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Motorola Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Motorola Inc. Motorola Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Motorola Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Motorola Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/06/14Link layer assisted robust header compression context update management
11/28/13Rf transmitter and operation
10/11/12Methods for associating objects on a touch screen using input gestures
10/04/12Method and coupling portable communication devices
09/13/12Energy distribution among antennas in an antenna system
08/02/12Channel estimator with high noise suppression and low interpolation error for ofdm systems
07/05/12Method and a touch and nudge interface
07/05/12Methods for binding and unbinding a mbms bearer to a communication group in a 3gpp compliant system
07/05/12Method and controlling network access in a multi-technology wireless communication system
07/05/12Methods for establishing a secure point-to-point call on a trunked network
07/05/12Methods for coordinating wireless coverage between different wireless networks for members of a communication group
07/05/12Method and managing common and application specific presence information
07/05/12Method and providing secure communication in a self-organizing network
07/05/12Systems and methods for displaying android applications launchers in webtop application tray
06/28/12Method for improving quality of communication in a communication network
06/28/12Subcarrier placement strategy for a multi-carrier signal
06/28/12Method and mobile media optimization
06/21/12System and method in a communication network of dynamically assigning a multimedia broadcast/multicast service bearer to a multicast channel
06/21/12Fast access asynchronous repeater wakeup protocol
06/21/12Method to maintain end-to-end encrypted calls through a tetra tmo-dmo gateway when using super groups
06/21/12Mp4 container file formats and methods of processing mp4 container files
06/21/12System and secure communications in a communication system
06/14/12Closed-loop feedback during initial ranging procedure
06/14/12Supporting communication devices with different technologies within the same communication channel
06/14/12Serverless multicast voice enhanced barcode scanner architecture
06/14/12Method and processing multiple incoming calls in a single device
06/14/12Binding keys to secure media streams
06/14/12Method and system of providing service to a mobile device in a communication network
06/07/12Power supply circuit having lowidle power dissipation
06/07/12Multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) antenna system
06/07/12Method and ensuring transmission of critical data through a wireless adapter
06/07/12Method and transmitting voice communications related to a multimedia session
06/07/12Method and extending a key-management protocol
06/07/12Method and conveying usage and access rights information for each sub-slot on a carrier
06/07/12Method and increasing call capacity on a carrier
06/07/12Method and simultaneously presenting at least two multimedia content on a processing device
05/31/12Acoustic porting for a portable communication device
05/31/12Methods and maintaining a radio link at a mobile radio
05/31/12User interface for a communication system
05/31/12Method to facilitate late joining of a call
05/31/12Methods for using effective radiated transmit power of a base station at a wireless communication device to perform an automatic roaming method at the wireless communication device
05/31/12Method and sending a channel timing message in a digital mobile radio system
05/31/12Method of controlling sharing of participant identity in a group communication session
05/31/12Methods for using effective radiated transmit power of a base station at a wireless communication device to determine uplink transmission range and/or to adjust transmit power
05/24/12Apparatus for receiving multiple independent rf signals simultaneously and method thereof
05/24/12Method and system for policy-based re-broadcast video on demand service
05/17/12Method and system for automatically dekeying a talk group speaker to join a multi-group communication
05/17/12Method and authenticatiing a network device
05/10/12Certificate policy management tool
05/03/12Method and achieving synchronization in a wireless communication system
04/26/12Method and self-testing a digital-to-analog converter (dac) in an integrated circuit
04/26/12Method and distributing video packets over multiple bearers for providing unequal packet loss protection
04/26/12Method and conserving access point power usage during low network usage intervals
04/26/12Method for signaling a mobile wireless device to switch to a preset carrier in a multi-carrier 4g network
04/26/12Method and distributing video packets over multiple bearers for providing unequal packet loss protection
04/26/12Method and adjusting video compression parameters for encoding source video based on a viewer's environment
