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Microsoft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Microsoft Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009032741912/31/09 Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
22015024192308/27/15  new patent  Compliant battery supports for device testing
32015024208008/27/15  new patent  Propagating theming information from host applications to host extensions
42015024211208/27/15  new patent  Human interface device with touch sensor
52015024226208/27/15  new patent  Service metric analysis from structured logging schema of usage data
62015024240208/27/15  new patent  Persisted enterprise graph queries
72015024243208/27/15  new patent  Modified memory compression
82015024243908/27/15  new patent  Automatically retrying transactions with split procedure execution
92015024245708/27/15  new patent  Flexible content display
102015024247308/27/15  new patent  Utilizing interactivity signals to generate relationships and promote content
112015024247408/27/15  new patent  Inline and context aware query box
122015024249608/27/15  new patent  Local content filtering
132015024250408/27/15  new patent  Automatic context sensitive search for application assistance
142015024264508/27/15  new patent  Incentive-based app execution
152015024275808/27/15  new patent  Coherent quantum information transfer between conventional qubits
162015024276008/27/15  new patent  Personalized machine learning system
172015024276108/27/15  new patent  Interactive visualization of machine-learning performance
182015024301308/27/15  new patent  Tracking objects during processes
192015024325708/27/15  new patent  Cross-platform rendering engine
202015024327508/27/15  new patent  Voice font speaker and prosody interpolation
212015024327808/27/15  new patent  Pronunciation learning through correction logs
222015024332008/27/15  new patent  Accessing protected content on an optical disc
232015024441108/27/15  new patent  Multi-band isolator assembly
242015024453908/27/15  new patent  Creating connections and shared spaces
252015024460008/27/15  new patent  Structured logging schema of usage data
262015024482108/27/15  new patent  Accelerated training of personal daemons
272015024497608/27/15  new patent  Telepresence experience
282015024521608/27/15  new patent  Local personal daemon
292015024521808/27/15  new patent  Guard band usage for wireless data transmission
302015024527708/27/15  new patent  Priority access to a priority access channel
312015023149108/20/15 Advanced game mechanics on hover-sensitive devices
322015023410808/20/15 Input device outer layer and backlighting
332015023446808/20/15 Hover interactions across interconnected devices
342015023454508/20/15 Multitasking and full screen menu contexts
352015023457108/20/15 Re-performing demonstrations during live presentations
362015023491208/20/15 Dynamic content delivery for real-time trends
372015023491908/20/15 Browsing videos via a segment list
382015023492008/20/15 Query selection and results merging
392015023504308/20/15 Data proxy service
402015023552908/20/15 Wearable computer having a skin-stimulating interface
412015023641708/20/15 Multiband antenna
422015023715108/20/15 Enabling push notifications from websites
432015023735608/20/15 Host encoder for hardware-accelerated video encoding
442015023747108/20/15 Wireless-based localization using a zonal framework
452015022439508/13/15 Video game instant replay
462015022718108/13/15 Backup power management for computing systems
472015022721608/13/15 Low-profile pointing stick
482015022721708/13/15 Low-profile pointing stick
492015022723108/13/15 Virtual transparent display
502015022725308/13/15 Computing device canvas invocation and dismissal
512015022727908/13/15 Variable horizontal scrolling
522015022743408/13/15 In-place disk unformatting
532015022751708/13/15 Trend response management
542015022753108/13/15 Structured labeling to facilitate concept evolution in machine learning
552015022758908/13/15 Semantic matching and annotation of attributes
562015022759508/13/15 End to end validation of data transformation accuracy
572015022763008/13/15 Caching queries for dynamic webpages
582015022775308/13/15 Content item encryption on mobile devices
592015022784508/13/15 Techniques for inferring the unknown intents of linguistic items
602015022786508/13/15 Configuration-based regulatory reporting using system-independent domain models
612015022796008/13/15 Campaign management console
