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Microsoft Corporation patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/11Hierarchical power smoothing
12/29/11Telepresence systems with viewer perspective adjustment
12/29/11Fast reconfiguration of graphics pipeline state
12/29/11Alternative semantics for zoom operations in a zoomable scene
12/29/11Combining direct and routed communication in a video conference
12/29/11Adaptive adjustment of depth cues in a stereo telepresence system
12/29/11Enabling white space networks independent of low-threshold sensing
12/29/11Liquid crystal display (lcd)
12/29/11Display backlights with adjustable narrow viewing angle
12/29/11Sound source localization based on reflections and room estimation
12/29/11Distributed and scalable network address translation
12/29/11Scheduling communications in a mobile device
12/29/11Integrating white space support into a network stack
12/29/11Fine-grained channel access in wireless networks
12/29/11Skeletal joint recognition and tracking system
12/29/11Techniques for robust color transfer
12/29/11Capacitive bonding of devices
12/29/11Virtual and location-based multiplayer gaming
12/29/11Coordinating device interaction to enhance user experience
12/29/11System and method for configuring game data about players
12/29/11System and method for configuring game data about players
12/29/11Map annotation messaging
12/29/11Providing an improved view of a location in a spatial environment
12/29/11Location brokerage system
12/29/11Advertising products to groups within social networks
12/29/11Serving content based on conversations
12/29/11Market for social promotion of digital goods
12/29/11Product conversations among social groups
12/29/11Video content recommendations
12/29/11Detachable computer with variable performance computing environment
12/29/11Shared data collections
12/29/11Integrating social network data with search results
12/29/11Rich site maps
12/29/11Strong typing for querying information graphs
12/29/11Automated joining of disparate data for database queries
12/29/11Placement of search results using user intent
12/29/11Adjusting search results based on user social profiles
12/29/11Navigation to popular search results
12/29/11Pushing search query constraints into information retrieval processing
12/29/11Using message sampling to determine the most frequent words in a user mailbox
12/29/11Concurrency control for confluent trees
12/29/11Dynamic partitioning of applications between clients and servers
12/29/11Context-specific network resource addressing model for distributed services
12/29/11Acceleration of social interactions
12/29/11Delivering messages from message sources to subscribing recipients
12/29/11Wifi proximity messaging
12/29/11Techniques for migrating a virtual machine using shared storage
12/29/11Content authoring and propagation at various fidelities
12/29/11Health-related opportunistic networking
12/29/11Flexible and safe monitoring of computers
12/29/11Application integration of network data based on resource identifiers
12/29/11Identifying trending content items using content item histograms
12/29/11Data-scoped dynamic data race detection
12/29/11Parallelization of online learning algorithms
12/29/11Federation among services for supporting virtual-network overlays
12/29/11Keyed human interactive proof players
12/29/11Trusted sensors
12/29/11Server reachability detection
12/29/11Handwritten paper-based input digital record management
12/29/11Interaction between ads and applications
12/29/11Status-oriented mobile device
12/29/11Visualization of runtime analysis across dynamic boundaries
12/29/11Rebootless display driver upgrades
12/29/11Applications including multiple experience modules
12/29/11Upgrade management of application components
12/29/11Updating nodes considering service model constraints
12/29/11Data only solution package
12/29/11Stack overflow prevention in parallel execution runtime
12/29/11Application settings migration using virtualization
12/29/11Public access point
12/29/11Disambiguating online identities
12/29/11Network layer claims based access control
12/29/11Trusted intermediary for network layer claims-enabled access control
12/22/11Providing directional force feedback in freespace
12/22/11Low power sensing via resistive sensor matrix
12/22/11Free space directional force feedback apparatus
12/22/11Item navigation using motion-capture data
12/22/11Computer mouse
12/22/11Computer mouse sleeve
12/22/11Easy word selection and selection ahead of finger
12/22/11Stylus settings
12/22/11Personalized navigation through virtual 3d environments
12/22/11Visual previews
12/22/11Localized layout and routing in an interactive diagramming system
12/22/11Ink lag compensation techniques
12/22/11Techniques to present location information for social networks using augmented reality
12/22/11Compartmentalizing focus area within field of view
12/22/11Combining multiple bit rate and scalable video coding
12/22/11Reducing use of periodic key frames in video conferencing
12/22/11Depth camera illuminator with superluminescent light-emitting diode
12/22/11Use of wavefront coding to create a depth image
12/22/11Spatial and temporal multiplexing display
12/22/11Optimization of a multi-view display
12/22/11Printing direct2d-rendered items
12/22/11Optimized font subsetting for a print path
12/22/11Resource allocation framework for wireless/wired networks
12/22/11Public access point
12/22/11Merchant powered click-to-call method
12/22/114to6 network stack for ipv4 applications
12/22/11Distributed virtual network gateways
12/22/11Video rate control based on transform-coefficients histogram
12/22/11Techniques to verify location for location based services
12/22/11Method and system to segment depth images and to detect shapes in three-dimensionally acquired data
12/22/11Multi-stage linear structure from motion
12/22/11Cross-domain browser pre-fetching through data transcoding
12/22/11Hierarchical filtered motion field for action recognition
12/22/11Rgb/depth camera for improving speech recognition
12/22/11Recording of sports related television programming
12/22/11Context-driven data sharing
12/22/11Mobile and server-side computational photography
12/22/11Tracking career progression based on user activities
12/22/11Automated certification of video game advertising using ocr
12/22/11Event prediction using hierarchical event features
12/22/11Predictive resampler scheduler algorithm
12/22/11Classifying devices by fingerprinting voltage and current consumption
12/22/11Probabilistic map matching from a plurality of observational and contextual factors
12/22/11Identification of people using multiple types of input
12/22/11Augmentation and correction of location based data through user feedback
12/22/11Social task lists
12/22/11Customizable user interface including contact and business management features
12/22/11Dimensionality reduction for global advertisement inventory optimization
12/22/11Key performance indicator weighting
12/22/11Application usage rewards platform
12/22/11Pricing in social advertising
12/22/11Reconstructing the online flow of recommendations
12/22/11Eliciting social search responses from sponsoring agents
12/22/11Search advertisement targeting
12/22/11Real-time-ready behavioral targeting in a large-scale advertisement system
12/22/11Learning display parameters to maximize advertising revenue
12/22/11Including personalized content in an advertisement
12/22/11Mapping identifiers
12/22/11Metadata-enabled dynamic updates of online advertisements
12/22/11Tool for analysis of advertising auctions
12/22/11User centric real-time advertisement bidding
12/22/11Techniques for advertiser geotargeting using map coordinates
12/22/11Ad copy quality detection and scoring
12/22/11Automated classification pipeline tuning under mobile device resource constraints
12/22/11Community model based point of interest local search
12/22/11Hyperlocal smoothing
12/22/11Validating files using a sliding window to access and correlate records in an arbitrarily large dataset
12/22/11Automatic search functionality within business applications
12/22/11Generating search result summaries
12/22/11Grammar compression
12/22/11Content personalization based on user information
12/22/11Slicing relational queries using spool operators
12/22/11Transformation rule profiling for a query optimizer
12/22/11Performing query expansion based upon statistical analysis of structured data
12/22/11Template concatenation for capturing multiple concepts in a voice query
12/22/11Keyword to query predicate maps for query translation
12/22/11Automatically generating training data
12/22/11Determining query intent
12/22/11Ranking advertisements
12/22/11Techniques to automatically manage social connections
12/22/11Entity category determination
12/22/11Online stratified sampling for classifier evaluation
12/22/11Semantic content searching
12/22/11Presenting display characteristics of hierarchical data structures
12/22/11Personalized media charts
12/22/11Media item recommendation
12/22/11Community authoring content generation and navigation
12/22/11Full-fidelity representation of xml-represented objects
12/22/11Flexible content organization and retrieval
12/22/11Fast set intersection
12/22/11Subscription for integrating external data from external system
12/22/11Social network user list detection and searching
12/22/11Notifications platform
12/22/11Optimization of storage and transmission of data
12/22/11Offline modification of business data
12/22/11Cellular data communication for mobile devices
12/22/11Discrepancy detection for web crawling
12/22/11Quick deploy of content
12/22/11Networked device authentication, pairing and resource sharing
12/22/11Memorable resource names
12/22/11System for interaction of paired devices
12/22/11Managing cache data and metadata
12/22/11Leveraging chip variability
12/22/11Error detection for files
12/22/11Action framework in software transactional memory
12/22/11Composition of locks in software transactional memory
12/22/11Hierarchical allocation for file system storage device
12/22/11Memory safety of floating-point computations
12/22/11Data parallel programming model
12/22/11On-demand database server startup and shutdown
12/22/11Encrypted network traffic interception and inspection
12/22/11Single-use authentication methods for accessing encrypted data
12/22/11Monitoring service endpoints
12/22/11Data collisions in concurrent programs
12/22/11Generating recommendations for improving a presentation document
12/22/11Generating financial data documents using templates
12/22/11Decompiling loops in a spreadsheet
12/22/11Integrating a web-based crm system with a pim client application
12/22/11Tiered pageview generation for computing devices
12/22/11Document representation transitioning
12/22/11Personal assistant for task utilization
12/22/11Extensible video insertion control
12/22/11Natural user input for driving interactive stories
12/22/11Secured and filtered personal information publishing
12/22/11Techniques to dynamically modify themes based on messaging
12/22/11Sequential and non-sequential access to records within a list
12/22/11Windowless runtime control of dynamic input device
12/22/11Assisted filtering of multi-dimensional data
12/22/11Flagging, capturing and generating task list items
12/22/11Context-based task generation
12/22/11Contextual control of dynamic input device
12/22/11Custom visualizations in tab groups
12/22/11Method and system for operating multiple web pages with anti-spoofing protection
12/22/11Compositing application content and system content for display
12/22/11Collected media content data
12/22/11List authoring surface
12/22/11Customizing a search experience using images
12/22/11Scaling type overlay icons
12/22/11Compiler-generated invocation stubs for data parallel programming model
12/22/11User augmented reverse engineering
12/22/11Tracing just-in-time compilation with pointers to local variables
12/22/11Incremental compositional dynamic test generation
12/22/11Binding data parallel device source code
12/22/11Compiler with user-defined type inference rules
12/22/11Compile time interpretation of markup codes
12/22/11Implementing parallel loops with serial semantics
12/22/11Resource access control
12/22/11System for universal mobile data
12/22/11Techniques to share binary content
12/22/11Online service access controls using scale out directory features
12/22/11Techniques to modify and share binary content when disconnected from a network
12/22/11Automatic construction of human interaction proof engines
12/22/11Preventing abuse of services through infrastructure incompatibility
12/22/11System state based diagnostic scan
12/22/11Evaluating shell code findings
12/22/11Watermark to identify leak source
12/22/11Location enabled bookmark and profile
12/22/11Abstractions and automation for enhanced sharing and collaboration
12/15/11Rack-based uninterruptible power supply
12/15/11Thermally-tuned depth camera light source
12/15/11Simultaneous localization and rf modeling
12/15/11Activate, fill, and level gestures
12/15/11Indirect user interaction with desktop using touch-sensitive control surface
12/15/11Adaptive image rendering and use of imposter
12/15/11Real-time animation of facial expressions
12/15/11Interacting with user interface via avatar
12/15/11Automated contrast verifications
12/15/11Ink rendering
12/15/11Character selection
12/15/11Unified communication based multi-screen video system
12/15/11Generating sharp images, panoramas, and videos from motion-blurred videos
12/15/11Independently processing planes of display data
12/15/11Light transport reconstruction from sparsely captured images
12/15/11Contextual tagging of recorded data
12/15/11System architecture design for time-of- flight system having reduced differential pixel size, and time-of- flight systems so designed
12/15/11Parallel multiple bitrate video encoding
12/15/11Adaptive action detection
12/15/11Color indication tool for colorblindness
12/15/11Resource-aware computer vision
12/15/11Techniques in optical character recognition
12/15/11Image clustering
12/15/11Channel discovery protocol
12/15/11Transmitting data in a wireless white space network
12/15/11Activity participation based on user intent
12/15/11Caloric burn determination from body movement
12/15/11Data modeling of multilingual taxonomical hierarchies
12/15/11Multilingual runtime rendering of metadata
12/15/11Joint optimization for machine translation system combination
12/15/11Sound source separation using spatial filtering and regularization phases
12/15/11Using utterance classification in telephony and speech recognition applications
12/15/11Crowd-sourced competition platform
12/15/11Auditing crowd-sourced competition submissions
12/15/11Exploring data using multiple machine-learning models
12/15/11Distributed decision tree training
12/15/11Organizing search results
12/15/11Relevance for name segment searches
12/15/11Pattern tree-based rule learning
12/15/11Transparent access mechanism for local and remote data
12/15/11Replicating server configuration data in distributed server environments
12/15/11Background synchronization of data objects
12/15/11Checkpoints for a file system
12/15/11Contact information merger and duplicate resolution
12/15/11Navigating relationships among entities
12/15/11Query context selection using graphical properties
12/15/11Automatic extraction of structured web content
12/15/11Search result driven query intent identification
12/15/11Entity detection and extraction for entity cards
12/15/11Extracting topically related keywords from related documents
12/15/11Multi-faceted metadata storage
12/15/11Automating evolution of schemas and mappings
12/15/11Extensible event-driven log analysis framework
12/15/11Combining attribute refinements and textual queries
12/15/11Identifying entries and exits of strongly connected components
12/15/11Relaxation for structured queries
12/15/11Cogeneration of database applications and their databases
12/15/11Reflection over objects
12/15/11Light weight transformation
12/15/11Unified concurrent changes to data, schema, and application
12/15/11Freeform mathematical computations
12/15/11Server load balancing and draining in enhanced communication systems
12/15/11Active image tagging
12/15/11Sessions to host processes with special requirements
12/15/11Sharing of user preferences
12/15/11Synchronization and collaboration within peer-to-peer and client/server environments
12/15/11Definition configuration and administration of distributed server systems through structured data model
12/15/11Server array capacity management calculator
12/15/11Server session management application program interface and schema
12/15/11Managing navigation history for intra-page state transitions
12/15/11Techniques for efficient remote presentation session connectivity and routing
12/15/11Smooth streaming client component
12/15/11Efficient transform from xml to javascript objects
12/15/11Preventing access to a device from an external interface
12/15/11Lazy handling of end of interrupt messages in a virtualized environment
12/15/11Device booting with an initial protection component
12/15/11Power-aware thread scheduling and dynamic use of processors
12/15/11Multimedia hardware emulation for application testing
12/15/11Minimizing database repros using language grammars
12/15/11Web service user experience without upfront storage expense
12/15/11Cloud-based application help
12/15/11Seamless playback of composite media
12/15/11Role-based presentation views
12/15/11Merging modifications to user interface components while preserving user customizations
12/15/11Rendering incompatible content within a user interface
12/15/11Rendering web content with a brush
12/15/11Web application home button
12/15/11Secure application interoperation via user interface gestures
12/15/11Workflow authoring environment and runtime
12/15/11Navigating dominant concepts extracted from multiple sources
12/15/11Memory allocation visualization for unmanaged languages
