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Microsoft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Microsoft Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009032741912/31/09 Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
22016014692705/26/16  new patent  Multiple pattern illumination optics for time of flight system
32016014775405/26/16  new patent  Offline evaluation of ranking functions
42016014840305/26/16  new patent  Redrawing recent curve sections for real-time smoothing
52016014175105/19/16 Antenna isolation using a tuned groundplane notch
62016014201305/19/16 Supply modulation for radio frequency power amplification
72016014202005/19/16 Power amplifier for amplifying radio frequency signal
82016014207805/19/16 Envelope shaping in envelope tracking power amplification
92016013256705/12/16 Multi-search and multi-task in search
102016013524605/12/16 Handling of device-to-device communications interest indication
112016012375205/05/16 Estimating and predicting fuel usage with smartphone
122016012460005/05/16 Full-face screen user interface
132016012472805/05/16 Collecting profile data for modified global variables
142016012483405/05/16 Historical control flow visualization in production diagnostics
152016012483505/05/16 Diagnostic workflow for production debugging
162016012497405/05/16 Access control based on operation expiry data
172016012497505/05/16 Location-aware data access
182016012498705/05/16 Access control based on requestor location
192016012500305/05/16 Secondary queue for index process
202016012501505/05/16 Database data distribution management
212016012502105/05/16 Efficient updates in non-clustered column stores
222016012502205/05/16 Efficient maintenance of column store indexes on memory-optimized tables
232016012518905/05/16 Row level security
242016012519505/05/16 Over network operation restriction enforcement
252016012534605/05/16 Identifying the effectiveness of a meeting from a meetings graph
262016012547805/05/16 Efficient promotion model
272016012569105/05/16 Computer system for multiple user, multiple event real-time online wagering
282016012595805/05/16 Testing storage device power circuitry
292016012709205/05/16 Contention based uplink transmission for coverage enhancement
302016012744105/05/16 Application level audio connection and streaming
312016012751805/05/16 Single-pass/single copy network abstraction layer unit parser
322016012777505/05/16 Individualized content presentation for increased user interaction performance in group settings
332016011659404/28/16 Time of flight camera
342016011699504/28/16 System and executing a process using accelerometer signals
352016011705704/28/16 Screen magnification with off-screen indication
362016011706904/28/16 Command user interface for displaying selectable software functionality controls
372016011708004/28/16 Hit-test to determine enablement of direct manipulations in response to user actions
382016011708704/28/16 Job creation and reuse
392016011711504/28/16 Disk partition stitching and rebalancing using a partition table
402016011716004/28/16 Preparing installations and updates for software systems
412016011716104/28/16 Installing and updating software systems
422016011722804/28/16 Point in time database restore from storage snapshots
432016011726204/28/16 Hybrid cryptographic key derivation
442016011737104/28/16 Job authoring with data preview
452016011737504/28/16 Online schema and data transformations
462016011740604/28/16 Navigational aid for electronic books and documents
472016011757404/28/16 Tagging personal photos with deep networks
482016011930104/28/16 Policy settings configuration with signals
492016011961104/28/16 Time of flight depth camera
502016012007004/28/16 Data center pressure anomaly detection and remediation
512016010632904/21/16 Utilizing different color channels for rgb-image-based differential heart rate detection
522016010990604/21/16 Internal display module support
532016010990804/21/16 Mobile computing device having a flexible hinge structure
542016010993804/21/16 Silhouette-based limb finder determination
552016011000404/21/16 Display module support
562016011004404/21/16 Profile-driven avatar sessions
572016011012304/21/16 Data object observation among domain-restricted containers
582016011022904/21/16 Api versioning independent of product releases
592016011028304/21/16 On-demand expansion of synchronization primitives
