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Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc
Microsoft International Holdings B v
Microsoft Technology Licensing
Microsoft Coporation
Microsoft Corportion
Microsoft Technology Licensing Llp
Microsoft Corpration
Microsoft Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc
Microsoft Licensing Technology Llc
Microsoft Corportaion
Microsoft Coropration
Microsoft Corpoation
Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way
Microsoft Corporaton
Microsoft Corportation
Microsoft Technology Licesnsing Llc
Microsoft Way
Microsoft Technology Lincensing Llc
Microsoft Corporatiion
Microsoft Corporatioin
Microsoft Corporatin
Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Patent Group
Microsoft Corporation_20100107

Microsoft patents

Recent patent applications related to Microsoft. Microsoft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Microsoft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Microsoft, we're just tracking patents.

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01/01/153d manufacturing platform
12/04/14Multiple concurrent audio modes
12/04/14Sync framework extensibility
12/04/14Application install and layout syncing
11/27/14User interface elements for multiple displays
10/30/14Second screen view with multitasking
06/19/14Cpu-gpu parallelization
05/15/14Cross slide gesture
04/17/14Identifying high impact bugs
08/08/13Leveraging chip variability
06/20/13Timer access from user mode through a shared memory page
06/13/13Offering and provisioning secured wirelessvirtual private network services
06/13/13Multi-function device id with unique identifier
06/13/13Software firewall control
04/25/13Using photo collections for three dimensional modeling
03/28/13Secure resource name resolution
02/14/13Interference detection
05/27/10Input device with forward/backward control
10/01/09Using photo collections for three dimensional modeling
05/27/10Search and exploration using analytics reference model
12/31/09Attested content protection
02/23/17Virtual machine cluster backup
04/28/16Data segmentation and visualization
06/23/16Flow for multi-master replication in distributed storage
03/10/16Integrating search with application analysis
03/31/16Automated production of certification controls by translating framework controls
07/30/15Intermediate representation construction for static analysis
11/24/16Network node bandwidth management
03/23/17 new patent  Application autorouting framework
08/11/16Calling an unready terminal
12/22/16Fast data protection using dual file systems
09/01/16Sensor data availability from remote devices
05/26/16Easy deployment of machine learning models
05/19/16Tab sweeping and grouping
05/19/16Content transfer to non-running targets
05/19/16Multilingual content based recommendation system
05/12/16Hybrid explanations in collaborative filter based recommendation system
03/03/16Sharing content
08/13/15Linked content
03/26/15Pilot design for wireless system
03/19/15Dynamic determination of number of served media content
03/12/15Video coding
03/12/15Flexible metadata composition
02/26/15Grid proxy architecture for network resources
02/26/15Memory model for a layout engine and scripting engine
02/26/15Security model for a layout engine and scripting engine
10/06/16Capturing notes from passive recording with task assignments
10/06/16Capturing notes from passive recordings with visual content
01/07/16Location-aware selection of public transportation
11/19/15Business intelligence document
05/19/16Fast grouping of time series
03/23/17 new patent  Game browsing
03/23/17 new patent  Hybrid thermal solution for electronic devices
03/23/17 new patent  Voltage boost circuit for a stylus pen
03/23/17 new patent  Smart notifications
03/23/17 new patent  Window grouping
03/23/17 new patent  Controlling a device
03/23/17 new patent  Facilitating selection of attribute values for graphical elements
03/23/17 new patent  Focused attention in documents and communications
03/23/17 new patent  Keyword zoom
03/23/17 new patent  Dual display device
03/23/17 new patent  Resilient format for distribution of ahead-of-time compiled code components
03/23/17 new patent  Nested communication operator
03/23/17 new patent  Initiating instruction block execution using a register access instruction
03/23/17 new patent  Block-based processor core composition register
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03/23/17 new patent  Distinct system registers for logical processors
03/23/17 new patent  Configuring modes of processor operation
03/23/17 new patent  Generation and use of block branch metadata
03/23/17 new patent  Predicated read instructions
03/23/17 new patent  Dense read encoding for dataflow isa
03/23/17 new patent  Multimodal targets in a block-based processor
03/23/17 new patent  Generation and use of memory access instruction order encodings
03/23/17 new patent  Dynamic generation of null instructions
03/23/17 new patent  Register read/write ordering
03/23/17 new patent  Implicit program order
03/23/17 new patent  Store nullification in the target field
03/23/17 new patent  Write nullification
