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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd corporation Of Japan
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd corporation Of Japan_20100121
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100107
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100114
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20131212
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100128
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100121


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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003869902/11/16  new patent  Cuff pressure controller device
22016003971102/11/16  new patent  Conductive paste and multilayer ceramic electronic component
32016004107502/11/16  new patent  Filter device and measuring apparatus
42016004122302/11/16  new patent  Electronic component testing device
52016004169402/11/16  new patent  Touch panel, and touch-type input apparatus and control method therefor
62016004286202/11/16  new patent  Electronic component
72016004286602/11/16  new patent  Multilayer ceramic capacitor
82016004286702/11/16  new patent  Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method therefor
92016004287102/11/16  new patent  Ceramic electronic component and producing the same
102016004346002/11/16  new patent  Antenna device and setting resonant frequency of antenna device
112016004346102/11/16  new patent  Radio communication device
122016004346802/11/16  new patent  Antenna device
132016004346902/11/16  new patent  Coil antenna and communication terminal device
142016004348002/11/16  new patent  Joining method, joint structure, electronic device, manufacturing electronic device and electronic part
152016004357502/11/16  new patent  Wireless power transmission system
162016004370202/11/16  new patent  Crystal vibrating device and producing the same
172016004442102/11/16  new patent  Piezoelectric speaker device
182016004476902/11/16  new patent  Esd protection device
192016004478202/11/16  new patent  Multilayer wiring substrate, manufacturing method therefor, and substrate for probe card
202016004479802/11/16  new patent  Method of manufacturing resin multilayer substrate
212016003407302/04/16 Touch panel and touch type input device
222016003408902/04/16 Touch input device and touch input detecting method
232016003549002/04/16 Composite oxide-coated metal powder, production method therefor, conductive paste using composite oxide-coated metal powder, and multilayer ceramic electronic component
242016003624602/04/16 Power transmission device and wireless power transmission system
252016003633702/04/16 Switching power supply apparatus
262016003641002/04/16 Surface acoustic wave device
272016003762202/04/16 Multilayer resin substrate, and manufacturing multilayer resin substrate
282016003764002/04/16 High-frequency component and high-frequency module including the same
292016002215201/28/16 Method and system for monitoring stress
302016002434601/28/16 Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
312016002629901/28/16 Touch input device and display device
322016002742401/28/16 Ultrasonic wave generation apparatus
332016002756101/28/16 Ceramic electronic component
342016002756901/28/16 Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
352016002757801/28/16 Method of manufacturing multilayer board, multilayer board, and electromagnet
362016002758401/28/16 Capacitor component
372016002758501/28/16 Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
382016002799001/28/16 Crystal vibration device
392016002806101/28/16 Lithium ion secondary battery
402016002814001/28/16 High-frequency transmission line
412016002814401/28/16 Directional coupler
422016002814501/28/16 Directional coupler
432016002830401/28/16 Boost inductor demagnetization detection for bridgeless boost pfc converter operating in boundary-conduction mode
442016002834801/28/16 Crystal device
452016002835801/28/16 Signal transmission cable and communication device module
462016002836401/28/16 High-frequency module
472016002836501/28/16 High-frequency module
482016002836601/28/16 Duplexer
492016002948901/28/16 Production component-embedded substrate, and component-embedded substrate
502016001827601/21/16 Pressing force sensor
512016002001401/21/16 Laminated coil component and manufacturing it
522016002002301/21/16 Metal powder, producing the same, conductive paste including metal powder, and multilayer ceramic electronic component
532016002002501/21/16 Dielectric ceramic and multilayer ceramic capacitor
542016002002801/21/16 Ceramic electronic component