602016011032604/21/16 Collaborative document editing using state-based revision
612016011039104/21/16 Composite partition functions
622016011040304/21/16 High performance transactions in database management systems
632016011059304/21/16 Image based ground weight distribution determination
642016011085604/21/16 Scene exposure auto-compensation for differential image comparisons
652016011086104/21/16 Visualization for blood flow in skin image data
662016011086804/21/16 Facial skin mask generation for heart rate detection
672016011177204/21/16 Loop antenna with a parasitic element inside
682016011178604/21/16 Loop antenna with a magnetically coupled element
692016011220304/21/16 Trust service for a client device
702016011251104/21/16 Pre-fetch cache for visualization modification
712016011263004/21/16 Camera capture recommendation for applications
722016011263804/21/16 Video stabilization using padded margin pixels
732016011288304/21/16 Wireless signal quality indicator
742016011288404/21/16 Indication of wireless signal quality
752016011294104/21/16 Connection selection in hybrid networks
762016011294204/21/16 Access point assisted roaming
772016010136404/14/16 Storage and charging device for game pieces
782016010348104/14/16 Adaptive idle timeout for storage devices
792016010354604/14/16 Device operated through opaque cover and system
802016010358404/14/16 Multiple stage shy user interface
812016010361304/14/16 Tagging for storage device regions
822016010365504/14/16 Co-verbal interactions with speech reference point
832016010366704/14/16 Configuration transform for application deployment
842016010377104/14/16 Vendor-specific peripheral device class identifiers
852016010407004/14/16 Inference engine for efficient machine learning
862016010409404/14/16 Future meeting evaluation using implicit device feedback
872016010420004/14/16 User directed information collections
882016010430104/14/16 Cross-level image blending
892016010432104/14/16 Transfer of attributes between generations of characters
902016010531004/14/16 Deploying disk images
912016010532304/14/16 Node identification using clusters
922016010535104/14/16 Application testing
932016010539004/14/16 Distributed components in computing clusters
942016010552804/14/16 Client-assisted fulfillment of a resource request
952016010564004/14/16 Telepresence experience
962016010580104/14/16 Geo-based analysis for detecting abnormal logins
972016009764604/07/16 Content presentation based on travel patterns
982016009805304/07/16 Predictive transmission power control for back-off
992016009811404/07/16 Integrated self-capacitive touch display
1002016009829204/07/16 Job scheduling using expected server performance information
1012016009856204/07/16 Automated verification of a software system
1022016009864504/07/16 High-precision limited supervision relationship extractor
1032016009876004/07/16 Usability of supplemental application functions through dynamic modification of user-presented options
1042016009981104/07/16 End-to-end security for hardware running verified software
1052016009989004/07/16 Relay optimization using software defined networking
1062016009991504/07/16 Security context management in multi-tenant environments
1072016008903303/31/16 Determining timing and context for cardiovascular measurements
1082016008904203/31/16 Wearable pulse pressure wave sensing device
1092016008908103/31/16 Wearable sensing band
1102016009076703/31/16 Hinge mechanism with multiple preset positions
1112016009193203/31/16 Computing device bonding assemblies
1122016009194803/31/16 Providing energy consumption analytics of cloud based service
1132016009196503/31/16 Natural motion-based control via wearable and mobile devices
1142016009196703/31/16 Eye gaze for spoken language understanding in multi-modal conversational interactions
1152016009208803/31/16 Computing system facilitating inter-user communication
1162016009214003/31/16 Storage device management in computing systems
1172016009218303/31/16 Compiler caching for runtime routine redundancy tracking
1182016009227403/31/16 Heterogeneous thread scheduling
1192016009232203/31/16 Semi-automatic failover
1202016009241603/31/16 Productivity tools for content authoring
1212016009244003/31/16 Visually differentiating strings for testing
1222016009246703/31/16 File system with per-extent checksums
1232016009251803/31/16 Dynamic results
1242016009256503/31/16 Unified search on a personal computing device