03/23/17 new patent  Multi-nullification
03/23/17 new patent  Memory synchronization in block-based processors
03/23/17 new patent  Block-based processor core topology register
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03/23/17 new patent  Broadcast channel architectures for block-based processors
03/23/17 new patent  Prefetching instruction blocks
03/23/17 new patent  Prefetching associated with predicated load instructions
03/23/17 new patent  Prefetching associated with predicated store instructions
03/23/17 new patent  Instruction block address register
03/23/17 new patent  Segmented instruction block
03/23/17 new patent  Out of order commit
03/23/17 new patent  Cloud-based build service
03/23/17 new patent  Device configuration with cached pre-assembled driver state
03/23/17 new patent  Debug support for block-based processor
03/23/17 new patent  Providing collaboration communication tools within document editor
03/23/17 new patent  Intelligent tabular big data presentation in search environment based on prior human input configuration
03/23/17 new patent  Surfacing applications based on browsing activity
03/23/17 new patent  Tiering of posting lists in search engine index
03/23/17 new patent  Partitioning advisor for online transaction processing workloads
03/23/17 new patent  Per-node custom code engine for distributed query processing
03/23/17 new patent  Correlated display of biometric identity, feedback and user interaction state
03/23/17 new patent  Sustained data protection
03/23/17 new patent  Controllable marking
03/23/17 new patent  Techniques to manage remote events
03/23/17 new patent  Information management systems with time zone information, including event scheduling processes
03/23/17 new patent  Service personalization with familiarity sensitivity
03/23/17 new patent  Dynamic remapping of components of a virtual skeleton
03/23/17 new patent  Speech encoding
03/23/17 new patent  Neutralizing external magnetic forces on an ois module
03/23/17 new patent  Controller-less quick tactile feedback keyboard
03/23/17 new patent  Accessory-based power distribution
03/23/17 new patent  Device theft protection associating a device identifier and a user identifier
03/23/17 new patent  External process user interface isolation and monitoring
03/23/17 new patent  Universal mobile device messaging
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03/23/17 new patent  Cloud key directory for federating data exchanges
03/23/17 new patent  Role-based notification service
03/23/17 new patent  Revoking sessions using signaling
03/23/17 new patent  Cloud key directory for federating data exchanges
03/23/17 new patent  Collaborative mobile interaction
03/23/17 new patent  Extending functionality of web-based applications
03/23/17 new patent  Transcription of spoken communications
03/23/17 new patent  High-resolution imaging of regions of interest
03/23/17 new patent  Shared scene mesh data synchronization
03/23/17 new patent  Inertia audio scrolling
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03/23/17 new patent  Omni-directional camera
03/23/17 new patent  Place-specific buddy list services
03/23/17 new patent  Data usage profiles for users and applications
03/23/17 new patent  Wireless connectivity using white spaces
03/23/17 new patent  Display device
03/16/17Adjustable bending force assembly
03/16/17Input device attachment
03/16/17Enhancing user experience relative to peripheral devices
03/16/17Active pencil and transmitter
03/16/17Bendable device with display in movable connection with body
03/16/17Calibration of a force sensitive device
03/16/17Link gestures
03/16/17Instantiating a virtual machine with a virtual non-uniform memory architecture
03/16/17Methods and systems for electronic ink projection
03/16/17User interaction models for disambiguation in programming-by-example
03/16/17Surfacing visual representations of universal applications
03/16/17Task-sensitive methods and systems for displaying command sets
03/16/17Virtual machine homogenization to enable migration across heterogeneous computers
03/16/17Handling crashes of a device's peripheral subsystems
03/16/17Distributed lock-free rdma-based memory allocation and de-allocation
03/16/17User interface for creating a spreadsheet data summary table
03/16/17Utilizing keystroke logging to determine items for presentation
03/16/17Creating host-level application-consistent backups of virtual machines
03/16/17Hosted file sync with direct access to hosted files
03/16/17Expanded search and find user interface
03/16/17Query transformation for natural language queries
03/16/17Rewriting keyword information using search engine results
03/16/17De-duplication of per-user registration data
03/16/17Localized anomaly detection using contextual signals
03/16/17Enhanced content quality using content features
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03/16/17Virtual place-located anchor
03/16/17Ambient light context-aware display
03/16/17Automatic speech recognition confidence classifier
03/16/17Multi-antennna isolation adjustment
03/16/17Enhanced multi-band multi-feed antennas and a wireless communication apparatus
