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Microsoft Corporation patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/09Management of organizational boundaries in unified communications systems
12/31/09Authentication with an untrusted root
12/31/09Laptop computer carrier
12/31/09Docking station for electronic device
12/31/09Multi-phase correction circuit
12/31/09Data collection protocol for wireless sensor networks
12/31/09Virtual touchpad
12/31/09Visual interactions with analytics
12/31/09Registration of street-level imagery to 3d building models
12/31/09Interpretive computing over visualizations, data and analytics
12/31/09Rational z-buffer for decreasing a likelihood of z-buffer collisions
12/31/09Real-time radiosity system in a video game environment
12/31/09Shader interfaces
12/31/09Static visualization of multiple-dimension data trends
12/31/09Declarative approach for visuzliation
12/31/09Using visual techniques to manipulate data
12/31/09Dynamic animation scheduling
12/31/09Dynamically transitioning between hardware-accelerated and software rendering
12/31/09Bulk-synchronous graphics processing unit programming
12/31/09Unified texture compression framework
12/31/09Dashboard controls to manipulate visual data
12/31/09Time-synchronized graphics composition in a 2.5-dimensional user interface environment
12/31/09Speaker and person backlighting for improved aec and agc
12/31/09Multi-directional image displaying device
12/31/09Slide and click combination switch for a personal media player
12/31/09Disk image optimization
12/31/09Diagnosing network problems
12/31/09Customized media routing for conferencing
12/31/09Adapting channel width for improving the performance of wireless networks
12/31/09Policy-based routing in a multi-homed computer
12/31/09Software-defined radio platform based upon graphics processing unit
12/31/09Asynchronous media foundation transform
12/31/09Error detection, protection and recovery for video decoding
12/31/09Error concealment techniques in video decoding
12/31/09Synchronization of real time data within deterministic clock edge
12/31/09Acoustic echo suppression
12/31/09Selecting an audio device for use
12/31/09Headphones with embeddable accessories including a personal media player
12/31/09Satellite microphone array for video conferencing
12/31/09Method and apparatus for audio normalization
12/31/09Script detection service
12/31/09Shape recognition using partial shapes
12/31/09Patch-based texture histogram coding for fast image similarity search
12/31/09Character auto-completion for online east asian handwriting input
12/31/09Image denoising techniques
12/31/09High information density of reduced-size images of web pages
12/31/09Image deconvolution using color priors
12/31/09Fast approximate spatial representations for informal retrieval
12/31/09Course hub for advanced assessment of learning
12/31/09Memorization optimization platform
12/31/09Interactive presentation system
12/31/09Data standard for biomaterials
12/31/09Providing options for data services using push-to-talk
12/31/09Discovering an event using a personal preference list and presenting matching events to a user on a display
12/31/09Hypervisor for managing a device having distinct virtual portions
12/31/09Adapter for synchronizing data over different networks
12/31/09Targeting control in a simulated environment
12/31/09Roaming saved game
12/31/09Dynamic selection of voice quality over a wireless system
12/31/09Dynamic selection of sensor sensitivity in a game input system
12/31/09Live hosting toolset
12/31/09Game clan matchmaking
12/31/09Dynamic selection of sensitivity of tilt functionality
12/31/09Scheduled programmatic game content
12/31/09Player character matchmaking with distributed peer-to-peer functionality
12/31/09Connected healthcare devices with real-time and proactive capture and relay of contextual information
12/31/09Wearable electromyography-based controllers for human-computer interface
12/31/09Electrophysiological analysis system and method
12/31/09Portable media player having a flip form factor
12/31/09Training a driver of a vehicle to achieve improved fuel economy
12/31/09Local decision policies about the sharing of sensed data that enhance privacy and lower communication costs for services that aggregate data from personal devices
12/31/09Caching navigation content for intermittently connected devices
12/31/09Graphical models for the analysis of genome-wide associations
12/31/09Analytical map models
12/31/09Composition of analytics models
12/31/09Program analysis as constraint solving
12/31/09Machine translation using language order templates
12/31/09Cross lingual location search
12/31/09Unsupervised chinese word segmentation for statistical machine translation
12/31/09Language detection service
12/31/09Linguistic service platform
12/31/09Grammar checker for visualization
12/31/09Projecting semantic information from a language independent syntactic model
12/31/09Projecting syntactic information using a bottom-up pattern matching algorithm
12/31/09Adaptive generation of out-of-dictionary personalized long words
12/31/09Audio stream notification and processing
12/31/09Using personalized health information to improve speech recognition
12/31/09Quality improvement techniques in an audio encoder
12/31/09Extensible agent-based license structure
12/31/09Bulk media
12/31/09Browsing and quality of service features
12/31/09Awarding users for discoveries of content based on future popularity in a social network
12/31/09Flagging to control access to health information
12/31/09Universal health data collector and advisor for people
12/31/09Establishing a patient - provider consent relationship for data sharing
12/31/09Intelligent task deactivation in project scheduling application
12/31/09Rent-to-own media
12/31/09Quality based pricing and ranking for online ads
12/31/09Media content service for renting jukeboxes and playlists adapted for personal media players
12/31/09Personal reputation system based on social networking
12/31/09Digital rights management support for metering in advertising scenarios
12/31/09Online services offer management
12/31/09Intelligent advertising display
12/31/09Ad targeting based on user behavior
12/31/09Automating on-line advertisement placement optimization
12/31/09Application hierarchy and state manipulation
12/31/09License management for software products
12/31/09Platform independent ecosystem for creation, consumption and trade of user-generated digital content
12/31/09Enhanced media subscription
12/31/09Loosely coupled hosted application system
12/31/09Fair payment protocol with semi-trusted third party
12/31/09Mechanisms and architecture for mobile opportunistic commerce
12/31/09Price estimation of overlapping keywords
12/31/09Combining predictive models of forgetting, relevance, and cost of interruption to guide automated reminding
12/31/09Recognizing gestures from forearm emg signals
12/31/09Semi-exact algorithms for optimization
12/31/09Analytical model solver framework
12/31/09Root cause analysis optimization
12/31/09Forecasting by blending algorithms to optimize near term and long term predictions
12/31/09Content having native and export portions
12/31/09Advanced book page classification engine and index page extraction
12/31/09Document index for handheld application navigation
12/31/09Query execution plans by compilation-time execution
12/31/09Automated client/server operation partitioning
12/31/09Contemporaneously sharing resources targeted by a library
12/31/09Dynamic selection of media for playback
12/31/09Query-driven web portals
12/31/09Automatic classification of search engine quality
12/31/09Relationship serialization and reconstruction for entities
12/31/09Library description of the user interface for federated search results
12/31/09Balancing the costs of sharing private data with the utility of enhanced personalization of online services
12/31/09Automatic knowledge-based geographical organization of digital media
12/31/09Structured and unstructured data models
12/31/09Inline enhancement of web lists
12/31/09Visual query suggestions
12/31/09Web forum crawling using skeletal links
12/31/09Extensible binding of data within graphical rich applications
12/31/09Storage of advertisements in a personal account at an online service
12/31/09Configuration-parametric query optimization
12/31/09View matching of materialized xml views
12/31/09Grammar compression
12/31/09Constructing a classifier for classifying queries
12/31/09Search techniques for rich internet applications
12/31/09Topics in relevance ranking model for web search
12/31/09Relevance score in a paid search advertisement system
12/31/09Index optimization for ranking using a linear model
12/31/09Basing search results on metadata of prior results
12/31/09Providing targeted information for entertainment-oriented searches
12/31/09Pattern generation
12/31/09Using variation in user interest to enhance the search experience
12/31/09Content enumeration techniques for portable devices
12/31/09Primitives for software transactional memory
12/31/09Structured coauthoring
12/31/09Maintenance of exo-file system metadata on removable storage device
12/31/09Preserving individual information privacy by providing anonymized customer data
12/31/09Establishing patient consent on behalf of a third party
12/31/09Replicating modifications made to contents of a shared folder
12/31/09Manifest-based enhanced presence publishing
12/31/09Distributed configuration management using constitutional documents
12/31/09Synchronization and collaboration within peer-to-peer and client/server environments
12/31/09Intelligent allocation of file server resources
12/31/09Arrangement for anonymous api downloaded resources for advanced content
12/31/09Organizing resources into collections to facilitate more efficient and reliable resource access
12/31/09Extensible input method editor dictionary
12/31/09Extended user profile
12/31/09Clustering aggregator for rss feeds
12/31/09Document templates for schema-based data transfer into and out of a data-based application
12/31/09Information worker creating component application without writing code to create the applications
12/31/09Method of refactoring a running database system
12/31/09Platform-independent data application description language
12/31/09Price estimation of overlapping keywords
12/31/09Ad system that interacts with plural ad engines
12/31/09Guided content metadata tagging for an online content repository
12/31/09Partition templates for multidimensional databases
12/31/09Providing multiple degrees of context for content consumed on computers and media players
12/31/09Density-based co-location pattern discovery
12/31/09Schema-based data transfer between a data-based application and a document application
12/31/09Media foundation source reader
12/31/09Abstraction layer for online/offline resource access
12/31/09Reconciliation and remediation with communication archives
12/31/09method for measuring web site performance
12/31/09Notification and synchronization of updated data
12/31/09Resolving conflicts in content management systems
12/31/09Efficient file management through granular opportunistic locking
12/31/09Data replication feedback for transport input/output
12/31/09B-file abstraction for efficiently archiving self-expiring data
12/31/09Managing data delivery based on device state
12/31/09Asynchronously editing a synchronous data store, such as a project management data store
12/31/09Uncached data control in server-cached page
12/31/09Enhanced client and server systems for operating collaboratively within shared workspaces
12/31/09Participant positioning in multimedia conferencing
12/31/09Switching between and dual existence in live and recorded versions of a meeting
12/31/09Remote call control and conferencing using paired devices
12/31/09Method of aggregating business and social networks
12/31/09Multimodal conversation transfer
12/31/09Determining email filtering type based on sender classification
12/31/09Automatic download of images from online storage
12/31/09Social network notifications for external updates
12/31/09Displaying images for people associated with a message item
12/31/09Real time media-based social network notifications
12/31/09Extending sharing options of local computing resources
12/31/09Peer-to-peer synchronous content selection
12/31/09Wireless synchronization of media content and subscription content
12/31/09User status reports provided by an entertainment access system
12/31/09Distributed configuration management using loosely-coupled action-style documents
12/31/09Online predicate checking for distributed systems
12/31/09On-demand capacity management
12/31/09Application request routing and load balancing
12/31/09Distributed configuration orchestration for network client management
12/31/09Internal uniform resource locator formulation and testing
12/31/09Dynamic infrastructure for monitoring service level agreements
12/31/09Selection of sensors for monitoring phenomena considering the value of information and data sharing preferences
12/31/09User-based wide area network optimization
12/31/09Reliable and accurate usage detection of a software application
12/31/09Scheduling data delivery to manage device resources
12/31/09Data center scheduler
12/31/09Remote access between upnp devices
12/31/09Seamless location aware network connectivity
12/31/09Remote computing session feature differentiation
12/31/09Software-based aliasing for accessing multiple shared resources on a single remote host
12/31/09Content identification for peer-to-peer content retrieval
12/31/09Adding individual database failover/switchover to an existing storage component with limited impact
12/31/09Remote inking
12/31/09Processor interrupt determination
12/31/09Processor interrupt selection
12/31/09Automatic transfer of information through physical docking of devices
12/31/09Smart docking system
12/31/09Direct memory access filter for virtualized operating systems
12/31/09Hybrid storage
12/31/09Limited memory power
12/31/09Optimization of non-volatile solid-state memory by moving data based on data generation and memory wear
12/31/09Virtual memory compaction and compression using collaboration between a virtual memory manager and a memory manager
12/31/09Secure configuration of transient storage devices
12/31/09Compressed transactional locks in object headers
12/31/09Multi-threaded processes for opening and saving documents
12/31/09Key escrow service
12/31/09Strong authentication to a network
12/31/09Authentication of binaries in memory with proxy code execution
12/31/09Communication authentication
12/31/09Unidirectional multi-use proxy re-signature process
12/31/09Techniques for ensuring authentication and integrity of communications
12/31/09Indexing encrypted files by impersonating users
12/31/09Device power management using network connections
12/31/09Energy measurement techniques for computing systems
12/31/09Cluster shared volumes
12/31/09Minimizing data loss in asynchronous replication solution using distributed redundancy
12/31/09Domain-specific guidance service for software development
12/31/09Process reflection
12/31/09Link classification and filtering
12/31/09Comparing and selecting form-based functionality
12/31/09Map service
12/31/09Efficient, non-blocking mechanism for incrementally processing arbitrary sized xml documents
12/31/09Transformation of physical and logical layout forms to logical layout pages
12/31/09Online ad serving
12/31/09I/o for constrained devices
12/31/09User interface framework with embedded text formatting
12/31/09Dynamically adapting visualizations
12/31/09Communicating information from auxiliary device
12/31/09Use of secondary factors to analyze user intention in gui element activation
12/31/09Dynamic media augmentation for presentations
12/31/09Indicating resources to which there are access rights
12/31/09Presenting dynamic folders
12/31/09Integrated client for access to remote resources
12/31/09Supporting brand assets in a social networking service
12/31/09Integrating character-based profiles within a social network
12/31/09Using web revisitation patterns to support web interaction
12/31/09Relating web page change with revisitation patterns
12/31/09Animation to visualize changes and interrelationships
12/31/09Object model for a user interface
12/31/09User interface localization conflict indication
12/31/09Partial updating of diagram display
12/31/09Presentation of headers for groups of locations in an electronic library
12/31/09Animation on object user interface
12/31/09Notification area that persistently rearranges elements
12/31/09Providing multiple degrees of context for content consumed on computers and media players
12/31/09Identifying application program threats through structural analysis
12/31/09Tab management in a user interface window
12/31/09Positioning and realizing of virtualized visible content within a viewport
12/31/09Using visual landmarks to organize diagrams
12/31/09Ordered multiple selection user interface
12/31/09System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
12/31/09Selection of items in a virtualized view
12/31/09Semantic zoom in a virtual three-dimensional graphical user interface
12/31/09Informational elements in threat models
12/31/09Aggregate and hierarchical display of grouped items spanning multiple storage locations
12/31/09User interface for gestural control
12/31/09Extension model for improved parsing and describing protocols
12/31/09Metadata driven api development
12/31/09Annotation-aided code generation in library-based replay
12/31/09Framework for programming embedded system applications
12/31/09Timing analysis of concurrent programs
12/31/09Immutable types in imperitive language
12/31/09Unloadable managed code
12/31/09Analysis and detection of responsiveness bugs
12/31/09Debugger call stack caching
12/31/09Dynamically monitoring application behavior
12/31/09Safe code for signature updates in an intrusion prevention system
12/31/09Compiler in a managed application context
12/31/09Componentization of compiler functionality
12/31/09Matching based pattern inference for smt solvers
12/31/09Generalized expression trees
12/31/09Rapid application development
12/31/09Optimizing primitives in software transactional memory
12/31/09Detecting race conditions with a software transactional memory system
12/31/09Interface optimization in a closed system
12/31/09Installing a management agent with a virtual machine
12/31/09Projecting software and data onto client
12/31/09Lazy handling of end of interrupt messages in a virtualized environment
12/31/09Shared user-mode locks
12/31/09Technique for finding relaxed memory model vulnerabilities
12/31/09Automatic load balancing, such as for hosted applications
12/31/09Adapting message delivery assignments with hashing and mapping techniques
12/31/09Protected mode scheduling of operations
12/31/09Synchronizing communication over shared memory
12/31/09Scalable and extensible communication framework
12/31/09Inter-frame messaging between different domains
12/31/09Com object and managed code object interoperability
12/31/09Untrusted component hosting
12/31/09Unified, configurable services stack for integration of enterprise applications
12/31/09Executing state machine processing modules with an executive processing module
12/31/09Direct memory access filter for virtualized operating systems
12/31/09Filter driver to enumerate smartcard nodes for plug and play
12/31/09Simulation of smartcard removal and reinsertion
12/31/09Window redirection using interception of drawing apis
12/31/09Representative scene images
12/31/09Genre-based segment collections
12/31/09Arrangement for connectivity within an advanced multimedia content framework
12/31/09Certification program for devices operating with an entertainment access system
12/31/09Adaptive video switching for variable network conditions
12/31/09Policy-based secure information disclosure
12/31/09Licensing protected content to application sets
12/31/09Advanced security negotiation protocol
12/31/09Eap based capability negotiation and facilitation for tunneling eap methods
12/31/09Isolation of services or processes using credential managed accounts
12/31/09Workflow based authorization for content access
12/31/09Sessionless redirection in terminal services
12/31/09Enabling private data feed
12/31/09Techniques to perform federated authentication
12/31/09Identification of a smart card on a plug and play system
12/31/09Granting least privilege access for computing processes
12/31/09Authorization for transient storage devices with multiple authentication silos
12/31/09Chain of events tracking with data tainting for automated security feedback
12/31/09Semantic networks for intrusion detection
12/31/09Personalized honeypot for detecting information leaks and security breaches
