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Recent patent applications related to Mtu Aero Engines Ag. Mtu Aero Engines Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mtu Aero Engines Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mtu Aero Engines Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  Method of making a bladed rotor for a turbomachine
05/25/17 new patent  Vane segment with peripheral securing
05/25/17 new patent  Brush sealing arrangement for a turbomachine, installation securing arrangement and turbomachine
05/25/17 new patent  Method, compressor and turbomachine
05/25/17 new patent  Compressor, method and turbomachine
05/18/17Method and device for the quality assurance of at least one component during the production thereof by a generative production process
05/18/17Rapid manufacturing for the same comprising oppositely-directed protective gas streams parallel to the powder layer
05/18/17Device and influencing the temperatures in inner ring segments of a gas turbine
05/11/17Arrangement for joining elements of turbomachines
05/04/17Turbine rotor for a low pressure turbine of a gas turbine system
05/04/17Ductile compensation layer for brittle components
05/04/17Low noise compressor and turbine for geared turbofan engine
05/04/17Low noise compressor and turbine for geared turbofan engine
05/04/17Turbine blade and aircraft engine comprising same
04/27/17Rotating blade
04/20/17Module for a gas turbine
04/13/17Repair sealing segments
04/13/17Repair of worn component surfaces
04/13/17Containment for a continuous flow machine
04/06/17Sealing fin armoring and the production thereof
03/30/17Apparatus and producing and/or repairing in particular rotationally symmetrical components
03/16/17Gas turbine compressor stage
03/09/17Device and producing a blade airfoil
03/09/17Thermography for quality assurance in an additive manufacturing process
03/09/17Device for bounding a flow channel of a turbomachine
03/09/17Turbomachine blade
03/02/17Rhenium-free nickel base superalloy of low density
02/23/17Optimized nickel-based superalloy
02/16/17Bladed gas turbine rotor
02/09/17Method for machining a workpiece having an irregular edge
02/09/17Guide vane ring element for a turbomachine
02/02/17Method for repairing a gas turbine blade having at least one cavity
02/02/17Gas turbine
01/19/17Method for the electroplating of tial alloys
12/29/16Process and producing forged tial components
12/29/16Seal carrier, guide vane ring and turbomachine
12/22/16Device and additively producing at least one component region of a component
12/22/16Device and additively producing at least one component region of a component
12/15/16Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
12/15/16Rotor for a turbomachine and compressor
12/01/16Clamping device for joining flange pieces
11/24/16Method and device for determining a contour, at least in regions, of at least one additively manufactured component layer
11/17/16Manufacture of blade channels of turbomachine rotors
11/17/16Combination of blade tip cladding and erosion-resistant layer and the production thereof
11/17/16Masking producing a combination of blade tip hardfacing and erosion-protection coating
11/10/16Rotor arrangement for a turbomachine and compressor
11/10/16Turbomachine blade
11/10/16Gas turbine guide vane element
11/10/16Turbomachine having a seal device
11/10/16Rotor drum for a turbomachine and compressor
11/10/16Method for manufacturing brush seals with obliquely positioned bristles and a corresponding device
10/27/16Repair of monocrystalline flow channel segments by monocrystalline remelting
10/13/16Method for evaluating at least one component layer manufactured by means of an additive powder layer method
10/13/16Composite ceramic comprising a corrosion protection layer and production method
10/13/16Method for joining at least two rotor elements of a turbomachine
10/06/16Method and device for additively manufacturing at least one component region of a component
10/06/16Method for additive manufacturing of a gas turbine casing part
09/22/16Method for producing a component from a composite material comprising a metal matrix and incorporated intermetallic phases
09/22/16Blade of a turbomachine made of different materials and the production thereof
09/22/16Protective device for a turbomachine
09/22/16Method for producing a component
09/22/16Maintenance of a used gas turbine
09/22/16Method and device for the quality evaluation of a component produced by means of an additive manufacturing method
09/08/16Device and partially masking a component zone of a component
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09/08/16Method for determing a transition point and/or for determining wall shear stresses on surfaces around which surfaces a flow circulates, and measuring device
09/08/16Diagnosis of aircraft gas turbine engines
08/25/16Locking element and turbomachine
08/25/16Method for producing a component, and the corresponding component
08/18/16Blade, shroud and turbomachine
08/18/16Axially divided inner ring for a turbomachine and guide vane ring
08/18/16Axially split inner ring for a fluid flow machine, guide vane ring, and aircraft engine
08/11/16Gas turbine component
08/04/16Powder build unit, corresponding device, and method employing a powder build unit
08/04/16Guide vane ring for a turbomachine
07/28/16Device and the manufacture or repair of a three-dimensional object