1252016009260303/31/16 Automated supplementation of data model
1262016009267803/31/16 Protecting application secrets from operating system attacks
1272016009269103/31/16 Representation of operating system context in a trusted platform module
1282016009269503/31/16 Service personalization with familiarity sensitivity
1292016009269903/31/16 Privacy-preserving cookies for personalization without user tracking
1302016009276503/31/16 Tool for investigating the performance of a distributed processing system
1312016009277303/31/16 Inference-based individual profile
1322016009308703/31/16 Low latency ink rendering pipeline
1332016009309203/31/16 Real-time rendering of volumetric models with occlusive and emissive particles
1342016009322603/31/16 Identification and altering of user routines
1352016009332403/31/16 Anti-piracy feature for optical discs
1362016009438603/31/16 Multi-enrollments of a computing device into configuration sources
1372016009439103/31/16 Automated computing system personalization
1382016009441303/31/16 Network resource governance in multi-tenant datacenters
1392016009442603/31/16 Monitoring of shared server set power supply units
1402016009442703/31/16 Managing classified network streams
1412016009446403/31/16 Network classification for applications
1422016009450403/31/16 Session history horizon control
1432016009458603/31/16 Media session between network endpoints
1442016009458903/31/16 Media session between network endpoints
1452016009464503/31/16 Dns-based load balancing
1462016009484703/31/16 Coupling sample metadata with media samples
1472016009485403/31/16 Processing parameters for operations on blocks while decoding images
1482016008527303/24/16 Computing device heat management
1492016008531003/24/16 Tracking hand/body pose
1502016008539603/24/16 Interactive text preview
1512016008541603/24/16 Component-specific application presentation histories
1522016008541703/24/16 View management architecture
1532016008543003/24/16 Adapting user interface to interaction criteria and component properties
1542016008543803/24/16 Multi-finger touchpad gestures
1552016008543903/24/16 Partitioned application presentation across devices
1562016008551303/24/16 Loading code in self-contained applications
1572016008552303/24/16 Selectively loading precompiled header(s) and/or portion(s) thereof
1582016008554403/24/16 Data management system
1592016008560203/24/16 Content sharing between sandboxed apps
1602016008569803/24/16 Device-specific user context adaptation of computing environment
1612016008575303/24/16 Multi-source search
1622016008578003/24/16 Referenced content indexing
1632016008583703/24/16 Snapshot and replication of a multi-stream application on multiple hosts at near-sync frequency
1642016008584003/24/16 Universal interaction for capturing content to persistent storage
1652016008584103/24/16 Dynamic application containers
1662016008602503/24/16 Pose tracker with multi threaded architecture
1672016008616803/24/16 Establishing communication between a reader application and a smart card emulator
1682016008631303/24/16 Streamlined handling of monitor topology changes
1692016008634903/24/16 Tracking hand pose using forearm-hand model
1702016008698703/24/16 Image sensor bending by induced substrate swelling
1712016008699403/24/16 Image sensor bending using tension
1722016008786203/24/16 Identifying and transmitting performance information
1732016008786303/24/16 Infering management state via secondary state
1742016008794103/24/16 Techniques for providing services to multiple tenants via a shared end-point
1752016008799303/24/16 Selectively managing datasets
1762016008800003/24/16 Lateral movement detection
1772016008801603/24/16 Policy application for multi-identity apps
1782016008801703/24/16 Conditional access to services based on device claims
1792016008804003/24/16 Presentation of computing environment on multiple devices
1802016008807703/24/16 Seamless binary object and metadata sync
1812016007690203/17/16 Colloquial or user-favored route based navigation instructions
1822016007690303/17/16 User geographic area familiarity based navigation instructions
1832016007720603/17/16 Ultrasonic depth imaging
1842016007755803/17/16 Uniform flow heat sink
1852016007755903/17/16 Flexible power supplies for computing systems
1862016007757103/17/16 Heuristic processor power management in operating systems
1872016007758703/17/16 Smart ring
1882016007759203/17/16 Enhanced display rotation