12/15/11User-controlled application access to resources
12/15/11Fast edge routing for interactive diagramming
12/15/11Erase, circle, prioritize and application tray gestures
12/15/11Workflow visualization
12/15/11Pre-compiling hosted managed code
12/15/11Dynamic languages for static hosts
12/15/11Inserting closing code constructs
12/15/11User interface inventory
12/15/11Multi-environment configuration of data integration projects
12/15/11Dynamic adaptive programming
12/15/11Execution capture and replay based debugging
12/15/11Script debugging
12/15/11Creating text functions from a spreadsheet
12/15/11Tracking variable information in optimized code
12/15/11Multi-branch management for updating software
12/15/11Protection of virtual machines executing on a host device
12/15/11Managing requests based on request groups
12/15/11Changing streaming media quality level based on current device resource usage
12/15/11Indicating parallel operations with user-visible events
12/15/11Integrating account selectors with passive authentication protocols
12/15/11Flexible end-point compliance and strong authentication for distributed hybrid enterprises
12/15/11Extending a customer relationship management eventing framework to a cloud computing environment in a secure manner
12/15/11Selectively exposing base class libraries based on application execution context
12/08/11Identification of devices on touch-sensitive surface
12/08/11Low-cost high-fidelity asset tracking in data center facilities
12/08/11Mobile device antenna with dielectric loading
12/08/11Device for sharing photographs in social settings
12/08/11Virtual touch interface
12/08/11Ergonomic input device
12/08/11View generation using interpolated values
12/08/11Updating graphical display content
12/08/11Hardware-accelerated color data processing
12/08/11Limiting avatar gesture display
12/08/11Depth illumination and detection optics
12/08/11Simulated video with extra viewpoints and enhanced resolution for traffic cameras
12/08/11Controlling power levels of electronic devices through user interaction
12/08/11Survivable and resilient real time communication architecture
12/08/11Dynamic channel and transmission rate selection
12/08/11Multiparty real time content delivery
12/08/11Uncontrolled spatial multiple access in wireless networks
12/08/11Safe conversation park and retrieval
12/08/11Automatic depth camera aiming
12/08/11Distinguishing live faces from flat surfaces
12/08/11Scalable face image retrieval
12/08/11Data driven interpolation using geodesic affinity
12/08/11Motion detection techniques for improved image remoting
12/08/11Invariant visual scene and object recognition
12/08/11Adaptive video zoom
12/08/11Tactile tile vocalization
12/08/11Meeting lobby for web conferencing
12/08/11Intelligent input handling
12/08/11Synthesis of information from multiple audiovisual sources
12/08/11Generating position information using a video camera
12/08/11Searching similar trajectories by locations
12/08/11Machine based sign language interpreter
12/08/11Locating parallel word sequences in electronic documents
12/08/11System-initiated speech interaction
12/08/11Real-time synchronous semantic processing in electronic documentation
12/08/11Extended conversion tracking for offline commerce
12/08/11Selecting and delivering personalized content
12/08/11Click modeling for url placements in query response pages
12/08/11Protecting game related content in a centralized marketplace
12/08/11Behavior-based networks
12/08/11Monitoring relationships between digital items on a computing apparatus
12/08/11Mining topic-related aspects from user generated content
12/08/11Storage system format for transaction safe file system
12/08/11Multi-version concurrency with ordered timestamps
12/08/11Determining quality of tier assignments
12/08/11Identifying dominant concepts across multiple sources
12/08/11Presenting supplemental content in context
12/08/11Related links recommendation
12/08/11Re-ranking search results based on lexical and ontological concepts
12/08/11Comparative entity mining
12/08/11Snippet extraction and ranking
12/08/11Utilizing search policies to determine search results
12/08/11Topical search engines and query context models
12/08/11Using context to extract entities from a document collection
12/08/11Approximation framework for direct optimization of information retrieval measures
12/08/11Client-server interaction frequency control
12/08/11Virtual playback speed modification
12/08/11Contextual information dependent modality selection
12/08/11Thread data aggregation
12/08/11Leader arbitration for provisioning services
12/08/11Web site implementation by mapping expression evaluation
12/08/11Recognition system for sharing information
12/08/11Edge traversal service dormancy
12/08/11Distributed services authorization management
12/08/11Hierarchical scalable memory allocator
12/08/11Key protectors based on online keys
12/08/11Super capacitor supplemented server power
12/08/11Collection ordering for replicated state machines
12/08/11Targeted black box fuzzing of input data
12/08/11Web client command infrastructure integration into a rich client application
12/08/11Feature set differentiation by tenant and user
12/08/11Related tasks and tasklets for search
12/08/11Sketching and searching application for idea generation
12/08/11Adjustable and progressive mobile device street view
12/08/11Jump, checkmark, and strikethrough gestures
12/08/11Providing diverse solutions using design space exploration
12/08/11Generating text manipulation programs using input-output examples
12/08/11Assigning type parameters
12/08/11Library conformity checker
12/08/11Metadata driven automatic deployment of distributed server systems
12/08/11Bookmarks and performance history for network software deployment evaluation
12/08/11Virtual machine migration techniques
12/08/11State separation for virtual applications
12/08/11Aggregated tuner scheduling
12/01/11Qr code detection
12/01/11Slot antenna
12/01/11Manipulable human interactive proofs
12/01/11Placement of animated elements using vector fields
12/01/11Discrete element texture synthesis
12/01/11Soft disk blue noise sampling
12/01/11Pluggable web-based visualizations for applications
12/01/11Non-linguistic signal detection and feedback
12/01/11Interest messaging entertainment system
12/01/11Shadow elimination in the backlight for a 3-d display
12/01/113d interaction for mobile device
12/01/11Applying policies to schedule network bandwidth among virtual machines
12/01/11Automating dynamic information insertion into video
12/01/11Process-integrated tree view control for interactive voice response design
12/01/11Managing call forwarding profiles
12/01/11Efficient image and video recoloring for colorblindness
12/01/11Foreground and background image segmentation
12/01/11Facial analysis techniques
12/01/11Extensible phone application
12/01/11Managing subscribers on a cellular network
12/01/11Hybrid mobile phone geopositioning
12/01/11Animation for a productivity applications learning tool game
12/01/11Consolidated game flow for learning productivity applications
12/01/11Detecting reactions and providing feedback to an interaction
12/01/11Determining alternative routes
12/01/11Mixture modeling with component-dependent partitions
12/01/11Locating paraphrases through utilization of a multipartite graph
12/01/11Influence assessment in social networks
12/01/11Mesh platform utility computing portal
12/01/11Event-based ad targeting
12/01/11Per-user predictive profiles for personalized advertising
12/01/11Defining user intent
12/01/11Providing information to potential purchasers electronically
12/01/11Generating tailored content based on scene image detection
12/01/11Assisted clustering
12/01/11Training svms with parallelized stochastic gradient descent
12/01/11Associating media with metadata of near-duplicates
12/01/11Synchronization of subsets of data including support for varying set membership
12/01/11Scalable policy-based database synchronization of scopes
12/01/11Framework for testing query transformation rules
12/01/11Enhancing freshness of search results
12/01/11Semi-supervised page importance ranking
12/01/11Concept interface for search engines
12/01/11Detection of junk in search result ranking
12/01/11Real-time annotation and enrichment of captured video
12/01/11Federated implicit search
12/01/11Graph-processing techniques for a mapreduce engine
12/01/11Exposing metadata relationships through filter interplay
12/01/11Schema contracts for data integration
12/01/11Filtering and sorting information
12/01/11Location-aware query based event retrieval and alerting
12/01/11Assisted content authoring
12/01/11Query correction probability based on query-correction pairs
12/01/11Computer-implemented symbolic polynomial factorization
12/01/11Hybrid greatest common divisor calculator for polynomials
12/01/11Optimistic concurrency utilizing distributed constraint enforcement
12/01/11Cached and server views with automatic caching and smooth scrolling
12/01/11Content identification for peer-to-peer content retrieval
12/01/11Distributed computing using communities
12/01/11Continuous replication for session initiation protocol based communication systems
12/01/11Totally ordered log on appendable storage
12/01/11Translation of technology-agnostic management commands into multiple management protocols
12/01/11User account behavior techniques
12/01/11Managing shared sessions in a shared resource computing environment
12/01/11Realtime websites with publication and subscription
12/01/11Fabric based lock manager service
12/01/11Cache control for adaptive stream player
12/01/11Automatically starting servers at low temperatures
12/01/11Claim based content reputation service
12/01/11Resource-based adaptive server loading
12/01/11Virtual machine i/o multipath configuration
12/01/11Data encryption conversion for independent agents
12/01/11Log message anomaly detection
12/01/11Distributed computing
12/01/11Error correcting pointers for non-volatile storage
12/01/11Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
12/01/11Efficient application-neutral vector documents
12/01/11Concurrent utilization of a document by multiple threads
12/01/11Concurrent editing of a document by multiple clients
12/01/11Generation of a best-fit rigged body model
12/01/11Translating overlapping states into representative states
12/01/11Text entry techniques
12/01/11Recent contacts and items
12/01/11Active calibration of a natural user interface
12/01/11Command line shell command generation based on schema
12/01/11Deployment script generation and execution
12/01/11Static analysis using interactive and integration tools
12/01/11Hypervisor scheduler
12/01/11Exposure of virtual cache topology to a guest operating system
12/01/11Upgrading roles in a role-based access-based control model
12/01/11Programming model for collaborative distributed systems
12/01/11Augmenting television media
12/01/11Controllable device companion data
12/01/11Delegation-based authorization
12/01/11Cloud-based personal trait profile data
12/01/11Protecting user credentials using an intermediary component
12/01/11Access control management mapping resource/action pairs to principals
12/01/11Campaign detection
12/01/11Secure serial number
12/01/11Dynamic assertion providers for logic-based security policy languages
11/24/11Gesture recognizer system architecture
11/24/11Gesture recognizer system architecture
11/24/11Dynamic projected user interface
11/24/11Computing device notes
11/24/11Computing device writing implement techniques
11/24/11Animation transition engine
11/24/11Cost reduction of nat connection state keep-alive
11/24/11Reliable multicast with automatic session startup and client backfill support
11/24/11Image browsing and navigating user interface
11/24/11Spatially registering user photographs
11/24/11Provisioning of wireless connectivity for devices using nfc
11/24/11Mobile contact notes
11/24/11Detection, selection and provision of external antennas for a mobile device
11/24/11Method for planar implementation of pi/8 gate in chiral topological superconductors
11/24/11Open-world modeling
11/24/11Voice stream augmented note taking
11/24/11Voice print identification
11/24/11Estimating a discounted cumulative gain
11/24/11Online platform for web advertisement competition
11/24/11Enhancing photo browsing through music and advertising
11/24/11Ad stalking defense
11/24/11Scalable billing with de-duplication in aggregator
11/24/11Scalable billing with de-duplication and sequencing
11/24/11Mobile device recommendations
11/24/11Learning user intent from rule-based training data
11/24/11Matching offers to known products
11/24/11Learning transportation modes from raw gps data
11/24/11Visualization of data record physicality
11/24/11Scaleable fault-tolerant metadata service
11/24/11Linked databases
11/24/11Embedded search bar
11/24/11Query intent in information retrieval
11/24/11Personalized navigation using a search engine
11/24/11Search-based system management
11/24/11Managing a binary object in a database system
11/24/11De-duplication in billing system
11/24/11Mapping documents to a relational database table with a document position column
11/24/11Asset resolvable bookmarks
11/24/11Mail service management system
11/24/11Automatic online video discovery and indexing
11/24/11Remote application connection sharing
11/24/11Client-server session parallelism
11/24/11Collaborative speed determination in distributed systems
11/24/11Sessions for direct attached storage devices
11/24/11Using type stability to facilitate contention management
11/24/11Backup and restore of items using bounded checkpoint and log buffers in memory
11/24/11Clipping view
11/24/11Secure application of custom resources in multi-tier systems
11/24/11Gestures and gesture recognition for manipulating a user-interface
11/24/11Gestures and gesture modifiers for manipulating a user-interface
11/24/11Orbital representation of hierarchical navigation
11/24/11Computing device magnification gesture
11/24/11Organization of application state and configuration settings
11/24/11User interface analysis management
11/24/11Techniques to automatically update software applications
11/24/11Extensible task scheduler
11/24/11Sharing and synchronization of objects
11/24/11Generating service-access activities for workflow applications
11/24/11Simple and dynamic configuration of network devices
11/24/11Aggregate personal computer system
11/24/11Trusted e-mail communication in a multi-tenant environment
11/24/11Restricting access to volumes
11/17/11Wind-powered data center
11/17/11Systems and methods for immersive interaction with virtual objects
11/17/11Inferring user intent to engage a motion capture system
11/17/11Scanned-beam depth mapping to 2d image
11/17/11Flexible range reduction
11/17/11Auto classifying images as "image not available" images
11/17/11User correction of errors arising in a textual document undergoing optical character recognition (ocr) process
11/17/11Feature design for hmm-based handwriting recognition
11/17/11Methods for predicting destinations from partial trajectories employing open- and closed-world modeling methods
11/17/11Network emulation in manual and automated testing tools
11/17/11Generating snippets based on content features
11/17/11Contextual task assignment broker
11/17/11Making friend and location recommendations based on location similarities
11/17/11Dynamic pattern matching over ordered and disordered data streams
11/17/11Link spam detection using smooth classification function
11/17/11Comparing and identifying similar tracks
11/17/11Virtually infinite reliable storage across multiple storage devices and storage services
11/17/11Concurrently accessing data
11/17/11Getting dependency metadata using statement execution plans
11/17/11Identifying entity synonyms
11/17/11Hierarchical content classification into deep taxonomies
11/17/11Extracting higher-order knowledge from structured data
11/17/11Geometric mechanism for privacy-preserving answers
11/17/11Image searching with recognition suggestion
11/17/11Intelligent container index and search
11/17/11Decreasing duplicates and loops in an activity record
11/17/11Asymmetric end host redundancy elimination for networks
11/17/11Content presentation based on user preferences
11/17/11Internet location coordinate enhanced domain name system
11/17/11Dynamic application placement based on cost and availability of energy in datacenters
11/17/11Network and interface selection on a computing device capable of establishing connections via multiple network communications media
11/17/11Interconnecting members of a virtual network
11/17/11Parallelizing sequential frameworks using transactions
11/17/11Private aggregation of distributed time-series data
11/17/11Domain access system
11/17/11Managing memory faults
11/17/11Change tracking and management in distributed applications
11/17/11Analysis stack for complex event flows
11/17/11Editable bookmarks shared via a social network
11/17/11Graphical creation of a document conversion template
11/17/11Contour based flow layout
11/17/11Adaptable layouts for social feeds
11/17/11Device theme matching
11/17/11Pasting various data into a programming environment
11/17/11Automated social networking graph mining and visualization
11/17/11Integrated user interface controls for web dialogs
11/17/11Visual analysis and debugging of complex event flows
11/17/11Change notification and information update based on uncompiled software development project
11/17/11Enforcement of architectural design during software development
11/17/11Refactoring call sites
11/17/11Extensibility model for stream-based operators and aggregates
11/17/11Application gadgets and remote control devices
11/17/11Application gadgets and electronic program guides
11/17/11Handling privacy preferences and policies through logic language
11/17/11Sensor-based authentication to a computer network-based service
11/17/11Overlay human interactive proof system and techniques
11/17/11Edge computing platform for delivery of rich internet applications
