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Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc. Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/16Freeze pane with snap scrolling
12/29/16Integration and synchronization using a virtual data provider
12/29/16Sample-count-based sensor data calculations
12/29/16Monitoring hydration based on galvanic skin response
12/29/16Head-mounted display
12/29/16Thermal mitigation user experience
12/29/16Charge process in usb setup
12/29/16Skeletal control of three-dimensional virtual world
12/29/16Variable density device profile
12/29/16Multiple correlations in a touch sensor
12/29/16Selective pointer offset for touch-sensitive display device
12/29/16Conversion of platform-independent accessibility logic into platform-specific accessibility functionality
12/29/16Copy and staple gestures
12/29/16Smart audio routing management
12/29/16Multi-tenant, tenant-specific applications
12/29/16Agile communication operator
12/29/16Using a version-specific resource catalog for resource management
12/29/16Smart deployer
12/29/16Partially reconfiguring acceleration components
12/29/16Data extraction and generation tool
12/29/16Decoupled processor instruction window and operand buffer
12/29/16Reuse of decoded instructions
12/29/16Mapping instruction blocks based on block size
12/29/16Access to target address
12/29/16Determination of target location for transfer of processor control
12/29/16Decoding information about a group of instructions including a size of the group of instructions
12/29/16Bulk allocation of instruction blocks to a processor instruction window
12/29/16Processing encoding format to interpret information regarding a group of instructions
12/29/16Locking operand values for groups of instructions executed atomically
12/29/16Explicit instruction scheduler state information for a processor
12/29/16Verifying branch targets
12/29/16Age-based management of instruction blocks in a processor instruction window
12/29/16Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines
12/29/16Seamless address reassignment via multi-tenant linkage
12/29/16Workflow generation and editing
12/29/16Atypical reboot data collection and analysis
12/29/16Erasure coding of data within a group of storage units based on connection characteristics
12/29/16Automated validation of database index creation
12/29/16Instruction block allocation
12/29/16Multimodal sharing of content between documents
12/29/16Content transformations
12/29/16Visualizing document revisions
12/29/16Metamorphic documents
12/29/16Centrally maintaining and analyzing comments on documents
12/29/16Concept expansion using tables
12/29/16Preliminary ranker for scoring matching documents
12/29/16Providing query recourse with embedded query adjustment options
12/29/16Match fix-up to remove matching documents
12/29/16Bit vector search index
12/29/16Bit vector row trimming and augmentation for matching documents
12/29/16Matching documents using a bit vector search index
12/29/16Reducing matching documents for a search query
12/29/16Storage and retrieval of data from a bit vector search index
12/29/16Updating a bit vector search index
12/29/16Transactional database layer above a distributed key/value store
12/29/16Automated recommendation and creation of database index
12/29/16Bit vector search index using shards
12/29/16Cloud-native documents integrated with legacy tools
12/29/16Resumption of logon across reboots
12/29/16Intrusion detection for submerged datacenters
12/29/16Privacy enhanced personal search index
12/29/16Implementing replay protected storage
12/29/16Real-time, model-based object detection and pose estimation
12/29/16Behavior recognition and automation using a mobile device
12/29/16Deep neural network partitioning on servers
12/29/16Convolutional neural networks on hardware accelerators
12/29/16Memory bandwidth management for deep learning applications
12/29/16Training and operation of computational models
12/29/16Deep neural network processing on hardware accelerators with stacked memory
12/29/16Reasoning classification based on feature pertubation
12/29/16Just in time classifier training
12/29/16Machine learning classification on hardware accelerators with stacked memory
12/29/16Intelligent identification of multidimensional insights from process data
12/29/16Social sketches
12/29/16Application management
12/29/16Automatic video quality enhancement with temporal smoothing and user override
12/29/16Aligning 3d point clouds using loop closures
12/29/16Video frame processing
12/29/16Synchronizing digital ink stroke rendering
12/29/16Intelligent configuration of data visualizations
12/29/16Augmented reality virtual monitor
12/29/16Holographic near-eye display
12/29/16Voice font speaker and prosody interpolation
12/29/16Communication system
12/29/16Auto-generation of notes and tasks from passive recording
12/29/16Server systems with hardware accelerators including stacked memory
12/29/16Apparatus for ejecting at least one integrated circuit card
12/29/16Flexible erasure coding with enhanced local protection group structures
12/29/16Clock domain bridge static timing analysis
12/29/16Media relay server
12/29/16Dynamically managing different versions of a service
12/29/16Configuring acceleration components over a network
12/29/16Reconfiguring wireless networks by predicting future user locations and loads
12/29/16In-line network tap
12/29/16Source imposition of network routes in computing networks
12/29/16In-line network accelerator
12/29/16Allocating acceleration component functionality for supporting services
12/29/16User-feedback-based tenant-level message filtering
12/29/16Media relay server
12/29/16Media session
12/29/16Learned roving authentication profiles
12/29/16Extracting and formatting content from web-resources
12/29/16Content distribution system
12/29/16Brokered advanced pairing
12/29/16Presenting content using decoupled presentation resources
12/29/16Lightweight transport protocol
12/29/16Automatic transformation to generate a phone-based visualization
12/29/16Inconspicuous mode for mobile devices
12/29/16Inconspicuous mode for mobile devices
12/29/16Dynamic insertion of synchronization predicted video frames
12/29/16Authenticated content discovery
12/29/16Artificial reef datacenter
12/29/16Underwater container cooling via integrated heat exchanger
12/29/16Underwater container cooling via external heat exchanger
12/29/16Modular radio frequency shielding
12/29/16Rumored changes for real-time coauthoring
12/29/16Real-time distributed coauthoring via vector clock translations
12/22/16Multistage hinge
12/22/16Automatic lens design using off-the-shelf components
12/22/16Eye tracking apparatus, method and system
12/22/16Hybrid display system
12/22/16Gesture recognition techniques
12/22/16Pointer unification
12/22/16Selecting events based on user input and current context
12/22/16Three-dimensional user input
12/22/16Multiple matrix differential touch sense
12/22/16Magnifier panning interface for natural input devices
12/22/16Warped presentation of events in calendar views
12/22/16Mixed-radix carry-lookahead adder architecture
12/22/16Read-only communication operator
12/22/16Storing optimization for customization resources
12/22/16Lock free streaming of executable code data
12/22/16Virtual machine data protected from host
12/22/16Composing and executing workflows made up of functional pluggable building blocks
12/22/16Seamless transitions between applications and devices
12/22/16Exposure of remotely invokable method through a webpage to an application outside web browser
12/22/16Matched syndrome error correction
12/22/16Use case fingerprinting and capture store
12/22/16Serial text presentation
12/22/16Autocreate files using customizable list of storage locations
12/22/16Deconstructing documents into component blocks for reuse in productivity applications
12/22/16Text suggestion using a predictive grammar model
12/22/16Systems and methods for creating unified document lists
12/22/16Document storage for reuse of content within documents
12/22/16Automated database schema annotation
12/22/16Answer scheme for information request
12/22/16Isolating resources and performance in a database management system
12/22/16Reducing update conflicts when maintaining views
12/22/16Document storage for reuse of content within documents
12/22/16Relational dna operations
12/22/16Enhanced alternative multifactor authentication
12/22/16Protected regions
12/22/16Data protection based on user and gesture recognition
12/22/16Ranking based on facial image analysis
12/22/16Capturing transactional information through a calendar visualization
12/22/16Integrating a web-based crm system with a pim client application
12/22/16Maintaining 3d labels as stable objects in 3d world
12/22/16Editing the text of an arbitrary graphic via a hierarchical list
12/22/16Command remoting
12/22/16Complementary augmented reality
12/22/16Environment adjusted speaker identification
12/22/16Intelligent flash reprogramming
12/22/16Computing device with configurable antenna
12/22/16Attachment collaboration within message environments
12/22/16Group email management
12/22/16Protecting communications with hardware accelerators for increased workflow security
12/22/16Providing domain-joined remote applications in a cloud environment
12/22/16Device authentication within deployable computing environment
12/22/16Advanced security for domain names
12/22/16Automatic equipment configuration for meetings
12/22/16Low latency application streaming using temporal frame transformation
12/22/16Delegation of rendering between a web application and a native application
12/22/16Offline voicemail
12/22/16Object tracking
12/22/16Use of a digital assistant in communications
12/22/16Intra/inter decisions using stillness criteria and information from previous pictures
12/22/16Video coding / decoding with sub-block transform sizes and adaptive deblock filtering
12/22/16Resilience as a service
12/15/16Optical photoplethysmogram signal shape feature biological monitor
12/15/16Determining resting heart rate using wearable device
12/15/16Game controller with user-replaceable thumbstick top
12/15/16Game controller with removable magnetic button
12/15/16User-replaceable thumbstick top for game controller
12/15/16Game controller with removable trigger accessory
12/15/16Combination active/passive thermal control
12/15/16Offline battery management in a device
12/15/16Detecting input pressure on a stylus pen
12/15/16Transitioning command user interface between toolbar user interface and full menu user interface based on use context
12/15/16Recovery in data centers
12/15/16Collaborative authoring
12/15/16Method and apparatus for providing process guidance
12/15/16Natively monitoring collaboration services
12/15/16Independently networkable hardware accelerators for increased workflow optimization
12/15/16Contextual language generation by leveraging language understanding
12/15/16Machine map label translation
12/15/16Calculation of properties of objects/shapes across versions of applications
12/15/16Web service interface and querying
12/15/16Bidirectional cross-filtering in analysis service systems
12/15/16Interactive graphical system for estimating body measurements
12/15/16Content projection over device lock screen
12/15/16Operating large scale systems and cloud services with zero-standing elevated permissions
12/15/16Biometric gestures
12/15/16Providing dynamically responsive availability view
12/15/16Project management with critical path scheduling and releasing of resources
12/15/16Incremental estimation for probabilistic forecaster
12/15/16Asynchronous translation of computer program resources in graphics processing unit emulation
12/15/16Remote translation, aggregation and distribution of computer program resources in graphics processing unit emulation
12/15/16Mobile imaging platform calibration
12/15/16Communicating emotional information via avatar animation
12/15/16Action orchestration in fault domains
12/15/16Automatic isolation and detection of outbound spam
12/15/16Linking identities in a network entity
12/15/16Managed dissemination of location data
12/15/16Mapping universal plug and play discovered items to an smb location
12/15/16Computing resource management system
12/15/16Predictive collaboration
12/15/16Computing resource deployment system
12/15/16Intelligent user interfaces for multiple communication lines
12/15/16Determination of exposure time for an image frame
12/15/16Methods and devices for correction of camera module sensitivity and flash color variation
12/15/16Methods and devices for gray point estimation in digital images
12/15/16Led surface emitting structured light
12/15/16Multiple bit rate video decoding
12/15/16Multiple bit rate video decoding
12/15/16Search strategies for intra-picture prediction modes
12/15/16Sub-block transform coding of prediction residuals
12/15/16Metadata describing nominal lighting conditions of a reference viewing environment for video playback
12/15/16Use of frame caching to improve packet loss recovery
12/15/16Locating devices by correlating time series datasets
12/15/16Pairing of nearby devices using a synchronized cue signal
12/15/16Human machine interface controller
12/15/16Architecture impact analysis
12/15/16Abusive traffic detection
12/08/16Capacitive sensors for determining eye gaze direction
12/08/16Golf shot detection
12/08/16Game controller with faceted finger pad
12/08/16Controlling a robot in the presence of a moving object
12/08/16Ambient vehicle and pedestrian state detection for device notification
12/08/16Multi-pivot hinge
12/08/16Authenticating stylus device
12/08/16Pressure sensitive key normalization
12/08/16Force sensing and inadvertent input control
12/08/16Force inputs and cursor control
12/08/16Rich drag drop user interface
12/08/16Contrast-oriented cursor presentation
12/08/16Path-linked viewpoints from point of interest
12/08/16Modifying a user-interactive display with one or more rows of keys
12/08/16Spin control user interface for selecting options
12/08/16Streaming joins in constrained memory environments
12/08/16Gamified adaptive digital disc jockey
12/08/16Natural language engine for coding and debugging
12/08/16Cross-library framework architecture feature sets
12/08/16Instance interfaces and mix-ins for dynamic languages
12/08/16Method to configure a management program
12/08/16Operating system-managed interrupt steering in multiprocessor systems
12/08/16Fast read/write between networked computers via rdma-based rpc requests
12/08/16Displaying multiple row and column header areas in a summary table
12/08/16User interface for viewing clusters of images
12/08/16Automated closed captioning using temporal data
12/08/16Dynamic definitive image service
12/08/16Controlling atomic updates of indexes using hardware transactional memory
12/08/16Dynamic pattern matching over ordered and disordered data streams
12/08/16Data rendering optimization
12/08/16Graph-driven authoring in productivity tools
12/08/16Automatic playlist generation for a content collection
12/08/16Entity classification and/or relationship identification
12/08/16Availability of permission models in roaming environments
12/08/16Secure storage and sharing of data by hybrid encryption using predefined schema
12/08/16Limited-access functionality accessible at login screen
12/08/16Secure management of operations on protected virtual machines
12/08/16Handling glare in eye tracking
