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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
03/16/17Management powder supply head, and forming erosion shield
03/16/17Support device, turbine, and support method
03/16/17Waste heat recovery device, gas turbine plant provided with same, and waste heat recovery method
03/16/17Gas turbine plant and improving existing gas turbine plant
03/16/17Gas turbine combustion control device and combustion control method and program therefor
03/16/17Gas turbine combustor
03/09/17Exhaust chamber inlet-side member, exhaust chamber, gas turbine, and last-stage turbine blade removal method
03/02/17Multi-shaft combined cycle plant, and control device and operation method thereof
02/23/17Intake air filter device, filter replacement intake air filter device, and gas turbine
02/23/17Air pollution control system and air pollution control method
02/23/17Security system and communication control method
02/16/17Gas turbine combustor and gas turbine provided with same
02/16/17Fuel control gas turbine, control device for executing said method, and gas turbine installation provided with said control device
02/09/17Gas turbine
02/02/17Axial flow compressor, gas turbine including the same, and stator blade of axial flow compressor
02/02/17Combustor replacement method and gas turbine plant
01/26/17Seal structure and rotary machine
01/26/17Combined cycle power plant and start-up the same
01/26/17Start-up control device and start-up control power plant
01/19/17Turbine blade, erosion shield forming method, and turbine blade manufacturing method
01/19/17Blade or vane row and gas turbine
01/19/17Axial flow turbine
01/19/17Operation plan preparation and evaluation device and operation plan preparation and evaluation method
01/12/17Limestone supply device and air pollution control system
01/12/17Gasifier cooling structure, gasifier, and gasifier annulus portion enlargement method
01/12/17Control device and control method
01/12/17Method and detecting breakage of piping in combined power plants
01/12/17Device maintenance server and device maintenance system
01/05/17Activation control apparatus
01/05/17Thermal power plant for recovering water from exhaust gas and a treating recovered water of thermal power plant thereof
01/05/17Gas-turbine control device, gas turbine, and gas-turbine control method
01/05/17Solar thermal power generation system and solar thermal power generation method
01/05/17Control parameter optimizing system and operation control optimizing apparatus equipped therewith
01/05/17Estimate presentation device, estimate presentation method, program, and recording medium
12/29/16Gas turbine combustor
12/29/16Fuel nozzle for gas turbine combustor
12/22/16Circulating water utilization system
12/22/16Axial turbine
12/22/16Measurement device for ring-shaped assembly, measurement ring-shaped assembly, and manufacturing rotating machine
12/15/16Combined cycle gas turbine plant
12/08/16Steam turbine
12/01/16Advanced humid air turbine system and exhaust gas treatment system
11/24/16Turbine blade manufacturing method
11/24/16Seal structure and rotating machine
11/24/16Position adjustment device, rotating machine provided with same, and position adjustment method
11/24/16Condenser and turbine equipment
11/24/16Heat exchanger
11/24/16Method and jig for measuring angle
11/17/16Method of manufacturing tube, and tube
11/17/16Sealing structure and rotary machine
11/17/16Gas turbine operation method and operation control device
11/17/16Dummy ring assembly for removing vane segments, and removing vane segments using same
11/10/16Spray drying apparatus and air pollution control system
11/10/16Gas turbine, gas turbine control device, and gas turbine cooling method
11/10/16Gas turbine cooling system, gas turbine plant equipped with the same and cooling high-temperature section of gas turbine
11/10/16Gas turbine power generation equipment, and device and drying gas turbine cooling air system
11/10/16Fuel control device, combustor, gas turbine, control method, and program
11/03/16Heat transfer tube, boiler and steam turbine device
10/27/16Fluid seal structure of heat engine including steam turbine
10/20/16Positioning device, rotary machine comprising same, and positioning method
10/13/16Char recycling system and char conveyance method
10/06/16Method and system for remotely monitoring a group of circulating-water utilization systems
10/06/16Low-noise decompression device and combustion device
10/06/16Gas turbine combustor
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10/06/16Heat exchanger
10/06/16Target holding jig and measurement apparatus
10/06/16Charging device of circulating water utilization system and circulating-water utilization system
09/29/16Wet type flue gas desulfurization apparatus and operation the same
09/29/16Safety device for circulating water utilization system and circulating-water utilization system
09/29/16Advanced humid air turbine system and exhaust gas treatment system
09/29/16Heat transfer pipe support structure and waste heat recovery boiler
09/22/16Duct wall surface structure
09/22/16Method and laser projection, and machining method
09/15/16Boiler support structure
09/15/16Nozzle, combustion apparatus, and gas turbine
09/08/16Slag discharge apparatus and slag discharge method
09/08/16Nut and rotary machine
09/01/16Air pollution control system, air pollution control method, spray drying device of dewatering filtration fluid from desulfurization discharged water, and method thereof
09/01/16Gas turbine
