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Microsoft Corporation patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/15Data center management of multimode servers
12/31/15Assigning a player to a machine
12/31/15Track based play systems
12/31/15Interacting with a story through physical pieces
12/31/15Controlling physical toys using a physics engine
12/31/15Interactive play sets
12/31/15Automatic in-situ registration and calibration of robotic arm/sensor/workspace system
12/31/15Waste heat water purifier and cooling system
12/31/15Light based positioning
12/31/15Seasonality detection in time series data
12/31/15Volume hologram for optic illumination
12/31/15Low latency computer system power reduction
12/31/15Battery charging system for stylus
12/31/15Large-format display assembly
12/31/15Probabilistic touch sensing
12/31/15See-through ir frontlight with embedded partially reflective facets
12/31/15Smart and scalable touch user interface display
12/31/15Merged experience of reading and editing with seamless transition
12/31/15Remote viewport management
12/31/15Effective range partition splitting in scalable storage
12/31/15Precognitive interactive music system
12/31/15Code recommendation
12/31/15Incremental compilation of whole program code
12/31/15Cross-environment orchestration of deployment activities
12/31/15Patching auto-stop
12/31/15Rule-based activation of behaviors in an extensible software application
12/31/15Extended lifetime memory
12/31/15Time travel debugging in managed runtime
12/31/15Techniques for edit-and-continue and enhanced optimized debugging on optimized code
12/31/15Intelligent conflict detection and semantic expression of document edits
12/31/15Summary data autofill
12/31/15Identifying preferable results pages from numerous results pages
12/31/15Understanding tables for search
12/31/15Managing data with flexible schema
12/31/15Transactional access to records on secondary storage in an in-memory database
12/31/15Identification of intents from query reformulations in search
12/31/15Custom query execution engine
12/31/15Rule-based joining of foreign to primary key
12/31/15Data set preview technology
12/31/15Automation of crowd-sourced polling
12/31/15Compound transformation chain application across multiple devices
12/31/15Non-parametric microfacet factor models for isotropic bidirectional reflectance distribution functions
12/31/15Key versioning including hash stick technology
12/31/15Joint ownership of protected information
12/31/15Large scale network system upgrade
12/31/15Securely storing content within public clouds
12/31/15Dynamic remapping of components of a virtual skeleton
12/31/15Object detection utilizing geometric information fused with image data
12/31/15Intelligent delivery of actionable content
12/31/15Using sensor information for inferring and forecasting large-scale phenomena
12/31/15Assigning scores to electronic communications with extensions
12/31/15Cinematization of output in compound device environment
12/31/15Remote control of a mobile computing device with an auxiliary device
12/31/15Compound application presentation across multiple devices
12/31/15Edge-emitting laser diode package
12/31/15Opportunistically connecting private computational resources to external services
12/31/15Integrated global resource allocation and load balancing
12/31/15Real time verification of cloud services with real world traffic
12/31/15Nsec3 performance in dnssec
12/31/15Authorization of joining of transformation chain instances
12/31/15Managing user data for software services
12/31/15Remote application control interface
12/31/15Message storage
12/31/15Compositing and transmitting contextual information during an audio or video call
12/31/15Depth estimation using multi-view stereo and a calibrated projector
12/31/15Motion vector selection for video encoding
12/31/15Contextual remote control interface
12/31/15Directional audio notification
12/31/15Audio calibration and adjustment
12/31/15Driving parametric speakers as a function of tracked user location
12/31/15Leveraging user signals for improved interactions with digital personal assistant
12/31/15Courier network
12/31/15Detecting proximity using antenna feedback
12/31/15Submerged datacenter
12/31/15Datacenter immersed in cooling liquid
12/24/15Sensor data damping
12/24/15Modular power distribution for computing systems
12/24/15Locating event on timeline
12/24/15Manage event with content on calendar with timeline
12/24/15Managing event on calendar with timeline
12/24/15Creating calendar event from timeline
12/24/15Event visualization on calendar with timeline
12/24/15Manage recurring event on calendar with timeline
12/24/15Tenant provisioning for testing a production multi-tenant service
12/24/15Consistent views of partitioned data in eventually consistent systems
12/24/15Annotation preservation as comments
12/24/15Session context modeling for conversational understanding systems
12/24/15Ranking relevant discussion groups
12/24/15Scalable eventual consistency system using logical document journaling
12/24/15Efficient storage of related sparse data in a search index
12/24/15Reconciling query results associated with multiple indices
12/24/15Search and locate event on calendar with timeline
12/24/15Subscription notification and replication
12/24/15String and password generation from regular expressions
12/24/15Preventing code modification after boot
12/24/15Identifying gray regions for auto white balancing
12/24/15Saliency-preserving distinctive low-footprint photograph aging effect
12/24/15Addiing custom content to mapping applications
12/24/15Controlled concurrent utilization of multiple power supplies
12/24/15Share timeline of calendar
12/24/15Identification of candidate problem network entities
12/24/15Acquiring resource lease using multiple lease servers
12/24/15Securing communications with enhanced media platforms
12/24/15Integrated apis and uis for consuming services across different distributed networks
12/24/15Intelligent web page content blocking
12/24/15Courier network service
12/24/15Personal daemon interaction through escalating disclosure
12/24/15Use of a digital assistant in communications
12/24/15Proximity discovery using audio signals
12/24/15Parametric wave field coding for real-time sound propagation for dynamic sources
12/24/15Device quarantine in a wireless network
12/17/15Flexible display computing device
12/17/15Lidar sensor calibration using surface pattern detection
12/17/15Radius hinge
12/17/15Techniques for using human gestures to control gesture unaware programs
12/17/15Spring configuration for touch-sensitive input device
12/17/15Multi-device multi-user sensor correlation for pen and computing device interaction
12/17/15Sensor correlation for pen and touch-sensitive computing device interaction
12/17/15Dynamic pacing for service upgrades
12/17/15Reversible connector for accessory devices
12/17/15Providing multiple synchronous serial console sessions using data buffering
12/17/15Accessibility detection of content properties through tactile interactions
12/17/15Dialog state tracking using web-style ranking and multiple language understanding engines
12/17/15Direct answer triggering in search
12/17/15Linking documents with entities, actions and applications
12/17/15Learning and using contextual content retrieval rules for query disambiguation
12/17/15Recognizably protecting electronic files
12/17/15Rule-based video importance analysis
12/17/15Modeling interestingness with deep neural networks
12/17/15Modes, control and applications of recommendations auto-consumption
12/17/15Automatic video quality enhancement with temporal smoothing and user override
12/17/15Advanced recurrent neural network based letter-to-sound
12/17/15Hyper-structure recurrent neural networks for text-to-speech
12/10/15Display of system-level achievements with real-time updating
12/10/15Switching input rails without a release command in a natural user interface
12/10/15Enabling user interactions with video segments
12/10/15Enhanced updating for digital content
12/10/15Transparent type-based object augmentation by orthogonal functionality
12/10/15Hub-to-hub peripheral discovery
12/10/15Summary view suggestion based on user interaction pattern
12/10/15Converting presentation metadata to a browser-renderable format during compilation
12/10/15Tile-based geocoder
12/10/15Extending relational algebra for data management
12/10/15Click-through-based cross-view learning for internet searches
12/10/15Dissolvable protection of candidate sensitive data items
12/10/15Entrance detection from street-level imagery
12/10/15User location interest inferences
12/10/15Evaluating workers in a crowdsourcing environment
12/10/15Behavior-based evaluation of crowd worker quality
12/10/15Tuning crowdsourced human intelligence task options through flighting
12/10/15Customizable route planning using graphics processing unit
12/10/15Layout design using locally satisfiable proposals
12/10/15Conversation cues within audio conversations
12/10/15Hybrid messaging system
12/10/15Modification of visual content to facilitate improved speech recognition
12/10/15Dynamic scheduling of network updates
12/10/15Proactive handling of network faults
12/10/15Network-state management service
12/10/15Enhanced selective wipe for compromised devices
12/10/15Load balancing with layered edge servers
12/10/15Inference based event notifications
12/10/15System for filtering media manifests using manifest attributes
12/10/15Network selection for a given application or context
12/03/15Dynamic operation of optical heart rate sensors
12/03/15Data recovery for optical heart rate sensors
12/03/15Optical pulse-rate sensing
12/03/15Motion compensation for optical heart rate sensors
12/03/15Ring-shaped skin sensor
12/03/15Wearable electronic device
12/03/15Optical pressure sensor
12/03/15Optical pulse-rate sensor pillow assembly
12/03/15Motion based estimation of biometric signals
12/03/15User enforcement reputation scoring algorithm & automated decisioning and enforcement system for non-evidence supported communications misconduct
12/03/15Adaptive lifestyle metric estimation
12/03/15Detecting anomalies based on an analysis of input and output energies
12/03/15Ultraviolet light sensing
12/03/15Switchable backlight unit
12/03/15Battery compartments for wearable electronic device
12/03/15Mounting wedge for flexible material
12/03/15Fabric lamination to a component
12/03/15Integrated vapor chamber for thermal management of computing devices
12/03/15Wearable electronic device
12/03/15Extending a development environment with add-ins
12/03/15Multiphased profile guided optimization
12/03/15Techniques to isolating a portion of an online computing service
12/03/15Function-level dynamic instrumentation
12/03/15Emulation-based expression evaluation for diagnostic tools