552016002002901/21/16 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and manufacturing multilayer ceramic electronic component
562016002073401/21/16 Psuedo resistor circuit and charge amplifier
572016002074601/21/16 High-frequency laminated component and laminated high-frequency filter
582016001063601/14/16 Piezoelectric blower
592016001104001/14/16 Analysis device and analysis method
602016001110401/14/16 Void-arranged structure and measurement method using the same
612016001127601/14/16 Inspecting apparatus and inspecting noncontact power transfer system
622016001295001/14/16 Electromagnet, camera lens driving device, and production electromagnet
632016001296101/14/16 Inductor component and manufacturing the same
642016001296301/14/16 Inductor device and electronic apparatus
652016001355601/14/16 Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus
662016001366701/14/16 Wireless power supply apparatus
672016001376101/14/16 Power amplifier
682016001489201/14/16 Insulating ceramic paste, ceramic electronic componet, and producing the same
692016001489301/14/16 Multilayer board
702016001490301/14/16 Electronic component with built-in capacitor
712016000373701/07/16 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
722016000407001/07/16 Micro-optical electromechanical device and manufacturing it
732016000554101/07/16 Dielectric ceramic composition, stacked ceramic capacitor using the same, and manufacturing the same
742016000554301/07/16 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
752016000584101/07/16 Heterojunction bipolar transistor
762016000609601/07/16 Filtering device and adjusting filter characteristic
772016000610801/07/16 Antenna device and communication apparatus
782016000627001/07/16 Wireless power transmission apparatus
792016000627101/07/16 Wireless power transmission system
802016000641501/07/16 Radio-frequency module
812016000748001/07/16 Component built-in multilayer substrate fabricating method and component built-in multilayer substrate
822015037762512/31/15 Self-test in a closed-loop vibratory gyroscope
832015037783312/31/15 Method of identifying direction of multilayer ceramic capacitor, apparatus identifying direction of multilayer ceramic capacitor, and manufacturing multilayer ceramic capacitor
842015037849312/31/15 Touch sensor
852015038016412/31/15 Ceramic electronic component
862015038016512/31/15 Laminated ceramic capacitor
872015038082212/31/15 Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus
882015038082312/31/15 Antenna device and mobile terminal
892015038084812/31/15 Flexible circuit board
902015038113412/31/15 Electronic component
912015038113812/31/15 Lc parallel resonant element
922015038246412/31/15 Multilayer substrate and manufacturing the multilayer substrate
932015036647312/24/15 Pulse wave propagation time measurement device
942015037175712/24/15 Electronic component
952015037176112/24/15 Inductor element, inductor bridge, and high-frequency filter
962015037176212/24/15 Laminated coil component and matching circuit
972015037194112/24/15 Semiconductor device
982015037198412/24/15 Esd protection device
992015037236512/24/15 Irreversible circuit element and module
1002015037250412/24/15 Electromagnetic-coupling-module-attached article
1012015037250512/24/15 Power transmission device and power reception device
1022015037254012/24/15 Wireless power transmission system
1032015037265912/24/15 Elastic wave device
1042015037323812/24/15 Camera module and electronic device
1052015037385412/24/15 Electronic component, manufacturing the electronic component, and circuit board
1062015036425812/17/15 Laminated capacitor and laminated capacitor series and laminated capacitor mounted body including capacitor
1072015036237712/17/15 Physical quantity measuring device and physical quantity measuring system
1082015036264712/17/15 Display device and laminated optical film
1092015036425612/17/15 Conductive resin paste and ceramic electronic component
1102015036425912/17/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1112015036426112/17/15 Laminated capacitor mounted structure
1122015036446112/17/15 Esd protection device
1132015036446212/17/15 Semiconductor device
1142015036500212/17/15 Power conversion system and power conversion method
1152015036506812/17/15 Quartz vibrating device
1162015036606312/17/15 Module, module component composing the module, and manufacturing the module
1172015035524112/10/15 Current sensor and electronic device incorporating the same
1182015035711412/10/15 Electronic component
1192015035712212/10/15 Method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor, and solid electrolytic capacitor
