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Microsoft Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Presenting  action menus in viewing panes


Presenting action menus in viewing panes


Automatic discovery of system behavior

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Count Application # Date Microsoft Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009032741912/31/09Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
22014034020811/20/14 new patent  Localized key-click feedback
32014034031611/20/14 new patent  Feedback for gestures
42014034057711/20/14 new patent  Competitive photo rig
52014034108711/20/14 new patent  Communication reminders
62014034144311/20/14 new patent  Joint modeling for facial recognition
72014034147411/20/14 new patent  Motion stabilization and detection of articulated objects
82014034281811/20/14 new patent  Attributing user action based on biometric identity
92014034281911/20/14 new patent  Game availability in a remote gaming environment
102014034384711/20/14 new patent  Bicycle routes with elevation
112014034407311/20/14 new patent  Real-time advertisement bidding
122014034419311/20/14 new patent  Tuning hyper-parameters of a computer-executable learning algorithm
132014034421811/20/14 new patent  Paging hierarchical data
142014034425011/20/14 new patent  Enhanced search refinement for personal information services
152014034430411/20/14 new patent  Enhanced search suggestion for personal information services
162014034435211/20/14 new patent  Activity internet-accessible data storage view that shows recent and relevant content to the user
172014034445711/20/14 new patent  Resource allocation to game titles in a remote gaming environment
182014034465811/20/14 new patent  Enhanced links in curation and collaboration applications
192014034466211/20/14 new patent  Ink to text representation conversion
202014034466711/20/14 new patent  Runtime resolution of content references
212014034470211/20/14 new patent  Adaptive timing support for presentations
222014034471011/20/14 new patent  Presenting action menus in viewing panes
232014034472911/20/14 new patent  Primitive-based composition
242014034473211/20/14 new patent  Automatic discovery of system behavior
252014033351711/13/14Phase control backlight
262014033353611/13/14Scroll wheel with detent
272014033363711/13/14Shared compositional resources
282014033391711/13/14Interference reduction for tof systems
292014033398711/13/14Predictive electrophoretic display
302014033453411/13/14Sub-block transform coding of prediction residuals
312014033463111/13/14Noise reduction
322014033700511/13/14Cross-lingual automatic query annotation
332014033709611/13/14Predicting behavior using features derived from statistical information
342014033716011/13/14Considering social information in generating recommendations
352014033733811/13/14Efficient multi-tenant spatial and relational indexing
362014033736211/13/14Merging of sorted lists using array pair
372014033743311/13/14Media streams from containers processed by hosted code
382014033750211/13/14Managing networks and machines for an online service
392014033750411/13/14Detecting and managing sleeping computing devices
402014033752411/13/14Distributed network coordinate system
412014033775111/13/14Automatic creation of calendar items
422014033779411/13/14Smart insertion of applications into layouts
432014033781911/13/14Semantic baselining
442014033782411/13/14Out-of-band framework libraries within applications
452014033786811/13/14Audience-aware advertising
462014033792311/13/14Efficient automatic sharing of network access among devices
472014033796611/13/14Public access point
482014032712611/06/14Cooling integrated circuit packages from below
492014032760811/06/14Transforming visualized data through visual analytics based on interactivity
502014032768011/06/14Automated video looping with progressive dynamism
512014032769411/06/14Simultaneous display of multiple content items
522014032821911/06/14Secured communication via location awareness
532014032850511/06/14Sound field adaptation based upon user tracking
542014032854011/06/14Sketch segmentation
552014032854411/06/14Hand-drawn sketch recognition
562014032859411/06/14Mixing data and control codes on a wireless link
572014032948711/06/14Providing a user interface experience based on inferred vehicle state
582014033062211/06/14Subscription customer saving procedures with multiple entities
592014033074211/06/14Tailored subscription customer saving procedures
602014033080511/06/14Rich content for no-results search page
612014033082111/06/14Recommending context based actions for data visualizations
622014033087411/06/14Streaming content and placeholders
632014033088911/06/14Data stage-in for network nodes
642014033091611/06/14Techniques to manage event notifications
652014033092611/06/14Scalable data enrichment for cloud streaming analytics
662014033101911/06/14Instruction set specific execution isolation
672014033109211/06/14Activity based sampling of diagnostics data
682014033117911/06/14Automated presentation of visualized data
692014033120411/06/14Micro-execution for software testing
702014033120611/06/14Identifying impacted tests from statically collected data
712014033124211/06/14Management of user media impressions
722014033126511/06/14Integrated interactive television entertainment system
732014033131011/06/14Signed ephemeral email addresses
742014032038810/30/14Streaming k-means computations
752014032049710/30/14Graph partitioning for massive scale graphs
762014032050310/30/14Encoding of line pattern representation
772014032052310/30/14Tessellation of two-dimensional curves using a graphics pipeline
782014032052710/30/14Hardware glyph cache
792014032067910/30/14Motion blur avoidance
802014032068710/30/14Camera tap switch
812014032069710/30/14Smart gallery and automatic music video creation from a set of photos