12/31/09Malware detention for suspected malware
12/31/09Mapping between users and machines in an enterprise security assessment sharing system
12/31/09Evaluating the effectiveness of a threat model
12/31/09Segmented media content rights management
12/31/09Declared origin policy
12/24/09Game data generation based on user provided song
12/24/09Synthesized singing voice waveform generator
12/24/09Rfid-based enterprise intelligence
12/24/09Dynamic character encoding
12/24/09Source switching for devices supporting dynamic direction information
12/24/09Mobile computing services based on devices with dynamic direction information
12/24/09Mobile computing services based on devices with dynamic direction information
12/24/09Touch screen adapter for monitor
12/24/09Touch screen calibration sensor
12/24/09Physics simulation-based interaction for surface computing
12/24/09User avatar available across computing applications and devices
12/24/09Browser-independent animation engines
12/24/09Parametric font animation
12/24/09Animation platform
12/24/09Animation platform
12/24/09Generic surface manager
12/24/09Layered texture compression architecture
12/24/09Cache arrangement for graphical applications
12/24/09Embedding large images within one another
12/24/09Mobile computing devices, architecture and user interfaces based on dynamic direction information
12/24/09Techniques to manage presence information based on routing rules
12/24/09Techniques to manage a relay server and a network address translator
12/24/09Timestamp quality assessment for assuring acoustic echo canceller operability
12/24/09Hardware-based protection of secure data
12/24/09Multichannel acoustic echo reduction
12/24/09Accoustic echo cancellation and adaptive filters
12/24/09Incorporating prior knowledge into independent component analysis
12/24/09Sound capture system for devices with two microphones
12/24/09Method for tagging image content
12/24/09Feature selection and extraction
12/24/09Blur estimation
12/24/09Multiple resolution image storage
12/24/09Variable resolution images
12/24/09Television audio via phone
12/24/09Data synchronization for devices supporting direction-based services
12/24/09Telephone control service
12/24/09Arrangement for audio or video enhancement during video game sequences
12/24/09Mobile computing services based on devices with dynamic direction information
12/24/09Mobile computing devices, architecture and user interfaces based on dynamic direction information
12/24/09Predictive services for devices supporting dynamic direction information
12/24/09Overlay of information associated with points of interest of direction based data services
12/24/09Data services based on gesture and location information of device
12/24/09Network bandwidth measurement
12/24/09Multimodal input using scratchpad graphical user interface to edit speech text input with keyboard input
12/24/09Efficient coding of overcomplete representations of audio using the modulated complex lapped transform (mclt)
12/24/09Techniques for managing disruptive business events
12/24/09Techniques for evaluating recommendation systems
12/24/09Determining whether a response from a participant is contradictory in an objective manner
12/24/09Estimating advertising prices for an incumbent content provider
12/24/09Mobile computing services based on devices with dynamic direction information
12/24/09Presenting advertisements based on web-page interaction
12/24/09Collection represents combined intent
12/24/09Multimedia search engine
12/24/09National advertisement linking
12/24/09Customized advertising content
12/24/09Extensible framework for supporting different modes of payments
12/24/09Auction mechanism when auctioneer is a bidder
12/24/09Dimension-based financial reporting using multiple combinations of dimensions
12/24/09Personalized wealth management
12/24/09Determination of customized investing advice
12/24/09Providing context for web articles
12/24/09Machine-based learning for automatically categorizing data on per-user basis
12/24/09Compiler for probabilistic programs
12/24/09Determining satisfiability of a function with arbitrary domain constraints
12/24/09Recommending contacts in a social network
12/24/09Triggers for time-shifted content playback
12/24/09Field mapping for data stream output
12/24/09Method and system of using a local hosted cache and cryptographic hash functions to reduce network traffic
12/24/09Auto-generation of events with annotation and indexing
12/24/09Generation and use of an email frequent word list
12/24/09Scalar representation for a logical group of columns in relational databases
12/24/09Field mapping for data stream output
12/24/09Presenting instant answers to internet queries
12/24/09Data query translating into mixed language data queries
12/24/09Automated translation of service invocations for batch processing
12/24/09Query processing pipelines with single-item and multiple-item query operators
12/24/09Query processing with specialized query operators
12/24/09Scalable lookup-driven entity extraction from indexed document collections
12/24/09Translation of streaming queries into sql queries
12/24/09Techniques for extracting authorship dates of documents
12/24/09Consistent phrase relevance measures
12/24/09Name search using a ranking function
12/24/09Lost write protection via stream-based replication
12/24/09Synchronization adapter for synchronizing data to applications that do not directly support synchronization
12/24/09Hierarchically presenting tabular data
12/24/09Compression using hashes
12/24/09Aggregation of data stored in multiple data stores
12/24/09Unified metadata for external components
12/24/09Optimizing documents based on desired content
12/24/09Canvas approach for analytics
12/24/09File format for media distribution and presentation
12/24/09Automatic selection of media representations
12/24/09Context platform
12/24/09Extensible task execution techniques for network management
12/24/09Providing localized individually customized updates from a social network site to a desktop application
12/24/09Database snapshot management
12/24/09Integrated data availability and historical data protection
12/24/09Using fractional exponents to reduce the computational complexity of numerical operations
12/24/09Maintaining entity collaboration sites
12/24/09Content management using a website
12/24/09Automated task centered collaboration
12/24/09Extracting previous messages from a later message
12/24/09Displaying a list of file attachments associated with a message thread
12/24/09Automatic conversation techniques
12/24/09Program-sensitive link in content
12/24/09Network device installation
12/24/09Generalized architecture to support representation of multi-transport devices
12/24/09Optimal source interface selection
12/24/09Techniques to manage communications between relay servers
12/24/09Dynamic throttling based on network conditions
12/24/09Subfederation creation and maintenance in a federation infrastructure
12/24/09Streaming operator placement for distributed stream processing
12/24/09Participating in cloud as totally stubby edge
12/24/09Exposing multi-mode audio device as a single coherent audio device
12/24/09Association of an input and output of a peripheral device in a computing system
12/24/09Simple flow control protocol over rdma
12/24/09Hardware constrained software execution
12/24/09Provisioning an unknown computer system
12/24/09Establishing secure data transmission using unsecured e-mail
12/24/09Secure message delivery using a trust broker
12/24/09Enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
12/24/09Digitally signing documents using identity context information
12/24/09Generating unique data from electronic devices
12/24/09Techniques for performing symmetric cryptography
12/24/09Configuring processors and loads for power management
12/24/09Clock synchronization using correlation events
12/24/09Communication over plural channels with acknowledgment variability
12/24/09Utilizing spreadsheet references with grouped aggregate views
12/24/09Datagrid user interface control with row details
12/24/09Automatic video annotation through search and mining
12/24/09Fit and fill techniques for pictures
12/24/09Rendering teaching animations on a user-interface display
12/24/09Enhanced user interface for editing images
12/24/09Automatic content and author emphasis for shared data
12/24/09Synchronized conversation-centric message list and message reading pane
12/24/09Distinguishing conference participants
12/24/09Managing unified communications conferences via categories
12/24/09Assessing relationship between participants in online community
12/24/09Techniques to auto-attend multimedia conference events
12/24/09Multi-modal communication through modal-specific interfaces
12/24/09Implementing custom user interface forms in a personal information manager
12/24/09Checking document rules and presenting contextual results
12/24/09Generating previews for themes that personalize an operating environment
12/24/09Interface for multiple user spaces
12/24/09Transacted double buffering for graphical user interface rendering
12/24/09Displaying a user's default activities in a new tab page
12/24/09Controlled interaction with heterogeneous data
12/24/09Network of trust as married to multi-scale
12/24/09Mobile communication device with graphical user interface to enable access to portal services
12/24/09Command driven web site browsing
12/24/09Techniques for a navigation based design tool
12/24/09User interface for navigating large scale hierarchical namespaces
12/24/09Machine readable design description for function-based services
12/24/09Multiple code inheritance with explicit base calling
12/24/09Managed code type equivalence
12/24/09Configurable partitioning for parallel data
12/24/09Analysis of thread synchronization events
12/24/09Precondition rules for static verification of code
12/24/09Simulating stepping through interpreted code
12/24/09Controlling parallelization of recursion using pluggable policies
12/24/09Local metadata for external components
12/24/09Diagnosis of application performance problems via analysis of thread dependencies
12/24/09Fence elision for work stealing
12/24/09Peek and lock using queue partitioning
12/24/09Third tier transactional commit for asynchronous replication
12/24/09Advertisement signature tracking
12/24/09Advertising based on keywords in media content
12/24/09Local advertisement insertion detection
12/24/09Triggers for media content firing other triggers
12/24/09Content selection and output
12/24/09Referencing data in triggers from applications
12/24/09Custom channels
12/24/09Policy-based user brokered authorization
12/24/09Deploying privacy policy in a network environment
12/24/09Presenting privacy policy in a network environment responsive to user preference
12/24/09User interface for managing access to a health-record
12/24/09Obtaining digital identities or tokens through independent endpoint resolution
12/24/09Managing access to a health-record
12/24/09Hosted network device user interface
12/24/09Content retrieval
12/24/09Extensible mechanism for securing objects using claims
12/24/09Generating and changing credentials of a service account
12/24/09Signed ephemeral email addresses
12/24/09Home networking web-based service portal
12/24/09Federated realm discovery
12/24/09Federated realm discovery
12/24/09Remote sign-out of web based service sessions
12/24/09Secure control flows by monitoring control transfers
12/24/09Identifying exploitation of vulnerabilities using error report
12/24/09Sensor interface
12/24/09Generalized and extensible software architecture representation
12/17/09Use of separation elements with rear projection screen
12/17/09Enhanced on-object context menus
12/17/09Soft shadow rendering
12/17/09Copying of animation effects from a source object to at least one target object
12/17/09Avatar individualized by physical characteristic
12/17/09Techniques to manage a whiteboard for multimedia conference events
12/17/09Benchmarking and calibrating video quality assessment tools
12/17/09One pass video processing and composition for high-definition video
12/17/09Automatic detection and reconfiguration of devices
12/17/09Extended data signing
12/17/09Virtual sound source positioning
12/17/093d content aggregation built into devices
12/17/09Multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
12/17/09Multi-pass image resampling
12/17/09Concurrently displaying multiple trick streams for video
12/17/09Taking cover in a simulated environment
12/17/09Surgical procedure capture, modelling, and editing interactive playback
12/17/09Location-based address normalization
12/17/09Mashup application and service for wireless devices
12/17/09Controller lighting activation by proximity and motion
12/17/09Using metric to evaluate performance impact
12/17/09Managing access rights using projects
12/17/09Processing receipt received in set of communications
12/17/09Peer to peer social networking
12/17/09Track impression of advertisement upon memory
12/17/09Sponsored search data structure
12/17/09Layerable auction mechanisms
12/17/09Handling payment receipts with a receipt store
12/17/09Electronic transaction verification
12/17/09Mail merge integration techniques
12/17/09Relational database with compound identifier
12/17/09Social networks service
12/17/09Generating query suggestions from semantic relationships in content
12/17/09Search index format optimizations
12/17/09Adaptive visual similarity for text-based image search results re-ranking
12/17/09Techniques for filter sharing
12/17/09User photo handling and control
12/17/09Container handlers for sharing and unsharing
12/17/09Model based distributed application management
12/17/09Techniques for dynamic cross-filtering
12/17/09Semantic frame store
12/17/09Techniques for extracting data from content databases
12/17/09Automatic request categorization for internet applications
12/17/09Generating training data from click logs
12/17/09Identifying objects within a multidimensional array
12/17/09Automatic image annotation using semantic distance learning
12/17/09Application streaming over http
12/17/09Merging versions of documents using multiple masters
12/17/09Universal graphics adapter
12/17/09Methods and systems for protecting data in usb systems
12/17/09Cache regions
12/17/09Distributed cache arrangement
12/17/09Single instance storage of encrypted data
12/17/09Test result aggregation and analysis using text expressions
12/17/09Monitoring data categorization and module-based health correlations
12/17/09Dynamically providing relevant browser content
12/17/09Micro browser spreadsheet viewer
12/17/09Session initiation using successive inputs
12/17/09Theme based content interaction
12/17/09Online/offline proto link behavior and proto page conflict resolution
12/17/09Automatic friends selection and association based on events
12/17/09Semantic image collection visualization
12/17/09Phrase builder
12/17/09Term complete
12/17/09Mobile document viewer
12/17/09Tabular completion lists
12/17/09Concurrent code generation
12/17/09Designer for web pages at a local machine
12/17/09Parsing of declarations in all branches of preprocessor conditionals
12/17/09Installation of customized applications
12/17/09Synchronizing virtual machine and application life cycles
12/17/09Synchronizing queued data access between multiple gpu rendering contexts
12/17/09Unified and extensible asynchronous and synchronous cancelation
12/17/09Dynamically batching remote object model commands
12/17/09Audio/video distribution apparatus
12/17/09Television content management for clients
12/17/09Using windows authentication in a workgroup to manage application users
12/17/09Method and system for detecting when an outgoing communication contains certain content
12/10/09Identifying on a graphical depiction candidate points and top-moving queries
12/10/09Personalized scaling of information
12/10/09Radiometric calibration using temporal irradiance mixtures
12/10/09Data center interconnect and traffic engineering
12/10/09Low cost mesh network capability
12/10/09Direct wireless client to client communication
12/10/09Real-time jitter control and packet-loss concealment in an audio signal
12/10/09Loudspeaker array design
12/10/09Recognition of tabular structures
12/10/09Corrections for recognizers
12/10/09Real-time compression and decompression of wavelet-compressed images
12/10/09Compression of mqdf classifier using flexible sub-vector grouping
12/10/09Image-guided abstraction of building facades
12/10/09High dynamic range texture compression
12/10/09Hybrid image format
12/10/09Content storage using quotas
12/10/09Computerized educational resource presentation and tracking system
12/10/09Real-time communications architecture and methods for use with a personal computer system
12/10/09Gesture controlled game screen navigation
12/10/09Modifying electronic games based on previous game play
12/10/09Semantic relationship-based location description parsing
12/10/09User access and update of personal health records in a computerized health data store via voice inputs
12/10/09Rating computation on social networks
12/10/09Conversational parallelism for message processing
12/10/09Resolution of resource over-allocations in project plans
12/10/09Social marketing
12/10/09Data center programming and application distribution interface
12/10/09Managing provenance of digitally signed data in user editable records
12/10/09Parallel generation of a bayesian network
12/10/09Visualization of data record physicality
12/10/09Retroactive policy enforcement
12/10/09Interfacing an application to data sources via a web service interface
12/10/09Virtualizing objects within queries
12/10/09Testing file system semantic parity
12/10/09Translating drm system requirements
12/10/09Delayed merge
12/10/09Migration using file system links
12/10/09Generation of database deltas and restoration
12/10/09Providing partner services within a host application
12/10/09Data center without structural bottlenecks
12/10/09Increasing remote desktop performance with video caching
12/10/09Dynamic logical unit number creation and protection for a transient storage device
12/10/09Health keyset management
12/10/09Simulating operations through out-of-process execution
12/10/09Distributed testing system and techniques
12/10/09Activity identifier based tracing and troubleshooting
12/10/09Image acquisition from dynamic content for delivery to network-enabled static display devices
12/10/09Top down chinese character display on a computing device
12/10/09User interface (ui) dimensioning
12/10/09Managing item access in a collaborative workspace
12/10/09Dynamic content delivery to network-enabled static
12/10/09Managing permissions in a collaborative workspace
12/10/09Automated set-up of a collaborative workspace
12/10/09Storage and expedited retrieval of messages and responses in multi-tasking environments
12/10/09Digital notes
12/10/09Initiating a support chat session in response to the occurrence of a support event with transmission of detailed event information
12/10/09Annotate at multiple levels
12/10/09Automatic model-specific debugger extensions
12/10/09Application dehydration, synchronization, and rehydration
12/10/09Debugging support for tasks in multithreaded environments
12/10/09Real-time validation of interactive applications
12/10/09Side-by-side driver installation
12/10/09Coordination among multiple memory controllers
12/10/09Thread management based on device power state
12/10/09Automating trust establishment and trust management for identity federation
12/10/09Temporary domain membership for content sharing
12/10/09Using trusted third parties to perform drm operations
12/03/09Visually emphasizing peripheral portions of a user interface
12/03/09Three-dimensional environment created from video
12/03/09Customized routing table for conferencing
12/03/09Pull-based data transmission approach
12/03/09User-mode prototypes in kernel-mode protocol stacks
12/03/09Bypassing routing rules during a conversation
12/03/09Device virtualization
12/03/09Adaptive quantization for enhancement layer video coding
12/03/09Techniques to provision and manage a digital telephone to authenticate with a network
12/03/09Linear laplacian discrimination for feature extraction
12/03/09Statistical approach to large-scale image annotation
12/03/09Reducing dc leakage in hd photo transform
12/03/09Media streaming with enhanced seek operation
12/03/09Parallel fragment extraction from noisy parallel corpora
12/03/09Factorization of overlapping tranforms into two block transforms
12/03/09Configuration of resources for an entity
12/03/09Infrastructure planning and design series architecture education framework
12/03/09Scheduling opportunity previewer
12/03/09Advertiser monetization modeling