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09/01/16Gas turbine
09/01/16Combustion burner for boiler
08/25/16Flue gas treatment device
08/25/16Roller mill and manufacturing roller mill
08/25/16Two-shaft gas turbine, and control system and control the gas turbine
08/25/16Axial compressor
08/25/16Design and production methods of gas turbine
08/25/16Boiler system and power plant including the same
08/18/16Char feeding hopper, char recovery system, and coal gasification combined power generation system
08/18/16Method for heat treatment of stainless member, and producing forged stainless product
08/18/16Temperature control device, gas turbine, temperature control method, and program
08/18/16Flue gas heat recovery system
08/18/16Fuel cell generator and operating fuel cell generator
08/11/16Steam turbine and surface treatment method therefor
08/11/16Gas turbine combustor and steam injected gas turbine
08/11/16Atomizer and combustion device using the same
08/04/16Hot part of gas turbine, gas turbine including the same, and manufacturing hot part of gas turbine
08/04/16Burner tip, combustion burner, and boiler
07/28/16Spray drying dehydrated filtrate from desulfurization waste water, and air pollution control system
07/28/16Method of monitoring and operating heat exchanger for fuels containing carbon
07/28/16Method for manufacturing solid oxide fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell
07/21/16Multistage pressure reduction device and boiler
07/21/16Method of extending life expectancy of high-temperature piping and life expectancy extension structure of high-temperatue piping
07/21/16Gas turbine combustor and gas turbine engine equipped with same
07/21/16Thermal load testing device and thermal load testing method
07/14/16Vertical roller mill
07/14/16Vane, gas turbine provided with the same, manufacturing vane, and remodeling vane
06/30/16Method for manufacturing turbine rotor blade
06/23/16Steam turbine rotor, steam turbine including same, and thermal power plant using same
06/23/16Blade and gas turbine provided with the same
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06/16/16Steam turbine stationary blade
06/16/16Sealing device, rotating machine, and manufacturing sealing device
06/16/16Water removal device for steam turbine and forming slit
06/16/16Control unit for gasification power generation plant, gasification power generation plant, and control gasification power generation plant
06/16/16Solar thermal power generation system
06/16/16Tilting pad type journal bearing
06/16/16Tilting pad bearing
06/16/16Solid oxide fuel cell manufacturing solid oxide fuel cell
06/16/16Generator inspection method
06/09/16Ni-based alloy product and producing same, and ni-based alloy member and producing same
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05/26/16Water removal device for steam turbine
05/26/16Combustion device
05/12/16Flue gas treatment system and flue gas treatment method
05/12/16Welding material and welding rotor
05/12/16Sealing device and turbo machine
05/12/16Hydro dynamic bearing device
05/12/16Erosion test apparatus, accelerator and erosion test method
05/12/16Fuel cell module, combined power generation system including the same, and temperature control fuel cell power generation section
05/05/16Corrected rpm calculation compressor, control compressor, and devices for implementing these methods
05/05/16Combined power generation system and unit, method, and program for controlling the same
04/21/16Turbine blade, and turbine rotor and steam turbine using the turbine blade
04/21/16Gas guiding device and facility including the same
04/14/16Steam valve
04/07/16Fuel cell stack and manufacturing the same, fuel cell module, high-temperature water vapor electrolysis cell stack, and manufacturing the same
03/31/16Combustor and gas turbine having the same
03/10/16Denitration catalyst and producing same
03/10/16Gasification power plant control device, gasification power plant, and gasification power plant control method
03/10/16Tilting pad bearing device
03/10/16Gas turbine combustor
03/03/16Tilting pad bearing device
02/25/16Rotating shaft lifting jig and rotating shaft lifting method
02/25/16Rotating shaft support structure and rotary machine
02/25/16Cylinder of combustor, manufacturing of cylinder of combustor, and pressure vessel
02/11/16Gas turbine combustor
02/04/16Axial flow compressor and gas turbine equipped with axial flow compressor
02/04/16Solar/air turbine generator system
02/04/16Gas turbine combustor
01/28/16Gas turbine combustor
01/28/16Solar heat collection system
01/21/16Condenser and steam turbine plant provided therewith
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01/14/16Exhaust gas treatment catalyst and regenerating the same
01/14/16Hydraulic device and prime mover device
01/14/16Gas turbine combustor
01/14/16Condenser, multistage pressure condenser provided therewith, and reheating module used in condenser
01/07/16Two-shaft gas turbine
01/07/16Preheating device for gas turbine fuel, gas turbine plant provided therewith, and preheating gas turbine fuel
01/07/16Combustor and gas turbine
01/07/16Power generation operating power generation system
12/31/15Air pollution control system and air pollution control method
12/31/15Boiler operation method and boiler
12/24/15Manufacturing process of ni based superalloy and member of ni based superalloy, ni based superalloy, member of ni based superalloy, forged billet of ni based superalloy, component of ni based superalloy, structure of ni based superalloy, boiler tube, combustor liner, gas turbine blade, and gas turbine disk