12/03/15Performance optimization tip presentation during debugging
12/03/15Visibility of a point of interest based on environmental conditions
12/03/15Partial result classification
12/03/15Filtering data in an enterprise system
12/03/15Calendar event peripheral view
12/03/15Estimating influence using sketches
12/03/15Distance queries on massive networks
12/03/15Correlating behaviors and wellness outcomes
12/03/15Seamless upgrade for network system
12/03/15Tracking using sensor data
12/03/15Social calendar event sharing
12/03/15Competitive advertising targeting
12/03/15Object orientation estimation
12/03/15Data manipulation cues
12/03/15Data and power connector
12/03/15Battery isolation circuit
12/03/15Pattern-based validation, constraint and generation of hierarchical metadata
12/03/15Enhanced discovery for ad-hoc meetings
12/03/15Enhanced discovery for ad-hoc meetings
12/03/15Management of headless hardware in data center
11/26/15Finger tracking
11/26/15Inter-display communication
11/26/15Framework for authoring data loaders and data savers
11/26/15Guides on a content generation system
11/26/15Risk assessment modeling
11/26/15Layout animation panel
11/26/15Bifurcated authentication token techniques
11/26/15Identifying suspected malware files and sites based on presence in known malicious environment
11/26/15Client-side flight version acquisition
11/26/15Thumbnail editing
11/26/15Automatic insertion of video into a photo story
11/26/15Automatically curating video to fit display time
11/26/15Re-encoding image sets using frequency-domain differences
11/26/15Friction hinge for tablet computers
11/19/15Robotic task demonstration interface
11/19/15Program synthesis for robotic tasks
11/19/15Computing device having a spectrally selective radiation emission device
11/19/15Power management contracts for accessory devices
11/19/15Selector to coordinate experiences between related applications
11/19/15Active summaries in user interfaces to collaboration services
11/19/15Presenting stored files in whiteboard application
11/19/15Contextual focus-agnostic parsing-validated alternatives information
11/19/15Interactive viewer of intermediate representations of client side code
11/19/15Code service for language-independent dispatch
11/19/15Describing data transformations using markup language extensions
11/19/15Database migration
11/19/15Natural language image search
11/19/15Generating distinct entity names to facilitate entity disambiguation
11/19/15Claiming data from a virtual whiteboard
11/19/15Personalized group coupons and offers with user experience
11/19/15Detecting conformance of graphical output data from an application to a convention
11/19/15Fast solving for loop closure
11/19/15Language modeling for conversational understanding domains using semantic web resources
11/19/15Knowledge source personalization to improve language models
11/19/15Peer-based device set actions
11/19/15Transferring content between graphical user interfaces
11/19/15Transparent two-factor authentication via mobile communication device
11/12/15Location error radius determination
11/12/15Sculpted displays for clickable user interactions
11/12/15Connecting current user activities with related stored media collections
11/12/15Content discovery in managed wireless distribution networks
11/12/15Content delivery prioritization in managed wireless distribution networks
11/12/15Managed wireless distribution network
11/12/15Deep learning training system
11/12/15Using card-linked offer data to detect user interests
11/12/15Language model optimization for in-domain application
11/12/15Context specific language model scale factors
11/12/15Fine-grained network monitoring
11/12/15Accelerated application authentication and content delivery
11/12/15Traveling map-reduce architecture
11/12/15Delivery of visual voicemail over multimedia messaging service
11/12/15Reducing camera interference using image analysis
11/12/15Hand-worn device for surface gesture input
11/12/15Location tracking based on overlapping geo-fences
11/12/15Adaptive position determination
11/12/15Distributing content in managed wireless distribution networks
11/05/15Matching program sections through feature extraction
11/05/15Transferring information across language understanding model domains
11/05/15Searching locally defined entities
11/05/15Hierarchical index based compression
11/05/15Sparse datatable data structure
11/05/15Learning multimedia semantics from large-scale unstructured data
11/05/15Fabricating three-dimensional objects with embossing
11/05/15Rating photos for tasks based on content and adjacent signals
11/05/15Optimizing task recommendations in context-aware mobile crowdsourcing
11/05/15Variable width error correction
11/05/15Secure transport of encrypted virtual machines with continuous owner access
11/05/15Secure management of operations on protected virtual machines
11/05/15Client-side integration framework of services
11/05/15Delivering content
11/05/15Dimension based load balancing
11/05/15Load balancing scalable storage utilizing optimization modules
10/29/15Artist-directed volumetric dynamic virtual cameras
10/29/15Articulated screen cover for accommodating objects
10/29/15Load scheduling in multi-battery devices
10/29/15Low-latency gesture detection
10/29/15User experience diagnostics with actionable insights
10/29/15Call chain interval resource impact aggregation differencing
10/29/15Grouping and ranking images based on facial recognition data
10/29/15Using lineage to infer data quality issues
10/29/15Finding patterns in a knowledge base to compose table answers
10/29/15Attribute histograms for providing data access
10/29/15Generating unweighted samples from weighted features
10/29/15Event-triggered data quality verification
10/29/15Adjustment of protection based on prediction and warning of malware-prone activity
10/29/15Creation of representative content based on facial analysis
10/29/15Facial expression tracking
10/29/15Real time interactive prediction
10/29/15Management of on-demand content
10/29/15Web-behavior-augmented recommendations
10/29/15Collaborative alignment of images
10/29/15Shared hidden layer combination for speech recognition systems
10/29/15Deep learning for semantic parsing including semantic utterance classification
10/29/15Increasing yield with tactile button gap adjustment
10/29/15Enhanced reliability for client-based web services
10/29/15Pre-fetching grid blocks by user intent
10/29/15Automatic generation of videos via a segment list
10/29/15Hrtf personalization based on anthropometric features
10/22/15User stress detection and mitigation
10/22/15Hyperlink initiation of game sessions
10/22/15Game progression using retrieved partial user data
10/22/15Broadcast initiation without interruption to active gameplay
10/22/15Conditional saving of input data
10/22/15Multiplexed memory for segments and pages
10/22/15Multiple monitor data entry
10/22/15Data filtering to fit selected visualization type
10/22/15Generating probabilistic transition data
10/22/15Video-based pulse measurement
10/22/15Local system health assessment
10/22/15Non-greedy machine learning for high accuracy
10/22/15Quick drafts of items in a primary work queue
10/22/15Broadcast discovery via electronic marketplace
10/22/15Depth sensor calibration and per-pixel correction
10/22/15Session-based device configuration
10/22/15Measuring actual end user performance and availability of web applications
10/22/15Functional programming in distributed computing
10/22/15Interactively stylizing camera motion
10/22/15Changing broadcast without interruption to active gameplay
10/22/15Intelligent routing of notifications to grouped devices
10/15/15Positioning a camera video overlay on gameplay video
10/15/15Laminated diffuser
10/15/15Hinged cover for computing device
10/15/15Input device with bendable support mechanism for a computing device
10/15/15Collapsible shell cover for computing device
10/15/15Fine-grained bandwidth provisioning in a memory controller
10/15/15Expandable application representation, milestones, and storylines
10/15/15Performing graph operations using historic inverse probability estimators
10/15/15Context-sensitive search using a deep learning model
10/15/15Audio signal processing
10/15/15Filtering electronic messages
10/15/15Battery efficient synchronization of communications using a token bucket
10/15/15Slider cover for computing device
10/15/15Sensor data filtering
10/15/15Displaying video call data
10/15/15Frame encoding using hints
10/08/15Thin heat transfer device for thermal management
10/08/15High-efficiency projection screen
10/08/15Micro-hole vents for device ventilation systems
10/08/15Organization mode support mechanisms
10/08/15Adaptive user interface pane manager
10/08/15Transient user interface elements
10/08/15Expandable application representation and sending content
10/08/15Expandable application representation, activity levels, and desktop representation
10/08/15Expandable application representation
10/08/15Service gallery user interface presentation
10/08/15Progressive functionality access for content insertion and modification
10/08/15Expandable application representation and taskbar
10/08/15Efficient migration of client-side web state
10/08/15Modern document save and synchronization status
10/08/15Named entity recognition
10/08/15Reference resolution
10/08/15Data view exposure mechanisms
10/08/15Reactive digital personal assistant
10/08/15Identifying dominant entity categories
10/08/15Entity and attribute resolution in conversational applications
10/08/15User-specific application activation for remote sessions
10/08/15Automatic capture and entry of access codes using a camera
10/08/15Automated techniques for photo upload and selection
10/08/15System enforced two-party verification process in customer support workflow
10/08/15Capacitively-coupled isolator assembly
10/08/15Sar reduction in radio transmitting devices
10/08/15Evolving rule based contact exchange
10/08/15User interface control and communication
10/08/15Mount that facilitates positioning and orienting a mobile computing device
10/08/15Multi-camera view selection
10/08/15Time-of-flight phase-offset calibration
10/08/15Adaptive quantization for video rate control
10/08/15User experiences during call handovers on a hybrid telecommunications network
10/01/15Optical waveguide including spatially-varying volume hologram
10/01/15Peripheral device storage
10/01/15Mechanical attach and retention feature
10/01/15Scanning liquid-crystal display backlight
10/01/15Eye gaze tracking using binocular fixation constraints
10/01/15Scalable user interface display
10/01/15Command user interface for displaying and scaling selectable controls and commands
10/01/15User interaction and motion driving updates to components in an immersive document view
