distribution extraction using depth images
62014023267908/21/14 new patent  Systems and methods to protect against inadvertant actuation of virtual buttons on touch surfaces
72014023269208/21/14 new patent  Systems and methods for wedge-based imaging using flat surfaces
82014023281608/21/14 new patent  Providing a tele-immersive experience using a mirror metaphor
92014023293208/21/14 new patent  Energy-proportional image sensor
102014023323708/21/14 new patent  Light concentrator assembly
112014023342708/21/14 new patent  Low cost mesh network capability
122014023363808/21/14 new patent  Flexible quantization
132014023365208/21/14 new patent  Scalable multi-thread video decoding
142014023528208/21/14 new patent  User interruptibility aware notifications
152014023535008/21/14 new patent  Action trigger gesturing
162014023657008/21/14 new patent  Exploiting the semantic web for unsupervised spoken language understanding
172014023657108/21/14 new patent  Inducing and applying a subject-targeted context free grammar
182014023657508/21/14 new patent  Exploiting the semantic web for unsupervised natural language semantic parsing
192014023688608/21/14 new patent  Optimistic versioning concurrency scheme for database streams
202014023688708/21/14 new patent  Data seeding optimization for database replication
212014023689108/21/14 new patent  Recovery point objective enforcement
222014023690708/21/14 new patent  Selecting candidate rows for deduplication
232014023691908/21/14 new patent  Executing a fast crawl over a computer-executable application
242014023692508/21/14 new patent  Provision of applications to mobile devices
252014023693008/21/14 new patent  Operating system program launch menu search
262014023696208/21/14 new patent  Updating an inverted index in a real time fashion
272014023699108/21/14 new patent  Parsing and rendering structured images
282014023709208/21/14 new patent  Controlling devices using cloud services and device-agnostic pipe mechanisms
292014023709308/21/14 new patent  Content virality determination and visualization
302014023717308/21/14 new patent  Aggregation of write traffic to a data store
312014023729308/21/14 new patent  Application monitoring through continuous record and replay
322014023733208/21/14 new patent  Managing application states in an interactive media environment
332014023733908/21/14 new patent  For a given cell in a spreadsheet, evaluating an unlimited number of conditional formatting rules and applying multiple corresponding formats to the cell
342014023736808/21/14 new patent  Proxying non-interactive controls to enable narration
352014023736908/21/14 new patent  Narration of unfocused user interface controls using data retrieval event
362014023737008/21/14 new patent  Custom narration of a control list via data binding
372014023741308/21/14 new patent  Glow touch feedback for virtual input devices
382014023741808/21/14 new patent  Scrollable computing device display
392014023745208/21/14 new patent  Call stacks for asynchronous programs
402014023758708/21/14 new patent  Managed biometric identity
412014023760708/21/14 new patent  Identifying exploitation of vulnerabilities using error reports
422014023761608/21/14 new patent  Profile and consent accrual
432014022571108/14/14Automatic portable electronic device configuration
442014022582008/14/14Detecting natural user-input engagement
452014022589108/14/14Efficient geometric tessellation and displacement
462014022609108/14/14Ruggedized display device
472014022671808/14/14Motion-compensated prediction of inter-layer residuals
482014022672708/14/14Memory management for video decoding
492014022797608/14/14Pervasive service providing device-specific updates
502014022810808/14/14Dynamic allocation of computing resources in remote gaming environment
512014022811708/14/14Controller notification system
522014022812308/14/14Device for identifying and tracking multiple humans over time
532014022812408/14/14Control device with passive reflector
542014022915808/14/14Feature-augmented neural networks and applications of same
552014022918608/14/14Entropy encoding and decoding using direct level and run-length/level context-adaptive arithmetic coding/decoding modes
562014022930008/14/14Display ads testing tool for rich media developers
572014022932608/14/14Invocation of accessory-specific user experience
582014022934508/14/14Application process framework for integrated and extensible accounting system
592014022947308/14/14Determining documents that match a query
