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Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation. Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Vehicular door latch device

A vehicular door latch device includes a latch, a ratchet, a locking and unlocking mechanism, and a rotation member. The latch rotates in accordance with closing of a door while a striker provided in a vehicle body is engaged. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Motor vehicle door lock device

A motor vehicle door lock device includes an engagement mechanism that engages with a striker to hold the door closed; a positioned outside a vehicle; a locking mechanism that turns an unlock state for enabling the engagement mechanism to be released based on a door-opening action of the outside handle with a locking motor as a drive source and a lock state for making releasing impossible, a control that enables an operation of the switches when an external transmitter is authenticated and cancels it when it is not authenticated; and an electric release mechanism that can release the engagement mechanism regardless of a state of the locking mechanism by releasing a releasing motor as a drive source.. . ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Control device of electric step for vehicle

An electric step control device for a vehicle having a step provided movably by power of a motor from a retraction position where the step is retracted under a vehicle body to an overhang position where the step appears from the vehicle body or vice versa according to an opening and closure operation of a door, has a control unit. The control unit executes an overhang drive control that moves the step from the retraction position to the overhang position according to an occurrence of the opening operation of the door having been at a closure position. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Opening and closing system

An opening and closing system includes a drive unit which drives a closing openable member of a vehicle to be opened or closed, an opening and closing control unit which controls the drive unit to open or close the closing openable member, an image capturing unit which captures an image of a periphery of the closing openable member, and a detecting unit which detects an obstacle proximity to the closing openable member based on an image captured by the image capturing unit. When the detecting unit detects an obstacle, the opening and closing unit stops the closing openable member before it comes into contact with the obstacle.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle door lock device

A vehicle door lock device includes: a connecting portion to which a connector for connection to an external device is connected; a casing; a latch mechanism that is arranged at a rear end portion of the casing in a vehicle front-rear direction and includes a latch and a ratchet; a locking and unlocking mechanism arranged in the casing, the locking and unlocking mechanism including: a lever lock that switches between transmitting or not transmitting a door opening operation to the latch mechanism according to a rotational position; and a motor that drives the lever lock; a first switch that detects a rotational position of the lever lock; a second switch that detects a rotational position of the latch; and a connecting unit that electrically connects the connecting portion to the motor, the first switch and the second switch.. . ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Lock device

A lock device 1 includes a latch 10 that locks a striker 2, a ratchet 11 that is brought into engagement with the latch 10 to prevent the movement of the latch 10, a lever 12 that moves the ratchet 11 to a releasing position where the ratchet 11 releases the latch 10, an actuator 13 that includes a motor 23 that operates the lever 12, a base 14 that supports the latch 10, the ratchet 11, the lever 12 and the actuator 13, and a case 15 that is fixed to the base 14 and accommodates at least the actuator 13 between the base 14 and the case 15, and an attaching portion 44, to which an operating member 16 that is connected to the lever 12 so as to enable the lever 12 to be operated manually is attachable, is provided integrally on the case 15.. . ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Opening control device

In an opening control device that controls the opening of an access panel door, a movable member of a detecting portion, which is pushed in by a main door that is in a closed state, is brought into direct abutment with a connection lever to move the connection lever, wherein the connection lever connects a drive lever, which is linked to operate with an opening operation of the door, and a driven lever, which releases the locking by locking portions, wherein the connection lever has a displacement area which includes a connecting position and in which maintains the connection of the drive lever with the driven lever, the connection lever is moved toward a disconnecting position within the displacement area when the movable member staying in a protruding position and is moved to the disconnecting position as the movable member is pushed into the pushed-in position.. . ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle door lock device

A vehicle door lock device includes a latch mechanism holding and releasing a striker of a door; a locking/unlocking member switching between locking and unlocking of the door; a first switch detecting a state of the locking/unlocking member; a second switch switching between on and off of a room lamp of the vehicle; a connection portion to which a connector for an external device is connected; and a switch plate connecting at least the first switch and the second switch to the connection portion. Further, the switch plate includes a first switch plate connecting the first switch to the connection portion, a second switch plate connecting the second switch to the connection portion, and a switch-plate joining portion joining the first switch plate and the second switch plate together and passing between a bottom surface of a case and the locking/unlocking member.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle door hinge and method for manufacturing same

A vehicle door includes a fixed bracket having a base plate part fixed by a bolt to an attachment surface of a vehicle body, and a pair of bent pieces bent at a right angle in relation to the base plate part and set apart from each other in the axial direction of a hinge shaft. In the bent pieces are formed: a shaft hole in which the hinge shaft is inserted; and a raised stopper part projecting from the inner-side surface of the bent piece, the raised stopper part coming into contact with a stopped part of a movable bracket, whereby the movable bracket is stopped in the fully open position.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle door control system

A vehicle door control system comprises a door that is supported to a vehicle body; an electric door opening device that can open and close the door electrically; a touch panel display that can display an image like the door; a loudspeaker that can create a voice; and a control device that controls the electric door opening device. The control device performs opening control by which the electric door opening device opens the door by touching an image on the touch panel display and performs voice control by which it is reported through the voice from the loudspeaker that the door opens.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle-door opening and closing device

A vehicle-door opening and closing device includes: a latch unit configured to keep a vehicle door in a half latched state or a fully latched state; a power close mechanism configured to displace the vehicle door from the half latched state to the fully latched state; a power release mechanism configured to release the fully latched state to bring the vehicle door to an openable state; and a drive gear configured to be driven by a motor. The power release mechanism is configured to be actuated with a drive force of the drive gear. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle upper door latch device