622015022796108/13/15 Campaign management user experience for creating and monitoring a campaign
632015022806208/13/15 Restaurant-specific food logging from images
642015022807808/13/15 Manufacturing line monitoring
652015022810508/13/15 Texture and graphics formation techniques
662015022810508/13/15 Texture and graphics formation techniques
672015022811408/13/15 Contour completion for augmenting surface reconstructions
682015022955908/13/15 Techniques to manage presence information based on routing rules
692015022961908/13/15 Trusted execution within a distributed computing system
702015022973008/13/15 Managing server pushed resources at client
712015022973108/13/15 Implementing server push at server stack
722015022975108/13/15 Securely determining the location of a user
732015022989408/13/15 Projector-based crowd coordination and messaging
742015022991208/13/15 Vcsel array for a depth camera
752015022991508/13/15 Environment-dependent active illumination for stereo matching
762015022993308/13/15 Adaptive screen and video coding scheme
772015021745508/06/15 Controlling a robot in the presence of a moving object
782015022012408/06/15 Power connectivity monitoring for computing systems
792015022031608/06/15 Application program evanescence on a computing device
802015022043908/06/15 Block storage by decoupling ordering from durability
812015022053108/06/15 Ranking enterprise graph queries
822015022058308/06/15 External data access with split index
832015022059808/06/15 Creating data views
842015022091308/06/15 Multi-use card and system
852015022098408/06/15 Customer engagement accelerator
862015022111208/06/15 Emotion indicators in content
872015022264308/06/15 Tenant based signature validation
882015022291708/06/15 Data unit identification for compressed video streams
892015022298808/06/15 Audio signal processing
902015022317208/06/15 Determining cause of energy spike using energy reports
912015021255307/30/15 Hinge mechanism with preset positions
922015021267407/30/15 Actionable notifications
932015021267507/30/15 Processing actionable notifications
942015021271207/30/15 Advanced navigation techniques for portable devices
952015021271507/30/15 Transformation of tabular data across multiple browser viewports
962015021271607/30/15 Dashboard with selectable workspace representations
972015021281107/30/15 Application event distribution system
982015021290107/30/15 Health monitoring and recovery for infrastructure devices
992015021298107/30/15 Providing print view of document for editing in web-based application
1002015021298507/30/15 Adapting multiple column layout to a single column based on data relevancy
1012015021311707/30/15 Adaptive ui for nested data categories across browser viewports
1022015021324407/30/15 User-authentication gestures
1032015021325907/30/15 Web service sandbox system
1042015021328807/30/15 Scrubber to remove personally identifiable information
1052015021336007/30/15 Crowdsourcing system with community learning
1062015021336107/30/15 Predicting interesting things and concepts in content
1072015021351007/30/15 Framework that facilitates user participation in auctions for display advertisements
1082015021477107/30/15 Power supply for use with a slow-response power source
1092015021522907/30/15 Resource affinity in a dynamic resource pool
1102015021530207/30/15 Rich content scanning for non-service accounts for email delivery
1112015021530907/30/15 Secure cryptoprocessor for authorizing connected device requests
1122015021531507/30/15 Discovering and disambiguating identity providers
1132015021553007/30/15 Universal capture
1142015021557607/30/15 Detecting patterns traced on a screen of a user device
1152015021559007/30/15 Image demosaicing
1162015020268207/23/15 Metal alloy injection molding
1172015020540007/23/15 Grip detection
1182015020544507/23/15 Global and local light detection in optical sensor systems
1192015020545507/23/15 Radial menu user interface with entry point maintenance
1202015020546407/23/15 Updating a user interface to a service
1212015020558407/23/15 Lightweight optionally typed data representation of computation
1222015020584907/23/15 Automatic content replication
1232015020594907/23/15 Runtime application integrity protection
1242015020607907/23/15 Modeling user input and interaction in workflow based applications
1252015020619507/23/15 Auction mechanism with decoupled selection and ranking
1262015020626607/23/15 Identity reputation