12/03/09Predicting keyword monetization
12/03/09Online ad serving
12/03/09Performing a check transaction using add-in modules
12/03/09System to facilitate online shopping
12/03/09Harnessing information about the timing of a user's client-server interactions to enhance messaging and collaboration services
12/03/09Rule-based system for client-side quality-of-service tracking and reporting
12/03/09Model based data warehousing and analytics
12/03/09Reordering of data elements in a data parallel system
12/03/09Query result generation based on query category and data source category
12/03/09Dynamic update of a web index
12/03/09Presenting search queries related to navigational search queries
12/03/09Navigating product relationships within a search system
12/03/09User advertisement click behavior modeling
12/03/09Recommending queries when searching against keywords
12/03/09Optimized reverse key indexes
12/03/09Membership checking of digital text
12/03/09Aging and compressing multimedia content
12/03/09Techniques for filtering data
12/03/09Large capacity data processing models
12/03/09Processing identity constraints in a data store
12/03/09Text based schema discovery and information extraction
12/03/09Automatically assigning data bindings in visual designers
12/03/09Selecting member sets for generating asymmetric queries
12/03/09Overflow per segment
12/03/09Techniques to manage presence information
12/03/09Computerized community communication and collaboration
12/03/09Linear programming formulation of resources in a data center
12/03/09Firmware cache coherence
12/03/09Scalable transfer feedback
12/03/09Media streaming with seamless ad insertion
12/03/09Method and system for supporting the communication of presence information among computing devices of a network
12/03/09Device-specific identity
12/03/09Synchronization throttling based on user activity
12/03/09Stream selection for enhanced media streaming
12/03/09Media streaming using an index file
12/03/09Collection with local lists for a multi-processor system
12/03/09Dynamic microcode for non-volatile memory
12/03/09Virtual media device
12/03/09Abuse detection using distributed cache
12/03/09Hardware support for work queue management
12/03/09Techniques for automatically generating wiki content
12/03/09User interface for online ads
12/03/09Mark-up extensions for semantically more relevant thumbnails of content
12/03/09Profile and consent accrual
12/03/09Techniques to manage recordings for multimedia conference events
12/03/09Automatically assigning data bindings in visual designers
12/03/09Computer based method for creation, personalization, and fulfillment of customizable art printed on canvas
12/03/09User interface for bulk operations on documents
12/03/09Conveying privilege escalation to users
12/03/09Presenting information regarding selected items
12/03/09Creation and suggestion of contact distribution lists
12/03/09Evolving the architecture of a software application
12/03/09Determining domain data coverage in testing database applications
12/03/09Composable and cancelable dataflow continuation passing
12/03/09Automated dialog compliance mechanisms
12/03/09Application loading
12/03/09Scheduler finalization
12/03/09Log queues in a process
12/03/09Waiting based on a task group
12/03/09Regaining control of a processing resource that executes an external execution context
12/03/09Scheduler instances in a process
12/03/09Memory allocators corresponding to processor resources
12/03/09Adapting between coupled and decoupled provider interfaces
12/03/09Canonicalization of badly-formed messages
12/03/09Continuation-based runtime callback invocation
12/03/09Sharing an object among multiple applications
12/03/09Data flow network
12/03/09Queue dispatch using deferred acknowledgement
12/03/09Defining, distributing and presenting device experiences
12/03/09Centrally accessible policy repository
12/03/09Centralized account reputation
12/03/09Remote publishing and server administration
12/03/09Authentication for distributed secure content management system
12/03/09Trusted device-specific authentication
12/03/09Providing hints while entering protected information
12/03/09Blocking and bounding wrapper for thread-safe data collections
11/26/09Communications-enabled display console
11/26/09Multi-scale navigational visualtization
11/26/09End-host based network management system
11/26/09Wireless network host in silent mode
11/26/09Digital video compression acceleration based on motion vectors produced by cameras
11/26/09Unified messaging architecture
11/26/09Conveying call subject matter with voice data
11/26/09Communication reminders
11/26/09Algorithms for generating parameters for genus 2 hyperelliptic curve cryptography
11/26/09Hardware-based output protection of multiple video streams
11/26/09Protocol for verifying integrity of remote data
11/26/09Security architecture for peer-to-peer storage system
11/26/09Geodesic image and video processing
11/26/09Concurrent multiple-instance learning for image categorization
11/26/09Matte-based video restoration
11/26/09Media content for a mobile media device
11/26/09Electronic device properties control
11/26/09Battery detection and user experience
11/26/09Creating, managing, and provisioning packages of online applications
11/26/09Interactive real-time online class
11/26/09Motion-based data review and zoom
11/26/09Promoting websites based on location
11/26/09Video search re-ranking via multi-graph propagation
11/26/09Optimistic versioning concurrency scheme for database streams
11/26/09Paging hierarchical data
11/26/09Spreadsheet formula translation of server calculation rules
11/26/09Similarity-based content sampling and relevance feedback
11/26/09Decluttering a computing system
11/26/09Automated code splitting and pre-fetching for improving responsiveness of browser-based applications
11/26/09Management of remotely hosted services
11/26/09Digital asset format transformation
11/26/09Backing up data from backup target to backup facility
11/26/09Secure execution environment on external device
11/26/09Techniques for dynamically determining test platforms
11/26/09Trend based test failure prioritization
11/26/09Panning content utilizing a drag operation
11/26/09Pivot search results by time and location
11/26/09Virtual machine placement based on power calculations
11/26/09Software protection through interdependent parameter cloud constrained software execution
11/26/09Development environment integration with version history tools
11/26/09Streaming virtual disk for virtual applications
11/26/09Automatically connecting items of workflow in a computer program
11/26/09Computer system event detection and targeted assistance
11/26/09Device display object infrastructure
11/26/09Automating asynchronous programming in single threaded systems
11/26/09Method and apparatus for analyzing program data
11/26/09Media content for a mobile media device
11/26/09Adaptive timeshift service
11/26/09Accessing protected content in a rights-management architecture
11/19/09Multi-contact and single-contact input
11/19/09Multi-touch input platform
11/19/09Validating user generated three-dimensional models
11/19/09Software rasterization optimization
11/19/09Configurable view on data models
11/19/09Transferring of digital images
11/19/09Bi-level and full-color video combination for video communication
11/19/09Quantization and differential coding of alpha image data
11/19/09Scanner parameter techniques
11/19/09Visual feedback in electronic entertainment system
11/19/09System and method for network topology discovery
11/19/09Natural network coding for multi-hop wireless network
11/19/09Performing networking tasks based on destination networks
11/19/09Emergency notification through reserved network communication channels
11/19/09Multi-channel edge-aware chrominance noise reduction
11/19/09Detecting text using stroke width based text detection
11/19/09Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for fast neighborhood determinations in dynamic environments
11/19/09Video processing
11/19/09Inter-controller roam management and prediction for voice communications
11/19/09Gesture-related feedback in eletronic entertainment system
11/19/09Adaptive live commentary in hosted game
11/19/09Showing and correcting irregularities in a schedule
11/19/09Electronic coupon tracking
11/19/09Multi-modal query generation
11/19/09Building a knowledgebase of associated time-based events
11/19/09Ad-based revenue generation using media-hashing to control fraud
11/19/09Ranking visualization types based upon fitness for visualizing a data set
11/19/09Extending olap navigation employing analytic workflows
11/19/09Streaming media instant answer on internet search result page
11/19/09Multi-modal query refinement
11/19/09Multi-modal search wildcards
11/19/09Cell-based security representation for data access
11/19/09Data viewer management
11/19/09Source code coverage testing
11/19/09Computing modular polynomials modulo large primes
11/19/09Blending single-master and multi-master data synchronization techniques
11/19/09Visualization of streaming real-time data
11/19/09System from reputation shaping a peer-to-peer network
11/19/09Group based allocation of network bandwidth
11/19/09Flash recovery employing transaction log
11/19/09Optimizing write traffic to a disk
11/19/09Secure software distribution
11/19/09Mobile device assisted secure computer network communication
11/19/09Non-destructive media presentation derivatives
11/19/09Dynamic image map and graphics for rendering mobile web application interfaces
11/19/09Time block planning
11/19/09Scrollable views in a client/server application
11/19/09Managing inputs from a plurality of user input device actuators
11/19/09Accessing a menu utilizing a drag-operation
11/19/09Transparent type matching in a programming environment
11/19/09Augmenting programming languages with a type system
11/19/09Techniques for delivering third party updates
11/19/09Resource conflict profiling
11/19/09Runtime versioning and distribution of dynamic web-elements
11/19/09Download discovery for web servers
11/19/09Local collections of tasks in a scheduler
11/19/09Scheduling collections in a scheduler
11/19/09Log-based targeting of advertisements to groups
11/19/09Pre-emptive pre-indexing of sensitive and vulnerable assets
11/19/09Secure centralized backup using locally derived authentication model
11/12/09Scalable music recommendation by search
11/12/09Computer vision-based multi-touch sensing using infrared lasers
11/12/09Drawing familiar graphs while system determines suitable form
11/12/09Method of displaying input from a portable computing device
11/12/09Gaze accurate video conferencing
11/12/09Locality-based routing table generation
11/12/09Stateful scheduling with network coding for roadside-to-vehicle communication
11/12/09Extensible and secure transmission of multiple conversation contexts
11/12/09Encoding streaming media as a high bit rate layer, a low bit rate layer, and one or more intermediate bit rate layers
11/12/09Procedural authoring
11/12/09Flexible peripheral device positioner
11/12/09Learning assessment and programmatic remediation
11/12/09Updating contact information for mobile traffic
11/12/09Reward for resurrecting teammate in a multiplayer game
11/12/09Providing augmented travel diretions
11/12/09Navigation with contextual color, texture, and structure cues
11/12/09Unified tagging of tokens for text normalization
11/12/09Data driven component reputation
11/12/09Ranking products by mining comparison sentiment
11/12/09Music recommendation using emotional allocation modeling
11/12/09Virtual robot integration with search
11/12/09Adaptive learning framework for data correction
11/12/09Recommending similar content identified with a neural network
11/12/09Device-influenced table formatting
11/12/09Packet compression for network packet traffic analysis
11/12/09Providing search results for mobile computing devices
11/12/09Leveraging cross-document context to label entity
11/12/09Network-community research service
11/12/09Soliciting information based on a computer user's context
11/12/09Look-ahead document ranking system
11/12/09Topic distillation via subsite retrieval
11/12/09Keyword expression language for online search and advertising
11/12/09Caching infrastructure
11/12/09Application-configurable distributed hash table framework
11/12/09configuration of multiple database audits
11/12/09Media content programming, delivery, and consumption
11/12/09Dynamic postback for location code execution
11/12/09Techniques to manage media content for a multimedia conference event
11/12/09Method and system for distributing load by redirecting traffic
11/12/09Optimized client side rate control and indexed file layout for streaming media
11/12/09Simple stack types
11/12/09Corralling virtual machines with encryption keys
11/12/09Generation and evaluation of test cases for software validation and proofs
11/12/09Sparklines in the grid
11/12/09Inputting data on a portable computing device
11/12/09Associating input with computer based content
11/12/09Virtual desktop view scrolling
11/12/09Graphically represented dynamic time strip for displaying user-accessible time-dependant data objects
11/12/09Efficient navigation of search results
11/12/09Graphical user interface for multi-frame presentation
11/12/09Abstracting test cases from application program interfaces
11/12/09Parallel run-time rendering debugger
11/12/09Securing software by enforcing data flow integrity
11/12/09On-the-fly addition of products to an existing installation
11/12/09Digital tv scanning optimization
11/12/09Controlling access to documents using file locks
11/12/09Owner privacy in a shared mobile device
11/12/09Media streams from containers processed by hosted code
11/05/09Systems, methods, and cumputer-readable media for invoking an electronic ink or handwriting interface
11/05/09Multiple touch input simulation using single input peripherals
11/05/09Multi-level representation of reordered transform coefficients
11/05/09Multi-level interconnection network
11/05/09Multi-level interconnection network
11/05/09Intermediate point between images to insert/overlay ads
11/05/09Video concept detection using multi-layer multi-instance learning
11/05/09Multiple-player collaborative content editing
11/05/09Robust decoder
11/05/09Peer to peer network personal assistant
11/05/09Computer-aided natural language annotation
11/05/09Ranking model adaptation for searching
11/05/09Suggesting long-tail tags
11/05/09State buckets
11/05/09Dynamic multi-scale schema
11/05/09Formats for database template files shared between client and server environments
11/05/09Sharing information about a document across a private compuer network
11/05/09Automatically capturing and maintaining versions of documents
11/05/09Automated offloading of user-defined functions to a high performance computing system
11/05/09Expression-based web logger for usage and navigational behavior tracking
11/05/09Media streaming of web content data
11/05/09Providing a single drive letter user experience and regional based access control with respect to a storage device
11/05/09Client authentication during network boot
11/05/09Managing cluster split-brain in datacenter service site failover
11/05/09Session broker extensibility application program interface
11/05/09High-fidelity rendering of documents in viewer clients
11/05/09Methods and systems for treating overflow conditions and for re-sizing printable content
11/05/09Document synchronization over stateless protocols
11/05/09Scene-granular geographical-based video footage visualizatons
11/05/09Enabling access to rich data
11/05/09Projection of images onto tangible user interfaces
11/05/09Bounding resource consumption using abstract interpretation
11/05/09Context switching in a scheduler
11/05/09Techniques for facilitating server callbacks
11/05/09Virtual automata
11/05/09Method of negotiating security parameters and authenticating users interconnected to a network
11/05/09Securing resource stores with claims-based security
11/05/09Secure cross-domain communication for web mashups
11/05/09Credential equivalency and control
10/29/09Radiometric calibration from noise distributions
10/29/09Probabilistic intensity similarity measure based on noise distributions
10/29/09Architecture for controlling a computer using hand gestures
10/29/09Wireless pairing ceremony
10/29/09Performance optimizer for mobile devices website
10/29/09Selective channel scanning for networked devices
10/29/09Pedometer for the brain
10/29/09Collaborative route planning for generating personalized and context-sensitive routing recommendations
10/29/09Architecture for automating analytical view of business applications
10/29/09Failure simulation and availability report on same
10/29/09Extracting treelet translation pairs
10/29/09Construction of predictive user profiles for advertising
10/29/09Advertisements driven by user
10/29/09Commerce and advertisement based on explicit consumer's value cost proposition
10/29/09Model for early adoption and retention of sources of funding to finance award program
10/29/09Embedded licenses for content
10/29/09Product line extraction
10/29/09Social network powered query refinement and recommendations
10/29/09Expressive grouping for language integrated queries
10/29/09Preference judgements for relevance
10/29/09Product suggestions and bypassing irrelevant query results
10/29/09Hierarchical locking in b-tree indexes
10/29/09Determining computer information from processor properties
10/29/09Selectively modifying files of a container file
10/29/09On-demand access to container file directories
10/29/09Transport independent redirection
10/29/09Network state platform
10/29/09Ethernet extensibility
10/29/09Efficient chunking algorithm
10/29/09Flash memory transactioning
10/29/09Simplified login for mobile devices
10/29/09Wireless pairing ceremony
10/29/09Steady state computer testing
10/29/09Linking digital and paper documents
10/29/09Asynchronous user defined functions
10/29/09Conflict resolution
10/29/09Extensible browser platform for web applications
10/29/09Collaboration software with real-time synchronization
10/29/09Document collaboration by transforming and reflecting a document object model
10/29/09Physical object visualization framework for computing device with interactive display
10/29/09Extensible and application-adaptable toolbar for web services
10/29/09Intelligent autocompletion
10/29/09Consumer and producer specific semantics of shared object protocols
10/29/09Dynamic management of operating system resources
10/29/09Techniques to modify a document using a latent transfer surface
10/29/09Intelligent uploaded content placement
10/22/09Method and system for reducing effects of undesired signals in an infrared imaging system
10/22/09Multi-layered slide transitions
10/22/09Displaying user interface elements having transparent effects
10/22/09Optical storage media with embedded security device
10/22/09Wireless discovery of devices
10/22/09Skip macroblock coding
10/22/09What you will look like in 10 years
10/22/09Adapting a parameterized classifier to an environment
10/22/09Block based image processing
10/22/09Image blending using multi-splines
10/22/09Advertising with mobile messaging
10/22/09Sharing of console and web-based games and gaming profiles
10/22/09Playback of multimedia during multi-way communications
10/22/09Dynamically varying simulation precision
10/22/09Referral lists for tracking distributed content
10/22/09Machine-readable end user license agreement with automated acceptance
10/22/09Privacy-centric ad models that leverage social graphs
10/22/09Managing real time meeting room status
10/22/09Database object update order determination
10/22/09Classifying search query traffic
10/22/09Creating business value by embedding domain tuned search on web-sites
10/22/09Pre-purchase device interoperability validation
10/22/09Image querying with relevance-relative scaling
10/22/09Forum web page clustering based on repetitive regions
10/22/09Automatic generation of user interfaces
10/22/09Query authoring by modifying a view of the results of the query
10/22/09Discovering co-located queries in geographic search logs
10/22/09Adaptive buffering of database server response data
10/22/09Extensible file system
10/22/09Efficiently marking objects with large reference sets
10/22/09Dynamic server flow control in a hybrid peer-to-peer network
10/22/09Gesturing to select and configure device communication
10/22/09Separating keys and policy for consuming content
10/22/09Graphical representation of social network vitality
10/22/09Rendering markup language macro data for display in a graphical user interface
10/22/09Non-linear presentation canvas
10/22/09Ranking and optimizing automated test scripts
10/22/09Symbolic forward and reverse differentiation