An upper door latch device for a vehicle is provided which satisfies the requirements of strength and is lightweight. A reinforcement flange section (261) extends downward from an extension section of a striker entry groove (26a), into which a striker enters, and bent forward at a right angle, or at substantially at a right angle, is provided at a side edge of a front base plate (26), which faces outside of the vehicle. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Vehicle door latch device

A vehicle door latch device includes: a body including a striker advancing groove; a cover plate including: a striker advancing groove; and a bent portion at a side portion opposite to an inlet of the striker advancing groove and bent substantially perpendicularly towards the body; at least one female screw hole provided closer to a side end portion of the cover plate, the side end portion opposite to the bent portion, at any one of both sides sandwiching the striker advancing groove; at least two female screw holes provided separately from each other in a direction in which the striker advances, at the other one of the both sides sandwiching the same striker advancing groove; and at least two positioning holes for positioning the cover plate are respectively provided near the one female screw hole and between the two female screw holes in the cover plate.. . ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

Door operator

A door operator opens and closes a side door supported on a side of a vehicle body through a hinge, and includes: a drive unit arranged in an inner space of the side door; and a link mechanism configured to connect an output shaft of the drive unit and the vehicle body. The link mechanism includes a driving arm extending radially from the output shaft of the drive unit, and a driven arm turnably connected to the vehicle body. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170211299

Vehicle door latch device

A vehicle door latch device which prevents a theft component from getting into an operation-mechanism holding portion thereby improving an anti-theft performance of the vehicle door latch device, by a smaller and lighter arrangement. On a synthetic-resin body, a protection wall is provided that prevents a theft component, inserted in the door, from getting into the casing by covering a connecting part of an outside lever and an operation mechanism, held in the casing, from a vehicle-outside direction.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170204639

Vehicle door latch device

The present invention relates to a vehicle latch device; a vehicle latch device (1) includes a switch plate (46), which is provided in a housing (23), and is able to conduct electricity to a motor (48) or another electrical component in the housing (23) other than the motor 48; and the switch plate (46) is formed separately from the housing (23) and formed by an electrically conductive plate being embedded in a synthetic resin 462 in a state where a portion thereof electrically conductive to the motor or electrical component and a connection terminal portion thereof to outside are exposed. The switch plate (46) is fixed in the housing 23 by engagement means 255, 256, 257, 464a, 465, and 467 that engage the synthetic resin 462 and the housing 23 with each other.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170198515

Power-door opening and closing device and automobile provided with opening and closing device

A power door opening device comprises a casing; a motor mounted to the casing; a planetary gear unit housed in the casing to reduce rotation speed of the motor; and an output mechanism that transmits reduced rotation from the planetary gear unit to a door to open and close the door. The planetary gear unit comprises a sun gear that rotates with a rotary shaft of the motor; a planetary carrier fixed in the casing; a planetary gear that is rotatably supported to the planetary carrier and meshes with the sun gear; and a ring gear that is rotatably supported in the casing and meshes with the planetary gear. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170183893

Vehicle door operating device

A vehicle door operating device includes an opening inside lever connected to an inside handle in a door inside a vehicle, a childproof lock lever that moves between a childproof unlock position and a childproof lock position; a switch lever, a childproof sensor and a single engagement pin. When the childproof lock lever is in the childproof lock position, opening action of the inside handle cannot be transmitted to a door latch device, but can be transmitted to the switch lever. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170138096

Door latch actuator

A door latch actuator comprises a reversible motor, a rotating object, a drive portion and an actuating member. The drive portion comprises two locking/unlocking drive projections and stopping projections. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170136857

Vehicle door opening and closing apparatus

A vehicle door opening and closing apparatus includes: an input lever configured to rotate when door opening operation is performed on an inside door handle arranged inside a vehicle; and an output lever rotatably arranged on a base plate. By transmission of rotation of the input lever to the output lever when the input lever rotates along with the door opening operation on the inside door handle, a latch unit provided between a vehicle body and a door performs release operation to allow opening movement of the door with respect to the vehicle body. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170081900

Power door opening and closing device

A power door opening device that shortens time from start of manual operation to assistance starting. The device comprises an actuator that assists a motion for opening and closing a door supported by a vehicle body; a door-end sensor that detects the motion of the door; and a control that carries out opening/closing control of the actuator on the basis that the door-end sensor detects the motion of the end of the door.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067273

Vehicle door opening/closing device

A vehicle door opening device that enables a door, in a lock state, to open comprises an operating unit. The operating unit comprises a first outside lever that is pivotally mounted, via a first shaft, and rotates with an outside handle; a second outside lever that is pivotally mounted, via a second shaft that differs from the first shaft, releasing action of the second outside lever is made by a release electric power source, the second outside lever is connected to the first outside lever so that the releasing action is not transmitted to the first outside lever; and a release lever that is pivotally mounted, via the second shaft, and carries out releasing action caused by the releasing action of the second outside lever so that the releasing action of the releasing lever can be transmitted to door latch units.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170059002

Door opening/closing device

A door opening/closing device includes: a motor; and an output shaft arranged on a line extending from an axial center of the motor, power of the motor being transmitted to the output shaft via a deceleration mechanism, the door opening/closing device opening and closing a door via the output shaft by driving the motor. Positional deviation on both end surfaces of the output shaft is set to equal to or higher than φ0.01 and equal to or lower than φ0.1.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170044815

Door opening and closing device

A door opening and closing device includes a motor that outputs driving force causing a back door of a vehicle to be opened or closed, and a controller that controls the motor. The controller executes automatic opening and closing control for automatically opening or closing the back door by the motor, and if the controller detects a stop command causing the back door to be stopped when the automatic opening and closing control is being executed, the controller decreases a target velocity of the back door at a predetermined deceleration α1 until the back door stops.. ... Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation

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