11/17/11Identifying malicious queries
11/10/11Extending digital artifacts through an interactive surface
11/10/11Shared graphics infrastructure
11/10/11Diffusing screen
11/10/11Sensor array beamformer post-processor
11/10/11Robust adaptive beamforming with enhanced noise suppression
11/10/11Image segmentation using star-convexity constraints
11/10/11Segmentation of a word bitmap into individual characters or glyphs during an ocr process
11/10/11Depth map confidence filtering
11/10/11Automatic gain control based on detected pressure
11/10/11Role assignment in multiplayer games
11/10/11Organizational behavior monitoring analysis and influence
11/10/11Selecting advertisements for presentation with search results
11/10/11Combinatorial advertisements
11/10/11Security service level agreements with publicly verifiable proofs of compliance
11/10/11Optimistic locking in a distributed file system replication environment
11/10/11Collaborative location and activity recommendations
11/10/11Automatic role determination for search configuration
11/10/11Dependency graphs for multiple domains
11/10/11Normalizing data for fast superscalar processing
11/10/11Transactional file system
11/10/11Desktop screen sharing over http
11/10/11Operating system and application virtualization for application execution
11/10/11Social attention management
11/10/11Techniques to share media files through messaging
11/10/11Clock synchronization for shared media playback
11/10/11Monitoring network performance to identify sources of network performance degradation
11/10/11Provider connection framework
11/10/11Directing service requests to providers
11/10/11Assigning input devices to specific sessions
11/10/11Using external memory devices to improve system performance
11/10/11Flash memory cache including for use with persistent key-value store
11/10/11Fast and low-ram-footprint indexing for data deduplication
11/10/11Fast and low-ram-footprint indexing for data deduplication
11/10/11Multi-threaded adjustment of column widths or row heights
11/10/11Calculation of spreadsheet data
11/10/11Scalable affinitized state management
11/10/11Streamlined collaboration on document
11/10/11Using double buffering for screen sharing
11/10/11Navigational information user interface
11/10/11One step selection of disabled options
11/10/11Presentation of information describing user activities with regard to resources
11/10/11Techniques to enhance software production
11/10/11Generating type-safe wrappers for dynamic detouring
11/10/11Name binding extensibility for typed programming language
11/10/11Managing runtime execution of applications on cloud computing systems
11/10/11Dynamic token resolution during compilation
11/10/11Distributed workflow execution
11/10/11Automatic return to synchronization context for asynchronous computations
11/10/11Data driven role based security
11/03/11Active vibrations
11/03/11Reshapable connector with variable rigidity
11/03/11Changing input tolerances based on device movement
11/03/11Heterogeneous image sensor synchronization
11/03/11Dynamic resistance control of a stylus
11/03/11Accelerated instant replay for co-present and distributed meetings
11/03/11Multiple sensor input data synthesis
11/03/11Detecting motion for a multifunction sensor device
11/03/11Image capture
11/03/11Scanned beam display and image capture
11/03/11Near-lossless video summarization
11/03/11Capturing reflected light from a sampling surface
11/03/11Data encoding
11/03/11Audio spatialization using reflective room model
11/03/11Multiple centroid condensation of probability distribution clouds
11/03/11Affine distortion compensation
11/03/11Word recognition of text undergoing an ocr process
11/03/11Generating a combined image from multiple images
11/03/11Keyboard assembly and underlying display device
11/03/11Local voicemail for mobile devices
11/03/11Mobile device manners propagation and compliance
11/03/11Mobile device manners propagation and compliance
11/03/11System for synchronous and asynchronous gaming modes
11/03/11Computer-based gaming teams
11/03/11Destination maps user interface
11/03/11Parameter learning in a hidden trajectory model
11/03/11Comparisons between entities of a particular type
11/03/11Online platform for web advertisement partnerships
11/03/11Group recommendations in social networks
11/03/11Predicting candidates using input scopes
11/03/11Resource capacity monitoring and reporting
11/03/11Extracting structured data from web queries
11/03/11Information exploration
11/03/11Context-aware query classification
11/03/11Adding dominant media elements to search results
11/03/11Collaborative search and share
11/03/11Providing search results in response to a search query
11/03/11Data classifier
11/03/11Providing search results in response to a search query
11/03/11Prioritization of resources based on user activities
11/03/11Comparisons between entities of a particular type
11/03/11Transparent migration of endpoint
11/03/11News feed techniques
11/03/11Using dns reflection to measure network performance
11/03/11Efficient encoding of structured data
11/03/11Memory usage scanning
11/03/11Peer-to-peer identity management interfaces and methods
11/03/11Generic file protection format
11/03/11Diagnostic dashboard for web pages
11/03/11Temporary formatting and charting of selected data
11/03/11Client application and web page integration
11/03/11Configurable presets for tab groups
11/03/11Custom tab ordering and replacement
11/03/11Pinning of tabs in tab groups
11/03/11Zoom display navigation
11/03/11Spin control user interface for selecting options
11/03/11Converting controls into source code
11/03/11Remotable project
11/03/11Software development tool
11/03/11Software development tool
11/03/11Modifiable high-level intermediate representation of source code
11/03/11Application programming interface for identifying, downloading and installing applicable software updates
11/03/11Reducing feedback latency
11/03/11Multi-threaded sort of data items in spreadsheet tables
11/03/11Cross-network reputation for online services
11/03/11System and method for binding a subscription-based computing system to an internet service
11/03/11Detection of rogue wireless devices from dynamic host control protocol requests
10/27/11Automated recovery and escalation in complex distributed applications
10/27/11Interfacing with a computing application using a multi-digit sensor
10/27/11Tactile overlay for virtual keyboard
10/27/11Transparent keyboard assembly with underlying display device
10/27/11Recognizing multiple input point gestures
10/27/11Displaying images on solid surfaces
10/27/11Grasp simulation of a virtual object
10/27/11Projected image enhancement
10/27/11Hand-location post-process refinement in a tracking system
10/27/11Compact handwriting recognition
10/27/11Vision-based compression
10/27/11Optic having a cladding
10/27/11System and method for optimizing network communication in response to network conditions
10/27/11Visually emphasizing predicted keys of virtual keyboard
10/27/11Activity-centric granular application functionality
10/27/11Facilitating keyword extraction for advertisement selection
10/27/11Using structured offer data to create keyword based advertisements
10/27/11Learning a ranker to rank entities with automatically derived domain-specific preferences
10/27/11User interface for information presentation system
10/27/11Multiparty computer-assisted haggling
10/27/11Securing payment data
10/27/11Product synthesis from multiple sources
10/27/11Probabilistic gradient boosted machines
10/27/11User-input scheduling of synchronization operation on a mobile device based on user activity
10/27/11Data collector
10/27/11Efficient point-to-multipoint data reconciliation
10/27/11Quota-based archiving
10/27/11Learning diverse rankings over document collections
10/27/11Image search result summarization with informative priors
10/27/11Dynamic computation engine in search stack
10/27/11Information presentation system
10/27/11Search engine data structure
10/27/11Location context mining
10/27/11Context-based services
10/27/11Web object retrieval based on a language model
10/27/11Training a ranking function using propagated document relevance
10/27/11Techniques to perform relative ranking for search results
10/27/11Identifying location names within document text
10/27/11Information retrieval system with customization
10/27/11Establishing search results and deeplinks using trails
10/27/11User modification of a model applied to search results
10/27/11Email views
10/27/11Enriching online videos by content detection, searching, and information aggregation
10/27/11Conversion of hierarchical infoset type data to binary data
10/27/11Importing tree structure
10/27/11Hierarchically disassembling messages
10/27/11System and method for sharing information based on proximity
10/27/11Optimized caching for large data requests
10/27/11Simple and dynamic configuration of network devices
10/27/11Capturing web-based scenarios
10/27/11Dynamic connection management on mobile peer devices
10/27/11Changing power mode based on sensors in a device
10/27/11Adaptive energy-efficient location determination
10/27/11Multi-threaded sort of data items in spreadsheet tables
10/27/11Scalable incremental semantic entity and relatedness extraction from unstructured text
10/27/11Terminal services view toolbox
10/27/11Interactive representation of clustered entities
10/27/11Collapsible tabbed user interface
10/27/11Representation of overlapping visual entities
10/27/11Display of filtered data via ordered values
10/27/11Throwing gestures for mobile devices
10/27/11Representing binary code as a circuit
10/27/11Embeddable project data
10/27/11Automatic parallelization in a tracing just-in-time compiler system
10/27/11Resumable methods
10/27/11Coupled symbiotic operating system
10/27/11Customizing streaming content presentation
10/27/11Search result presentation
10/27/11Malware investigation by analyzing computer memory
10/27/11Role-based graphical user interfaces
10/20/11Controllable device selection based on controller location
10/20/11Compact interactive tabletop with projection-vision
10/20/11Quantization adjustment based on texture level
10/20/11Resolving calling line identification information
10/20/11Accelerating bitmap remoting by identifying and extracting patterns from source bitmaps through parallel processing techniques
10/20/11Self-sterilizing user input device
10/20/11Wifi and gsm landmarks and neighborhoods for location based services
10/20/11Generating chinese language banners
10/20/11Robust speech recognition
10/20/11Search advertisement selection based on user actions
10/20/11Effective ad placement
10/20/11Considering user-relevant criteria when serving advertisements
10/20/11Evaluating preferences of users engaging with advertisements
10/20/11Inventory management
10/20/11Incorporating time and spatial relationships between user/advertiser locations into advertisement relevance
10/20/11Dynamic mechanism for selling online advertising space
10/20/11Application store for shared resource computing
10/20/11Active prediction of diverse search intent based upon user browsing behavior
10/20/11Ranking search results using click-based data
10/20/11Combining predictive models of forgetting, relevance, and cost of interruption to guide automated reminding
10/20/11Using behavior data to quickly improve search ranking
10/20/11Automatic query suggestion generation using sub-queries
10/20/11Mining multilingual topics
10/20/11Targeting applications based on mobile operator
10/20/11Time travelling email messages after delivery
10/20/11Bandwidth-proportioned datacenters
10/20/11Locator table and client library for datacenters
10/20/11Application sla based dynamic, elastic, and adaptive provisioning of network capacity
10/20/11Using transport-independent resource status
10/20/11Media content improved playback quality
10/20/11Method and system for reliable protocol tunneling over http
10/20/11Secure local update of content management software
10/20/11Extensible management of self-encrypting storage devices
10/20/11Memory management and recovery for datacenters
10/20/11Data layout for recovery and durability
10/20/11Server failure recovery
10/20/11Testing components for thread safety
10/20/11Utilization of memory refresh cycles for pattern matching
10/20/11System and method for annotating an electronic document independently of its content
10/20/11Markup language stylization
10/20/11Declarative definition of complex user interface state changes
10/20/11Current updates
10/20/11Social home page
10/20/11Automatic gathering and distribution of testimonial content
10/20/11Cross-browser web dialog platform
10/20/11Assigning z-order to user interface elements
10/20/11Display of filtered data via frequency distribution
10/20/11Displaying large datasets in a browser environment
10/20/11Static type checking against external data sources
10/20/11Asynchronous workflows
10/20/11Platform independent presentation composition
10/20/11Using a dsl for calling apis to test software
10/20/11Visualization of runtime analysis across dynamic boundaries
10/20/11Intermediate language support for change resilience
10/20/11Intermediate language support for change resilience
10/20/11Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
10/20/11Tailored system management interface
10/13/11Keyboard with hinged keys and display functionality
10/13/11Keycap construction for keyboard with display functionality
10/13/11Adaptive keyboard light pillar
10/13/11Adaptive keyboard light turner
10/13/11Manipulation and management of links and nodes in large graphs
10/13/11Configurable framework for rich data visualization
10/13/11Page load performance analysis
10/13/11Automated story generation
10/13/11Capturing presentations in online conferences
10/13/11Game achievements system
10/13/11Methods and compositions for determining gene function
10/13/11Simulating painting
10/13/11Grapheme-to-phoneme conversion using acoustic data
10/13/11Promotional placement of applications in a marketplace
10/13/11Inventory clustering
10/13/11Deriving statement from product or service reviews
10/13/11Interactive optimization of the behavior of a system
10/13/11Web-scale entity relationship extraction
10/13/11Logical replication in clustered database system with adaptive cloning
10/13/11In-memory database system
10/13/11Offline sharing capability for client application
10/13/11Combined save and validation logic
10/13/11Integrating a search service with a social network resource
10/13/11Shopping search engines
10/13/11Applying a model of a persona to search results
10/13/11Dynamic generation of relevant items
10/13/11Analysis of computer network activity by successively removing accepted types of access events
10/13/11Measuring entity extraction complexity
10/13/11Make and model classifier
10/13/11Status tool to expose metadata read and write queues
10/13/11Extending cluster allocations in an extensible file system
10/13/11Metadata subscription registry
10/13/11Extensible and programmable multi-tenant service architecture
10/13/11Network infrastructure management
10/13/11Designating automated agents as friends in a social network service
10/13/11Recommendation ranking system with distrust
10/13/11Dynamic syncing
10/13/11Extensible dynamic performance instrumentation of pages
10/13/11Integrated development environment for rapid device development
10/13/11Express-full backup of a cluster shared virtual machine
10/13/11Securing passwords against dictionary attacks
10/13/11Multi-phase storage volume transformation
10/13/11Transparent auto-discovery of network devices logically located between a client and server
10/13/11Pragmatic mapping specification, compilation and validation
10/13/11Fitting network content onto a reduced-size screen
10/13/11Generating computer program code from open markup language documents
10/13/11Optimizations for hybrid word processing and graphical content authoring
10/13/11Translating text on a surface computing device
10/13/11Dashboard editor
10/13/11Generating exception-based component models from non-exception-based models
10/13/11Allocation of processor resources in an emulated computing environment
10/13/11Adaptive timeshift service
10/13/11Early detection of potential malware
10/13/11Tiered object-related trust decisions
10/13/11Reputation-based authorization decisions
10/06/11Enhanced viewing brightness for surface display
10/06/11Visualization of complexly related data
10/06/11Capturing image structure detail from a first image and color from a second image
10/06/11Private video presentation
10/06/11Time interleaved exposures and multiplexed illumination
10/06/11Data center using wireless communication
10/06/11Temperature measurement and control for laser and light-emitting diodes
10/06/11Classification and encoder selection based on content
10/06/11Generation of multi-resolution image pyramids
10/06/11Segmentation of textual lines in an image that include western characters and hieroglyphic characters
10/06/11Detecting position of word breaks in a textual line image
10/06/11Material recognition from an image
10/06/11Virtual machine fast emulation assist
10/06/11Interactive multilingual word-alignment techniques
10/06/11Pre-saved data compression for tts concatenation cost
10/06/11Online pre-registration for patient intake
10/06/11Identity matching and information linking
10/06/11Accessing patient information
10/06/11Advertisement inventory matching
10/06/11Motion-based interactive shopping environment
10/06/11Summary presentation of media consumption
10/06/11Synchronization framework that restores a node from backup
10/06/11Companion experience
10/06/11Augmented query search
10/06/11Inline data correlation and hierarchical datasets
10/06/11Dynamic reranking of search results based upon source authority
10/06/11Summarizing streams of information
10/06/11Authority ranking
10/06/11Creating and propagating annotated information
10/06/11Contemporaneously sharing resources targeted by a library