10/22/09Generic validation test famework for graphical user interfaces
10/22/09Active property checking
10/22/09Just-ahead-of-time compilation
10/22/09Optimizing application performance on virtual machines automatically with end-user preferences
10/22/09Vex - virtual extension framework
10/22/09Application macro recording utilizing method interception
10/22/09Extensible private driver interface
10/22/09Component-oriented architecture for web mashups
10/22/09Secure key distribution to internet clients
10/22/09Automatic botnet spam signature generation
10/15/09Securely pushing connection settings to a terminal server using tickets
10/15/09Group calendar interface
10/15/09Active matrix touch sensing
10/15/09Systems and methods for providing intermediate targets in a graphics system
10/15/09Protocol for protecting third party cryptographic keys
10/15/09Self-sterilizing input device
10/15/09Method and system for unified audio control on a personal computer
10/15/09Vetting doctors based on results
10/15/09Advertisements targeted to social groups that establish program popularity
10/15/09Peer-to-peer compensation in an intent-compensation scheme
10/15/09Secondary market for consumer rewards
10/15/09Internal business arbitrage
10/15/09Advertisement-funded software
10/15/09Information rights management
10/15/09Slicing of relational databases
10/15/09Exploiting conditions to optimize expensive database queries
10/15/09Question type-sensitive answer summarization
10/15/09Search results ranking using editing distance and document information
10/15/09Remote differential compression applied to storage
10/15/09Parsimonious multi-resolution value-item lists
10/15/09Capturing and combining media data and geodata in a composite file
10/15/09Using an overflow list to process mark overflow
10/15/09Caching and exposing pre-send data relating to the sender or recipient of an electronic mail message
10/15/09Inserting a multimedia file through a web-based desktop productivity application
10/15/09Policy framework to treat data
10/15/09Smart device recordation
10/15/09Managing timers in a multiprocessor environment
10/15/09Cross-browser rich text editing via a hybrid client-side model
10/15/09Light-weight managed composite control hosting
10/15/09Continuation based runtimes in transactions
10/15/09Command line transactions
10/15/09Merging electronic program guide information
10/15/09Inter-process message security
10/15/09Automatic application of information protection policies
10/15/09Role-based authorization management framework
10/15/09Smart module provisioning of local network devices
10/15/09Identity ownership migration
10/15/09Security-enhanced log in
10/08/09Device interaction with combination of rings
10/08/09Video retargeting
10/08/09Remote control device personalization
10/08/09Power-efficent data center
10/08/09Continuous network coding in wireless relay networks
10/08/09Adaptive error detection for mpeg-2 error concealment
10/08/09Secure content pre-distribution to designated systems
10/08/09Image classification
10/08/09Image descriptor quantization
10/08/09Image resizing for web-based image search
10/08/09Cartoon personalization
10/08/09Recommending questions to users of community qiestion answering
10/08/09Computing navigation device with enhanced route directions view
10/08/09Determining computer system usage from logged events
10/08/09Providing a task description name space map for the information worker
10/08/09Innovation market
10/08/09Communication workspace
10/08/09Smart secure storage
10/08/09Time-based licenses
10/08/09Techniques to filter media content based on entity reputation
10/08/09Reconfigurable hardware accelerator for boolean satisfiability solver
10/08/09Detecting estimation errors in dictinct page counts
10/08/09Providing data based on language choice
10/08/09User intention modeling for interactive image retrieval
10/08/09Highly available large scale network and internet systems
10/08/09Modeling and simulating software contention
10/08/09Updated bookmark associations
10/08/09Techniques to enhance database performance
10/08/09Providing a publishing mechanism for managed objects
10/08/09Sharing content using selection and proposal
10/08/09Simultaneous instant messaging in single window
10/08/09Defining clippable sections of a network document and saving corresponding content
10/08/09Configuring network settings using portable storage media
10/08/09Providing access to network applications for standardized clients
10/08/09Dynamic server-side media transcoding
10/08/09Management of power-efficient data center
10/08/09Progressive page loading
10/08/09Load-time memory optimization
10/08/09Per-edge rules and constraints-based layout mechanism
10/08/09Using a word processor with accounting data
10/08/09Client-side composing/weighting of ads
10/08/09Bookmark interpretation service
10/08/09Standard schema and user interface for website maps
10/08/09Techniques to remotely manage a multimedia conference event
10/08/09Interactive host-aware advertising
10/08/09Analysis of visually-presented data
10/08/09Zoom for annotatable margins
10/08/09Techniques for offering and applying code modifications
10/08/09Code generation techniques for administrative tasks
10/08/09Automatic reverse engineering of input formats
10/08/09Converting a device from one system to another
10/08/09Operating system interfaces for virtual wifi and softap capable drivers
10/08/09Registering network applications with an api framework
10/08/09Lineup detection
10/08/09Delegated authentication for web services
10/08/09Hardware interface for enabling direct access and security assessment sharing
10/08/09Clustering botnet behavior using parameterized models
10/08/09Client controlled lock for electronic devices
10/01/09Data caching for distributed execution computing
10/01/09Power-aware thread scheduling and dynamic use of processors
10/01/09Inverse texture synthesis
10/01/09Software based whiteboard capture solution for conference room meetings
10/01/09Choosing video deinterlacing interpolant based on cost
10/01/09Dynamic rerouting of voip sessions
10/01/09Video coding
10/01/09Interactive voice advertisement exchange
10/01/09Identification of earbuds used with personal media players
10/01/09Classifying and controlling encoding quality for textured, dark smooth and smooth video content
10/01/09Online handwriting expression recognition
10/01/09Managing synchronization of media programs to portable devices
10/01/09Predicate checking for distributed systems
10/01/09User translated sites after provisioning
10/01/09Service initiation techniques
10/01/09Intra-language statistical machine translation
10/01/09Lossless and near lossless scalable audio codec
10/01/09Automatic customization and rendering of ads based on detected features in a web page
10/01/09Computing a time-dependent variability value
10/01/09User-controlled profile for customized advertisements
10/01/09Remote control device to display advertisements
10/01/09Decision service for applications
10/01/09Functional updates for tree processing
10/01/09Efficient functional representation of result shaping
10/01/09web searching
10/01/09Identifying relevant information sources from user activity
10/01/09Online target location detection
10/01/09Heuristic event clustering of media using metadata
10/01/09Managing data transfer between endpoints in a distributed computing environment
10/01/09Online and offline applications
10/01/09Schema for federated searching
10/01/09Database part table junctioning
10/01/09Collecting and aggregating data using distributed resources
10/01/09Optimizing hierarchical attributes for olap navigation
10/01/09Aggregating schema data from multiple sources
10/01/09Online application platform and user communities
10/01/09Data binding for xml schemas
10/01/09Computing environment representation
10/01/09Database form and report creation and reuse
10/01/09Database management system risk assessment
10/01/09Application-managed file versioning
10/01/09Systems and methods for managing multimedia operations in remote sessions
10/01/09Download of current portions of email messages
10/01/09Network topology detection using a server
10/01/09Wait for ready state
10/01/09Contact management in a serverless peer-to-peer system
10/01/09Aggregating connection maintenance to optimize resource consumption
10/01/09Controlling the transfer of terminal server data
10/01/09Encoding and decoding optimisations
10/01/09Synchronizing clocks in an asynchronous distributed system
10/01/09Storage systems using write off-loading
10/01/09Booting an electronic device using flash memory and a limited function memory controller
10/01/09Database querying
10/01/09Creating a view from multiple templates
10/01/09Computer system with enhanced user interface for images
10/01/09Simultaneous collaborative review of a document
10/01/09Collaborative tool use in virtual environment
10/01/09User interface framework and techniques
10/01/09Upgrading simple applications to full scale solutions
10/01/09Cross platform compositional widgets
10/01/09Detecting memory errors using write integrity testing
10/01/09Event set recording
10/01/09Automatic code transformation with state transformer monads
10/01/09Virtualized application image patching
10/01/09Associating command surfaces with multiple active components
10/01/09Resource allocation through negotiation
10/01/09Runtime code hooking
10/01/09Entertainment content purchase via advertising viewing credit
10/01/09Facilitating advertisement placement over video content
10/01/09Personalized event notification using real-time video analysis
10/01/09Confirmation of advertisement viewing
10/01/09Mini epg interface for on-demand and other content data
10/01/09Application gadgets
10/01/09Non-grid television guide
10/01/09Supplementing broadcast service with network content
10/01/09Determining effective policy
10/01/09Centralized enforcement of name-based computer system security rules
10/01/09Mining user behavior data for ip address space intelligence
10/01/09Security by construction for web applications
09/24/09Determining quality monitoring alerts in unified communication systems
09/24/09Optical pointing device
09/24/09Virtual keyboard based activation and dismissal
09/24/09Plural temporally overlapping drag and drop operations
09/24/09Efficient geometric tessellation and displacement
09/24/09Visualizing camera feeds on a map
09/24/09Motion-compensated prediction of inter-layer residuals
09/24/09Communicating information pertaining to cancelling of forked call requests
09/24/09Cable management for personal media player accessories
09/24/09Region detection
09/24/09Spectral information recovery for compressed image restoration
09/24/09Lifting-based directional lapped transforms
09/24/09Local recording of previously aired programming
09/24/09Method for viral invites as game and discovery mechanic
09/24/09Diary-free calorimeter
09/24/09Environment customization with extensible environment-settings data
09/24/09Pit road display
09/24/09Similiarity measures for short segments of text
09/24/09Automatically generating new words for letter-to-sound conversion
09/24/09Machine learning system for a task brokerage system
09/24/09Recommendation system for a task brokerage system
09/24/09Purposing persistent data through hardware metadata tagging
09/24/09Techniques to perform relative ranking for search results
09/24/09Presenting query suggestions based upon content items
09/24/09Object-based network scanning
09/24/09Computing environment platform
09/24/09Accumulating star knowledge in replicated data protocol
09/24/09Computing environment representation
09/24/09Resource equalization for inter- and intra- data center operations
09/24/09Bandwidth and latency controller
09/24/09Unified pairing for wireless devices
09/24/09Computing environment configuration
09/24/09Modeling recurring events in a data store
09/24/09Test amplification for datacenter applications via model checking
09/24/09Application management within deployable object hierarchy
09/24/09Module interrogation
09/24/09Remote storage service api
09/24/09Service enablement based upon microformats
09/24/09Load balancing in server computer systems
09/24/09Enhanced computer intrusion detection methods and systems
09/17/09Action using switched device that transmits data
09/17/09Multi-touch virtual keyboard
09/17/09Interpreting ambiguous inputs on a touch-screen
09/17/09Multiple video stream capability negotiation
09/17/09Photoluminescent backlighting of light valve
09/17/09Selective filtering of network traffic requests
09/17/09Internet connectivity verification
09/17/09Appending content to a telephone communication
09/17/09Platform for the production of seamless orthographic imagery
09/17/09Pushbutton radio frequency identification tag for media content delivery
09/17/09On-board diagnostics based navigation device for dead reckoning
09/17/09Use of a speech grammar to recognize instant message input
09/17/09Speech recognition disambiguation on mobile devices
09/17/09Leveraging global reputation to increase personalization
09/17/09User interface for scheduling resource assignments
09/17/09Automobile location based advertising
09/17/09Referral platform
09/17/09Bidding on related keywords
09/17/09Using extension methods to extend com objects
09/17/09Assets suggestion across applications
09/17/09Combined web browsing and searching
09/17/09Link based ranking of search results using summaries of result neighborhoods
09/17/09Graph-based keyword expansion
09/17/09Sub-linear approximate string match
09/17/09Use of a single service application instance for multiple data center subscribers
09/17/09Time travelling email messages after delivery
09/17/09Synchronization of disconnected/offline data processing/entry
09/17/09Remote storage and management of binary object data
09/17/09Placeholder control for updating database object
09/17/09Management of collections of websites
09/17/09Data transmission queuing using fault prediction
09/17/09Automatic association of messages with conversations
09/17/09Resource management system for hosting of user solutions
09/17/09Encoding/decoding while allowing varying message formats per message
09/17/09Efficiently synchronizing with separated disk caches
09/17/09Disassembling an executable binary
09/17/09Data center power management
09/17/09Document-level features in add-ins
09/17/09Linking visual properties of charts to cells within tables
09/17/09Method, system, and apparatus for providing access to workbook models through remote function calls
09/17/09Lossless web-based editor for complex documents
09/17/09Virtualization of groups of devices
09/17/09Multi-monitor remote desktop environment user interface
09/17/09Web-based multiuser collaboration
09/17/09Limited-scope rendering
09/17/09Customizable controls provided by a messaging application for performing selected actions
09/17/09Unifying application launchers and switchers
09/17/09Application remote control
09/17/09Global api deployment and routing
09/17/09Cross-platform compatibility framework for computer applications
09/17/09Television content from multiple sources
09/17/09Remote desktop access
09/17/09Scalable hosting of user solutions
09/17/09Systems and methods for attaching a virtual machine virtual hard disk to a host machine
09/17/09Segment based digital content protection
09/10/09Optically monitoring fullness of fluid container
09/10/09Efficient stream sharing for multi-user sensor data collection
09/10/09Illuminating primary and alternate keyboard symbols
09/10/09Central resource for variable orientation user interface
09/10/09Shader-based extensions for a declarative presentation framework
09/10/09Generating distributed dataflow graphs
09/10/09Mixture model for motion lines in a virtual reality environment
09/10/09Endpoint report aggregation in unified communication systems
09/10/09Spatial noise suppression for a microphone array
09/10/09Ac power adapter with swiveling plug having folding prongs
09/10/09Determining relative skills of players
09/10/09Wireless broadcasting of drive-times data
09/10/09Selecting landmarks in shortest path computations
09/10/09Management of conversations
09/10/09Recognizing multiple semantic items from single utterance
09/10/09Handwriting-based user interface for correction of speech recognition errors
09/10/09Text-based search query facilitated speech recognition
09/10/09Mixed lossless audio compression
09/10/09Rapid statistical inventory estimation for direct email marketing
09/10/09Query classification based on query click logs
09/10/09Managing document work sets
09/10/09Integration of unstructed data into a database
09/10/09Multidimensional data cubes with high-cardinality attributes
09/10/09Scaled management system
09/10/09Data domains in multidimensional databases
09/10/09Intent-aware search
09/10/09Method and system for mining information based on relationships
09/10/09Using core words to extract key phrases from documents
09/10/09Definition for service interface
09/10/09Hierarchical presentation of search results
09/10/09Optimization of discontinuous rank metrics
09/10/09Data storage for file updates
09/10/09Navigation across datasets from multiple data sources based on a common reference dimension
09/10/09Rich client search experience
09/10/09Remote pointing
09/10/09Occasionally-connected support through off-line service-supplied proxies
09/10/09Requesting computer user's context data
09/10/09Unified service management
09/10/09Policies for session types
09/10/09Vehicle computer system with audio entertainment system
09/10/09Storage device optimization using file characteristics
09/10/09Fine granularity hierarchiacal memory protection
09/10/09Secure repository with layers of tamper resistance and system and method for providing same
09/10/09Dynamic formulas for spreadsheet cells
09/10/09Flexible creation of auto-layout compliant diagrams
09/10/09Contextual-display advertisement
09/10/09Service preview and access from an application page
09/10/09User interface for portable storage devices
09/10/09Group filtering of items in a view
09/10/09Method and apparatus for providing a three-dimensional task gallery computer interface
09/10/09Adjustment of range of content displayed on graphical user interface
09/10/09Annotating exception information in a computer program
09/10/09Managing generation of security tests
09/10/09Transparent integration of application components
09/10/09Declarative support for asynchronous methods
09/10/09State management of operating system and applications
09/10/09Real-time hd tv/video ip streaming to a game console
09/10/09Self-describing authorization policy for accessing cloud-based resources
09/10/09System for customer and automatic color management using policy controls
09/10/09Flexible scalable application authorization for cloud computing environments
09/10/09Selective cross-realm authentication
09/10/09Software license compliance
09/10/09Shield for user interface testing
09/10/09Systems for finding a lost transient storage device
09/03/09Camera based code reading
09/03/09Xml-based web feed for web access of remote resources
09/03/09Centralized publishing of network resources
09/03/09Music steering with automatically detected musical attributes
09/03/09Interactive surface computer with switchable diffuser
09/03/09Non-linear beam tracing for computer graphics
09/03/09Modeling and rendering of heterogeneous translucent materials using the diffusion equation
09/03/09Visual state manager for control skinning
09/03/09Scalable video coding and decoding with sample bit depth and chroma high-pass residual layers
09/03/09Quantum computational systems
09/03/09Distribution of keys for encryption/decryption
09/03/09Efficient image displaying
09/03/09Image enhancement
09/03/09Resolving recording conflicts
09/03/09Defining and implementing custom task processes
09/03/09Techniques to allocate project resources
09/03/09Selection of targeted advertisements
09/03/09Prediction of future popularity of query terms
09/03/09Monetizing a social network platform
09/03/09Glitch free dynamic video ad insertion
09/03/09Community based targeted advertising
09/03/09Querying nonsql data stores with a sql-style language
09/03/09Data storage structure
09/03/09Location description for federation and discoverability
09/03/09Facet visualization
09/03/09Multi-lingual information display in a single language portal
09/03/09Locally computable spam detection features and robust pagerank
09/03/09Cross-lingual search re-ranking
09/03/09Elements of an enterprise event feed
09/03/09Unified formats for resources and repositories for managing localization
09/03/09Localizing objects in a property store
09/03/09Optimistic object relocation
09/03/09Delivering composite media to a client application
09/03/09Self-described rendering of data
