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Microsoft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Microsoft Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009032741912/31/09 Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
22016003400102/04/16  new patent  Peripheral retention device
32016003403002/04/16  new patent  Reflection-based control activation
42016003405802/04/16  new patent  Mobile device input controller for secondary display
52016003415302/04/16  new patent  Icon resizing
62016003415502/04/16  new patent  Adaptive sizing and positioning of application windows
72016003415602/04/16  new patent  Dynamic joint dividers for application windows
82016003415702/04/16  new patent  Region-based sizing and positioning of application windows
92016003415902/04/16  new patent  Assisted presentation of application windows
102016003416202/04/16  new patent  Instant messaging
112016003417902/04/16  new patent  Dual directional control for text entry
122016003427002/04/16  new patent  Estimating likelihood of code changes introducing defects
132016003428402/04/16  new patent  Shutdown notifications
142016003433402/04/16  new patent  Visual tools for failure analysis in distributed systems
152016003435502/04/16  new patent  Recovering usability of cloud based service from system failure
162016003442302/04/16  new patent  Algorithm for optimization and sampling
172016003443302/04/16  new patent  Digital document change conflict resolution
182016003445902/04/16  new patent  Curating media from social connections
192016003454202/04/16  new patent  Integrating various search and relevance providers in transactional search
202016003470502/04/16  new patent  Stochastic privacy
212016003474802/04/16  new patent  Computerized prominent character recognition in videos
222016003478602/04/16  new patent  Computerized machine learning of interesting video sections
232016003484002/04/16  new patent  Adaptive task assignment
242016003495102/04/16  new patent  Allocating prominent display space for query answers
252016003607002/04/16  new patent  Dynamically controlled heat exchange for cascading startup of fuel cell grids
262016003659302/04/16  new patent  Advising clients about certificate authority trust
272016003667002/04/16  new patent  Detection of outage in cloud based service using synthetic measurements and anonymized usage data
282016003667102/04/16  new patent  Failure analysis in cloud based service using synthetic measurements
292016003669202/04/16  new patent  Propagating routing awareness for autonomous networks
302016003672002/04/16  new patent  Storage device access mediation
312016003673502/04/16  new patent  Instant messaging
322016003673702/04/16  new patent  Instant messaging
332016003683702/04/16  new patent  Detecting attacks on data centers
342016003683802/04/16  new patent  Data center architecture that supports attack detection and mitigation
352016003691902/04/16  new patent  Propagating communication awareness for communication sessions
362016003692302/04/16  new patent  Efficient migration of application state information
372016003703702/04/16  new patent  Switching between cameras of an electronic device
382016003739902/04/16  new patent  Enhanced reporting for handover in device-to-device communication
392016003744002/04/16  new patent  Cell discovery
402016003748802/04/16  new patent  Radio resource control for d2d communication
412016003751202/04/16  new patent  Scheduling assignment transmission timing for user equipment enabling device-to-device communication
422016003751302/04/16  new patent  Discovery reference signal occasion configuration
432016003755102/04/16  new patent  Downlink transmission scheduling for user equipments enabling device-to-device communications
442016003756702/04/16  new patent  Cellular feedback transmission for user equipments enabling device-to-device communications
452016002634201/28/16 Alignable user interface
462016002637301/28/16 Actionable steps within a process flow
472016002645301/28/16 Patch process ensuring high availability of cloud application
482016002661301/28/16 Processing image to identify object for insertion into document
492016002661601/28/16 Presenting dataset of spreadsheet in form based view
502016002665601/28/16 Retrieving/storing images associated with events
512016002685801/28/16 Image based search to identify objects in documents
522016002687201/28/16 Identifying presentation styles of educational videos
532016002694301/28/16 Unified threaded rendering of activities in a computer system
542016002694401/28/16 Identifying new display elements in a unified thread
552016002694601/28/16 Filtering records on a unified display