10/06/11Adaptive distribution of the processing of highly interactive applications
10/06/11Administrative interface for managing shared resources
10/06/11Four tier architecture for implementing thin clients
10/06/11Social context for inter-media objects
10/06/11Controlling media consumption privacy settings
10/06/11Distributed non-negative matrix factorization
10/06/11Text suggestion framework with client and server model
10/06/11Delaying inbound and outbound email messages
10/06/11Personalized email interactions applied to global filtering
10/06/11Sustaining session connections
10/06/11Mapping rdma semantics to high speed storage
10/06/11Virtual application extension points
10/06/11Wireless shared resource computing
10/06/11Hardware supported virtualized cryptographic service
10/06/11Throttling non-delivery reports based on root cause
10/06/11Testing software in electronic devices
10/06/11Correlation, association, or correspondence of electronic forms
10/06/11Validating markup language schemas and semantic constraints
10/06/11Replacement of data element in a graph
10/06/11Persistent formatting for interactive charts
10/06/11Interactive application assistance, such as for web applications
10/06/11Visual entertainment timeline
10/06/11Opportunistic frame caching
10/06/11Interactive visualization to enhance automated fault diagnosis in networks
10/06/11Interactive and shared viewing experience
10/06/11Ancillary experience-based pairing
10/06/11Automated user interface generator
10/06/11Visualizing sentiment of online content
10/06/11Enhanced virtualization system
10/06/11State machine expressions in database operators
10/06/11Code-clone detection and analysis
10/06/11Compiler supporting programs as data objects
10/06/11Virtual machine crash file generation techniques
10/06/11Resource management in computing scenarios
10/06/11Trusted device-specific authentication
10/06/11Computation to gain access to service
10/06/11Anti-phishing protection
10/06/11Integrating security by obscurity with access control lists
09/29/11Fabrication of optically smooth light guide
09/29/11Predictive determination
09/29/11Multi-axis navigation
09/29/11Systems and methods for tracking a model
09/29/11Personalized apparel and accessories inventory and display
09/29/11Systems and methods for providing an enhanced graphics pipeline
09/29/11Graph clustering
09/29/11Smart gestures for diagram state transitions
09/29/11De-aliasing depth images
09/29/11Rendezvousing resource requests with corresponding resources
09/29/11Ofdm transmission and reception for non-ofdm signals
09/29/11Methods and apparatus for use in computer-to-human escalation
09/29/11Partition min-hash for partial-duplicate image determination
09/29/11Gesturing to select and configure device communication
09/29/11Cellular service with improved service availability
09/29/11Parental control settings based on body dimensions
09/29/11Application-centric user interface techniques
09/29/11Application-centric user interface techniques
09/29/11Telephony service interaction management
09/29/11Acoustic model adaptation using splines
09/29/11Predicting future queries from log data
09/29/11Auction flighting
09/29/11Suggesting keyword expansions for advertisement selection
09/29/11Service stage for subscription management
09/29/11Determining mobile operators for mobile devices
09/29/11Probabilistic inference in differentially private systems
09/29/11Multi-factor probabilistic model for evaluating user input
09/29/11Efficient point-to-multipoint data reconciliation
09/29/11Using anchor text with hyperlink structures for web searches
09/29/11Predicting and using search engine switching behavior
09/29/11Parsing and indexing dynamic reports
09/29/11Crowd-sourcing and contextual reclassification of rated content
09/29/11Caching data obtained via data service interfaces
09/29/11Content distribution using embeddable widgets
09/29/11Associating security trimmers with documents in an enterprise search system
09/29/11Text message handshaking and integration
09/29/11Request-based server health modeling
09/29/11Dynamic session maintenance for mobile computing devices
09/29/11Consistent cluster operational data in a server cluster using a quorum of replicas
09/29/11Anonymous and secure network-based interaction
09/29/11Rendezvousing resource requests with corresponding resources
09/29/11Consistent cluster operational data in a server cluster using a quorum of replicas
09/29/11Anticipatory response pre-caching
09/29/11Intelligent boot device selection and recovery
09/29/11Secure repository with layers of tamper resistance and system and method for providing same
09/29/11Managing power provisioning in distributed computing
09/29/11Diagnosis of problem causes using factorization
09/29/11Validating configuration of distributed applications
09/29/11Dynamically controlled server rack illumination system
09/29/11Centralized service outage communication
09/29/11Enabling electronic documents for limited-capability computing devices
09/29/11Detecting virality paths and supporting referral monetization
09/29/11Sequential layout builder architecture
09/29/11Sequential layout builder
09/29/11Configurable dynamic combination of html resources for download optimization in script based web page
09/29/11Natural user interaction in shared resource computing environment
09/29/11Shared resource computing collaboration sessions management
09/29/11Tracking navigation flows within the same browser tab
09/29/11Modifying avatar attributes
09/29/11Timeline control
09/29/11Direction-based data entry system
09/29/11Pointer tool with touch-enabled precise placement
09/29/11Breadcrumb navigation through heirarchical structures
09/29/11Representing the structure of a data format using a class-based representation
09/29/11Variable closure
09/29/11Automatically redirecting method calls for unit testing
09/29/11Dependence-based software builds
09/29/11Performing a wait operation to wait for one or more tasks to complete
09/29/11System and method for controlling inter-application association through contextual policy control
09/29/11Predicative and persistent event streams
09/29/11Reducing persistence commands
09/29/11Automated security analysis for federated relationship
09/29/11Executable code validation in a web browser
09/29/11Auditing access to data based on resource properties
09/22/11Rfid-based enterprise intelligence
09/22/11System for checking the location of equipmrnt
09/22/11Cuckoo hashing to store beacon reference data
09/22/11Selecting beacons for location inference
09/22/11Visual simulation of touch pressure
09/22/11Detecting ambient light levels in a vision system
09/22/11Stateless animation, such as bounce easing
09/22/11Architecture for volume rendering
09/22/11Multi-touch user interface interaction
09/22/11Space skipping for multi-dimensional image rendering
09/22/11Synchronization of multiple data sources to a common time base
09/22/11Using accelerometer information for determining orientation of pictures and video images
09/22/11Large format digital camera
09/22/11Raster scanning for depth detection
09/22/11Efficient collimation of light with optical wedge
09/22/11Embedded virtual media
09/22/11Side channel attack analysis
09/22/11Proxy training data for human body tracking
09/22/11Medical image rendering
09/22/11Feature design for hmm based eastern asian character recognition
09/22/11Mobile communication device having multiple, interchangeable second devices
09/22/11Scalable and flexible control system having symmetrical control units
09/22/11Web translation provider
09/22/11Synthesized singing voice waveform generator
09/22/11Voice-enabled text advertisements
09/22/11Voice customization for voice-enabled text advertisements
09/22/11Pricing for voice-enabled text advertisements
09/22/11Named entity recognition in query
09/22/11Regularized dual averaging method for stochastic and online learning
09/22/11Software agent for monitoring content relevance
09/22/11Object oriented data and metadata based search
09/22/11Indexing and searching employing virtual documents
09/22/11Adaptive row-batch processing of database data
09/22/11Bootstrap and adapt a document search engine
09/22/11Presenting answers
09/22/11Scalable index build techniques for column stores
09/22/11Data structures for collaborative filtering systems
09/22/11Dynamic contacts list management
09/22/11Song transition metadata
09/22/11Storing state of distributed architecture in external store
09/22/11Energy-aware code offload for mobile devices
09/22/11Unified web service discovery
09/22/11Location-based notification
09/22/11Latency reduction in collaborative presentation sharing environment
09/22/11Device connection routing for controllers
09/22/11Network resource management with prediction
09/22/11Shaping virtual machine communication traffic
09/22/11Systems and methods for scheduling data flow execution based on an arbitrary graph describing the desired data flow
09/22/11Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
09/22/11Providing hardware resources having different reliabilities for use by an application
09/22/11Energy savings for a networked computer
09/22/11Coordinating communication medium state for subtasks
09/22/11Standard schema and user interface for website maps
09/22/11Gestured movement of object to display edge
09/22/11Workflow execution model
09/22/11Low-level code rewriter verification
09/22/11Virtual application package reconstitution
09/22/11Virtual machine homogenization to enable migration across heterogeneous computers
09/22/11Cancellation of concurrent worker objects
09/22/11Pluggable token provider model to implement authentication across multiple web services
09/22/11Credential-based access to data
09/15/11Computer monitoring and reporting infrastructure
09/15/11Dynamic device adaptation based on proximity to other devices
09/15/11View navigation on mobile device
09/15/11Ergonomic computer mouse
09/15/11Laying out and cropping images in pre-defined layouts
09/15/11Augmented reality via a secondary channel
09/15/11Direct wireless client to client communication
09/15/11Routing requests for duplex applications
09/15/11Multi-stage large send offload
09/15/11Call-handling rules
09/15/11Text enhancement of a textual image undergoing optical character recognition
09/15/11Document page segmentation in optical character recognition
09/15/11Page layout determination of an image undergoing optical character recognition
09/15/11Resolution adjustment of an image that includes text undergoing an ocr process
09/15/11Paragraph recognition in an optical character recognition (ocr) process
09/15/11Resolution adjustment of an image that includes text undergoing an ocr process
09/15/11N-gram selection for practical-sized language models
09/15/11Localization for interactive voice response systems
09/15/11N-gram model smoothing with independently controllable parameters
09/15/11Determining supply and demand using online advertisements
09/15/11Shopping assistant
09/15/11System and method for providing information as a service via web services
09/15/11Semantics update and adaptive interfaces in connection with information as a service
09/15/11Reorganization of data under continuous workload
09/15/11Clean store for operating system and software recovery
09/15/11Metadata-aware search engine
09/15/11User role based customizable semantic search
09/15/11Query model over information as a networked service
09/15/11Constructing a search-result caption
09/15/11Granular and workload driven index defragmentation
09/15/11Adaptable relevance techniques for social activity streams
09/15/11System and method for publishing synthesized data to facilitate providing information as a service
09/15/11Iteratively locating a position corresponding to a desired seek time
09/15/11Receiving a version-specific result responsive to a query
09/15/11Loop control flow diversion
09/15/11Direct addressability and direct server return
09/15/11Method and system for transitioning between synchronous and asynchronous communication modes
09/15/11Collaborative conference experience improvement
09/15/11Multimodal conversation state and transfer through centralized notification
09/15/11Effectively managing configuration drift
09/15/11Generic interface
09/15/11Dual-mode, dual-display shared resource computing
09/15/11Preventing causality violations in decentralized distributed systems
09/15/11Generating a debuggable dump file for an operating system kernel and hypervisor
09/15/11Generating a debuggable dump file for a virtual machine
09/15/11Client session based debugging
09/15/11Detecting and recovering from process failures
09/15/11Resilient connectivity health management framework
09/15/11Fast and reliable wireless communication
09/15/11Interactive representation of clusters of geographical entities
09/15/11Application sharing with occlusion removal
09/15/11User interface with preview transitions
09/15/11Control of timing for animations in dynamic icons
09/15/11Reordering nodes in a hierarchical structure
09/15/11Testing user interfaces in multiple execution environments
09/15/11Virtual machine image update service
09/15/11Television content metadata
09/15/11Cloud-based device information storage
09/15/11Token request troubleshooting
09/15/11Behavior-based security system
09/15/11End user license agreement on demand
09/08/11Fabrication of an optical wedge
09/08/11Methods for allowing applications to filter out or opt into tablet input
09/08/11System and method for providing a dynamic expanded timeline
09/08/11Wedge backlight with diffraction grating
09/08/11Maintaining date and time with time zone rule changes
09/08/11Congestion control for delay sensitive applications
09/08/11Selectively disabling reliability mechanisms on a network connection
09/08/11Selectable state machine user interface system
09/08/11Image segmentation using reduced foreground training data
09/08/11Up-sampling binary images for segmentation
09/08/11Updating image segmentation following user input
09/08/11Controlling state transitions in a system
09/08/11Social media playback
09/08/11Transliteration using indicator and hybrid generative features
09/08/11Content stream management
09/08/11Notifications in a social network service
09/08/11Presenting content items using topical relevance and trending popularity
09/08/11Ontological categorization of question concepts from document summaries
09/08/11Partial item change tracking and synchronization
09/08/11Partial block based backups
09/08/11Library description of the user interface for federated search results
09/08/11Algorithm execution output cache
09/08/11Component localization
09/08/11Zone classification of electronic mail messages
09/08/11Detection of end-to-end transport quality
09/08/11Abstract protocol independent data bus
09/08/11Buffer pool extension for database server
09/08/11Automated certificate management
09/08/11Content interruptions
09/08/11Remote presentation over lossy transport with forward error correction
09/08/11Comparing values of a bounded domain
09/08/11Notifying network contacts of inquiries
09/08/11Web-based control using integrated control interface having dynamic hit zones
09/08/11Compressing source code written in a scripting language
09/08/11Software debugging recommendations
09/08/11High and low value application state
09/08/11Iterative data parallel opportunistic work stealing scheduler
09/08/11One-time initialization
09/08/11Marshaling results of nested tasks
09/08/11Processing model-based commands for distributed applications
09/08/11Virtual environment for server applications, such as web applications
09/08/11Interactive remote troubleshooting of a running process
09/08/11Emulated television tuner
09/08/11Information protection using zones
09/08/11Application-level denial-of-service attack protection
09/01/11Human body pose estimation
09/01/11User interface control using a keyboard
09/01/11Low latency rendering of objects
09/01/11Resampling and picture resizing operations for multi-resolution video coding and decoding
09/01/11Communication transport optimized for data center environment
09/01/11Efficient and reliable multicast over a wi-fi network
09/01/11Ranking based on facial image analysis
09/01/11Event matching in social networks
09/01/11Multi-image sharpening and denoising using lucky imaging
09/01/11Social network system with recommendations
09/01/11Allocation of resources
09/01/11Searchable web site discovery and recommendation
09/01/11Web content mining of pair-based data
09/01/11Dynamic search health monitoring
09/01/11Semantic object characterization and search
09/01/11Minimizing bandwidth in file path-centric protocol message
09/01/11Bypassing uploading of data from a wireless device using outbound attachment caching
09/01/11Media foundation media processor
09/01/11Domain management for digital media
09/01/11Reducing power consumption of distributed storage systems
09/01/11Virtual machine power consumption measurement and management
09/01/11Automated learning of failure recovery policies
09/01/11Network hang recovery
09/01/11Failed process reporting
09/01/11Root cause problem identification through event correlation
09/01/11Assisting input from a keyboard
09/01/11Efficient navigation of and interaction with a remoted desktop that is larger than the local screen
09/01/11Smooth layout animation of visuals
09/01/11Taxonomy editor
09/01/11Displaying feed data
09/01/11Bidirectional dynamic offloading of tasks between a host and a mobile device
09/01/11One-time initialization
09/01/11Protecting account security settings using strong proofs
09/01/11Statistical security for anonymous mesh-up oriented online services
09/01/11Network amplification attack mitigation
09/01/11Trusted operating environment for malware detection
08/25/11Inferring beacon positions based on spatial relationships
08/25/11Interacting with an omni-directionally projected display
08/25/11Off-screen gestures to create on-screen input
08/25/11Virtual features of physical items
08/25/11Projectors and depth cameras for deviceless augmented reality and interaction.