602014022950708/14/14Method to delay locking of server files on edit
612014022952008/14/14Specifying link layer information in a url
622014022956108/14/14Delivering messages from message sources to subscribing recipients
632014022956208/14/14Trusted e-mail communication in a multi-tenant environment
642014022956508/14/14Resource arbitration for shared-write access via persistent reservation
652014022958608/14/14Dynamically allocating network resources for communication session
662014022962608/14/14Re-establishing push notification channels via user identifiers
672014022963208/14/14Communication using delegates, such as delegates specified in an email or scheduling application
682014022965708/14/14Readdressing memory for non-volatile storage devices
692014022968308/14/14Self-disabling working set cache
702014022981308/14/14System and method for a spreadsheet application supporting diverse formulaic functions
712014022981408/14/14Customizing a form in a model-based system
722014022984208/14/14Website list navigation
732014022984908/14/14Automatic lifecycle management for pages on a mobile application
742014022986008/14/14Activity cards
752014022988508/14/14Related tasks and tasklets for search
762014022991208/14/14Micro documentation environments
772014022992408/14/14Automatic configuration of project system from project capabilities
782014022994808/14/14Insertion of management agents during machine deployment
792014023007008/14/14Auditing of sql queries using select triggers
802014021756408/07/14Semiconductor device with integrated antenna and manufacturing method therefor
812014021829108/07/14Aligning virtual camera with real camera
822014021840708/07/14Operation chart rescaling
832014021930208/07/14Thermal management in laser diode device
842014022102008/07/14Identifying status based on heterogeneous sensors
852014022105908/07/14Topological qubit fusion
862014022108408/07/14Dynamic buffer
872014022109708/07/14Rumble motor movement detection
882014022109808/07/14Input device configurations
892014022241108/07/14Creation and use of virtual device drivers on a serial bus
902014022242208/07/14Scaling statistical language understanding systems across domains and intents
912014022258008/07/14Discovering an event using a personal preference list and presenting matching events to a user on a display
922014022272408/07/14Generation of log-linear models using l-1 regularization
932014022274708/07/14Learning with noisy labels from multiple judges
942014022290208/07/14Web services access to content items stored by collaboration systems
952014022295908/07/14Maximizing data transfer through multiple network devices
962014022309808/07/14Dynamic management of heterogenous memory
972014022313108/07/14Optimizing data transfers between heterogeneous memory arenas
982014022313508/07/14Cloud scale directory services
992014022317408/07/14Securing a computing device accessory
1002014022322708/07/14Method, system, and apparatus for providing alert synthesis in a data protection system
1012014022328008/07/14Friction field for fluid margin panning in a webpage
1022014022331108/07/14Threshold view
1032014022335608/07/14System and method for browsing tabbed-heterogeneous windows
1042014022337708/07/14Autosave and manual save modes for software applications
1052014022338108/07/14Invisible control
1062014022346708/07/14Providing recommendations based upon environmental sensing
1072014022352208/07/14Passive security enforcement
1082014021102807/31/14Video stabilization
1092014021103107/31/14Auto picture alignment correction
1102014021166607/31/14Providing notifications of call-related services
1112014021179107/31/14Enhanced telephony computer user interface allowing user interaction and control of a telephone using a personal computer
1122014021184207/31/14Adapting robustness in video coding
1132014021185807/31/14Spatially adaptive video coding
1142014021186007/31/14Conditional concealment of lost video data
1152014021187207/31/14Ofdm transmission and reception for non-ofdm signals
1162014021205907/31/14Reduce extrapolate
1172014021328307/31/14Determining a location of a mobile user terminal
1182014021439907/31/14Translating natural language descriptions to programs in a domain-specific language for spreadsheets
1192014021441507/31/14Using visual cues to disambiguate speech inputs
1202014021442007/31/14Feature space transformation for personalization using generalized i-vector clustering
1212014021442107/31/14Prosodic and lexical addressee detection
