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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd corporation Of Japan
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd corporation Of Japan_20100121
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100107
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100114
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20131212
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100128
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd_20100121


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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024897009/03/15  new patent  Power storage device
22015024772609/03/15  new patent  Angular velocity sensor
32015024776509/03/15  new patent  Displacement detection sensor and operation input device
42015024787809/03/15  new patent  Angular acceleration sensor
52015024788009/03/15  new patent  Angular acceleration sensor
62015024798409/03/15  new patent  Optical transmission module and manufacturing optical transmission module
72015024926409/03/15  new patent  Positive electrode material, all solid-state battery, and methods respectively for producing positive electrode material and all-solid state battery
82015024926509/03/15  new patent  All solid-state battery and producing same
92015024934709/03/15  new patent  Measurement circuit and measurement wireless power transmission system
102015024943309/03/15  new patent  Power amplifier module
112015024943809/03/15  new patent  Elastic wave device
122015024948309/03/15  new patent  Wireless power transmission system
132015023906908/27/15 Solder paste, joining method using the same and joined structure
142015023973108/27/15 Microelectromechanical structure with motion limiter
152015024121608/27/15 Microelectromechanical device with motion limiters
162015024146208/27/15 Angular acceleration sensor and acceleration sensor
172015024146508/27/15 Piezoresistive mems sensor
182015024146708/27/15 Microelectromechanical structure with frames
192015024148408/27/15 Lossless over-current detection circuit for royer oscillators and push-pull converters
202015024387508/27/15 Electronic component and manufacturing the same
212015024399208/27/15 Secondary battery and producing secondary battery
222015024405908/27/15 Antenna device
232015024406408/27/15 Communication terminal device
242015023348408/20/15 Valve, fluidic apparatus, and fluid-supplying apparatus
252015023576508/20/15 Inductor manufacturing method
262015023576608/20/15 Stacked film capacitor and manufacturing stacked film capacitor
272015023623708/20/15 Elastic wave device manufacturing method and elastic wave device
282015023641808/20/15 Antenna device, communication terminal device, and communication terminal device cover
292015023642508/20/15 Array antenna
302015023771208/20/15 Radio frequency module
312015022376108/13/15 Early acute fall risk detection
322015022476208/13/15 Printing method and printing device
332015022655608/13/15 Drive circuit for a mems resonator
342015022655708/13/15 Drive circuit for mems resonator startup
352015022662408/13/15 Pressure sensor
362015022676508/13/15 Acceleration detecting device
372015022839608/13/15 Inductor
382015022840808/13/15 Perovskite material with anion-controlled dielectric properties, thin film capacitor device, and manufacturing the same
392015022840908/13/15 Monolithic ceramic capacitor, monolithic ceramic capacitor array, and monolithic ceramic capacitor mounting structure
402015022896608/13/15 Positive electrode material, secondary battery, and methods respectively for producing positive electrode material and secondary battery
412015022048908/06/15 Product inspection device, product inspection method, and computer program
422015022142808/06/15 Inductor array chip and dc-dc converter
432015022143608/06/15 Electronic component and mounting structure for the electronic component
442015022144108/06/15 Electronic component and mounting structure of electronic component
452015022144808/06/15 Power storage device
462015022145308/06/15 Method of manufacturing electronic component and electronic-component manufacturing apparatus
472015022160008/06/15 High-frequency module
482015022211008/06/15 Method and continuous short-circuit protection
492015022217608/06/15 Start-up regulator for high-input-voltage power converters
502015022223408/06/15 Power amplifier module
512015022224608/06/15 Filter device