04/26/12Method and non-linear decoding of video frames of a video stream encoded using an intra macroblock refresh process
04/26/12Loading of a twisted folded-monopole
04/19/12Service data flow detection in a conforming 3gpp access network having a packet modification function
04/19/12Methods for creating and searching a database of speakers
04/12/12System and outputting virtual textures in electronic devices
04/12/12Methods and receivers for processing transmissions from two different transmitting radios
04/12/12Method and remotely switching noise reduction modes in a radio system
04/12/12Method and system for transitioning media output among two or more devices
04/12/12Radio signal loss tracker
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04/12/12Method and radio frequency fingerprint distribution
04/05/12Methods for reducing set up time for communications among multiple user equipment in a long term evolution system
04/05/12Methods, systems and recovering registration information
03/29/12Method and correcting phase offset errors in a communication device
03/29/12Wideband and multiband external antenna for portable transmitters
03/29/12Method for determining data rate and packet length in mobile wireless networks
03/29/12Method and scanning amongst two-way radios
03/29/12Method and workforce management
03/22/12Channel structure for non-contention based windows and contention based random access requests
03/15/12System and managing power consumption in a device
03/15/12Electronic device and evaluating the strength of a gestural password
03/08/12Downlink pdsch transmission mode selection and switching algorithm for lte
03/08/12Apparatus with two housings including a rotatable optical data communication coupling
03/01/12Keypad assembly for a communication device
03/01/12Method and transmitting positioning reference signals in a wireless communication network
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03/01/12Method and preventing electrolysis on battery contacts in a dual-contact battery system
03/01/12Headset with a pivoting microphone arm and speaker
03/01/12Policy conflict classifier
03/01/12Automated controls for sensor enabled user interface
02/23/12Method and determining when to use contention-based access for transmitting data in a wireless network
02/23/12Method and using contention-based resource zones for transmitting data in a wireless network
02/23/12Method and providing contention-based resource zones in a wireless network
02/23/12Method and device for transmitting data in a wireless communication network
02/23/12Method and communicating amongst two-way radios
02/09/12Methods and devices for determining user input location using acoustic sensing elements
02/09/12Method and estimating a parameter for low bit rate stereo transmission
02/09/12Real time text messaging
02/09/12Real time text messaging
02/09/12Method and displaying a message intended for different recipients
02/09/12Method for key identification using an internet security association and key management based protocol
02/02/12Antenna integrated with a portable communication device
02/02/12Embedded printed edge-balun antenna system and operation thereof
02/02/12Touch screen rendering system and operation thereof
02/02/12Methods and devices for determining user input location based on device support configuration
02/02/12Location based policy for user equipment operating in different areas of a shared home long term evolution system
02/02/12Method and major group scheduling in a fixed beam communication system
02/02/12Formant aided noise cancellation using multiple microphones
02/02/12Method and imbalance-free fm demodulation in direct conversion radio receivers
02/02/12Policy determination for user equipment providng mutual aid in a visited enterprise operating area of a long term evolution system
02/02/12Portable electronic device with configurable operating mode
02/02/12Method and streaming video
01/26/12Electronic generating beamformed audio signals with steerable nulls
01/26/12Method and a hand off of a communication session across service provider networks
01/26/12Method and cell detection in a wireless communication system
01/26/12Method and improving efficiency in a power supply modulated system
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01/26/12Method and alarming in a power supply modulated system
01/19/12Electronic generating modified wideband audio signals based on two or more wideband microphone signals
01/12/12Method and providing and determining integrity of video
01/12/12Devices and methods of a user interface for a small display screen
01/05/12Method and establishing and maintaining a spectrally efficient multicast group call
01/05/12Method and establishing a group call
01/05/12Signaling femto-cell deployment attributes to assist interference mitigation in heterogeneous networks
01/05/12Methods for managing power consumption in a sensor network
12/29/11Devices and methods of user interfaces to generate a high current drain impact user notification relating to a wallpaper image
