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Microsoft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12009032741912/31/09 Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
22015033141511/19/15 Robotic task demonstration interface
32015033141611/19/15 Program synthesis for robotic tasks
42015033146111/19/15 Computing device having a spectrally selective radiation emission device
52015033146311/19/15 Power management contracts for accessory devices
62015033155711/19/15 Selector to coordinate experiences between related applications
72015033157811/19/15 Active summaries in user interfaces to collaboration services
82015033160411/19/15 Presenting stored files in whiteboard application
92015033167311/19/15 Contextual focus-agnostic parsing-validated alternatives information
102015033170111/19/15 Interactive viewer of intermediate representations of client side code
112015033172711/19/15 Code service for language-independent dispatch
122015033183811/19/15 Describing data transformations using markup language extensions
132015033185711/19/15 Database migration
142015033192911/19/15 Natural language image search
152015033195011/19/15 Generating distinct entity names to facilitate entity disambiguation
162015033203711/19/15 Claiming data from a virtual whiteboard
172015033233411/19/15 Personalized group coupons and offers with user experience
182015033248211/19/15 Detecting conformance of graphical output data from an application to a convention
192015033248911/19/15 Fast solving for loop closure
202015033267011/19/15 Language modeling for conversational understanding domains using semantic web resources
212015033267211/19/15 Knowledge source personalization to improve language models
222015033406911/19/15 Notifications
232015033407111/19/15 Peer-based device set actions
242015033413811/19/15 Transferring content between graphical user interfaces
252015033456411/19/15 Transparent two-factor authentication via mobile communication device
262015032364611/12/15 Location error radius determination
272015032399211/12/15 Sculpted displays for clickable user interactions
282015032409911/12/15 Connecting current user activities with related stored media collections
292015032455511/12/15 Content discovery in managed wireless distribution networks
302015032455611/12/15 Content delivery prioritization in managed wireless distribution networks
312015032460111/12/15 Managed wireless distribution network
322015032469011/12/15 Deep learning training system
332015032484611/12/15 Using card-linked offer data to detect user interests
342015032523511/12/15 Language model optimization for in-domain application
352015032523611/12/15 Context specific language model scale factors
362015032645711/12/15 Fine-grained network monitoring
372015032657711/12/15 Accelerated application authentication and content delivery
382015032664411/12/15 Traveling map-reduce architecture
392015032672711/12/15 Delivery of visual voicemail over multimedia messaging service
402015032679911/12/15 Reducing camera interference using image analysis
412015032698511/12/15 Hand-worn device for surface gesture input
422015032701511/12/15 Location tracking based on overlapping geo-fences
432015032702211/12/15 Adaptive position determination
442015032706811/12/15 Distributing content in managed wireless distribution networks
452015031713811/05/15 Matching program sections through feature extraction
462015031730211/05/15 Transferring information across language understanding model domains
472015031731311/05/15 Searching locally defined entities
482015031732711/05/15 Hierarchical index based compression
492015031733411/05/15 Sparse datatable data structure
502015031738911/05/15 Learning multimedia semantics from large-scale unstructured data
512015031741211/05/15 Fabricating three-dimensional objects with embossing
522015031751011/05/15 Rating photos for tasks based on content and adjacent signals
532015031758211/05/15 Optimizing task recommendations in context-aware mobile crowdsourcing
542015031887011/05/15 Variable width error correction
552015031898611/05/15 Secure transport of encrypted virtual machines with continuous owner access
562015031916011/05/15 Secure management of operations on protected virtual machines
572015031917611/05/15 Client-side integration framework of services
582015031922311/05/15 Delivering content
592015031923011/05/15 Dimension based load balancing
602015031923411/05/15 Load balancing scalable storage utilizing optimization modules