522015022224708/06/15 Antenna branching filter
532015022232008/06/15 Transmission/reception device
542015022331908/06/15 High frequency module
552015022333408/06/15 Structure mounted with electronic component
562015021059707/30/15 Oxide ceramic and ceramic electronic component
572015021185407/30/15 Gyroscope structure and gyroscope
582015021185507/30/15 Ring gyroscope structure and gyroscope
592015021194007/30/15 Thermistor device
602015021199607/30/15 Droplet quantity determination method and measuring device
612015021219407/30/15 Transmission-reception apparatus
622015021220807/30/15 Optical sensor
632015021257107/30/15 Wake-up signal generating device, and touch input device
642015021394707/30/15 Electronic component and manufacturing the same
652015021395907/30/15 Monolithic ceramic electronic component and manufacturing the same
662015021461107/30/15 Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus
672015021462007/30/15 Antenna device and electronic device
682015021462207/30/15 Antenna device, card device, and electronic apparatus
692015021478807/30/15 Wireless power transfer apparatus
702015021491507/30/15 Common mode filter
712015021500707/30/15 Wireless power transmission system
722015021603307/30/15 High frequency module
732015021603407/30/15 Multilayer wiring board
742015020474407/23/15 Pressure sensor structure
752015020664307/23/15 Laminated-type inductance device
762015020720507/23/15 Interface and communication device
772015020722307/23/15 Antenna device and electronic appliance
782015020727807/23/15 Coaxial connector plug
792015020791307/23/15 Interface, communication apparatus, and program
802015019693607/16/15 Apparatus for manufacturing a series of taped electronic components, manufacturing a series of taped electronic components, conveying electronic components, conveying electronic components, and a series of taped electronic components
812015019852707/16/15 Perforated-structure body, manufacturing method therefor, and measurement apparatus and measurement method
822015019905607/16/15 Touch panel
832015019906107/16/15 Push amount detecting sensor and touch input device
842015020004307/16/15 Temperature sensor and manufacturing temperature sensor
852015020011707/16/15 Semiconductor crystal body processing method and semiconductor crystal body processing device
862015020040707/16/15 Solid electrolyte fuel battery
872015020041507/16/15 Solid electrolytic fuel battery
882015020064707/16/15 Piezoelectric vibration component
892015020065307/16/15 Power-on reset circuit
902015019007907/09/15 Biological sensor and manufacturing biological sensor
912015019248207/09/15 Pressing force sensor
922015019305507/09/15 Touch panel
932015019424407/09/15 Negative characteristic thermistor and manufacturing method therefor
942015019426607/09/15 Capacitor
952015019427007/09/15 Solid electrolytic capacitor, electronic component module, producing solid electrolytic capacitor and producing electronic component module
962015019473007/09/15 Dual-polarized antenna
972015019493507/09/15 Amplifier
982015019494307/09/15 Built-in-circuit substrate and composite module
992015019494707/09/15 Elastic wave device and manufacturing method thereof
1002015019494807/09/15 Elastic wave device and manufacturing method thereof
1012015019590007/09/15 High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device
1022015018239307/02/15 Pushcart
1032015018334007/02/15 Moving body
1042015018346307/02/15 Pushcart
1052015018348207/02/15 Mobile body
1062015018595507/02/15 Touch type input device
1072015018749707/02/15 Monolithic ceramic capacitor
1082015018749807/02/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1092015018822807/02/15 Coil device and antenna device
1102015018850507/02/15 Power amplifier module
1112015018850807/02/15 Filter
1122015018851107/02/15 Impedance conversion circuit and antenna device
1132015018851207/02/15 Elastic wave filter device and duplexer
1142015018860107/02/15 Front end circuit
1152015018860607/02/15 Communication circuit
1162015017843406/25/15 Method of designing impedance transformation circuit
1172015017934106/25/15 Monolithic ceramic electronic component
1182015017934306/25/15 Monolithic ceramic electronic component
1192015017962106/25/15 Module
1202015017992106/25/15 Piezoelectric transformer
1212015018012506/25/15 Signal line module and communication terminal apparatus
1222015018012606/25/15 Communication terminal apparatus and antenna device
