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Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc. Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/15Ambient vehicle and pedestrian state detection for device notification
12/31/15Hinge for component attachment
12/31/15Dynamically directing interpretation of input data based on contextual information
12/31/15Command surface drill-in control
12/31/15Mobile communications device user interface
12/31/15Light dismiss manager
12/31/15Edge-based hooking gestures for invoking user interfaces
12/31/15Data feed having customizable analytic and visual behavior
12/31/15Progressively indicating new content in an application-selectable user interface
12/31/15Context menu utilizing a context indicator and floating menu bar
12/31/15Data mining in a business intelligence document
12/31/15Social distance based search result order adjustment
12/31/15Result types for conditional data display
12/31/15Color identification using infrared imaging
12/31/15Hand-drawn sketch recognition
12/31/15Automated transaction processing control with near-field communication functionality
12/31/15Object digitization
12/31/15Outbound ip address reputation control and repair
12/31/15Stream-based reactive programming platform
12/31/15Roaming of note-taking application features
12/31/15Global provisioning of millions of users with deployment units
12/31/15Proxy-based cache content distribution and affinity
12/31/15Catching up with an ongoing conference call
12/31/15Location aware mobile-device software development
12/31/15Event-based media grouping, playback, and sharing
12/31/15Intelligent communication line selection supporting rich context of input factors
12/31/15Grid queries
12/24/15Ergonomic physical interaction zone cursor mapping
12/24/15Interacting tips for a digitizer stylus
12/24/15Capacitive based digitizer sensor
12/24/15Interactive content creation
12/24/15Virtual software application deployment configurations
12/24/15Subscriber defined dynamic eventing
12/24/15Providing a search service including updating aspects of a document using a configurable schema
12/24/15User-specific visualization of display elements
12/24/15Minimizing symbolic finite automata
12/24/15Touch mode and input type recognition
12/24/15Browser plug-in for secure credential submission
12/24/15Wireless shared resource computing
12/24/15Accessing an out-space user interface for a document editor program
12/17/15Customized see-through, electronic display device
12/17/15Method and system for data transfer with a touch enabled device
12/17/15Data-driven schema for describing and executing management tasks in a graphical user interface
12/17/15Avatar integrated shared media experience
12/17/15Automated modification integration and conflict resolution for software development
12/17/15Automated configuration and installation of virtualized solutions
12/17/15Optimized document views for mobile device interfaces
12/17/15Discovering functional groups of an area
12/17/15Securing partner-enabled web service
12/17/15Facilitating conversations with automated location mapping
12/17/15Desktop screen sharing over http
12/17/15Smb2 scaleout
12/17/15Aggregating endpoint capabilities for a user
12/10/15Game having a plurality of engines
12/10/15Navigation device for dead reckoning
12/10/15Automatic configuration of project system from project capabilities
12/10/15Augmented data view
12/10/15Alternate authentication
12/10/15Video preview based browsing user interface
12/10/15Securing a computing device accessory
12/03/15Gestures, interactions, and common ground in a surface computing environment
12/03/15Digitizer, stylus and method of synchronization therewith
12/03/15Combined surface user interface
12/03/15Digitizer, stylus and method of synchronization therewith
12/03/153d data environment navigation tool
12/03/15Replaying jobs at a secondary location of a service
12/03/15Bottleneck detector application programming interface
12/03/15Deploying trace objectives using cost analyses
12/03/15Breakpoint setting through a debugger user interface
12/03/15Real time analysis of tracer summaries to change tracer behavior
12/03/15Multiple tracer configurations applied on a function-by-function level
12/03/15Array object concurrency in stm
12/03/15Form preview in a development environment
12/03/15Interaction between web gadgets and spreadsheets
12/03/15Representation of people in a spreadsheet
12/03/15In-call translation
12/03/15Executing stored procedures at parallel databases
12/03/15Personal intelligence platform
12/03/15Force directed graph with time series data
12/03/15Software application license roaming
12/03/15Isolation and presentation of untrusted data
12/03/15Extraction of user behavior from depth images
12/03/15Audio output of a document from mobile device
12/03/15Controlling malicious activity detection using behavioral models