1222014021460707/31/14Global currency of credibility for crowdsourcing
1232014021479107/31/14Geotiles for finding relevant results from a geographically distributed set
1242014021493607/31/14Identifying subgraphs in transformed social network graphs
1252014021493707/31/14Activity graphs
1262014021497607/31/14Systems and methods of automatically ordering and selecting recipients for electronic mail
1272014021498907/31/14Rendering destination instant messaging personalization items before communicating with destination
1282014021510207/31/14State-based auxiliary display operation
1292014021530207/31/14Collaboration using multiple editors or versions of a feature
1302014021530507/31/14Validation, rejection, and modification of automatically generated document annotations
1312014021539107/31/14Virtual library providing content accessibility irrespective of content format and type
1322014021540407/31/14Graphical communication user interface
1332014021540707/31/14Method and system implementing user-centric gesture control
1342014021543807/31/14Dictionary-based dependency determination
1352014021557707/31/14Remote access of digital identities
1362014021561007/31/14Encrypted network traffic interception and inspection
1372014020398007/24/14Utilization of antenna loading for impedance matching
1382014020401307/24/14Part and state detection for gesture recognition
1392014020408807/24/14Surface codec using reprojection onto depth maps
1402014020451407/24/14Flexible hinge and removable attachment
1412014020451507/24/14Flexible hinge and removable attachment
1422014020499607/24/14Adaptive noise reduction engine for streaming video
1432014020502507/24/14Adaptive filter application to video data
1442014020509707/24/14Location brokering for providing security, privacy and services
1452014020513807/24/14Detecting the location of a keyboard on a desktop
1462014020638707/24/14Constraint-based scheduling for delivery of location information
1472014020640007/24/14Place-specific buddy list services
1482014020644307/24/14Camera pose estimation for 3d reconstruction
1492014020645107/24/14Reconfigurable clip-on modules for mobile computing devices
1502014020744607/24/14Indefinite speech inputs
1512014020744807/24/14Adaptive online feature normalization for speech recognition
1522014020745207/24/14Visual feedback for speech recognition system
1532014020762307/24/14Price differentiation by market for in-app software purchases
1542014020773607/24/14Replication of assets across data centers
1552014020774007/24/14Isolating resources and performance in a database management system
1562014020774107/24/14Data retention component and framework
1572014020774607/24/14Adaptive query suggestion
1582014020776307/24/14Ranking relevant attributes of entity in structured knowledge base
1592014020785907/24/14Provisioning high performance computing clusters
1602014020786707/24/14Multi-user and multi-device collaboration
1612014020789107/24/14Method to initiate server based collaboration on e-mail attachments
1622014020792507/24/14Cluster voter model
1632014020797807/24/14Windows rally wireless hid device
1642014020801207/24/14Virtual disk replication using log files
1652014020816607/24/14Health monitoring of applications in a guest partition
1662014020817307/24/14Common lease agent for cluster communication
1672014020819107/24/14Grouping fixed format document elements to preserve graphical data semantics after reflow
1682014020819207/24/14Footnote detection in a fixed format document
1692014020821207/24/14Techniques for electronic aggregation of information
1702014020822907/24/14Communications grouped as conversations
1712014020827407/24/14Controlling a computing-based device using hand gestures
1722014020829607/24/14Api usage pattern mining
1732014020840007/24/14Restricted-use authentication codes
1742014019809707/17/14Continuous and dynamic level of detail for efficient point cloud object rendering
1752014019812207/17/14Engine for streaming virtual textures
1762014019817207/17/14Two-way video conferencing system
1772014019995807/17/14Locating user in distress through multiple transmitters
1782014019995907/17/14Location determination for emergency services in wireless networks
1792014020080207/17/14Optional re-routing
1802014020116307/17/14Handling file system corruption
1812014020117607/17/14File system with per-file selectable integrity
1822014020117807/17/14Generation of related content for social media posts
1832014020123107/17/14Social knowledge search
1842014020127607/17/14Accumulation of real-time crowd sourced data for inferring metadata about entities