09/03/09Synchronizing multiple user remote content playback
09/03/09Framework for joint analysis and design of server provisioning and load dispatching for connection-intensive server
09/03/09Correlating performance data of multiple computing devices
09/03/09Monitoring network performance to identify sources of network performance degradation
09/03/09Network performance monitor
09/03/09Address management in a connectivity platform
09/03/09Load skewing for power-aware server provisioning
09/03/09Internet location coordinate enhanced domain name system
09/03/09Failover in an internet location coordinate enhanced domain name system
09/03/09Client-side load balancing
09/03/09Client-side management of domain name information
09/03/09Automatic peripheral device sharing
09/03/09Probabilistic object relocation
09/03/09Secure online service provider communication
09/03/09Tamper resistant memory protection
09/03/09Collapsing margins in documents with complex content
09/03/09Optimal sizes of objects in a document
09/03/09Privacy modes in a remote desktop environment
09/03/09Collaborative management of activities occurring during the lifecycle of a meeting
09/03/09Enterprise social networking software architecture
09/03/09Modeling configurations of systems
09/03/09Cascading item and action browser
09/03/09Communication between a document editor in-space user interface and a document editor out-space user interface
09/03/09Operating system launch menu program listing
09/03/09Interface for navigating interrelated content hierarchy
09/03/09Network analysis with steiner trees
09/03/09Repositories and related services for managing localization of resources
09/03/09Unified expression and location framework
09/03/09Declarative pinning
09/03/09Declarative pinning
09/03/09Continuation based declarative definition and composition
09/03/09Codeless provisioning sync rules
09/03/09Codeless provisioning
09/03/09Advertisement skip view
09/03/09Super policy in information protection systems
09/03/09Resource state transition based access control system
09/03/09Unified management policy
09/03/09Interfaces and methods for group policy management
09/03/09Communicating a password securely
09/03/09Authentication ticket validation
09/03/09Detecting spam from metafeatures of an email message
08/27/09Anti-spam tool for browser
08/27/09Multi-purpose input using remote control
08/27/09Input aggregation for a multi-touch device
08/27/09Aggregation of video receiving capabilities
08/27/09Linking captured images using short range communications
08/27/09Neighborhood maintenance in the federation
08/27/09Automated configuration of network mode
08/27/09Texture sensitive temporal filter based on motion estimation
08/27/09Enhanced telephony computer user interface allowing user interaction and control of a telephone using a personal computer
08/27/09Authentication mechanisms for wireless networks
08/27/09Harmonic distortion residual echo suppression
08/27/09Speech separation with microphone arrays
08/27/09Handwriting symbol recognition accuracy using speech input
08/27/09Coordinated output of messages and content
08/27/09Location based object tracking
08/27/09Magic wand
08/27/09System for logging life experiences using geographic cues
08/27/09Facility map framework
08/27/09Tracking online advertising using payment services
08/27/09Behavior recommending for groups
08/27/09Content monetization system with variable ad insertion
08/27/09Predicting candidates using input scopes
08/27/09Propagation of don't cares for efficient theory combination
08/27/09Learning transportation modes from raw gps data
08/27/09Search based on document associations
08/27/09Techniques to consume content and metadata
08/27/09Database sandbox
08/27/09Multiphase topology-wide code modifications for peer-to-peer systems
08/27/09Accessing different application data via a common data structure
08/27/09Efficient method for clustering nodes
08/27/09Observing and reporting changes in complex software dependencies
08/27/09Indexing large-scale gps tracks
08/27/09Efficiently correlating nominally incompatible types
08/27/09Consistently signaling state changes
08/27/09Configuring a data protection system
08/27/09Secure reservationless conferencing
08/27/09Defeating cache resistant domain name systems
08/27/09Personal computing environment with virtual computing device
08/27/09Default peripheral device selection based on location
08/27/09Prioritization of multiple concurrent threads for scheduling requests to shared memory
08/27/09Kerberos ticket virtualization for network load balancers
08/27/09Secure and usable protection of a roamable credentials store
08/27/09Power management based on policy
08/27/09Enhanced presence routing and roster fidelity by proactive crashed endpoint detection
08/27/09Editing a document using a transitory editing surface
08/27/09Spectrum bar control
08/27/09Dynamic device state representation in a user interface
08/27/09Command user interface for displaying multiple sections of software functionality controls
08/27/09Optimizing compiler transforms for a high level shader language
08/27/09Application level smart tags
08/27/09Building operating system images based on applications
08/27/09Controlling interference in shared memory systems using parallelism-aware batch scheduling
08/27/09Synchronization system for entities maintained by multiple applications
08/27/09Building call tree branches
08/27/09Identity persistence via executable scripts
08/27/09Selectively provisioning clients with digital identity representations
08/27/09Safe file transmission and reputation lookup
08/27/09Boot time remediation of malware
08/27/09Manual operations in an enterprise security assessment sharing system
08/27/09Low-cost security using well-defined messages
08/20/09Sketch-based password authentication
08/20/09Method for processing data quantifying force applied to one or more keys of a computer keyboard
08/20/09System and method for determining input from spatial position of an object
08/20/09Techniques for improving parallel scan operations
08/20/09Transferring data over a network
08/20/09Voice switching for voice communication on computers
08/20/09Reducing key picture popping effects in video
08/20/09Enhanced telephony computer user interface allowing user interaction and control of a telephone using a personal computer
08/20/09Offline consumption of protected information
08/20/09Virtual controller for visual displays
08/20/09Site modeling using image data fusion
08/20/09Tiling and merging framework for segmenting large images
08/20/09Factoring repeated content within and among images
08/20/09User-powered always available contextual game help
08/20/09Prediction of network path quality among peer networking devices
08/20/09Safe route configuration
08/20/09Route-based activity planner
08/20/09Storage device that provides efficient, updatable national language support for a mobile device
08/20/09Multi-channel hole-filling for audio compression
08/20/09Supporting electronic task management systems via telephone
08/20/09Layered prompting: self-calibrating instructional prompting for verbal interfaces
08/20/09Cognitive offloading: interface for storing and composing searches on and navigating unconstrained input patterns
08/20/09Load balance payment
08/20/09Ad hoc and opportunistic transportation services
08/20/09Advertisement space allocation
08/20/09Pre-linguistic product evaluation techniques
08/20/09Generating customized content based on context data
08/20/09Route reward augmentation
08/20/09Micro-licensing of composite content
08/20/09Object detector trained using a working set of training data
08/20/09Rule-based programming languages for entities in environments
08/20/09Efficiently discovering and synthesizing maps from a large corpus of maps
08/20/09System to support structured search over metadata on a web index
08/20/09Translating identifier in request into data structure
08/20/09Transformation-based framework for record matching
08/20/09Secure database access
08/20/09File system watcher in the presence of different file systems
08/20/09Transactional memory with dynamic separation
08/20/09Framework for rendering plug-ins in remote access services
08/20/09Techniques to automatically configure resources for a multimedia confrence event
08/20/09Techniques to automatically identify participants for a multimedia conference event
08/20/09Communicating and displaying hyperlinks in a computing community
08/20/09Efficient and transparent remote wakeup
08/20/09Domain name cache control
08/20/09Termination criteria in service discovery request
08/20/09Pre-caching files from removable device to expedite perceived download performance
08/20/09Techniques to generate a visual composition for a multimedia conference event
08/20/09Use interface for reading email conversations
08/20/09Location information in presence
08/20/09Dragging and dropping objects between local and remote modules
08/20/09Mechanism for increasing remote desktop responsiveness
08/20/09Locating meeting users
08/20/09Tagging and logical grouping of items in source code change lists
08/20/09Software update techniques
08/20/09Software isolated device driver architecture
08/20/09Inter-process networking for many-core operating systems
08/20/09Associating network devices with users
08/13/09Reducing a visible presence of an optically readable tag
08/13/09Estimating endpoint performance in unified communication systems
08/13/09Techniques for transfer error recovery
08/13/09Providing relevant advertisements or other content based on a communications identifier
08/13/09Utilizing mobile device functionality from remote computers
08/13/09Partitioned artificial intelligence for networked games
08/13/09Activation by trust delegation
08/13/09Targeted queries using an oma dm protocol
08/13/09Indexing explicitly-specified quick-link data for web pages
08/13/09Ad retrieval for user search on social network sites
08/13/09Using related users data to enhance web search
08/13/09Database data type creation and reuse
08/13/09Multimodal object de-duplication
08/13/09Automated client sitemap generation
08/13/09Selective content replacement for media players
08/13/09Dynamic attachment of advertising to downloaded content
08/13/09Push mechanism for efficiently sending aggregated data items to client
08/13/09In-meeting presence
08/13/09Rules extensibility engine
08/13/09Caching http request and response streams
08/13/09Node monitor client cache synchronization for mobile device management
08/13/09Media mix wiring protocol for media control
08/13/09Wimax communication through wi-fi emulation
08/13/09Buffer management for real-time streaming
08/13/09Session key security protocol
08/13/09Advertisement-based human interactive proof
08/13/09Positioning map views to show more optimal route information
08/13/09Workflow tracking information preview
08/13/09System and interface for co-located collaborative web search
08/13/09Identifying unique content in electronic mail messages
08/13/09Geneeral purpose infinite display canvas
08/13/09Techniques to manage communications resources for a multimedia conference event
08/13/09Implicit composition of component bindings
08/13/09Iterative component binding
08/13/09Generic xad processing model
08/13/09Transactional memory with dynamic separation
08/13/09Automated access policy translation
08/13/09Performance indicator for measuring responsiveness of user interface applications to user input
08/13/09Synchronizing split user-mode/kernel-mode device driver architecture
08/13/09System for running potentially malicious code
08/13/09Enabling wake on lan behind nats and firewalls
08/06/09Forum mining for suspicious link spam sites detection
08/06/09Unique identification of devices using color detection
08/06/09Dynamic soft keyboard
08/06/09Graphics remoting architecture
08/06/09Verification of animation in a computing device
08/06/09Server-based rasterization of vector graphics
08/06/09Management of a wireless network
08/06/09Representation of qualitative object changes in a knowledge based framework for a multi-master synchronization environment
08/06/09Dynamic time-spectrum block allocation for cognitive radio networks
08/06/09On-demand mac address lookup
08/06/09Initiation and expiration of objects in a knowledge based framework for a multi-master synchronization environment
08/06/09Entropy coding efficiency enhancement utilizing energy distribution remapping
08/06/09Rewind playback of media
08/06/09Educational content presentation system
08/06/09System and method for targeted recommendations using social gaming networks
08/06/09Controlling objects via gesturing
08/06/09Scalable automated empirical testing of media files on media players
08/06/09Aggregation of product data provided from external sources for presentation on an e-commerce website
08/06/09Extensible data provider querying and scheduling system
08/06/09Detecting relevant content blocks in text
08/06/09Defining sub-cube scope based upon a query
08/06/09Generating search result summaries
08/06/09Indexing documents for information retrieval
08/06/09Fast adaptive document filtering
08/06/09Synchronization infrastructure for networked devices, applications and services in a loosely coupled multi-master synchronization environment
08/06/09Visualizing tree structures with different edge lengths
08/06/09Healthcare resource locator
08/06/09Video game title profile awards
08/06/09Generating anonymous log entries
08/06/09Message encoding/decoding using templated parameters
08/06/09Task generation from monitoring system
08/06/09Virtual application server with version control
08/06/09Videogame localization using language packs
08/06/09Layered architectures for remote dynamic administration of distributed client configurations
08/06/09Network device provisioning using documents
08/06/09Content management in peer-to-peer content distribution clouds
08/06/09Multi-rate peer-assisted data streaming
08/06/09Coexistence tools for synchronizing properties between on-premises customer locations and remote hosting services
08/06/09Data copy management for faster reads
08/06/09One time settable tamper resistant software repository
08/06/09One time settable tamper resistant software repository
08/06/09Embedded cues to facilitate application development
08/06/09Adaptation of display pages for client environments
08/06/09Web-based visualization, refresh, and consumption of data-linked diagrams
08/06/09Applying rich visual effects to arbitrary runs of text
08/06/09Correcting positions of shapes in a diagram
08/06/09Context sensitive help
08/06/09Destination list associated with an application launcher
08/06/09Dynamic preview of diagram elements to be inserted into a diagram
08/06/09Previewing target display areas
08/06/09Arranging display areas utilizing enhanced window states
08/06/09Generating a destination list utilizing usage data
08/06/09Declarative execution context splitting
08/06/09Dynamic allocation of virtual application server
08/06/09Virtual application management
08/06/09Affordances supporting microwork on documents
08/06/09Priority messaging and priority scheduling
08/06/09Queued message dispatch
08/06/09Framework for computing device with auxiliary display
08/06/09Video contextual advertisements using speech recognition
08/06/09Advertisement insertion
08/06/09Analytics engine
08/06/09Access provisioning via communication applications
08/06/09Method for content license migration without content or license reacquisition
08/06/09Distributed authentication in a protocol-based sphere of trust in which a given external connection outside the sphere of trust may carry communications from multiple sources
08/06/09Thread scanning and patching to disable injected malware threats
08/06/09Integrated user experience while allocating licenses within volume licensing systems
07/30/09Touch sensing for curved displays
07/30/09Input device including a wheel assembly for scrolling an image in multiple directions
07/30/09Synchronization of plugins
07/30/09Projection of graphical objects on interactive irregular displays
07/30/09Orthogonal frequency division multiple access with carrier sense
07/30/09Message processing engine with a virtual network interface
07/30/09Sampling rules for information dissemination
07/30/09End-to-end deployment validation of communication system
07/30/09Importance guided image transformation
07/30/09Triggering data capture based on pointing direction
07/30/09Methods and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body
07/30/09System for sensing road and traffic conditions
07/30/09Model-based theory combination
07/30/09Integrated real time collaboration experiences with online workspace
07/30/09Real world and virtual world cross-promotion
07/30/09Pre-performing operations for accessing protected content
07/30/09Renewing an expired license
07/30/09Efficient weighted consistent sampling
07/30/09Cost-benefit approach to automatically composing answers to questions by extracting information from large unstructured corpora
07/30/09Web graph compression through scalable pattern mining
07/30/09Contructing web query hierarchies from click-through data
07/30/09Maintaining date and time with time zone rule changes
07/30/09Efficient query processing of dml sql statements
07/30/09Server-based recalculation of vector graphics
07/30/09Reducing unwanted and unsolicited electronic messages by exchanging electronic message transmission policies and solving and verifying solutions to computational puzzles
07/30/09Synchronizing for directory changes performed while offline
07/30/09Streaming object instantiation using bookmarks
07/30/09Method and system for integrating instant messaging, streaming audio and audio playback
07/30/09Synchronization of multidimensional data in a multimaster synchronization environment with prediction
07/30/09Secure virtual environment for providing tests
07/30/09Routing token transfer and recovery protocol in rendezvous federation
07/30/09High-fidelity scalable annotations
07/30/09Enabling a graphical window modification command to be applied to a remotely generated graphical window
07/30/09Controlling an integrated messaging system using gestures
07/30/09Photo browse and zoom
07/30/09Displaying thumbnail copies of running items
07/30/09Per user updates
07/30/09System and method for describing applications for manageability and efficient scale-up deployment
07/30/09Isolation of user-interactive components
07/30/09Managing component programs within a service application
07/30/09Techniques for creating and managing extensions
07/30/09Program promotion feedback
07/30/09Access policy analysis
07/30/09Detection of hardware-based virtual machine environment
07/23/09Fair and dynamic disk input/output bandwidth distribution
07/23/09Fair and dynamic central processing unit scheduling
07/23/09Input through sensing of user-applied forces
07/23/09Planar mapping of graphical elements
07/23/09Lighting array control
07/23/09Wireless communications environment overlay
07/23/09Streaming methods and systems
07/23/09Multichannel sound rendering via virtualization in a stereo loudspeaker system
07/23/09Virtual world platform games constructed from digital imagery
07/23/09Feedback augmented object reputation service
07/23/09Conversion tracking for paid search market
07/23/09Generating content to satisfy underserved search queries
07/23/09Query suggestion generation
07/23/09Modification of relational models
07/23/09User experience for viewing business data via personal information application
07/23/09Prediction of informational interests
07/23/09Metadata search interface
07/23/09Specifying relevance ranking preferences utilizing search scopes
07/23/09Feature selection for ranking
07/23/09Distributed indexing of file content
07/23/09Identifying an appropriate connection point for connecting to an application layer session
07/23/09Aggregated message tracking status notification mechanism
07/23/09Mail object migration
07/23/09Security adapter discovery for extensible management console
07/23/09Content compression in networks
07/23/09Security mechanism within a local area network
07/23/09Tamper evidence per device protected identity
07/23/09Failure location detection using types in assembly files
07/23/09System auditing for setup applications
07/23/09Self-revelation aids for interfaces
07/23/09Annotating and sharing content
07/23/09Declaratively composable dynamic interface framework
07/23/09Dynamically scalable hierarchy navigation
07/23/09Live bidirectional synchronizing of a visual and a textual representation
07/23/09Declartive commands using workflows
07/23/09Block count based procedure layout and splitting
07/23/09Coordinating chores in a multiprocessing environment
07/23/09Methods and apparatus for securing frames from other frames
07/23/09Configurable message pipelines
