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Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc. Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/16/17 new patent  System that converts between wireless operation and wired operation
02/16/17 new patent  Dual pivot mechanical hinge with discreet wiring
02/16/17 new patent  Dynamic hand gesture recognition using depth data
02/16/17 new patent  Pressure sensitive stylus for a digitizer
02/16/17 new patent  Interacting tips for a digitizer stylus
02/16/17 new patent  Web-browser based desktop and application remoting solution
02/16/17 new patent  Animated data visualization video
02/16/17 new patent  Embedding a representation of an item in a host
02/16/17 new patent  Data reordering using buffers and memory
02/16/17 new patent  Automatic determination of device specific interoperability
02/16/17 new patent  Providing semantic based document design
02/16/17 new patent  Providing semantic based document editor
02/16/17 new patent  Task-oriented query-completion suggestions with shortcuts
02/16/17 new patent  Task-level search engine evaluation
02/16/17 new patent  Enhanced search suggestion for personal information services
02/16/17 new patent  Data center privacy
02/16/17 new patent  Using perspective to visualize data
02/16/17 new patent  Reducing display degradation
02/16/17 new patent  Adaptive data synchronization
02/16/17 new patent  Availability management for reference data services
02/16/17 new patent  Secure computation using a server module
02/16/17 new patent  Storage of captured sensitive data with bypass of local storage
02/16/17 new patent  Domain joined virtual names on domainless servers
02/16/17 new patent  Secure element authentication
02/16/17 new patent  Mobile operator profile management delegation
02/16/17 new patent  Optimal source interface selection
02/16/17 new patent  Smart automatic composition of short messaging responses
02/16/17 new patent  Dynamic communication portal between locations
02/16/17 new patent  Processing encoded bitstreams to improve memory utilization
02/16/17 new patent  Real-time parental monitoring
02/16/17 new patent  Delegated profile and policy management
02/16/17 new patent  Heat dissipation in electronics
02/16/17 new patent  Providing network connectivity and access to content and communications via moving objects
02/16/17 new patent  Spectrum sleuth
02/16/17 new patent  Storage of captured sensitive data with bypass of local storage
02/09/17Social interaction for remote communication
02/09/17Active stylus differential synchronization
02/09/17Link gestures
02/09/17Showing interactions as they occur on a whiteboard
02/09/17Recording and playback of development sessions
02/09/17Generating an idempotent workflow
02/09/17Block storage by decoupling ordering from durability
02/09/17Context-based actions from a source application
02/09/17Efficient location-based entity record conflation
02/09/17View maintenance rules for an update pipeline of an object-relational mapping (orm) platform
02/09/17Client intent in an integrated search environment
02/09/17Identification and quantification of predatory behavior across communications systems
02/09/17Searching based on the persona of another
02/09/17Client computing device health-related suggestions
02/09/17Selecting health notifications based on user activity
02/09/17Nearest neighbor predictions for providing health insights
02/09/17Health maintenance advisory technology
02/09/17Computing system for identifying health risk regions
02/09/17Recommendations for health benefit resources
02/09/17User-specific application activation for remote sessions
02/09/17Workout pattern detection
02/09/17Active featuring in computer-human interactive learning
02/09/17Advertisement coordination
02/09/17Generating an avatar from real time image data
02/09/17Dynamic subroutine linkage optimizing shader performance
02/09/17Virtually visualizing energy
02/09/17Mixed reality social interaction
02/09/17Constructing augmented reality environment with pre-computed lighting
02/09/17Calculating calorie statistics based on purchases
02/09/17Mixed reality social interactions
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02/09/17Audio-visual project generator
02/09/17Localized key-click feedback
02/09/17Active power transfer switch control to reduce service impacts due to electrical power interruptions
02/09/17Interleaving information for media data
02/09/17Pattern coalescing for remote wake-enabled applications
02/09/17Context-aware model-driven hierarchical monitoring metadata
02/09/17Dynamic discovery of applications, external dependencies, and relationships
02/09/17Notification for a prioritized media path for a communication session
02/09/17Methods and apparatuses for capturing multiple digital image frames
02/09/17Avatar integrated shared media experience
02/09/17Wireless provisioning a device for a network using a soft access point
02/09/17Methods for producing a glass-based non planar digital display
02/02/17Data capture system for texture and geometry acquisition
