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Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Inc. Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Method and system for motion adaptive fusion of optical images and depth maps acquired by cameras and depth sensors
06/15/17System and controlling autonomous vehicles
06/15/17Distributed sleep management for battery powered multi-hop heterogeneous wireless network
06/08/17Method and system for role dependent context sensitive spoken and textual language understanding with neural networks
06/08/17Method and system for detecting and tracking objects and slam with hierarchical feature grouping
06/08/17System and hybrid simultaneous localization and mapping of 2d and 3d data acquired by sensors from a 3d scene
05/25/17Method and system for autofocus radar imaging
05/18/17Model predictive control of spacecraft
05/18/17Method and system for segmenting pedestrian flows in videos
05/18/17System and belief propagation decoding
05/11/17System and augmented localization of wifi devices
05/04/17Method and preconditioned model predictive control
05/04/17Pose estimation using sensors
05/04/17Fast log-likelihood ratio (llr) computation for decoding high-order and high-dimensional modulation schemes
04/27/17System and controlling refrigerant in vapor compression system
04/27/17System and performing operations of numerical control machines
04/27/17Displaying hierarchical multi-attribute data suitable for visual comparison
04/06/17Position detection device
03/30/17System and reducing interference between multiple terminals
03/23/17Absolute encoder
03/23/17Device localization using rss based path loss exponent estimation
03/23/17Method for estimating locations of facial landmarks in an image of a face using globally aligned regression
03/16/17Method and system for denoising images using deep gaussian conditional random field network
03/16/17System and processing images using online tensor robust principal component analysis
03/16/17Automatic power generation control in micro-grids
02/23/17Neural networks for transforming signals
02/23/17Method for using a multi-scale recurrent neural network with pretraining for spoken language understanding tasks
02/16/17Method and system for coding signals using distributed coding and non-monotonic quantization
02/02/17System and controlling multi-zone vapor compression systems
01/26/17Method and printing 3d objects using additive manufacturing and material extruder with translational and rotational axes
01/26/17Method and system for through-the-wall radar imaging
01/19/17System and controlling vapor compression systems
01/19/17Semiconductor device with multiple-functional barrier layer
01/19/17Semiconductor device with multiple carrier channels
01/12/17System and radar imaging using distributed arrays and compressive sensing
01/12/17Method for distinguishing components of an acoustic signal
01/05/17On-road stereo visual odometry without explicit pose determinations
12/29/16System and controlling semi-autonomous vehicles
12/22/16System and controlling elevator door systems
12/15/16Method and system for selecting power sources in hybrid electric vehicles
12/15/16System and testing and evaluating vehicle components
12/15/16Flat-panel acoustic apparatus
12/08/16System and controlling vapor compression systems
12/08/16Model predictive control with uncertainties
12/08/16System and hybrid wireless video transmission
11/24/16Method for training classifiers to detect objects represented in images of target environments
11/03/16Method and system for personalization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services
11/03/16Method for determining dimensions in an indoor scene from a single depth image
10/06/16Control of processing machines with redundant actuators
10/06/16Contactless sensor
10/06/16Tracking of occluded navigation satellite signals
09/29/16Automatic train stop control system
09/29/16System and manipulating polarizations of optical signal
09/22/16Semi-active feedback control of sway of cables in elevator system
09/22/16Method for predicting a voltage collapse in a micro-grid connected to a power distribution network
09/22/16System and wireless communications over fading channels
09/22/16Pilot-aided coherent receiver for optical communications
09/15/16Fault detection in induction motors based on current signature analysis
09/15/16Method and system for determining hidden states of a machine using privacy-preserving distributed data analytics and a semi-trusted server and a third-party
09/08/16System and controlling operations of air-conditioning system
09/08/16System and controlling operations of air-conditioning system
09/08/16Resource aware routing in heterogeneous wireless networks
09/01/16System and printing three dimensional objects
09/01/16Method and system for determining 3d object poses and landmark points using surface patches