1852014020132807/17/14Systems and methods for building and using hybrid mobile applications
1862014020134307/17/14Server load management
1872014020137807/17/14Generic companion-messaging between media platforms
1882014020138307/17/14Distributed description over multiple links
1892014020156407/17/14Healing cloud services during upgrades
1902014020162907/17/14Collaborative learning through user generated knowledge
1912014020165207/17/14Rich entity for contextually relevant advertisements
1922014020167207/17/14Predictive contextual toolbar for productivity applications
1932014020168207/17/14Engaging presentation through freeform sketching
1942014020171707/17/14Simulation environment for distributed programs
1952014020174107/17/14Workload interference estimation and performance optimization
1962014020175207/17/14Multi-tenant license enforcement across job requests
1972014019193907/10/14Using nonverbal communication in determining actions
1982014019197607/10/14Location based augmentation for story reading
1992014019200707/10/14Capacitive touch surface in close proximity to display
2002014019207407/10/14Memory management techniques
2012014019214007/10/14Visual content modification for distributed story reading
2022014019215807/10/14Stereo image matching
2032014019226107/10/14Chroma frame conversion for the video codec
2042014019269507/10/14Mobile node group formation and management
2052014019272207/10/14Selection of sensors for monitoring phenomena considering the value of information and data sharing preferences
2062014019289307/10/14Syntax and semantics for buffering information to simplify video splicing
2072014019410707/10/14Personalized cloud of mobile tasks
2082014019522207/10/14Speech modification for distributed story reading
2092014019531907/10/14Online marketplace with shipping incentives
2102014019536607/10/14Incremental valuation based network capacity allocation
2112014019546507/10/14Monitor-mine-manage cycle
2122014019548907/10/14Logical replication in clustered database system with adaptive cloning
2132014019552107/10/14Table of contents for search query refinement
2142014019554207/10/14Adaptive range filters for range and point queries
2152014019556307/10/14Object graph partial immutability and isolation enforcement
2162014019563207/10/14Immutable sharable zero-copy data and streaming
2172014019567207/10/14Automated failure handling through isolation
2182014019568707/10/14Service migration across cluster boundaries
2192014019568907/10/14Swan: achieving high utilization in networks
2202014019573907/10/14Zero-copy caching
2212014019574107/10/14Type casting in a managed code system
2222014019574607/10/14Dma channels
2232014019575007/10/14Buffer pool extension for database server
2242014019576607/10/14Shared and managed memory unified access
2252014019576707/10/14Lightweight random memory allocation
2262014019583407/10/14High throughput low latency user mode drivers implemented in managed code
2272014019585307/10/14Cloud management using a component health model
2282014019586007/10/14Early detection of failing computers
2292014019586107/10/14Implementing rate controls to limit timeout-based faults
2302014019586207/10/14Software systems by minimizing error recovery logic
2312014019588707/10/14Filter and sort by format
2322014019596207/10/14Method and system of taskbar button interfaces
2332014019600407/10/14Software interface for a hardware device
2342014019600807/10/14Immutable object types
2352014019601507/10/14Declaration of lifetime of resource reference
2362014019604007/10/14Virtual machine crash file generation techniques
2372014019604807/10/14Identifying and throttling tasks based on task interactivity
2382014019605807/10/14Auxiliary display device driver interface
2392014019605907/10/14Capability based device driver framework
2402014019606007/10/14Web service api for unified contact store
2412014019612107/10/14Federation among services for supporting virtual-network overlays
2422014019615107/10/14Preserving geometric properties of datasets while protecting privacy
2432014018458507/03/14Redundant pixel mitigation
2442014018459607/03/14Image based rendering
2452014018463107/03/14View direction determination
2462014018474907/03/14Using photometric stereo for 3d environment modeling
2472014018480307/03/14Secure and private tracking across multiple cameras
2482014018521507/03/14Flexible hinge spine
2492014018522007/03/14Flexible hinge support layer

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