12/08/16Enriching online videos by content detection, searching, and information aggregation
12/08/16Server-assisted object recognition and tracking for mobile devices
12/08/16Searching for images by video
12/08/16Personally impactful changes to events of users
12/08/16Customized browser out of box experience
12/08/16Metadata tag description generation
12/08/16Computing system that manages presentation of electronic content
12/08/16Creating, managing, and provisioning packages of online applications
12/08/16Image semantic segmentation
12/08/16Smoothing and gpu-enabled rendering of digital ink
12/08/16Effective service node traffic routing
12/08/16Private peer-to-peer data transfers
12/08/16Seamless viral adaption
12/08/16Automatic provisioning of a device to access an account
12/08/16System and method for using per-application profiles in a computing device
12/08/16Evolving rule based contact exchange
12/08/16Handling out of order events
12/08/16Method to initiate server based collaboration on e-mail attachments
12/08/16Using anchors for reliable stream processing
12/08/16Aggregated access to storage subsystem
12/08/16Mobile communications device having moveable housings
12/08/16Automatic wireless device message management responsive to end user preferences
12/08/16Rate controller for real-time encoding and transmission
12/08/16System for adaptive video switching for variable network conditions
12/08/16Integrating continuous and sparse streaming data
12/08/16Gps sensor control
12/08/16Wireless network host in silent mode
12/01/16Game controller with thumbstick interface ring
12/01/16Thumbstick interface ring for game controller
12/01/16Telemetry based interactive content generation
12/01/16Mixed-reality headset
12/01/16Micro-hole perforated structure
12/01/16Autonomous drones for tactile feedback in immersive virtual reality
12/01/16Extension activation for related documents
12/01/16Pausing transient user interface elements based on hover information
12/01/16Video messaging
12/01/16Cloud scale directory services
12/01/16Multimodal input system
12/01/16Computer sofware build management
12/01/16Automated efficient translation context delivery
12/01/16Detecting anomalous accounts using event logs
12/01/16Detection of abnormal resource usage in a data center
12/01/16Automated table transformations from examples
12/01/16Browsing related image search result sets
12/01/16Task-focused search by image
12/01/16Merging of sorted lists using array pair
12/01/16Merging of sorted lists using array pair
12/01/16Multi-version data system nested transactions isolation
12/01/16Joining semantically-related data using big table corpora
12/01/16Estimating influence using sketches
12/01/16Hash tag management in a microblogging infrastructure
12/01/16Evaluating the ranking quality of a ranked list
12/01/16Multiple rounds of results summarization for improved latency and relevance
12/01/16Biometric authentication device
12/01/16Viewport-based implicit feedback
12/01/16Monte-carlo approach to computing value of information
12/01/16Inferring cues for use with digital assistant
12/01/16Proxy for asynchronous meeting participation
12/01/16Context-aware display of objects in mixed environments
12/01/16Personalized information from venues of interest
12/01/16Shared tactile interaction and user safety in shared space multi-person immersive virtual reality
12/01/16Augmented reality spaces with adaptive rules
12/01/16Hair trigger travel stop with on-demand switching
12/01/16Apparatus for moving a carrier
12/01/16Sharing encrypted data with enhanced security
12/01/16Distributed data processing system
12/01/16Measuring performance of a network using mirrored probe packets
12/01/16Estimating bandwidth in a network
12/01/16Automated network control
12/01/16Management of multilevel queues for shared network adapters
12/01/16Context-sensitive generation of conversational responses
12/01/16Metric for automatic assessment of conversational responses
12/01/16Remote access of digital identities
12/01/16Live tiles without application-code execution
12/01/16Media stream trust display
12/01/16Mitigation of computer network attacks
12/01/16Partitioning media data
12/01/16Remote application control interface
12/01/16Cloud computing infrastructure
12/01/16Predictive peer determination for peer-to-peer digital content download
12/01/16Dynamic swarm segmentation
12/01/16Techniques to operate an experiment over a computing network
12/01/16Smartphone proximity card emulation
12/01/16Adjusting length of living images
12/01/16Decoding of intra-predicted images
12/01/16Techniques to facilitate a live audience experience on a computing device
12/01/16Cognitive use of multiple regulatory domains
12/01/16Determining suitability of an access network
12/01/16Prediction for power conservation in a mobile device
12/01/16Neural networks for encrypted data
12/01/16Updating stored encrypted data with enhanced security
11/24/16Optical modules that reduce speckle contrast and diffraction artifacts
11/24/16Micro injection-molded articles
11/24/16Fabricating full color three-dimensional objects
11/24/16Variable precision in hardware pipelines for power conservation
11/24/16Dynamic adjustment of user interface
11/24/16Input optimization based on frequency of use
11/24/16Color control
11/24/16Dimension-based dynamic visualization
11/24/16Crafting feedback dialogue with a digital assistant
11/24/16Brush, carbon-copy, and fill gestures
11/24/16Synchronizing presentation states between multiple applications
11/24/16Second-person avatars
11/24/16Data exchange across multiple computing devices through a proactive intelligent clipboard
11/24/16Coordinating fault recovery in a distributed system
11/24/16Dynamic escalation of service conditions
11/24/16Template identification for control of testing
11/24/16Automatic risk analysis of software
11/24/16Aggregation of write traffic to a data store
11/24/16Document presentation qualified by conditions evaluated on rendering
11/24/16Unified messaging platform and interface for providing inline replies
11/24/16Digital tagging specification generation
11/24/16Language scaling platform for natural language processing systems
11/24/16Interactive command line for content creation
11/24/16Data synch notification using a notification gateway
11/24/16Crafting a response based on sentiment identification
11/24/16Ontology-crowd-relevance deep response generation
11/24/16Ranking content items based on preference scores
11/24/16User behavior monitoring on a computerized device
11/24/16Protecting anti-malware processes
11/24/16Method and system for protecting user choices
11/24/16Reactive avatars
11/24/16Late stage reprojection
11/24/16Gesture for task transfer
11/24/16Transflective oled display
11/24/16Tapered-fang electronic connector
11/24/16Adjustable interleaving for communication data
11/24/16Radio channel utilization
11/24/16Resource management for cloud computing platforms
11/24/16Effectively operating and adjusting an infrastructure for supporting distributed applications
11/24/16Connection management between applications and service resources
11/24/16Unified messaging platform for displaying attached content in-line with e-mail messages
11/24/16Unified messaging platform for providing interactive semantic objects
11/24/16Unified messaging platform for providing interactive list objects
11/24/16Unified messaging platform and interface for providing user callouts
11/24/16Forwarding current request based on, at least in part, previous request(s)
11/24/16User authentication in a mobile environment
11/24/16Content-acquisition source selection and management
11/24/16Disablement of lost or stolen device
11/24/16Camera tap switch
11/24/16Video encoding and decoding
11/24/16Intelligent surfacing of reminders
11/24/16Compact type layouts
11/24/16Secured access control to cloud-based applications
11/17/16Locating a mobile device
11/17/16Adjustable lens mount
11/17/16Eye gaze detection with multiple light sources and sensors
11/17/16Wearable device touch detection
11/17/16Keyboard with input-sensitive display device
11/17/16Capacitive display device
11/17/16Force curves and inadvertent input control
11/17/16Slicer elements for filtering tabular data
11/17/16Classification of touch input as being unintended or intended
11/17/16Techniques for electronic aggregation of information
11/17/16Virtual disk storage techniques
11/17/16Automatic visual display of audibly presented options to increase user efficiency and interaction performance
11/17/16Compilation of transformation in recalculation user interface
11/17/16Source code customization framework
11/17/16Initiating update operations
11/17/16Selective update of core mobile device user interface through application marketplace
11/17/16Digital assistant extensibility to third party applications
11/17/16Stepping and application state viewing between points
11/17/16Real-time analysis of application programming interfaces
11/17/16Variable formatting of values
11/17/16Memory model for a layout engine and scripting engine
11/17/16Ranking for efficient factual question answering
11/17/16System and method for extracting and sharing application-related user data
11/17/16Entity disambiguation using multisource learning
11/17/16Making a prediction regarding development of a software product
11/17/16Management of commitments and requests extracted from communications and content
11/17/16User and device movement based display compensation
11/17/16Reprojection oled display for augmented reality experiences
11/17/16Local pixel luminance adjustments
11/17/16Display diode relative age tracking
11/17/16Discriminative data selection for language modeling
11/17/16Cross-language speech recognition and translation
11/17/16Privacy-preserving energy-efficient speakers for personal sound
11/17/16Interface for multiple connectors
11/17/16Probabilistic classifiers for certificates
11/17/16Automatic extraction of commitments and requests from communications and content
11/17/16Restoring deleted items with context
11/17/16Communication item insights
11/17/16Protecting content from third party using client-side security protection
11/17/16Maintaining and caching server connections
11/17/16Automatic device pairing
11/17/16Synthetic transaction for wireless handover
11/17/16Computing device bonding assemblies
11/17/16Modularization of data center functions
11/17/16Gated time of flight camera
11/10/16Multiple antenna communication system configured to detect objects
11/10/16Optical effect coating
11/10/16Reducing power by vacating subsets of cpus and memory
11/10/16Embroidered touch sensors
11/10/16Virtual controller for touch display
11/10/16Techniques to automatically generate bookmarks for media files
11/10/16Techniques to manage bookmarks for media files
11/10/16Layout constraint manipulation via user gesture recognition
11/10/16Mobile application development collaboration system
11/10/16Satisfying application dependencies
11/10/16Fast computer startup
11/10/16Dynamic addition and removal of operating system components
11/10/16Building multimodal collaborative dialogs with task frames
11/10/16Interrupt controller
11/10/16Techniques for automated document translation
11/10/16Dynamic, parameterized image resource selection
11/10/16Updating a search index using reported browser history data
11/10/16Efficient multi-tenant spatial and relational indexing
11/10/16Access control framework
11/10/16Mixed proposal based model training system
11/10/16Computerized customization of default actions
11/10/16Gpu operation
11/10/16Hub key service
11/10/16Interactive integrated display and processing device
11/10/16Beam projection for fast axis expansion
11/10/16Keep alive management
11/10/16Routing communication sessions
11/10/16Linking screens and content in a user interface
11/10/16Securing communications with enhanced media platforms
11/10/16Communicating status regarding application of compliance policy updates
11/10/16Streaming content and placeholders
11/10/16High density hosting for messaging service
11/10/16Remote depth sensing via relayed depth from diffusion
11/10/16Real-time hyper-lapse video creation via frame selection
11/10/16Block vector prediction in video and image coding/decoding
11/10/16Spread spectrum wireless over non-contiguous channels
11/10/16Real-time sharing of document edits
11/03/16Wearable personal information system
11/03/16Game controller with removable paddle accessory
11/03/16Paddle accessory for a game controller
11/03/16Game controller with removable controller accessory
11/03/16Removable controller accessory for a game controller
11/03/16Game controller function remapping via external accessory
11/03/16Controlling travel route planning module based upon user travel preference
11/03/16Navigation with contextual information
11/03/16Dual pivot mechanical hinge with discreet wiring
11/03/16Inductive peripheral retention device
11/03/16Mobile client device wireless charging, communication, and authentication techniques
11/03/16Deflection-based and/or proximity-based switching of component state
11/03/16Electrostatic device having spaced electrodes
11/03/16Projection of build and design-time inputs and outputs between different build environments
11/03/16Compiler optimization of coroutines
11/03/16Processor emulation using multiple translations
11/03/16Mapping between local and remote for seamless build and design time experience
11/03/16Binary file generation
11/03/16Automatic batching of gui-based tasks
11/03/16Translating operating system processes
11/03/16Enabling access to rich data
11/03/16Verifying accurate storage in a data storage system
11/03/16Translation bug prediction classifier
11/03/16Transfer of content between documents of different storage types
11/03/16Insertion of unsaved content via content channel
11/03/16Storing additional document information through change tracking
11/03/16Isolating data to be moved across boundaries
11/03/16Dynamic content suggestion in sparse traffic environment
11/03/16Providing personalized greetings on a digital assistant
11/03/16Hybrid search connector
11/03/16Securely moving data across boundaries
11/03/16Data migration to a cloud computing system
11/03/16Re-directing tenants during a data move
11/03/16Relevance group suggestions
11/03/16Establishing search radius based on token frequency
11/03/16Image entity recognition and response
11/03/16Data surfacing control framework
11/03/16Deep structured semantic model produced using click-through data
11/03/16Database scaling with isolation
11/03/16User work attribute surfacing control
11/03/16Chain understanding in search
11/03/16Semantic zoom for related content
11/03/16Linked data processor for database storage
11/03/16Digital rights list for device groups
11/03/16Extension interaction with applications
11/03/16Securely storing data in a data storage system
11/03/16Secure data synchronization
11/03/16Semantic locations prediction
11/03/16Automatic recognition and insights of data
11/03/16Opportunity surfacing machine learning framework
11/03/16Personalized contextual suggestion engine
11/03/16Selecting tests for execution on a software product
11/03/16Unusualness of events based on user routine models
11/03/16Report generation using event infrastructure
11/03/16Filtering and promoting application store applications
11/03/16Automated license management
11/03/16Digital signage for immersive views
11/03/16Sub-pixel compensation
11/03/16Unified processing of multi-format timed data
11/03/16Cloud-mastered settings
