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Mstar Semiconductor Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Mstar Semiconductor Inc. Mstar Semiconductor Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mstar Semiconductor Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mstar Semiconductor Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/13/17Switched-mode voltage converter
04/13/17Decision feedback equalizer and control method thereof
03/09/17Touch display apparatus capable of fingerprint recognition and fingerprint recognition module
03/09/17Integrated circuit associated with clock generator, and associated control method
03/09/17Clock data recovery apparatus and method and phase detector
03/09/17Frequency prediction method and image processing device applying the same
03/02/17Method and associated controller for adaptively adjusting touch control threshold
03/02/17Routine task allocating method and multicore computer using the same
03/02/17Image processing system and image processing method
03/02/17Smart playback tv programs and associated control device
03/02/17Apparatus and eliminating impulse interference
03/02/17Sequence estimation device and method
02/23/17Method for accessing flash memory and associated memory controller and electronic device
02/09/17Touch panel
02/09/17Delay locked loop and associated control method
02/02/17Touch control electronic device and control method thereof
02/02/17Program code loading application and computing system using the same
02/02/17Transport stream processor capable of timing calibration, and timing calibration device and method
01/26/17Control circuit and associated control method applied to digital visual interface
01/26/17Low-voltage differential signaling driving circuit
01/19/17Capacitor sensor structure, circuit board structure with capacitor sensor, and package structure of capacitive sensor
01/19/17Power supply operating in ripple mode and control method thereof
01/19/17Decoding method using dynamic scaler factor
01/12/17Time and cell de-interleaving circuit and performing time and cell de-interleaving
01/05/17Mismatch compensating device and method, and mismatch detecting device
12/29/16Receiver circuit and associated method capable of correcting estimation of signal-noise characteristic value
12/22/16Device and eliminating channel effect
12/15/16Sampling phase difference compensation apparatus and method, and communication device capable of compensating sampling phase difference
11/24/16Key protecting device and key protecting method
11/17/16Touch control and display circuit and touch control and display touch screen, and controlling touch screen
11/17/16Viterbi decoding apparatus and viterbi decoding method
11/10/16Portable electronic device and touch control chip and touch control method thereof
11/10/16Sensing detecting user touch
11/10/16Method and data processing apparatus supporting simultaneous playback
11/03/16Memory test data generating circuit and method
10/06/16Operating mode distinguishing method, touch point locating method and touch control circuit
10/06/16Time de-interleaving circuit and time de-interleaving method
10/06/16Circuit structure for suppressing electromagnetic interference of ddr sdram signals
09/29/16Ldo with high power conversion efficiency
09/29/16Time-varying channel discriminating device and method thereof
09/22/16Single-layer multi-touch sensing electrode group of touch panel
09/15/16Electronic device having window system and control method thereof
09/15/16Echo discriminating device and method thereof
09/15/16Management method, management device and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for television program information sharing network
09/08/16Memory self-testing device and method thereof
08/11/16Touch panel having electrodes and routings on a single layer
08/11/16Electronic apparatus and mode control method and touch sensing method thereof
08/11/16Convolutional de-interleaver and convolutional de-interleaving method
08/04/16Wireless receiving device and signal processing method thereof
07/28/16Estimating method, sampling frequency offset calculating method, and phase estimating
07/28/16Communication system and phase error estimating method thereof
07/21/16Circuit for accessing memory and associated accessing method
07/21/16Signal processing apparatus and method including quantization or inverse-quantization process
07/14/16Decoding convolutionally coded signal
07/14/16Signal receiver with adaptive soft information adjustment and associated signal processing method
06/23/16Related information display method and electronic device capable of automatically displaying related information
06/16/16Embedded device and memory management method thereof
06/09/16Frequency deinterleaving and time deinterleaving circuit, method thereof and receiving circuit of digital television
06/02/16Data processing circuit and de-interleaving process in dvb-t2 system
06/02/16Display control for application program interface
05/05/16Apparatus and managing memory
04/28/16Cryptographic device and secret key protection method
04/21/16In-cell touch display device and driving method thereof
04/21/16In-cell touch display panel
04/21/16In-cell touch display panel
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04/14/16Frame drawing method and associated mobile electronic device
03/24/16Subtitle processing device and associated method and subtitle parsing method
03/24/16Single-end amplifier and noise cancelling method thereof
03/24/16Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus and encoding method and decoding method thereof
03/10/16In-cell touch display panel
03/10/16Electronic apparatus and management method thereof
03/03/16Touch display device, driving method thereof and manufacturing method thereof
02/11/16Virtual desktop client, control chip for virtual desktop client and controlling server device
01/21/16Self-capacitive touch device and calculation method thereof
01/21/16Touch display panel
01/21/16Touch display device and driving method thereof
01/14/16Sensing electrode group and sensed capacitance estimation method and apparatus
01/14/16Encoding method and apparatus, and decoding video system