07/23/09Service substitution techniques
07/23/09Cross-network reputation for online services
07/16/09Adaptive web mining of bilingual lexicon for query translation
07/16/09Pluggable modules for terminal services
07/16/09Creation of motion blur in image processing
07/16/09Proxy direct 3-d device and remote rendering
07/16/09Joining users to a conferencing session
07/16/09Load aware resource allocation in wireless networks
07/16/09Filtering and dithering as pre-processing before encoding
07/16/09Contextual call routing by calling party specified information through called party specified form
07/16/09Communication devices
07/16/09Merging call notifications in cross ringing systems
07/16/09Multi-mode communication
07/16/09Smart alert charms for wireless devices
07/16/09Untrusted gaming system access to online gaming service
07/16/09Accurate measurement and monitoring of computer systems
07/16/09Multi-lingual word hyphenation using inductive machine learning on training data
07/16/09Exporting and importing business templates
07/16/09Managing event-based conditional recurrent schedules
07/16/09Self-serve direct-to-consumer mail marketing service
07/16/09Federated entertainment access service
07/16/09Rule-based dynamic operation evaluation
07/16/09Exposing relational database interfaces on xml data
07/16/09Calculating and storing data structures
07/16/09Ranking search results using author extraction
07/16/09Determining entity popularity using search queries
07/16/09Using metadata to route documents
07/16/09Read mostly database tables
07/16/09Recording user-driven events withi a computing system
07/16/09Data description language for record based systems
07/16/09Multi-client collaboration to access and update structured data elements
07/16/09Lazier timestamping in a transaction time database
07/16/09Consistent contingency table release
07/16/09Mobile device management scheduling
07/16/09Architecture for online communal and connected experiences
07/16/09Techniques to selectively share messages
07/16/09Methods and apparatus relating to wire formats for sql server environments
07/16/09Automatically configuring computing devices through input device
07/16/09Cloud-based movable-component binding
07/16/09Font/script association
07/16/09Sound display devices
07/16/09Instant feedback media editing system
07/16/09Techniques to automatically manage overlapping objects
07/16/09Componentized remote user interface
07/16/09Modeling conversations in electronic mail systems
07/16/09Window minimization trigger
07/16/09Debugging lazily evaluated program components
07/16/09Specification, abstraction, and enforcement in a data center operating system
07/16/09Service function redirection for avoiding function evaluation blockages
07/16/09Isolation of content by processes in an application
07/16/09Aggregating recurrent schedules to optimize resource consumption
07/16/09Priority based scheduling system for server
07/16/09Secure and extensible policy-driven application platform
07/16/09Dynamic composition of virtualized applications
07/16/09Declarative and extensible process definition
07/16/09Secure runtime execution of web script content on a client
07/16/09Trusted storage and display
07/16/09Preventing secure data from leaving the network perimeter
07/16/09Malware detection with taint tracking
07/16/09Simultaneous tamper-proofing and anti-piracy protection of software
07/09/09Fair stateless model checking
07/09/09Selective authorization based on authentication input attributes
07/09/09Optically readable tag
07/09/09Differentiated service transmission parameters adaptation
07/09/09Digital rights management system protecting consumer privacy
07/09/09Noise reduction systems and methods for voice applications
07/09/09Encoded color information facilitating device pairing for wireless communication
07/09/09Leaderboard event notification
07/09/09Camera control for third-person console video game
07/09/09Speech recognition with non-linear noise reduction on mel-frequency ceptra
07/09/09Model development authoring, generation and execution based on data and processor dependencies
07/09/09Services using globally distributed infrastructure for secure content management
07/09/09Zoomable advertisements with targeted content
07/09/09Status-aware personal information management
07/09/09Common software activity status representation
07/09/09Plug-in for health monitoring system
07/09/09Integration of social networking and merchandising
07/09/09Client access license tracking mechanism
07/09/09Asynchronous multi-level undo support in javascript grid
07/09/09Retention policy tags for data item expiration
07/09/09End-point identifiers in sip
07/09/09Configuration of a peer group
07/09/09Remote device communication platform user interface
07/09/09Status indicators for universal serial bus (usb) ports
07/09/09Interrupt redirection with coalescing
07/09/09Extensible microcomputer architecture
07/09/09Proximity authentication
07/09/09Designing electronic forms
07/09/09Intelligently representing files in a view
07/09/09Third party in-page application platform
07/09/09Self-describing re-usable software components
07/09/09Application aware networking
07/09/09Intelligent retransmission of data stream segments
07/09/09Intelligent over-transmission of media data segments
07/09/09Enterprise security assessment sharing for off-premise users using globally distributed infrastructure
07/09/09Authentication in a globally distributed infrastructure for secure content management
07/09/09Associating computing devices with common credentials
07/09/09Trusted internet identity
07/09/09Remote device communication platform
07/09/09Globally distributed infrastructure for secure content management
07/09/09Enterprise security assessment sharing for consumers using globally distributed infrastructure
07/09/09Booting a device from a trusted environment responsive to device hibernation
07/02/09Advertising revenue sharing
07/02/09Augmented reality and filtering
07/02/09Spooling strategies using structured job information
07/02/09Endpoint selection for a call completion response
07/02/09Methods and systems for start code emulation prevention and data stuffing
07/02/09Predicting motion vectors for fields of forward-predicted interlaced video frames
07/02/09Enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
07/02/09Interactive scenario exploration for tournament-style gaming
07/02/09Extending digital rights management and authentication to audio speakers
07/02/09Population sequencing using short read technologies
07/02/09User-defined application models
07/02/09Business data access client for online/offline client use
07/02/09Product activation/registration and offer eligibility
07/02/09Advertising in an entertainment access service
07/02/09Impressionative multimedia advertising
07/02/09Multi-merchant purchasing environment for downloadable products
07/02/09Transaction authentication platform using video
07/02/09Determining quality of tier assignments
07/02/09Determining the interestingness of content update notifications
07/02/09Real-time annotator
07/02/09Life recorder
07/02/09Adaptive page layout utilizing block-level elements
07/02/09Toward optimized query suggeston: user interfaces and algorithms
07/02/09Relevancy sorting of user's browser history
07/02/09Context-based document search
07/02/09Modifying relevance ranking of search result items
07/02/09Method and system of applying policy on screened files
07/02/09System and method for virtual folder sharing including utilization of static and dynamic lists
07/02/09Interface with scheduling information during defined period
07/02/09Discovering and updating templates
07/02/09Dynamic storybook
07/02/09Asynchronous replication
07/02/09Multi-threaded codeless user-defined functions
07/02/09Optimizing conferencing performance
07/02/09Real-time monitoring of a routing server
07/02/09Feedback mechanism for dynamic predication of indirect jumps
07/02/09Monitoring presentation timestamps
07/02/09Web page based program versioning
07/02/09Thumbnail navigation bar for video
07/02/09Creating and editing dynamic graphics via a web interface
07/02/09Multiscaled trade cards
07/02/09Markup-based language for manifests
07/02/09Creating and using deltas to modify existing computer code
07/02/09Model-based datacenter management
07/02/09Text editor virtual backing store
07/02/09User interface for interactive television systems
07/02/09Method and system for distributing security policies
07/02/09Management of split audio/video streams
06/25/09Incorporated handwriting input experience for textboxes
06/25/09User-created trade cards
06/25/09Generating audio signals based on input device position
06/25/09Diffuse optics in an optical mouse
06/25/09Optical mouse
06/25/09Methods and systems for alleviating network congestion
06/25/09Cooperative diagnosis of web transaction failures
06/25/09Seamless digital channel changing
06/25/09Inline handwriting recognition and correction
06/25/09Handwriting templates
06/25/09Invariant visual scene and object recognition
06/25/09Guided photography based on image capturing device rendered user recommendations
06/25/09Connected gaming
06/25/09Smarter scheduling for medical facilities and physicians
06/25/09Category aggregated opinion data
06/25/09Human resource management system
06/25/09Automated creative assistance
06/25/09Search engine platform
06/25/09Quick filename lookup using name hash
06/25/09Abducing assertion to support access query
06/25/09Relations in fuzzing data
06/25/09Network device information collection and analysis
06/25/09Integrated governance and version audit logging
06/25/09E-matching for smt solvers
06/25/09Creating and utilizing network restore points
06/25/09Disk seek optimized file system
06/25/09Contiguous file allocation in an extensible file system
06/25/09Reliable delivery of multi-cast conferencing data
06/25/09Application aware rate control
06/25/09Security modes for a distributed routing table
06/25/09Secure federation of data communications networks
06/25/09Process based cache-write through for protected storage in embedded devices
06/25/09Coupled symbiotic operating systems
06/25/09Optimizing xor-based codes
06/25/09System and method for providing program credentials
06/25/09Selective document redaction
06/25/09Self learning contextual spell corrector
06/25/09Customizing search results
06/25/09Symbol lists for grammar-driven data entry
06/25/09System and method for creation of an object within an object hierarchy structure
06/25/09Controlling an object within an environment using a pointing device
06/25/09Contract programming for code error reduction
06/25/09Fuzzing encoded data
06/25/09Programming library usage capturing and representation
06/25/09Task-level thread scheduling and resource allocation
06/25/09Model-based composite application platform
06/25/09Obtaining user reactions to video
06/25/09Delegation in logic-based access control
06/25/09Reducing cross-site scripting attacks by segregating http resources by subdomain
06/18/09Trade card services
06/18/09User input device with optical tracking engine that operates through transparent substrate
06/18/09Optical mouse with limited wavelength optics
06/18/09Selection and display of media associated with a geographic area based on gesture input
06/18/09Determining the location of the tip of an electronic stylus
06/18/09Changing visual content communication
06/18/09Local area network translating bi-directional packet repeater
06/18/09Computer radio with pre-defined configuration set
06/18/09Software defined cognitive radio
06/18/09Selective pre-authorized credit for incoming calls
06/18/09Migration of computer secrets
06/18/09Interactive concept learning in image search
06/18/09Program segments display bar
06/18/09Recorded programs ranked based on social networks
06/18/09Software defined radio architecture
06/18/09Computing device with configurable antenna
06/18/09Automatic provisioning based on communication network connectivity and characteristics
06/18/09Client-side audio signal mixing on low computational power player using beat metadata
06/18/09Producing a locally optimal path through a lattice by overlapping search
06/18/09Pedestrian route production
06/18/09Additional content based on intended travel destination
06/18/09Federated route production
06/18/09Social network based routes
06/18/09Web translation provider
06/18/09Semi-supervised part-of-speech tagging
06/18/09Diagnostic evaluation of machine translators
06/18/09Using a directed graph as an advertising system taxonomy
06/18/09Scalable audit-based protocol for pay-per-action ads
06/18/09Generational intelligent navigation synchronization or update
06/18/09Automatic splices for targeted advertisements
06/18/09Ad-bearing bookmarks for electronic media documents
06/18/09Pyramidal volumes of advertising space
06/18/09Communication mechanisms for multi-merchant purchasing environment for downloadable products
06/18/09Destination auctioned through business of interest
06/18/09Digital content packaging, licensing and consumption
06/18/09Role/persona based applications
06/18/09Route transfer between devices
06/18/09Metadata retrieval for multi-function devices
06/18/09User-created search results in an incentive scheme
06/18/09Semi-supervised part-of-speech tagging
06/18/09Extracting similar entities from lists / tables
06/18/09Raising the baseline for high-precision text classifiers
06/18/09Circular log amnesia detection
06/18/09Live volume access
06/18/09Relevance-based expiration of data
06/18/09Collaborative authoring modes
06/18/09Aggregate communications with intelligent sourcing
06/18/09Encapsulation of online storage providers
06/18/09Transparent auto-discovery of network devices logically located between a client and server
06/18/09Model-based composite application platform
06/18/09Efficient interrupt message definition
06/18/09Target-frequency based indirect jump prediction for high-performance processors
06/18/09protected computing environment
06/18/09Automatically provisioning a wwan device
06/18/09Previewing recorded programs using thumbnails
06/18/09Direction-based data entry system
06/18/09Presenting secondary media objects to a user
06/18/09Engine support for parsing correction user interfaces
06/18/09Generating a management pack at program build time
06/18/09Decoupling static program data and execution data
06/18/09Workflow execution plans through completion condition critical path analysis
06/18/09Device settings restore point
06/18/09Multi-function device id with unique identifier
06/18/09Configuring television broadcast signals
06/18/09Distribution of information protection policies to client machines
06/18/09Secure push and status communication between client and server
06/18/09Proxy with layer 3 security
06/11/09Monitoring and notification apparatus
06/11/09Ergonomic hand-held text input device
06/11/09Sound playback and editing through physical interaction
06/11/09Tcp traversal through network address translators (nats)
06/11/09Multimedia spam determination using speech conversion
06/11/09Removing near-end frequencies from far-end sound
06/11/09Reducing echo
06/11/09Utilizing cryptographic keys and online services to secure devices
06/11/09Applying image-based contextual advertisements to images
06/11/09Reduced impact keyboard with cushioned keys
06/11/09Mobile telephone relationships
06/11/09Identifying far-end sound
06/11/09Grapheme-to-phoneme conversion using acoustic data
06/11/09Online personal appearance advisor
06/11/09Reputation in on-line consumer markets
06/11/09Maximum entropy model parameterization
06/11/09Predicting candidates using information sources
06/11/09Calculating web page importance based on a conditional markov random walk
06/11/09Image metadata harvester
06/11/09Indexing and searching audio using text indexers
06/11/09Generation of alternative phrasings for short descriptions
06/11/09Search control and authoring environment
06/11/09Mapping and query translation between xml, objects, and relations
06/11/09Detecting zero-result search queries
06/11/09Document merge
06/11/09Representing pointers and boxing in environments using only reference types
06/11/09Dynamic schema content server
06/11/09Data warehouse test automation framework
06/11/09Generating and supplying user context data
06/11/09Application layer congestion control
06/11/09Webpage domain monitoring
06/11/09Management of network-based services and servers within a server cluster
06/11/09Virtually synchronous paxos
06/11/09Dynamtic storage hierarachy management
06/11/09Management of external memory functioning as virtual cache
06/11/09Kernel processor grouping
06/11/09Method and apparatus for protecting regions of an electronic document
06/11/09Utility object for specialized data entry
06/11/09Utility object for specialized data entry
06/11/09User interface for previewing video items
06/11/09Object model and user interface for reusable map web part
06/11/09Rule-based multi-pane toolbar display
06/11/09Switching search providers within a browser search box
06/11/09Declarative object identity
06/11/09Process aware change management
06/11/09Mapping between disparate data models via anonymous functions
06/11/09Service platform for in-context results
06/11/09Spanning multiple mediums
06/11/09Integrated access authorization
06/04/09User input using proximity sensing
06/04/09Common user interface structure
06/04/09Ergonomic computer mouse
06/04/09Motion-sensing remote control
06/04/09Policy enforcement for multi-radio transmission and reception
06/04/09Distributed scalable cryptographic access control
06/04/09Recordation of encrypted data to a recordable medium
06/04/09Interactive geo-positioning of imagery
06/04/09Systems and methods for enhancing a user's dvd experience
06/04/09Mobile telephone hugs including conveyed messages
06/04/09Modifying mobile device operation using proximity relationships
06/04/09Population of landmarks for use with a map application
06/04/09Read redirection of physical media
06/04/09One-pass sampling of hierarchically organized sensors
06/04/09Time modulated generative probabilistic models for automated causal discovery
06/04/09High performance hmm adaptation with joint compensation of additive and convolutive distortions
06/04/09Providing a user driven, event triggered advertisement
06/04/09Feature-value attachment, reranking and filtering for advertisements
06/04/09Progressive pricing schemes for advertisements
06/04/09Data parallel production and consumption
06/04/09Static query optimization for linq
06/04/09Data parallel searching
06/04/09Providing suggestions during formation of a search query
06/04/09Hide and seek game to elicit human input
06/04/09Efficient paging of search query results
06/04/09Search query transformation using direct manipulation
06/04/09Dynamic client interaction for search
06/04/09Electronic table of contents entry classification and labeling scheme
06/04/09Partitioning and repartitioning for data parallel operations
06/04/09Clipboard for application sharing
06/04/09Load management in a distributed system
06/04/09Securing a server in a dynamic addressing environment
06/04/09Circular buffer maping
06/04/09Using external memory devices to improve system performance
06/04/09Efficient method for operating system deployment
06/04/09Page classifier engine
06/04/09Document layout extraction
06/04/09Recording, playback, and visual representation of macros
06/04/09Enable ribbon reloading via a proxy add-in
06/04/09Prioritizing quality improvements to source code
06/04/09Path specializations for runtime code with phase behavior
06/04/09Dynamic updateable web toolbar
06/04/09Mailbox configuration mechanism
06/04/09Unmanaged-to-managed aggregation
06/04/09Method and apparatus for adapting and hosting legacy user interface controls
06/04/09Automatic data patch generation for unknown vulnerabilities
06/04/09Rapid signatures for protecting vulnerable browser configurations
05/28/09Low power operation of networked devices
05/28/09Rtp payload format
05/28/09Stereo image widening
05/28/09Inferred discovery and construction of multi-resolution images
05/28/09Interface protocol and api for a wireless transceiver
05/28/09Method and system for meshing human and computer competencies for object categorization
05/28/09Correlating power consumption with cpu activity
05/28/09Artist sponsorship
05/28/09Converting sparql queries to sql queries
05/28/09Secure content descriptions
05/28/09Rdf store database design for faster triplet access
05/28/09User profile replication
05/28/09Rate-controllable peer-to-peer data stream routing
05/28/09Split user-mode/kernel-mode device driver architecture
05/28/09Serial peripheral interface for a transceiver integrated circuit
05/28/09software-configurable and stall-time fair memory access scheduling mechanism for shared memory systems