11/03/16Multiple-computing-node system job node selection
11/03/16Secure key management in a data storage system
11/03/16Sealing secret data with a policy that includes a sensor-based constraint
11/03/16Using constraints on media file formats to improve performance
11/03/16User status reports provided by an entertainment access system
11/03/16Optimal allocation of dynamic cloud computing platform resources
11/03/16State management in distributed computing systems
11/03/16Distributed storage of software images in computing systems
11/03/16Contextual people recommendations
11/03/16Automatically relating content to people
11/03/16Ipv4/ipv6 bridge
11/03/16Query by humming for ringtone search and download
11/03/16Extensible, automatically-selected computational photography scenarios
11/03/16Eye gaze correction
11/03/16Eye gaze correction
11/03/16Parameterization for fading compensation
11/03/16Transactional replicator
11/03/16User centric data maintenance
11/03/16Scalable event-based notifications
10/27/16Balancing resources in distributed computing environments
10/27/16Base station for use with digital pens
10/27/16Input device backlighting
10/27/16Operating system support for location cards
10/27/16Taskbar media player
10/27/16Support for non-native file types in web application environment
10/27/16Storage device access using unprivileged software code
10/27/16Cross-platform command extensibility
10/27/16Gapless media generation
10/27/16Extensibility bundles for a cloud and devices suite
10/27/16Establishing causality order of computer trace records
10/27/16Test case generation in a development environment
10/27/16Replicable differential store data structure
10/27/16Low-latency query processor
10/27/16Identifying events from aggregated device sensed physical data
10/27/16Automated adverse drug event alerts
10/27/16Detecting and preventing illicit use of device
10/27/16Item sharing based on information boundary and access control list settings
10/27/16Protecting user identifiable information in the transfer of telemetry data
10/27/16Method and system for computing distance measures on a quantum computer
10/27/16Leveraging learned programs for data manipulation
10/27/16Persistent formatting for interactive charts
10/27/16Time-of-flight simulation of multipath light phenomena
10/27/16Event augmentation with real-time information
10/27/16Increasing user interaction performance with multi-voice text-to-speech generation
10/27/16Apparatus for receiving a signal plug
10/27/16Automatic uploading of attachments to group cloud storage at send time
10/27/16Smart attachment of cloud-based files to communications
10/27/16Rich attachment regeneration
10/27/16Presenting messages associated with locations
10/27/16Email tags
10/27/16Persistent uniform resource locators (urls) for client applications acting as web services
10/27/16Safe code for signature updates in an intrusion prevention system
10/27/16Access to supplemental data based on identifier derived from corresponding primary application data
10/27/16Distributed processing of shared content
10/27/16Aggregation and federation of distributed service entities and associations
10/27/16Propagating communication awareness over a cellular network
10/27/16Providing pipeline for unified service and client interface
10/27/16Integrated processing and projection device with object detection
10/27/16Imaging apparatus
10/27/16Geometric proxy for a participant in an online meeting
10/27/16Shared scene mesh data synchronization
10/27/16Trigger zones for objects in projected surface model
10/27/16Selective illumination of a region within a field of view
10/27/16Control and use of chroma quantization parameter values
10/27/16Video encoder management strategies
10/27/16Reducing latency in video encoding and decoding
10/27/16Secure data transmission
10/27/16Identifying experts and areas of expertise in an organization
10/20/16Prediction of health status from physiological data
10/20/16Connection device for computing devices
10/20/16Integrated protective mesh
10/20/16Presenting a message in a communication session
10/20/16Integrated media user interface
10/20/16Dynamic launch behavior based on context information
10/20/16Independent expression animations
10/20/16Firmware update by usb cc
10/20/16Power-saving operating system for virtual environment
10/20/16Transaction redo using skip element for object
10/20/16Processing of data stream collection record sequence
10/20/16Data processing system having a hardware acceleration plane and a software plane
10/20/16Implementing a service using plural acceleration components
10/20/16Handling tenant requests in a system that uses acceleration components
10/20/16Nexus determination in a computing device
10/20/16Restoring service acceleration
10/20/16Locally restoring functionality at acceleration components
10/20/16Collection record location as log tail beginning
10/20/16Checkpointing higher order query operators
10/20/16Reducing memory commit charge when compressing memory
10/20/16Garbage collection of non-pinned objects within heap
10/20/16Systems and methods for executing software threads using soft processors
10/20/16Acceleration property for processing data stream
10/20/16Latest external dependee entity in transaction record
10/20/16Collection record for overlapping data stream collections
10/20/16Geo-scale analytics with bandwidth and regulatory constraints
10/20/16Lockless open collection data structure
10/20/16Technologies for mining temporal patterns in big data
10/20/16Multi-level database searching
10/20/16Content item encryption on mobile devices
10/20/16Customized trusted computer for secure data processing and storage
10/20/16Two-dimensional infrared depth sensing
10/20/16Digital image manipulation
10/20/16Small-footprint deep neural network
10/20/16User support experience with automatically generated virtual environment
10/20/16Rule compression in mean field system
10/20/16Methods and systems for providing secure access to a hosted service via a client application
10/20/16Point of interest (poi) data positioning in image
10/20/16Display comprising autonomous pixels
10/20/16Fabrication of a display comprising autonomous pixels
10/20/16Display defect compensation with localized backlighting
10/20/16Deep neural support vector machines
10/20/16Context carryover in language understanding systems or methods
10/20/16Providing services in a system having a hardware acceleration plane and a software plane
10/20/16Reconfiguring an acceleration component among interconnected acceleration components
10/20/16Changing between different roles at acceleration components
10/20/16Communication system invite mechanism
10/20/16Shared item account selection
10/20/16Distributed file system
10/20/16Visual configuration for communication session participants
10/20/16Split processing of encoded video in streaming segments
10/20/16Analytics system architecture
10/20/16Context-based selective downloading of application resources
10/20/16Call pickup with seemail
10/20/16Managing communication events
10/20/16Managing communication events
10/20/16Identifying gray regions for auto white balancing
10/20/16Audio calibration and adjustment
10/20/16Signaling to application lack of requested bandwidth
10/20/16Custom map configuration
10/20/16Isolation of trusted input/output devices
10/13/16Automated collection and labeling of object data
10/13/16Drive for electromechanical control of lines
10/13/16Flexible hinge and removable attachment
10/13/16Modular computing device
10/13/16Dynamic power routing to hardware accelerators
10/13/16Display integrated pressure sensor
10/13/16Force-sensitive touch sensor compensation
10/13/16Optimized joint document review
10/13/16Virtual machines backed by host virtual memory
10/13/16Generating programs using context-free compositions and probability of determined transformation rules
10/13/16Automatic identification of returned merchandise in a data center
10/13/16Techniques for migrating a virtual machine using shared storage
10/13/16Code examination by scheduler timeline manipulation
10/13/16Event processing system paging
10/13/16Garbage collection based on total resource usage and managed object metrics
10/13/16Sparse datatable data structure
10/13/16Metadata driven reporting and editing of databases
10/13/16File repair of file stored across multiple data stores
10/13/16Declarative partitioning for data collection queries
10/13/16Scenario-adaptive input method editor
10/13/16Limiting enterprise applications and settings on devices
10/13/16Risk assessment modeling
10/13/16Directed execution of dynamic programs in isolated environments
10/13/16Data protection based on user input during device boot-up, user login, and device shut-down states
10/13/16Inferring venue visits using semantic information
10/13/16Application licensing using sync providers
10/13/16Electronic message organization via social groups
10/13/16Remote purge of dns cache
10/13/16Firewall with two-phase filtering
10/13/16Single sign-on without a broker application
10/13/16Synchronizing credential hashes between directory services
10/13/16Endpoint control for a communication session
10/13/16Snapshot capture for a communication session
10/13/16Obtaining and displaying virtual earth images
10/13/16Collaboration data proxy system in cloud computing platforms
10/13/16Matching problem descriptions with support topic identifiers
10/13/16Contact entry population from call entity information
10/13/16Inputting data using a mobile apparatus
10/13/16Mitigating loss in inter-operability scenarios for digital video
10/13/16Signaling to application lack of requested bandwidth
10/13/16Reducing a number of selectable options on a display
10/13/16Predictive trending of digital entities
10/06/16Transducing pressure to a non-invasive pulse sensor
10/06/16Sizable wrist-worn pressure sensing device
10/06/16Wearable pulse sensing device signal quality estimation
10/06/16Wrist-worn pulse transit time sensor
10/06/16Thermal expansion compensated backlight illumination
10/06/16Flexible backlight illumination carrier
10/06/16Preformance state aware thread scheduling
10/06/16Opportunistically changing display brightness
10/06/16Battery management in a device with multiple batteries
10/06/16Combining gestures beyond skeletal
10/06/16Interlocking integrated battery structure for an electronic stylus
10/06/16Device including electrode having thickness to facilitate tracking
10/06/16Conductive trace routing for display and bezel sensors
10/06/16Contextual help
10/06/16Generating and displaying graphical representations of processes
10/06/16Complex event processor for historic/live/replayed data
10/06/16Touch application programming interfaces
10/06/16System reset
10/06/16Time travel debugging for browser components
10/06/16Anomaly analysis for software distribution
10/06/16Enhanced preview technology for application add-ins
10/06/16Annotating notes from passive recording with categories
10/06/16Document data entry suggestions
10/06/16Partitioning online databases
10/06/16Extensible data query scenario definition and consumption
10/06/16Obtaining content based upon aspect of entity
10/06/16Detecting and responding to single entity intent queries
10/06/16Merged and actionable history feed
10/06/16Computing on encrypted data using deferred evaluation
10/06/16Inferring user sleep patterns
10/06/16Optimal allocation of hardware inventory procurements
10/06/16Direct communication between gpu and fpga components
10/06/16Prioritized requesting of mapping layers
10/06/16Personal audio/visual system
10/06/16Generating notes from passive recording
10/06/16Annotating notes from passive recording with user data
10/06/16Performing processing-intensive operation on multi-tasking limited-capacity devices
10/06/16Free-edge semiconductor chip bending
10/06/16Bending semiconductor chip in molds having radially varying curvature
10/06/16Integrated antenna structure
10/06/16Network routing modifications for distribution of data
10/06/16Cdn traffic management in the cloud
10/06/16Multiple personalities in chat communications
10/06/16Integrated contact card communication
10/06/16Device theft protection associating a device identifier and a user identifier
10/06/16Power efficient storage management
10/06/16Supplementing biometric identification with device identification
10/06/16Testing frequency control using a volatility score
10/06/16Managing multiple dynamic media streams
10/06/16Service migration across cluster boundaries
10/06/16Session transfer between resources
10/06/16Cloud-based cross-device digital pen pairing
10/06/16Recall device
10/06/16Depth imaging
10/06/16Digital content streaming from digital tv broadcast
10/06/16Adjustable audio beamforming
10/06/16Configuring captive portals with a cloud service
10/06/16Radio channel utilization
10/06/16View activation via hit testing in an asynchronous windowing system
10/06/16Informing recipient device of message content properties
09/29/16Social matching of game players on-line
09/29/16Lens assembly
09/29/16Imaging structure with embedded light sources
09/29/16Stylus having a plurality of operating portions configured to transmit synchronized signals
09/29/16Supplementing a touch input mechanism with fingerprint detection
09/29/16Providing attachment control to manage attachments in conversation
09/29/16Aggregated, interactive communication timeline
09/29/16Graphic flow having unlimited number of connections between shapes
09/29/16Radial menus with bezel gestures
09/29/16Resource access control
09/29/16Smart hashing to reduce server memory usage in a distributed system
09/29/16Applying packages to configure software stacks
09/29/16Data processing validation
09/29/16Providing interactive preview of content within communication
09/29/16Salient terms and entities for caption generation and presentation
09/29/16System for context-based data protection
09/29/16Database server and client for query processing on encrypted data
09/29/16Machine learning to recognize key moments in audio and video calls
09/29/16Changing meeting type depending on audience size
09/29/16Downscaling a digital raw image frame
09/29/16Rendering of data sets comprising multiple-resolution samples
09/29/16Proximity-based reminders
09/29/16Test patterns for motion-induced chromatic shift
09/29/16Mixed speech recognition
09/29/16Replacing an encoded audio output signal
09/29/16Antenna isolation
09/29/16Scalable high-bandwidth architecture for lossless compression
09/29/16Large-scale passive network monitoring using multiple tiers of ordinary network switches
09/29/16Network resource management with prediction
09/29/16Networked device resource enumeration
09/29/16Content source selection in a p2p network
09/29/16Remote network access via virtual machine
09/29/16Scanning files for inappropriate content during synchronization
09/29/16Interactive response telephony
09/29/16Determining threats based on information from road-based devices in a transportation-related context
09/29/16Creation and management of rfid device versions
09/29/16Subscriber identity module (sim) for mobile stations
09/22/16Sub-flush circuit board mounting screw
09/22/16Automatically determining a number of functioning batteries
09/22/16Unmanned aerial vehicle piloting authorization
09/22/16Detection with a capacitive based digitizer sensor
09/22/16Synchronized multi-window interaction with hierarchical data on thin-client
09/22/16Computing device canvas invocation and dismissal
09/22/16Providing a context related view with a wearable apparatus