12/31/15Data processing method during boot procedure of smart device and smart device
12/31/15Signal transmission circuit suitable for ddr
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12/24/15Touch sensing device
12/10/15Control apparatus and control touch-control electronic device
12/10/15Gamma correction circuit and gamma correction method
12/10/15Signal processing system and signal processing method cooperating with variable gain amplifier
12/03/15Cell search
11/26/15Touch control device and method, and forming touch control device
11/26/15Circuit system adaptively adjusting supply voltage according to temperature and operating method thereof
11/26/15Method and device for suppressing harmonic signals
10/29/15Method and touch calibrating coordinate value near edge of touch panel
10/22/15Embedded device, ram disk of embedded device and accessing ram disk of embedded device
10/22/15Computing device and processing secure services for computing device
10/15/15Correcting method, correcting establishing color performance database for display apparatus
10/08/15Multimode mobile communication network search in a wireless communication device
10/01/15Multi-lane serial link signal receiving system
09/17/15Touch sensing circuit and method thereof
09/17/15Touch control system and coordinate correction method thereof
09/17/15Correction apparatus and correction self-capacitive touch panel
08/20/15Electrode of self-capacitive touch panel utilizing serpentine trace to increase resistance
07/30/15Integrated circuit capable of preventing current backflow to power line
07/30/15Output circuit adapted for integrated circuit and associated control method
07/30/15Data reading device and method thereof, and data transmission device and method thereof
07/23/15Signal receiving apparatus and two-stage adaptive equalization method thereof
07/23/15Smart television system and turn-on and turn-off method thereof
07/16/15Method and processing a multiple-carrier signal provided with subcarriers distributed in a band
07/09/15Sensing electrode and sensing electrode unit
07/09/15Driving circuit and driving method
07/09/15Data transmission method and associated signal transmitter
07/09/15Method and device for signal processing
07/09/15Decoder and decoding audio video stream synchronization
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07/02/15Method and processor for writing and error tracking log subsystem of file system
07/02/15Method, device and operating system for processing and using burn data of nand flash
07/02/15Image processing circuit and method thereof
07/02/15Method and device for image zoom out processing
07/02/15Multimedia interface receiving circuit
06/18/15Broadband single-ended input to differential output low-noise amplifier
06/18/15Variable gain low-noise amplifier
06/11/15Method for determining impulsive interference applicable to orthogonal frequency division multiple access signal receiver and receiver thereof
05/28/15Sensing electrode structure
05/28/15Frame drawing method, frame updating method and associated mobile electronic device
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05/21/15Cache management device, and motion picture system and method using the same
05/21/15Data decryption circuit and associated method
05/07/15Circuit and calculating error of sampling clock, and signal receiving circuit and method
04/30/15Wireless communication receiver with i/q imbalance estimation and correction techniques
04/23/15Control module of multimedia device and controlling multimedia device to generate image data required by display module
04/23/15Signal processing method and associated device, and determining whether spectrum of multicarrier signal is reversed
04/16/15Television system
04/09/15Television control chip having data protection function and controlling television set
04/09/15Electronic device, and calibration suppressing noise
04/09/15Playback device and playback multimedia file
04/02/15Image processing device and method thereof
03/26/15Method and managing memory
03/12/15Mixer biasing for intermodulation distortion compensation
03/05/15Sensing method and sensing sensing electrode cluster
03/05/15Output apparatus, output driver, and level shifting system
03/05/15Timing controller for image display and associated control method
03/05/15Television signal receiving device and determining whether channel includes television program signal
03/05/15Controller for audio device and associated operation method
02/26/15Single layered electrode structure
02/26/15Video/audio data processing method and associated module
02/12/15Image processing device, image processing chip and image processing method
02/05/15Television control apparatus and associated method
02/05/15Controller for voice-controlled device and associated method
01/29/15Amplitude modulation to phase modulation (ampm) distortion compensation
01/29/15Signal receiver
01/29/15Method for designing pattern of sensing channels in touch panel
01/22/15Predistortion factor determination for predistortion in power amplifiers
01/22/15Transceivers with a transformer supporting multiband operation
01/22/15Convergence estimation for iterative predistortion factor determination for predistortion in power amplifiers
01/15/15Integer frequency divider and programmable frequency divider capable of achieving 50% duty cycle
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01/15/15Differential-to-single-end converter
01/01/15Filtering system, filtering method, tv signal receiver and tv signal receiving method
01/01/15Dynamic memory signal phase tracking method and associated control circuit
12/25/14Calibration system and calibration display device
12/25/14Television control method and associated television
12/25/14Decoding method and decoding avs system
12/25/14Memory controller and associated signal generating method
12/18/14Method and noise canceling
12/11/14Communication system and sample rate converter thereof
12/11/14Sensing electrodes and sensing method thereof
12/11/14Method and writing images into memory
12/11/14Signal processing system with bist function, testing method thereof and testing signal generator
12/04/14Receiving accelerating equalization convergence