07/28/16Adjustable guide vane for a turbomachine
07/28/16Gas turbine axial compressor
07/28/16Device and attaching seal elements
07/14/16Extruded profile for manufacturing a blade of an outlet guide vane
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06/23/16Device for the additive manufacture of a component
06/23/16Cooling-air supply device for a gas turbine
06/16/16Turbomachine having an annulus enlargment and airfoil
06/02/16Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
05/26/16Brazing reinforcing the z-notch of tial blades
05/26/16Guide vane ring and turbomachine
05/26/16Blade or vane for a turbomachine and axial turbomachine
05/19/16Blade or vane arrangement for a turbomachine
05/12/16Oxidation-resistant layer for tial materials and the production thereof
05/12/16Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
05/12/16Gas turbine
05/05/16Device and the manufacture or repair of a three-dimensional object
05/05/16Repair for the additive repair of a component
05/05/16Slip and process for producing an oxidation- and corrosion-resistant diffusion layer
05/05/16Method for producing a high temperature-resistant target alloy, a device, an alloy and a corresponding component
04/28/16Guide vane ring for a turbomachine and turbomachine
04/21/16Pneumatic needling device
03/17/16Electrochemical machining of a workpiece
03/17/16Temperature regulation for a device for the additive manufacturing of components and corresponding production method
03/10/16Surfacing of additively manufactured components and corresponding manufactured components of a turbomachine
03/03/16Production process for tial components
03/03/16Creep- and oxidation-resistant molybdenum superalloy
03/03/16Gas turbine subassembly
03/03/16Shaft seal system and a compressor having a corresponding shaft seal system
02/25/16Method for the quality assessment of a component produced by means of an additive manufacturing method
02/18/16Apparatus and securing sealing elements
02/11/16Roller bearings, in particular needle bearings, for arranging on a pivot pin of a variable guide vane of a turbomachine
02/04/16Guide blade for a gas turbine
02/04/16Leaf seal for sealing off a shaft rotating around an axis
02/04/16Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
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02/04/16Housing for a gas turbine, aircraft engine, and a process for operating a gas turbine
02/04/16Component arrangement of a gas turbine
02/04/16Turbofan aircraft engine
01/28/16Blade cascade for a turbomachine
01/28/16Turbomachine blade
01/28/16Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
01/21/16Equipment and the generative manufacture and/or repair of components
01/21/16Turbofan aircraft engine
01/21/16Method and device for evaluating the quality of a component produced by means of an additive laser sintering and/or laser melting method
01/14/16Antifouling layer for compressor blades
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01/14/16Al-rich high-temperature tial alloy
01/14/16Turbomachine blade
01/14/16Wear protection arrangement for a turbomachine, process and compressor
01/07/16Brush seal
12/31/15Leiteinrichtung fur eine gasturbine sowie gasturbine mit einer solchen leiteinrichtung
12/31/15Brush seal system for sealing a clearance between components of a turbo engine that are movable in relation to one another
12/31/15Component arrangement for a gas turbine
12/17/15Mid-frame for a gas turbine and gas turbine having such a mid-frame
11/19/15Casing arrangement for a gas turbine
11/19/15Mid-frame for a gas turbine and gas turbine
11/12/15Seal, producing a seal and turbomachine
11/12/15Device and generative production of at least one component area of a component
11/05/15Lightweight structural nial alloy with a high high-temperature strength
10/29/15Bearing cage and bearing means having this type of bearing cage as well as designing, repairing and/or replacing such a bearing cage
10/22/15Aircraft engine
10/15/15Device for the generative production of a component
10/15/15Method and device for improving material quality in generative manufacturing methods
10/08/15Nickel-based alloy with optimized matrix properties
10/08/15Gas turbine compressor
10/01/15Guide vane ring ,guide vane, inner ring and turbomachine
10/01/15Method and device for ascertaining an edge layer characteristic of a component
09/24/15Safety device for a bearing arrangement of a rotor of a turbomachine
09/17/15Method for designing a turbine
09/10/15Device and the generative production of a component
09/10/15Anti-ice coating for compressor blades
09/10/15Gas turbine duct casing
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09/03/15Apparatus and generative production of a component
09/03/15Creation of residual compressive stresses during additve manufacturing
08/13/15Thrust deflecting device and aircraft engine
08/06/15High-temperature tial alloy
08/06/15Method and determining residual stresses of a component
07/23/15Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
07/16/15Brush seal having brush filaments of nonmetallic materials
07/09/15Guide vane for a turbomachine having a sealing device; stator, as well as turbomachine
07/09/15Gas turbine
07/09/15Gas turbine
06/18/15Method for producing a cylindrical component
06/18/15Irradiation in generative fabrication
06/18/15Gas turbinen rotor blade
06/18/15Blade cascade
06/18/15Blade cascade
06/11/15Gas turbine
