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Motorola Solutions Inc
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Motorola Solutions Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Motorola Solutions Inc. Motorola Solutions Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Motorola Solutions Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Motorola Solutions Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Method and detecting a touch on a device
03/23/17User interface system with active and passive display spaces
03/23/17Apparatus, system, and responding to a user-initiated query with a context-based response
03/23/17Apparatus, system, and responding to a user-initiated query with a context-based response
03/23/17Multi-angle simultaneous view light-emitting diode display
03/16/17Dynamic gateway selection in a wireless communications system
03/16/17Apparatus and methods to display the status of an ancillary embedded system
03/09/17Ultrasonic transmitter
03/09/17Method and measuring an object
03/02/17Ultrasonic charging apparatus, system and method
03/02/17Filtering multiband radio
02/02/17Method and controlling group affiliation
02/02/17Method and enabling push-to-talk functionality of a mobile device
02/02/17System and identifying a wirelessly charging battery
01/26/17Method and reducing user distraction in a group setting
01/26/17Systems and methods to transfer operations between mobile and portable devices
01/26/17Systems and methods for monitoring an operating system of a mobile wireless communication device for unauthorized modifications
01/19/17Intelligent holster spacer
01/05/17Bendable microphone
01/05/17M dynamic location-based group formation using variable distance parameters
01/05/17Method and dynamic location-based group formation for a movable incident scene
12/29/16Method and forwarding local-alert messages within a communication system
12/29/16Method and application optimization and collaboration of wearable devices
12/22/16Antenna structure for multiband applications
12/22/16Battery life extension for a communication device
12/15/16Method and dispatching network equipment within a communication system
12/15/16Method for presence information subscription in a group communications system
12/15/16Stationary interface control and using the same
12/15/16Method of and server for communicating with a remote device in a machine to machine wireless communication network
12/15/16System and extending coverage of a communication network
12/08/16Method and remote detection of focus hunt
12/08/16Pursuing a fugitive to a capture location
12/08/16Battery module for communication devices having an accessory interface
12/08/16Method and system for improving adjacent channel rejection performance in a wireless network
12/01/16Method and a body-worn electronic device to dynamically select a power source in a wireless system
12/01/16Method for preprocessing speech for digital audio quality improvement
12/01/16Method for processing solicited multimedia files
11/24/16Method and initial certificate enrollment in a wireless communication system
11/17/16Method and selecting a service instance
11/10/16Method for intelligently and dynamically selecting beacon transmitting nodes in ad-hoc networks
11/03/16Rotary control with integrated antenna
11/03/16Housing assembly
10/27/16Wireless power transfer using a microwave signal
10/27/16Expanding a capacity of a single radio channel
10/27/16Method and authentication of collaborative mobile devices
10/27/16Bootstrapping secure connections for deployable networks
10/20/16Apparatus and displaying information
10/20/16System and detection of external uplink interference in cellular network
10/13/16System and in-vehicle wireless charging
10/06/16Electronic device including an externally-mounted heat pipe
09/29/16System and scoping a user identity assertion to collaborative devices
09/29/16Apparatus and incorporating multiple talk groups in a single call
09/22/16Charging apparatus, system and method
09/15/16Method and presenting user personalities for interoperable ptt across separate ptt networks
09/15/16Method and system for managing mobile and portable two-way radio collaboration
09/08/16Method and reducing user distraction
08/25/16System and managing power at a universal bus (usb) port of a bluetooth-enabled mobile device
08/25/16Method and power transfer for a portable electronic device
08/18/16Apparatus and extending feature selection in a communication system
08/11/16Systems and methods for application controlled network selection between narrowband and broadband wireless networks
08/11/16Systems and methods for application controlled network selection between narrowband and broadband wireless networks
08/04/16Uplink broadband scheduling in the presence of narrowband interference
07/28/16Method and assembling cells in a battery pack to control thermal release
07/28/16Method and operating an internal charger system of a portable electronic device
07/28/16Method and in-channel interference cancellation