08/25/11Charge equalizing clock driver and other enhancements for time-of-flight depth sensing and other systems
08/25/11Traffic shaping for real time media streams
08/25/11Hybrid graph model for unsupervised object segmentation
08/25/11Mining correlation between locations using location history
08/25/11Map-matching for low-sampling-rate gps trajectories
08/25/11Location identification systems and methods
08/25/11Route computation based on route-oriented vehicle trajectories
08/25/11Joint-aware manipulation of deformable models
08/25/11Hierarchical locking in b-tree indexes
08/25/11Automatically mining intents of a group of queries
08/25/11Image-based captcha exploiting context in object recognition
08/25/11Context-aware searching
08/25/11Learning term weights from the query click field for web search
08/25/11Coordinating content from multiple data sources
08/25/11Differentially private data release
08/25/11Presentation of a web-based visual representation of a structured data solution
08/25/11Using distributed queues in an overlay network
08/25/11Distributed connectivity policy enforcement with ice
08/25/11Centralized management tool for remote presentation session server farms
08/25/11Multi-master text synchronization using deltas
08/25/11Incrementally managing distributed configuration data
08/25/11Dynamic traffic control using feedback loop
08/25/11Parameterized computer monitoring system
08/25/11Policy service system architecture for sessions created using stun
08/25/11Dynamic partitioning of data for data-parallel applications
08/25/11Communicating using a cloud infrastructure
08/25/11Time modulated generative probabilistic models for automated causal discovery
08/25/11Multicast subscription based on forward error correction
08/25/11Multi-screen bookmark hold gesture
08/25/11Explicit and non-explicit links in document
08/25/11Web-based visual representation of a structured data solution
08/25/11Interactive synchronization of web data and spreadsheets
08/25/11Data binding for a web-based visual representation of a structured data solution
08/25/11Integrated collaborative user interface for a document editor program
08/25/11Data structure mapping and navigation
08/25/11Multi-screen hold and page-flip gesture
08/25/11Multi-screen hold and tap gesture
08/25/11Multi-finger gestures
08/25/11Radial menus with bezel gestures
08/25/11Page manipulations using on and off-screen gestures
08/25/11Multi-screen pinch and expand gestures
08/25/11Multi-screen dual tap gesture
08/25/11Multi-screen synchronous slide gesture
08/25/11Automated deployment and servicing of distributed applications
08/25/11Specialized media presentation via an electronic program guide (epg)
08/25/11Media content catalog service
08/25/11Access restriction for computing content
08/25/11Method and system for performing an electronic signature approval process
08/25/11Authorization logic in memory constrained security device
08/25/11Protecting user mode processes from improper tampering or termination
08/18/11Gesture detection based on joint skipping
08/18/11Sensor-based pointing device for natural input and interaction
08/18/11Capturing screen objects using a collision volume
08/18/11Multi-layer user interface with flexible parallel movement
08/18/11Visualizing correlations in multi-dimensional data
08/18/11Interactive virtual display system for ubiquitous devices
08/18/11Flexible matching with combinational similarity
08/18/11Automated caller identifier from contact lists of a user's contacts
08/18/11Rating effort input device
08/18/11Real-time typing assistance
08/18/11Touchless and touch optimized processing of retail and other commerce transactions
08/18/11Efficient extraction and compression of data
08/18/11Rapid update of index metadata
08/18/11Expressing and executing semantic queries within a relational database
08/18/11Email system latencies and bandwidths
08/18/11Database virtualization
08/18/11Network structure for data center unit interconnection
08/18/11Assignment of control of peripherals of a computing device
08/18/11Rule-based assignment of control of peripherals of a computing device
08/18/11Certificate remoting and recovery
08/18/11Securely move virtual machines between host servers
08/18/11Storage configuration
08/18/11Insertion point bungee space tool
08/18/11Visual motion feedback for user interface
08/18/11Typing assistance for editing
08/18/11Multi-layer user interface with flexible parallel and orthogonal movement
08/18/11Distortion effects to indicate location in a movable data collection
08/18/11User-centric soft keyboard predictive technologies
08/18/11Tier splitting for occasionally connected distributed applications
08/18/11Distribution control and tracking mechanism of virtual machine appliances
08/18/11Asynchronous task execution
08/18/11Preserving privacy with digital identities
08/11/11Rendering multi-layered image
08/11/11Physical interaction zone for gesture-based user interfaces
08/11/11Generic platform video image stabilization
08/11/11Removable module for a console
08/11/11Network bandwidth measurement
08/11/11Pull based data driven consultative transfer
08/11/11Reliable broadcast in a federation of nodes
08/11/11Intelligent image search results summarization and browsing
08/11/11Combining online and offline recognizers in a handwriting recognition system
08/11/11Object similarity search in high-dimensional vector spaces
08/11/11Distributed database access for spectrum access
08/11/11Commercially subsidized mobile communication devices and services
08/11/11Moveable housing of a mobile communications device
08/11/11Multi-touch mouse in gaming applications
08/11/11Control of audio system via context sensor
08/11/11Bitstream syntax for multi-process audio decoding
08/11/11Lead qualification based on contact relationships and customer experience
08/11/11Semantic advertising selection from lateral concepts and topics
08/11/11Search auction insights for advertisers
08/11/11Facilitating advertisement selection using advancement bids
08/11/11Value determination for mobile transactions
08/11/11Generating and presenting lateral concepts
08/11/11Contextual queries
08/11/11Visual search reranking
08/11/11Semantic table of contents for search results
08/11/11Identifying intermediaries and potential contacts between organizations
08/11/11Moderating electronic communications
08/11/11Socket smtp load balancing
08/11/11Configuring network settings using portable storage media
08/11/11Managing user accounts and groups in multiple forests
08/11/11Selective connection between corresponding communication components involved in a teleconference
08/11/11Aggregation of write traffic to a data store
08/11/11Virtual disk manipulation operations
08/11/11Cache coordination between data sources and data recipients
08/11/11Background migration of virtual storage
08/11/11Fast machine booting through streaming storage
08/11/11Simplifying management of physical and virtual deployments
08/11/11Objective assessment of application crashes from a customer environment
08/11/11Graphics remoting using augmentation data
08/11/11Handles interactions for human-computer interface
08/11/11Test code qualitative evaluation
08/11/11Extension point declarative registration for virtualization
08/11/11System and method for prioritizing computers based on anti-malware events
08/04/11Data array manipulation
08/04/11Scanning backlight for flat-panel display
08/04/11Generating and displaying top-down maps of reconstructed 3-d scenes
08/04/11User interfaces for interacting with top-down maps of reconstructed 3-d scenes
08/04/11Transitioning between top-down maps and local navigation of reconstructed 3-d scenes
08/04/11Enhancement of images for display on liquid crystal displays
08/04/11Depth camera compatibility
08/04/11Depth camera compatibility
08/04/11Fast gating photosurface
08/04/11Video artifact suppression via rolling flicker detection
08/04/11Multiple synchronized optical sources for time-of-flight range finding systems
08/04/11Methods and systems for hierarchical de-aliasing time-of-flight (tof) systems
08/04/11Message transport system using publication and subscription mechanisms
08/04/11Using consultation call to transfer call across endpoints
08/04/11Automatic identification of image features
08/04/11High dynamic range image generation and rendering
08/04/11Single image haze removal using dark channel priors
08/04/11Visual based identitiy tracking
08/04/11Mapping interface with higher zoom level inset map
08/04/11Targeted data collection for positioning systems
08/04/11Using networking site interactions to generate a target list of potential consumers
08/04/11Image tagging based upon cross domain context
08/04/11Deep-structured conditional random fields for sequential labeling and classification
08/04/11Logical data backup and rollback using incremental capture in a distributed database
08/04/11Contextual display advertisements for a webpage
08/04/11Smart interface for color layout sensitive image search
08/04/11Contextual image search
08/04/11Url reputation system
08/04/11Dynamically-created pyramid to deliver content
08/04/11Composing views with automatic creation of links
08/04/11Embedded user experience in search result content
08/04/11Social network search
08/04/11Interactive system for extracting data from a website
08/04/11Database integrated viewer
08/04/11Applicability detection using third party target state
08/04/11Compressive data gathering for large-scale wireless sensor networks
08/04/11Extended cascading style sheets
08/04/11Cross-browser interactivity recording, playback, and editing
08/04/11Combined surface user interface
08/04/11Contextual multiplexing gestures
08/04/11Link gestures
08/04/11Cut, punch-out, and rip gestures
08/04/11Defining code by its functionality
08/04/11Array-based thread countdown
08/04/11Processing observable events using join patterns
08/04/11Extensible application virtualization subsystems
08/04/11Trick mode support for vod with long intra-frame intervals
08/04/11Video download mechanism for transferring large data
08/04/11Rescuing trusted nodes from filtering of untrusted network entities
08/04/11Activity filtering based on trust ratings of network entities
08/04/11Preventing malicious just-in-time spraying attacks
07/28/11Copy and staple gestures
07/28/11Input method for surface of interactive display
07/28/11Visualizing a layered graph using edge bundling
07/28/11Structured arrangement of visual endpoints
07/28/11Voice-body identity correlation
07/28/11Content sharing for mobile devices
07/28/11Phonetic suggestion engine
07/28/11Speech recognition analysis via identification information
07/28/11Event prediction in dynamic environments
07/28/11Social network rewards
07/28/11Auction format selection using historical data
07/28/11Providing contextual advertisements for electronic books
07/28/11Annotating queries over structured data
07/28/11Client side locking
07/28/11Distributed data backup
07/28/11Cluster restore and rebuild
07/28/11Storing temporary state data in separate containers
07/28/11Dynamic community-based cache for mobile search
07/28/11Providing query suggestions
07/28/11Aggregating user presence across multiple endpoints
07/28/11Following content item updates via chat groups
07/28/11Message data management
07/28/11Controlling execution of services across servers
07/28/11Multi-link remote protocol
07/28/11Loss tolerant protocol for remoting desktop graphics
07/28/11Media scrubbing using a media processor
07/28/11Temporary state service protocol
07/28/11Moving large dynamic datasets via incremental change synchronization
07/28/11Slider control for security grouping and enforcement
07/28/11Massive structured data transfer optimizations for high-latency, low-reliability networks
07/28/11Audio/visual editing tool
07/28/11Smart space insertion
07/28/11Message data management
07/28/11User-interface-integrated asynchronous validation for objects
07/28/11Social network notifications for external updates
07/28/11State persistence and background initialization for post-back web applications
07/28/11Techniques to restore communications sessions for applications having conversation and meeting environments
07/28/11Pattern-based user interfaces
07/28/11Stamp gestures
07/28/11Brush, carbon-copy, and fill gestures
07/28/11Simplified user controls for authoring workflows
07/28/11Edge gestures
07/28/11Cross-reference gestures
07/28/11Design-time business process validations within data context
07/28/11Type-preserving compiler for security verification
07/28/11Method and system for identifying and obtaining computer software from a remote computer
07/28/11Parallel query engine with dynamic number of workers
07/28/11Efficient utilization of idle resources in a resource manager
07/28/11Url filtering based on user browser history
07/21/11Directed performance in motion capture system
07/21/11Tracking groups of users in motion capture system
07/21/11Recognizing user intent in motion capture system
07/21/11Rendering parametric surface patches
07/21/11Reducing motion-related artifacts in rolling shutter video information
07/21/11Automated callback reminder
07/21/11Integrity protected smart card transaction
07/21/11Content-aware ranking for visual search
07/21/11Developer phone registration
07/21/11Predicate checking for distributed systems
07/21/11Adaptive ambient sound suppression and speech tracking
07/21/11Web content rewriting, including responses
07/21/11Replication protocol for database systems
07/21/11Microblog search interface
07/21/11Hosting multiple logical databases contained in physical database
07/21/11Search log online analytic processing
07/21/11Collection of performance information for search queries executed in a tiered architecture
07/21/11Detecting spiking queries
07/21/11Scalable topical aggregation of data feeds
07/21/11Dynamic keyword suggestion and image-search re-ranking
07/21/11Aggregating data from a work queue
07/21/11Per-thread, per-instance data storage
07/21/11Name hierarchies for mapping public names to resources
07/21/11Template-based management and organization of events and projects
07/21/11Automatic aggregation across data stores and content types
07/21/11Dynamic expansion of data calculation scopes
07/21/11Database engine throttling
07/21/11Automatic context discovery
07/21/11Extraction and publication of reusable organizational knowledge
07/21/11Abstraction layer for online/offline resource access
07/21/11Parking and un-parking of conversations in multiple modalities
07/21/11Automated moderation of discussion lists
07/21/11Roaming application settings across multiple computing devices
07/21/11Tuning and optimizing distributed systems with declarative models
07/21/11Fine-grained location determination of networked computers
07/21/11Activity graph for parallel programs in distributed system environment
07/21/11Communication sessions among devices and interfaces with mixed capabilities
07/21/11Protecting applications with key and usage policy
07/21/11Integrity protected smart card transaction
07/21/11Integrity protected smart card transaction
07/21/11Automatic discovery of server to power-circuit connections
07/21/11Persistent application activation and timer notifications
07/21/11Enabling pseudo-class styles without revealing personal information
07/21/11Interactive email
07/21/11Simplifying application access to schematized contact data
07/21/11Web services access to content items stored by collaboration systems
07/21/11Cross-domain authentication
07/21/11Network aware firewall
07/14/11Evolving universal gesture sets
07/14/11Recognizing selection regions from multiple simultaneous input
07/14/11Infrared sensor integrated in a touch panel
07/14/11Strategies for processing image information using a color information data structure
07/14/11Electronic device stand
07/14/11Determination of pairings on a curve using aggregated inversions
07/14/11Automated acquisition of facial images
07/14/11Curvise handwriting recognition with hierarchical prototype search
07/14/11Rendering a continuous oblique image mosaic
07/14/11Resizing of digital images
07/14/11Sms message notification arrangement