09/22/16Visualization framework for customizable types in a development environment
09/22/16Interface infrastructure for a continuation based runtime
09/22/16Isolating components using method detouring
09/22/16Domain specific language modeling framework in a development environment
09/22/16Controlling deployment of an industry-specific solution package
09/22/16Model driven customization framework
09/22/16Managed execution environment for software application interfacing
09/22/16Adaptive upgrade to computing systems
09/22/16Hierarchical directives-based management of runtime behaviors
09/22/16Generating a deployable industry-specific solution package
09/22/16Representation of customizable types in a development environment
09/22/16Computing system issue detection and resolution
09/22/16Integration and automation of build and test in a customized computing system
09/22/16Dynamically allocated thread-local storage
09/22/16Declarative cascade reordering for styles
09/22/16Conditionally controlled styling
09/22/16Language translation using embeddable component
09/22/16Setup data extraction for deploying a solution package
09/22/16Associating conditions to summary table data
09/22/16Smart fill
09/22/16Domain-based generation of communications media content layout
09/22/16Transcription correction using multi-token structures
09/22/16Semantic parsing for complex knowledge extraction
09/22/16Domain expertise determination
09/22/16Device applications and settings search from server signals
09/22/16Search results using intonation nuances
09/22/16Language and security aware search for user navigable entry points
09/22/16Query formulation via task continuum
09/22/16Data protection system based on user input patterns on device
09/22/16Selectively providing personal information and access to functionality on lock screen based on biometric user authentication
09/22/16Verification and access control for industry-specific solution package
09/22/16Image-based unlock functionality on a computing device
09/22/16Multi-stage image classification
09/22/16Device charging discovery service
09/22/16Flow measurement-based transactional framework
09/22/16Secure electronic transaction framework
09/22/16Cached and server views with automatic caching and smooth scrolling
09/22/16Digital identity and authorization for machines with replaceable parts
09/22/16Dynamic image presentation
09/22/16Automated video looping with progressive dynamism
09/22/16Modifying content for electronic paper display devices
09/22/16Augmenting content for electronic paper display devices
09/22/16Electronic paper display device
09/22/16Providing content to electronic paper display devices
09/22/16Security schemes for electronic paper display devices
09/22/16Decoding and synthesizing frames for incomplete video data
09/22/16Variable-component deep neural network for robust speech recognition
09/22/16Voice command definitions used in launching application with a command
09/22/16Communicating metadata that identifies a current speaker
09/22/16Use case dependent audio processing
09/22/16Diversity filtering
09/22/16Intelligent role selection for dual-role devices
09/22/16Unified generation of policy updates
09/22/16Enhanced content consumption
09/22/16Adapting encoded bandwidth
09/22/16Adapting encoded bandwidth
09/22/16Multi-configuration input device
09/22/16Automatic image frame processing possibility detection
09/22/16Proximate resource pooling in video/audio telecommunications
09/22/16Hash table construction and availability checking for hash-based block matching
09/22/16Features of base color index map mode for video and image coding and decoding
09/22/16Encoder-side decisions for block flipping and skip mode in intra block copy prediction
09/22/16Application- or context-guided video decoding performance enhancements
09/22/16Standard-guided video decoding performance enhancements
09/22/16Magnetic shielding and communication coil
09/22/16Method for presenting information contained in messages in a multimedia terminal, a system for transmitiing multlmedia messages, and a multimedia terminal
09/22/16Battery-backed ram for wearable devices
09/22/16Tenant lockbox
09/15/16Interactive reformulation of speech queries
09/15/16Processing digital ink input subject to monitoring and intervention by an application program
09/15/16Apparatus for receiving at least one integrated circuit card
09/15/16Electronic device cooling
09/15/16Background model for user recognition
09/15/16Scrollable computing device display
09/15/16Three dimensional conditional formatting
09/15/16Insight extraction, discovery and distribution
09/15/16Customizable media player controls
09/15/16Live configurable storage
09/15/16Sliding-window multi-class striping
09/15/16Adjusting user interfaces based on entity location
09/15/16Mobile application memory profiling for custom extensions
09/15/16Error list and bug report analysis for configuring an application tracer
09/15/16Hierarchical navigation control
09/15/16Context sensitive phrase identification
09/15/16Presenting content items based on received facet value scores
09/15/16Enhanced template curating
09/15/16Data deduplication in a virtualization environment
09/15/16Two-stage vector reduction using two-dimensional and one-dimensional systolic arrays
09/15/16Index building in hybrid data system
09/15/16Automatic conflict resolution
09/15/16Methods of searching through indirect cluster connections
09/15/16Music steering with automatically detected musical attributes
09/15/16Mobile video search
09/15/16Deep mining of network resource references
09/15/16Query model over information as a networked service
09/15/16Communication-powered search
09/15/16Task completion
09/15/16Truncated autosuggest on a touchscreen computing device
09/15/16Implicit process detection and automation from unstructured activity
09/15/16Disablement of lost or stolen device
09/15/16Context-awareness through biased on-device image classifiers
09/15/16Methods and systems for generating enhanced images using multi-frame processing
09/15/16Methods and systems for low-energy image classification
09/15/16Contextual calendar conflict resolution
09/15/16Providing dynamically configured offerings for targeted marketplace stores
09/15/16Product delivery configuration portal
09/15/16Projecting a virtual copy of a remote object
09/15/16Camera and sensor augmented reality techniques
09/15/16Generating motion data stories
09/15/16Low-latency fusing of virtual and real content
09/15/16Techniques to present location information for social networks using augmented reality
09/15/16Display diode relative age
09/15/16Representation of overlapping visual entities
09/15/16Token-level interpolation for class-based language models
09/15/16Smart gallery and automatic music video creation from a set of photos
09/15/16Subscription for communication attributes
09/15/16Data center using wireless communication
09/15/16Intelligent placement within a data center
09/15/16Endorsement indications in communication environments
09/15/16Tags in communication environments
09/15/16Large data management in communication applications through multiple mailboxes
09/15/16Architecture for large data management in communication applications through multiple mailboxes
09/15/16Distribution of endorsement indications in communication environments
09/15/16Automatic provisioning of meeting room device
09/15/16Meeting join for meeting device
09/15/16Large scale malicious process detection
09/15/16Frequent sites based on browsing patterns
09/15/16Video stabilization
09/15/16Filter arrangement for image sensor
09/15/16Dynamic video capture rate control
09/15/16Sharing content
09/15/16Distinguishing foreground and background with infrared imaging
09/15/16Encoder-side decisions for screen content encoding
09/15/16Ad hoc wireless networking
09/15/16Transforming data to share across applications
09/08/16Search along the route
09/08/16Sensing images and light sources
09/08/16Eye gaze for automatic paging
09/08/16Using physical gestures to initiate call transfers between devices
09/08/16Visual process configuration interface for integrated programming interface actions
09/08/16Virtualizing applications for per-monitor displaying
09/08/16Integrated note-taking functionality for computing system entities
09/08/16Systems and methods for enhancing performance of a coprocessor
09/08/16Identifying implicit assumptions associated with a software product
09/08/16Using memory compression to reduce memory commit charge
09/08/16I/o co-processor coupled hybrid computing device
09/08/16Ink experience for images
09/08/16Embedding content-based searchable indexes in multimedia files
09/08/16Dynamic threshold gates for indexing queues
09/08/16Method for graphical representation of a content collection
09/08/16Surfacing actions from social data
09/08/16Optimizing efficiency and cost of crowd-sourced polling
09/08/16Ongoing management for pre-planned handling of digital presence
09/08/16User recommendation using a multi-view deep learning framework
09/08/16Device attestation through security hardened management agent
09/08/16Pupil detection
09/08/16Provisioning in digital asset management
09/08/16Digital camera unit with simultaneous structured and unstructured illumination
09/08/16Collaborative presentation system
09/08/16Extensions for modifying a graphical object to display data
09/08/16Vehicle surface tinting for visual indication of external conditions
09/08/16Redundancy scheme
09/08/16Ofdm transmission and reception for non-ofdm signals
09/08/16Measuring responsiveness of a load balancing system
09/08/16Seamless session handover
09/08/16Instant delivery of messages
09/08/16Post processing of messages
09/08/16Conditional instant delivery of email messages
09/08/16Method of aggregating business and social networks
09/08/16Tracking electronic mail messages in a separate computing system
09/08/16Enhanced acknowledgment for messages
09/08/16Analysis with embedded electronic spreadsheets
09/08/16Responsive actions and strategies in online reputation management with reputation shaping
09/08/16Trigger events and confirmation in digital asset management
09/08/16Cooperative federation of digital devices via proxemics and device micro-mobility
09/08/16Disposition actions in digital asset management based on trigger events
09/08/16Defragmenting clusters with reserved resources
09/08/16Sign-up and provisioning in online reputation management with reputation shaping
09/08/16Ongoing management of shaped online reputation
09/08/16Event service for local client applications through local server
09/08/16Adjusting quantization/scaling and inverse quantization/scaling when switching color spaces
09/08/16Adaptive switching of color spaces, color sampling rates and/or bit depths
09/08/16Encoding strategies for adaptive switching of color spaces, color sampling rates and/or bit depths
09/08/16Personal assistant authentication
09/08/16Foldable input device
09/01/16Control apparatus
09/01/16Travel log for manipulation of content
09/01/16Recognizing selection regions from multiple simultaneous input
09/01/16Memory access and detecting memory failures using dynamically replicated memory
09/01/16Backend custom code extensibility
09/01/16Fast computer startup
09/01/16Data encoding on single-level and variable multi-level cell storage
09/01/16Ink stroke editing and manipulation
09/01/16Wet ink texture engine for reduced lag digital inking
09/01/16Finding unique formula sets in spreadsheets
09/01/16Analysis view for pivot table interfacing
09/01/16Creating a calendar event using context
09/01/16Topically aware word suggestions
09/01/16Automatic capture of information from audio data and computer operating context
09/01/16Managing a binary object in a database system
09/01/16Synchronization adapter for synchronizing data to applications that do not directly support synchronization
09/01/16Object query model for analytics data access
09/01/16Identities and permissions
09/01/16Fast computation of general fourier transforms on graphics processing units
09/01/16Molding and anchoring physically constrained virtual environments to real-world environments
09/01/16Contextual zoom
09/01/16Speech recognition error diagnosis
09/01/16Dynamic approximate storage for custom applications
09/01/16Utilization of antenna loading for impedance matching
09/01/16Load allocation for multi-battery devices
09/01/16Code analysis tool for recommending encryption of data without affecting program semantics
09/01/16Service metric analysis from structured logging schema of usage data
09/01/16Network communication and cost awareness
09/01/16Content based message delivery
09/01/16Directing meeting entrants based on meeting role
09/01/16Scalable peer matching
09/01/16Co-locating peer devices for peer matching
09/01/16Feature-based image set compression
09/01/16Contextually aware aggregation of cross-platform media programming
09/01/16Contextually aware management of resources
09/01/16Providing recommendations based upon environmental sensing
09/01/16Place-specific buddy list services
08/25/16Variable audio parameter setting
08/25/16Projection transformations for depth estimation
08/25/16Spectrally selective radiation emission device
08/25/16Ultrasound sensing of proximity and touch
08/25/16Cross slide gesture
08/25/16Dynamic icon recoloring to improve contrast
08/25/16Dynamic display of icons on a small screen
08/25/16Change tracking using overinclusive write record
08/25/16Application cache replication to secondary application(s)
08/25/16Automatic recovery of application cache warmth
08/25/16Detection and reconstruction of east asian layout features in a fixed format document
08/25/16Efficient retrieval of fresh internet content
08/25/16Fingerprint detection with transparent cover
08/25/16Comprehensive human computation framework
08/25/16Managing computational workloads of computing apparatuses powered by renewable resources
08/25/16Efficient recovery for electronic devices
08/25/16Migration of graphics processing unit (gpu) states
08/25/16Pre-training and/or transfer learning for sequence taggers
08/25/16Bitstream syntax for multi-process audio decoding
08/25/16Media presentation playback annotation
08/25/16Heterogeneous battery cell switching
08/25/16Heterogeneous battery cell charging
08/25/16End-to-end security for hardware running verified software
08/25/16Decision feedback equalization
08/25/16Hierarchical data surfacing configurations with automatic updates
08/25/16Network accountability among autonomous systems
08/25/16Host enabled management channel
08/25/16Download manager integration with a cloud storage platform
08/25/16Personalized notifications
08/25/16Mobile device safe driving
08/25/16Media coding for loss recovery with remotely predicted data units
08/25/16Social network based enhanced content viewing
08/25/16Dynamic adjustment of user experience based on system capabilities
08/25/16Personalized reminders
08/18/16Context-based control of property surfacing
08/18/16Tangible three-dimensional light display
08/18/16Window grouping
08/18/16Control of item arrangement in a user interface
08/18/16Manipulation of content items
08/18/16Hierarchical scale unit values for storing instances of data
08/18/16Externalized execution of input method editor
08/18/16Providing distributed array containers for programming objects
08/18/16Ensuring thread affinity for interprocess communication in a managed code environment
08/18/16Garbage collection control in managed code