1232015018013606/25/15 Antenna device and electronic apparatus
1242015018042706/25/15 Power amplification circuit and power amplification module
1252015018043806/25/15 Filter device
1262015018044006/25/15 Impedance transformation circuit and wireless communication apparatus
1272015018044706/25/15 Filter device
1282015018044906/25/15 Vibrating device and manufacturing method therfor
1292015018046606/25/15 Switching circuit and semiconductor module
1302015018046706/25/15 Switching circuit and high-frequency module
1312015018169906/25/15 Circuit board
1322015017098406/18/15 Electronic component can package structure
1332015016766406/18/15 Liquid delivery device
1342015016823706/18/15 Sensor device and electronic device
1352015017001706/18/15 Antenna module
1362015017083406/18/15 Method of manufacturing inductor
1372015017083806/18/15 Laminated ceramic capacitor and manufacturing laminated ceramic capacitor
1382015017149906/18/15 Non-reciprocal circuit element
1392015017150906/18/15 Antenna apparatus
1402015017161806/18/15 Esd protection device and manufacturing the same
1412015017179606/18/15 Power amplifying module
1422015017182706/18/15 Filter device and duplexer
1432015017318406/18/15 Multilayer substrate
1442015017318506/18/15 Circuit board and circuit board manufacturing method
1452015016212506/11/15 Inductor element
1462015016212606/11/15 Common mode choke coil and manufacturing method thereof
1472015016213306/11/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1482015016252306/11/15 Piezoelectric device
1492015016264306/11/15 All-solid battery
1502015016268906/11/15 Coaxial connector
1512015016288806/11/15 Variable-frequency resonance circuit and variable-frequency filter
1522015016289006/11/15 Circuit module
1532015016293506/11/15 Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter
1542015016391706/11/15 Circuit board and producing same
1552015016391806/11/15 Component-embedded board and communication terminal device
1562015016392706/11/15 Circuit board and producing same
1572015015192606/04/15 Conveying system
1582015015388006/04/15 Touch panel and touch type input device
1592015015509806/04/15 Laminated ceramic capacitor and manufacturing laminated ceramic capacitor
1602015015509906/04/15 Laminated ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method therefor
1612015015524606/04/15 Esd protection device
1622015015547406/04/15 Piezoelectric device and process for producing piezoelectric device
1632015015561106/04/15 High-frequency signal transmission line, electronic device and manufacturing high-frequency signal transmission line
1642015015584406/04/15 Band pass filter circuit and multilayer band pass filter
1652015015584806/04/15 High-frequency device and directional coupler
1662015015585006/04/15 Elastic wave filter device and duplexer
1672015015585306/04/15 Surface acoustic wave filter
1682015015686806/04/15 Electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
1692015014390505/28/15 Resonator
1702015014429505/28/15 Electronic apparatus
1712015014454305/28/15 Flowmeter, dialysis machine and medicinal solution injection device
1722015014517305/28/15 Discharge plasma machining device and manufacturing discharge plasma machined product
1732015014537505/28/15 Piezoelectric power generation apparatus
1742015014558905/28/15 Capacitance processing circuit and a mems device
1752015014767605/28/15 Fuel cell
1762015013698905/21/15 Aperture array structure and measurement method using the same
1772015013585705/21/15 Pressing force sensor
1782015013683905/21/15 Method for manufacturing electronic device
1792015013685905/21/15 Communication device
1802015013713805/21/15 Transistor and producing transistor
1812015013766805/21/15 Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing ceramic electronic component
1822015013790905/21/15 Filter device
1832015013792805/21/15 Transformer coil
1842015013803005/21/15 Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus
1852015014020105/21/15 Esd protection device and manufacturing the same
1862015014184005/21/15 Biological sensor
1872015012976905/14/15 Measurement object to be measured
1882015013051605/14/15 Diode load driving power supply apparatus
1892015013053705/14/15 Power amplification module
1902015013055105/14/15 Elastic wave device and duplexing device
1912015013055805/14/15 Filter device and duplexer
1922015013068305/14/15 High-frequency transmission line and antenna device