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07/28/16Time efficient group data acknowledgement
07/28/16Method of and system for conducting mobile video/audio surveillance in compliance with privacy rights
07/21/16Interference detection and mitigation in radio frequency receivers
07/14/16Method and handling a missed group call in a public safety communication session
07/14/16Method of and system for controlling communications between a personal communications device and a public safety network in an emergency
07/07/16Method and assigning a talk group to a radio within a communication system
06/30/16Method and predicton of a destination and movement of a person of interest
06/30/16Intrinsically safe audio power current circuit and device using same
06/30/16Methods and systems for dynamic single-frequency-network-multicast symbol synchronization
06/30/16Method and managing subscriptions for a subscription-notification service
06/30/16Method and computing device for integrating a key management system with pre-shared key (psk)-authenticated internet key exchange (ike)
06/30/16Method and apparatus analysis of event-related media
06/30/16Method and system for measuring latencies in ip cameras
06/30/16Method and device collaboration via a hybrid network
06/30/16Method and device collaboration via a hybrid network
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06/30/16Apparatus and carrier aggregation and fast network switching with a single-baseband-modem, carrier-aggregation-capable wireless-communication device
06/30/16Very low intermediate frequency (vlif) receiver and controlling vlif receiver
06/30/16Method and providing access to local services and applications to multi-agency responders
06/30/16Methods and systems for maintaining routing tables in an ad-hoc wireless network
06/23/16Methods and systems for canceling a blocking signal to obtain a desired signal
06/23/16Method and enabling a single sign-on enabled application to enforce an application lock
06/23/16Method and managing bearers in a wireless communication system
06/23/16Systems and methods for generating injection-locked, frequency-multiplied output signals
06/23/16An retrieving group messages
06/23/16User equipment and dynamic internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) registration
06/23/16Methods and systems for scheduling transmission of uplink communication
06/16/16Method and system for information management for an incident response
06/16/16Method and intrinsically safe circuit board arrangement for portable electronic devices
06/16/16Hybrid antenna for portable radio communication devices
06/09/16Methods and systems for dynamically adjusting frequency offsets for mitigating interference
06/09/16Systems and methods for triggering the transmission of recovery video frames to a video-receiving device over a half-duplex air interface
06/02/16Method and system for setting quality of service in a communication system
05/26/16Method and apparatus to detect and manage battery pack cell swell
05/26/16Combined speaker grill and push-to-talk audio accessory
05/26/16Method and controlling network access in a wireless communication system
05/26/16Method and providing services to a geographic area
05/26/16Method and device for reusing channel frequencies in direct mode
05/19/16Multi-plane receiving coil for wirelessly charging a battery
05/19/16Apparatus and full-orientation over-the-air charging in portable electronic devices
05/19/16Method and efficiency compliance in wireless charging systems
05/19/16Method and deriving a certificate for a primary device
05/19/16Method and managing certificates
05/19/16Method and automating selection of certificate management policies during issuance of a certificate
05/19/16Method, device, and system for transmitting short data during an active tdma call
05/19/16Identity assertion based on biometric information
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05/12/16Method and correlation canceller for interference mitigation with adaptive dc offset cancellation
05/12/16Apparatus and coordinating use of different microphones in a communication device
05/12/16Method and routing traffic within a communication system
05/12/16Methods and systems for joining a sub-talkgroup of a first talkgroup
05/12/16Methods and systems for selectively routing group communications amongst multiple networks
05/12/16Display system for a communication device
05/05/16Connector providing combined fastener and radio frequency interface
05/05/16Efficient inhibiting corrosion with discharge blocking features in a battery
05/05/16Apparatus and multi-state code signing
05/05/16Methods and systems for identifying and reducing lte-system coverage holes due to external interference
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05/05/16Method and connecting a communication device to a deployable network without compromising authentication keys
05/05/16Method and controlling a camera's field of view
05/05/16Methods and systems for allocating resources from component carriers to a public-safety mobile radio