08/18/16Finding documents describing solutions to computing issues
08/18/16Disk optimized paging for column oriented databases
08/18/16Frequent pattern mining
08/18/16Cross-system data aggregation
08/18/16Extension of third party application functionality for intent determination
08/18/16Search engine classification
08/18/16Optimized visibility for sleep sessions over time
08/18/16Training systems and methods for sequence taggers
08/18/16Feature completion in computer-human interactive learning
08/18/16Dynamic property surfacing
08/18/16Saliency-preserving distinctive low-footprint photograph aging effects
08/18/16Emission unit brightness adjustment
08/18/16Switch apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
08/18/16Dynamically changing internal state of a battery
08/18/16Battery assembly combining multiple different batteries
08/18/16Multi-band isolator assembly
08/18/16Method and system for integrating on-premise and cloud domain name systems
08/18/16Virtualization gateway between virtualized and non-virtualized networks
08/18/16Verifying requests for access to a service provider using an authentication component
08/18/16Device with embedded network subscription and methods
08/18/16Security scanner
08/18/16Monitoring and managing user privacy levels
08/18/16Automated caller identifier from contact lists of a user's contacts
08/18/16Process for real-time data exchange between users on a phone call
08/18/16Actuator housing for shielding electromagnetic interference
08/18/16Encoder-side options for intra block copy prediction mode for video and image coding
08/18/16Features of intra block copy prediction mode for video and image coding and decoding
08/18/16Representing blocks with hash values in video and image coding and decoding
08/18/16Guard band usage for wireless data transmission
08/18/16Location-activity recommendations
08/11/16Variable focal backlighting
08/11/16Suppressing power spikes
08/11/16Deformable input device
08/11/16Dynamic code generation and memory management for component object model data constructs
08/11/16Fast computer startup
08/11/16Supporting digital ink in markup language documents
08/11/16Input-mode-based text deletion
08/11/16Document retrieval/identification using topics
08/11/16Recommending points of interests in a region
08/11/16Specification of database table relationships for calculation
08/11/16Browser new tab page generation for enterprise environments
08/11/16Adapting timeout values based on input scopes
08/11/16Operating system supporting cost aware applications
08/11/16Contextual auto-replication in short range wireless networks
08/11/16Discovery and connection to a service controller
08/11/16Bidirectional mapping between applications and network content
08/11/16Efficient retrieval of 4g lte capabilities
08/11/16Video decoding
08/11/16Hash-based block matching in video and image coding
08/11/16De-siloing applications for personalization and task completion services
08/11/16Real-time presentation of customizable drill-down views of data at specific data points
08/11/16Audio based discovery and connection to a service controller
08/04/16Backlit illumination of electronics
08/04/16Position-based decision to provide service
08/04/16Post-drive summary with tutorial
08/04/16Structured light pattern generation
08/04/16Bendable display assembly
08/04/16Managing thermal remediations on a computing device
08/04/16Semantic card view
08/04/16Generating computer programs for use with computers having processors with dedicated memory
08/04/16Performant runtime pause with no cpu utilization
08/04/16Accelerated data transfer using common prior data segments
08/04/16Increasing coordination service reliabity
08/04/16Cloud-based hierarchical system preservation
08/04/16Identifying similar documents using graphs
08/04/16Compensating for individualized bias of search users
08/04/16Trie-structure formulation and navigation for joining
08/04/16Association index linking child and parent tables
08/04/16Compensating for bias in search results
08/04/16Device locking process
08/04/16Optimizing compilation of shaders
08/04/16Updating language understanding classifier models for a digital personal assistant based on crowd-sourcing
08/04/16Non-linear echo path detection
08/04/16Cmos depth image sensor with integrated shallow trench isolation structures
08/04/16Quantum-efficiency-enhanced time-of-flight detector
08/04/16Edge sealing for bendable device
08/04/16Portable security device
08/04/16Wake pattern management
08/04/16On-device attribution of network data usage
08/04/16Device authentication within deployable computing environment
08/04/16Communication system
08/04/16Transporting operations of arbitrary size over remote direct memory access
08/04/16Method and system for accelerated on-premise content delivery
08/04/16Automatic processing of automatic image capture parameter adjustment
08/04/16Video coding / decoding with re-oriented transforms and sub-block transform sizes
08/04/16Custom media channels
08/04/16Wireless data transmission
08/04/16Extended range gated time of flight camera
07/28/16Multi-pivot hinge
07/28/16Imaging apparatus
07/28/16Device sandwich structured composite housing
07/28/16Controlling access to content
07/28/16Automatic code transformation
07/28/16Exposing storage entity consistency capability status
07/28/16Resource health based scheduling of workload tasks
07/28/16Assigning jobs to heterogeneous processing modules
07/28/16Proactive failure handling in network nodes
07/28/16Reversible connector for accessory devices
07/28/16Methods for understanding incomplete natural language query
07/28/16Transcription correction using multi-token structures
07/28/16Text classification using bi-directional similarity
07/28/16Techniques for managing persistent document collections
07/28/16Aggregation/evaluation of heterogenic time series data
07/28/16Provision of applications to mobile devices
07/28/16Method and apparatus for biometric data capture
07/28/16Scalable-effort classifiers for energy-efficient machine learning
07/28/16Browsing and quality of service features
07/28/16Sample rate converter with automatic anti-aliasing filter
07/28/16Serializing transmitter
07/28/16Serializing transmitter
07/28/16Task completion in email using third party app
07/28/16Synthesizing second eye viewport using interleaving
07/28/16Metadata assisted video decoding
07/28/16Special case handling for merged chroma blocks in intra block copy prediction mode
07/28/16Predictive server-side rendering of scenes
07/28/16Wireless connectivity using white spaces
07/28/16Signalling channel and radio system for power saving in wireless devices
07/28/16Optimizing multi-class image classification using patch features
07/28/16Optimizing multi-class multimedia data classification using negative data
07/28/16Reconstructing viewport upon user viewpoint misprediction
07/28/16Authenticating a user with a mobile apparatus
07/21/16Dynamic selection of voice quality over a wireless system
07/21/16Hybrid concentrator for a backlight
07/21/16Head-worn adaptive display
07/21/16Multiple exposure structured light pattern
07/21/16Flexible hinge and removable attachment
07/21/16Stylus synchronization with a digitizer system
07/21/16Mapping touch inputs to a user input module
07/21/16Notifications display in electronic devices
07/21/16Adaptive user interface pane objects
07/21/16Control of addition of representations to an application launcher
07/21/16Computer-implemented tools for exploring event sequences
07/21/16Closing applications
07/21/16Command user interface for displaying and scaling selectable controls and commands
07/21/16Electronic inking
07/21/16Actionable content displayed on a touch screen
07/21/16Using external memory devices to improve system performance
07/21/16Multiple phase unenrollment for devices under management
07/21/16Power efficient brokered communication supporting notification blocking
07/21/16Context-aware query suggestion by mining log data
07/21/16Web application retrieval and display of web content based information with web content
07/21/16Contextual search using natural language
07/21/16Executing a fast crawl over a computer-executable application
07/21/16Multi-gesture security code entry
07/21/16Upgrading a secure boot policy on a virtual machine
07/21/16File encryption support for fat file systems
07/21/16Environment adjusted speaker identification
07/21/16Automating deployment of service applications by exposing hosting environment constraints
07/21/16Multiple protocol media streaming
07/21/16Controlling fair bandwidth allocation efficiently
07/21/16Connection sharing across entities in a distributed messaging system
07/21/16Social media driven information interface
07/21/16Downloading an application to an apparatus
07/21/16Sparsity estimation for data transmission
07/21/16User interruptibility aware notifications
07/21/16Profiles identifying camera capabilities that are usable concurrently
07/21/16Dynamically updating quality to higher chroma sampling rate
07/21/16Displaying video call data
07/21/16Filtering to mitigate artifacts when changing chroma sampling rates
07/21/16Gradual updating using transform coefficients for encoding and decoding
07/21/16Encoding/decoding of high chroma resolution details
07/21/16Detecting device presence for a layer 3 connection using layer 2 discovery information
07/21/16Mapping between uplink and downlink resources
07/21/16Community wi-fi network joined access point configuration
07/21/16Application user interface reconfiguration based on an experience mode transition
07/21/16Adaptive user interface pane objects
07/21/16Adaptable user interface display
07/21/16Identifying changes for online documents
07/21/16Contextually aware sharing recommendations
07/21/16Code labeling based on tokenized code samples
07/14/16Systems and methods for controlling feedback for multiple haptic zones
07/14/16Predicting and utilizing variability of travel times in mapping services
07/14/16Translucent object presence and condition detection based on detected light intensity
07/14/16Non-planar focal surface lens assembly
07/14/16Selective blocking of background activity
07/14/16Gaze tracking via eye gaze model
07/14/16Gaze detection offset for gaze tracking models
07/14/16Touchless input
07/14/16Assigning priorities to data for hybrid drives
07/14/16Reactive agent development environment
07/14/16Software deployment over a network
07/14/16String customization
07/14/16Headless task completion within digital personal assistants
07/14/16Change tracking using redundency in logical time
07/14/16Control of access and management of browser annotations
07/14/16Building conversational understanding systems using a toolset
07/14/16Enhanced compression, encoding, and naming for resource strings
07/14/16Enhanced compression, encoding, and naming for resource strings
07/14/16Enhanced compression, encoding, and naming for resource strings
07/14/16System and method for generating social summaries
07/14/16Storage and retrieval of structured content in unstructured user-editable content stores
07/14/16Activity model for detecting suspicious user activity
07/14/16Data detection and protection policies for e-mail
07/14/16Protecting private information in input understanding system
07/14/16User interaction pattern extraction for device personalization
07/14/16Displaying advertisements based on received indications of interest
07/14/16Chart animation
07/14/163d multilayer high frequency signal line
07/14/16Enhanced compression, encoding, and naming for resource strings
07/14/16Tamper evidence per device protected identity
07/14/16Trusted internet identity
07/14/16Dynamic telemetry message profiling and adjustment
07/14/16Hierarchical data security
07/14/16Authentication and pairing of devices using a machine readable code
07/14/16Utilizing x.509 authentication for single sign-on between disparate servers
07/14/16Website access control
07/14/16Policy enforcement by end user review
07/14/16Synchronization of conversation data
07/14/16Delivery of personalized content in semi-connected networks
07/14/16Content pre-render and pre-fetch techniques
07/14/16Motion blur avoidance
07/14/16Providing a tele-immersive experience using a mirror metaphor
07/14/16Variations of rho-domain rate control
07/14/16Extraction of quantitative data from online content
07/14/16Activity and content discovery for personalized campaigns in an enterprise social context
07/07/16Multilevel multipath widely distributed computational node scenarios
07/07/16Illumination light projection for a depth camera
07/07/16Virtual image display with curved light path
07/07/16Modular computing device
07/07/16User interface control using a keyboard
07/07/16User-input control device toggled motion tracking
07/07/16Active stylus communication with a digitizer
07/07/16Universal stylus communication with a digitizer
07/07/16Touch down detection with a stylus
07/07/16Combined sensor system
07/07/16Touchscreen computing device and method
07/07/16Multi-touch detection
07/07/16Customizable bladed applications
07/07/16Method and apparatus for processing notifications on a mobile computing device
07/07/16Column organization of content
07/07/16Contextual browser frame and entry box placement
07/07/16Automatic home screen determination based on display device
07/07/16Input method editor providing language assistance
07/07/16Running add-on components in virtual environments
07/07/16Performance state machine control with aggregation insertion
07/07/16Module specific tracing in a shared module environment
07/07/16Efficient dataset search
07/07/16Geocoding multi-entity queries
07/07/16Ultra-low cost sandboxing for application appliances
07/07/16Cloud key directory for federating data exchanges
07/07/16Eye tracking
07/07/16Extraction of user behavior from depth images
07/07/16Managing user interaction for input understanding determinations
07/07/16Techniques to manage remote events
07/07/16Contextual solicitation in a starter application
07/07/16Product augmentation and advertising in see through displays
07/07/16Generating scenes and tours in a spreadsheet application
07/07/16Discovering and monitoring server clusters
07/07/16Traffic shaping based on request resource usage
07/07/16Rolling capacity upgrade control
07/07/16Multiple personalities
07/07/16Schedule based execution with extensible continuation based actions
07/07/16Suggesting a discussion group based on indexing of the posts within that discussion group
07/07/16Private interaction hubs
07/07/16Binding crud-type protocols in distributed agreement protocols
07/07/16Cloud-based content localization
07/07/16Compliant support for component alignment
07/07/16Dc coefficient signaling at small quantization step sizes
07/07/16Video decoding
07/07/16Geographic information for wireless networks
07/07/16Generation of language understanding systems and methods
07/07/16Key interlock system and method for safe operation of electric power distribution system
07/07/16Multilevel multipath widely distributed computational node scenarios
07/07/16Illumination light projection for a depth camera
07/07/16Virtual image display with curved light path
07/07/16Modular computing device
07/07/16User interface control using a keyboard
07/07/16User-input control device toggled motion tracking
07/07/16Active stylus communication with a digitizer
07/07/16Universal stylus communication with a digitizer
07/07/16Touch down detection with a stylus
07/07/16Combined sensor system