1892016007761603/17/16 Handedness detection from touch input
1902016007765003/17/16 Classification of touch input as being unintended or intended
1912016007766303/17/16 Inactive region for touch surface based on contextual information
1922016007766503/17/16 Simulating real-time responsiveness for touch displays
1932016007767303/17/16 Intelligent canvas
1942016007767403/17/16 Task completion across devices using a shared work space
1952016007770903/17/16 Actionable item switcher
1962016007773403/17/16 Disambiguation of keyboard input
1972016007779303/17/16 Gesture shortcuts for invocation of voice input
1982016007783103/17/16 Accurate and performant code design using memoization
1992016007784303/17/16 Inductive peripheral retention device
2002016007789203/17/16 Automatic sensor selection based on requested sensor characteristics
2012016007791703/17/16 Data recovery using bitmap data structure
2022016007798803/17/16 Efficient data movement within file system volumes
2032016007800803/17/16 Integrating user interface experiences from multiple applications
2042016007801903/17/16 Actions on digital document elements from voice
2052016007810303/17/16 Constructed data stream for enhanced event processing
2062016007813303/17/16 Content interface layout construction
2072016007814103/17/16 Customized site search deep links on a serp
2082016007814803/17/16 Estimating similarity of nodes using all-distances sketches
2092016007821903/17/16 Authentication using proof of work and possession
2102016007836403/17/16 Computer-implemented identification of related items
2112016007852003/17/16 Modified matrix factorization of content-based model for recommendation system
2122016007864903/17/16 Smoothing and gpu-enabled rendering of digital ink
2132016007865503/17/16 Text realization
2142016007867103/17/16 Render-time linking of shaders
2152016007885903/17/16 Text-to-speech with emotional content
2162016008006903/17/16 Providing network connectivity and access to content and communications via moving objects
2172016008014903/17/16 Secure key management for roaming protected content
2182016008024503/17/16 Method for scalable computer network partitioning
2192016008025803/17/16 Method for end point identification in computer networks
2202016008029303/17/16 Accounts control
2212016008032003/17/16 Trusted execution environment extensible computing device interface
2222016008042103/17/16 Contextually aware device management
2232016008044203/17/16 Intelligent streaming of media content
2242016008044803/17/16 Dynamic video streaming based on viewer activity
2252016008047503/17/16 Cross device application discovery and control
2262016008048803/17/16 Implementing file-based protocol for request processing
2272016008049003/17/16 Online data movement without compromising data integrity
2282016008051003/17/16 Presence-based content control
2292016008068903/17/16 Video picker
2302016008091103/17/16 Accounting for indoor-outdoor transitions during position determination
2312016007011303/10/16 Variable focal backlighting
2322016007032003/10/16 Individual device reset and recovery in a computer
2332016007035603/10/16 Physically interactive manifestation of a volumetric space
2342016007035703/10/16 Parametric inertia and apis
2352016007042303/10/16 Combined switching and window placement
2362016007044003/10/16 User interface with dynamic transition times
2372016007055503/10/16 Automated tenant upgrades for multi-tenant services
2382016007056403/10/16 Dynamically schematized log messages for software applications
2392016007062603/10/16 Assessing quality of service provided by applications based on hosting system support
2402016007063303/10/16 Memory leak analysis by usage trends correlation
2412016007068603/10/16 Collecting annotations for a document by augmenting the document
2422016007068803/10/16 Displaying annotations of a document by augmenting the document
2432016007069203/10/16 Determining segments for documents
2442016007078203/10/16 Associating content items with document sections
2452016007078403/10/16 Identifying mathematical operators in natural language text for knowledge-based matching
2462016007088703/10/16 Media decoding control with hardware-protected digital rights management
2472016007090803/10/16 Next generation of security operations service
2482016007114403/10/16 User activity attribution
2492016007118203/10/16 Multimedia recommendation based on artist similarity

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