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Mitutoyo Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Mitutoyo Corporation. Mitutoyo Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mitutoyo Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mitutoyo Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/05/17Air bearing
10/05/17Measuring probe and measuring probe system
10/05/17Imaging system and imaging method
09/28/17Photoelectric encoder
09/21/17Absolute electromagnetic position encoder
09/21/17Absolute electromagnetic position encoder
09/21/17Part program generating device of surface texture measuring apparatus
09/21/17Control surface texture measuring apparatus
08/31/17Inner-wall measuring instrument and offset-amount calculation method
08/31/17Measuring probe
08/31/17Measuring probe
08/31/17Measurement method and measurement program
08/31/17Measurement method and measurement program
08/31/17Surface texture measuring apparatus
08/31/17Surface texture measuring apparatus and method
08/31/17Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
08/24/17Geometry measurement system, geometry measurement apparatus, and geometry measurement method
08/10/17Probe head of three-dimensional coordinate measuring device and touch detection method
08/10/17Chromatic confocal sensor and measurement method
08/10/17Photoelectric encoder
08/10/17Image measuring device and program
06/22/17Optical configuration for measurement device
06/22/17Measurement device with multiplexed position signals
06/22/17Photoelectric encoder and measuring instrument
06/22/17Multi-mode metrology user interface device
06/22/17Image measuring method and image measuring device
06/15/17Measuring device
06/15/17Optical measuring method and measuring external dimension
06/15/17Internal diameter measuring transparent tube
06/15/17Electronic absolute position encoder
06/08/17Image measurement device and controlling the same
05/25/17Measuring probe
05/18/17Interference objective lens and reference surface unit set
05/11/17Optical pickup device
05/04/17Hardness testing apparatus and hardness testing method
04/27/17Control profile measuring apparatus
04/27/17Inspection machine and attachment jig therefor
04/20/17Manual measuring system
04/20/17Battery-less data transmission module accessory for portable and handheld metrology devices
04/13/17Hardness testing apparatus and indenter of hardness testing apparatus
04/06/17Coordinate measuring apparatus
04/06/17Measuring probe and measuring probe system
03/30/17Linear displacement measuring apparatus
03/30/17Coefficient-of-thermal-expansion measurement dimension reference gauge, measuring device for coefficient of thermal expansion and reference gauge
03/30/17Optical encoder
03/30/17Absolute position encoder including a redundant spatial phase signal
03/30/17Signal processing circuit for measuring machine
03/30/17Method for controlling shape measuring apparatus
03/30/17Inspection program editing environment including integrated alignment program planning and editing features
03/30/17Signal processing measuring machine
03/16/17Photoelectric encoder
03/16/17Absolute position detection type photoelectric encoder
03/16/17Hardness tester
03/16/17Hardness test apparatus and hardness testing method
03/16/17Hardness test apparatus and hardness testing method
03/16/17Hardness test apparatus and hardness testing method
03/16/17Chromatic aberration correction in imaging system including variable focal length lens
03/16/17Machine vision inspection obtaining an image with an extended depth of field
03/09/17Inspection program editing environment providing user defined collision avoidance volumes
03/02/17Measuring apparatus
03/02/17Probe head rotating mechanism
03/02/17Multi-level image focus using a tunable lens in a machine vision inspection system
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03/02/17Image measuring apparatus and non-temporary recording medium on which control program of same apparatus is recorded
03/02/17Image measuring apparatus and non-temporary recording medium on which control program of same apparatus is recorded
02/23/17Method for measuring a height map of multiple fields of view and combining them to a composite height map with minimized sensitivity to instrument drift
02/02/17Displacement detecting device
02/02/17Displacement detecting device
01/19/17Instantaneous phase-shift interferometer
01/19/17Feedback control device
01/12/17Chromatic confocal range sensor comprising a camera portion
01/12/17Chromatic range sensor including dynamic intensity compensation function
01/12/17Adaptable operating frequency of a variable focal length lens in an adjustable magnification optical system
12/29/16Object-forming machine, cross-section measurement apparatus, and cross-section measurement method
12/29/16Optical probe and measuring apparatus
12/22/16Inspection program editing environment providing user defined collision avoidance volumes with integral modification properties
12/15/16Collision prevention device of measurer
12/15/16Optical encoder
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12/15/16Moving speed control optical element switching device
12/08/16Method for controlling shape measuring apparatus
12/01/16Telecentric optical apparatus
11/24/16Method for controlling shape measuring apparatus
11/24/16Light source array used in an illumination portion of an optical encoder
10/27/16Encoder scale and manufacturing and attaching method thereof