08/25/16System and stopping trains using simultaneous parameter estimation
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08/25/16Intensity-based depth sensing system and method
08/25/16System and controlling system
08/25/16Model predictive control with uncertainties
08/25/16Method for labeling images of street scenes
08/18/16Method for denoising time-of-flight range images
08/18/16Depth-weighted group-wise principal component analysis for video foreground/background separation
08/11/16Method for 3d scene reconstruction with cross-constrained line matching
08/11/16Method and system for reliable data communications with adaptive multi-dimensional modulations for variable-iteration decoding
08/04/16Method and system for controlling angular rotor speeds of sensorless induction motors
08/04/16Method and system for controlling an angualr speed of an induction motor
08/04/16Three-way sequential power amplifier system for wideband rf signal
08/04/16Quaternary block-coded high-dimensional modulation for coherent optical communications
07/28/16System and 3d imaging using compressive sensing with hyperplane multi-baseline data
07/28/16System and decoding block of data received over communication channel
07/21/16Energy efficient management of heterogeneous multi-hop wireless networks
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07/14/16System and 3d imaging using a moving multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) linear antenna array
07/14/16Adaptive error correction code for optical super-channels
07/14/16Assignment of backhaul resources in cooperative wireless networks
07/07/16Model predictive control of spacecraft
06/30/16Tumor tracking radiotherapy
06/23/16Tracking of occluded navigation satellite signals
06/16/16Method and system for reconstructing sampled signals
06/09/16Method for segmenting and tracking content in videos using low-dimensional subspaces and sparse vectors
05/26/16Depth sensing using optical pulses and fixed coded aperature
05/26/16Model predictive control with uncertainties
05/12/16Method and system for scheduling elevator cars in a group elevator system with uncertain information about arrivals of future passengers
05/12/16System and linearizing power amplifiers
04/21/16Method for enhancing noisy speech using features from an automatic speech recognition system
04/21/16Method for enhancing audio signal using phase information
04/14/16System and operating an electric power system with distributed generation and demand responsive resources based on distribution locational marginal prices
04/14/16System and measuring linewidth of optical signal
04/07/16Dynamic and adaptive configurable power distribution system
04/07/16Method to generate multilevel inverter modulation control signals
03/24/16Wideband self-envelope tracking rf power amplifier
03/17/16Inter-channel interference management for optical super-channels
03/10/16System and explicit model predictive control
03/10/16Method for estimating optimal power flows in power grids using consensus-based distributed processing
03/03/16Image denoising using a library of functions
03/03/16System and recovering carrier phase in optical communications
02/25/16Method for semantically labeling an image of a scene using recursive context propagation
02/11/16Model predictive control with uncertainties
02/04/16Neural networks for transforming signals
01/28/16Method for determining a sequence for drilling holes according to a pattern using global and local optimization
01/28/16Distributed reactive power control in power distribution systems
01/28/16System and linearizing power amplifiers
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01/21/16Artificial magnetic structures for wireless power transfer
01/14/16System and supporting human machine interaction
01/14/16Method for calibrating cameras with non-overlapping views
01/07/16Method for generating constant modulus multi-dimensional modulations for coherent optical communications
12/31/15Method and system for estimating positions using absolute encoders
12/31/15Multipath detection for global positioning system
12/31/15Method for processing multi-component video and images
12/24/15Optimizing operations of multiple air-conditioning units
12/17/15Method for kernel correlation-based spectral data processing
12/17/15Method for anomaly detection in time series data based on spectral partitioning
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12/17/15Method for stereo visual odometry using points, lines and planes
12/10/15System and controlling of vapor compression system
12/10/15System and through-the-wall-radar-imaging using total-variation denoising
12/10/15Method for learning exemplars for anomaly detection
12/10/15Output matching network for wideband power amplifier with harmonic suppression
12/03/15Distributed path planning for mobile sensors