06/04/15Sealing element, sealing unit, and turbomachine
05/28/15Material of laves phase and ferritic fe-al phase
05/21/15Run-in coating based on metal fibers
05/21/15Array of flow-directing elements for a gas turbine compressor
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05/21/15Rotor of a turbomachine
05/21/15Blade-disk assembly, method and turbomachine
05/14/15Method for producing low-pressure turbine blades from tial
05/14/15Gas turbine
05/14/15Inner ring of a fluid flow machine and stator vane array
05/14/15Rotor having a basic rotor body and a plurality of rotating blades mounted thereon
05/07/15Seal configuration for a turbo machine
04/30/15Identifying and regulating the starting behavior during electrochemical machining of workpieces
04/09/15Brush seal system for sealing a gap between components of a thermal gas turbine that may be moved relative to one another
04/09/15Component support and turbomachine
04/02/15Brush seal for a turbomachine
04/02/15Blade for a gas turbine
04/02/15Method for performing maintenance on an engine
03/26/15Brush seal and producing a brush seal
03/26/15Bauteilsystem einer turbomaschine
03/26/15Creep-resistant tial alloy
03/19/15Wear-resistant coating produced by electrodeposition and process therefor
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03/19/15Seal arrangement for a turbomachine and process for the production thereof
03/19/15Slip and process for producing an aluminum diffusion layer
03/12/15Method for disassembly and assembly of a rotor of a gas turbine
03/05/15Apparatus for laser materials processing
03/05/15Sealing arrangement in an axial turbomachine
03/05/15Apparatus for energy absorption, a turbo-machine and a energy absorption
03/05/15Multiple coil arrangement for a device for generative production of components and corresponding production method
03/05/15Cr(vi)-free corrosion protection layers or adhesion promoter layers produced using a solution comprising phosphate ions and metal powder, wherein the metal powder is coated at least partly with si or si alloys
03/05/15Heat insulation layer system with corrosion and erosion protection
02/19/15Intermetallic wear-resistant layer for titanium materials
02/12/15Blade cascade and turbomachine
02/05/15Method for mounting a gas turbine blade in an associated receiving recess of a rotor base body
01/29/15Method for repairing a receiving hook for guide vanes
01/29/15Multipart electrode array and the electrochemical treatment of blades having shrouding bands
01/29/15Damping device for being situated between a housing wall and a casing ring of a housing of a thermal gas turbine
01/22/15Optical measurement system for determining the position of an electrode during the electrochemical processing of a component
01/15/15Cmas-inert thermal barrier layer and producing the same
01/15/15Ceramic component for a turbomachine
01/15/15Turbomachine, sealing segment, and guide vane segment
01/15/15Method of producing an insulation element and insulation element for a housing of an aero engine
01/15/15Guide vane arragement and mounting a guide vane
01/15/15Gas turbine stage
01/15/15Gas turbine compressor stator vane assembly
01/15/15Blade for a gas turbomachine
01/15/15Control in generative production
01/15/15Method for the non-destructive testing of workpiece surfaces
01/08/15Blade row poisitioning device, blade-device combination, method and turbomachine
01/01/15Dichteinrichtung und stromungsmaschine
01/01/15Sealing arrangement for a turbomachine, a guide vane arrangement, and a turbomachine with such a sealing arrangement
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01/01/15Turbomachine, circulation structure and method
01/01/15Turbomachine rotor blade
12/18/14Method for closing cooling air bores
12/18/14Method for producing forged components from a tial alloy and component produced thereby
12/11/14Method for coating components
12/04/14Rhenium-free or rhenium-reduced nickel-base superalloy
12/04/14Tial blade with surface modification
11/27/14Adapter and turbomachine
11/27/14Split inner ring
11/27/14Turbomachine stage and determining a seal gap and/or an axial position of such a turbomachine stage
11/27/14Turbomachine stage and detecting a sealing gap of such a turbomachine stage
11/27/14Turbine stage with a blow-out arrangement and blowing out a sealing gas flow
11/27/14Balancing body for a continuous blade arrangement
11/27/14Blade cascade and continuous-flow machine
11/27/14Blade row, blade and turbomachine
11/13/14Method and device for the generative production of a component using a laser beam and corresponding turbo-engine component
10/30/14Slide ring seal
10/30/14Housing section of a turbine engine compressor stage or turbine engine turbine stage
10/30/14Process for producing a high-temperature protective coating and correspondingly produced component
10/16/14Armoring sealing fins of tial vanes by induction brazing hard-material particles
10/09/14Mischvorrichtung und turbofantriebwerk mit einer derartigen mischvorrichtung
10/09/14Guide vane arrangement
10/09/14Blade cascade for turbo machine
10/09/14Securing blade assortment
10/09/14Securement securing an attachment portion of at least one rotor blade or rotor blade segment in a mounting site of a rotor base
10/09/14Airfoil having a profiled trailing edge for a fluid flow machine, blade, and integrally blade rotor
09/11/14Twist prevention for turbomachinery

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