10/27/16Measurement system using tracking-type laser interferometer and return the measurement system
10/20/16Method and device for controlling rotary table
10/20/16Image measurement apparatus, image measurement method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
10/13/16Inspection program editing environment including real-time feedback related to throughput
10/13/16Probe measuring force adjuster
10/13/16Inspection program editing environment with simulation status and control continually responsive to selection operations
10/13/16Inspection program editing environment with editing environment automatically globally responsive to editing operations in any of its portions
10/06/16Tilt angle adjuster for form measuring device
10/06/16Tactile probing system
10/06/16Phase adjuster and encoder
10/06/16Edge detection bias correction value calculation method, edge detection bias correction method, and edge detection bias correcting program
09/22/16Method for assisting user input with touch display
09/15/16Compliant thumb wheel assembly coupled to a caliper jaw
09/15/16Calibration form measuring device
09/08/16Contact probe
09/08/16Measuring probe
09/08/16Measuring apparatus and support mechanism of columnar work piece
09/08/16Measuring probe
09/08/16Chromatic confocal sensor and measurement method
09/08/16Measuring probe
08/25/16Laser source device and adjustment method thereof
08/18/16Inside measuring instrument
08/18/16Laser-frequency stabilizer and laser-frequency stabilization method
08/11/16Test indicator
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07/21/16Displacement measuring device and displacement measuring method
07/07/16Interference objective lens and light interference measuring device
07/07/16Image processing device and image processing
06/30/16Scale fixating device
06/30/16Inductive detection type rotary encoder
06/23/16Bore imaging system
06/23/16Bore imaging system
06/16/16Ergonomic micrometer including two modes of adjustment
06/02/16Optical encoder
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05/26/16Image measuring apparatus and measuring apparatus
05/26/16Cmm moving path adjustment assisting method and apparatus
05/26/16Absolute encoder scale configuration with unique coded impedance modulations
05/26/16Led ring light and manufacture led ring light and image measuring device and optical device using led ring light
05/19/16Illumination portion for an optical encoder
05/19/16Optical apparatus
05/12/16Method of placing work piece on table of measuring device
05/12/16Form measuring machine and form measuring method
05/12/16Non-contact surface-shape measurment method and apparatus using white light interferometer optical head
05/12/16Measurement value correction method, computer-readable recording medium, and measurement device
05/05/16Handheld measuring device comprising a user interface responsive to changes in a displacement sensed by a displacement sensor
04/28/16Optical encoder
04/28/16Optical resonator
04/28/16Measurement transmission system for handheld metrology tools
04/14/16Method for programming a three-dimensional workpiece scan path for a metrology system
04/07/16Shape measuring apparatus and point sensor positioning unit
03/31/16Image measurement apparatus and guidance display image measurement apparatus
03/31/16Autofocus apparatus, autofocus method, and program
03/24/16Roundness measurement device and control method
03/17/16Position measuring device
03/10/16Jaw-mounted magnet accessory for calipers
03/03/16Measuring instrument
03/03/16Parameter setting measuring instrument and computer readable medium
03/03/16Optical observation apparatus and optical observation method
03/03/16Position measurement apparatus
02/25/16Encoder scale and manufacturing the same
02/25/16Absolute position encoder scale having layers in a stacked configuration
02/25/16Three-dimensional model generating method, three-dimensional model generating system, and a three-dimensional model generating program
02/25/16Three-dimensional model generating method, three-dimensional model generating system, and three-dimensional model generating program
02/11/16Outer dimension measuring apparatus and outer dimension measuring method
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01/28/16Method for measuring a high accuracy height map of a test surface
01/21/16Thickness measurement apparatus and thickness measurement method
01/21/16Spherical shape measurement method and apparatus
01/21/16Spherical shape measurement method and apparatus
01/21/16Method of correcting measurement error of shape measuring apparatus, and shape measuring apparatus
01/21/16Hardness tester
01/21/16Image measuring apparatus and gui program for image measuring apparatus
01/21/16Image measuring apparatus
01/21/16Image measuring apparatus
01/14/16Method for controlling motion of a coordinate measuring machine
01/14/16Laser frequency measurement using optical frequency comb
12/24/15Semiconductor integrated circuit and position detector
12/24/15Sensor signal detector
12/24/15Image measuring apparatus and image measuring method
12/17/15Method for calculating a height map of a body of transparent material having an inclined or curved surface
12/17/15Absolute position encoder scale having plates alternating with varying recesses
12/17/15Optical encoder and reference signal generation optical encoder
12/10/15Tape scale application jig and tape scale application method