822014032069810/30/14Capturing photo sequences with a camera
832014032132010/30/14Ad hoc wireless networking
842014032176110/30/14Intelligent image search results summarization and browsing
852014032176210/30/14Automatic photo grouping by events
862014032182610/30/14Synchronizing external data to video playback
872014032450310/30/14Multi-source data subscriptions
882014032475810/30/14Predicting audience response for scripting
892014032477610/30/14File management with placeholders
902014032477710/30/14Searching and placeholders
912014032480510/30/14User-generated content of entity-specific search
922014032482610/30/14Targeted content provisioning based upon tagged search results
932014032482710/30/14Search result organizing based upon tagging
942014032482810/30/14Search result tagging
952014032485610/30/14Application discoverability
962014032490210/30/14Automatic generation of a collection of content
972014032491310/30/14Automated librarian as contributor to a collection of content
982014032494510/30/14Hydration and dehydration with placeholders
992014032498210/30/14Topic identifiers associated with group chats
1002014032516610/30/14Power saving mode hybrid drive access management
1012014032516910/30/14Dirty data management for hybrid drives
1022014032537410/30/14Cross-device user interface selection
1032014032537910/30/14Preventing sync interruptions
1042014032540510/30/14Auto-completion of partial line pattern
1052014032540710/30/14Collection, tracking and presentation of reading content
1062014032541810/30/14Automatically manipulating visualized data based on interactivity
1072014032543010/30/14Content-based directional placement application launch
1082014032545710/30/14Searching of line pattern representations using gestures
1092014032554010/30/14Media synchronized advertising overlay
1102014032555610/30/14Alerts and web content over linear tv broadcast
1112014032556510/30/14Contextual companion panel
1122014032556710/30/14Customizable channel guide
1132014032556810/30/14Dynamic creation of highlight reel tv show
1142014032562210/30/14Synchronizing credential hashes between directory services
1152014032567710/30/14Optical security enhancement device
1162014032567810/30/14Optical security enhancement device
1172014031329210/23/14Determining depth data for a captured image
1182014031423310/23/14Protected media decoding using a secure operating system
1192014031629310/23/14Optical heartrate tracking
1202014031676310/23/14Machine based sign language interpreter
1212014031678810/23/14Quality improvement techniques in an audio encoder
1222014031684310/23/14Automatically-generated workflow report diagrams
1232014031702710/23/14Contextually-appropriate task reminders
1242014031707210/23/14Aggregating personalized suggestions from multiple sources
1252014031707410/23/14Automatic taxonomy construction from keywords
1262014031723810/23/14Website server request rerouting
1272014031728910/23/14Dynamically affinitizing users to a version of a website
1282014031732710/23/14Software debouncing and noise filtering modules for interrupts
1292014031748010/23/14Automatic music video creation from a set of photos
1302014031752310/23/14User experience mode transitioning
1312014031753810/23/14User interface response to an asynchronous manipulation
1322014031753910/23/14User interface feedback elements
1332014031764110/23/14Controlling runtime access to application programming interfaces
1342014031764610/23/14Linked advertisements
1352014031767810/23/14Policy enforcement by end user review
1362014030696510/16/14Multi-directional virtual page navigation animation
1372014030777610/16/14Video coding / decoding with re-oriented transforms and sub-block transform sizes
1382014030795010/16/14Image deblurring
1392014030795610/16/14Image labeling using geodesic features
1402014030976410/16/14Adaptive material deposition in three-dimensional fabrication
1412014030996410/16/14Internal sensor based personalized pedestrian location
1422014030998610/16/14Word breaker from cross-lingual phrase table
1432014031020510/16/14Constraint-based configuration supporting calculations
1442014031021310/16/14User-centric soft keyboard predictive technologies
1452014031027810/16/14Creating global aggregated namespaces for storage management
1462014031032710/16/14Synchronization across applications
1472014031034510/16/14Collaborative authoring with scratchpad functionality
1482014031045110/16/14Block storage using a hybrid memory device
1492014031057110/16/14Local erasure codes for data storage
1502014031061310/16/14Collaborative authoring with clipping functionality
1512014031061910/16/14Signal capture controls in recalculation user interface
1522014031062510/16/14Detection of pan and scaling during multi-finger touch interactions
1532014031064210/16/14Deferred placement prompt
1542014031064610/16/14Application window divider control for window layout management
1552014031066110/16/14Dynamic management of edge inputs by users on a touch device
1562014031070310/16/14Multi-machine deployment and configuration of multi-tiered applications
1572014031071510/16/14Modeling and consuming business policy rules
1582014031072810/16/14Application-to-application launch windowing
1592014030055410/09/14Behavior based authentication for touch screen devices
1602014030070010/09/14Burst-mode time-of-flight imaging
1612014030073610/09/14Multi-sensor camera recalibration
1622014030124210/09/14Radio white space database discovery
1632014030146410/09/14Control data for motion-constrained tile set
1642014030166610/09/14Geo-coding images
1652014030172810/09/14Anti-shake correction system for curved optical sensor
1662014030411610/09/14Life advisor application for task completion
1672014030464410/09/14Providing content rotation during scroll action
1682014030464810/09/14Displaying and interacting with touch contextual user interface