612015030650010/29/15 Artist-directed volumetric dynamic virtual cameras
622015030954410/29/15 Articulated screen cover for accommodating objects
632015030954710/29/15 Load scheduling in multi-battery devices
642015030957910/29/15 Low-latency gesture detection
652015030991110/29/15 User experience diagnostics with actionable insights
662015030991510/29/15 Call chain interval resource impact aggregation differencing
672015031004010/29/15 Grouping and ranking images based on facial recognition data
682015031005510/29/15 Using lineage to infer data quality issues
692015031007310/29/15 Finding patterns in a knowledge base to compose table answers
702015031009210/29/15 Attribute histograms for providing data access
712015031010210/29/15 Generating unweighted samples from weighted features
722015031013210/29/15 Event-triggered data quality verification
732015031021310/29/15 Adjustment of protection based on prediction and warning of malware-prone activity
742015031026110/29/15 Creation of representative content based on facial analysis
752015031026310/29/15 Facial expression tracking
762015031034310/29/15 Real time interactive prediction
772015031047210/29/15 Management of on-demand content
782015031052910/29/15 Web-behavior-augmented recommendations
792015031061410/29/15 Collaborative alignment of images
802015031085810/29/15 Shared hidden layer combination for speech recognition systems
812015031086210/29/15 Deep learning for semantic parsing including semantic utterance classification
822015031101310/29/15 Increasing yield with tactile button gap adjustment
832015031232510/29/15 Enhanced reliability for client-based web services
842015031237510/29/15 Pre-fetching grid blocks by user intent
852015031265210/29/15 Automatic generation of videos via a segment list
862015031269410/29/15 Hrtf personalization based on anthropometric features
872015029714010/22/15 User stress detection and mitigation
882015029799810/22/15 Hyperlink initiation of game sessions
892015029799910/22/15 Game progression using retrieved partial user data
902015029801010/22/15 Broadcast initiation without interruption to active gameplay
912015030189810/22/15 Conditional saving of input data
922015030195210/22/15 Multiplexed memory for segments and pages
932015030198710/22/15 Multiple monitor data entry
942015030205110/22/15 Data filtering to fit selected visualization type
952015030211210/22/15 Generating probabilistic transition data
962015030215810/22/15 Video-based pulse measurement
972015030219610/22/15 Local system health assessment
982015030231710/22/15 Non-greedy machine learning for high accuracy
992015030233410/22/15 Quick drafts of items in a primary work queue
1002015030251410/22/15 Broadcast discovery via electronic marketplace
1012015030257010/22/15 Depth sensor calibration and per-pixel correction
1022015030416510/22/15 Session-based device configuration
1032015030439810/22/15 Measuring actual end user performance and availability of web applications
1042015030442010/22/15 Functional programming in distributed computing
1052015030456010/22/15 Interactively stylizing camera motion
1062015030469710/22/15 Changing broadcast without interruption to active gameplay
1072015030473310/22/15 Intelligent routing of notifications to grouped devices
1082015029054010/15/15 Positioning a camera video overlay on gameplay video
1092015029327310/15/15 Laminated diffuser
1102015029356410/15/15 Hinged cover for computing device
1112015029360110/15/15 Input device with bendable support mechanism for a computing device
1122015029360610/15/15 Collapsible shell cover for computing device
1132015029370910/15/15 Fine-grained bandwidth provisioning in a memory controller
1142015029388810/15/15 Expandable application representation, milestones, and storylines
1152015029392210/15/15 Performing graph operations using historic inverse probability estimators
1162015029397610/15/15 Context-sensitive search using a deep learning model
1172015029467510/15/15 Audio signal processing
1182015029586910/15/15 Filtering electronic messages
1192015029604910/15/15 Battery efficient synchronization of communications using a token bucket
1202015029606010/15/15 Slider cover for computing device
1212015029615210/15/15 Sensor data filtering
1222015029617910/15/15 Displaying video call data
1232015029621510/15/15 Frame encoding using hints
1242015028557310/08/15 Thin heat transfer device for thermal management