10/01/15Content display with dynamic zoom focus
10/01/15Content display with contextual zoom focus
10/01/15Immersive document interaction with device-aware scaling
10/01/15Inline document collaboration workflow
10/01/15Collaborative co-authoring via an electronic user interface
10/01/15Sliding surface
10/01/15Hierarchical virtual list control
10/01/15Multi mode display system
10/01/15Client-side personal voice web navigation
10/01/15Supporting dynamic behavior in statically compiled programs
10/01/15Hierarchical directives-based management of runtime behaviors
10/01/15User selectable operating systems
10/01/15Predictive load scaling for services
10/01/15Flexible schema for language model customization
10/01/15Creating a calendar event using context
10/01/15Convolutional latent semantic models and their applications
10/01/15Building user trust in profile creation and recommendations based on managed interaction with user
10/01/15Using geographic familiarity to generate search results
10/01/15Inline web previews with dynamic aspect ratios
10/01/15Partition filtering using smart index in memory
10/01/15Data fitting selected visualization type
10/01/15Explicit signals personalized search
10/01/15Recommendation system with dual collaborative filter usage matrix
10/01/15Temporal context aware query entity intent
10/01/15Adjusting serp presentation based on query intent
10/01/15Task completion for natural language input
10/01/15Eye gaze tracking based upon adaptive homography mapping
10/01/15User interests facilitated by a knowledge base
10/01/15Dimensional multi-level scale for data management in transactional systems
10/01/15Information collections
10/01/15Intent and task driven advertising management in search
10/01/15User inactivity aware recommendation system
10/01/15Recommendation system with multi-dimensional discovery experience
10/01/15Directed recommendations
10/01/15Leveraging multidimensional measurement basis in transactional systems
10/01/15Predictable organic tile layout
10/01/15Real-time three-dimensional reconstruction of a scene from a single camera
10/01/15Generating natural language outputs
10/01/15Computing device connectors
10/01/15Leakage reduction circuit
10/01/15Measuring latency in an interactive application
10/01/15Dynamically identifying target capacity when scaling cloud resources
10/01/15Immersive document view
10/01/15Electronic communication-based storage of documents to support multiple workflows
10/01/15Generating content items out of an electronic communication workflow
10/01/15Delivering an action
10/01/15Passive security enforcement
10/01/15Techniques to operate a service with machine generated authentication tokens
10/01/15Providing a shared user experience to facilitate communication
10/01/15Hybrid client/server architecture for parallel processing
10/01/15Input device attachment
10/01/15Decoding and synthesizing frames for incomplete video data
10/01/15Edge plated printed circuit board
10/01/15Edge plated printed circuit board
09/24/15Lockable display
09/24/15Warped presentation of events in calendar views
09/24/15Unsupervised anomaly detection for arbitrary time series
09/24/15Asynchronously prefetching sharable memory pages
09/24/15Normalizing message style while preserving intent
09/24/15Context-aware re-formating of an input
09/24/15Dynamic software localization
09/24/15Machine-assisted search preference evaluation
09/24/15Query interpretation and suggestion generation under various constraints
09/24/15User interface mechanisms for query refinement
09/24/15Progressive query computation using streaming architectures
09/24/15Extensible framework for resource provider service and quota management
09/24/15Entity platform and entity store
09/24/15Configuring resources used by a graphics processing unit
09/24/15Mixed speech recognition
09/24/15Incremental utterance decoder combination for efficient and accurate decoding
09/24/15Fast and smart video trimming at frame accuracy on generic platform
09/24/15Rapid data protection for storage devices
09/24/15Identifying troubleshooting options for resolving network failures
09/24/15Providing shared account service
09/24/15Switch-based load balancer
09/24/15Providing multi-level password and phishing protection
09/24/15Techniques to provide network security through just-in-time provisioned accounts
09/24/15Hybrid telecommunications network connection indicator
09/24/15Efficient retrieval of 4g lte capabilities
09/24/15Receiver-controlled panoramic view video share
09/24/15Closed caption alignment
09/17/15Gaming system for modular toys
09/17/15Modular construction for interacting with software
09/17/15Data store for a modular assembly system
09/17/15Generation of custom modular objects
09/17/15Interactive smart beads
09/17/15Storing state for physical modular toys
09/17/15Flexible hinge spine
09/17/15Trainable sensor-based gesture recognition
09/17/15Conductive trace routing for display and bezel sensors
09/17/15Communication event history
09/17/15Multi-stage cursor control
09/17/15Displaying collaboration icons for collaboration states
09/17/15Beak ribbon system
09/17/15Framework for user-mode crash reporting
09/17/15Asset collection service through capture of content
09/17/15Enhanced indicators for identifying affected data
09/17/15Multi-function parser
09/17/15Storing service items in association with views
09/17/15Multi-faceted social network system for use with plural applications
09/17/15Reliability aware thermal design
09/17/15Body scan
09/17/15Detecting and extracting image document components to create flow document
09/17/15Decision tree threshold coding
09/17/15Decision tree processors
09/17/15Parallel decision tree processor architecture
09/17/15Attribution of activity in multi-user settings
09/17/15Weighting dictionary entities for language understanding models
09/17/15Program boosting including using crowdsourcing for correctness
09/17/15User work schedule identification
09/17/15Two stage risk model building and evaluation
09/17/15Dynamic advertising based on user preferences
09/17/15Collaborative insights for advertisement viewers
09/17/15Multiplicative incentive mechanisms
09/17/15Dynamic and interoperable generation of stateful vpn connection profiles for computing devices
09/17/15Run-time experimentation with user interface configurations
09/17/15Instant messaging
09/17/15Instant messaging
09/17/15Persistent bookmarklet authorization
09/17/15Computing long-term schedules for data transfers over a wide area network
09/17/15Automatic camera selection
09/17/15Stop recording and send using a single action
09/17/15Automatic camera selection
09/17/15Playback of interconnected videos
09/17/15Stop recording and send using a single action
09/17/15Highlighting unread messages
09/17/15Playback of interconnected videos
09/17/15Highlighting unread messages
09/10/15Multi-tenancy for cloud gaming servers
09/10/15Fabricating full color three-dimensional objects
09/10/15Object presence and condition detection
09/10/15Proximity sensor-based interactions
09/10/15Proximity sensor-based interactions
09/10/15Dynamic resource management for multi-process applications
09/10/15Application dehydration and rehydration during application-to-application calls
09/10/15Operating system/hypervisor efficiencies for sub-divided privilege levels
09/10/15Automapping of music tracks to music videos
09/10/15Seamless data migration across databases
09/10/15Metadata-based photo and/or video animation
09/10/15Direct manipulation interface for data analysis
09/10/15Licensing using a cloud public-messaging infrastructure
09/10/15Relevance-ordering of messages
09/10/15Streamlined creation and utilization of reference human intelligence tasks
09/10/15Latency reduction in camera-projection systems
09/10/15Physical 3d renderer
09/10/15Low-footprint adaptation and personalization for a deep neural network
09/10/15Speaker recognition including proactive voice model retrieval and sharing features
09/10/15Attachment component with parasitic antenna
09/10/15Resource management based on device-specific or user-specific resource usage profiles
09/10/15Recipient suggestion system
09/10/15Automatic detection of authentication methods by a gateway
09/10/15Prefetching application data for periods of disconnectivity
09/03/15Fabricating three-dimensional objects with overhang
09/03/15Controlling a computing-based device using gestures
09/03/15Context aware commands
09/03/15Information interface generation and/or population
09/03/15Aggregating enterprise graph content around user-generated topics
09/03/15Information interface generation
09/03/15Gestural annotations
09/03/15Communications control for resource constrained devices
09/03/15Discovering enterprise content based on implicit and explicit signals
09/03/15Personalized information query suggestions
09/03/15Generation of visual representations for electronic content items
09/03/15Shadowing local on-premises information to a cloud-based computing system
09/03/15Retrieval of enterprise content that has been presented
09/03/15Displaying and posting aggregated social activity on a piece of enterprise content
09/03/15Search and navigation via navigational queries across information sources
09/03/15Assignation of emotional states to computer-implemented entities
09/03/15Image tagging for capturing information in a transaction
09/03/15Displaying activity streams for people and groups in an enterprise
09/03/15Depth sensing using an infrared camera
09/03/15Depth sensing using an rgb camera
09/03/15Model based approach for on-screen item selection and disambiguation
09/03/15Hyper-lapse video through time-lapse and stabilization
09/03/15Streaming query resource control
09/03/15Remote sign-out of web based service sessions
09/03/15Access control of edges in graph index applications
09/03/15Management model for managing compliance policies
09/03/15Displaying and navigating implicit and explicit enterprise people relationships
09/03/15Document and content feed
09/03/15Bandwidth aware digital video recording (dvr) scheduling
09/03/15Bandwidth aware digital video recording (dvr) scheduling
08/27/15Compliant battery supports for device testing
08/27/15Propagating theming information from host applications to host extensions
08/27/15Human interface device with touch sensor
08/27/15Service metric analysis from structured logging schema of usage data
08/27/15Persisted enterprise graph queries
08/27/15Modified memory compression
08/27/15Automatically retrying transactions with split procedure execution
08/27/15Flexible content display
08/27/15Utilizing interactivity signals to generate relationships and promote content
08/27/15Inline and context aware query box
08/27/15Local content filtering
08/27/15Automatic context sensitive search for application assistance
08/27/15Incentive-based app execution