07/14/11Syndication of multiple service instances
07/14/11Adaptive construction of a statistical language model
07/14/11Bi-directional data modification with synchronization
07/14/11Data versioning through data transformations
07/14/11Assessing quality of user reviews
07/14/11Geotemporal search
07/14/11Implicit user interest marks in media content
07/14/11Assigning gesture dictionaries
07/14/11Identifying a topic-relevant subject
07/14/11Calendar expand grid
07/14/11Filtering of electonic mail messages destined for an internal network
07/14/11Network-specific estimation in network node discovery
07/14/11Over-the-air delivery of metering certificates and data
07/14/11Intercepting file transfers in multi-node topologies
07/14/11Extensions for usb driver interface functions
07/14/11Capability and behavior signatures
07/14/11Associating policy with unencrypted digital content
07/14/11Fec in cognitive multi-user ofdma
07/14/11Memory management techniques selectively using mitigations to reduce errors
07/14/11Template processing engine for business systems
07/14/11Layout constraint manipulation via user gesture recognition
07/14/11Third party control of location information access
07/14/11Data driven user interface animation
07/14/11Relevance oriented graphical representation of discussion messages
07/14/11System and method for managing software applications in a graphical user interface
07/14/11Electronic form user interfaces
07/14/11Extending view functionality of application
07/14/11Viewing media in the context of street-level images
07/14/11Data feeds with peripherally presented interesting content
07/14/11In application gesture interpretation
07/14/11Cross-browser interactivity testing
07/14/11Selective loading of code elements for code analysis
07/14/11Language-based model for asynchronous operations
07/14/11Automated configuration and installation of virtualized solutions
07/14/11Execution context control
07/14/11Push-based operators for processing of push-based notifications
07/14/11Web data usage platform
07/14/11Resource access based on multiple scope levels
07/14/11flexible authentication and authorization mechanism
07/14/11Mitigating false positives in malware detection
07/07/11Injection molding of parthaving nonuniform thickness
07/07/11Connectors for battery-powered devices
07/07/11Encoding and decoding methods and systems
07/07/11Maintaining privacy during user profiling
07/07/11Digital rights management for media streams
07/07/11Optimization of multi-label problems in computer vision
07/07/11Skill and participation based prizing
07/07/11Automated generation of garment construction specification
07/07/11Quantization matrices for digital audio
07/07/11Maintaining privacy during personalized content delivery
07/07/11Dispatching conflicting data changes
07/07/11Distributed throttling for mailbox data replication
07/07/11Generating anonymous log entries
07/07/11Visual and multi-dimensional search
07/07/11Automated discovery aggregation and organization of subject area discussions
07/07/11Parameter-sensitive plans
07/07/11Providing suggestions of related videos
07/07/11Location aware search page elements
07/07/11Framework for track-based mobile applications
07/07/11Efficient immutable syntax representation with incremental change
07/07/11Providing signals to electronic connectors
07/07/11Efficient resumption of co-routines on a linear stack
07/07/11Device driver rollback
07/07/11Accessible content reputation lookup
07/07/11Dynamically filtering aggregate reports based on values resulting from one or more previously applied filters
07/07/11System and method for pinning tabs in a tabbed browser
07/07/11Method and apparatus for providing a three-dimensional task gallery computer interface
07/07/11Creating inferred symbols from code usage
07/07/11Smart scheduler
07/07/11Monitoring federation for cloud based services and applications
07/07/11Policy for digital rights management
07/07/11Tpm-based license activation and validation
06/30/11Method for implementing the pi/8 gate in a genus=1 ising system
06/30/11Recognizing interactive media input
06/30/11Recognizing multiple input point gestures
06/30/11Touch input data handling
06/30/11Infrared sensor integrated in a touch panel
06/30/11Virtual vision correction for video display
06/30/11Parallel block compression with a gpu
06/30/11Photographic flicker detection and compensation
06/30/11Cross-scope synchronization of data item knowledge and corresponding metadata
06/30/11Reversible three-dimensional image segmentation
06/30/11Speed-dependent suggested driving lines
06/30/11Facilitating sponsorship of game-play-based achievements
06/30/11Pitch model for noise estimation
06/30/11Targeted restriction of electronic offer redemption
06/30/11Extensible framework for supporting different modes of payments
06/30/11Multimedia search engine
06/30/11Integration of location logs, gps signals, and spatial resources for identifying user activities, goals, and context
06/30/11Identifying corrupted data on calendars with client intent
06/30/11Evaluating preferences of content on a webpage
06/30/11Calculating global importance of documents based on global hitting times
06/30/11Message redirection within a messaging infrastructure
06/30/11System and method for improved synchronization between a server and a client
06/30/11Calendar repair assistant
06/30/11Repairing calendars with standard meeting messages
06/30/11Coordinating multiple asynchronous postbacks
06/30/11Managing multiple dynamic media streams
06/30/11Memory transaction grouping
06/30/11Writer/reader/no-access domain data accessibility
06/30/11Compiler-enforced agent access restriction
06/30/11Ising systems: helical band geometry for dtc and integration of dtc into a universal quantum computational protocol
06/30/11Reducing leakage of information from cryptographic systems
06/30/11Processor replacement
06/30/11System and method for browsing tabbed-heterogeneous windows
06/30/11Pseudo localization at runtime
06/30/11Highlighting changes on computer diagrams
06/30/11Technologies for code failure proneness estimation
06/30/11Processing predicates including pointer information
06/30/11Virtualized eco-friendly remote presentation session role
06/30/11Dataflow component scheduling using reader/writer semantics
06/30/11Secure resource name resolution
06/30/11Owner controlled transmitted file protection and access control system and method
06/30/11Access control based on user and service
06/30/11Virtualizing remote presentation session client licensing with a server-based broker
06/23/11Smart reminders
06/23/11Keyboard with input-sensitive display device
06/23/11Finding and sharing of digital images based on shared face models
06/23/11Efficient geometric tessellation and displacement
06/23/11Video presenting network configuration solution space traversal
06/23/11Estimating communication conditions
06/23/11Motion detection using depth images
06/23/11System capability discovery for software defined radio
06/23/11Gesture style recognition and reward
06/23/11Business object and system for electronic transactions
06/23/11Providing comparison experiences in response to search queries
06/23/11Optimistic serializable snapshot isolation
06/23/11Exploiting partitioning, grouping, and sorting in query optimization
06/23/11Integrating user interfaces from one application into another
06/23/11Query-based tree formation
06/23/11Data storage including storing of page identity and logical relationships between pages
06/23/11Lightweight service migration
06/23/11Enabling virtual desktop connections to remote clients
06/23/11Method to provide sync notifications to client devices
06/23/11Roaming profiles and application compatibility in multi-user systems
06/23/11Legal intercept
06/23/11Fault tolerant and scalable load distribution of resources
06/23/11Session monitoring of virtual desktops in a virtual machine farm
06/23/11Remote application presentation over a public network connection
06/23/11Distributing bandwidth across communication modalities
06/23/11Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption
06/23/11I/o co-processor coupled hybrid computing device
06/23/11Concurrency test effictiveness via mutation testing and dynamic lock elision
06/23/11Constraint and rule-based page layout
06/23/11Offloading content retrieval and decoding in pluggable content-handling systems
06/23/11Extensible mechanism for conveying feature capabilities in conversation systems
06/23/11Mosaic identity
06/23/11Layout projection using non-linear constraints
06/23/11Creating awareness of accesses to privacy-sensitive devices
06/23/11Visualization of states of a process
06/23/11Camera navigation for presentations
06/23/11Dictionary-based dependency determination
06/23/ ribbon model for a ribbon user interface
06/23/11Design time debugging
06/23/11Debugging from a call graph
06/23/11Virtual storage target offload techniques
06/23/11Ipv4/ipv6 bridge
06/23/11Hash partitioning streamed data
06/23/11Use of web services api to identify responsive content items
06/23/11Api namespace virtualization
06/23/11Techniques for accessing desktop applications using federated identity
06/23/11Unobtrusive assurance of authentic user intent
06/16/11Parallel processing for distance transforms
06/16/11Push pull adaptive capture
06/16/11Real-time compression with gpu/cpu
06/16/11Remote wireless service invocation with efficient power use on target wireless device
06/16/11Flexible image comparison and face matching application
06/16/11Recognition of faces using prior behavior
06/16/11Accelerating bitmap remoting by identifying and extracting 2d patterns from source bitmaps
06/16/11Generating a composite image from video frames
06/16/11Method and apparatus for phone application state management mechanism
06/16/11Dual display mobile communication device
06/16/11User-selected tags for annotating geographic domains containing points-of-interest
06/16/11Confidence calibration in automatic speech recognition systems
06/16/11Unsupervised learning using global features, including for log-linear model word segmentation
06/16/11Content recommendation
06/16/11Targeting applications with advertisements
06/16/11Contextual and semantic differential backup
06/16/11Database mirroring
06/16/11Policy driven distributed data resiliency
06/16/11Configurable plug-in architecture for manipulating xml-formatted information
06/16/11Search service administration web service protocol
06/16/11Product similarity measure
06/16/11Determining preferences from user queries
06/16/11Portable application registry
06/16/11Utilizing virtual folders
06/16/11File system active symbolic link
06/16/11Efficient garbage collection and exception handling in a hardware accelerated transactional memory system
06/16/11Content channels for a mobile device
06/16/11Wait for ready state
06/16/11Reputation based redirection service
06/16/11Instrumentation of hardware assisted transactional memory system
06/16/11Cloud scale directory services
06/16/11Consistency without ordering dependency
06/16/11Leveraging memory isolation hardware technology to efficiently detect race conditions
06/16/11Accelerating parallel transactions using cache resident transactions
06/16/11Federated authentication for mailbox replication
06/16/11Secret encryption with public or delegated comparison
06/16/11Trustworthy extensible markup language for trustworthy computing and data services
06/16/11Verifiable trust for data through wrapper composition
06/16/11Power aware memory allocation
06/16/11Reproducible test framework for randomized stress test
06/16/11Coordination of error reporting among multiple managed runtimes in the same process
06/16/11Transparent envelope for xml messages
06/16/11Transparent envelope for xml messages
06/16/11Named object view over multiple files
06/16/11Generating structured data objects from unstructured web pages
06/16/11Creating virtual replicas of physical objects
06/16/11Processing computer implemented action
06/16/11Remote commands in a shell environment
06/16/11Debugging mechanisms in a cache-based memory isolation system
06/16/11Path-sensitive dataflow analysis including path refinement
06/16/11Building an application call graph from multiple sources
06/16/11Accelerating unbounded memory transactions using nested cache resident transactions
06/16/11Mechanism for partitioning program trees into environments
06/16/11Maintaining a count for lock-free linked list structures
06/16/11Cloud computing monitoring and management system
06/16/11Controlling ad delivery for video on-demand
06/16/11Scalable advertising system for dynamically inserting advertisements
06/16/11E-mail based user authentication
06/09/11Sensing mechanical energy to appropriate the body for data input
06/09/11Multi-modal interaction on multi-touch display
06/09/11Ad hoc wireless networking
06/09/11Data communication with compensation for packet loss
06/09/11Edge routing using connection regions
06/09/11Instructional tool for teaching search skills
06/09/11Analyzing wireless technologies based on software-defined radio
06/09/11Smart interface system for mobile communications devices
06/09/11Game achievements system
06/09/11Multi-modal life organizer
06/09/11Racing line optimization
06/09/11Transliterating semitic languages including diacritics
06/09/11Adapting a language model to accommodate inputs not found in a directory assistance listing
06/09/11Path queries
06/09/11Data-centric search engine architecture
06/09/11Intelligent caching for requests with query strings
06/09/11Custom ranking model schema
06/09/11Concurrently presented data subfeeds
06/09/11Partitioned list
06/09/11Segmentation and profiling of users
06/09/11Representing relational schema information using generic meta schemas
06/09/11Generating activities based upon social data
06/09/11Sharing calendar information
06/09/11Usb devices in application server environments
06/09/11Load balancing using redirect responses
06/09/11Communication channel between web application and process outside browser
06/09/11Establishing and utilizing terminal server dynamic virtual channels
06/09/11Reciprocal public trust relationship
06/09/11Extending ssd lifetime using hybrid storage
06/09/11Parallel nested transactions in transactional memory
06/09/11Scalable session management
06/09/11Graph encryption
06/09/11Network event notification and delivery
06/09/11Self-managed processing device
06/09/11High performance digital signal processing in software radios
06/09/11Remote batch editing of formatted text via an html editor
06/09/11Floating command object
06/09/11Three-state touch input system
06/09/11Pseudonaming anonymous participants
06/09/11Publishing client device usage data
06/09/11Peek around user interface
06/09/11Rotating hierarchy cone user interface
06/09/11Automated state migration while deploying an operating system
06/09/11Lock resolution for distributed durable instances
06/09/11Composing message processing pipelines
06/09/11Live update of user segments
06/09/11Push-based application program interface based on duals of a pull-based application program interface
06/09/11Model based systems management in virtualized and non-virtualized environments
06/09/11Automated security classification and propagation of virtualized and physical virtual machines
06/09/11Pure offline software appliance configuration
06/09/11User-administered license state verification
06/09/11Software fault isolation using byte-granularity memory protection
06/02/11Parallel triangle tessellation
06/02/11Strategies for processing media information using a plug-in processing module in a path-agnostic manner
06/02/11Features for utilization in speech recognition
06/02/11Context-aware recommendation module using multiple models
06/02/11Managing a portfolio of experts
06/02/11Identifying geospatial patterns from device data
06/02/11Using a data protection server to backup and restore data on virtual servers
06/02/11Observing and reporting changes in complex software dependencies
06/02/11Extraction of certain types of entities
06/02/11Strongly typed tags
06/02/11Suggesting a discussion group based on indexing of the posts within that discussion group
