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Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh. Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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06/23/16Low noise turbine for geared gas turbine engine
04/28/16Destruction-free and contactless inspection method and inspection surfaces of components with ultrasound waves
03/17/16Process for producing holes
06/05/14Gas turbine and guide blade for a housing of a gas turbine
05/29/14Method and device for machining robot-guided components
05/29/14Turbomachine rotor disk
03/13/14Blade arrangement for a turbo engine
12/26/13Process for producing a run-in coating
12/05/13Aircraft engine with turbine heat exchanger bypass
10/31/13Damping means for damping a blade movement of a turbomachine
10/24/13Rotor blade arrangement for a turbo machine
10/17/13Nickel-based solder alloy
10/10/13Sealing system for a turbomachine
10/10/13Sealing system for a turbomachine
10/03/13Aluminide or chromide coatings of cavities
09/26/13Securing device for axially securing a blade root of a turbomachine blade
09/19/13Blade ring segment having an annular space delimiting surface having a wavy height profile and a manufacturing same
09/12/13Housing and turbomachine
08/15/13Blade group arrangement as well as turbomachine
08/08/13Blade cascade and turbomachine
08/01/13Electrode and installation for electrochemical machining and method therefor
07/25/13Method for nondestructive testing of workpiece surfaces
07/25/13Turbomachine seal arrangement
07/25/13Seal assembly, method and turbomachine
07/25/13Blade rim segment for a turbomachine and manufacture
07/25/13Rotor for a turbomachine
07/25/13Method for producing a locally limited diffusion coat and reactor for it
07/18/13System for injecting a fluid, compressor and turbomachine
07/18/13Housing-side structure of a turbomachine
07/11/13Cleaning of a turbo-machine stage
07/04/13Apparatus and processing a sealing element located within the housing of a gas turbine
07/04/13Method for repair of a component of a turbomachine and a component repaired according to this method
06/27/13Mounting device and mounting a component on a component carrier using an adhesive
06/20/13Turbomachine and turbomachine stage
06/20/13Turbomachine and turbomachine stage
06/13/13Rotating blade having a rib arrangement with a coating
06/06/13Method and device for removing a layer from a surface of a body
06/06/13Process and applying layers of material to a workpiece made of tial
05/23/13Coating plastic components by means of kinetic cold gas spraying
04/11/13Blade row for a turbomachine
03/14/13Intermediate housing of a gas turbine having an outer bounding wall having a contour that changes in the circumferential direction upstream of a supporting rib to reduce secondary flow losses
03/07/13Method and device for producing a component
03/07/13Method and electrode for electrochemically processing a workpiece
02/28/13Transition channel of a turbine unit
02/07/13Device and preserving fluid systems and an engine
02/07/13Method for processing a surface of a component
01/31/13Guide blade of a turbomachine
12/13/12Blade comprising pre-wired sections
11/29/12Housing system for an axial turbomachine
11/15/12Measurement for measuring layer thicknesses as well as production method and coating system
11/15/12Combined heating for soldering an armor cladding onto a tip by means of induction and laser
11/08/12Method for producing an integrally bladed rotor using arcuate friction welding, device for carrying out said method, and rotor produced by means of said method
11/08/12Inner ring for forming a guide blade ring, and guide blade ring and turbomachine
11/08/12Sealing device, integrally bladed rotor basic body, and turbomachine
11/08/12Blade, integrally bladed rotor base body and turbomachine
10/25/12Method for producing a component with at least one element arranged in the component
10/25/12Method for fusion welding a monocrystalline workpiece to a polycrystalline workpiece and rotor
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10/04/12Method for producing an abradable coating on a turbomachine
09/13/12Gas turbine blade for a turbomachine
09/06/12Coupling element for mechanically coupling blades and a rotor
09/06/12Method and device for producing an integrally bladed rotor and rotor produced by means of the method
09/06/12Method and device for coating components
08/30/12Method and device for producing a component of a turbomachine
08/30/12Method and device for producing a component
08/23/12Device for fastening and detaching a component, and method therefor
08/23/12Method and device for producing a component of a turbomachine
08/09/12Ring element and turbomachine having such a ring element
08/09/12Blade channel having an end wall contour and a turbomachine
08/09/12Method for producing a rotor or stator blade and such a blade
07/05/12Thin-walled structural component, and the production thereof
06/21/12Aircraft engine blading
06/21/12Method for the local heat treatment of gas turbine blades
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06/14/12Pressure-measuring probe
06/14/12Method for replacing a blade of a rotor having integrated blades and such a rotor
06/07/12Blade segment and fluid flow machine
06/07/12Anti-wear coating and component comprising an anti-wear coating
05/24/12Repair of turbine components and solder alloy therefor
05/24/12Method for coating a turbine blade
05/17/12Rotor and manufacturing a rotor for a turbo machine
05/17/12Joining element and the production of such a joining element as well as an integrally bladed rotor