12/03/15Data transfer service
12/03/15Moveable housing of a mobile communications device
12/03/15In-call translation
12/03/15Combining multiple images in bracketed photography
11/26/15Ink modes
11/26/15Ink modes
11/26/15Pen input modes for digital ink
11/26/15Group selection initiated from a single item
11/26/15Ink for interaction
11/26/15Compiler based obfuscation
11/26/15Computing device update control
11/26/15Extensible system action for sharing while remaining in context
11/26/15Automatically generating certification documents
11/26/15Extending cluster allocations in an extensible file system
11/26/15Synchronizing local and remote data
11/26/15Enriching database query responses using data from external data sources
11/26/15Mobile search based on predicted location
11/26/15Contextual information monitoring
11/26/15View direction determination
11/26/15Ink for a shared interactive space
11/26/15Systems and methods for using virtual machines to sequence native applications into virtual packages and for reimaging virtual machines
11/26/15Subscribing to multiple resources through a common connection
11/26/15Radiometric calibration from noise distributions
11/26/15Imaging through a display screen
11/26/15Determining audience state or interest using passive sensor data
11/26/15Binding of an apparatus to a computing device
11/26/15Accessing an out-space user interface for a document editor program
11/19/15Social-based information recommendation system
11/19/15Persistent and resilient worker processes
11/19/15Virtualizing integrated calls to provide access to resources in a virtual namespace
11/19/15Sharing a virtual hard disk across multiple virtual machines
11/19/15Determining images of article for extraction
11/19/15Authorization for transient storage devices with multiple authentication silos
11/19/15Near-duplicate video retrieval
11/19/15Compliant auditing architecture
11/19/15Interactive geo-positioning of imagery
11/19/15Augmented reality display of scene behind surface
11/19/15System and method providing collaborative interaction
11/19/15Privacy camera
11/19/15Variable coding resolution in video codec
11/19/15Determining network availability based on geographical location
11/12/15Peer-to-peer sharing of cloud-based content
11/12/15Energy management by dynamic functionality partitioning
11/12/15Resource access safety through immutable object types
11/12/15Generating and caching software code
11/12/15Remotable project
11/12/15Opportunistically scheduling and adjusting time slices
11/12/15General purpose distributed data parallel computing using a high level language
11/12/15Temporal standby list
11/12/15File service using a shared file access-rest interface
11/12/15Identifying query intent
11/12/15User authentication on display device
11/12/15Scheduling conflict notification
11/12/15Server system for limiting selection of content to preferred content providers
11/12/15Indicating out-of-view augmented reality images
11/12/15Buffer display techniques
11/12/15User query history expansion for improving language model adaptation
11/12/15Electronic connector
11/12/15Electronic connector
11/12/15Message categorization
11/12/15Resource protection on un-trusted devices
11/12/15Registration and network access control
11/12/15Multimedia aware cloud for mobile device computing
11/12/15Three dimensional image capture system for imaging building facades using a digital camera, a near-infrared camera, and laser range finder
11/12/15Coupling devices using multiple discovery zones
11/12/15Authentication mechanisms for wireless networks
11/12/15Connecting public cloud applications with private network resources
11/12/15Connecting public cloud with private network resources
11/05/15Pressure sensor for a stylus
11/05/15Multi-application environment
11/05/15Dynamic update installer for customized software
11/05/15Efficient input/output-aware multi-processor virtual machine scheduling
11/05/15Placing objects on hosts using hard and soft constraints
11/05/15Driver interface functions to interface client function drivers
11/05/15Method and apparatus for utilizing an extensible markup language schema for managing specific types of content in an electronic document
11/05/15Portable application registry
11/05/15Search tool using multiple different search engine types across different data sets
11/05/15Managing modality views on conversation canvas
11/05/15Provisioning a web hosting resource using a cloud service
11/05/15Mesh-managing data across a distributed set of devices
11/05/15Remote application connection sharing
11/05/15Adapting digital video recording based upon feedback
11/05/15Video detection in remote desktop protocols
11/05/15Energy-efficient transmission of content over a wireless connection
10/29/15Ar glasses with predictive control of external device based on event input