02/02/17Low cost storage for rarely read data
02/02/17Mechanical attach and retention feature
Patent Packs
02/02/17Portable device pairing with a tracking system
02/02/17Universal back navigation for multiple windows
02/02/17Containing an application in an immersive non-windowed environment
02/02/17Chronological information mapping
02/02/17Presentating action menus in viewing panes
02/02/17Tailored computing experience based on contextual signals
02/02/17Automatic creation and maintenance of a taskline
02/02/17User configurable tiles
02/02/17Invisible touch target for a user interface button
02/02/17Incremental whole program compilation of code
02/02/17Decoupling background work and foreground work
02/02/17Adaptive rendering based on runtime capability check
02/02/17Enhanced service validation
02/02/17Incremental automatic layout of graph diagram
02/02/17Underlying grid structure and animation of tables
02/02/17Providing consistent tenant experiences for multi-tenant databases
02/02/17Transaction processing using torn write detection
02/02/17Virtual tiles for service content recommendation
02/02/17Inferring entity attribute values
02/02/17Representation learning using multi-task deep neural networks
02/02/17Locating relevant content items across multiple disparate content sources
02/02/17Automated data transfer from mobile application silos to authorized third-party applications
02/02/17Activity detection based on activity models
02/02/17Identification and presentation of changelogs relevant to a tenant of a multi-tenant cloud service
02/02/17Efficient synthesis of repeat-until-success circuits in clifford + t basis
02/02/17Hybrid license state determination
02/02/17Incremental automatic layout of graph diagram for disjoint graphs
02/02/17Multi-position biased rotating logo component
02/02/17Centralized determining voice commands
02/02/17Techniques to secure computation data in a computing environment
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02/02/17Changelog transformation and correlation in a multi-tenant cloud service
02/02/17Dynamic attachment delivery in emails for advanced malicious content filtering
02/02/17Third party email signature generation and authentication
02/02/17Migrating authenticated content towards content consumer
02/02/17Automated network connection sharing
02/02/17Reduced size inverse transform for decoding and encoding
02/02/17Media device
02/02/17Inferring user availability for a communication
02/02/17Inferring logical user locations
02/02/17Call handoff initiation in hybrid networks
Patent Packs
02/02/17Migrating wireless channels using dual media access controllers
02/02/17Gateway advertisement in a wireless mesh
01/26/17Client side processing of game controller input
01/26/17Input device sensor configuration
01/26/17Computing device bonding assemblies
01/26/17Smart ring
01/26/17Browsing electronic messages displayed as tiles
01/26/17Dynamic server-side image sizing for fidelity improvements
01/26/17System and providing code completion features for code modules
01/26/17Mapping of virtualized set-up free applications for a computing system
01/26/17Mitigation of impact of intermittent storage unavailability on virtual machines
01/26/17Background task management
01/26/17Use of metrics to control throttling and swapping in a message processing system
01/26/17Using physical objects in conjunction with an interactive surface
01/26/17Personal knowledge graph population from declarative user utterances
01/26/17Leveraging global data for enterprise data analytics
01/26/17Managing team mailbox integrating email repository and content management store services
01/26/17Omnichannel services platform
01/26/17Rendering windows having transparent properties from a remote desktop environment
01/26/17Media composition using aggregate overlay layers
01/26/17Visualization of trust in an address bar
01/26/17Coordinating actions across platforms
01/26/17Computing system for managing data
01/26/17Communication session recording
01/26/17Providing missed call and message information
01/26/17Projection unit
01/26/17Adaptive skip or zero block detection combined with transform size decision
01/26/17Hierarchical spectrum offload
01/19/17Electronic paper display device
01/19/17Entry points to image-related applications in a mobile device
Patent Packs
01/19/17Interacting with nonconforming applications in a windowing environment
01/19/17Virtual storage target offload techniques
01/19/17Incremental interprocedural dataflow analysis during compilation
01/19/17Dynamic web application notifications including task bar overlays
01/19/17Multi-tier customizable portal deployment system
01/19/17Task state tracking in systems and services
01/19/17Executing dynamically assigned functions while providing services
01/19/17Transparent integration of application components
01/19/17Coordinating file synchronization between a sync engine and another application that supports document collaboration
01/19/17Deferring the cost of virtual storage
01/19/17Data model dualization
01/19/17Accessing search results in offline mode