1272015020631907/23/15 Digital image edge detection
1282015020652807/23/15 Incorporating an exogenous large-vocabulary model into rule-based speech recognition
1292015020780407/23/15 Media stream trust display
1302015020789007/23/15 Using badges to initiate activities
1312015020792607/23/15 Entity-linked reminder notifications
1322015020808407/23/15 Intra block copy prediction with asymmetric partitions and encoder-side search patterns, search ranges and approaches to partitioning
1332015020816607/23/15 Enhanced spatial impression for home audio
1342015020818407/23/15 Dynamic calibration of an audio system
1352015020823307/23/15 Privacy preserving sensor apparatus
1362015019620907/16/15 Cardiovascular risk factor sensing device
1372015019900307/16/15 Eye gaze detection with multiple light sources and sensors
1382015019901107/16/15 Attractive and repulsive force feedback
1392015019901707/16/15 Coordinated speech and gesture input
1402015019901807/16/15 3d silhouette sensing system
1412015019903007/16/15 Hover-sensitive control of secondary display
1422015019904207/16/15 Radiofrequency-wave-transparent capacitive sensor pad
1432015019908507/16/15 Resuming items in their last-used presentation modes
1442015019908607/16/15 Identifying and launching items associated with a particular presentation mode
1452015019910107/16/15 Increasing touch and/or hover accuracy on a touch-enabled device
1462015019916207/16/15 Post-drive summary with tutorial
1472015019925907/16/15 Exception and debugging behaviors for javascript debugging using just my code
1482015019926107/16/15 Classification of javascript code for debugging using just my code
1492015019927107/16/15 Caching using base setup version
1502015019933807/16/15 Mobile language translation of web content
1512015019934707/16/15 Promoting documents based on relevance
1522015019934807/16/15 Techniques for managing persistent document collections
1532015019935107/16/15 Automated multimedia content recognition
1542015019938007/16/15 Discovery of viewsheds and vantage points by mining geo-tagged data
1552015019943607/16/15 Coherent question answering in search results
1562015019948007/16/15 Controlling health screening via entertainment experiences
1572015019948407/16/15 Using sensors and demographic data to automatically adjust medication doses
1582015019952307/16/15 Privacy-based degradation of activity signals and automatic activation of privacy modes
1592015019958807/16/15 Stereo image processing using contours
1602015019959207/16/15 Contour-based classification of objects
1612015019964907/16/15 Complementary and shadow calendars
1622015019965407/16/15 Information management systems with time zone information, including event scheduling processes
1632015019984407/16/15 Tangibilization of geocoded data
1642015019996007/16/15 I-vector based clustering training data in speech recognition
1652015019996707/16/15 Digital personal assistant interaction with impersonations and rich multimedia in responses
1662015020022007/16/15 Image sensing system
1672015020044407/16/15 Radiating structure with integrated proximity sensing
1682015020078607/16/15 Accessing and configuring meeting attributes
1692015020082407/16/15 Overall system health monitoring of an online service
1702015020101407/16/15 Synchronization of web service endpoints in a multi-master synchronization environment
1712015020103407/16/15 Network communication using intermediation processor
1722015020138507/16/15 Antenna coupling for sensing and dynamic transmission
1732015020138707/16/15 Radio frequency (rf) attenuation functions for specific absorption rate (sar) compliance
1742015019293607/09/15 Datacenter and cooling control fault-tolerance using compute resources
1752015019295007/09/15 Control of predication across clock domains
1762015019301107/09/15 Determining input associated with one-to-many key mappings
1772015019303307/09/15 Display system with electrostatic and radio links
1782015019304007/09/15 Hover angle
1792015019310207/09/15 Multi-mode display system
1802015019310707/09/15 Gesture library for natural user input
1812015019312407/09/15 Visual feedback for level of gesture completion
1822015019314707/09/15 Assigning priorities to data for hybrid drives
1832015019316507/09/15 Transient storage device configuration silo
1842015019327507/09/15 Building interactive, data driven apps
1852015019340507/09/15 Enhanced testing for application services
1862015019340907/09/15 Generating a collage for rendering on a client computing device