03/16/17Antenna arrangement
03/16/17Cosmetically hidden electrostatic discharge protection structures
03/16/17Adaptive battery charging
03/16/17Backup communications scheme in computer networks
03/16/17Group headers for differentiating conversation scope and exposing interactive tools
03/16/17Trusted and confidential remote tpm initialization
03/16/17Enhancing user experience relative to peripheral devices
03/16/17Event-responsive download of portions of streamed applications
03/16/17Deployment meta-data based applicability targetting
03/16/17Hosted file sync with stateless sync nodes
03/16/17Synchronizing file data between computer systems
03/16/17Techniques for managing and applying an availability profile
03/16/17Moveable housing of a mobile communications device
03/16/17Bandwidth efficient video surveillance system
03/16/17Skip macroblock coding
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03/16/17Verification of error recovery with long term reference pictures for video coding
03/16/17Application specific internet access
03/16/17Exposing and managing disparate read, write, and erase sizes in data storage devices
03/16/17Storage stack architecture for many-log structured media
03/16/17Personalized electronic message
03/09/17Wireless gaming protocol
03/09/17Infrared filter
03/09/17Transparent display backlight assembly
03/09/17Hinge mechanism with multiple preset positions
03/09/17Shielding via display chassis
03/09/17Pressure sensitive stylus
03/09/17Film lamination with flex-tails for a touch sensor
03/09/17Force sensitive device
03/09/17Changing an interaction layer on a graphical user interface
03/09/17Controlling a device
03/09/17Hover and touch detection for a digitizer
03/09/17Context based selection of menus in contextual menu hierarchies
03/09/17Providing an information set relating to a graphical user interface element on a graphical user interface
03/09/17Controlling a device
03/09/17Managing an immersive interface in a multi-application immersive environment
Social Network Patent Pack
03/09/17Managing entity organizational chart
03/09/17Interpreting and supplementing captured stroke information
03/09/17Modifying captured stroke information into an actionable form
03/09/17Remote shared virtual disk snapshot creation
03/09/17Virtual non-uniform memory architecture for virtual machines
03/09/17Method of detecting false test alarms using test step failure analysis
03/09/17Queryless search based on context
03/09/17Interacting with an assistant component based on captured stroke information
03/09/17Semantic entity relation detection classifier training
03/09/17Determining the destination of a communication
03/09/17Determining the destination of a communication
03/09/17Personalized contextual coupon engine
03/09/17Kinematic quantity measurement from an image
03/09/17Chaining animations
03/09/17Tactile interaction in virtual environments
03/09/17Indicating out-of-view augmented reality images
03/09/17Clustering user utterance intents with semantic parsing
03/09/17Extendable connector port
03/09/17Personal identification via acoustically stimulated biospeckles
03/09/17Trust status of a communication session
03/09/17Wireless control of streaming computing device
03/09/17Above-lock camera access
03/09/17Message storage
03/09/17Modifying video frames
03/09/17Video coding
03/09/17Video coding
03/09/17Block flipping and skip mode in intra block copy prediction
03/09/17Contextual remote control interface
03/09/17Microphone placement for sound source direction estimation
03/09/17Service denial and termination on a wireless network
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03/09/17Shield can
03/09/17Exposing external content in an enterprise
03/02/17Laminated input devices
03/02/17Bi-directional power transfer
03/02/17Electrostatic communication using an active stylus
03/02/17Interface for defining user directed partial graph execution
03/02/17User directed partial graph execution
03/02/17Holographic augmented authoring
03/02/17Add a new instance to a series
03/02/17Detecting and preventing virtual disk storage linkage faults
03/02/17Predicting service issues by detecting anomalies in event signal
03/02/17Recovery processing for database in persistent system
03/02/17Dynamically providing application analytic information
03/02/17Modifying a content descriptor to facilitate delivery of token-authorized encrypted data
03/02/17Enhanced document services
03/02/17Enhanced document services
03/02/17Smart flip operation for grouped objects
03/02/17Interactive preview teasers in communications
03/02/17Automatically converting text to business graphics
03/02/17Gesture based annotations
03/02/17Semantically-relevant discovery of solutions
03/02/17Distributed server system for language understanding
03/02/17Personal translator
03/02/17Recommending a content curator
03/02/17Classification of data in main memory database systems
03/02/17Judgment quality in sbs evaluation
03/02/17Interactive web crawler
03/02/17Secure computing system record transfer control
03/02/17Secure creation of encrypted virtual machines from encrypted templates

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