06/02/11Selective content pre-caching
06/02/11Identity based network policy enablement
06/02/11Using synchronized event types for testing an application
06/02/11Data safety frame
06/02/11Personification of software agents
06/02/11Updateable running application
06/02/11Overlay user interface for command confirmation
06/02/11Concurrency software testing with probabilistic bounds on finding bugs
06/02/11Dynamic risk management
06/02/11Extensible framework for system security state reporting and remediation
05/26/11Unique identification of devices using color detection
05/26/11Angularly-selective sensor-in-pixel image detection
05/26/11Photo mantel view and animation
05/26/11Parallelized generation of substantially seamless image mosaics
05/26/11Large format digital camera with multiple optical systems and detector arrays
05/26/11Invocation of accessory-specific user experience
05/26/11Smart algorithm for reading from crawl queue
05/26/11Type projection query of an instance space
05/26/11Presentation of information based on current activity
05/26/11Query classification using search result tag ratios
05/26/11Validation pipeline
05/26/11Common organization estimation at registration
05/26/11Detection of home network configuration problems
05/26/11Configurable connector for system-level communication
05/26/11Dynamic configuration of connectors for system-level communications
05/26/11Secure seed media
05/26/11Clipboard augmentation with references
05/26/11Efficient input/output-aware multi-processor virtual machine scheduling
05/26/11Scalable thread locking with customizable spinning
05/26/11Responsive user interface with background application logic
05/26/11Access authorization having embedded policies
05/26/11Method and apparatus for local area networks
05/19/11Interactive display system with contact geometry interface
05/19/11Gesture-controlled data visualization
05/19/11Block transform and quantization for image and video coding
05/19/11Teaching gesture initiation with registration posture guides
05/19/11Teaching gestures with offset contact silhouettes
05/19/11Game achievements system
05/19/11Natural input trainer for gestural instruction
05/19/11Pricing access to data using contribution analysis
05/19/11Facilitating advertisement selection using advertisable units
05/19/11Load balancing in a distributed computing environment
05/19/11Selective content loading based on complexity
05/19/11Measuring network performance for cloud services
05/19/11Transferring multiple communication modalities during a conversation
05/19/11Distributed routing table architecture and design
05/19/11Data sharing and synchronization with relay endpoint and sync data element
05/19/11Sequentially written journal in a data store
05/19/11Application information cache
05/19/11Non-blocking data transfer via memory cache manipulation
05/19/11Efficiency of hardware memory access using dynamically replicated memory
05/19/11Containerless data for trustworthy computing and data services
05/19/11Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption
05/19/11Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption
05/19/11Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption
05/19/11Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption
05/19/11Dynamically replicated memory
05/19/11Data model and player platform for rich interactive narratives
05/19/11Content targeting with audiences
05/19/11Dynamic editors for functionally composed ui
05/19/11Integrated viewfinder and digital media
05/19/11Notification breakthrough status and profile
05/19/11Distance scalable no touch computing
05/19/11Debugging services for domain specific languages
05/19/11Managing virtual hard drives as blobs
05/19/11On-the-fly replacement of physical hardware with emulation
05/19/11Resource file localization
05/19/11Runtime dependency analysis for calculated properties
05/19/11Multi-threaded business programming library
05/19/11System and method for user-centric authorization to access user-specific information
05/12/11Location proofs
05/12/11Visualizing depth
05/12/11Body scan
05/12/11Model-based virtual networking
05/12/11Employing overlays for securing connections across networks
05/12/11Discover biological features using composite images
05/12/11User interface for defining account dimension combinations
05/12/11Automation for governance, risk, and compliance management
05/12/11Time modulated generative probabilistic models for automated causal discovery using a continuous time noisy-or (ct-nor) models
05/12/11File system filters and transactions
05/12/11Custom local search
05/12/11Extending cluster allocations in an extensible file system
05/12/11Extending cluster allocations in an extensible file system
05/12/11Sharing media objects in a network
05/12/11Smart client routing
05/12/11Enhanced human interactive proof (hip) for accessing on-line resources
05/12/11Packed storage commands and storage command streams
05/12/11Computer-assisted rich interactive narrative (rin) generation
05/12/11Authoring tools for rich interactive narratives
05/12/11Extensible markup language rendering and layout
05/12/11Selective undo of editing operations performed on data objects
05/12/11Experience streams for rich interactive narratives
05/12/11Web service interface and querying
05/12/11Suppressing dialog boxes
05/12/11Adaptable user interface for business software
05/12/11Model versioning using web feeds
05/12/11Scrolling large data sets
05/12/11Automated method and system for collecting and reporting api performance profiles
05/12/11Software routine fingerprints in performance data
05/12/11Partial on-demand lazy semantic analysis
05/12/11Compressed storage management
05/12/11Ip security certificate exchange based on certificate attributes
05/12/11Virtual host security profiles
05/12/11Credential device pairing
05/05/11Systems and methods for processing an image for target tracking
05/05/11Characteristic determination for an output node
05/05/11Virtualized gpu in a virtual machine environment
05/05/11Closing a video stream object
05/05/11Multi-level interconnection network
05/05/11Image metadata propagation
05/05/11Location integration in software defined radio
05/05/11Processing data obtained from a presence-based system
05/05/11Cost-aware service aggregation
05/05/11Metadata driven customization of a software-implemented business process
05/05/11Backup using metadata virtual hard drive and differential virtual hard drive
05/05/11Content-based image search
05/05/11Search result enhancement through image duplicate detection
05/05/11Aggregating content from multiple content contributors
05/05/11Recommending queries when searching against keywords
05/05/11Assembling streamed content for on-demand presentation
05/05/11Relevant individual searching using managed property and ranking features
05/05/11Declarative model security pattern
05/05/11Client server application manager
05/05/11Automated dns configuration with local dns server
05/05/11Running internet applications with low rights
05/05/11On-chip bus
05/05/11Column oriented in-memory page caching
05/05/11Retaining style information when copying content
05/05/11Representing complex document structure via simpler structure through isomorphism
05/05/11Task prediction
05/05/11Zooming task management
05/05/11Multi-view debugging
05/05/11Cause-chain analysis using objects
05/05/11Management of observable collections of values
05/05/11Establishing trust relationships between computer systems
05/05/11Detecting anomalies in access control lists
04/28/11Application program interface for animation
04/28/11Controlling animation frame rate of applications
04/28/11Error metrics for characters
04/28/11Automatic labeling of a video session
04/28/11Rear-projection display
04/28/11Quality of service (qos) based systems, networks, and advisors
04/28/11Multiple orientation battery connector
04/28/11Utilizing user profile data for advertisement selection
04/28/11Processing internal use of data-center resources
04/28/11Embedding and retrieving data in an application file format
04/28/11Alternate data stream cache for file classification
04/28/11Search-based filtering for property grids
04/28/11Data framework to enable rich processing of data from any arbitrary data source
04/28/11Scalable queues on a scalable structured storage system
04/28/11Object-based computer system management
04/28/11Maintaining service performance during a cloud upgrade
04/28/11Mode switching
04/28/11Analysis and timeline visualization of storage channels
04/28/11Controlling memory visibility
04/28/11Key certification in one round trip
04/28/11Data integrity units in nonvolatile memory
04/28/11Butterfly diagrams enabling multi-dimensional performance analysis
04/28/11Decorating a display environment
04/28/11Dynamic graphical user interface layout
04/28/11Application sharing security
04/28/11Event handling for unmanaged code
04/28/11Analysis and timeline visualization of thread activity
04/28/11Analysis and visualization of concurrent thread execution on processor cores.
04/28/11Opportunistically scheduling and adjusting time slices
04/28/11Analysis and visualization of application concurrency and processor resource utilization
04/28/11Isolation and presentation of untrusted data
04/28/11Authenticating using cloud authentication
04/28/11Trusted platform module supported one time passwords
04/28/11Detecting user-mode rootkits
04/21/11Graphic object data binding
04/21/11Self-orienting display
04/21/11Discovering and using phone number location information
04/21/11Mitigating the impact of nonlinear echos by dynamic range compression
04/21/11Viral distribution and tracking of electronic coupons
04/21/11Intelligent trust management method and system
04/21/11Recommending points of interests in a region
04/21/11Heuristic event clustering of media using metadata
04/21/11Event processing with xml query based on reusable xml query template
04/21/11Partitioned query execution in event processing systems
04/21/11Integrating database deployment with code deployment
04/21/11Voice-activated acquisition of non-local content
04/21/11Web publishing pipeline
04/21/11Transparent resource administration using a read-only domain controller
04/21/11Method and system for supporting off-line mode of operation and synchronization
04/21/11Routing hints
04/21/11Adapters for event processing systems
04/21/11Low-latency peer session establishment
04/21/11Memory object relocation for power savings
04/21/11Error recovery for application-level intermediaries
04/21/11Document transformation
04/21/11Advertising avatar
04/21/11Methods and apparatuses for providing message information in graphical user interfaces based on user inputs
04/21/11Supplying enhanced computer user's context data
04/21/11Displaying lists as reacting against barriers
04/21/11Gesture personalization and profile roaming
04/21/11Displaying gui elements on natural user interfaces
04/21/11Low synchronization means of scheduler finalization
04/21/11Time-based event processing using punctuation events
04/21/11Resource access based on multiple credentials
04/21/11Non-intrusive background synchronization when authentication is required
04/14/11Automatic real-time shader modification for texture fetch instrumentation
04/14/11Automatic run-time identification of textures
04/14/11Self-orienting display
04/14/11Systems and methods for managing multiple keys for file encryption and decryption
04/14/11Detection of body and props
04/14/11Scrollable computing device display
04/14/11Modeling distribution and failover database connectivity behavior
04/14/11Feed validator
04/14/11Search spam analysis and detection
04/14/11Scoring relevance of a document based on image text
04/14/11Social distance based search result order adjustment
04/14/11Selection of photos based on tagging history
04/14/11Location-based service middleware
04/14/11Incremental query refinement
04/14/11Abstracting events for data mining
04/14/11Routing user data entries to applications
04/14/11Resource locators for widely distributed systems
04/14/11Computer environment analysis tool
04/14/11Synchronizing structured web site contents
04/14/11Pre-fetching content items based on social distance
04/14/11Secure storage of temporary secrets
04/14/11Diagnosing abnormalities without application-specific knowledge
04/14/11Data analysis expressions
04/14/11Reading and information enhancement system and method
04/14/11Thumbnail image substitution
04/14/11Program analysis through predicate abstraction and refinement
04/14/11Use of software update policies
04/14/11Namespace merger
04/14/11Proxy for video on demand server control
04/14/11Protecting password from attack
04/07/11Imager for constructing color and depth images
04/07/11Human tracking system
04/07/11Indirect multi-touch interaction
04/07/11Methods and systems for determining and tracking extremities of a target
04/07/11Low latency cacheable media streaming
04/07/11Real-time sound propagation for dynamic sources
04/07/11Systems and methods for removing a background of an image
04/07/11Systems and methods for tracking a model
04/07/11Interactive media social game
04/07/11Media asset usage by geographic region
04/07/11Maintaining consistency within a federation infrastructure
04/07/11Privacy vault for maintaining the privacy of user profiles
04/07/11Reliable media streaming
04/07/11Monitoring pointer trajectory and modifying display interface
04/07/11Address bar user interface control
04/07/11Providing user interface feedback regarding cursor position on a display screen
04/07/11Automatically localizing root error through log analysis
04/07/11Software verification using two-state invariants
04/07/11Content rights management for document contents and systems, structures, and methods therefor
03/31/11Providing input and output for a mobile device
03/31/11Light-transmissive key and optically-recognizable signature
03/31/11Dynamic image presentation
03/31/11Image selection techniques
03/31/11Unified recording and pause buffer format
03/31/11Intelligent overlay for video advertising
03/31/11Travelogue-based travel route planning
03/31/11Categorizing online user behavior data
03/31/11Electronic draft capture
03/31/11Shared face training data
03/31/11Experimental web search system
03/31/11Flexible indexing and ranking for search
03/31/11Travelogue locating mining for travel suggestion
03/31/11Opinion search engine
03/31/11Long-query retrieval
03/31/11Web-scale entity summarization
03/31/11Extensible data provider querying and scheduling system
03/31/11Mining and conveying social relationships
03/31/11Social network mapping
03/31/11Query expansion through searching content identifiers
03/31/11Rationed computer usage
03/31/11Digests to identify elements in a signature process
03/31/11Remote access and social networking using presence-based applications
03/31/11Radio-control board for software-defined radio platform
03/31/11Short-lived certificate authority service
03/31/11Inference of contract using declarative program definition
03/31/11Webpage entity extraction through joint understanding of page structures and sentences
03/31/11Profiler for page rendering
03/31/11Travelogue-based contextual map generation
03/31/11Video content-aware advertisement placement
03/31/11Marker correlation of application constructs with visualizations
03/31/11Computing a symbolic bound for a procedure
03/31/11Structured task hierarchy for a parallel runtime
03/31/11Trusted operating environment for malware detection
03/24/11Power efficient object detection with selective polling
03/24/11Power management for organic light-emitting diode (oled) displays
03/24/11Mimicking human visual system in detecting blockiness artifacts in compressed video streams
03/24/11Mapping psycho-visual characteristics in measuring sharpness feature and blurring artifacts in video streams
03/24/11Network coordinated event capture and image storage
03/24/11Camera-based scanning
03/24/11Alignment of lens and image sensor
03/24/11Volume adjustment based on listener position
03/24/11Screen space plane identification
03/24/11Data preparation for media browsing
03/24/11User-selectable environments for mobile communications devices