1202015035755512/10/15 Piezoelectric thin film and manufacturing the same, and piezoelectric element
1212015035772912/10/15 Connector set and connector
1222015035773512/10/15 Connector set and connector
1232015035851712/10/15 Manufacturing camera module
1242015034603912/03/15 Sensor tag and manufacturing sensor tag
1252015034871312/03/15 Ceramic electronic component and producing same
1262015034910012/03/15 Bipolar transistor
1272015034940012/03/15 Sensor tag and manufacturing sensor tag
1282015034942312/03/15 Antenna device and wireless communication device
1292015034961212/03/15 Rotating electrical machine
1302015035122212/03/15 Resin multilayer substrate and electronic apparatus
1312015033679311/26/15 Method of manufacturing a mems structure
1322015033679411/26/15 Method of manufacturing a mems structure and use of the method
1332015033898011/26/15 Display panel with pressing sensor and electronic device with pressing input function
1342015033898111/26/15 Display panel with pressure sensor and electronic device with pressing input function
1352015034015111/26/15 Inductor bridge and electronic device
1362015034015511/26/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1372015034015611/26/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1382015034076411/26/15 Antenna
1392015034107611/26/15 High-frequency module and communication device
1402015034202811/26/15 Signal line and manufacturing method therefor
1412015034204811/26/15 Circuit board
1422015032928011/19/15 Reel for a taped series of electronic components and manufacturing the same
1432015032977511/19/15 Light-emitting ceramic, light-emitting element, and light-emitting device
1442015033101011/19/15 Acceleration sensor
1452015033284011/19/15 Multilayer inductor device
1462015033285311/19/15 Method for manufacturing ceramic electronic component
1472015033285411/19/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component and producing laminated ceramic electronic component
1482015033302711/19/15 Method of forming solder bump, and solder bump
1492015033338811/19/15 Flat cable
1502015033340611/19/15 Wireless communication device
1512015033370211/19/15 Radio frequency amplifying circuit and power amplifying module
1522015033380111/19/15 Wireless power supply apparatus
1532015033484611/19/15 Electronic component module
1542015032296911/12/15 Liquid lifting device and liquid lifting method
1552015032297011/12/15 Pressurized liquid lifting device and liquid lifting method
1562015032332311/12/15 Gyroscope structure and gyroscope device
1572015032345311/12/15 Void-arranged structure and measurement method
1582015032536711/12/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component mounting structure
1592015032536911/12/15 Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
1602015032537111/12/15 Multilayer capacitor and usage method therefor
1612015032537411/12/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
1622015032537611/12/15 Voltage smoothing circuit, voltage conversion circuit, and controlling voltage to be applied to multilayer capacitor
1632015032537711/12/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component
1642015032590011/12/15 Flat cable high-frequency filter, flat cable high-frequency diplexer, and electronic device
1652015032591711/12/15 Antenna device and wireless communication terminal
1662015032591811/12/15 Antenna device and electronic appliance
1672015032592711/12/15 Antenna device and electronic appliance
1682015032603311/12/15 Power transmission system
1692015032610911/12/15 Voltage smoothing circuit, voltage conversion circuit, and controlling voltage to be applied to multilayer capacitor
1702015032614111/12/15 Transformer module, power reception device and power transmission device
1712015032620111/12/15 Tuning-fork type quartz vibrator
1722015032737411/12/15 Method for manufacturing rigid-flexible multilayer wiring board and collective board
1732015031658111/05/15 Capacitive micromechanical sensor structure and micromechanical accelerometer
1742015031822811/05/15 Module and producing module
1752015031859311/05/15 Resonator and band pass filter
1762015031859511/05/15 Transmission line and electronic device
1772015031860211/05/15 Antenna device and communication terminal device
1782015031861411/05/15 Circuit board and circuit module
1792015031877811/05/15 Inrush current control during starting of resonant converters
1802015031883511/05/15 Circuit substrate and branch circuit
1812015031889011/05/15 High-frequency switch module
1822015030912910/29/15 Magnetic sensor and production method therefor
1832015031099410/29/15 Lc composite component