562016002695301/28/16 In-line creation of activities on a unified display
572016002867901/28/16 Error correction for interactive message exchanges using summaries
582016002870401/28/16 Establishing secure computing devices for virtualization and administration
592016002872401/28/16 Identity reputation
602016002879301/28/16 Extending sharing options of local computing resources
612016002885401/28/16 Synthetic transactions between communication endpoints
622016001823801/21/16 Route inspection portals
632016001895101/21/16 Contextual view portals
642016001897401/21/16 Identifying and surfacing relevant report artifacts in documents
652016001919801/21/16 Entity recognition for enhanced document productivity
662016001923701/21/16 Reverse ip databases using data indicative of user location
672016001927201/21/16 Managing data ingestion
682016001927901/21/16 High throughput data modifications using blind update operations
692016001929201/21/16 Observation-based query interpretation model modification
702016001929801/21/16 Prioritizing media based on social data and user behavior
712016001930001/21/16 Identifying files for data write operations
722016001938701/21/16 Behavior change detection system for services
732016001939901/21/16 Brokering data access requests and responses
742016001968401/21/16 Wide field-of-view depth imaging
752016001991501/21/16 Real-time emotion recognition from audio signals
762016002050601/21/16 Antenna for electronic device
772016002066901/21/16 Closed loop data center and organic life ecosystem
782016002112401/21/16 Volatility-based classifier for security solutions
792016002117501/21/16 Metadata-assisted providing of appearance of data
802016002118201/21/16 Dynamic update streams for real time provisioning
812016002119601/21/16 Processing changes in a multi-tenant system
822016002119701/21/16 Self-extending cloud
832016002119801/21/16 Managing data-driven services
842016001166801/14/16 3d gesture recognition
852016001195201/14/16 Compliance testing through sandbox environments
862016001195501/14/16 Extracting rich performance analysis from simple time measurements
872016001205101/14/16 Computing features of structured data
882016001205201/14/16 Ranking tables for keyword search
892016001209101/14/16 Annotating structured data for search
902016001210201/14/16 Searching with contextually related queries
912016001221901/14/16 Multiple-key feature toggles for compliance
922016001234801/14/16 Touch classification
932016001237201/14/16 Crowd worker quality improvement with continuing training
942016001251201/14/16 Lifestyle recommendation system
952016001264001/14/16 User-generated dynamic virtual worlds
962016001417501/14/16 Stream processing utilizing virtual processing agents
972016001459101/14/16 Centralized routing in hybrid networks
982016001459801/14/16 Cryptographic key exchange over an electrostatic channel
992016000362001/07/16 Travel path identification based upon statistical relationships between path costs
1002016000426301/07/16 Gas distribution system within temperature differentiated environments
1012016000470601/07/16 Security trimming of search suggestions
1022016000471201/07/16 Query suggestions
1032016000473201/07/16 Extended memory system
1042016000519601/07/16 Constructing a graph that facilitates provision of exploratory suggestions
1052016000521901/07/16 Auto-aligned illumination for interactive sensing in retro-reflective imaging applications
1062016000539501/07/16 Generating computer responses to social conversational inputs
1072016000610901/07/16 Slot antenna integrated into a resonant cavity of an electronic device case
1082016000611001/07/16 Structural tank integrated into an electronic device case
1092016000656701/07/16 Cryptographic device that binds an additional authentication factor to multiple identities
1102016000666601/07/16 Tenant control in initiating atomic platform tasks
1112016000676001/07/16 Detecting and preventing phishing attacks
1122016000677901/07/16 Distributed stream processing in the cloud
1132016000739401/07/16 Tethering parameters for a tethering connection
1142015037511212/31/15 Data center management of multimode servers
1152015037511312/31/15 Assigning a player to a machine
1162015037511412/31/15 Track based play systems
1172015037511512/31/15 Interacting with a story through physical pieces
1182015037512812/31/15 Controlling physical toys using a physics engine
1192015037513412/31/15 Interactive play sets
1202015037539612/31/15 Automatic in-situ registration and calibration of robotic arm/sensor/workspace system
1212015037603112/31/15 Waste heat water purifier and cooling system
1222015037760912/31/15 Light based positioning