03/24/11Small footprint text-to-speech engine
03/24/11Mining life pattern based on location history
03/24/11Building and using predictive models of current and future surprises
03/24/11Multi-level event computing model
03/24/11File handling for naming conflicts
03/24/11Management of data and computation in data centers
03/24/11Tagging content with metadata pre-filtered by context
03/24/11Suggesting related search queries during web browsing
03/24/11Privacy-sensitive cooperative location naming
03/24/11Page-based content storage system
03/24/11Intelligent media capture, organization, search and workflow
03/24/11Interest learning from an image collection for advertising
03/24/11Concept-structured image search
03/24/11Composition of local media playback with remotely generated user interface
03/24/11Persisting a group in an instant messaging application
03/24/11Efficient method for operating system deployment
03/24/11Device pairing based on graphically encoded data
03/24/11Centralized service for awakening a computing device
03/24/11Power management of a mobile communications device
03/24/11Computing system with visual clipboard
03/24/11Social network service synchronization
03/24/11Distributed clipboard
03/24/11Application programming interface for user interface creation
03/24/11Zero fixed placement ads
03/24/11Compositing desktop window manager
03/24/11Multi-context service
03/24/11Gallery user interface controls
03/24/11Embedding expressions in xml literals
03/24/11Message communication of sensor and other data
03/24/11Tearing and conformal transformation human interactive proof
03/24/11Provisional administrator privileges
03/24/11Scan engine manager with updates
03/17/11Optical fault monitoring
03/17/11Direct navigation of two-dimensional control using a three-dimensional pointing device
03/17/11Multi-camera head pose tracking
03/17/11Wireless support for portable media player devices
03/17/11Differential privacy preserving recommendation
03/17/11Textual attribute-based image categorization and search
03/17/11Object recognition using textons and shape filters
03/17/11Separation of electrical and optical components
03/17/11Content transfer involving a gesture
03/17/11Silent sign-in for offline games
03/17/11Mega-mesh sculpting for environments
03/17/11Audio output configured to indicate a direction
03/17/11Machine learning using relational databases
03/17/11Controlling forward chaining execution in a rules system
03/17/11Construction of photo trip patterns based on geographical information
03/17/11Generating search result summaries
03/17/11Automatically finding contextually related items of a task
03/17/11Product line extraction
03/17/11Shuffling playback content based on multiple criteria
03/17/11Query classification using implicit labels
03/17/11Data center scheduler
03/17/11Partition bus
03/17/11Concurrent exception handling
03/17/11Remote certificate management
03/17/11Similarity detection for error reports
03/17/11Intake and output fluid balance viewer
03/17/11Delta compression using multiple pointers
03/17/11Flow based scheduling
03/17/11System and method for encouraging viewers to watch television programs
03/17/11Organizing documents through utilization of people tags
03/17/11System and method of caching decisions on when to scan for malware
03/10/11Visual target tracking using model fitting and exemplar
03/10/11Classification of images as advertisement images or non-advertisement images
03/10/11Speed-dependent suggested driving lines
03/10/11Multi-channel audio encoding and decoding
03/10/11Digital content purchase management
03/10/11Distributed secure anonymous conferencing
03/10/11Dependency graph in data-driven model
03/10/11Table of contents for search query refinement
03/10/11Information management systems with time zone information, including event scheduling processes
03/10/11Message notification campaigns
03/10/11Reliable messaging using publish subscribe mechanism
03/10/11Support mechanisms for improved group policy management user interface
03/10/11Use of communicator application to establish communication with experts
03/10/11Single device with multiple personas
03/03/11Injection molding of part having nonuniform thickness
03/03/11Head pose assessment methods and systems
03/03/11Light collector for an illumination optic
03/03/11Contribution based chart scaling
03/03/11Depth-sensitive imaging via polarization-state mapping
03/03/11Community telephony brokerage system and techniques
03/03/11Creating genetic devices
03/03/11Client load simulation framework
03/03/11Automated performance prediction for cloud services
03/03/11Rich context modeling for text-to-speech engines
03/03/11Multi-channel audio encoding and decoding
03/03/11Funding information delivery using advertising revenue
03/03/11Predicting phenotypes using a probabilistic predictor
03/03/11File system
03/03/11File system
03/03/11Data mining electronic communications
03/03/11Visual search and three-dimensional results
03/03/11Symbolic query exploration
03/03/11Data mining organization communications
03/03/11Resource sharing in multi-principal browser
03/03/11Enhancement to volume license keys
03/03/11Globe container
03/03/11Logical migration of applications and data
03/03/11Techniques for using human gestures to control gesture unaware programs
03/03/11Access control in a multi-principal browser
03/03/11Correlating private affinities
02/24/11Scanning collimation of light via flat panel lamp
02/24/11Illuminator for touch- and object-sensitive display
02/24/11Input device and display system having the same
02/24/11Colorization of bitmaps
02/24/11Light collector for an illumination optic
02/24/11Early media and forking in 3pcc
02/24/11Efficient collimation of light with optical wedge
02/24/11Efficient collimation of light with optical wedge
02/24/11Break-through mechanism for personas associated with a single device
02/24/11Ubiquitous unified player identity tracking system
02/24/11Using auction to vary advertisement layout
02/24/11User-input scheduling of synchronization operation on a mobile device based on user activity
02/24/11Information management through a single application
02/24/11Answering web queries using structured data sources
02/24/11Integrated genomic system
02/24/11Distributed algorithm for changing a shared value
02/24/11Maintaining communication connections during temporary network disruptions
02/24/11Application display on a locked device
02/24/11Peer-to-peer network information storage
02/24/11Runtime activation and version selection
02/24/11Entropy pools for virtual machines
02/24/11Systems and methods for a disaster recovery system utilizing virtual machines running on at least two host computers in physically different locations
02/24/11Manipulating a spin bit within the wait primitive
02/24/11Interface strategies for creating and invoking marks
02/24/11Protecting against network resources associated with undesirable activities
02/17/11Learning string transformations from examples
02/17/11Graphically encoded data copy and paste
02/17/11Digital image compression and decompression
02/17/11Converting arbitrary text to formal medical code
02/17/11Viral advertisements
02/17/11Modification of relational models
02/17/11Parallel nested transactions in transactional memory
02/17/11Temporal ranking of search results
02/17/11Using categorical metadata to rank search results
02/17/11Semantic trading floor
02/17/11Distributed analytics platform
02/17/11Mesh-managing data across a distributed set of devices
02/17/11Capacity planning for data center services
02/17/11Dynamic electronic correction code feedback to extend memory device lifetime
02/17/11Executing commands on devices through presence applications
02/17/11Context-sensitive input user interface
02/10/11Body scan
02/10/11Optimization of traffic routing for data center services
02/10/11Multiplexed communication for duplex applications
02/10/11Dynamic time-spectrum block allocation for cognitive radio networks
02/10/11Bridged cryptographic vlan
02/10/11Image processing using masked restricted boltzmann machines
02/10/11Entropy coding using escape codes to switch between plural code tables
02/10/11Complex-transform channel coding with extended-band frequency coding
02/10/11System and method for secure third-party development and hosting within a financial services network
02/10/11Bi-directional data modification with synchronization
02/10/11Related urls for task-oriented query results
02/10/11Sharing files on a computer through use of uris
02/10/11User data profile namespace
02/10/11Aggregating and searching profile data from multiple services
02/10/11Distributed workflow framework
02/10/11Software-defined radio using multi-core processor
02/10/11Establishing secure mutual trust using an insecure password
02/10/11Associating conditions to summary table data
02/10/11Customizing a form in a model-based system
02/10/11Show body position
02/10/11Method and system for setup of, and communication with, an rfid middelware server from an enterprise resource planning system server
02/10/11Autonomous display management of graphical interfaces
02/10/11Undo/redo architecture across multiple files
02/10/11Plug and play device redirection for remote systems
02/10/11Representing virtual object priority based on relationships
02/03/11Virtual controller for visual displays
02/03/11Auto-generating a visual representation
02/03/11Advertising as a real-time video call
02/03/11Controlling content access
02/03/11Brokering system for location-based tasks
02/03/11Supervised rank aggregation based on rankings
02/03/11Inferring user-specific location semantics from user data
02/03/11Dynamic information hierarchies
02/03/11Search engine platform
02/03/11Best-bet recommendations
02/03/11Web-used pattern insight platform
02/03/11Load-balancing and scaling for analytics data
02/03/11Stashing of locally persisted data to network accessible storage
02/03/11Unified communication escalation
02/03/11Adapting pushed content delivery based on predictiveness
02/03/11Capacity management
02/03/11Efficiently synchronizing with separated disk caches
02/03/11Erasure coded storage aggregation in data centers
02/03/11Document processor and re-aggregator
02/03/11Method of creating a presentation in real time
02/03/11Integrating transport modes into a communication stream
02/03/11Processing singleton task(s) across arbitrary autonomous server instances
02/03/11Auditing authorization decisions
02/03/11Version-based software product activation
01/27/11Hybrid remote sessions
01/27/11Media processing comparison system and techniques
01/27/11Adaptive contextual filtering based on observer colorblindness characteristics
01/27/11Adaptive contextual filtering based on typographical characteristics
01/27/11Hybrid maps with embedded street-side images
01/27/11Packet aggregation
01/27/11Estimating endpoint performance in unified communication systems
01/27/11Communication channel claim dependent security precautions
01/27/11Multi-class poisson disk sampling
01/27/11Aggregated, interactive communication timeline
01/27/11Distillation and use of heterogeneous health data
01/27/11Optimizing ads by customization for a target device
01/27/11Behavior-based user detection
01/27/11Indexing of partitioned external data sources
01/27/11E-mail tool management shell command set
01/27/11Key protectors based on public keys
01/27/11Component power monitoring and workload optimization
01/27/11Detecting data race and atomicity violation via typestate-guided static analysis
01/27/11Searching and browsing urls and url history
01/20/11Ambient correction in rolling image capture system
01/20/11Motion field texture synthesis
01/20/11Control of background data transfers
01/20/11Ipsec encapsulation mode
01/20/11System and process for regression-based residual acoustic echo suppression
01/20/11Multimedia color management system
01/20/11Poisson disk sample maps
01/20/11System and method for providing program criteria representing audio and/or visual programming
01/20/11Implementing channel start and file seek for decoder
01/20/11System and method for efficient laser processing of a moving web-based material
01/20/11Combination and federation of local and remote speech recognition
01/20/11Hierarchical scale unit values for storing instances of data among nodes of a distributed store
01/20/11Multiple fidelity level item replication and integration
01/20/11Using link structure for suggesting related queries
01/20/11Web searching
01/20/11Using link structure for suggesting related queries
01/20/11Web traffic analysis tool
01/20/11Connecting galleries to dynamic server-hosted content
01/20/11Enabling peer-to-peer content retrieval in http
01/20/11Power transfer between devices
01/20/11Task oriented user interface platform
01/20/11Techniques to perform gradual upgrades
01/20/11Balancing resource allocations based on priority
01/20/11Pre-calculation and caching of dependencies
01/20/11State-updating authorization
01/13/11System and method for converting gestures into digital graffiti
01/13/11Smoothing of touch input
01/13/11Creating animations
01/13/11Bringing a visual representation to life via learned input from the user
01/13/11Single axis zoom
01/13/11Visual representation expression based on player expression
01/13/113d image processing
01/13/11Combiner for improving handwriting recognition
01/13/11Flexible display translation
01/13/11Electronic message organization via social groups
01/13/11User control of advertising content
01/13/11Sponsored application launcher suggestions
01/13/11Information aggregation service
01/13/11Inferring view sequence and relevance data
01/13/11Verifying localized product versions
01/13/11Using scenario-related information to customize user experiences
01/13/11Hybrid recommendation system
01/13/11Integrating line-of-business application data with documents
01/13/11Selection-based item tagging
01/13/11Contact picker interface
01/13/11Targeted presentation and delivery of themes
01/13/11Enhanced network system through the combination of networking objects
01/13/11Health reporting from non-volatile block storage device to processing device
01/13/11Backup of virtual machines using cloned virtual machines
01/13/11Optimizing encrypted wide area network traffic
01/13/11Adaptive flushing of storage data
01/13/11User unterface construction with mockup images
01/13/11Adaptive page layout utilizing block-level elements
01/13/11Items selection via automatic generalization
01/13/11System and method for allocating digital graffiti objects and canvasses
01/13/11Image transfer between processing devices
01/13/11Fast booting a computing device to a specialized experience
01/13/11Browser elements for communicating with other browser elements and with external applications
01/13/11Adapting parasites to combat disease
01/06/11Manipulating objects displayed on a display screen
01/06/11Optical medium with added descriptor to reduce counterfeiting
01/06/11Selection of sensors for monitoring phenomena considering the value of information and data sharing preferences
01/06/11Controlling electronic components in a computing environment
01/06/11Allocating a resource based on quality-of-service considerations
01/06/11One-way public relationships
01/06/11Contact information aggregation
01/06/11Techniques for representing keywords in an encrypted search index to prevent histogram-based attacks
01/06/11Combining and re-ranking search results from multiple sources
01/06/11Shared object stores for a networked computer system
01/06/11System and method for implementing pnrp locality
01/06/11Reputation mashup
01/06/11Automatic conflict resolution
01/06/11Fault-tolerant communications in routed networks
01/06/11Fault-tolerant communications in routed networks
01/06/11Method for human-centric information access and presentation
01/06/11Test generation from captured user interface status
01/06/11User specified privacy settings
03/17/11Delta compression using multiple pointers
05/26/11Method and system for performing secondary search actions based on primary search result attributes

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