05/05/16Method and enabling secured certificate enrollment in a hybrid cloud public key infrastructure
04/28/16Method and forwarding a camera feed
04/28/16Connector device
04/28/16Wireless power transfer system and method thereof
04/28/16Portable radio device adapted to function as a wireless charger
04/28/16Method and forwarding a camera feed
04/28/16Method and optimally locating a device to be charged in a charging area of a wireless charger
04/21/16Methods and systems for object-recognition and link integration in a composite video stream
04/21/16Method and providing slide actuation on a device
04/21/16Method and tethered device to select external data network
04/14/16Method and forming communication group based on location history
04/14/16Methods and systems for adding a mobile radio to a talkgroup
04/07/16Method and system for direct mode communication within a talkgroup
03/31/16Method and generating a super-resolved image from multiple unsynchronized cameras
03/31/16Method and base station transmit power adjustment to reduce power consumption
03/31/16Method and real-time protocol header generation
03/24/16Wearable safety , and , displaying heat source characteristics and/or hazards
03/24/16Apparatus and detecting a firearm in a communication system
03/24/16Methods and systems for contactless battery discharging
03/24/16Method and apparatus to manage user/device profiles for public safety applications
03/24/16Method and muting a device
03/24/16Methods and systems for efficient and adaptive operation of continuous-wave amplifiers
03/24/16Method and operating a portable radio communication device in a dual-watch mode
03/17/16Method and application optimization and collaboration of wearable devices
03/17/16Method and system for managing mass registration scenario in two-way radio system
03/10/16Method and managing trunking operatons in an ad-hoc network
03/03/16Method and determining if a shipment undergoes excessive vibration
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03/03/16Methods and systems for providing a ballast load for a magnetic resonant power supply
03/03/16Method and apparatus enabling interoperability between devices operating at different security levels and trust chains
03/03/16Loudspeaker audio accessory for a communication device
03/03/16Method and multiple types of group membership based on status in applications
03/03/16Methods and systems for talkgroup-state-dependent routing of group data
03/03/16Methods and systems for embedding supplementary data channel in lte-based communication systems
03/03/16Methods and systems for increasing facial recognition working rang through adaptive super-resolution
03/03/16Methods and systems for embedding supplementary data channel in ofdm-based communication systems
02/25/16Open waveguide beamforming antenna for radio frequency identification reader
02/25/16Short circuit protection for a portable device powered by a battery pack having undervoltage protection
02/25/16Method for resolving call collisions in a digital conventional direct mode
02/18/16Apparatus and distributing rule ownership among devices in a system
02/11/16Light emitting diode (led) display for a portable communication device
02/11/16Method and self-heating of a battery from below an operating temperature
02/04/16Circuit and avoiding shutdown of a portable device due to a false low voltage condition
02/04/16Interface system for communication devices
02/04/16Apparatus and sharing a hardware security module interface in a collaborative network
01/28/16Method and identifying fingers in contact with a touch screen
01/28/16Method, device, and system for notifying mobile stations participating in a non-lle call of new lle call
01/21/16Method and network and resource prediction, identification, and availability
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01/14/16Multiband antenna system
01/14/16Mobile dynamic mesh cluster bridging method and apparatus at incident scenes
01/07/16Accurately estimating true bearings of radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items located in a controlled area
12/31/15Control interface for a communication device
12/31/15Methods and systems for transmitting group data using a downlink group data channel
12/31/15Method and system for data transmission
12/31/15Method and managing user interface elements on a touch-screen device
12/24/15Utilizing a stapling technique with a server-based certificate validation protocol to reduce overhead for mobile communication devices
12/24/15Methods and systems for node operation according to network-wide resource-allocation schedules
12/24/15Method and managing user interface elements on a touch-screen device
12/24/15Method and mitigating feedback in a digital radio receiver
12/17/15Enhanced location data throughput on a windowed data channel in a radio communication system
12/10/15Method and managing group-based emergency notifications and acknowledgments
12/03/15Communication system having proximity detector of ferrous materials
12/03/15Input current limited power supply and audio power amplifier for high power reproduction of nondeterministic signals