1692014030483110/09/14Remote data access techniques for portable devices
1702014030483810/09/14Remote installation of digital content
1712014029152010/02/14Imager for constructing color and depth images
1722014029265410/02/14Determining 3d orientation of a pointing device
1732014029276710/02/14Method, system, and computer-readable medium for creating and laying out a graphic within an application program
1742014029300810/02/14Self discovery of autonomous nui devices
1752014029306910/02/14Real-time image classification and automated image content curation
1762014029307410/02/14Generating a composite image from video frames
1772014029321010/02/14Liquid crystal display (lcd)
1782014029353410/02/14Hinge mechanism for rotatable component attachment
1792014029407010/02/14Adaptive quantization for enhancement layer video coding
1802014029409410/02/14Custom data indicating nominal range of samples of media content
1812014029595510/02/14Validation of user entitlement to game play
1822014029724710/02/14Quantum annealing simulator
1832014029759510/02/14Transaction processing for database in persistent system
1842014029759910/02/14Asynchronous multi-level undo support in javascript grid
1852014029774410/02/14Real-time supplement of segmented data for user targeting
1862014029781410/02/14Collaborative phone-based file exchange
1872014029781810/02/14Parallel and dynamic interface selection
1882014029788210/02/14Dynamic track switching in media streaming
1892014029790310/02/14Reliable socket transfer
1902014029795310/02/14Removable storage device identity and configuration information
1912014029798710/02/14Managing capacity of a thinly provisioned storage system
1922014029807310/02/14On-demand scalable timer wheel
1932014029810710/02/14Dynamic near real-time diagnostic data capture
1942014029819010/02/14Performing actions for users from a locked device
1952014029821410/02/14Visual configuration and activation
1962014029824510/02/14Display instance management
1972014029825010/02/14Start and application navigation
1982014029825810/02/14Switch list interactions
1992014029826710/02/14Navigation of list items on portable electronic devices
2002014029827210/02/14Closing, starting, and restarting applications
2012014029831410/02/14Method for efficient content distribution using a peer-to-peer networking infrastructure
2022014029835610/02/14Operating system distributed over heterogeneous platforms
2032014029845010/02/14Leveraging biometrics for authentication and touch differentiation
2042014029845510/02/14Cryptographic mechanisms to provide information privacy and integrity
2052014029846010/02/14Malicious uniform resource locator detection
2062014028541609/25/14Short range wireless powered ring for user interaction and sensing
2072014028545709/25/14Touch input data handling
2082014028562609/25/14Representation and compression of depth data
2092014028642009/25/14Skip macroblock coding
2102014028649209/25/14Access techniques using a mobile communication device
2112014028664109/25/14Code sequence control of infrared blaster
2122014028882609/25/14Location watching
2132014028919909/25/14Extensible and queryable strong types
2142014028923509/25/14User interface and geo-parsing data structure
2152014028925909/25/14Social cue based electronic communication ranking
2162014028933909/25/14Global email identity preferences
2172014028935409/25/14Background migration of virtual storage
2182014028939609/25/14Detecting device presence for a layer 3 connection using layer 2 discovery information
2192014028961309/25/14Reordering nodes in a hierarchical structure
2202014028961609/25/14Flexible pluralization of localized text
2212014028964509/25/14Tracking changes in collaborative authoring environment
2222014028966309/25/14Producing artwork based on an imported image
2232014026428809/18/14Method and system that implement a v-gate quantum circuit
2242014026680009/18/14Crowd-sourced parking advisory
2252014026687609/18/14Using satellite visibility data for improved location accuracy
2262014026713009/18/14Hover gestures for touch-enabled devices
2272014026722509/18/14Hair surface reconstruction from wide-baseline camera arrays
2282014026722809/18/14Mapping augmented reality experience to various environments
2292014026728709/18/14Data binding graph for interactive chart
2302014026731109/18/14Interacting with user interface via avatar
2312014026732709/18/14Graphics processing using multiple primitives
2322014026734309/18/14Translated view navigation for visualizations
2332014026735109/18/14Monochromatic edge geometry reconstruction through achromatic guidance
2342014026739609/18/14Augmenting images with higher resolution data
2352014026742909/18/14Client side processing of player movement in a remote gaming environment
2362014026754809/18/14Nui video conference controls
2372014026755809/18/14Dynamic wireless configuration for video conference environments
2382014026758809/18/14Image capture and ordering
2392014026760009/18/14Synth packet for interactive view navigation of a scene
2402014026761009/18/14Depth image processing
2412014026761109/18/14Runtime engine for analyzing user motion in 3d images
2422014026778009/18/14Hdmi image quality analysis
2432014026943609/18/14In session charging notifications and recharging accounts
2442014026977609/18/14Distributed fragment timestamp synchronization
2452014026991209/18/14Resampling and picture resizing operations for multi-resolution video coding and decoding
2462014027035109/18/14Center of mass state vector for analyzing user motion in 3d images
2472014027038709/18/14Signal analysis for repetition detection and analysis
2482014027040709/18/14Associating metadata with images in a personal image collection
2492014027048909/18/14Learned mid-level representation for contour and object detection

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