05/17/12Blade tip coating that can be rubbed off
05/17/12Rotor for a turbo machine
05/17/12Rotor for a turbo machine
05/17/12Rotor for a turbo machine
05/03/12Method for reducing vibration amplitudes
05/03/12Device and electrochemically removing a surface of a component
05/03/12Shroud segment to be arranged on a blade
04/19/12Method for manufacturing an integrally bladed rotor
04/12/12Layer system for rotor/stator seal of a turbomachine and producing this type of layer system
04/05/12Method and device for producing a hole in an object
03/15/12Clearance control system, turbomachine and adjusting a running clearance between a rotor and a casing of a turbomachine
03/08/12Method and surface hardening a component, which is made of an intermetallic compound at least in the region of the surface to be hardened
03/08/12Rotor for a turbomachine
02/23/12Flow device comprising a cavity cooling system
02/16/12Compressor having a guide vane assembly with a radially variable outflow
02/09/12Method for producing a plating of a vane tip and correspondingly produced vanes and gas turbines
02/02/12Dual blisks in the high-pressure compressor
01/19/12Device for fixing workpieces on a workpiece carrier and machining workpieces
01/05/12Device and fixing a component in position on a component carrier
01/05/12Turbine shroud
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12/29/11Tandem blade design
12/15/11Component for a gas turbine and a the production of the component
12/08/11Anti-erosion coating system for gas turbine components
12/01/11Method for producing a blade plating on a blade for a turbomachine
12/01/11Sealing apparatus at the blade shaft of a rotor stage of an axial turbomachine
11/03/11Method for mounting an integral inner ring of a turbocompressor stator
11/03/11Method and device for inductively heating a component
10/20/11Damping element and damping rotor blade vibrations, a rotor blade, and a rotor
10/20/11Method for repairing a rotor system of a turbomachine, annular element for a rotor system of a turbomachine, and rotor system for a turbomachine
10/20/11Method for the production of an integrally bladed rotor, and rotor
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10/20/11Integrally bladed rotor disk for a turbine
10/13/11Replacement part for a gas turbine blade of a gas turbine, gas turbine blade and repairing a gas turbine blade
10/06/11Capacitor arrangement and producing a capacitor arrangement
10/06/11Energy storage device
09/29/11Method for determing the machining quality of components, particularly for metal cutting by nc machines
09/22/11Assembly mechanism comprising a tension anchor and corresponding a rotor system of an axial turbo engine
09/22/11Turbo engine
09/22/11Method for joining components
09/22/11Brush seal
09/15/11Method for replacing an inner disk element of an integrally bladed disk
09/15/11Mask for kinetic cold gas compacting
09/08/11Method for connecting at least one turbine blade to a turbine disk or a turbine ring
09/08/11Repair method
09/01/11Method and device for detecting cracks in compressor blades
08/18/11Method for producing or repairing integrally bladed gas turbine rotors
08/04/11Device for use in a the production of a protective layer and the production of a protective layer
08/04/11Method for machining a metal component
08/04/11Gas turbine and varying the aerodynamic shape of a gas turbine blade
08/04/11Material for a gas turbine component, producing a gas turbine component and gas turbine component
07/28/11Blade for a turbo device with a vortex-generator
07/21/11Method for the production of a rotor and rotor
07/21/11Apparatus and masking a component zone
07/07/11Axial flow machine having an asymmetrical compressor inlet guide baffle
07/07/11Device and service-life monitoring
06/16/11Material sample for testing biaxial stress conditions
06/16/11Bearing ring and cooling a bearing ring
06/16/11Rotating blade system for a row of rotating blades of a turbomachine
06/16/11Process and device for cold spraying
06/09/11Method and device for compensating for positional and shape deviations
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06/09/11Method and arrangement for detecting a surface of an object
06/02/11Method for joining and joined connection of two components made of a metal material
06/02/11Process for producing a join to single-crystal or directionally solidified material
06/02/11Methods for joining a monocrystalline part to a polycrystalline part by means of an adapter piece made of polycrystalline material
05/05/11Gas turbine compressor
05/05/11Shroud for rotating blades of a turbo machine, and turbo machine
04/14/11Housing for a compressor of a gas turbine, compressor, and producing a housing segment of a compressor housing
03/24/11Covering device and coating components
03/10/11Device and redirecting a leakage current
03/10/11Turbine blade of a gas turbine and coating a turbine blade of a gas turbine
03/10/11High-temperature anti-corrosive layer and the production thereof
03/03/11High-pressure turbine rotor, and the production thereof
02/24/11Erosion protection coating
02/10/11Strut for an intermediate turbine housing, intermediate turbine housing, and producing an intermediate turbine housing
01/27/11Brush seal and mounting a brush seal
01/27/11Device and the partial coating of components
01/27/11Method for manufacturing a run-in coating
01/20/11Gas dynamic cold spraying of oxide-containing protective layers
01/13/11Method for the thermochemical cleaning and/or stripping of turbine components
01/13/11Probe for a capacitive sensor device and gap-measuring system
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01/13/11Method and device for automatic laser focusing