12/29/11Electronic apparatus having microphones with controllable front-side gain and rear-side gain
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12/29/11Method and diversity transmission scheme in single-carrier fdma systems
12/29/11Microphone interference detection method and apparatus
12/29/11Method for channel quality feedback in wireless communication systems
12/29/11Method and device with dynamic dormancy
12/29/11Method of a wireless communication device for managing status components for global call control
12/29/11Method and key revocation in an attribute-based encryption scheme
12/29/11Electronic device for providing a visual representation of a resizable widget associated with a contacts database
12/29/11Electronic device for providing a visual representation of a widget associated with a contacts database
12/22/11Assembly for increasing torque tactility of a rotary control for a handheld radio
12/22/11Jitter buffer management for power savings in a wireless communication device
12/22/11Emergency button assembly for a handheld radio
12/22/11Audio hole suppression a two-way radio
12/22/11Antenna system with parasitic element for hearing aid compliant electromagnetic emission
12/15/11Method for scheduling transmissions in communication systems
12/15/11Shared social program guide
12/08/11Method for identifying client station association in a communication system
12/01/11Smart for adaptive user interface experiences
12/01/11Method and policy and charging control decisions based on radio spectrum blocks
12/01/11Methods, system, and interconnecting different wireless communication networks
11/24/11Method and system for audio routing in a vehicle mounted communication system
11/24/11Suggesting a time for live communications based on previous content-consumption behavior
11/17/11Anti-delamination feature for double injection mold parts
11/17/11Destination planner in communication device
11/17/11Electronic event planner in communication device
11/10/11Stylus devices having variable electrical characteristics for capacitive touchscreens
11/10/11Method and system for operational improvements in dispatch console systems in a multi-source environment
11/10/11Methods and devices for appending an address list and determining a communication profile
11/03/11Wideband and multiband external antenna for portable transmitters
11/03/11Method and displaying an image on a communication device
11/03/11Frequency deviation error compensation in an mlse receiver
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11/03/11Methods for fade detection and fade recovery in a wireless communication system
11/03/11Method and scheduling a controlchannel in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
10/27/11Intelligent location-based services
10/27/11Mapping locations based on received signal strengths
10/27/11Method and extending a broadcast group service
10/20/11Smart module and method with minimal standby loss
10/20/11Manifold calibration for a communication system
10/20/11Method for direct mode channel access
10/20/11Method for synchronizing direct mode time division multiple access (tdma) transmissions
10/20/11Mobility influenced by radio uplink failure
10/13/11Device and gestural operation of context menus on a touch-sensitive display
10/13/11Uplink time synchronization in a communication system
10/13/11Method and device for establishing an inter-radio frequency subsystem interface (issi) group call
10/13/11Method and device for establishing an inter-radio frequency subsystem interface (issi) unit-to-unit call
10/06/11Method and channel sounding in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
10/06/11System and video stabilization during movement
09/29/11Enhanced public safety communication system
09/29/11Uplink ack/nack signaling for aggregated carriers in a communication network
09/29/11Method and enhanced safety in a public safety communication system
09/29/11Uplink power control for channel aggregation in a communication network
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09/29/11Method and distribution of applications to a plurality of communication devices for an expanded operating mode
09/29/11Methods for authentication using near-field
09/29/11Selecting an avatar on a display screen of a mobile device
09/29/11System and vetting data
09/22/11Parallel forward path cartesian feedback loop and loop filter with switchable order for cartesian feedback loops
09/22/11Transparent force sensor and fabrication
09/22/11Method and inter-cell itnerference mitgation through enhanced preferred frequency reuse mechanisms
09/22/11System, server, and mobile device for content provider website interaction and method therefore
09/15/11Antenna port information signaling in wireless communication system
09/15/11Method for facilitating a handover of a communication device, communication device, application server for facilitating a handover of a communication device, and communication system arrangement