1252015028612510/08/15 High-efficiency projection screen
1262015028625610/08/15 Micro-hole vents for device ventilation systems
1272015028634310/08/15 Organization mode support mechanisms
1282015028634410/08/15 Adaptive user interface pane manager
1292015028634910/08/15 Transient user interface elements
1302015028635010/08/15 Expandable application representation and sending content
1312015028635110/08/15 Expandable application representation, activity levels, and desktop representation
1322015028635210/08/15 Expandable application representation
1332015028637010/08/15 Service gallery user interface presentation
1342015028638610/08/15 Progressive functionality access for content insertion and modification
1352015028638710/08/15 Expandable application representation and taskbar
1362015028651110/08/15 Efficient migration of client-side web state
1372015028653310/08/15 Modern document save and synchronization status
1382015028662910/08/15 Named entity recognition
1392015028668510/08/15 Reference resolution
1402015028669110/08/15 Data view exposure mechanisms
1412015028669810/08/15 Reactive digital personal assistant
1422015028672310/08/15 Identifying dominant entity categories
1432015028674710/08/15 Entity and attribute resolution in conversational applications
1442015028680610/08/15 User-specific application activation for remote sessions
1452015028681210/08/15 Automatic capture and entry of access codes using a camera
1462015028689710/08/15 Automated techniques for photo upload and selection
1472015028704010/08/15 System enforced two-party verification process in customer support workflow
1482015028806110/08/15 Capacitively-coupled isolator assembly
1492015028807410/08/15 Sar reduction in radio transmitting devices
1502015028869810/08/15 Evolving rule based contact exchange
1512015028874710/08/15 User interface control and communication
1522015028885710/08/15 Mount that facilitates positioning and orienting a mobile computing device
1532015028886610/08/15 Multi-camera view selection
1542015028895510/08/15 Time-of-flight phase-offset calibration
1552015028896510/08/15 Adaptive quantization for video rate control
1562015028916810/08/15 User experiences during call handovers on a hybrid telecommunications network
1572015027737510/01/15 Optical waveguide including spatially-varying volume hologram
1582015027750010/01/15 Peripheral device storage
1592015027750810/01/15 Mechanical attach and retention feature
1602015027755110/01/15 Scanning liquid-crystal display backlight
1612015027755310/01/15 Eye gaze tracking using binocular fixation constraints
1622015027768210/01/15 Scalable user interface display
1632015027770810/01/15 Command user interface for displaying and scaling selectable controls and commands
1642015027771110/01/15 User interaction and motion driving updates to components in an immersive document view
1652015027771410/01/15 Content display with dynamic zoom focus
1662015027771510/01/15 Content display with contextual zoom focus
1672015027772210/01/15 Immersive document interaction with device-aware scaling
1682015027772410/01/15 Inline document collaboration workflow
1692015027772510/01/15 Collaborative co-authoring via an electronic user interface
1702015027772610/01/15 Sliding surface
1712015027774110/01/15 Hierarchical virtual list control
1722015027784110/01/15 Multi mode display system
1732015027784610/01/15 Client-side personal voice web navigation
1742015027788110/01/15 Supporting dynamic behavior in statically compiled programs
1752015027789910/01/15 Hierarchical directives-based management of runtime behaviors
1762015027792910/01/15 User selectable operating systems
1772015027806110/01/15 Predictive load scaling for services
1782015027819110/01/15 Flexible schema for language model customization
1792015027819910/01/15 Creating a calendar event using context
1802015027820010/01/15 Convolutional latent semantic models and their applications
1812015027821010/01/15 Building user trust in profile creation and recommendations based on managed interaction with user
1822015027821110/01/15 Using geographic familiarity to generate search results
1832015027823410/01/15 Inline web previews with dynamic aspect ratios
1842015027827810/01/15 Partition filtering using smart index in memory
1852015027831510/01/15 Data fitting selected visualization type
1862015027834810/01/15 Explicit signals personalized search
1872015027835010/01/15 Recommendation system with dual collaborative filter usage matrix