1872015019344607/09/15 Point(s) of interest exposure through visual interface
1882015019344707/09/15 Synthetic local type-ahead suggestions for search
1892015019348507/09/15 Scalable index build techniques for column stores
1902015019354207/09/15 Result prominence in search
1912015019354907/09/15 History as a branching visualization
1922015019362207/09/15 Code property analysis for security mitigations
1932015019363207/09/15 Product authorization with cross-region access
1942015019380407/09/15 Incentive mechanisms for user interaction and content consumption
1952015019390107/09/15 Division of processing between systems based on external factors
1962015019390207/09/15 Division of processing between systems based on business constraints
1972015019393807/09/15 Fast general multipath correction in time-of-flight imaging
1982015019418707/09/15 Telestrator system
1992015019515307/09/15 Dynamically adjusting brand and platform interface elements
2002015019519607/09/15 Routing messages between virtual networks
2012015019523307/09/15 Reminder service for email selected for follow-up actions
2022015019533807/09/15 File fetch from a remote client device
2032015019534507/09/15 Displaying role-based content and analytical information
2042015019552507/09/15 Selection of motion vector precision
2052015019552607/09/15 Innovations in block vector prediction and estimation of reconstructed sample values within an overlap area
2062015019552707/09/15 Representing motion vectors in an encoded bitstream
2072015019555707/09/15 Encoding screen capture data
2082015019564407/09/15 Structural element for sound field estimation and production
2092015018285407/02/15 Player avatar movement assistance in a virtual environment
2102015018285607/02/15 Touch screen game controller
2112015018502707/02/15 Ground truth estimation for autonomous navigation
2122015018579407/02/15 Nonhomogeneous server arrangement
2132015018584207/02/15 Haptic feedback for thin user interfaces
2142015018613407/02/15 Abstracting request from a development environment to object model
2152015018615307/02/15 Identifying help information based on application context
2162015018617607/02/15 Dynamic allocation and assignment of virtual environment
2172015018619007/02/15 Lock-free barrier with dynamic updating of participant count
2182015018619307/02/15 Generation of client-side application programming interfaces
2192015018625307/02/15 Streamlined performance testing for developers
2202015018625507/02/15 Re-use of invalidated data in buffers
2212015018637607/02/15 Tile cache
2222015018637907/02/15 Ranking of discussion threads in a question-and-answer forum
2232015018641007/02/15 Disk optimized paging for column oriented databases
2242015018644007/02/15 In-place recipient preservation
2252015018647907/02/15 Importing data into dynamic distributed databases
2262015018648007/02/15 Providing consistent tenant experiences for multi-tenant databases
2272015018653007/02/15 Point of interest tagging from social feeds
2282015018667707/02/15 Server chassis physical security enforcement
2292015018685007/02/15 Smart meeting creation and management
2302015018686007/02/15 Framework that facilitates accessing digital items
2312015018693807/02/15 Search service advertisement selection
2322015018708607/02/15 Wireless display that accesses remote resources for display data
2332015018818507/02/15 Reinforcement of battery
2342015018872707/02/15 Tunneling voip call control on cellular networks
2352015018876507/02/15 Multimode gaming server
2362015018897807/02/15 Hierarchical organization for scale-out cluster
2372015018898907/02/15 Seamless cluster servicing
2382015018901107/02/15 Peer-to-peer network prioritizing propagation of objects through the network
2392015018955607/02/15 Call handoff initiation in hybrid networks
2402015018978607/02/15 Rackless computing equipment construction
2412015017449606/25/15 Television viewing on gaming consoles
2422015017786606/25/15 Multiple hover point gestures
2432015017791406/25/15 Information surfacing with visual cues indicative of relevance
2442015017805106/25/15 Execution guards in dynamic programming
2452015017805706/25/15 Property accesses in dynamically typed programming languages
2462015017809706/25/15 Memory-preserving reboot
2472015017813706/25/15 Dynamic system availability management
2482015017816506/25/15 Checkpoints for a file system
2492015017825906/25/15 Annotation hint display

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