08/27/15Coherent quantum information transfer between conventional qubits
08/27/15Personalized machine learning system
08/27/15Interactive visualization of machine-learning performance
08/27/15Tracking objects during processes
08/27/15Cross-platform rendering engine
08/27/15Voice font speaker and prosody interpolation
08/27/15Pronunciation learning through correction logs
08/27/15Accessing protected content on an optical disc
08/27/15Multi-band isolator assembly
08/27/15Creating connections and shared spaces
08/27/15Structured logging schema of usage data
08/27/15Accelerated training of personal daemons
08/27/15Telepresence experience
08/27/15Local personal daemon
08/27/15Guard band usage for wireless data transmission
08/27/15Priority access to a priority access channel
08/20/15Advanced game mechanics on hover-sensitive devices
08/20/15Input device outer layer and backlighting
08/20/15Hover interactions across interconnected devices
08/20/15Multitasking and full screen menu contexts
08/20/15Re-performing demonstrations during live presentations
08/20/15Dynamic content delivery for real-time trends
08/20/15Browsing videos via a segment list
08/20/15Query selection and results merging
08/20/15Data proxy service
08/20/15Wearable computer having a skin-stimulating interface
08/20/15Multiband antenna
08/20/15Enabling push notifications from websites
08/20/15Host encoder for hardware-accelerated video encoding
08/20/15Wireless-based localization using a zonal framework
08/13/15Video game instant replay
08/13/15Backup power management for computing systems
08/13/15Low-profile pointing stick
08/13/15Low-profile pointing stick
08/13/15Virtual transparent display
08/13/15Computing device canvas invocation and dismissal
08/13/15Variable horizontal scrolling
08/13/15In-place disk unformatting
08/13/15Trend response management
08/13/15Structured labeling to facilitate concept evolution in machine learning
08/13/15Semantic matching and annotation of attributes
08/13/15End to end validation of data transformation accuracy
08/13/15Caching queries for dynamic webpages
08/13/15Content item encryption on mobile devices
08/13/15Techniques for inferring the unknown intents of linguistic items
08/13/15Configuration-based regulatory reporting using system-independent domain models
08/13/15Campaign management console
08/13/15Campaign management user experience for creating and monitoring a campaign
08/13/15Restaurant-specific food logging from images
08/13/15Manufacturing line monitoring
08/13/15Texture and graphics formation techniques
08/13/15Texture and graphics formation techniques
08/13/15Contour completion for augmenting surface reconstructions
08/13/15Techniques to manage presence information based on routing rules
08/13/15Trusted execution within a distributed computing system
08/13/15Managing server pushed resources at client
08/13/15Implementing server push at server stack
08/13/15Securely determining the location of a user
08/13/15Projector-based crowd coordination and messaging
08/13/15Vcsel array for a depth camera
08/13/15Environment-dependent active illumination for stereo matching
08/13/15Adaptive screen and video coding scheme
08/06/15Controlling a robot in the presence of a moving object
08/06/15Power connectivity monitoring for computing systems
08/06/15Application program evanescence on a computing device
08/06/15Block storage by decoupling ordering from durability
08/06/15Ranking enterprise graph queries
08/06/15External data access with split index
08/06/15Creating data views
08/06/15Multi-use card and system
08/06/15Customer engagement accelerator
08/06/15Emotion indicators in content
08/06/15Tenant based signature validation
08/06/15Data unit identification for compressed video streams
08/06/15Audio signal processing
08/06/15Determining cause of energy spike using energy reports
07/30/15Hinge mechanism with preset positions
07/30/15Actionable notifications
07/30/15Processing actionable notifications
07/30/15Advanced navigation techniques for portable devices
07/30/15Transformation of tabular data across multiple browser viewports
07/30/15Dashboard with selectable workspace representations
07/30/15Application event distribution system
07/30/15Health monitoring and recovery for infrastructure devices
07/30/15Providing print view of document for editing in web-based application
07/30/15Adapting multiple column layout to a single column based on data relevancy
07/30/15Adaptive ui for nested data categories across browser viewports
07/30/15User-authentication gestures
07/30/15Web service sandbox system
07/30/15Scrubber to remove personally identifiable information
07/30/15Crowdsourcing system with community learning
07/30/15Predicting interesting things and concepts in content
07/30/15Framework that facilitates user participation in auctions for display advertisements
07/30/15Power supply for use with a slow-response power source
07/30/15Resource affinity in a dynamic resource pool
07/30/15Rich content scanning for non-service accounts for email delivery
07/30/15Secure cryptoprocessor for authorizing connected device requests
07/30/15Discovering and disambiguating identity providers
07/30/15Universal capture
07/30/15Detecting patterns traced on a screen of a user device
07/30/15Image demosaicing
07/23/15Metal alloy injection molding
07/23/15Grip detection
07/23/15Global and local light detection in optical sensor systems
07/23/15Radial menu user interface with entry point maintenance
07/23/15Updating a user interface to a service
07/23/15Lightweight optionally typed data representation of computation
07/23/15Automatic content replication
07/23/15Runtime application integrity protection
07/23/15Modeling user input and interaction in workflow based applications
07/23/15Auction mechanism with decoupled selection and ranking
07/23/15Identity reputation
07/23/15Digital image edge detection
07/23/15Incorporating an exogenous large-vocabulary model into rule-based speech recognition
07/23/15Media stream trust display
07/23/15Using badges to initiate activities
07/23/15Entity-linked reminder notifications
07/23/15Intra block copy prediction with asymmetric partitions and encoder-side search patterns, search ranges and approaches to partitioning
07/23/15Enhanced spatial impression for home audio
07/23/15Dynamic calibration of an audio system
07/23/15Privacy preserving sensor apparatus
07/16/15Cardiovascular risk factor sensing device
07/16/15Eye gaze detection with multiple light sources and sensors
07/16/15Attractive and repulsive force feedback
07/16/15Coordinated speech and gesture input
07/16/153d silhouette sensing system
07/16/15Hover-sensitive control of secondary display
07/16/15Radiofrequency-wave-transparent capacitive sensor pad
07/16/15Resuming items in their last-used presentation modes
07/16/15Identifying and launching items associated with a particular presentation mode
07/16/15Increasing touch and/or hover accuracy on a touch-enabled device
07/16/15Post-drive summary with tutorial
07/16/15Exception and debugging behaviors for javascript debugging using just my code
07/16/15Classification of javascript code for debugging using just my code
07/16/15Caching using base setup version
07/16/15Mobile language translation of web content
07/16/15Promoting documents based on relevance
07/16/15Techniques for managing persistent document collections
07/16/15Automated multimedia content recognition
07/16/15Discovery of viewsheds and vantage points by mining geo-tagged data
07/16/15Coherent question answering in search results
07/16/15Controlling health screening via entertainment experiences
07/16/15Using sensors and demographic data to automatically adjust medication doses
07/16/15Privacy-based degradation of activity signals and automatic activation of privacy modes
07/16/15Stereo image processing using contours
07/16/15Contour-based classification of objects
07/16/15Complementary and shadow calendars
07/16/15Information management systems with time zone information, including event scheduling processes
07/16/15Tangibilization of geocoded data
07/16/15I-vector based clustering training data in speech recognition
07/16/15Digital personal assistant interaction with impersonations and rich multimedia in responses
07/16/15Image sensing system
07/16/15Radiating structure with integrated proximity sensing
07/16/15Accessing and configuring meeting attributes
07/16/15Overall system health monitoring of an online service
07/16/15Synchronization of web service endpoints in a multi-master synchronization environment
07/16/15Network communication using intermediation processor
07/16/15Antenna coupling for sensing and dynamic transmission
07/16/15Radio frequency (rf) attenuation functions for specific absorption rate (sar) compliance
07/09/15Datacenter and cooling control fault-tolerance using compute resources
07/09/15Control of predication across clock domains
07/09/15Determining input associated with one-to-many key mappings
07/09/15Display system with electrostatic and radio links
07/09/15Hover angle
07/09/15Multi-mode display system
07/09/15Gesture library for natural user input
07/09/15Visual feedback for level of gesture completion
07/09/15Assigning priorities to data for hybrid drives
07/09/15Transient storage device configuration silo
07/09/15Building interactive, data driven apps
07/09/15Enhanced testing for application services
07/09/15Generating a collage for rendering on a client computing device
07/09/15Point(s) of interest exposure through visual interface
07/09/15Synthetic local type-ahead suggestions for search
07/09/15Scalable index build techniques for column stores
07/09/15Result prominence in search
07/09/15History as a branching visualization
07/09/15Code property analysis for security mitigations
07/09/15Product authorization with cross-region access
07/09/15Incentive mechanisms for user interaction and content consumption
07/09/15Division of processing between systems based on external factors
07/09/15Division of processing between systems based on business constraints
07/09/15Fast general multipath correction in time-of-flight imaging
07/09/15Telestrator system
07/09/15Dynamically adjusting brand and platform interface elements
07/09/15Routing messages between virtual networks
07/09/15Reminder service for email selected for follow-up actions
07/09/15File fetch from a remote client device
07/09/15Displaying role-based content and analytical information
07/09/15Selection of motion vector precision
07/09/15Innovations in block vector prediction and estimation of reconstructed sample values within an overlap area
07/09/15Representing motion vectors in an encoded bitstream
07/09/15Encoding screen capture data
07/09/15Structural element for sound field estimation and production
07/02/15Player avatar movement assistance in a virtual environment