1882015027835510/01/15 Temporal context aware query entity intent
1892015027835810/01/15 Adjusting serp presentation based on query intent
1902015027837010/01/15 Task completion for natural language input
1912015027859910/01/15 Eye gaze tracking based upon adaptive homography mapping
1922015027869110/01/15 User interests facilitated by a knowledge base
1932015027872310/01/15 Dimensional multi-level scale for data management in transactional systems
1942015027876510/01/15 Information collections
1952015027886110/01/15 Intent and task driven advertising management in search
1962015027890710/01/15 User inactivity aware recommendation system
1972015027890810/01/15 Recommendation system with multi-dimensional discovery experience
1982015027891010/01/15 Directed recommendations
1992015027895910/01/15 Leveraging multidimensional measurement basis in transactional systems
2002015027899410/01/15 Predictable organic tile layout
2012015027908310/01/15 Real-time three-dimensional reconstruction of a scene from a single camera
2022015027934810/01/15 Generating natural language outputs
2032015028037110/01/15 Computing device connectors
2042015028058710/01/15 Leakage reduction circuit
2052015028102910/01/15 Measuring latency in an interactive application
2062015028111310/01/15 Dynamically identifying target capacity when scaling cloud resources
2072015028114810/01/15 Immersive document view
2082015028114910/01/15 Electronic communication-based storage of documents to support multiple workflows
2092015028115010/01/15 Generating content items out of an electronic communication workflow
2102015028115710/01/15 Delivering an action
2112015028120010/01/15 Passive security enforcement
2122015028122510/01/15 Techniques to operate a service with machine generated authentication tokens
2132015028136910/01/15 Providing a shared user experience to facilitate communication
2142015028140110/01/15 Hybrid client/server architecture for parallel processing
2152015028141310/01/15 Input device attachment
2162015028171210/01/15 Decoding and synthesizing frames for incomplete video data
2172015028229810/01/15 Edge plated printed circuit board
2182015028229810/01/15 Edge plated printed circuit board
2192015026869909/24/15 Lockable display
2202015026883909/24/15 Warped presentation of events in calendar views
2212015026905009/24/15 Unsupervised anomaly detection for arbitrary time series
2222015026911109/24/15 Asynchronously prefetching sharable memory pages
2232015026912509/24/15 Normalizing message style while preserving intent
2242015026913609/24/15 Context-aware re-formating of an input
2252015026914009/24/15 Dynamic software localization
2262015026915609/24/15 Machine-assisted search preference evaluation
2272015026917509/24/15 Query interpretation and suggestion generation under various constraints
2282015026917609/24/15 User interface mechanisms for query refinement
2292015026922809/24/15 Progressive query computation using streaming architectures
2302015026951109/24/15 Extensible framework for resource provider service and quota management
2312015026961209/24/15 Entity platform and entity store
2322015026976709/24/15 Configuring resources used by a graphics processing unit
2332015026993309/24/15 Mixed speech recognition
2342015026994909/24/15 Incremental utterance decoder combination for efficient and accurate decoding
2352015026996709/24/15 Fast and smart video trimming at frame accuracy on generic platform
2362015027095609/24/15 Rapid data protection for storage devices
2372015027100809/24/15 Identifying troubleshooting options for resolving network failures
2382015027102809/24/15 Providing shared account service
2392015027107509/24/15 Switch-based load balancer
2402015027119709/24/15 Providing multi-level password and phishing protection
2412015027120009/24/15 Techniques to provide network security through just-in-time provisioned accounts
2422015027131709/24/15 Hybrid telecommunications network connection indicator
2432015027131809/24/15 Efficient retrieval of 4g lte capabilities
2442015027140109/24/15 Receiver-controlled panoramic view video share
2452015027144209/24/15 Closed caption alignment
2462015025843409/17/15 Gaming system for modular toys
2472015025843509/17/15 Modular construction for interacting with software
2482015025843609/17/15 Data store for a modular assembly system
2492015025844009/17/15 Generation of custom modular objects

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