10/29/15Command user interface for displaying multiple sections of software functionality controls
10/29/15Application-transparent hybridized caching for high-performance storage
10/29/15Packaging content updates
10/29/15Augmenting search results with relevant third-party application content
10/29/15Detecting script-based malware using emulation and heuristics
10/29/15Abstractions and automation for enhanced sharing and collaboration
10/29/15Depth image processing
10/29/15Object identification using 3-d curve matching
10/29/15Using facial data for device authentication or subject identification
10/29/15Cross-platform data visualizations using common descriptions
10/29/15Procedural authoring
10/29/15Pressure sensitive key normalization
10/29/15Mechanism to save system power using packet filtering by network interface
10/29/15Predictive cloud-based presimulation
10/29/15Switchable camera mirror apparatus
10/29/15Virtual 3d monitor
10/22/15Performance of multi-processor computer systems
10/22/15Hover and touch detection for a digitizer
10/22/15Metadata for data storage array
10/22/15Decoupling background work and foreground work
10/22/15Phrase-based dictionary extraction and translation quality evaluation
10/22/15Synchronizing multiple classes with disparate schemas in the same collection
10/22/15Business application publication
10/22/15Focus guidance within a three-dimensional interface
10/22/15Loop antenna for mobile handset and other applications
10/22/15Application of comments in multiple application functionality content
10/22/15Profile and consent accrual
10/15/15Dynamic web application notifications including task bar overlays
10/15/15Healing cloud services during upgrades
10/15/15Scenario modeling and visualization
10/15/15Saving augmented realities
10/15/15Detecting and modifying security settings for deploying web applications
10/15/15Monadic evaluation of injected query compositions
10/15/15Cloud-edge topologies
10/15/15Client calculation of links to network locations of files to upload
10/15/15Selection of advertisements via viewer feedback
10/15/15Using physical gestures to initiate call transfers between devices
10/15/15Device policy manager
10/15/15Rf collaboration method to reduce rf interference with wireless adapter
10/08/15Receiver gain offset
10/08/15Multi-touch uses, gestures, and implementation
10/08/15Application activation framework
10/08/15Idle time service
10/08/15Workflow schedule authoring tool
10/08/15Collaborative communication in a web application
10/08/15Recognizing cloud content
10/08/15Semantic analysis of information
10/08/15Semantic analysis of information
10/08/15Owner privacy in a shared mobile device
10/08/15Image curation
10/08/15Rendering text using anti-aliasing techniques, cached coverage values, and/or reuse of font color values
10/08/15Vehicle surface tinting for visual indication of environmental conditions
10/08/15Deadline-aware network protocol
10/08/15Sms message notification arrangement
10/08/15Skip macroblock coding
10/08/15Presenting linear and nonlinear content via dvr
10/01/15One time dual boot mobile phone device
10/01/15Device flags
10/01/15Dynamic partition dual boot mobile phone device
10/01/15Dynamic lazy type system
10/01/15Iteratively calculating standard deviation for streamed data
10/01/15Temporal translation grammar for language translation
10/01/15Resolving queries based on automatic determination of requestor geographic location
10/01/15Changing visual content communication
10/01/15Space saving multiband antenna
10/01/15Cross-client subscription to groups
10/01/15Cross-client integration of groups
10/01/15Data communication coordination with sequence numbers
10/01/15White space utilization
09/24/153d user interface for application entities
09/24/15Single action selection of data elements
09/24/15Isolation of virtual machine i/o in multi-disk hosts
09/24/15Techniques to manage collaborative documents
09/24/15Recommendation ranking based on locational relevance
09/24/15Database virtualization
09/24/15Managing object lifetime in a cyclic graph
09/24/15Protecting transactions
09/24/15Thumbnail generation and presentation for recorded tv programs
09/24/15Collaborative conference experience improvement
09/24/15End user performance analysis
09/24/15Interfaces for digital media processing
09/24/15Integrated interactive space
09/17/15Localized weather prediction through utilization of cameras
09/17/15Data collisions in concurrent programs
09/17/15Declarative style rules for default touch behaviors
09/17/15Companion experience
09/17/15Provisional administrator privileges
09/17/15Payment system and method
09/17/15Enriching driving experience with cloud assistance
09/17/15Roaming application settings across multiple computing devices
09/17/15Network management system supporting customizable groups