05/28/09Structural editing with schema awareness
05/28/09Web page editor with element selection mechanism
05/28/09Logical structure design surface
05/28/09Extended macro recording
05/28/09Enhanced prompting in a visual editor
05/28/09Test impact feedback system for software developers
05/28/09Data driven profiling for distributed applications
05/28/09Enhanced security and performance of web applications
05/21/09Advanced navigation techniques for portable devices
05/21/09Optical input device
05/21/09Fingertip detection for camera based multi-touch systems
05/21/09Pointing and data entry input device
05/21/09Rendering of data sets comprising multiple-resolution samples
05/21/09Spatial exploration field of view preview mechanism
05/21/09Texture codec
05/21/09Custom transition framework for application state transitions
05/21/09Display device and pixel therefor
05/21/09Locally terminating an established connection
05/21/09Protecting against incorrect battery polarity
05/21/09Method for modeling data structures using local contexts
05/21/09Mimicking of functionality exposed through an abstraction
05/21/09Confidence rating system
05/21/09Solution for managed personal computing
05/21/09Integrating ads with media
05/21/09Signature-based advertisement scheduling
05/21/09Advertisement-controlled web page customization
05/21/09Consumable advertising in a virtual world
05/21/09Search, advertising and social networking applications and services
05/21/09Recognizing and crediting offline realization of online behavior
05/21/09User profiling in a transaction and advertising electronic commerce platform
05/21/09Licensing interface for user generated content
05/21/09Tagging virtual currency
05/21/09Machine-readable and enforceable license
05/21/09Popularity based licensing of user generated content
05/21/09Constrained line search optimization for discriminative training of hmms
05/21/09Data validation using signatures and sampling
05/21/09Web site referral inference
05/21/09Web content mining of pair-based data
05/21/09Web address converter for dynamic web pages
05/21/09serverless distributed file system
05/21/09Efficient use of randomness in min-hashing
05/21/09Dynamic best practices integration
05/21/09Database part creation, merge and reuse
05/21/09Layout manager
05/21/09Delegating application invocation back to client
05/21/09Message state maintenance at a cursor
05/21/09Single-roundtrip exchange for cross-domain data access
05/21/09Statistical counting for memory hierarchy optimization
05/21/09Privacy enhanced error reports
05/21/09Message state maintenance at a message log
05/21/09Encoding and application of extended hamming checksum
05/21/09Visual system for visualizing, navigating, and editing attribute lattices within olap databases
05/21/09Method and system for providing an xml binary format
05/21/09View selection and switching
05/21/09Community-based software application help system
05/21/09Community-based software application help system
05/21/09Skinning support for partner content
05/21/09Utility object for specialized data entry
05/21/09Localized thumbnail preview of related content during spatial browsing
05/21/09Data validation using signatures and sampling
05/21/09Linked-media narrative learning system
05/21/09Automation tool and method for generating test code
05/21/09Debugging multi-execution environment applications
05/21/09Creating virtual applications
05/21/09Screened participant class notification for public networks
05/21/09Coordinating resources using a volatile network intermediary
05/21/09Coordinating application state and communication medium state
05/21/09Distributed messaging system with configurable assurances
05/21/09Durable exactly once message delivery at scale
05/21/09Efficient linking and loading for late binding and platform retargeting
05/21/09Revenue techniques involving segmented content and advertisements
05/21/09Still-frame content navigation
05/21/09Secure authoring and execution of user-entered database programming
05/14/09Magic wand
05/14/09User interface with physics engine for natural gestural control
05/14/09Enhanced protocol and architecture for low bandwidth force feedback game controller
05/14/09User input device with ring-shaped scroll wheel
05/14/09Open fonts including human-readable fonts for compilation
05/14/09Methods and systems for independently controlling the presentation speed of digital video frames and digital audio samples
05/14/09Spectrum and medium access allocation for fairness
05/14/09Streaming methods and systems
05/14/09Tiled projections for planar processing of round earth data
05/14/09Adaptive filtering for image transform processes
05/14/09Matching advertisements to visual media objects
05/14/09Physical and mac adaptation for interference mitigation with cognitive radio
05/14/09Providing secret information in a multiplayer game
05/14/09Transcoder using encoder generated side information
05/14/09Profiling system for online marketplace
05/14/09Multi-label active learning
05/14/09Machine-moderated mobile social networking for managing queries
05/14/09Ranker selection for statistical natural language processing
05/14/09Schema mapper
05/14/09Collaborative authoring
05/14/09Temporal event stream model
05/14/09Asynchronous processing and function shipping in ssis
05/14/09Arrangement for synchronizing media files with portable devices
05/14/09Transactional multi-package installation
05/14/09Displaying server errors on the client machine that caused the failed request
05/14/09Data validation using signatures and sampling
05/14/09Network media streaming with partial syncing
05/14/09Consistency sensitive streaming operators
05/14/09Aggregating data from different sources
05/14/09Computer initialization for secure kernel
05/14/09Function-based object model for web page display in a mobile device
05/14/093d windows system
05/14/09User interface providing auditory feedback
05/14/09Compact, portable, and efficient representation of a user interface control tree
05/14/09Programming interface for a computer platform
05/14/09User interface with physics engine for natural gestural control
05/14/09Selectively deleting items that are not of interest to a user
05/14/09Viewing data
05/14/09Polymorphic software architecture
05/14/09Internal test and manipulation of an application
05/14/09System and method for optimizing under notifications for small computer devices
05/14/09Shared sensing system interfaces
05/14/09On-demand loading of types of software code of a program executing on a computing device
05/14/09User rating mechanism for media content
05/14/09Secure transmission of digital content between a host and a peripheral by way of a digital rights management (drm) system
05/14/09Techniques to manage security certificates
05/14/09Application security model
05/07/09Principled approach to paraphrasing
05/07/09High definition media content processing
05/07/09Liquid resistant a/c adaptor
05/07/09Accommodation of two independent telephony systems
05/07/09Perceptually weighted digital audio level compression
05/07/09Image recognition of content
05/07/09Mobile exercise enhancement with virtual competition
05/07/09Ensuring product correctness in a multilingual environment
05/07/09Speech recognition based on symbolic representation of a target sentence
05/07/09Online advertisement selection
05/07/09Secure e-payments
05/07/09Power optimization through datacenter client and workflow resource migration
05/07/09Automated capture of information generated at meetings
05/07/09Syndicating search queries using web advertising
05/07/09Method and system for classifying display pages using summaries
05/07/09Asynchronous client to server updates
05/07/09Intelligent and paperless office
05/07/09Resolving conflicts when importing an application customization
05/07/09Integration of a computer-based message priority system with mobile electronic devices
05/07/09Time based priority modulus for security challenges
05/07/09Managing software configuration using mapping and repeatable processes
05/07/09Correlating complex errors with generalized end-user tasks
05/07/09Global metadata embedding and decoding
05/07/09Programming interface for a computer platform
05/07/09Scalable display of internet content on mobile devices
05/07/09Virtual office devices
05/07/09Integration of disparate rendering platforms
05/07/09Graphical application for building distributed applications
05/07/09Programming language extensions in structured queries
05/07/09Delegation metasystem for composite services
05/07/09Switching of media presentation
05/07/09Alternate source conflict resolution
05/07/09Device component roll back protection scheme
05/07/09Cross-site scripting filter
04/30/09Personalizable cards shared via a computerized card service
04/30/09Detecting ambient light levels in a vision system
04/30/09Localized color transfer
04/30/09Raw-quality processing of non-raw images
04/30/09Media disc reliability
04/30/09Multi-factor optimized routing
04/30/09Resource connection monitor utility
04/30/09Ad hoc wireless networking
04/30/09Seamless multiplexing of embedded bitstreams
04/30/09System and method for scalable portrait video
04/30/09Temporal video filtering for real time communication sytems
04/30/09Declustering point-of-interest icons
04/30/09Decoding and error correction in 2-d arrays
04/30/09Semi-automatic plane extrusion for 3d modeling
04/30/09Privacy-enabled telephone directory
04/30/09Method of providing player status and ability to join games
04/30/09User to user game referrals
04/30/09Media data protection
04/30/09View-independent tagging of geospatial entities in images
04/30/09Secure digital forensics
04/30/09Model-driven, repository-based application monitoring system
04/30/09Declarative model interpretation
04/30/09Word-dependent transition models in hmm based word alignment for statistical machine translation
04/30/09Channel extension coding for multi-channel source
04/30/09Bidding for advertisement positions other than one
04/30/09Online sales and marketing integration
04/30/09Rules and workflow process integration
04/30/09Opportunity index for identifying a user's unmet needs
04/30/09Data scoping and data flow in a continuation based runtime
04/30/09Predicting and using search engine switching behavior
04/30/09Facilitating a decision-making process
04/30/09Smart button
04/30/09Metadata driven reporting and editing of databases
04/30/09Query view inferred from datasource and query
04/30/09Secure dns query
04/30/09System and method for employing social networks for information discovery
04/30/09Aggregation of metadata associated with digital media files
04/30/09Methods and apparatus for web-based research
04/30/09Management of distributed storage
04/30/09Processing model-based commands for distributed applications
04/30/09Compressing null columns in rows of the tabular data stream protocol
04/30/09Creation and management of electronic files for localization project
04/30/09Self-compacting pattern indexer: storing, indexing and accessing information in a graph-like data structure
04/30/09Class configuration for locally cached remote data binding
04/30/09Visualizing key performance indicators for model-based applications
04/30/09Spreadsheet collaboration between rich and browser clients
04/30/09Linking framework for information technology management
04/30/09System and method for decoupling space reservation in transactional logs
04/30/09Compressed storage management
04/30/09Assignment of application modulesto deployment targets
04/30/09Pre-fetching in distributed computing environments
04/30/09Supporting serendipitous group interaction based on user activities
04/30/09Trust-based recommendation systems
04/30/09Private views of data and local calculations during real time collaboration
04/30/09Pre-send evaluaton of e-mail communications
04/30/09Terminal server draining
04/30/09Variable dns responses based on client identity
04/30/09Program and operation verification
04/30/09Collaborative power sharing between computing devices
04/30/09Method, system, and apparatus for providing alert synthesis in a data protection system
04/30/09Service testing
04/30/09Real-time analysis of performance data of a video game
04/30/09Enabling pseudo-class styles without revealing personal information
04/30/09Method for capturing design-time and run-time formulas associated with a cell
04/30/09Calculation of spreadsheet data
04/30/09Flexibly editing heterogeneous documents
04/30/09Displaying a map and associated symbolic context information
04/30/09Analyzing video game performance using non-intrusive capture and storage of run-time game data
04/30/09Rich customizable user online environment
04/30/09Data center operation optimization
04/30/09User interface mapping modules to deployment targets
04/30/09Modeling and managing heterogeneous applications
04/30/09Model based spreadsheet scripting language
04/30/09Monitoring asset state to enable partial build
04/30/09Replacing no operations with auxiliary code
04/30/09Managing software lifecycle
04/30/09Techniques for switching threads within routines
04/30/09Translating declarative models
04/30/09Performing requested commands for model-based applications
04/30/09Controlling hardware across two or more simultaneously running operating systems
04/30/09Non-media-centric packaging of content
04/30/09Security state aware firewall
04/30/09Parental controls for entertainment content
04/30/09Private network access using ipv6 tunneling
04/30/09Generic interactive challenges in a distributed system
04/30/09Automatic filter generation and generalization
04/23/09Time-based access control for an entertainment console
04/23/09Mouse dongle storage
04/23/09User input device with phosphorescent indicator
04/23/09Optical mouse
04/23/09Three-dimensional object simulation using audio, visual, and tactile feedback
04/23/09User input device with flywheel for scrolling
04/23/09Image-based proxy accumulation for realtime soft global illumination
04/23/09Hierarchical application programming interface for communication middleware in partially connected mobile ad hoc networks
04/23/09Maintaining multiple, simultaneous wireless network connections using a single radio
04/23/09Separating control and data in wireless networks
04/23/09Progressive distributed video coding
04/23/09Statistical machine translation processing
04/23/09Method and system for prioritizing communications based on sentence classifications
04/23/09Audio glitch reduction
04/23/09Executive reporting
04/23/09Methods and apparatus for estimation of project schedules
04/23/09False discovery rate for graphical modles
04/23/09Limited-memory quasi-newton optimization algorithm for l1-regularized objectives
04/23/09Ranking and providing search results based in part on a number of click-through features
04/23/09Listwise ranking
04/23/09Enterprise relevancy ranking using a neural network
04/23/09Linear combination of rankers
04/23/09Query dependent link-based ranking
04/23/09Query dependant link-based ranking using authority scores
04/23/09Boosting a ranker for improved ranking accuracy
04/23/09Document length as a static relevance feature for ranking search results
04/23/09Generation and retrieval of incident reports
04/23/09Methods to test multimedia devices on computer systems
04/23/09Embedding a session description message in a real-time control protocol (rtcp) message
04/23/09Scorecard interface editor
04/23/09Layout and line routing composition
04/23/09Positioning content using a grid
04/23/09Dashboard editor
04/23/09Presentation of user interface content via media player
04/23/09Dynamically updated virtual list view
04/23/09Predictive cost based scheduling in a distributed software build
04/23/09Heuristics for determining source code ownership
04/23/09Framework for testing api of a software application
04/23/09Application and database context for database application developers
04/23/09Support for globalization in test automation
04/23/09Predetermination and propagation of resources in a distributed software build
04/23/09Multimedia presentation resumption within an environment of multiple presentation systems
04/23/09Selectively authorizing software functionality after installation of the software
04/23/09Using social networks while respecting access control lists
04/23/09Conditional access to digital rights management conversion
04/16/09Replica placement and repair strategies in multinode storage systems
04/16/09Keyboard with plural key switch matrices to detect ghosting
04/16/09Object-level image editing
04/16/09Techniques to access messaging services for branch offices
04/16/09Hybrid channel map
04/16/09Secure content distribution with distributed hardware
04/16/09Quantum computational systems
04/16/09Multi-factor content protection
04/16/09Remote user interface raster segment motion detection and encoding
04/16/09Laplacian principal components analysis (lpca)
04/16/09Supporting data roaming in gprs networks
04/16/09Adaptive tree visualization for tournament-style brackets
04/16/09Abbreviated directions for route navigation
04/16/09Multiple directions to a destination without providing a specific origin
04/16/09Template constrained posterior probability
04/16/09Ingestion and distribution of multiple content types
04/16/09Learning tradeoffs between discriminative power and invariance of classifiers
04/16/09Active learning using a discriminative classifier and a generative model to detect and/or prevent malicious behavior
04/16/09Object detection and recognition with bayesian boosting
04/16/09Bounded-deferral policies for guiding the timing of alerting, interaction and communications using local sensory information
04/16/09Mapping network addresses to geographical locations
04/16/09Search-centric hierarchichal browser history
04/16/09Integrated full text search system and method
04/16/09Organization system for distributed items
04/16/09Generic model editing framework
04/16/09Automatic determination of item replication and associated replication processes
04/16/09Optimized key frame caching for remote interface rendering
04/16/09Automatically instrumenting a set of web documents
04/16/09Backup and recovery system for multiple device environment
04/16/09Sharing policy and workload among network access devices
04/16/09Embedded virtual media
04/16/09Universal contextual actions menu across windows applications
04/16/09Function-based object model for use in website adaptation
04/16/09Method including a timer for generating template based video advertisements
04/16/09Associative interface for personalizing voice data access
04/16/09Method including audio files for generating template based video advertisements
04/16/09Template based method for creating video advertisements
04/16/09Graphical representation of tabular data
04/16/09Navigating through content
04/16/09Predictive gesturing in graphical user interface
04/16/09Synchronizing an abstract model and source code
04/16/09Software factory specification and execution model
04/16/09Management of software and operating system updates required for the process of creating a virtual machine facsimile of an existing physical or virtual machine
04/16/09Transactional multi-package installation
04/16/09Hierarchical reservation resource scheduling infrastructure
04/16/09Partitioning system including a generic partitioning manager for partitioning resources
04/16/09Resource assignment system with recovery notification
04/16/09Remote auto provisioning and publication of applications
04/16/09Content filter
04/16/09Electronic program guide (epg) referencing past television content
04/16/09Recommendations from social networks
04/16/09Remote control based output selection
04/16/09Common key frame caching for a remote user interface
04/16/09Universal media firewall
04/16/09Secure bait and switch resume
04/16/09Detection and dynamic alteration of execution of potential software threats
04/09/09Enhanced utilization of network bandwidth for transmission of structured data
04/09/09Convenient recharging of a charge storage device
04/09/09Dial pad data entry
04/09/09Detecting touch on a surface via a scanning laser
04/09/09Correcting for ambient light in an optical touch-sensitive device
04/09/09Advertising with an influential participant in a virtual world
04/09/09Adding secondary content to underutilized space on a display device
04/09/09Local image descriptors using linear discriminant embedding
04/09/09Open federation security techniques with rate limits
04/09/09Network routing of endpoints to content based on content swarms
04/09/09Media key-transformation obfuscation in advanced access content system
04/09/09Optimizing amount of data passed during software license activation
04/09/09Geo-relevance for images
04/09/09Natural language assistance for digital image indexing
04/09/09High-definition connector for televisions