07/02/15Touch screen game controller
07/02/15Ground truth estimation for autonomous navigation
07/02/15Nonhomogeneous server arrangement
07/02/15Haptic feedback for thin user interfaces
07/02/15Abstracting request from a development environment to object model
07/02/15Identifying help information based on application context
07/02/15Dynamic allocation and assignment of virtual environment
07/02/15Lock-free barrier with dynamic updating of participant count
07/02/15Generation of client-side application programming interfaces
07/02/15Streamlined performance testing for developers
07/02/15Re-use of invalidated data in buffers
07/02/15Tile cache
07/02/15Ranking of discussion threads in a question-and-answer forum
07/02/15Disk optimized paging for column oriented databases
07/02/15In-place recipient preservation
07/02/15Importing data into dynamic distributed databases
07/02/15Providing consistent tenant experiences for multi-tenant databases
07/02/15Point of interest tagging from social feeds
07/02/15Server chassis physical security enforcement
07/02/15Smart meeting creation and management
07/02/15Framework that facilitates accessing digital items
07/02/15Search service advertisement selection
07/02/15Wireless display that accesses remote resources for display data
07/02/15Reinforcement of battery
07/02/15Tunneling voip call control on cellular networks
07/02/15Multimode gaming server
07/02/15Hierarchical organization for scale-out cluster
07/02/15Seamless cluster servicing
07/02/15Peer-to-peer network prioritizing propagation of objects through the network
07/02/15Call handoff initiation in hybrid networks
07/02/15Rackless computing equipment construction
06/25/15Television viewing on gaming consoles
06/25/15Multiple hover point gestures
06/25/15Information surfacing with visual cues indicative of relevance
06/25/15Execution guards in dynamic programming
06/25/15Property accesses in dynamically typed programming languages
06/25/15Memory-preserving reboot
06/25/15Dynamic system availability management
06/25/15Checkpoints for a file system
06/25/15Annotation hint display
06/25/15Unsupervised relation detection model training
06/25/15Constructing queries for execution over multi-dimensional data structures
06/25/15Art search results
06/25/15Object detection techniques
06/25/15Incentive system for interactive content consumption
06/25/15Tagging images with emotional state information
06/25/15Multi-user, multi-domain dialog system
06/25/15Discriminative policy training for dialog systems
06/25/15Adapting audio based upon detected environmental accoustics
06/25/15Multi-modal communication through modal-specific interfaces
06/25/15Matrix factorization for automated malware detection
06/25/15Detecting anomalous activity from accounts of an online service
06/25/15Signaling to application lack of requested bandwidth
06/18/15Dynamic story driven gameworld creation
06/18/15Analog undo for reversing virtual world edits
06/18/15Predicted travel intent
06/18/15Multi-modal content consumption model
06/18/15Invocation control over keyboard user interface
06/18/15Intent-based user experience
06/18/15Touch-based reorganization of page element
06/18/15Layer based reorganization of document components
06/18/15Web page rendering on wireless devices
06/18/15Formula and function generation and use in electronic spreadsheets
06/18/15Touch/gesture-enabled interaction with electronic spreadsheets
06/18/15Interaction with spreadsheet application function tokens
06/18/15Query techniques and ranking results for knowledge-based matching
06/18/15Using constraints on media file formats to improve performance
06/18/15Dynamic asset monitoring and management using a continuous event processing platform
06/18/15Analytical data processing engine
06/18/15Building features and indexing for knowledge-based matching
06/18/15Identifying similar applications
06/18/15Personalizing search results based on user-generated content
06/18/15Managing applications in non-cooperative environments
06/18/15Automatic strong identity generation for cluster nodes
06/18/15User interface for overlapping handwritten text input
06/18/15Fabricating information inside physical objects for imaging in the terahertz region
06/18/15Personalized machine learning models
06/18/15Cubify brush operation for virtual worlds
06/18/15Access tracking and restriction
06/18/15System alert correlation via deltas
06/18/15User perception of electronic messaging
06/18/15Contact-centric thread views for electronic message applications
06/18/15Configuring applications and policies in non-cooperative environments
06/18/15Employment of presence-based history information in notebook application
06/18/15Employing presence information in notebook application
06/18/15Inconspicuous mode for mobile devices
06/18/15Inconspicuous mode for mobile devices
06/18/15Binding of an apparatus to a computing device
06/11/15Controlling interactions based on touch screen contact area
06/11/15Compact interactive tabletop with projection-vision
06/11/15Object detection in optical sensor systems
06/11/15Resolving ambiguous touches to a touch screen interface
06/11/15Crane gesture
06/11/15Interactive content consumption through text and image selection
06/11/15Bezel gesture techniques
06/11/15Recurrent conditional random fields
06/11/15Discriminating between natural language and keyword language items
06/11/15Techniques to diagnose live services
06/11/15Feature-based candidate selection
06/11/15Accessing data in a compressed container through dynamic redirection
06/11/15Mobile device generated sharing of cloud media collections
06/11/15Managing sensitive production data
06/11/15Semantic place labels
06/11/15Integration between project planning system and business system
06/11/15Preventing display of age inappropriate advertising
06/11/15Media stream scheduling for hiccup-free fast-channel-change in the presence of network chokepoints
06/11/15Handling video frames compromised by camera motion
06/11/15Estimating a room impulse response
06/11/15Wireless network host in silent mode
06/04/15User interface adaptation from an input source identifier change
06/04/15Document link previewing and permissioning while composing an email
06/04/15Enhanced service environments with user-specific working sets
06/04/15Platform for continuous graph update and computation
06/04/15Directed execution of dynamic programs in isolated environments
06/04/15Encrypting genomic data for storage and genomic computations
06/04/15Fusing device and image motion for user identification, tracking and device association
06/04/15Enriching product catalog with product name keywords
06/04/15Enriching product catalog with search keywords
06/04/15Detecting nonlinear amplitude processing
06/04/15Creating and managing certificates in a role-based certificate store
05/28/15Recognizing multiple input point gestures
05/28/15Pose tracking pipeline
05/28/15Kinetic mapping
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Systems and methods for tracking a model
05/28/15Content-aware image rotation
05/28/15Geofence compositions
05/28/15Geofences from context and crowd-sourcing
05/28/15Controlling voice composition in a conference
05/28/15Publishing to a content delivery system
05/28/15Contextual information lookup and navigation
05/28/15Search guided by location and context
05/28/15Reporting including filling data gaps and handling uncategorized data
05/28/15Remote control of a shared application
05/28/15Incrementally managing distributed configuration data
05/28/15Performance monitoring to provide real or near real time remediation feedback
05/28/15Resource allocation
05/28/15Server-aided private set intersection (psi) with data transfer
05/28/15Multi-level list detection engine
05/28/15Recognizing multiple input point gestures
05/28/15Pose tracking pipeline
05/28/15Kinetic mapping
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Communication system architecture
05/28/15Systems and methods for tracking a model
05/28/15Content-aware image rotation
05/28/15Geofence compositions
05/28/15Geofences from context and crowd-sourcing
05/28/15Controlling voice composition in a conference
05/28/15Publishing to a content delivery system
05/28/15Contextual information lookup and navigation
05/28/15Search guided by location and context
05/28/15Reporting including filling data gaps and handling uncategorized data
05/28/15Remote control of a shared application
05/28/15Incrementally managing distributed configuration data
05/28/15Performance monitoring to provide real or near real time remediation feedback
05/28/15Resource allocation
05/28/15Server-aided private set intersection (psi) with data transfer
05/28/15Multi-level list detection engine
05/21/15Persistent user identification
05/21/15Private and non-private display modes
05/21/15Motion control of a virtual environment
05/21/15Motion control of a virtual environment
05/21/15Visualizing large graphs
05/21/15Video transmission
05/21/15Signaling over cellular networks to reduce the wi-fi energy consumption of mobile devices
05/21/15Audio-visual project generator
05/21/15Providing interventions by leveraging popular computer resources
05/21/15Channel reporting for television whitespace
05/21/15Improving scalability and reliability of hardware geo-fencing with failover support
05/21/15Object detection and characterization
05/21/15Presenting time-shifted media content items
05/21/15User-defined channel
05/21/15Dialogue evaluation via multiple hypothesis ranking
05/21/15Identifying a contact
05/21/15Surfacing product listing ads for fresh items
05/21/15Predicting call quality
05/21/15Providing reasons for classification predictions and suggestions
05/21/15Techniques for managing writable search results
05/21/15Processing search queries using a data structure
05/21/15Document collections distribution and publishing
05/21/15Image sharing for online collaborations
05/21/15Peer-to-peer communication to increase download throughput
05/21/15Real life presence and dynamic meeting scheduling
05/21/15Computing system architecture that facilitates forming of customized virtual disks
05/21/15Switching of connection protocol
05/21/15Preservation of connection session
05/21/15Support for ioapic interrupts in amba-based devices
05/21/15Inexpensive solid-state storage through write throttling
05/21/15Validating software characteristics
05/21/15Content stitching templates
05/21/15Link insertion and link preview features
05/21/15Website navigation via a voice user interface
05/21/15Workflow and in-context e-mail recipient handling
05/21/15Remote control for displaying application data on dissimilar screens
05/21/15Resizing technique for display content
05/21/15Message exchange pattern rendezvous abstraction
05/21/15Functional validation of software
05/21/15Diagnosing production applications