01/19/17Processing records in dynamic ranges
01/19/17Semantic object tagging through name annotation
01/19/17Local personal daemon
01/19/17Inferring physical meeting location
01/19/17Considering social information in generating recommendations
01/19/17Video imaging to assess specularity
01/19/17Auxiliary alarm notification
01/19/17Delayed binding in response selection during input understanding processing
Social Network Patent Pack
01/19/17Loop antenna for mobile handset and other applications
01/19/17Service chains for network services
01/19/17Highly available service chains for network services
01/19/17Streamlined collaboration on document
01/19/17Content virality determination and visualization
01/19/17Depth-spatial frequency-response assessment
01/12/17Application operation responsive to object spatial status
01/12/17Backup power management for computing systems
01/12/17Gesture based sharing of user interface portion
01/12/17Enhanced multi-touch input detection
01/12/17User-identifying application programming interface (api)
01/12/17Inference-based visual map of organizational structure and resource usage
01/12/17Actuator module for building application
01/12/17Sharing map context including result cards
01/12/17Pivot-based tile gallery with adapted tile(s)
01/12/17Operating system program launch menu search
01/12/17Emphasis for sharing application portion
01/12/17Multi-device pairing and combined display
01/12/17Virtualizing extension code in an application
01/12/17Extensibility of engines in computing systems
Social Network Patent Pack
01/12/17High availability and energy-efficient watchdog timer
01/12/17Sideband serial channel for pci express peripheral devices
01/12/17Rule-based layout of changing information
01/12/17Sharing usage of resources with interested users
01/12/17Sentence simplification for spoken language understanding
01/12/17File kinship for multimedia data tracking
01/12/17Automapping of music tracks to music videos
01/12/17Mapping and query translation between xml, objects, and relations
01/12/17Entity page generation and entity related searching
01/12/17Dynamic domain query and query translation
01/12/17Encrypting data within a host image
01/12/17Claiming data from a virtual whiteboard
01/12/17Learning word embedding using morphological knowledge
01/12/17Action correlation framework
01/12/17Transfer learning techniques for disparate label sets
01/12/17Worker group identification
01/12/17Digital identity management
01/12/17Automatically generating service documentation based on actual usage
01/12/17Visualizing resource relationships using key peformance indicators
01/12/17Forwarding table management in computer networks
01/12/17Most recently used list for attaching files to messages
01/12/17Battery efficient synchronization of communications using a token bucket
01/12/17Passive delegations and records
01/12/17Client confirmation method and system
01/12/17Granting permissions to an object when adding people to a conversation
01/12/17Availability management for reference data services
01/12/17Intra-refresh for video streaming
01/12/17Custom data indicating nominal range of samples of media content
01/12/17Simple protocol for tangible security
01/05/17Seamless font updating
Social Network Patent Pack
01/05/17Automatically preventing and remediating network abuse
01/05/17Applying a correct factor derivative determining an orientation of a portable electronic device based on sense gravitation component linear accelerate filter data obtained
01/05/17Rf measurement device and system
01/05/17Multistage friction hinge
01/05/17Application programming interface for a multi-pointer indirect touch input device
01/05/17Graphical user interface facilitating sharing and collaborative editing of electronic documents
01/05/17Graphical user interface facilitating uploading of electronic documents to shared storage
01/05/17Power efficient application notification system
01/05/17State-specific ordering in collaboration services
01/05/17Autoscroll regions
01/05/17User interface for sharing application portion
01/05/17Building of compound application chain applications
01/05/17Transformation chain application splitting
01/05/17Instrumenting a website with dynamically generated code
01/05/17Processor with instruction for interpolating table lookup values
01/05/17Cloud virtual machine customization using extension framework
01/05/17Distributed application interfacing across different hardware
01/05/17Application sharing using endpoint interface entities
01/05/17Reactive coincidence
01/05/17Direct memory access with filtering
01/05/17Map-based rapid data encryption policy compliance
01/05/17Platform neutral device protocols
01/05/17Output rendering in dynamic redefining application
01/05/17Collaboration using multiple editors or versions of a feature
01/05/17Asynchronous search query
01/05/17Analysis of user text
01/05/17Utilizing semantic hierarchies to process free-form text
01/05/17Automatic grouping of browser bookmarks
01/05/17Content customization with security for client preferences

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