07/07/16Touchscreen computing device and method
07/07/16Multi-touch detection
07/07/16Customizable bladed applications
07/07/16Method and apparatus for processing notifications on a mobile computing device
07/07/16Column organization of content
07/07/16Contextual browser frame and entry box placement
07/07/16Automatic home screen determination based on display device
07/07/16Input method editor providing language assistance
07/07/16Running add-on components in virtual environments
07/07/16Performance state machine control with aggregation insertion
07/07/16Module specific tracing in a shared module environment
07/07/16Efficient dataset search
07/07/16Geocoding multi-entity queries
07/07/16Ultra-low cost sandboxing for application appliances
07/07/16Cloud key directory for federating data exchanges
07/07/16Eye tracking
07/07/16Extraction of user behavior from depth images
07/07/16Managing user interaction for input understanding determinations
07/07/16Techniques to manage remote events
07/07/16Contextual solicitation in a starter application
07/07/16Product augmentation and advertising in see through displays
07/07/16Generating scenes and tours in a spreadsheet application
07/07/16Discovering and monitoring server clusters
07/07/16Traffic shaping based on request resource usage
07/07/16Rolling capacity upgrade control
07/07/16Multiple personalities
07/07/16Schedule based execution with extensible continuation based actions
07/07/16Suggesting a discussion group based on indexing of the posts within that discussion group
07/07/16Private interaction hubs
07/07/16Binding crud-type protocols in distributed agreement protocols
07/07/16Cloud-based content localization
07/07/16Compliant support for component alignment
07/07/16Dc coefficient signaling at small quantization step sizes
07/07/16Video decoding
07/07/16Geographic information for wireless networks
07/07/16Generation of language understanding systems and methods
07/07/16Key interlock system and method for safe operation of electric power distribution system
06/30/16Discriminating ambiguous expressions to enhance user experience
06/30/16See-through near-eye display glasses with a light transmissive wedge shaped illumination system
06/30/16Fabric adhesion to an apparatus
06/30/16Multi-pivot hinge cover
06/30/16Remote device waking using a multicast packet
06/30/16Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the same
06/30/16Productivity tools for content authoring
06/30/16Least disruptive icon displacement
06/30/16Cell view mode for outsized cells
06/30/16Surfacing visual representations of universal applications
06/30/16Client authentication during network boot
06/30/16System testing using nested transactions
06/30/16Memory management model and interface for new applications
06/30/16Social media impact assessment
06/30/16Incremental query refinement
06/30/16Searching and placeholders
06/30/16Partitioning and repartitioning for data parallel operations
06/30/16Database virtualization
06/30/16Addition of plan-generation models and expertise by crowd contributors
06/30/16Server computing device for recommending meeting a friend at a service location based on current location, travel direction, and calendar activity
06/30/16Configuring a user interface based on an experience mode transition
06/30/16Autocaptioning of images
06/30/16Virtual surface compaction
06/30/16Automatic focus improvement for augmented reality displays
06/30/16Discovering capabilities of third-party voice-enabled resources
06/30/16Protective shroud for handheld device
06/30/16Managed secure computations on encrypted data
06/30/16Time-managed electronic mail messages
06/30/16Providing network capability over a converged interconnect fabric
06/30/16Request-specific authentication for accessing web service resources
06/30/16Bridge device for large meetings
06/30/16Automatic data request recovery after session failure
06/30/16Determining a maximum inscribed size of a rectangle
06/30/16Computationally efficient motion estimation
06/30/16Conditional signalling of reference picture list modification information
06/30/16Previewing content available at local media sources
06/30/16Location information for a mobile station
06/30/16Peer-to-peer discovery
06/30/16Dynamic adaptive and non-adaptive mode switching
06/30/16Split button with access to previously used options
06/30/16Providing network connectivity and access to content and communications via moving objects
06/23/16Game availability in a remote gaming environment
06/23/16Range camera
06/23/16Pipeline generation for data stream actuated control
06/23/16Active matrix capacitive touch sensor
06/23/16Tactile input produced sound based user interface
06/23/16Scaling digital personal assistant agents across devices
06/23/16Enhanced viewing of images in content
06/23/16Graph processing in database
06/23/16Surfacing relationships between datasets
06/23/16Generation of browser suggestions based on internet of things device data
06/23/16Task-oriented presentation of auxiliary content to increase user interaction performance
06/23/16Disambiguating intents within search engine result pages
06/23/16Taxonomy driven site navigation
06/23/16Latency-efficient multi-stage tagging mechanism
06/23/16Physical item reconciliation
06/23/16Remote device waking using a multicast packet
06/23/16Detection of end-to-end transport quality
06/23/16Restructuring view of messages based on configurable persistence
06/23/16Optimizing view of messages based on importance classification
06/23/16Permission architecture for remote management and capacity instances
06/23/16Pass-thru for client authentication
06/23/16Security and permission architecture
06/23/16Publish/subscribe mashups for social networks
06/23/16Browser display casting techniques
06/23/16Guaranteed delivery of replication message
06/23/16Multimodal conversation transfer
06/23/16Dialling phone numbers
06/23/16Automatic camera adjustment to follow a target
06/23/16Protected media decoding system supporting metadata
06/23/16Energy efficient wireless data transfer
06/23/16Dynamic application of a rendering scale factor
06/23/16Dynamic adjustment of select elements of a document
06/16/16Computing accessory mounting apparatus
06/16/16Optical communication with optical sensors
06/16/16Support component for an apparatus
06/16/16Gesture inferred vocabulary bindings
06/16/16Interactive stylus with discrete circuit multiplexing system
06/16/16Interactive stylus and display device
06/16/16Active stylus synchronization
06/16/16Flexible touch sensor
06/16/16Touch display system with reduced moire patterns
06/16/16Mesh electrode matrix having finite repeat length
06/16/16Touch display device
06/16/16Online wizard for facilitating methodology implementation
06/16/16Natural user interface camera calibration
06/16/16Scrollbar for dynamic content
06/16/16Inter-procedural type propagation for devirtualization
06/16/16Virtual switch interceptor
06/16/16Managing callback operations in emulated environments
06/16/16Job scheduling and monitoring
06/16/16Message storage in memory blocks using codewords
06/16/16Accessory device architecture
06/16/16Translation control
06/16/16Append structured data system for maintaining structured format compatibility
06/16/16Data discovery and description service
06/16/16Modeling actions, consequences and goal achievement from social media and other digital traces
06/16/16Computer system
06/16/16Context-driven multi-user communication
06/16/16Return oriented programming (rop) attack protection
06/16/16Method to delay locking of server files on edit
06/16/16Human body pose estimation
06/16/16Frame invalidation control with causality attribution
06/16/16Opacity filter for display device
06/16/16Sensed sound level based fan speed adjustment
06/16/16Digital assistant voice input integration
06/16/16Orthogonal frequency division multiple access with carrier sense
06/16/163d mapping of internet of things devices
06/16/16Managing rich presence collections
06/16/16Message classification and management
06/16/16Utilization of a protected module to prevent offline dictionary attacks
06/16/16Document collaboration through networking credentials
06/16/16Effecting communication events
06/16/16Presentation of content from within spreadsheet application
06/16/16Rotation control of an external display device
06/16/16Multiple transaction logs in a distributed storage system
06/16/16Cached data detection
06/16/16Application-driven cdn pre-caching
06/16/16Managing battery power utilization in a mobile computing device
06/16/16Matching client device to appropriate data package
06/16/16Subscriber identification module pooling
06/09/16System for associating a wireless device to a console device
06/09/16Block view for geographic navigation
06/09/16Recommending actions based on context
06/09/16Variable-depth stereoscopic display
06/09/16Automatic variable virtual focus for augmented reality displays
06/09/16Customizing operation of a touch screen
06/09/16Stylus for operating a digitizer system
06/09/16Pointer projection for natural user input
06/09/16Stylus with a dynamic transmission protocol
06/09/16Touch input device in a circuit board
06/09/16Integrated icon resizing control
06/09/16Playback and automatic execution of a process to control a computer system
06/09/16Interaction sensing and recording of a process to control a computer system
06/09/16Remove-on-delete technologies for solid state drive optimization
06/09/16External visual interactions for speech-based devices
06/09/16Virtual machine packing method using scarcity
06/09/16Extension point declarative registration for virtualization
06/09/16Proactive presentation of multitask workflow components to increase user efficiency and interaction performance
06/09/16Multiple core real-time task execution
06/09/16Automated test generation and execution for testing a process to control a computer system
06/09/16Methods and systems for protecting data in usb systems
06/09/16In-line dynamic text with variable formatting
06/09/16Localization complexity of arbitrary language assets and resources
06/09/16Automatic process guidance
06/09/16Customized synthetic data creation
06/09/16Fast streams and substreams
06/09/16Digital content aggregation from multiple sources
06/09/16Interactive search results page
06/09/16Related urls for task-oriented query results
06/09/16Web content tagging and filtering
06/09/16Managing access permissions to class notebooks and their section groups in a notebook application
06/09/16Quick path to train, score, and operationalize a machine learning project
06/09/16System and method for offline synchronization of exception items of shared services for client applications
06/09/16Push-based recommendations
06/09/16Reducing interference between multiple infra-red depth cameras
06/09/16Geodesic saliency using background priors
06/09/16Automated video looping with progressive dynamism
06/09/16Filtering non-actionable alerts
06/09/16Communication system
06/09/16Emotion type classification for interactive dialog system
06/09/16Selective specific absorption rate adjustment
06/09/16Zero-downtime, reversible, client-driven service migration
06/09/16Device migration
06/09/16Brokering data access requests and responses
06/09/16Browser provided website statistics
06/09/16Server-centric high performance network architecture for modular data centers
06/09/16Server-centric high performance network architecture for modular data centers
06/09/16Multi-endpoint actionable notifications
06/09/16Location-based user disambiguation
06/09/16Modifying avatar behavior based on user action or mood
06/09/16Digital assistant alarm system
06/09/16Techniques for a mixed audio conference
06/09/16Nui video conference controls
06/09/16Scanning orders for non-transform coding
06/09/16Generating recommendations based on processing content item metadata tags
06/09/16Remote debugging as a service
06/09/16Active machine learning
06/09/16Error-driven feature ideation in machine learning
06/09/16Configurable electronic-device security locking
06/09/16Actively federated mobile authentication
06/09/16Determining browsing activities
06/02/16Automatic mutual exclusion
06/02/16Efficient detection and response to spin waits in multi-processor virtual machines
06/02/16User interface display testing system
06/02/16Formula and function generation and use in electronic spreadsheets
06/02/16Contextual language understanding for multi-turn language tasks
06/02/16Location estimation using image analysis
06/02/16Efficient data manipulation support
06/02/16Modeling recurring events in a data store
06/02/16Using context to extract entities from a document collection
06/02/16Security policy for device data
06/02/16Control device with passive reflector
06/02/16Interactions of virtual objects with surfaces
06/02/16Extending digital personal assistant action providers
06/02/16Device arbitration for listening devices
06/02/16Data plant - a raw material powered data generator
06/02/16Methods and systems to mitigate inter-cell interference
06/02/16Secure computer evaluation of k-nearest neighbor models
06/02/16Attribute based encryption using lattices
06/02/16Secure computer evaluation of decision trees
06/02/16Utilizing a trusted platform module (tpm) of a host device
06/02/16Automatic sharing of event content by linking devices
06/02/16Notification of communication events
06/02/16Session awareness for communication sessions
06/02/16User presence aggregation at a server
06/02/16Span out load balancing model
06/02/16System and method to facilitate programming of an associated recording device
06/02/16Immersive scaling interactive television
06/02/16Datacenter topology definition schema
05/26/16Privacy user interface for websites
05/26/16Data storage destination
05/26/16Proactive delivery of navigation options
05/26/16Laminated backlight unit
05/26/16Flexible display extendable assembly
05/26/16Multi-pivot hinge
05/26/16Removable input/output module with adjustment mechanism
05/26/16Tab based browser content sharing
05/26/16Aged data control with improved interface
05/26/16Supporting different event models using a single input source
05/26/16Hardware accelerated virtual context switching
05/26/16Interactions with contextual and task-based computing environments
05/26/16Incentive-based app execution
05/26/16Enhanced notifications
05/26/16Performance anomaly diagnosis
05/26/16Enhanced error detection in data synchronization operations
05/26/16Entity based content selection
05/26/16Adapting machine translation data using damaging channel model
05/26/16Translating language characters in media content
05/26/16Identifying related entities
05/26/16Automatic schema mismatch detection
05/26/16In-memory database system
05/26/16Content interruption point identification accuracy and efficiency
05/26/16Computer-based data collection using a prediction market with a liquidity reducing cost function
05/26/16Motion blur using cached texture space blur
05/26/16Multi-mode text input
05/26/16Charging device for removable input modules
05/26/16Flexible and safe monitoring of computers
05/26/16Multi-tenant middleware cloud service technology
05/26/16Fault tolerant and load balanced routing
05/26/16Controlling a pbx phone call via a client application
05/26/16Multi-device collaboration
05/26/16Actionable souvenir from real-time sharing
05/26/16Vehicle-based multi-modal interface
05/26/16Re-establishing push notification channels via user identifiers