05/21/15Protecting privacy in web-based immersive augmented reality
05/21/15Disabling prohibited content and identifying repeat offenders in service provider storage systems
05/21/15Analyzing access control configurations
05/21/15Monitoring and managing user privacy levels
05/21/15Licensing for services
05/14/15Two step content selection with trajectory copy
05/14/15Multi-touch capacitive sensing surface
05/14/15Presenting markup in a scene using depth fading
05/14/15Integration of labels into a 3d geospatial model
05/14/15Maintaining 3d labels as stable objects in 3d world
05/14/15Lens view for map
05/14/15Power efficient laser diode driver circuit and method
05/14/15Spatial scalable video multicast for heterogeneous mimo systems
05/14/15Human tracking system
05/14/15Blind image deblurring with cascade architecture
05/14/15Image processing for productivity applications
05/14/15Creation of rectangular images from input images
05/14/15Presentation rehearsal
05/14/15Radio channel utilization
05/14/15Controller-based video editing
05/14/15Hierarchical statistical model for behavior prediction and classification
05/14/15Media item selection using user-specific grammar
05/14/15Interactive visualization of workloads
05/14/15Unified content representation
05/14/15Memory facilitation using directed acyclic graphs
05/14/15Inline commenting on social threads
05/14/15Geo-distributed disaster recovery for interactive cloud applications
05/14/15Enhanced collaboration services
05/14/15Sharing a file via email
05/14/15Constructing virtual motherboards and virtual storage devices
05/14/15Using shared virtual memory resources for performing memory-mapping
05/14/15Hardware rooted attestation
05/14/15Comments on named objects
05/14/15Aggregating and presenting event information
05/14/15Two step content selection with auto content categorization
05/14/15Two step content selection
05/14/15Control user interface element for continuous variable
05/14/15User experience for processing and cropping images
05/14/15Debugging a web application locally during development
05/14/15Source code generation, completion, checking, correction
05/14/15Correlated display of biometric identity, feedback and user interaction state
05/07/15Controller-less quick tactile feedback keyboard
05/07/15Two hand natural user input
05/07/15Gesture disambiguation using orientation information
05/07/15Construction of synthetic augmented reality environment
05/07/15Generating an avatar from real time image data
05/07/15Controlling display of video data
05/07/15Chroma down-conversion and up-conversion processing
05/07/15Channel quality indicator apparatus and method
05/07/15Fast decoding based on zigzag deconvolution for random projection code
05/07/15Call handling
05/07/15Audio broacast sources switching by geographic location
05/07/15Sensor data time alignment
05/07/15Sensor selection based on context and policy
05/07/15Filled translation for bootstrapping language understanding of low-resourced languages
05/07/15Cross-language speech recognition
05/07/15Detecting speech input phrase confusion risk
05/07/15Real-time search tuning
05/07/15Enterprise graph search based on object and actor relationships
05/07/15Energy efficient multi-modal instruction issue
05/07/15Multitasking experiences with interactive picture-in-picture
05/07/15Network access
04/30/15High-sensitivity gps device with directional antenna
04/30/15Wet ink texture engine for reduced lag digital inking
04/30/15Dynamic workplane 3d rendering environment
04/30/15Centrifugal fan with integrated thermal transfer unit
04/30/15Service policies for communication sessions
04/30/15Layered encoding using spatial and temporal analysis
04/30/15Scaled video for pseudo-analog transmission in spatial domain
04/30/15Layered video encoding and decoding
04/30/15Policies for selecting sources for resource strings
04/30/15Automatically provisioning a wwan device
04/30/15Variable audio parameter setting
04/30/15Time limited, application spanning and post-application release achievements
04/30/15Expressing extensions with customized design time behavior
04/30/15Expressing extensions with customized design time behavior
04/30/15User contribution advertisement suppression
04/30/15Graph-based ranking of items
04/30/15Use of a social network to enhance hiring team collaboration
04/30/15Master data management
04/30/15Synchronizing event history for multiple clients
04/30/15Synchronization of web service endpoints in a multi-master synchronization environment
04/30/15Discussion summary
04/30/15Enhancing search results with social labels
04/30/15Text sample entry group formulation
04/30/15Indexing spreadsheet structural attributes for searching
04/30/15Data management for connected devices
04/30/15Temporal user engagement features
04/30/15Answering relational database queries using graph exploration
04/30/15Sharing network resources
04/30/15Crash recovery using non-volatile memory
04/30/15Web content navigation using tab switching
04/30/15Color coding of layout structure elements in a flow format document
04/30/15Rendering windows having transparent properties from a remote desktop environment
04/30/15Semantic lexicon-based input method editor
04/30/15Input method editor
04/30/15Test impact analysis using cross reference data and metadata
04/30/15Desktop as immersive application
04/30/15Video frame selection for targeted content
04/30/15Managing geographical location information for digital photos
04/23/15Controlling resolution of encoded video
04/23/15Mobile device test system
04/23/15Adapting a jitter buffer
04/23/15Jitter buffer
04/23/15Isolate extraneous motions
04/23/15Removal of image artifacts from sensor dust
04/23/15Offer sharing
04/23/15Multiple persona based modeling
04/23/15Protecting privacy of personally identifying information when delivering targeted assets
04/23/15Self-adjusting framework for managing device capacity
04/23/15Data classification for adaptive synchronization
04/23/15Information retrieval for group users
04/23/15Pervasive search architecture
04/23/15Emulating test distibuted application on server
04/23/15Automatic identification of returned merchandise in a data center
04/23/15Optimizing data transfers in cloud computing platforms
04/23/15Hierarchical network analysis service
04/23/15Path routing for communication sessions
04/23/15Fault-tolerant communications in routed networks
04/23/15Optimized consumption of third-party web services in a composite service
04/23/15Automatic mutual exclusion
04/23/15Secure crypto-processor certification
04/23/15Techniques to present a dynamic formula bar in a spreadsheet
04/23/15News feed techniques
04/23/15Modeling customizations to a computer system without modifying base elements
04/23/15Runtime support for modeled customizations
04/23/15Selectively enabling runtime editing of an application
04/23/15Incrementally compiling software artifacts from an interactive development environment
04/23/15Verifying the security of a remote server
04/23/15Managed biometric identity
04/16/15Eye tracking
04/16/15Automatic view adjustment
04/16/15Eye-typing term recognition
04/16/15Keyboard with integrated pointing functionality
04/16/15Holographic interaction device
04/16/15Resizable text backing shapes for digital images
04/16/15Continuous image optimization for responsive pages
04/16/15Camera and sensor augmented reality techniques
04/16/15Interface geometry for camera mounting
04/16/15Location determination for white space utilization
04/16/15Management of graphics processing units in a cloud platform
04/16/15Boolean/float controller and gesture recognition system
04/16/15Continuously tracing issues through the lifecycle phases of a project
04/16/15Obtaining remote shopping advice
04/16/15Personal agent homepage integration
04/16/15Automatic generation of markers based on social interaction
04/16/15Eye tracking
04/16/15Gesture-based searching
04/16/15Method and system for efficient decomposition of single-qubit quantum gates into fibonacci anyon braid circuits
04/16/15Cloud service hosting on client device
04/16/15Method and system for distributing load by redirecting traffic
04/16/15Multimodal conversation transfer
04/16/15Automated selection of appropriate information based on a computer user's context
04/16/15File handlers supporting dynamic data streams
04/16/15Providing a witness service
04/16/15Cross-lingual input method editor
04/16/15Command authentication
04/16/15Group experience user interface
04/16/15Managing conversations
04/16/15Using spreadsheets as a basis for enhanced application development
04/16/15Parallel dynamic programming through rank convergence
04/16/15Durable execution of long running applications
04/16/15Application gadgets and electronic program guides
04/16/15Granting permissions to an object when adding people to a conversation
04/16/15Informed implicit enrollment and identification
04/16/15Secure remote modification of device credentials using device-generated credentials
04/16/15Trusted internet identity
04/16/15Trust level activation
04/09/15Zooming with air gestures
04/09/15Intra-frame control of projector on-off states
04/09/15Illumination modules that emit structured light
04/09/15Radio channel utilization
04/09/15Methods and systems for determining and tracking extremities of a target
04/09/15Smart selection of text spans
04/09/15Emoji for text predictions
04/09/15Database virtualization
04/09/15Contextual insights and exploration
04/09/15Location source ranking for determining device location
04/09/15Web application monitoring verification
04/09/15Dynamically determining a translation lookaside buffer flush promotion threshold value
04/09/15Incorporating a spatial array into one or more programmable processor cores
04/09/15Proof of device genuineness
04/09/15Fault domains on modern hardware
04/09/15Annotations for electronic content
04/09/15Providing a common interface for accessing and presenting component configuration settings
04/09/15Autoscroll regions
04/09/15Distance scalable no touch computing
04/09/15Build-time resolving and type checking references
04/09/15Malicious code infection cause-and-effect analysis
04/09/15Secure capability negotiation between a client and server
04/02/15Compliant support for a display device
04/02/15Procedurally defined texture maps
04/02/15Scale factor based on viewing distance
04/02/15Signalling channel and radio system for power saving in wireless devices
04/02/15Face recognition using depth based tracking
04/02/15Automated callback reminder
04/02/15Multivariant mobile operating system configuration
04/02/15Hardware/software capability rating system
04/02/15Centralized method and system for clarifying voice commands
04/02/15Techniques for updating a partial dialog state
04/02/15Funnel analysis of the adoption of an application