09/08/11Selection of a preferred access point from among a plurality of access points
09/08/11Synchronization in an uplink spatial division multiple access mode of a wimax wireless communication system
09/08/11Encoder for audio signal including generic audio and speech frames
09/08/11Decoder for audio signal including generic audio and speech frames
09/01/11System and e911 location privacy protection
08/25/11Hinge mechanism in electronic handset
08/25/11Threshold determination in tdoa-based positioning system
08/25/11Multi-carrier control signaling in wireless communication system
08/25/11Method and allocating spectrum
08/25/11Methods and extended generic messaging in a networked geolocation system
Social Network Patent Pack
08/25/11Method and providing authenticity and integrity to stored data
08/18/11Electronic device housing with pivoting and sliding portions
08/18/11Method for providing a contention based uplink channel
08/18/11Increasing scheduling request effciency in a wireless communication system
08/18/11Telecommunications terminal and operation of the terminal
08/04/11Method and system for presenting advertisements
07/28/11H-j antenna
07/28/11Ussd transport
07/28/11Method and system for generating recommendations of content items
07/28/11Mobile computing device and maintaining application continuity
07/21/11Closed-loop feedback in wireless communications system
07/21/11Reducing resource allocations for inter-technology handover between wireless communication networks
07/21/11Method and pilot signal processing in a wireless communication system
07/21/11Annotating media content with related information
07/21/11Selection of associated content for content items
07/21/11Method generating a message for one or more social networking websites
07/14/11Equipment and controlling a wireless communication terminal
07/14/11Perspective improvement for image and video applications
07/07/11Closed-loop transmission feedback in wireless communication systems
07/07/11Content item review management
06/30/11Method and best matching an audible query to a set of audible targets
06/30/11Device and phase compensation
06/30/11Method and a power supply modulator linearizer
06/30/11Electronic device including a wireless actuator and a method thereof
06/30/11Two-part security tag
06/30/11Duty cycle modulation of periodic time-synchronous receivers for noise reduction
06/30/11Electronic device including a stepped lens
06/30/11Method and appartus for performing timing synchronization in a wireless communication system
06/30/11Method and resource allocation in a shared wireless network
06/30/11Method and scheduling an acknowledgement in a wireless communication system
Social Network Patent Pack
06/30/11Method and updating presence state of a station in a wireless local area network (wlan)
06/30/11Method and determining reproduction accuracy of decompressed video
06/30/11Wireless speaker units with improved battery life
06/30/11Broadband input frequency adaptive technique for filter tuning and quadrature generation
06/30/11Method for providing control of push-to-talk communication
06/30/11Method for managing power consumption of a pager on a trunked network
06/30/11Uplink power alignment estimation in a communication system
06/30/11Embedded speech and audio coding using a switchable model core
06/30/11Stimulus/response-based binding of identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
06/30/11Method for presence notification based on a sequence of events
06/30/11Method and determining a communication target and facilitating communications based on an object descriptor
06/30/11Incenting divulgence of information for binding identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
06/30/11Client-based binding of identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
06/30/11Analytics-based binding of identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
06/30/11Brokering information across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
06/30/11System and maximizing utility in media delivery network
06/30/11Method to enable secure self-provisioning of subscriber units in a communication system
06/30/11User interface for electronic devices
06/30/11Systems and methods providing content on a display based upon facial recognition of a viewer
06/30/11Wireless local area network infrastructure devices having improved firewall features
06/23/11Method and displaying information in an electronic device
06/23/11Dynamic current limiting charging circuit
06/23/11Orienting a scanning device with respect to a target location
06/23/11Antenna system with non-resonating structure
06/23/11Method and device for visual compensation
06/23/11Decoupled cascaded mixers architechture and related methods
06/23/11Method of communication between devices operating within a wireless communication system
06/23/11Method and ensuring access in a communication system for a plurality of groups
06/23/11System and increasing encryption synchronization availability

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