1932015013119305/14/15 Esd protection device
1942015013182205/14/15 Plane-type speaker and av apparatus
1952015013182305/14/15 Plane-type speaker and av apparatus
1962015013266705/14/15 Secondary battery
1972015012196305/07/15 Glass product manufacturing method and glass product manufacturing apparatus
1982015012253705/07/15 Capacitor, capacitor mounting structure, and taped electronic component series
1992015012289605/07/15 Wireless ic device
2002015012300105/07/15 Measurement object to be measured and measurement device used thereof
2012015012385805/07/15 Antenna device and communication terminal device
2022015012440905/07/15 Composite module
2032015011378004/30/15 Method of manufacturing electronic component
2042015011380104/30/15 Method for manufacturing gravure plate, gravure printing method, and manufacturing electronic component
2052015011380204/30/15 Method of manufacturing resin multilayer substrate
2062015011469504/30/15 Electronic component package, electronic component series, and carrier tape
2072015011470304/30/15 Multilayer ceramic electronic component, series of electronic components stored in a tape, and manufacturing multilayer ceramic electronic component
2082015011577104/30/15 Elastic wave device and manufacturing the same
2092015011577604/30/15 Ceramic electronic component and manufacturing ceramic electronic component
2102015011594904/30/15 Bridge circuit and magnetic sensor including the circuit
2112015011605604/30/15 Electronic component
2122015011606004/30/15 High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device
2132015011616804/30/15 Antenna device and electronic apparatus
2142015011689604/30/15 Monolithic ceramic capacitor
2152015011689704/30/15 Electronic component
2162015011689804/30/15 Monolithic ceramic capacitor
2172015011689904/30/15 Electronic component
2182015011690004/30/15 Laminated electronic component manufacturing method, and laminated electronic component
2192015011690104/30/15 Ceramic electronic component
2202015011690204/30/15 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and mother ceramic multilayer body
2212015011690304/30/15 Composite sheet, multilayer ceramic electronic component, and manufacturing the multilayer ceramic electronic component
2222015011696404/30/15 Component-embedded substrate
2232015011890004/30/15 Coaxial connector plug
2242015011898404/30/15 High frequency circuit module
2252015010707104/23/15 Manufacturing method and manufacturing device for electronic component
2262015010747204/23/15 Gravure printing plate and manufacturing method thereof, gravure printing machine, and manufacturing laminated ceramic electronic component
2272015010747304/23/15 Gravure printing plate and manufacturing method thereof, gravure printing machine, and manufacturing laminated ceramic electronic component
2282015010839304/23/15 Sintered body and inductor
2292015010853304/23/15 Light-emitting device
2302015010899804/23/15 Coaxial connector
2312015010906604/23/15 Non-reciprocal circuit element, module of the same, and transmission and reception module
2322015010906904/23/15 Directional coupler
2332015010907104/23/15 Elastic wave device
2342015010971704/23/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing the same
2352015010974604/23/15 Electronic control device including interrupt wire
2362015011111104/23/15 All-solid battery
2372015010270504/16/15 Elastic wave device
2382015010291104/16/15 Sensor tag and sensor network system
2392015010297004/16/15 Magnetic material core-embedded resin multilayer board, manufacturing method therefor, electronic device, and antenna device
2402015010346704/16/15 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing the same
2412015010349504/16/15 Electronic component module
2422015010349904/16/15 Electronic component-embedded module and communication terminal device
2432015009663804/09/15 Valve, fluid control device
2442015009679104/09/15 Ceramic multilayer substrate
2452015009679204/09/15 Electronic component unit and manufacturing method therefor
2462015009700604/09/15 Bonding material applying apparatus and bonding material applying method
2472015009764804/09/15 Composite electronic component and composite electronic component manufacturing method
2482015009816504/09/15 Conductive paste, multilayer ceramic electronic component, and manufacturing same
2492015009911504/09/15 Magnetic material composition and coil component

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