12/24/15Turbine rotor, turbine, and removing seal plate
12/24/15Rotating fluid machine
12/24/15Tilting pad bearing device
12/24/15Heat-transfer device and gas turbine combustor with same
12/17/15Air pollution control system and air pollution control method
12/17/15Atomizer, combustion device including atomizer, and gas turbine plant
12/17/15Combustor and gas turbine
12/10/15Turbine blade machining method, machining tool, and turbine blade
12/10/15Gas turbine system, controller, and gas turbine operation method
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12/10/15Method for attaching/removing vane ring and auxiliary support device for vane segment used in said method
12/10/15Gas turbine combustor
12/10/15Fuel spray nozzle
12/03/15Power generation system
11/26/15Combustion gas cooling apparatus, denitration apparatus having the combustion gas cooling apparatus, and combustion gas cooling method
11/19/15Combustion gas cooling apparatus, denitration apparatus including the combustion gas cooling apparatus, and combustion gas cooling method
11/12/15Steam valve and steam turbine
11/05/15Drilling method, drilling jig, and heat exchanger
11/05/15Precipitation hardened martensitic stainless steel, manufacturing method therefor, and turbine moving blade and steam turbine using the same
10/29/15Method for removing arsenic compound, regenerating nox removal catalyst, and nox removal catalyst
10/29/15Power generation operating power generation system
10/22/15Flue gas treatment system and method
10/22/15Rotating machine
10/22/15Power generation system
10/22/15Gas turbine combustor and gas turbine
10/22/15Power generation cooling fuel cell exhaust in power generation system
10/15/15Plant monitoring device, plant monitoring program, and plant monitoring method
10/15/15Plant monitoring device, plant monitoring program, and plant monitoring method
10/15/15Gas turbine power generation equipment
10/15/15Power generation system, and methods for starting and operating fuel cell in power generation system
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10/08/15Precision casting mold and producing the same
10/08/15Power generation system, driving power generation system, and combustor
10/08/15Power generation activating fuel cell in power generation system
10/01/15Precision casting mold and producing the same
09/24/15Flue gas treatment apparatus and flue gas treatment method
09/24/15Precision casting mold and producing the same
09/17/15Catalyst structure for exhaust gas cleaning
09/17/15Axial flow machine
09/17/15Method and device for cooling steam turbine generating facility
08/27/15Solid-fuel burner
08/27/15Power generation system and operating power generation system
08/13/15Treatment system for mercury in flue gas
08/13/15Precision casting mold and producing the same
08/06/15Precision casting mold and producing the same
08/06/15Ni-based superalloy, and turbine rotor and stator blades for gas turbine using the same
07/30/15Collector and gas turbine plant provided with same
07/23/15Gas turbine
07/23/15Clearance measurement device and clearance measurement combustor
07/09/15Solar collector for solar heat boiler, and tower-type solar heat boiler equipped with same
07/02/15Rotary machine
07/02/15Method for cooling a humid gas and a device for the same
06/25/15Wet type flue-gas desulfurization method
06/25/15Axial-flow exhaust turbine
06/18/15Side milling cutter for slot cutting
06/18/15Solar power system
06/18/15Cooling water supply system and binary cycle power plant including same
06/18/15Fuel cell module, fuel cell, manufacturing fuel cell module, and supplying oxidant to fuel cell module
06/11/15Air pollution control system, air pollution control method, spray drying device of dewatering filtration fluid from desulfurization discharged water, and method thereof
06/11/15Method and controlling gas turbine combustor
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06/11/15Fuel cell, manufacturing the same, and application apparatus used for manufacturing the same
05/28/15Steel-frame building, plant, and assembling steel-frame building
05/28/15Ni-based casting superalloy and cast article therefrom
05/21/15Activation control device
05/21/15Cooling system for gas turbine
05/21/15Gas turbine combustor
05/21/15Method for setting aging conditions and producing turbine vanes
05/21/15Steam turbine
05/21/15Gas turbine blade
05/14/15Advanced humid air gas turbine system
05/14/15Gas turbine combustor
05/14/15Tapered thread and gas turbine
05/14/15Tilting-pad thrust bearing and rotary machine having the same
05/14/15Axial turbine
05/14/15Precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel, turbine component formed of said martensitic stainless steel, and turbine including said turbine component
05/07/15Steam turbine power plant and activating steam turbine power plant
05/07/15Activation control device
05/07/15Gas turbine combustor
05/07/15Gas turbine combustor
05/07/15Ultrasonic testing sensor and ultrasonic testing method
05/07/15Rotating machinery
05/07/15Steam turbine forced air cooling system, equipment, and steam turbine equipped with it
05/07/15Steam turbine equipment
05/07/15Gas turbine airfoil
04/30/15Gas turbine combustor and gas turbine combustor control method
04/23/15Combined cycle plant
04/16/15Cooling structure for gas turbine combustor liner
03/26/15Dual-fuel burning gas turbine combustor
03/26/15System and treating mercury in flue gas

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