12/03/15Source signal separation by discriminatively-trained non-negative matrix factorization
12/03/15System and determining distance between signals
11/12/15Method and system for tracking people in indoor environments using a visible light camera and a low-frame-rate infrared sensor
11/12/15Method for detecting objects in stereo images
11/12/15Method for generating representations polylines using piecewise fitted geometric primitives
11/05/15Method for registering deformable images using random markov fields
11/05/15Method for graph based processing of signals
10/15/15Method and interacting between equipment and mobile devices
10/01/15Method for anomaly detection in discrete manufacturing processes
10/01/15Oscillator-based path planning for machining of a pocket shape in workpiece
10/01/15Time-varying extremum seeking for controlling vapor compression systems
10/01/15Optical channel data unit switch with distributed control
10/01/15Method and system for detecting events in an acoustic signal subject to cyclo-stationary noise
09/24/15Method for generating high-resolution images using regression patterns
09/17/15System and semi-autonomous driving of vehicles
09/17/15Method for coding videos and pictures using independent uniform prediction mode
09/17/15Block copy modes for image and video coding
09/10/15System and 3d sar imaging using compressive sensing with multi-platform, multi-baseline and multi-prf data
09/10/15Method and preconditioned continuation model predictive control
09/10/15Method for extracting low-rank descriptors from images and videos for querying, classification, and object detection
08/27/15Method and system for computing reference signals for machines with redundant positioning
08/20/15Method for solving quadratic programs for convex sets with linear equalities by an alternating direction multipliers with optimized step sizes
08/20/15Optimal parameter selection and acceleration in admm for multi-stage stochastic convex quadratic programs
08/20/15Method and detecting symbols received wirelessly using probabilistic data association with uncertainty
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08/13/15Locating multi-phase faults in ungrounded power distribution systems
08/13/15Method for fault location analysis of ungrounded distribution systems
08/13/15Statistical voice dialog system and method
07/30/15Frequency-domain multi-element capacitive proximity sensor array based on a bandstop filter design
07/30/15Proximity sensor detecting metallic and non-metallic objects
07/23/15Method for generating trajectory for numerical control process
07/23/15Method for estimating free space using a camera system
07/16/15Method and system for through-the-wall imaging using compressive sensing and mimo antenna arrays
07/16/15System and planning a radiation therapy treatment
07/16/15Global scene descriptors for matching manhattan scenes using edge maps associated with vanishing points
07/16/15System and optimal power flow analysis
07/16/15Detecting narrow band interference in wireless networks using spectral analysis
07/09/15Method for analyzing discrete traps in semiconductor devices
07/09/15Method for increasing resolutions of depth images
07/09/15Receiver, transmitter, and communication method
06/25/15Finite time power control for smart-grid distributed system
06/18/15Log-linear dialog manager
06/11/15Control of redundant laser processing machines
06/04/15Method for extracting planes from 3d point cloud sensor data
06/04/15Passive synchronization in wireless networks
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06/04/15Synchronized multi-sink routing for wireless networks
05/28/15Digital power encoder for direct digital-rf transmitter
05/28/15Feasible tracking control of machine
05/21/15Actions prediction for hypothetical driving conditions
05/14/15Method for video background subtraction using factorized matrix completion
05/14/15Method for predicting travel destinations based on historical data
05/14/15Method for determining hidden states of systems using privacy-preserving distributed data analytics
05/07/15Visual perceptual transform coding of images and videos
04/30/15Motion-control system for performing different tasks
04/30/15System and linearizing power amplifiers
04/23/15Method for separating multi-component signals
04/23/15Denoising noisy speech signals using probabilistic model
04/23/15Method for estimating parameters of a graph spectral filter using training data
03/26/15Discovering stable routes in wireless networks
03/26/15Method for discovering neighboring nodes in wireless networks
03/26/15Distributed source coding using prediction modes obtained from side information
03/26/15Method for improving compression efficiency of distributed source coding using intra-band information
03/26/15Multi-mode phase-shifting interference device