12/04/14Display device with mobile high-definition link port and signal processing method thereof
11/27/14Method and device for detecting primary synchronization signal
11/20/14Mutual capacitive touch control device
11/20/14Touch control system and signal processing method thereof
11/20/14Layer access method, data access device and layer access arrangement method
11/20/14Wireless commmunication apparatus and method
11/13/14Image display method and associated apparatus
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11/06/14Video/audio playing method and television thereof
10/30/14Adaptive operational amplifier bias current
10/30/14Transceiver iq calibration system and associated method
10/30/14Memory controller and associated signal generating method
10/30/14Chip with flexible pad sequence manipulation and associated method
10/23/14Charge pump phase-locked loop circuits
10/16/14Semi-dynamic flip-flop
10/16/14Method, module and electronic updating contents to be displayed before turning on display device
10/16/14Image editing method and associated apparatus
10/09/14Rendering method and associated device
10/02/14Decompression circuit and associated decompression method
10/02/14Decompression circuit and associated compression method and decompression method
10/02/14Display control apparatus and display control method
10/02/14Self-capacitive touch panel
10/02/14Memory controller and associated generating memory address
10/02/14Wireless receiving system and associated signal processing method
10/02/14Wireless signal receiver and associated signal processing method
10/02/14Method for determining debug authorization for motherboard control module and associated motherboard control module
09/18/14Multimode receiver with complex filter
09/11/14Circuit and transmitting or receiving signal
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09/11/14Digital broadcasting receiving system and associated signal processing method
09/11/14Image motion detection method, image processing method and apparatus using the methods
09/11/14Method, apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable medium for enhancing image contrast
09/11/14Data access control method and apparatus
09/11/14System for simultaneously playing video files in a platform independent environment
09/04/14Wireless receiving system and signal processing method thereof
08/28/14Data sampling and data encryption/decryption method and electronic device utilizing the methods
08/28/14Rf receiver with sideband symmetry circuit
08/07/14Touch panel and correcting apparatus thereof
08/07/14Touch detection method and associated apparatus
08/07/14Image access method and image access apparatus
08/07/14Apparatus and estimating channel effects
08/07/14Sound collecting system and associated method
08/07/14Signal filtering apparatus and signal filtering method
07/24/14Capacitive touch control system and driving apparatus thereof
07/24/14Soft demapper, calculating system, and calibrating soft data of multimedia data stream
07/17/14Electronic device and power management control method
07/17/14Image processing apparatus and associated method
07/17/14Method and associated processing video data
07/10/14Image processing method and image processing apparatus
07/10/14Signal receiving apparatus and signal receiving method
07/10/14Data accessing method and electronic apparatus utilizing the data accessing method
07/03/14Frequency multiplier and signal frequency-multiplying method
07/03/14Wireless reception estimating channel effect thereof
07/03/14Multimedia data stream format, metadata generator, encoding method, encoding system, decoding method, and decoding system
07/03/14Electronic apparatus hibernation recovery setting method and electronic apparatus having hibernation state and hibernation recovery mechanism
06/26/14Signal coupling circuit and associated method
06/26/14Timing recovery apparatus and method
06/26/14Carrier frequency offset compensation apparatus and associated method
06/26/14Electronic device and controlling the same
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06/19/143d user interface display system and method
06/19/14Carrier and sampling frequency offsets estimation method and associated apparatus applied to multi-carrier communication system
06/19/14Power amplifying apparatus and wireless signal transmitter utilizing the same
06/19/14Paging indicator transmission method, system and reception device for mobile communication system
06/19/14Methods and systems for transmission of multiple modulated signals over wireless networks
06/12/14Signal processing apparatus and associated method
06/05/14Fast lo leakage calibration of direct up-conversion transmitters using three measurements
06/05/14Video data conversion method, device and smart tv
06/05/14Channel scanning digital video broadcasting satellite signal
05/29/14Convolutional deinterleaving apparatus and associated method
05/29/14Memory access authority control method and memory management system thereof
05/22/14Direct-conversion transmitter and communication system utilizing the same
05/22/14User interface generating apparatus and associated method
05/15/14Frequency multiplier and associated method
05/08/14Touch panel control system, capacitance detection apparatus and method thereof
05/08/14Motion estimation method
05/08/14Digital quadrature transmitter using generalized coordinates
05/01/14Multiplexed configurable sigma delta modulators for noise shaping in a 25-percent duty cycle digital transmitter
05/01/14Method and associated coordinate correction of touch control
05/01/14Image processing method and associated apparatus
05/01/14Stream data processor
04/24/14Delay circuit
04/24/14Level shifter and operational amplifier
04/24/14Memory space configuration method applied in video signal processing apparatus
04/17/14Charging/discharging circuit and pll circuit using the same
04/17/14Self-capacitive touch control apparatus and control method thereof
04/17/14Mobile communication device and associated control method
04/17/14Integration system and test system for incorporating plural application programs
04/03/14Local oscillation generator, associated communication local oscillation generation

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