05/26/16Systems and methods for receiving, storing, and rendering digital video, music, and pictures on a personal media player
05/26/16User-authentication-based approval of a first device via communication with a second device
05/26/16Mobile device assembly
05/26/16Systems and methods for providing distributed tree traversal using hardware-based processing
05/26/16Efficiently discovering and surfacing content attributes
05/19/16Interactive robot initialization
05/19/16Light sensitive digitizer system
05/19/16Application containers and application container generator
05/19/16Using sections for customization of applications across platforms
05/19/16Detecting sidebar in document
05/19/16Virtual machine cluster backup
05/19/16Purity analysis using white list/black list analysis
05/19/16Memory management techniques
05/19/16Detecting document type of document
05/19/16De-duplicating attachments on message delivery and automated repair of attachments
05/19/16Local representation of shared files in disparate locations
05/19/16File system with per-file selectable integrity
05/19/16Recommending data enrichments
05/19/16Asynchronous replication in a distributed storage environment
05/19/16Customized media
05/19/16Platform for continuous graph update and computation
05/19/16Identifying and structuring related data
05/19/16Secure creation of encrypted virtual machines from encrypted templates
05/19/16False face representation identification
05/19/16Managing dynamically schedulable meetings
05/19/16For-your-information events
05/19/16Event planning within social networks
05/19/16Adaptive path smoothing for video stabilization
05/19/16Prediction-based sequence recognition
05/19/16Pilot design for wireless system
05/19/16Fault-tolerant communications in routed networks
05/19/16Initiating multiple connections from multiple communication devices
05/19/16Universal mobile device messaging
05/19/16Optimized token-based proxy authentication
05/19/16Relevant communication mode selection
05/19/16Managing web services data and presence data
05/19/16Interactive application resource usage information
05/19/16Wi-fi tile transfer
05/19/16Graphic formation via material ablation
05/19/16Dynamic adjustment of elements of a document
05/19/16Systems and methods for differential access control based on secrets
05/19/16Using depth information for drawing in augmented reality scenes
05/19/16Storage for encrypted data with enhanced security
05/12/16Start-of-route map navigation with suppression of off-route feedback
05/12/16Preventing display leakage in see-through displays
05/12/16Covered radius hinge
05/12/16Covered multi-pivot hinge
05/12/16Inputting radical on touch screen device
05/12/16Application command control for smaller screen display
05/12/16Targeted presentation and delivery of themes
05/12/16Contextual tabs in mobile ribbons
05/12/16Application command control for small screen display
05/12/16Enhanced view transitions
05/12/16Interactive data-driven presentations
05/12/16User interface for application command control
05/12/16Dynamic reconfiguration of audio devices
05/12/16Intent driven command processing
05/12/16Programmatic user interface generation based on display size
05/12/16Purity analysis using white list/black list analysis
05/12/16Context-based command surfacing
05/12/16Event processing development environment
05/12/16Data analysis expressions
05/12/16Color sketch image searching
05/12/16Translating programming language patterns into database schema patterns
05/12/16Context-based search and relevancy generation
05/12/16Customized search
05/12/16Real time visual feedback during move, resize and/or rotate actions in an electronic document
05/12/16User interface scaling for devices based on display size
05/12/16Transformation function insertion for dynamically displayed tracer data
05/12/16Modular wearable device for conveying affective state
05/12/16Context-based actions
05/12/16Charger for group of devices
05/12/16Endpoint data centers of different tenancy sets
05/12/16Ensuring predictable and quantifiable networking performance
05/12/16Sending session tokens through passive clients
05/12/16Managed p2p network with content-delivery network
05/12/16Controlling devices using cloud services and device-agnostic pipe mechanisms
05/12/16Providing a persona-based application experience
05/12/16Spatiotemporal prediction for bidirectionally predictive (b) pictures and motion vector prediction for multi-picture reference motion compensation
05/12/16Server gpu assistance for mobile gpu applications
05/12/16Earpiece attachment devices
05/12/16Sound transmission systems and devices having earpieces
05/12/16Scalability and reliability of hardware geo-fencing with failover support
05/12/16Framework and applications for proximity-based social interaction
05/05/16Interrogation of mean field system
05/05/16Motion compensation for optical heart rate sensors
05/05/16Use of beacons for assistance to users in interacting with their environments
05/05/16Facilitating interaction between users and their environments using sounds
05/05/16Multiple position input device cover
05/05/16Stylus for operating a digitizer system
05/05/16Fabric laminated touch input device
05/05/16User interface functionality for facilitating interaction between users and their environments
05/05/16Facilitating interaction between users and their environments using a headset having input mechanisms
05/05/16Multi-step auto-completion model for software development environments
05/05/16Unified data type system and method
05/05/16Resource allocation control with improved interface
05/05/16Health reporting from non-volatile block storage device to processing device
05/05/16Providing rule based analysis of content to manage activation of web extension
05/05/16Recurring calendar item master and instance synchronization
05/05/16Information sensors for sensing web dynamics
05/05/16Stereo image processing using contours
05/05/16Combined discrete and incremental optimization in generating actionable outputs
05/05/16Air quality inference using multiple data sources
05/05/16Identifying influential users of a social networking service
05/05/16System forecasting and improvement using mean field
05/05/16Augmented reality extrapolation techniques
05/05/16Augmentation of key phrase user recognition
05/05/16Mesh platform utility computing portal
05/05/16Direct connection with side channel control
05/05/16Modifying video call data
05/05/16Modifying video call data
05/05/16Model fitting from raw time-of-flight images
05/05/16Increased user efficiency and interaction performance through dynamic adjustment of auxiliary content duration
05/05/16Head end detection
05/05/16Annotating and indexing broadcast video for searchability
05/05/16Roaming content wipe actions across devices
04/28/16Data segmentation and visualization
04/28/16Mobile computer device binding feedback
04/28/16Hand-worn device for surface gesture input
04/28/16Portable device pairing with a tracking system
04/28/16Firmware update discovery and distribution
04/28/16Virtual overlay mobility using label based underlay network forwarding
04/28/16Scalable, schemaless document query model
04/28/16Community authoring content generation and navigation
04/28/16Time-aware ranking adapted to a search engine application
04/28/16Distributed sql query processing using key-value storage system
04/28/16Controlled application distribution
04/28/16Access blocking for data loss prevention in collaborative environments
04/28/16Providing policy tips for data loss prevention in collaborative environments
04/28/16Content adaptive decoder quality management
04/28/16User controlled real object disappearance in a mixed reality display
04/28/16Recalibration of a flexible mixed reality device
04/28/16Human presence detection
04/28/16Location-based conversational understanding
04/28/16Configurable volatile memory data save triggers
04/28/16Cross-cloud management and troubleshooting
04/28/16Method for reachability management in computer networks
04/28/16Dns-based determining whether a device is inside a network
04/28/16Method and apparatus for protecting regions of an electronic document
04/28/16Distribution of portions of content
04/28/16Method for virtual machine migration in computer networks
04/28/16Resource access throttling
04/28/16Camera non-touch switch
04/28/16Organic el display panel for reducing resistance of electrode lines
04/21/16Methods for automated and semiautomated composition of visual sequences, flows, and flyovers based on content and context
04/21/16Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines
04/21/16Unintentional touch rejection
04/21/16Tracking changes in collaborative authoring environment
04/21/16Gesture-based content-object zooming
04/21/16Automatic recognition of web application
04/21/16Web client command infrastructure integration into a rich client application
04/21/16Characterizing device performance based on user-perceivable latency
04/21/16Input signal emulation
04/21/16User interface technology for displaying table data
04/21/16Filtering user interface for a data summary table
04/21/16Construction of a lexicon for a selected context
04/21/16Validation of data across multiple data stores
04/21/16Dynamic query resolution using accuracy profiles
04/21/16Data cube high availability
04/21/16Interactive web crawler
04/21/16Retrieving content from website through sandbox
04/21/16User experience for capturing timesheet items
04/21/16Scanning and processing objects into three-dimensional mesh models
04/21/16Virtual surface gutters
04/21/16Home cloud with virtualized input and output roaming over network
04/21/16Direct network having plural distributed connections to each resource
04/21/16Distributed connectivity policy enforcement with ice
04/21/16Real-time media optimization over remoted sessions
04/21/16Integrated real time collaboration experiences with online workspace
04/21/16Managing network data transfers in view of multiple data usage plans
04/21/16Operating system supporting cost aware applications
04/21/16Controlling focus lens assembly
04/21/16Folded imaging path camera
04/21/16Method and system for protecting cloud-based applications executed in a cloud computing platform
04/21/16Single sign-on via application or browser
04/14/16Management of resources within a virtual world
04/14/16Increased accuracy corner cube arrays for high resolution retro-reflective imaging applications
04/14/16Low-profile pointing stick
04/14/16Collaborative media sharing
04/14/16Selecting frame from video on user interface
04/14/16Auto-grouping of application windows
04/14/16Metadata driven real-time analytics framework
04/14/16Metadata based eventing
04/14/16Storing and resuming application runtime state
04/14/16Smart error recovery for database applications
04/14/16Heterogeneous application tabs
04/14/16Rich formatting for a data label associated with a data point
04/14/16Typing assistance for editing
04/14/16Context sensitive auto-correction
04/14/16Ad-hoc queries integrating usage analytics with search results
04/14/16Depth from time of flight camera
04/14/16Spatial pyramid pooling networks for image processing
04/14/16Generic object detection in images
04/14/16System, method, and medium for generating a map of a geographic region based on client location data
04/14/16Buffer optimization
04/14/16Crisscross cancellation protocol
04/14/16Fast join of peer to peer group with power saving mode
04/14/16Contextually interacting with applications
04/14/16Load balancer bypass
04/14/16Video parameter techniques
04/14/16Modular updating of visualizations
04/14/16Data visualization architecture
04/14/16Data visualization extensibility architecture
04/14/16Performance optimization for data visualization
04/14/16Animation framework
04/14/16Annotated geometry
04/14/16Identifying security boundaries on computing devices
04/07/16Neural network-based speech processing
04/07/16Conversion tool for xps and openxps documents
04/07/16Video viewing and tagging system
04/07/16Digitizer sensor
04/07/16Palm gesture detection
04/07/16Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks
04/07/16Hierarchical allocation for file system storage device
04/07/16Creating templates of offline resources
04/07/16Segmenting data with included separators
04/07/16Validation of segmented data entries
04/07/16Shape recognition using partial shapes
04/07/16Driving a projector to generate a shared spatial augmented reality experience
04/07/16Natural visualization and routing of digital signatures
04/07/16Internet protocol (ip) address virtualization for terminal server sessions
04/07/16Distributed single sign on technologies including privacy protection and proactive updating
04/07/16Aggregating content from different content sources at a cloud service
04/07/16Providing sender identification information
04/07/16Adapting encoding properties
04/07/16Adapting quantization
04/07/16Syntax structures indicating completion of coded regions
04/07/16Power saving wi-fi tethering
03/31/16Dynamic progress-towards-goal tracker
03/31/16Touch screen game controller
03/31/16Wet ink predictor
03/31/16Screen map and standards-based progressive codec for screen content coding
03/31/16Execution guards in dynamic programming
03/31/16Intent based feedback
03/31/16Intent based authoring
03/31/16Inferring layout intent
03/31/16Structured sample authoring content
03/31/16Dynamic presentation of suggested content
03/31/16Direct navigation through browser address bar
03/31/16Optimizing a visual perspective of media
03/31/16Optimizing the legibility of displayed text
03/31/16Pilot design for wireless system
03/31/16Treatment of cloud-based and local attachments in communication applications
03/31/16Challenge-based authentication for resource access
03/31/16Media session between network endpoints
03/31/16Telemetry for data
03/31/16Customizable data services
03/24/16Piezoresistive sensor for a stylus
03/24/16Desktop environment differentiation in virtual desktops
03/24/16Desktop environment differentiation in virtual desktops
03/24/16Dynamic extension view with multiple levels of expansion
03/24/16Simultaneous input across multiple applications
03/24/16Analysis of dynamic elements in bounded time
03/24/16User-specific roaming settings
03/24/16Transparent user mode scheduling on traditional threading systems
03/24/16Lending target device resources to host device computing environment
03/24/16Cloud-based parallel computation using actor modules
03/24/16Database data type creation and reuse
03/24/16Transforming data into consumable content
03/24/16Dynamic natural language conversation
03/24/16Personalized deeplinks for search results
03/24/16Separate privacy setting control of multiple communication clients of a user
03/24/16Deep application crawling
03/24/16Data binding graph for interactive chart
03/24/16Providing location occupancy analysis via a mixed reality device
03/24/16Content projection
03/24/16Establishing secure computing devices for virtualization and administration
03/24/16Tiered object-related trust decisions
03/24/16Gesture navigation for secondary user interface
03/24/16Estimating quality of a video signal
03/17/16Automatic exercise segmentation and recognition
03/17/16Portable device pairing with a tracking system
03/17/16Operating system virtual desktop techniques
03/17/16Unified communications application functionality in condensed views
03/17/16Dynamic memory allocation and relocation to create low power regions
03/17/16Executable virtual objects associated with real objects