1232015037793812/31/15 Seasonality detection in time series data
1242015037808012/31/15 Volume hologram for optic illumination
1252015037842512/31/15 Low latency computer system power reduction
1262015037845512/31/15 Battery charging system for stylus
1272015037846612/31/15 Large-format display assembly
1282015037851012/31/15 Probabilistic touch sensing
1292015037851512/31/15 See-through ir frontlight with embedded partially reflective facets
1302015037852412/31/15 Smart and scalable touch user interface display
1312015037852512/31/15 Merged experience of reading and editing with seamless transition
1322015037857612/31/15 Remote viewport management
1332015037863512/31/15 Effective range partition splitting in scalable storage
1342015037866712/31/15 Precognitive interactive music system
1352015037869212/31/15 Code recommendation
1362015037869712/31/15 Incremental compilation of whole program code
1372015037870112/31/15 Cross-environment orchestration of deployment activities
1382015037871012/31/15 Patching auto-stop
1392015037874212/31/15 Rule-based activation of behaviors in an extensible software application
1402015037882112/31/15 Extended lifetime memory
1412015037887012/31/15 Time travel debugging in managed runtime
1422015037887112/31/15 Techniques for edit-and-continue and enhanced optimized debugging on optimized code
1432015037897212/31/15 Intelligent conflict detection and semantic expression of document edits
1442015037897812/31/15 Summary data autofill
1452015037901212/31/15 Identifying preferable results pages from numerous results pages
1462015037905712/31/15 Understanding tables for search
1472015037905812/31/15 Managing data with flexible schema
1482015037906012/31/15 Transactional access to records on secondary storage in an in-memory database
1492015037907412/31/15 Identification of intents from query reformulations in search
1502015037908312/31/15 Custom query execution engine
1512015037908512/31/15 Rule-based joining of foreign to primary key
1522015037909312/31/15 Data set preview technology
1532015037912612/31/15 Automation of crowd-sourced polling
1542015037915312/31/15 Compound transformation chain application across multiple devices
1552015037916212/31/15 Non-parametric microfacet factor models for isotropic bidirectional reflectance distribution functions
1562015037927012/31/15 Key versioning including hash stick technology
1572015037929412/31/15 Joint ownership of protected information
1582015037929612/31/15 Large scale network system upgrade
1592015037929712/31/15 Securely storing content within public clouds
1602015037933512/31/15 Dynamic remapping of components of a virtual skeleton
1612015037937112/31/15 Object detection utilizing geometric information fused with image data
1622015037940712/31/15 Intelligent delivery of actionable content
1632015037940812/31/15 Using sensor information for inferring and forecasting large-scale phenomena
1642015037956912/31/15 Assigning scores to electronic communications with extensions
1652015037974612/31/15 Cinematization of output in compound device environment
1662015037986612/31/15 Remote control of a mobile computing device with an auxiliary device
1672015037995812/31/15 Compound application presentation across multiple devices
1682015038089712/31/15 Edge-emitting laser diode package
1692015038142512/31/15 Opportunistically connecting private computational resources to external services
1702015038145312/31/15 Integrated global resource allocation and load balancing
1712015038146512/31/15 Real time verification of cloud services with real world traffic
1722015038155812/31/15 Nsec3 performance in dnssec
1732015038157412/31/15 Authorization of joining of transformation chain instances
1742015038161512/31/15 Managing user data for software services
1752015038170212/31/15 Remote application control interface
1762015038181312/31/15 Message storage
1772015038193012/31/15 Compositing and transmitting contextual information during an audio or video call
1782015038197212/31/15 Depth estimation using multi-view stereo and a calibrated projector
1792015038201212/31/15 Motion vector selection for video encoding
1802015038206612/31/15 Contextual remote control interface
1812015038212412/31/15 Directional audio notification
1822015038212812/31/15 Audio calibration and adjustment
1832015038212912/31/15 Driving parametric speakers as a function of tracked user location
1842015038214712/31/15 Leveraging user signals for improved interactions with digital personal assistant
1852015038216912/31/15 Courier network
1862015038230712/31/15 Detecting proximity using antenna feedback
1872015038251112/31/15 Submerged datacenter
1882015038251512/31/15 Datacenter immersed in cooling liquid