09/17/15Identifying relationships between message threads
09/17/15Integrating operating systems with content offered by web based entities
09/17/15Authentication and pairing of devices using a machine readable code
09/17/15Dynamically varying the number of database replicas
09/10/15Recording companion
09/10/15Ruggedized display device
09/10/15Storage device power management
09/10/15State-based auxiliary display operation
09/10/15Sections of a presentation having user-definable properties
09/10/15Voice-command suggestions
09/10/15Voice control shortcuts
09/10/15Cluster update system
09/10/15Synchronizing device association data among computing devices
09/10/15Virtual machine trigger
09/10/15Interactive data manipulation using examples and natural language
09/10/15Adaptive key-based navigation on a form
09/10/15Associating captured image data with a spreadsheet
09/10/15Query completion based on location
09/10/15Distributed transaction management
09/10/15Control of automated tasks executed over search engine results
09/10/15Framework for data extraction by examples
09/10/15Interaction with virtual objects causing change of legal status
09/10/15Rendering hardware accelerated graphics in a web application
09/10/15Secure hardware for cross-device trusted applications
09/10/15Inline message composing with visible list view
09/10/15Shared space for communicating information
09/10/15Access requests with cache intentions
09/10/15Sharing content
09/10/15Relayed voice control of devices
09/03/15Pluggable route-planning module
09/03/15Control of polarization and diffractive artifact resolution in retro-imaging systems
09/03/15Metadata driven dialogs
09/03/15Portable business logic with branching and gating
09/03/15Information interface generation and/or population
09/03/15Configurable reusable controls
09/03/15Device action service
09/03/15System of providing suggestions based on accessible and contextual information
09/03/15Authenticating linked accounts
09/03/15Content-based isolation for computing device security
09/03/15Communicating status regarding application of compliance policy updates
09/03/15Synchronized distribution of compliance policy updates
09/03/15Unified generation of policy updates
09/03/15Client-adjustable window size for connectionless transfer protocols
09/03/15Roaming profiles and application compatibility in multi-user systems
09/03/15Planar panorama imagery generation
09/03/15Image tagging for capturing information in a transaction
08/27/15Application interface for tracking player identity
08/27/15Peripheral device storage
08/27/15Unified presentation of contextually connected information to improve user efficiency and interaction performance
08/27/15Device control
08/27/15Message communication of sensor and other data
08/27/15Predicting degradation of a communication channel below a threshold based on data transmission errors
08/27/15Method and system for ensuring reliability of cache data and metadata subsequent to a reboot
08/27/15Method and system for managing changes to a contact database
08/27/15Privacy control for multimedia content
08/27/15Monitoring and managing user privacy levels
08/27/15Using proximity sensing to adjust information provided on a mobile device
08/27/15Systematic mitigation of memory errors
08/27/15Maintaining consistency within a federation infrastructure
08/27/15Document object model api for mime
08/27/15Techniques to access messaging services for branch offices
08/27/15Virtual circular conferencing experience using unified communication technology
08/27/15Determining proximity to a venue
08/27/15Systems and methods for making channel assignments to reduce interference and increase capacity of wireless networks
08/27/15Base station initiated proximity service discovery and connection establishment
08/20/15Stereo video for gaming
08/20/15Power and load management based on contextual information
08/20/15Mobile device application state
08/20/15Portals for visual interfaces
08/20/15Resource deployment based on conditions
08/20/15Fast computer startup
08/20/15Normalizing data for fast superscalar processing
08/20/15Text overlay techniques in realtime translation
08/20/15System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
08/20/15Clustering web pages on a search engine results page
08/20/15Per-document index for semantic searching
08/20/15Delayed file virtualization
08/20/15Out of office message improvements
08/20/15Computing 3d shape parameters for face animation
08/20/15Augmented reality computing with inertial sensors
08/20/15Representation of overlapping visual entities
08/20/15Interactive display system
08/20/15Total field of view classification
08/20/15Multiband antenna
08/20/15Message service downtime
08/20/15Creating awareness of accesses to privacy-sensitive devices
08/20/15Unified policy over heterogenous device types