04/02/15Estimation of predictive accuracy gains from added features
04/02/15Master schema shared across multiple tenants with dynamic update
04/02/15Extracting relational data from semi-structured spreadsheets
04/02/15Query expansion, filtering and ranking for improved semantic search results utilizing knowledge graphs
04/02/15Automatically identifying matching records from multiple data sources
04/02/15Query building using schema
04/02/15Identifying entities based on interactivity models
04/02/15Database virtualization
04/02/15View of information relating to a relationship between entities
04/02/15Data caching policy in multiple tenant enterprise resource planning system
04/02/15Flexible memory addressing for data security
04/02/15Volatile memory representation of nonvolatile storage device set
04/02/15Employing page links to merge pages of articles
04/02/15Web content suspension compatibility and suspended web content lifetime
04/02/15Rendering interpreter for visualizing data provided from restricted environment container
04/02/15Media presentation effects
04/02/15Control and part compliant hierarchy
04/02/15Prioritizing communications based on communication patterns
04/02/15Context aware user interface parts
04/02/15Extensible and context-aware commanding infrastructure
04/02/15Multi-act creation user interface element
04/02/15Virtual tabs supporting web content suspension
04/02/15Extendable blade sequence along pannable canvas direction
04/02/15Single-hand interaction for pan and zoom
04/02/15Pan and selection gesture detection
04/02/15Dialogs positioned with action visualization
04/02/15Composable selection model through reusable component
04/02/15Persisting state at scale across browser sessions
04/02/15Actionable content displayed on a touch screen
04/02/15Integrating search with application analysis
04/02/15Device pairing
04/02/15Dynamic selection and loading of anti-malware signatures
03/26/15Input device backlighting
03/26/15Depth map movement tracking via optical flow and velocity prediction
03/26/15Display device settings
03/26/15User experience for conferencing with a touch screen display
03/26/15Configuration of a touch screen display with conferencing
03/26/15Optical modules that reduce speckle contrast and diffraction artifacts
03/26/15Recall device
03/26/15Lineage of user generated content
03/26/15Monitoring surface temperature of devices
03/26/15Progressive spatial searching using augmented structures
03/26/15Using a process representation to achieve client and server extensible processes
03/26/15Dynamic discovery of applications, external dependencies, and relationships
03/26/15Bidi extension for connected devices
03/26/15Accessory device power management
03/26/15Online application testing across browser environments
03/26/15Automated risk tracking through compliance testing
03/26/15Presentation of a control interface on a touch-enabled device based on a motion or absence thereof
03/26/15Quick tasks for on-screen keyboards
03/26/15Controlling application windows in an operating system
03/26/15Input filters and filter-driven input processing
03/26/15High quality multimedia transmission from a mobile device for live and on-demand viewing
03/26/15Automated production of certification controls by translating framework controls
03/19/15Detecting primary hover point for multi-hover point device
03/19/15Simultaneous hover and touch interface
03/19/15Virtual network routing
03/19/15Power management via coordination and selective operation of timer-related tasks
03/19/15Voice call continuity in hybrid networks
03/19/15Security processing unit with configurable access control
03/19/15Automatic audio harmonization based on pitch distributions
03/19/15Hardware-amenable connected components labeling
03/19/15Combining audio samples by automatically adjusting sample characteristics
03/19/15Automatically expanding sets of audio samples
03/19/15Dynamic multi-dimensional business reports
03/19/15Non-intrusive advertisement management
03/19/15Automatically recommending updates based on stored lifecycle information
03/19/15Recommending audio sample combinations
03/19/15Domain expertise determination
03/19/15Social media driven information interface
03/19/15Predictive, multi-layer caching architectures
03/19/15Time-managed electronic mail messages
03/19/15Enhanced network virtualization using metadata in encapsulation header
03/19/15Allocation of resources between web services in a composite service
03/19/15Enhanced content consumption
03/19/15Controlling data storage input/output requests
03/19/15Keying infrastructure
03/19/15Test execution spanning cloud and local devices
03/19/15Object templates for data-driven applications
03/19/15Providing visualizations for conversations
03/19/15Document viewing mechanism for document sharing environment
03/19/15Hover controlled user interface element
03/19/15Real-time code instrumentation
03/19/15Real-time code instrumentation
03/19/15Update installer with technical impact analysis
03/19/15Automatically resolving conflicts after installation of selected updates in a computer system
03/19/15Update installer with process impact analysis
03/19/15Automatic installation of selected updates in multiple environments
03/19/15Multi-tenant network stack
03/19/15Virtual machine manager facilitated selective code integrity enforcement
03/19/15Virtual secure mode for virtual machines
03/19/15System and method for compact form exhaustive analysis of security policies
03/19/15Security certificates for system-on-chip security
03/19/15Automatic context-sensitive sanitization
03/12/15Switchable magnetic lock
03/12/15Dynamic displays based on user interaction states
03/12/15Techniques to manage map information illustrating a transition between views
03/12/15Memory management techniques
03/12/15User interface with color themes based on input image data
03/12/15Techniques to manage color representations for a digital map
03/12/15Techniques to generate digital maps
03/12/15Optical modules for use with depth cameras
03/12/15Hybrid forwarding in a virtual switch
03/12/15Restricting information requested by an application
03/12/15Managing access by applications to perceptual information
03/12/15Dummy phone numbers to manage states on mobile phones
03/12/15Integration of a computer-based message priority system with mobile electronic devices
03/12/15Achievement replay and fraud detection
03/12/15Cooling system management for server facility
03/12/15Feature selection for recommender systems
03/12/15Strength based modeling for recommendation system
03/12/15Deep structured semantic model produced using click-through data
03/12/15Providing enhanced connection data for shared resources
03/12/15Interfaces for accessing and managing enhanced connection data for shared resources
03/12/15Smart search refinement
03/12/15Creating visualizations from data in electronic documents
03/12/15Processing datasets with a dbms engine
03/12/15Techniques to automatically syndicate content over a network
03/12/15Applying actions to item sets within a constraint
03/12/15Reliable address discovery cache
03/12/15Network resource management with prediction
03/12/15Managing shared state information produced by applications
03/12/15User interface for searching an electronic document
03/12/15In-application customization
03/12/15Interfaces for providing enhanced connection data for shared resources
03/12/15Unified service management
03/12/15Verification that particular information is transferred by an application
03/12/15World-driven access control
03/12/15World-driven access control using trusted certificates
03/12/15Integrating policies from a plurality of disparate management agents
03/05/15Cloud-offloaded global satellite positioning
03/05/15Self-orienting display
03/05/15Audio video playback synchronization for encoded media
03/05/15Universal screen content codec
03/05/15Video coding / decoding with motion resolution switching and sub-block transform sizes
03/05/15Post-process filter for decompressed screen content
03/05/15Determining images of article for extraction
03/05/15Offline voicemail
03/05/15Source switching for devices supporting dynamic direction information
03/05/15Assignment of semantic labels to a sequence of words using neural network architectures
03/05/15Incentives for acknowledging product advertising within media content
03/05/15Search index format optimizations
03/05/15Sparse matrix data structure
03/05/15Enforcing resource quota in mail transfer agent within multi-tenant environment
03/05/15Generating an idempotent workflow
03/05/15Computation hardware with high-bandwidth memory interface
03/05/15Collaborative authoring
03/05/15Title and body extraction from web page
03/05/15Gesture-based content sharing between devices
03/05/15Manipulation of content on a surface
03/05/15Installation engine and package format
03/05/15Assignment of resources in virtual machine pools
03/05/15Zone policy administration for entity tracking and privacy assurance
03/05/15Access enablement security circuit
03/05/15Automatically generating certification documents
03/05/15Multiple user authentications on a communications device
02/26/15Changing visual content communication
02/26/15Depth sensing with depth-adaptive illumination
02/26/15Controlling transmission of data
02/26/15Pilot design for wireless system
02/26/15Integrated game development cloud computing platform
02/26/15Optimizing 3d printing using segmentation or aggregation
02/26/15Preserving privacy of a conversation from surrounding environment
02/26/15Rule to constraint translator for business application systems
02/26/15Realizing boxed experience for digital content acquisition
02/26/15Decreasing duplicates and loops in an activity record
02/26/15Continuous cloud-scale query optimization and processing
02/26/15Database access
02/26/15Realtime activity suggestion from social and event data
02/26/15Reporting including filling data gaps and handling uncategorized data
02/26/15Providing server performance decision support
02/26/15Using external memory devices to improve system performance
02/26/15Proof of possession for web browser cookie based security tokens
02/26/15Filtering kernel-mode network communications
02/26/15Monitoring, detection and analysis of data from different services
02/26/15Navigating fixed format document in e-reader application
02/26/15Presenting fixed format documents in reflowed format
02/26/15Arranging tiles
02/26/15Method and apparatus for providing a three-dimensional task gallery computer interface
02/26/15Reverse launch protocol
02/26/15Cloud-based device information storage
02/19/15Anti-arcing circuit
02/19/15Commercially subsidized mobile communication devices and services
02/19/15Above-lock camera access
02/19/15Ad hoc reporting with smart lists
02/19/15Linking photographs via face, time, and location