12/03/15Multi-joint arm type measurement apparatus
12/03/15Scale and optical encoder
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12/03/15Focus detection unit and optical apparatus
11/19/15Digital comparator
11/12/15High speed contact detector for measurement sensors
11/12/15Coordinate measuring system, coordinate measuring method, and probe
11/05/15Caliper force indicator with tactile or auditory feedback
10/22/15Display device for measuring instrument, measuring instrument, analogically displaying measured value, and program of analogically displaying measured value
10/15/15Form measuring machine
10/15/15Induction detecting type rotary encoder
10/08/15Interference measuring device
10/08/15Measuring instrument
10/08/15Image measuring device
10/01/15Layer scanning inspection system for use in conjunction with an additive workpiece fabrication system
10/01/15Flexible mount for coupling force actuator to caliper jaw
10/01/15Correction device and correction optical measuring apparatus
10/01/15Optical displacement encoder
09/03/15Wheel assembly for moving caliper jaw with repeatable force
09/03/15Displacement sensor for force indicating caliper
08/27/15Coordinate measuring machine and calculating correction matrix by coordinate measuring machine
08/27/15Grazing incidence interferometer
08/20/15Shape measuring apparatus and shape measurement error correction method
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08/20/15Measuring device having data transmission function
08/13/15Grazing incidence interferometer
08/13/15Optical probe, attachable cover, and shape measuring apparatus
08/13/15Optical probe, attachable cover, and shape measuring apparatus
08/13/15Position measuring device and position measuring method
08/06/15Induction type position measuring apparatus
08/06/15Image sequence and evaluation structured illumination microscopy
08/06/15Linear encoder
07/30/15Illumination apparatus, illumination method, measuring apparatus, and measuring method
07/30/15Manual measuring system
07/30/15Interchangeable reflective assembly for a chromatic range sensor optical pen
07/30/15Remote controllable measuring apparatus and measuring system
07/23/15Drive controller, driving system, and drive control method
06/25/15Light interference measuring device and program therefor
06/25/15Optical encoder
06/25/15Remote accessory for generating customized and synchronized reference notes for a programmable metrology system
06/25/15Remote accessory management in a programming environment for a progammable metrology system
06/18/15System and programming workpiece feature inspection operations for a coordinate measuring machine
06/11/15Multi-axis type three-dimensional measuring apparatus
06/11/15Hole-measurement systems and methods using a non-rotating chromatic point sensor (cps) pen
05/28/15Arm type three-dimensional measuring apparatus and deflection correction method in arm type three-dimensional measuring apparatus
05/28/15Form measuring apparatus and form measurement method
05/28/15Machine vision inspection obtaining an image with an extended depth of field
05/21/15Structured illumination microscopy optical arrangement including projection artifact supression element
05/14/15Industrial machine and measuring amount of expansion/contraction of industrial machine
04/30/15Arm type three-dimensional measuring machine and inclination correction base part for supporting arm type three-dimensional measuring machine
04/16/15System and controlling a tracking autofocus (taf) sensor in a machine vision inspection system
03/26/15Moving mechanism and form measuring apparatus
03/19/15Lever type measuring machine
03/19/15Coordinate measuring apparatus
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03/12/15Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and vision measuring apparatus
03/05/15Calibration control device for metrology tools
03/05/15Method for validating a workpiece measurement in a dimensional metrology hand tool
03/05/15Photoelectric encoder
03/05/15Slide guide device
02/26/15Form measuring apparatus and measuring v groove center
02/26/15Form measuring apparatus and registering coordinate system for rotary table
02/12/15Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, storage medium, and information processing system
02/05/15Physical quantity detector
01/15/15Focus height repeatability improvement in a machine vision inspection system
01/08/15Chromatic range sensor probe detachment sensor
01/01/15Three-dimensional shape measurement system and software for controlling the same
01/01/15Autofocus mechanism
01/01/15Autofocus mechanism
01/01/15Temperature-controlled bath
12/18/14Scale for photoelectric encoder
12/18/14Machine vision inspection performing high-speed focus height measurement operations
12/11/14Structured illumination projection with enhanced exposure control
12/11/14Interferometer system and method to generate an interference signal of a surface of a sample
12/11/14Position detection encoder
11/27/14Laser tracking interferometer
11/27/14Light source apparatus
11/20/14Linear encoder
11/20/14Reference signal generation apparatus and reference signal generation system
11/20/14Reference signal generation apparatus and reference signal generation system
11/20/14Dustproof member and measurement device
11/20/14Interchangeable chromatic range sensor probe for a coordinate measuring machine
11/20/14Optical measuring apparatus

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