01/13/11Centrifugal pump having increased operational safety
01/06/11Method for repairing a sealing segment of a gas turbine
01/06/11Method for producing and repairing a part, and part of a gas turbine
12/30/10Brush seal and mounting a brush seal
12/30/10Circulation structure for a turbo compressor
12/23/10Method for producing integrally bladed rotors
12/23/10Seal arrangement
12/23/10Solder coating, coating a component, component, and adhesive tape having a solder coating
12/23/10Compressor of a gas turbine
12/02/10Method for producing a cast part, casting mould and cast part produced therewith
11/18/10Device and remelting metallic surfaces
11/11/10Honeycomb structure
10/28/10Method for removing material from a component, and electrode
10/28/10Method for producing an integrally bladed rotor, and rotor
10/21/10Decoating device for axially symmetric components, particularly from aircraft engines
10/07/10Electric drive, particularly for a fuel metering unit for an airplane engine
09/23/10Wear protection coating
09/16/10Turbo compressor in an axial type of construction
09/09/10Turbomachine blade with a blade tip armor cladding
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08/12/10Multilayer shielding ring for a flight driving mechanism
08/12/10Method for producing a lightweight turbine blade
08/05/10Closed-loop control for a gas turbine with actively stabilized compressor
08/05/10Damping device, welding system for rotary friction welding and rotary friction welding method
07/29/10Method and device for surface peening of a component in the region of a passage opening
07/22/10Induction coil, for the inductive heating of metal components
07/08/10Sealing device for a cooling agent supply on a rotating spindle and machine tool comprising such a sealing device
07/08/10Adhesive masking tapes and coating and/or repairing components
07/01/10Alternating current switch device and the monitoring or diagnosis of the operability of an alternating current switch device
07/01/10Method for determining the polyester fraction of a multi-component powder during a thermal spraying process, coating or touching up an object by means of a thermal spraying process and thermal spraying device
07/01/10Maintenance planning method
06/24/10Component and joining metal elements
06/10/10Jet engine with active-magnetic bearing
06/10/10Device for the protection of components having a flammable titanium alloy from titanium fire, and the production thereof
06/03/10Method and blasting agent for surface peening
06/03/10Semi-finished product for producing a repaired blade for a gas turbine and repair repairing a blade for a gas turbine
05/27/10Method and device for the surface peening of a partial element of a component of a gas turbine
05/13/10Inlet cone for jet engine
05/13/10Method for the production of an abradable coating
05/06/10Method for stripping a component
05/06/10Method for the soldering repair of a component in a vacuum and an adjusted partial oxygen pressure
04/29/10Method for producing a structural element
04/29/10Gas turbine
04/22/10Method and device for coating components of a gas turbine
04/15/10Apparatus and non-contacting blade oscillation measurement
04/01/10Device and measuring layer thicknesses
03/25/10Method of manufacturing and refinishing integrally bladed rotors
03/25/10Vane ring, and the production thereof
03/18/10Method for repairing and/or replacing individual elements of a gas turbine component
03/11/10Method for the production of an abradable spray coating
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03/04/10Turbo engine
02/18/10Device and the surface peening of a component of a gas turbine
02/11/10Gas turbine comprising a guide ring and a mixer
02/04/10High-pressure turbine blade and procedure for repair of high-pressure turbine blades
01/21/10Apparatus and drawing off and recirculating a cooling stream
01/21/10Apparatus and the heat treatment of integral rotors of gas turbines
01/21/10Method for producing gear wheels
01/07/10Turbo engine
12/31/09Gas turbine having a peripheral ring segment including a recirculation channel
12/24/09Apparatus and controlling a blade tip clearance for a compressor
12/10/09Gas turbine and operating a gas turbine
12/10/09Cover element for a sonotrode and peening chamber arrangement for the surface peening of components
12/10/09Guide blade segment of a gas turbine and its production
12/10/09Method and device for joining by way of inductive hf pressure welding a rotor blade with a rotor support of a gas turbine with automatic supply of the rotor blade
12/03/09Thermal barrier layer
11/26/09Process for connecting metallic structural elements and components produced thereby
11/12/09Method and hardening a surface of a component
11/05/09Repair method
11/05/09Engine regulation qualifying the components of the engine regulation system
10/29/09Component, in particular, a gas turbine component
10/22/09Ring structure with a metal design having a run-in lining
10/01/09Method and measuring system for characterizing a deviation of an actual dimension of a component from a nominal dimension of the component
09/24/09Chuck-integrated force-measuring system
09/24/09Device and visualizing positions on a surface
09/17/09Method for repairing turbine vanes
09/03/09Method for the pre-treatment of titanium components for the subsequent coating thereof
08/27/09Procedure for the production and application of a protective layer
08/27/09Optimized machining of a contour using a pulsed tool
08/27/09Method for optimized milling close to the final contour

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