1892015036986412/24/15 Sensor data damping
1902015037029712/24/15 Modular power distribution for computing systems
1912015037042112/24/15 Locating event on timeline
1922015037042212/24/15 Manage event with content on calendar with timeline
1932015037044012/24/15 Managing event on calendar with timeline
1942015037046212/24/15 Creating calendar event from timeline
1952015037046312/24/15 Event visualization on calendar with timeline
1962015037046412/24/15 Manage recurring event on calendar with timeline
1972015037067412/24/15 Tenant provisioning for testing a production multi-tenant service
1982015037076712/24/15 Consistent views of partitioned data in eventually consistent systems
1992015037077212/24/15 Annotation preservation as comments
2002015037078712/24/15 Session context modeling for conversational understanding systems
2012015037079712/24/15 Ranking relevant discussion groups
2022015037082512/24/15 Scalable eventual consistency system using logical document journaling
2032015037084012/24/15 Efficient storage of related sparse data in a search index
2042015037089612/24/15 Reconciling query results associated with multiple indices
2052015037090412/24/15 Search and locate event on calendar with timeline
2062015037092212/24/15 Subscription notification and replication
2072015037103312/24/15 String and password generation from regular expressions
2082015037104612/24/15 Preventing code modification after boot
2092015037137012/24/15 Identifying gray regions for auto white balancing
2102015037140912/24/15 Saliency-preserving distinctive low-footprint photograph aging effect
2112015037143912/24/15 Addiing custom content to mapping applications
2122015037253812/24/15 Controlled concurrent utilization of multiple power supplies
2132015037282912/24/15 Share timeline of calendar
2142015037289312/24/15 Identification of candidate problem network entities
2152015037294612/24/15 Acquiring resource lease using multiple lease servers
2162015037299812/24/15 Securing communications with enhanced media platforms
2172015037301212/24/15 Integrated apis and uis for consuming services across different distributed networks
2182015037303412/24/15 Intelligent web page content blocking
2192015037308612/24/15 Courier network service
2202015037314412/24/15 Personal daemon interaction through escalating disclosure
2212015037318312/24/15 Use of a digital assistant in communications
2222015037346812/24/15 Proximity discovery using audio signals
2232015037347512/24/15 Parametric wave field coding for real-time sound propagation for dynamic sources
2242015037354612/24/15 Device quarantine in a wireless network
2252015036169612/17/15 Flexible display computing device
2262015036258712/17/15 Lidar sensor calibration using surface pattern detection
2272015036295612/17/15 Radius hinge
2282015036300512/17/15 Techniques for using human gestures to control gesture unaware programs
2292015036300612/17/15 Spring configuration for touch-sensitive input device
2302015036303412/17/15 Multi-device multi-user sensor correlation for pen and computing device interaction
2312015036303512/17/15 Sensor correlation for pen and touch-sensitive computing device interaction
2322015036319012/17/15 Dynamic pacing for service upgrades
2332015036333912/17/15 Reversible connector for accessory devices
2342015036334012/17/15 Providing multiple synchronous serial console sessions using data buffering
2352015036336512/17/15 Accessibility detection of content properties through tactile interactions
2362015036339312/17/15 Dialog state tracking using web-style ranking and multiple language understanding engines
2372015036347312/17/15 Direct answer triggering in search
2382015036347612/17/15 Linking documents with entities, actions and applications
2392015036348512/17/15 Learning and using contextual content retrieval rules for query disambiguation
2402015036360512/17/15 Recognizably protecting electronic files
2412015036363512/17/15 Rule-based video importance analysis
2422015036368812/17/15 Modeling interestingness with deep neural networks
2432015036386312/17/15 Modes, control and applications of recommendations auto-consumption
2442015036391912/17/15 Automatic video quality enhancement with temporal smoothing and user override
2452015036412712/17/15 Advanced recurrent neural network based letter-to-sound
2462015036412812/17/15 Hyper-structure recurrent neural networks for text-to-speech
2472015035244412/10/15 Display of system-level achievements with real-time updating
2482015035571712/10/15 Switching input rails without a release command in a natural user interface
2492015035582612/10/15 Enabling user interactions with video segments

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