12/03/15Method and ensuring transmission of critical data through a wireless adapter
12/03/15System and method and for selecting boot configuration using near field communication
12/03/15Public safety network relay service management
11/26/15Method for calibrating and manufacturing a force-sensing touch screen panel
11/26/15Apparatus and securing a debugging session
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11/19/15Method and embedding radiated elements in a touch panel
11/12/15Method and extending coverage in a mobile radio communication system
11/12/15Methods and systems for emulating testing-plan channel conditions in wireless networks
11/05/15Method and policy and charging control decisions based on radio spectrum blocks
11/05/15Methods and systems for concurrent narrowband and wideband communication
11/05/15Visible light communications personal area network controller and access point systems and methods
11/05/15Method and system for transferring an audio signal between devices of a single user
11/05/15Method, system and device for controlled talk privilege in a push to talk communication session
11/05/15Systems and methods for visible light communications personal area network and wireless local area network interworking
10/29/15Method and blocking unwanted canine interactions
10/29/15Method and system for providing alerts for radio communications
10/29/15Method and system to increase protection of personnel during k9 deployments
10/29/15Methods and systems for presenting prioritized incident content
10/29/15Apparatus and distributing rule ownership among devices in a system
10/29/15Audio summing systems and methods in radio communication systems
10/29/15Method and incident task based allocation of service instances
10/29/15Method and responding to a potential mass random access event
10/29/15Method and blocking unwanted canine interactions
10/29/15Method and system for multiband interference mitigation with multipath cancellation
10/22/15Method and providing a purchase history
10/22/15Method and frequency allocation in a trunked radio communication system
10/15/15Very low intermediate frequency (vlif) receiver and a controlling a vlif receiver
10/15/15Method for automatically switching to a channel for transmission on a multi-watch portable radio
10/01/15Method and forwarding items of interest
10/01/15Latch assembly
10/01/15Method for user authentication in a device comprising a touch screen
10/01/15Method and identifying audio accessory through two pin connection in a two way radio
10/01/15Method and uploading data
10/01/15Methods and systems for seamless migration to radio networks
10/01/15Method and forwarding items of interest
Social Network Patent Pack
09/24/15Method and system for transferring a call between devices of a single user
09/24/15Method and a back channel in a half-duplex communication system
09/17/15Apparatus and integrating a reduced-sized antenna with an accessory connector
09/10/15Methods and systems for token-based application management
08/27/15Apparatus and miniaturizing the size of a printed circuit board
08/27/15Method and identifying a language used in a document and performing ocr recognition based on the language identified
08/27/15Method and controlling access to a logic circuit in a battery by multiple components connected to the battery
08/27/15Method and controlling access to one or more memories in a rechargeable battery
08/20/15Adjustable earpiece device
08/20/15Method and maintaining priority and quality of service across multi-user devices
08/20/15Method and improving audio reception in a paging device
08/20/15Adapter for an earpiece
08/13/15Method and propagating public safety multicast and broadcast services among public safety personnel
08/06/15In-line accessory for a self-contained breathing apparatus
07/23/15Wireless multi-function remote control device
07/23/15Method and providing emergency information
07/16/15Systems and methods for authenticating mobile devices at an incident via collaboration
07/02/15Multicast wireless communication system
07/02/15Spatial quality of service prioritization algorithm in wireless networks
06/25/15Portable rechargeable battery pack and external adapter for same
06/25/15Systems and methods for using a digital power amplifier controller (dpac) having forward-loop correction and feedback-loop correction
06/25/15Systems for and methods of using a mirrored wideband baseband current for automatic gain control of an rf receiver
06/25/15Mitigating transmission interference between digital radio and broadband communication devices
06/25/15Geo-fence based alerts
06/18/15Method and enhancing the modulation index of speech sounds passed through a digital vocoder
06/18/15Switchable multi-output low-noise amplifier with distortion cancellation
06/18/15Very low intermediate frequency (vlif) receiver and controlling a vlif receiver
06/18/15Group communication method and system
06/18/15Group communication method and system

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