03/26/15Method and system for dynamically adapting user interfaces in vehicle navigation systems to minimize interaction complexity
03/26/15Method and system for autonomously delivering information to drivers
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03/19/15Method for determining trajectory of multi-motor control system avoiding obstacle
03/12/15System and controlling temperature and humidity in multiple spaces using liquid desiccant
02/19/15Method for coding ofdma data without pilot symbols
02/19/15Pattern recognition apparatus and pattern recognition method
02/12/15Method and system for adjusting vehicle settings
01/29/15Semi-active feedback control of elevator rope sway
01/29/15Method for data segmentation using laplacian graphs
01/22/15Method and printing 3d objects using additive manufacturing and material extruder with translational and rotational axes
01/22/15Method and additively manufacturing of objects based on tensile strength
01/22/15Method and system for through-the-wall imaging using sparse inversion for blind multi-path elimination
01/22/15Method for converting paths defined by a nonzero winding rule
01/22/15Method for labeling segments of paths as interior or exterior
01/22/15Method for rendering paths without aliasing artifacts
01/22/15Method for rendering paths without outlining artifacts
01/22/15Method for processing speech signals using an ensemble of speech enhancement procedures
01/22/15Belief propagation processor
01/15/15Antenna selection with frequency-hopped sounding reference signals
01/08/15Controlling sway of elevator rope using movement of elevator car
01/08/15Method for determining object poses using weighted features
01/01/15Method for detecting anomalies in a time series data with trajectory and stochastic components
12/25/14Method and system for modulating optical signals as high-dimensional lattice constellation points to increase tolerance to noise
12/18/14System and controlling electric power steering system
12/18/14System and recognizing speech
12/18/14Determining word sequence constraints for low cognitive speech recognition
12/04/14Method for optimizing hvac systems in buildings using nonlinear programming to maximize comfort for occupants
11/20/14Method for detecting persons using 1d depths and 2d texture
11/20/14Method for reconstructing 3d lines from 2d lines in an image
11/20/14Mpc controller using parallel quadratic programming
11/13/14Method for reconstructing 3d scenes from 2d images
11/13/14Method for converting speech using sparsity constraints
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11/06/14Method and system for authenticating biometric data
10/30/14System and performing undo and redo operations during machining simulation
10/23/14Compound optical combiner
10/16/14Method for video coding using blocks partitioned according to edge orientations
10/16/14Method for locating of single-phase-to-ground faults of ungrounded power distribution systems
10/09/14Method for factorizing images of a scene into basis images
10/09/14Method for detecting 3d geometric boundaries in images of scenes subject to varying lighting
10/09/14Method for clustering devices in machine-to-machine networks to minimize collisions
10/02/14System and controlling vapor compression systems
10/02/14Method and system for determining locations of smartkeys
09/25/14Reconfigurable output matching network for multiple power mode power amplifiers
09/18/14High electron mobility transistor with multiple channels
09/18/14Method and system for random steerable sar using compressive sensing
09/18/14Multi-mode interference device
09/18/14System and optimizing energy consumption in railway systems
09/18/14System and optimizing energy consumption in railway systems with energy storage devices
09/18/14Privacy preserving statistical analysis on distributed databases
09/11/14System and controlling semi-active actuators arranged to minimize vibration in elevator systems
09/11/14Method for detecting and tracking objects in image sequences of scenes acquired by a stationary camera
09/11/14Method for angle-preserving phase embeddings
09/11/14Method for reconstructing signals from phase-only measurements
08/28/14Method and system for compressive array processing
08/28/14Method and system for communicating data wirelessly using probabilistic data association
08/28/14Method for optimizing power flows in electric power networks
08/28/14Method for detecting islanding with periodically transmitted sequence of unsynchronized signals
08/28/14Method for localizing sources of signals in reverberant environments using sparse optimization
08/21/14System and multiple spotlight synthetic radar imaging using random beam steering
08/21/14Method for locating faults in ungrounded power distribution systems
08/21/14Method for detecting power theft in a power distribution system

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