1842015031157410/29/15 Non-reciprocal circuit element
1852015031157710/29/15 Directional coupler
1862015031158910/29/15 Multiband antenna
1872015031167510/29/15 Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
1882015031182210/29/15 Inverter device
1892015031186710/29/15 High-frequency amplifier circuit
1902015031188110/29/15 Antenna device
1912015029940510/22/15 Treated liquid crystal polymer powders, paste containing the same, and liquid crystal polymer sheet including the former, stack, and manufacturing treated liquid crystal polymer powders
1922015030165710/22/15 Touch type input device
1932015030229010/22/15 Radio communication tag and manufacturing the same
1942015030298010/22/15 Composite electronic component
1952015030301810/22/15 Fuse
1962015030315210/22/15 Semiconductor package and semiconductor module including the same
1972015030354410/22/15 Two-port non-reciprocal circuit element
1982015030354510/22/15 Non-reciprocal circuit element
1992015030389010/22/15 Composite lc resonator and band pass filter
2002015030398710/22/15 Spread spectrum communication device
2012015030515010/22/15 Multi-layer resin substrate and manufacturing multi-layer resin substrate
2022015029296310/15/15 Displacement sensor, push-in amount detection sensor, and touch type device
2032015029388310/15/15 Calculation device and calculation deriving solutions of system of linear equations and program that is applied to the same
2042015029475410/15/15 Fibrillated liquid crystal polymer powder, producing fibrillated liquid crystal polymer powder, paste, resin multilayer substrate, and producing resin multilayer substrate
2052015029478010/15/15 Laminated coil component and producing same
2062015029478110/15/15 Inductor bridge and electronic device
2072015029479510/15/15 Variable capacitance device and communication apparatus
2082015029529610/15/15 High-frequency transmission line
2092015029554910/15/15 High-frequency amplifier circuit
2102015029559510/15/15 Switch module
2112015029662110/15/15 Laminated circuit substrate
2122015028563410/08/15 Angular velocity detection element
2132015028584510/08/15 Parameter derivation method
2142015028753210/08/15 Electronic component, manufacturing the same, and mount structure of electronic component
2152015028753510/08/15 Monolithic ceramic capacitor and manufacturing the same
2162015028790510/08/15 Piezoelectric member, acoustic wave apparatus, and piezoelectric member manufacturing method
2172015028796210/08/15 Battery
2182015028936310/08/15 Flexible substrate
2192015027450410/01/15 Angular acceleration sensor and acceleration sensor
2202015027678810/01/15 Angular acceleration sensor and acceleration sensor
2212015027956210/01/15 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
2222015027956310/01/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component
2232015027956410/01/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
2242015027956610/01/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component
2252015027956710/01/15 Monolithic ceramic electronic component
2262015027956810/01/15 Monolithic ceramic capacitor and structure for mounting the same
2272015027957010/01/15 Laminated ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
2282015028010410/01/15 Piezoelectric transformer device
2292015028010610/01/15 Piezoelectric sheet, manufacturing piezoelectric sheet, and manufacturing apparatus
2302015028030310/01/15 High-frequency signal transmission line
2312015028054510/01/15 Soft-start for resonant converters
2322015028077410/01/15 Switching module and wireless communication equipment
2332015028232610/01/15 Chip-component structure
2342015028232710/01/15 Multilayer electronic device and manufacturing method therefor
2352015026878609/24/15 Touch input device
2362015027005609/24/15 Laminated coil component
2372015027006509/24/15 Electronic component
2382015027006609/24/15 Electronic component
2392015027006809/24/15 Electronic component
2402015027072009/24/15 Power transmission system
2412015027080909/24/15 Power amplification module
2422015027191609/24/15 Radio-frequency circuit module
2432015026133709/17/15 Touch panel, and touch-type input apparatus and control method therefor
2442015026275309/17/15 Electronic component
2452015026326209/17/15 Piezoelectric actuator, manufacturing the same, and magnetic disc apparatus
2462015026338709/17/15 Secondary battery and charging and discharging secondary battery
2472015026341209/17/15 Wireless communication device
2482015026341309/17/15 Antenna device and mobile terminal
2492015026348909/17/15 Esd protection device

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