02/19/15Filtering electronic messages based on domain attributes without reputation
02/19/15Keep alive management
02/19/15Disconnected operation for systems utilizing cloud storage
02/19/15Cloud deployment infrastructure validation engine
02/19/15Translation file
02/19/15Feedback for lasso selection
02/19/15Global platform health management
02/12/15Automated charging
02/12/15Functional timing sensors
02/12/15Adaptive quantization for enhancement layer video coding
02/12/15Encoding video captured in low light
02/12/15Delayed image decoding
02/12/15Clustering short answers to questions
02/12/15Radio resource allocation for cellular wireless networks
02/12/15Leveraging interaction context to improve recognition confidence scores
02/12/15Personalized content tagging
02/12/15Return of orthogonal dimensions in search to encourage user exploration
02/12/15Search result augmenting
02/12/15Mining multilingual topics
02/12/15Identifying actions in documents using options in menus
02/12/15Matching information items
02/12/15Access and management of entity-augmented content
02/12/15Dynamic collection analysis and reporting of telemetry data
02/12/15Programming model for synchronizing browser caches across devices and web services
02/12/15Managing unified communications conferences via categories
02/12/15Methods, systems, and computer-readable mediums for configuring electronic messaging applications
02/12/15Augmenting and presenting captured data
02/12/15Browsing images via mined hyperlinked text snippets
02/12/15Automatic augmentation of content through augmentation services
02/12/15Application notifications
02/12/15Allocating processor resources
02/05/15Ergonomic physical interaction zone cursor mapping
02/05/15Virtual light in augmented reality
02/05/15Buffer display techniques
02/05/15Generic platform video image stabilization
02/05/15Multiple synchronized optical sources for time-of-flight range finding systems
02/05/15Input device layers and nesting
02/05/15Visual based identity tracking
02/05/15System with multiple simultaneous speech recognizers
02/05/15System for syndicating subscriptions with retailers
02/05/15Automatic recognition and insights of data
02/05/15App annotation and facilitaton of user search task and user action
02/05/15Social snippet augmenting
02/05/15Grouping documents and data objects via multi-center canopy clustering
02/05/15Messaging over http protocol for data exchange
02/05/15Messaging api over http protocol to establish context for data exchange
02/05/15Providing per-application resource usage information
02/05/15Replaying jobs at a secondary location of a service
02/05/15Chromeless user interface
02/05/15Providing distributed array containers for programming objects
02/05/15Systems for finding a lost transient storage device
02/05/15Privacy-preserving matching service
01/29/15Scenario-specific body-part tracking
01/29/15Data point calculations on a chart
01/29/15Technique to reverse automatic screen content rotation
01/29/15Enclosure power distribution architectures
01/29/15Communications using different modalities
01/29/15Inferring spatial object descriptions from spatial gestures
01/29/15Image restoration cascade
01/29/15Proximate beacon identification
01/29/15Low cost storage for rarely read data
01/29/15Virtual synchronization with on-demand data delivery
01/29/15Getting dependency metadata using statement execution plans
01/29/15Database system for executing parameter-sensitive query
01/29/15Query expansion and query-document matching using path-constrained random walks
01/29/15Content distribution using social relationships
01/29/15Techniques to locate and display content shared with a user
01/29/15Memory allocation analysis
01/29/15Sector map-based rapid data encryption policy compliance
01/29/15Self-identifying memory errors
01/29/15Integrated fuzzing
01/29/15Three dimensional conditional formatting
01/29/15Communication with on-calls and machines using multiple modalities through single historical tracking
01/29/15Reconfigurable clip-on modules for mobile computing devices
01/29/15Segment ring menu
01/29/15Scrollable smart menu
01/29/15Minimizing database repros using language grammars
01/29/15Controlling devices in entertainment environment
01/22/15Multi-touch manipulation of application objects
01/22/15Sparse gpu voxelization for 3d surface reconstruction
01/22/15System and method for converting gestures into digital graffiti
01/22/15Real-time registration of a stereo depth camera array
01/22/15Multi-source, adaptive printer driver configuration
01/22/15Support component for an apparatus
01/22/15Distributing information
01/22/15Content adaptive deblocking during video encoding and decoding
01/22/15Game clip popularity based control
01/22/15Time-of-flight camera with guided light
01/22/15Method and system providing spectator information for a multimedia application
01/22/15Control of crm data based on spreadsheet actions
01/22/15Data handling
01/22/15Location-aware content detection
01/22/15Data communication coordination with sequence numbers
01/22/15Initiating multiple connections from multiple communication devices
01/22/15Context affinity in a remote scripting environment
01/22/15Service denial and termination on a wireless network
01/22/15Gesture-based control of electronic devices
01/22/15User interface
01/22/15Techniques to manage recordings for multimedia conference events
01/22/15Binding between a layout engine and a scripting engine
01/22/15Independent hit testing
01/22/15Educating users and enforcing data dissemination policies
01/15/15Interactive digital displays
01/15/15System and method for offloading traffic from cellular networks
01/15/15Region-of-interest aware video coding
01/15/15Video encoder for images
01/15/15Spatiotemporal prediction for bidirectionally predictive (b) pictures and motion vector prediction for multi-picture reference motion compensation
01/15/15Dialling phone numbers
01/15/15Image tagging user interface
01/15/15Opacity measurement using a global pixel set
01/15/15Low accuracy positional data by detecting improbable samples
01/15/15Indoor location-finding using magnetic field anomalies
01/15/15Dynamic magnetometer calibration
01/15/15Feature completion in computer-human interactive learning
01/15/15Performing an operation relative to tabular data based upon voice input
01/15/15Active labeling for computer-human interactive learning
01/15/15Interactive segment extraction in computer-human interactive learning
01/15/15Active featuring in computer-human interactive learning
01/15/15Optimistic concurrency utilizing distributed constraint enforcement
01/15/15Relationship serialization and reconstruction for entities
01/15/15Retrieval of attribute values based upon identified entities
01/15/15Identification of semantic relationships within reported speech
01/15/15Content activity feedback into a reputation system
01/15/15Delegation of rendering between a web application and a native application
01/15/15Techniques to manage state information for a web service
01/15/15Hoster interface for managing and adding services
01/15/15Multi-client collaboration to access and update structured data elements
01/15/15Contact selector that facilitates granular sharing of contact data
01/15/15Dynamic navigation bar for expanded communication service
01/15/15Inclusion/exclusion user interface controls for range filters
01/15/15Controlling application features
01/15/15Projecting native application programming interfaces of an operating system into other programming languages
01/15/15Automatic isolation and detection of outbound spam
01/15/15Outbound ip address reputation control and repair
01/08/15Detecting beat information using a diverse set of correlations
01/08/15Gesture recognizer system architecture
01/08/15Universal user interface device
01/08/15Composing shapes and data series in geometries
01/08/15Approximate multi-level cell memory operations
01/08/15Providing missed call and message information
01/08/15Mobile device safe driving
01/08/15Process flow infrastructure and configuration interface
01/08/15Recommender system
01/08/15User based licensing for applications
01/08/15Flexible namespace prioritization
01/08/15Automated standalone bootstrapping of hardware inventory
01/08/15Smart pre-fetching for peer assisted on-demand media
01/08/15Optimization schemes for controlling user interfaces through gesture or touch
01/08/15Discrete objects for building virtual environments
01/08/15Multi-environment configuration of data integration projects
01/08/15Specialized media presentation via an electronic program guide (epg)
01/08/15Participant authentication and authorization for joining a private conference event
01/08/15Malicious code infection cause-and-effect analysis
01/01/15Natural user interfaces for mobile image viewing
01/01/15Recognizing interactions with hot zones
01/01/15Radio channel utilization
01/01/15Navigation with three dimensional audio effects
01/01/15Radio channel utilization
01/01/15Adaptive sample-by-sample controller for under-determined systems
01/01/15Automatically creating training data for language identifiers
01/01/15Linguistic error detection
01/01/15Wifi proximity messaging
01/01/15Managing a binary object in a database system
01/01/15Incremental maintenance of range-partitioned statistics for query optimization
01/01/15Visualizations based on natural language query
01/01/15Automated problem inference from bug repositories
01/01/15Person search utilizing entity expansion
01/01/15Using user feedback to improve search results
01/01/15Conservative garbage collecting and tagged integers for memory management
01/01/15Sharing of repository data for non-alias identities
01/01/15Optimized trotterization via multi-resolution analysis
01/01/15Endpoint data centers of different tenancy sets
01/01/15Unified service management
01/01/15Run-time verification of middlebox routing and traffic processing
01/01/15Managing capacity in a data center by suspending tenants
01/01/15Brokering application access for peripheral devices
01/01/15Solid-state drive management and control
01/01/15Automatic configuration of a computer system based on process modeling of an implemented process
01/01/15Dynamic presentation prototyping and generation
01/01/15Associating conditions to summary table data
01/01/15Online service switching and customizations
01/01/15Email tags
01/01/15Instant messaging activity notification
01/01/15Data visualizations including interactive time line representations
01/01/15Self-revealing symbolic gestures
01/01/15Iteration support in a heterogeneous dataflow engine
01/01/15Traffic processing for network performance and security
01/01/15Providing user-specific malware assessment based on social interactions
01/01/15User based licensing for applications

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