08/20/15Web-based interaction with a local system
08/20/15Mechanism for connecting a mobile device to a network
08/20/15Multi-threaded implementations of deblock filtering
08/20/15Encoded associations with external content items
08/13/15Input device haptics and pressure sensing
08/13/15Method of manufacturing an input device
08/13/15Sliding-window multi-class striping
08/13/15Folded views in development environment
08/13/15Messaging routine interruption and synchronization
08/13/15Creating and editing dynamic graphics via a web interface
08/13/15Storing temporary state data in separate containers
08/13/15Secure and private tracking across multiple cameras
08/13/15Automated image cropping to include particular subjects
08/13/15Pinning a callout animation
08/13/15Secure protocol for peer-to-peer network
08/13/15Efficient file management through granular opportunistic locking
08/13/15Anchoring services of a mobile station attached to a first service domain at a home agent in a second service domain
08/13/15User-input scheduling of synchronization operation on a mobile device based on user activity
08/06/15Per-user aggregation of database content
08/06/15Mobile computing device dock
08/06/15Proposing visual display components for processing data
08/06/15Hierarchically-organized control galleries
08/06/15Restricted execution modes
08/06/15Coordination of animations across multiple applications or processes
08/06/15Crisscross cancellation protocol
08/06/15Api supporting server and key based networking
08/06/15Dynamic rerouting of service requests between service endpoints for web services in a composite service
08/06/15Authentication server auditing of clients using cache provisioning
08/06/15Selection compression
07/30/15Dynamic destination navigation system
07/30/15Skeletal control of three-dimensional virtual world
07/30/15Display system with electrostatic and radio links
07/30/15Dashboard with panoramic display of ordered content
07/30/15Policy based application suspension and termination
07/30/15Intermediate representation construction for static analysis
07/30/15User-authored notes on shared documents
07/30/15Custom compound types in declarative programs
07/30/15Query model over information as a networked service
07/30/15Multiple-access-level lock screen
07/30/15Secure credential unlock using trusted execution environments
07/30/15Power regulation of power grid via datacenter
07/30/15Bitstream syntax for multi-process audio decoding
07/30/15Role-based distributed key management
07/30/15Wake pattern management
07/30/15Secure push and status communication between client and server
07/30/15Management and diagnosis of telephonic devices
07/23/15Intelligently recommending schemas based on user input
07/23/15Emulating mixed-code programs using a virtual machine instance
07/23/15Multi-faceted metadata storage
07/23/15Population and/or animation of spatial visualization(s)
07/23/15Semantic zoom for related content
07/23/15Wearable emotion detection and feedback system
07/23/15Syndicated advertising and commerce through widgets
07/23/15Random number generation failure detection and entropy estimation
07/23/15Enforcing device settings for mobile devices
07/23/15Deriving atomic communication threads from independently addressable messages
07/23/15Relative timestamp when real time clock is unavailable
07/23/15Automatic batching of gui-based tasks
07/23/15Authoring, sharing, and consumption of online courses
07/16/15Consistency without ordering dependency
07/16/15Replacement of virtual functions
07/16/15Secure dns query
07/16/15Methods and systems for enhancing metadata
07/16/15Creating variations when transforming data into consumable content
07/16/15Operation chart rescaling
07/16/15Internet e-mail bridge
07/16/15Proximity-based task notification
07/09/15Generation of avatar reflecting player appearance
07/09/15Electronic compensated pivot control
07/09/15Probabilistic latency modeling
07/09/15Specifying compiled language code in line with markup language code
07/09/15Api descriptions
07/09/15Virtual machine multicast/broadcast in virtual network
07/09/15Virtual machine provisioning engine
07/09/15Presenting an application change through a tile
07/09/15Automatic relationship detection for spreadsheet data items
07/09/15Storage media abstraction for uniform data storage
07/09/15Point(s) of interest exposure through visual interface
07/09/15Generating activities based upon social data
07/09/15Finding data in connected corpuses using examples
07/09/15Multiple content protection systems in a file
07/09/15Application licensing using sync providers
07/09/15User based licensing for applications
07/09/15User based licensing for applications
07/09/15User based licensing for applications
07/09/15Calendaring between user profiles
07/09/15User based licensing for applications
07/09/15Rendering global light transport in real-time using machine learning