03/17/16Logical grouping of profile data
03/17/16Model-based virtual system provisioning
03/17/16Scalable data storage pools
03/17/16Online application testing across browser environments
03/17/16Periodicity optimization in an automated tracing system
03/17/16Main-memory database checkpointing
03/17/16Scalable selection management
03/17/16Providing consistent tenant experiences for multi-tenant databases
03/17/16Method of converting query plans to native code
03/17/16Optimizing parallel queries using interesting distributions
03/17/16User-authentication gestures
03/17/16Place-based image organization
03/17/16Automatic photo grouping by events
03/17/16Learning student dnn via output distribution
03/17/16Cloud-based broker service for digital assistants
03/17/16Calendar repair assistant
03/17/16Fixed position multi-state interactive advertisement
03/17/16Graphics primitive and color channels
03/17/16Remote font management
03/17/16Display rotation management
03/17/16Suggesting intent frame(s) for user request(s)
03/17/16Methods and computer program products for transaction analysis of network traffic in a network device
03/17/16Cooperative session-based filtering
03/17/16Hosted application sandbox model
03/17/16Efficient and reliable attestation
03/17/16Establishing trust between two devices
03/17/16File reputation evaluation
03/17/16Detecting anomalous activity from accounts of an online service
03/17/16Peer-to-peer performance
03/17/16Local caching and resolution of service calls
03/17/16Video capture with privacy safeguard
03/17/16Optimization of a multi-view display
03/17/16Memory management for video decoding
03/17/16White space utilization
03/10/16Plasma cell disorders
03/10/16Multimode transportation transitions
03/10/16Inline display and preview of related information for elements in a document
03/10/16Display-efficient text entry and editing
03/10/16Flexible touch-based scrolling
03/10/16Techniques to remotely manage a multimedia conference event
03/10/16Consistent operating system servicing for distributed nodes
03/10/16Digital personal assistant remote invocation
03/10/16Application transparent continuous availability using synchronous replication across data stores in a failover cluster
03/10/16Lossless web-based editor for complex documents
03/10/16Creating an annotation pane for a document by augmenting the document
03/10/16Versioned and hierarchical data structures and distributed transactions
03/10/16Extensible surface for consuming information extraction serivices
03/10/16Identifying a discussion topic based on user interest information
03/10/16Managing applications in non-cooperative environments
03/10/16Data point calculations on a chart
03/10/16Redundant pixel mitigation
03/10/16Delivering gpu resources to a migrating virtual machine
03/10/16Network classification
03/10/16Data packet routing
03/10/16Filtering electronic messages based on domain attributes without reputation
03/10/16Mapping account information to server authentication
03/10/16Cross-process media handling in a voice-over-internet protocol (voip) application platform
03/10/16Accessibility features in content sharing
03/10/16Referencing change(s) in data utilizing a network resource locator
03/10/16Distant content discovery
03/03/16Automatic in-situ registration and calibration of robotic arm/sensor/workspace system
03/03/16Touch screen control
03/03/16Object orientation detection with a digitizer
03/03/16Managing objects in panorama display to navigate spreadsheet
03/03/16Predicting, diagnosing, and recovering from application failures based on resource access patterns
03/03/16Identifying entities based on interactivity models
03/03/16Mining for statistical enumerated type
03/03/16Using flash storage device to prevent unauthorized use of software
03/03/16Secure online transactions using a trusted digital identity
03/03/16Advertising targeting based on image-derived metrics
03/03/16Computing device with configurable antenna
03/03/16Methods and computer program products for collecting storage resource performance data using file system hooks
03/03/16Client device and host device subscriptions
03/03/16Simple protocol for tangible security
03/03/16Sharing content with permission control using near field communication
03/03/16Active and passive chained subscriptions
03/03/16Exporting animations from a presentation system
03/03/16Enhanced interactive television experiences
02/25/16Object orientation detection with a digitizer
02/25/16Application of multiple content items and functionality to an electronic content item
02/25/16Modular architecture for distributed system management
02/25/16Computer system with memory aging for high performance
02/25/16Interacting with data from a document via document an application pages
02/25/16Remote management of a graphical user interface
02/25/16Optimizing data processing using dynamic schemas
02/25/16Database scale-out
02/25/16Usable security of online password managment with sensor-based authentication
02/25/16Hierarchical privacy settings for comments and markups in a shared document
02/25/16Automatic mediation of resource access in mobile applications
02/25/16Multi-user integrated interaction
02/25/16Enhanced recognition of charted data
02/25/16Client application integration for workflows
02/25/16Providing an unseen message count across devices
02/25/16Mobile social interaction
02/25/16User interface for selection of multiple accounts and connection points
02/25/16Generating and updating event-based playback experiences
02/25/16Remote user interface event notification
02/25/16Unified command protocol for different communication interfaces
02/25/16Predictive services for devices supporting dynamic direction information
02/25/16Transfer of status information concerning a mobile device via a cloud based service
02/25/16Enhanced interpretation of character arrangements
02/25/16Finding and consuming web subscriptions in a web browser
02/18/16Direct access application representations
02/18/16Detecting selection of digital ink
02/18/16Gesture-based access to a mix view
02/18/16Printer driver and application decoupling using event centric registration model
02/18/16Isv update delivery
02/18/16Halloween protection in a multi-version database system
02/18/16Trustzone-based integrity measurements and verification using a software-based trusted platform module
02/18/16Entity resolution incorporating data from various data sources
02/18/16Intelligent process flows
02/18/16Specific absorption rate mitigation
02/18/16Network device configuration framework
02/18/16Anonymous server based user settings protection
02/18/16Storyboards for capturing images
02/11/16Apparatus for object information detection and methods of using same
02/11/16Modular computing device
02/11/16Estimating and preserving battery life based on usage patterns
02/11/16Noise reduction in digitizer system
02/11/16Techniques for organizing information on a computing device using movable objects
02/11/16Application reporting in an application-selectable user interface
02/11/16Application reporting in an application-selectable user interface
02/11/16Game controller on mobile touch-enabled devices
02/11/16Application reporting in an application-selectable user interface
02/11/16Extraction of operating system-specific characteristics via a communication interface
02/11/16Virtual processor allocation techniques
02/11/16Certificate based connection to cloud virtual machine
02/11/16Inheritance of rules across hierarchical levels
02/11/16System and method for providing calculation web services for online documents
02/11/16Style extensibility applied to a group of shapes by editing text files
02/11/16Columnar storage of a database index
02/11/16Particle based visualizations of abstract information
02/11/16Shared attachments
02/11/16Secure computation using a server module
02/11/16Scaling up and scaling out of a server architecture for large scale real-time applications
02/11/16Rapid synchronized lighting and shuttering
02/11/16Region-of-interest aware video coding
02/04/16Speechless interaction with a speech recognition device
02/04/16Providing higher workload resiliency in clustered systems based on health heuristics
02/04/16Operating system management of network interface devices
02/04/16Application launcher sizing
02/04/16Toolbar dashboard functionality
02/04/16Augmenting programming languages with a type system
02/04/16Transmission point pattern extraction from executable code in message passing environments
02/04/16Dynamic plugin(s) for cloud application(s)
02/04/16Planned virtual machines
02/04/16Hypervisor-hosted virtual machine forensics
02/04/16Virtual machine migration tool
02/04/16Background task resource control
02/04/16Virtual application extension points
02/04/16Failure mode identification and reporting
02/04/16Adaptive notifications on a screen
02/04/16Aligning content in an electronic document
02/04/16Entity detection and extraction for entity cards
02/04/16Dynamic selection of authorization processes
02/04/16Global platform health management
02/04/16Displaying different levels of personal information on a screen
02/04/16Information privacy system and method
02/04/16Monetizing product features as part of enforcing license terms
02/04/16Systems and methods for detecting a tilt angle from a depth image
02/04/16Event chain visualization of performance data
02/04/16Automated story generation
02/04/16Methods and computer program products for generating a model of network application health
02/04/16Receive window auto-tuning
02/04/16Extensible access control architecture
02/04/16Computing system for managing data
02/04/16Simplified login for mobile devices
02/04/16Low cost mesh network capability
02/04/16Transmitting location data in wireless networks
02/04/16Rich notifications
02/04/16Multi-touch object inertia simulation
02/04/16Providing higher workload resiliency in clustered systems based on health heuristics
01/28/16Hover controlled user interface element
01/28/16Virtualized boot block with discovery volume
01/28/16Converting desktop applications to web applications
01/28/16Instruction set emulation for guest operating systems
01/28/16Planned virtual machines
01/28/16Load balancing for single-address tenants
01/28/16Application compatibility leveraging successful resolution of issues
01/28/16Call chain interval resource impact unification
01/28/16Accessing media context information using contextual links
01/28/16Navigating performance data from different subsystems
01/28/16Suggesting alternate data mappings for charts
01/28/16Determining quality of tier assignments
01/28/16Personal identification combining proximity sensing with biometrics
01/28/16Controlling media consumption privacy settings
01/28/16Discriminative pretraining of deep neural networks
01/28/16Loosely coupled hosted application system
01/28/16Object creation using body gestures
01/28/16Wearable food nutrition feedback system
01/28/16Network adaptive content download
01/28/16Managing cross-premises resources through integrated view
01/28/16System for and method of securing a network utilizing credentials
01/28/16Statistical security for anonymous mesh-up oriented online services
01/28/16Presenting content items shared within social networks
01/28/16Techniques to restore communications sessions for applications having conversation and meeting environments
01/28/16Smart redirection and loop detection mechanism for live upgrade large-scale web clusters
01/28/16Wireless synchronization of media content and subscription content
01/28/16Establishing caches that provide dynamic, authoritative dns responses
01/28/16Manipulating binary large objects
01/28/16Dynamically adjusting a data usage plan based on data usage statistics
01/28/16Perspective-correct communication window with motion parallax
01/28/16Inferring positions with content item matching
01/28/16Wireless beacon filtering and untrusted data detection
01/28/16Automated deployment and servicing of distributed applications
01/28/16Taking in-line contextual actions on a unified display
01/21/16Adjustable band mechanism
01/21/16Virtual disk storage techniques
01/21/16Application model for implementing composite applications
01/21/16Server farm management
01/21/16Voice directed context sensitive visual search
01/21/16Data model change management
01/21/16Data model indexing for model queries
01/21/16Data retrieval across multiple models
01/21/16Managing multiple data models over data storage system
01/21/16Contour completion for augmenting surface reconstructions
01/21/16Automated datacenter network failure mitigation
01/21/16Managing technology resources across multiple platforms
01/21/16Determining server utilization
01/21/16Data custodian and curation system
01/21/16Protection from unfamiliar login locations
01/21/16Secured communication via location awareness
01/21/16Camera tap switch
01/21/16Energy efficient data handling for mobile devices
01/14/16Management of computing devices using modulated electricity
01/14/16Adaptive cooling of computing devices
01/14/16Power management
01/14/16Power management of server installations
01/14/16Server installation as a grid condition sensor
01/14/16Searching and browsing urls and url history
01/14/16Secured and filtered personal information publishing
01/14/16Managing capacity of a thinly provisioned storage system
01/14/16Composing and executing workflows made up of functional pluggable building blocks
01/14/16Word detection and domain dictionary recommendation
01/14/16Language independent probabilistic content matching
01/14/16Using index partitioning and reconciliation for data deduplication
01/14/16Visualization suggestions
01/14/16Protecting operating system configuration values
01/14/16Creation and management of rfid device versions
01/14/16Adaptive featurization as a service
01/14/16Interoperable machine learning platform
01/14/16Local and remote aggregation of feedback data for speech recognition
01/14/16Electricity management using modulated waveforms
01/14/16Device circles
01/14/16Private content distribution network
01/14/16Detailed end-to-end latency tracking of messages
01/14/16Device-pairing by reading an address provided in device-readable form
01/14/16Provisional administrator privileges
01/14/16Cloud-based device information storage
01/14/16Location determination for white space utilization
01/14/16Cognitive use of multiple regulatory domains
01/14/16Camera system and method for hair segmentation
01/07/16Contextual user interface
01/07/16Cascading inline display and preview of related information for elements in a document
01/07/16Background migration of virtual storage
01/07/16Fast booting a computing device to a specialized experience
01/07/16Managing nodes in a high-performance computing system using a node registrar
01/07/16Method, system and device for validating repair files and repairing corrupt software
01/07/16Translating natural language utterances to keyword search queries
01/07/16Using distributed source control in a centralized source control environment
01/07/16Generation and use of an email frequent word list
01/07/16Response to user input based on declarative mappings
01/07/16Protected media pipeline
01/07/16Processing files from a mobile device
01/07/16Website compatibility shims
01/07/16Selection of proxy device for connection pooling
01/07/16Uploading attachment to shared location and replacing with a link
01/07/16Power management of a mobile communications device

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