04/09/09Wwan device provisioning using signaling channel
04/09/09Wwan device provisioning using signaling channel
04/09/09Determining relative player skills and draw margins
04/09/09Transmitting location data in wireless networks
04/09/09Automatic assignment for document reviewing
04/09/09Advertisements for products in media content
04/09/09Content embedded tooltip advertising
04/09/09Providing advertising in a virtual world
04/09/09Advertising framework for wireless networks
04/09/09Exploiting execution feedback for optimizing choice of access methods
04/09/09Dynamic sitemap creation
04/09/09Query suggestions for no result web searches
04/09/09Outgoing message monitor
04/09/09Creating search enabled web pages
04/09/09Image-based wish list population
04/09/09Active use lookup via mobile device
04/09/09Nondeferred reference-counting garbage collection using overlooking roots
04/09/09Applications of overlooking root information for improving nondeferred reference-counting garbage collection
04/09/09Software deployment using client location
04/09/09Efficient certified email protocol
04/09/09Frequency managed performance
04/09/09Interface for exchanging context data
04/09/09Method and system for providing an extensible user interface
04/09/09Environment-interactive context-aware devices and methods
04/09/09Telephone call as rendezvous mechanism for data sharing between users
04/09/09Web service user experience without upfront storage expense
04/09/09Guided transition user interfaces
04/09/09Handle flags
04/09/09Artifact sharing from a development environment
04/09/09Dynamically providing a localized user interface language resource
04/09/09Direct synchronous input
04/09/09Monitoring and controlling network communications
04/09/09Detection and management of controlled files
04/09/09Relay server authentication service
04/02/09Text input device for videogame controller
04/02/09Motion based display management
04/02/09Detecting finger orientation on a touch-sensitive device
04/02/09Uncovering the differences in backbone networks
04/02/09Model and method for computing performance bounds in multi-hop wireless networks
04/02/09Packet forwarding in multi-radio multi-hop wireless networks
04/02/09Intelligent routing in a hybrid peer-to-peer system
04/02/09Uncovering the differences in backbone networks
04/02/09Cartoon face generation
04/02/09Control channel negotiated intermittent wireless communication
04/02/09Device migration
04/02/09Dynamic problem solving for games
04/02/09Logging of rich entertainment platform service history for use as a community building tool
04/02/09Symbiotic biological systems as platforms for sensing, production, and intervention
04/02/09Two-pass hash extraction of text strings
04/02/09Spreadsheet workbook part libraries
04/02/09Get prep questions to ask doctor
04/02/09Autogeneration of configuration activities
04/02/09Service-oriented pipeline based architecture
04/02/09Integrating encapsulated advertisement controls
04/02/09Parsing unstructured resources
04/02/09Method of finding candidate sub-queries from longer queries
04/02/09Systems and methods for improving information discovery
04/02/09Declarative model editor generation
04/02/09Lazy updates to indexes in a database
04/02/09Efficient file hash identifier computation
04/02/09Distriuted storage for collaboration servers
04/02/09Central service control
04/02/09Aggregating and delivering information
04/02/09Pending and exclusive electronic mail inbox
04/02/09Server-controlled distribution of media content
04/02/09Intelligent network address lookup service
04/02/09Non-blocking variable size recyclable buffer management
04/02/09Visualizing changes to content over time
04/02/09Securely launching encrypted operating systems
04/02/09Multi-os (operating system) boot via mobile device
04/02/09Rapid crash recovery for flash storage
04/02/09Offline hardware diagnostic environment
04/02/09Internet connectivity evaluation
04/02/09Capturing diagnostics in web browser applications
04/02/09Auto-generation and syndication of tables as forms
04/02/09Graphical creation of a document conversion template
04/02/09Virtual object navigation
04/02/09Intelligent editing of relational models
04/02/09Exposing features of software products
04/02/09Visual debugger for declarative/data-flow applications
04/02/09Call stack parsing in multiple runtime environments
04/02/09Configuration and change management system with restore points
04/02/09Electronic mail inbox with focused e-mails according to categories
04/02/09Notifying a user of access to information by an application
04/02/09Profiling techniques and systems for computer programs
04/02/09Secure tunnel performance using a multi-session secure tunnel
04/02/09Network access and profile control
04/02/09Dynamic email directory harvest attack detection and mitigation
04/02/09Securing anti-virus software with virtualization
03/26/09Advertisement insertion points detection for online video advertising
03/26/09Techniques for decoding images of barcodes
03/26/09Measurement-only topological quantum computation
03/26/09One-touch rotation of virtual objects in virtual workspace
03/26/09Rendering three-dimensional objects on a server computer
03/26/09Object association in a computer generated drawing environment
03/26/09Animating objects using a declarative animation scheme
03/26/09Emitting raster and vector content from a single software component
03/26/09Generating a texture from multiple images
03/26/09Proximity based computer display
03/26/09Photodiode-based bi-directional reflectance distribution function (brdf) measurement
03/26/09Characterization of network path quality for network applications and services
03/26/09Remote user interface updates using difference and motion encoding
03/26/09Detecting visual gestural patterns
03/26/09Video decoding using created reference pictures
03/26/09Spatial audio conferencing
03/26/09Dynamic bass boost filter
03/26/09Radiometric calibration from a single image
03/26/09Hybrid graph model for unsupervised object segmentation
03/26/09Altering the appearance of a digital image using a shape
03/26/09Personal points of interest in location-based applications
03/26/09Comprehensive single page view of user's gaming achievements
03/26/09Correlative multi-label image annotation
03/26/09System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications
03/26/09Summarizing document with marked points
03/26/09Unnatural prosody detection in speech synthesis
03/26/09Efficient coding of digital media spectral data using wide-sense perceptual similarity
03/26/09Synchronizing data between business applications
03/26/09Handling product reviews
03/26/09Dynamic hosted advertising supporting multiple formats
03/26/09Preferred items list management
03/26/09Distributed secure anonymous conferencing
03/26/09Securing payment data
03/26/09Exchange of syncronization data and metadata
03/26/09Keyword search over heavy-tailed data and multi-keyword queries
03/26/09Information retrieval using query-document pair information
03/26/09Stop-and-restart style execution for long running decision support queries
03/26/09Authorization agnostic based mechanism
03/26/09Data paging with a stateless service
03/26/09Multi-ranker for search
03/26/09Query spelling correction
03/26/09Complex regular expression construction
03/26/09Role-based user tracking in service usage
03/26/09Metadata endpoint for a generic service
03/26/09Search based data management
03/26/09Synchronization of electronic postings
03/26/09Remote monitoring of local behavior of network applications
03/26/09User profile aggregation
03/26/09Dynamic instant comments
03/26/09Software deployment in large-scale networked systems
03/26/09Crisscross cancellation protocol
03/26/09Remote monitoring of local behavior of network applications
03/26/09Synchronization of web service endpoints in a multi-master synchronization environment
03/26/09Spreadsheet fields in text
03/26/09Ubiquitous electronic forms
03/26/09String based user interface specification
03/26/09Exposing non-authoring features through document status information in an out-space user interface
03/26/09Method for making digital documents browseable
03/26/09Enterprise threat analysis and modeling
03/26/09Unified messaging state machine
03/26/09Remote monitoring of local behavior of network applications
03/26/09Using a command interpreter at design time
03/26/09Creation and deployment of distributed, extensible applications
03/26/09Automated data object set administration
03/26/09Asynchronous execution of software tasks
03/26/09Interruptability management via scheduling application
03/26/09Dynamically mapping an action of a message
03/26/09Remote control of computing devices via two disparate networks
03/26/09Device-hosted services over media transfer protocol
03/26/09Accessing device-hosted services from scripting and other programming environments
03/26/09Intelligent video player
03/26/09Pivotable events timeline
03/26/09Media organization for distributed sending of media data
03/26/09Unsolicited communication management via mobile device
03/26/09Modal and linear techniques for access control logic
03/26/09Whitelist and blacklist identification data
03/26/09Security system for a browser-based environment
03/26/09Providing secure input to a system with a high-assurance execution enviroment
03/19/09Estimating word correlations from images
03/19/09Dual cross-media relevance model for image annotation
03/19/09User interface for expressing forecasting estimates
03/19/09Rendering electronic chart objects
03/19/09Virtual earth rooftop overlay and bounding
03/19/09Extracting metadata from a digitally scanned document
03/19/09Adaptive dock for use with personal media players
03/19/09Coding of motion vector information
03/19/09Optimization of multi-label problems in computer vision
03/19/09Textual image coding
03/19/09Data buddy
03/19/09Adding prototype information into probabilistic models
03/19/09Multi-modal relevancy matching
03/19/09Continuous betting interface to prediction market
03/19/09Counteracting random guess attacks against human interactive proofs with token buckets
03/19/09Combined estimate contest and prediction market
03/19/09Knowledge based synchronization of subsets of data with no move condition
03/19/09Parallel nested transactions in transactional memory
03/19/09Customization of relationship traversal
03/19/09Data-driven synchronization
03/19/09Componentized site engine services
03/19/09Optimized data stream compression using data-dependent chunking
03/19/09Enhanced tabular data stream protocol
03/19/09Accelerated channel change in rate-limited environments
03/19/09Synchronizing slide show events with audio
03/19/09Web spaces navigation module
03/19/09Client affinity in distributed load balancing systems
03/19/09Fast context switching using virtual cpus
03/19/09Execution context infrastructure
03/19/09Human performance in human interactive proofs using partial credit
03/19/09Interest aligned manual image categorization for human interactive proofs
03/19/09Method for managing network filter based policies
03/19/09Protection of software on portable medium
03/19/09Parallel nested transactions in transactional memory
03/12/09Automatic accompaniment for vocal melodies
03/12/09Color management system that enables dynamic balancing of performance with flexibility
03/12/09Wireless channel selection techniques and devices
03/12/09Learning-based image compression
03/12/09Preprocessing for information pattern analysis
03/12/09Estimating orientation angle and translation values of a scanned image
03/12/09Cable management in an fm transmitter
03/12/09Mobile wallet and digital payment
03/12/09Method and system for provisioning a wireless device
03/12/09Mining bilingual dictionaries from monolingual web pages
03/12/09Speech-to-text transcription for personal communication devices
03/12/09Automatic reading tutoring
03/12/09Interactively presenting advertising content offline
03/12/09Updating contents of asynchronously refreshable webpages
03/12/09Online advertising relevance verification
03/12/09Managing navigation history for intra-page state transitions
03/12/09Techniques to allocate virtual network addresses
03/12/09Dynamic host configuration protocol
03/12/09Secure network location awareness
03/12/09Test results management
03/12/09Proxy engine for custom handling of web content
03/12/09Multiple ui paradigms within a single application
03/12/09Electronic program guide displayed simultaneously with television programming
03/12/09Proxy engine for custom handling of web content
03/05/09Creation and management of rfid device versions
03/05/09Flick-based in situ search from ink, text, or an empty selection region
03/05/09Electromechanical surface of rotational elements for motion compensation of a moving object
03/05/09Identity-based interactive response message
03/05/09Management system for web service developer keys
03/05/09Loudspeaker array providing direct and indirect radiation from same set of drivers
03/05/09Visual language modeling for image classification
03/05/09Optimizations for radius optical blur
03/05/09Pausing television programming in response to selection of network address
03/05/09Speed-dependent suggested driving lines
03/05/09Categorizing perceptual stimuli by detecting subconcious responses
03/05/09Gps based fuel efficiency optimizer
03/05/09Activity classification from route and sensor-based metadata
03/05/09Validation of the consistency of automatic terminology translation
03/05/09Fast beam-search decoding for phrasal statistical machine translation
03/05/09Batching ad-selection requests for concurrent communication
03/05/09Performing of marketing actions while preserving confidentiality
03/05/09Updating an engine using a description language
03/05/09Methods and systems for processing multi-media editing projects
03/05/09Aggregated search results for local and remote services
03/05/09Bipartite graph reinforcement modeling to annotate web images
03/05/09Augmenting url queries
03/05/09Presenting result items based upon user behavior
03/05/09User query mining for advertising matching
03/05/09Resource selector, including for use in handheld devices
03/05/09Extracting data content items using template matching
03/05/09User interfaces for scoped hierarchical data sets
03/05/09Breadcrumb list supplementing for hierarchical data sets
03/05/09File formats for external specification of object-relational mapping
03/05/09Multiple database entity model generation using entity models
03/05/09Versioning management
03/05/09Operating system support of graceful degradation for web applications
03/05/09Rating based on relationship
03/05/09Processing data obtained from a presence-based system
03/05/09Using flash storage device to prevent unauthorized use of software
03/05/09Collaborative search interface
03/05/09Generating and organizing references to online content
03/05/09Exploded views for providing rich regularized geometric transformations and interaction models on content for viewing, previewing, and interacting with documents, projects, and tasks
03/05/09Nested user interfaces for multiple displays
03/05/09Exploded views for providing rich regularized geometric transformations and interaction models on content for viewing, previewing, and interacting with documents, projects, and tasks
03/05/09Merged view of application customizations
03/05/09Visual programming language optimization
03/05/09Secure upgrade of firmware update in constrained memory
03/05/09Efficient utilization of transactions in computing tasks
03/05/09Transparent lazy maintenance of indexes and materialized views
03/05/09Efficient marshalling between soap and business-process messages
03/05/09Model based device driver code generation
03/05/09Driver installer usable in plural environments
03/05/09Color management system that enables dynamic balancing of performance with flexibility
03/05/09Recommendation from stochastic analysis
03/05/09History-based downgraded network identification
03/05/09Transferable restricted security tokens
03/05/09Network access control based on program state
02/26/09Motion line switching in a virtual environment
02/26/09Method and system for constructing a 3d representation of a face from a 2d representation
02/26/09Using handwriting recognition in computer algebra
02/26/09Mobile billboard and usage advisor
02/26/09Intelligent global positioning system (gps) information detection
02/26/09Information collection during game play
02/26/09Hmm-based bilingual (mandarin-english) tts techniques
02/26/09Framework for development of integration adapters that surface non-static, type-safe service contracts to lob systems
02/26/09Funding information delivery using advertising revenue
02/26/09Syndicated marketplace architecture for facilitating in-situ purchases
02/26/09Removable module in personal handheld devices for personal information exchange
02/26/09Self-adaptive data pre-fetch by artificial neuron network
02/26/09Analysis of software conflicts
02/26/09Direct mass storage device file indexing
02/26/09Methods and systems for processing multi-media editing projects
02/26/09Declarative views for mapping
02/26/09Collaborative media recommendation and sharing technique
02/26/09Dynamic and versatile notepad
02/26/09Metadata editing control
02/26/09Staged, lightweight backup system
02/26/09Remote health monitoring and control
02/26/09Inviting a conferencing unaware endpoint to a conference
02/26/09Electronic mail delay adaptation
02/26/09Electronic mail delay adaptation
02/26/09Electronic mail delay adaption
02/26/09Electronic mail delay adaptation
02/26/09Content commentary
02/26/09Multi-level dram controller to manage access to dram
02/26/09Context-aware adaptive user interface
02/26/09Management system for local and remote services
02/26/09Mediating conflicts in computer users context data
02/26/09Monitoring distributed applications
02/26/09Anonymous aggregated data collection
02/26/09File access in multi-protocol environment
02/19/09Pointing device with customization options
02/19/09Pointing device for control of a graphical display or application
02/19/09Internet video conferencing on a home television
02/19/09system and method for distributed meetings
02/19/09Path discovery and message transfer in partially connected mobile ad hoc networks
02/19/09Super-resolution in periodic and aperiodic pixel imaging
02/19/09Programmable movement of an orientation of a game character view of a game environment
02/19/09Efficient text input for game controllers and handheld devices
02/19/09Audio buffers with audio effects
02/19/09Visualizers for change management system
02/19/09Application program interface to manage gift cards and check authorizations
02/19/09Storing custom metadata using custom access control entries
02/19/09Multi-tenant hosted application system
02/19/09Real time collaboration file format for unified communication
02/19/09Scalable virtual partitioning of resources
02/19/09Lightweight address for widely-distributed adhoc multicast groups
02/19/09Validating change of name server
02/19/09Caching dynamic content
02/19/09Media cache control interface
02/19/09Moving computer displayable content into a preferred user interactive focus area
02/19/09Automatic and transparent memoization
02/19/09Error tracing with context history
02/19/09Dynamically converting symbolic links
02/19/09On-demand asset distribution
02/19/09Tolerating and detecting asymmetric races
02/05/09Pointing device for interface with a graphical display
02/05/09Dynamic channel-width allocation in wireless networks
02/05/09Mechanism of distributing voice call using email distribution groups
02/05/09Multimodal classification of adult content
02/05/09Understanding spoken location information based on intersections
02/05/09Confidence measure generation for speech related searching
02/05/09Multi-threaded business programming library
02/05/09Extensible command execution for entity data model platform
02/05/09System and methods for inferring informational goals and preferred level of detail of answers
02/05/09Information retrieval and ranking
02/05/09Generalized location identification
02/05/09Tiled packaging of vector image data
02/05/09Transferable component that effectuates plug-and-play
02/05/09Asynchronous enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
02/05/09Server based control of ad placement in client software
02/05/09Framework to integrate web services with on-premise software
02/05/09Fractal display advertising on computer-driven screens
02/05/09Visible white space in program code
02/05/09Instance interfaces and mix-ins for dynamic languages
02/05/09Positive and negative event-based testing
02/05/09Pos hardware abstraction
02/05/09Monitoring and controlling an automation process

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