07/09/15Download of current portions of email messages
07/09/15Messaging for notification-based clients
07/09/15Securing passwords against dictionary attacks
07/09/15Intercepting file transfers in multi-node topologies
07/02/15Using game play elements to motivate learning
07/02/15Computation of travel routes, durations, and plans over multiple contexts
07/02/15Searching at a user device
07/02/15State separation for virtual applications
07/02/15I/o co-processor coupled hybrid computing device
07/02/15Recommending points of interests in a region
07/02/15Reorganization of data under continuous workload
07/02/15Deep application crawling
07/02/15Method and system for optimal decomposition of single-qubit quantum circuits using standard quantum gates
07/02/15Application licensing using sync providers
07/02/15User based licensing for applications
07/02/15Protecting content from third party using client-side security protection
07/02/15Service based event planning
07/02/15Mobile device security using wearable security tokens
07/02/15Transferring data via audio link
07/02/15Cognitive multi-user ofdma
07/02/15Cognitive multi-user ofdma
07/02/15Distributed virtual network gateways
07/02/15Client authentication during network boot
07/02/15Episodic coordination model for distributed applications
07/02/15Service-assisted network access point selection
07/02/15Emulating pointers
07/02/15Contextual solicitation in a starter application
07/02/15Cognitive multi-user ofdma
06/25/15Disinfecting touch-based screen automatically
06/25/15Wide field-of-view virtual image projector
06/25/15Authoring through suggestion
06/25/15Change invariant scene recognition by an agent
06/25/15Transforming data into consumable content
06/25/15Intent based content related suggestions as small multiples
06/25/15License information access based on developer profiles
06/25/15Pervasive package identifiers
06/25/15Component localization
06/25/15Throttling usage of resources
06/25/15Extensible mechanism for securing objects using claims
06/25/15Authoring through crowdsourcing based suggestions
06/25/15Cached data detection
06/25/15Tracking data usage under a schematized data plan
06/25/15Transform space difference compression
06/25/15Gateway advertisement in a wireless mesh
06/18/15Multiple waveguide imaging structure
06/18/15Freeform-prism eyepiece with illumination waveguide
06/18/15Alternative inputs of a mobile communications device
06/18/15Firmware update discovery and distribution
06/18/15Controlling runtime access to application program interfaces
06/18/15Dynamically expiring crowd-sourced content
06/18/15Formulating global statistics for distributed databases
06/18/15Cloud key directory for federating data exchanges
06/18/15Determining document classification probabilistically through classification rule analysis
06/18/15Virtualization of groups of devices
06/18/15User perception of electronic messaging
06/18/15System and method for assigning quality to cryptographaic identities used in a digital transaction
06/18/15Traffic segmentation in prevention of ddos attacks
06/18/15Adaptive codec selection
06/18/15Collecting and presenting information
06/11/15Remote session control using multi-touch inputs
06/11/15Persistent application activation and timer notifications
06/11/15Multi-layer search-engine index
06/11/15Providing topic based search guidance
06/11/15Automatic construction of human interaction proof engines
06/11/15Predictive electrophoretic display
06/11/15Techniques for ensuring authentication and integrity of communications
06/11/15Packet aggregation
06/11/15Message gateway with hybrid proxy / store-and-forward logic
06/11/15Controlled three-dimensional communication endpoint
06/11/15Wireless network host in silent mode
06/04/15Cloud-based localization platform
06/04/15Cloud-based localization platform
06/04/15Smart data staging based on scheduling policy
06/04/15Hyperlink destination visibility
06/04/15Using reading levels in responding to requests
06/04/15Motion stabilization and detection of articulated objects
06/04/15Online wizard for facilitating methodology implementation
06/04/15Chaining animations
06/04/15Dynamic symmetric searchable encryption
06/04/15Rapidly initializing and dynamically adjusting media streams
06/04/15Catching up with an ongoing conference call
06/04/15Split billing for a mobile device
05/28/15Contextual based information aggregation system
05/28/15Sharing document links from multiple data providers
05/28/15B-file abstraction for efficiently archiving self-expiring data
05/28/15Integrity protected smart card transaction
05/28/15Session monitoring of virtual desktops in a virtual machine farm
05/28/15Flexible architecture for notifying applications of state changes
05/28/15Application monitoring through collective record and replay
05/28/15Directory leasing
05/28/15Contextual based information aggregation system
05/28/15Sharing document links from multiple data providers
05/28/15B-file abstraction for efficiently archiving self-expiring data
05/28/15Integrity protected smart card transaction
05/28/15Session monitoring of virtual desktops in a virtual machine farm
05/28/15Flexible architecture for notifying applications of state changes
05/28/15Application monitoring through collective record and replay
05/28/15Directory leasing
05/21/15Antenna isolation using a tuned groundplane notch
05/21/15Mobile video calls
05/21/15String prediction
05/21/15Deep cloning of objects using binary format
05/21/15Unbalanced mapping between desktop and mobile pages
05/21/15Shaping virtual machine communication traffic
05/21/15Securely filtering trust services records
05/21/15Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines
05/21/15Two-tier failover service for data disaster recovery
05/21/15Analysis stack for an event flow
05/21/15Enhanced event handler attachment
05/21/15Spatial layout of hierarchical shared resources
05/21/15Game browsing
05/21/15Integrated collaborative user interface for a document editor program
05/14/15Executable virtual objects associated with real objects
05/14/15State-based auxiliary display operation
05/14/15Uplink mimo transmission from mobile communications devices
05/14/15Merge mode for motion information prediction
05/14/15Information propagation probability for a social network
05/14/15Automatic selection of media representations
05/14/15Event processing with xml query based on reusable xml query template
05/14/15Distributed cache arrangement
05/14/15User support experience with automatically generated virtual environment
05/14/15Leveraging chip variability
05/14/15Method and system for creating temporary visual indicia
05/14/15Document sharing through browser
05/14/15Notification area that persistently rearranges elements
05/14/15Estimating time remaining for an operation
05/14/15Vector graphics classification engine
05/07/15Multi-touch text input
05/07/15Alternative semantics for zoom operations in a zoomable scene
05/07/15Securely joining a secure wireless communications network
05/07/15Analyzing power consumption in mobile computing devices
05/07/15Array object concurrency in stm
05/07/15Template virtual machines
05/07/15Determining a future portion of a currently presented media program
05/07/15Establishing historical usage-based hardware trust
05/07/15Safe file transmission and reputation lookup
05/07/15Ambulatory presence features
05/07/15Interactive multilingual word-alignment techniques
05/07/15Error report processing using call stack similarity
05/07/15Historical software diagnostics using lightweight process snapshots
04/30/15Controlling runtime execution from a host to conserve resources
04/30/15Scenario based insights into structure data
04/30/15Combining server-side and client-side user interface elements
04/30/15Data deduplication in a virtualization environment
04/30/15Spectrum allocation for base station
04/30/15Determine spatiotemporal causal interactions in data
04/23/15Push-based recommendations
04/23/15Application-launching interface for multiple modes
04/23/15Integrated visualization for modeled customizations
04/23/15Incrementally compiling software artifacts from an interactive development environment
04/23/15Micro browser spreadsheet viewer
04/23/15Extending functionality of web-based applications
04/23/15Logical migration of applications and data
04/16/15Autonomous network streaming
04/09/15Dynamic thresholds for conditional formats
04/02/15Interactive host-aware content
04/02/15Visual preview of search results
04/02/15Form filling with digital identities, and automatic password generation
04/02/15Web-scale entity relationship extraction
04/02/15Detachable computer with variable performance computing environment
03/26/15Removable input module
03/26/15Identification using depth-based head-detection data
03/19/15Detecting text using stroke width based text detection
03/19/15Dual-mode, dual-display shared resource computing
03/19/15Deterministic visual indication of user data context
03/19/15Subscription for integrating external data from external system
03/19/15Publish/subscribe mashups for social networks
03/19/15Forgotten attachment detection
03/19/15Real-time annotation and enrichment of captured video
03/12/15Subsnippet handling in search results
03/12/15Cloud key escrow system
03/12/15Cloud key escrow system
03/12/15Dynamic minimized navigation bar for expanded communication service
03/05/15Synchronizing state among load balancer components
03/05/15System and method for providing stealth memory
03/05/15Proactive failure handling in network nodes
02/26/15Image classification
02/26/15Efficiently throttling user authentication

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