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Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technological University The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
Nanyang Technological University_20100107
Nanyang Technological University_20100128
Nanyang Technological University_20131212

Nanyang Technological University patents

Recent patent applications related to Nanyang Technological University. Nanyang Technological University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nanyang Technological University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nanyang Technological University, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Field emission light source
11/23/17Engineered self-cleaning cementitious composites
11/23/17Recombinant expression system that senses pathogenic microorganisms
11/09/17Bioresorbable-magnesium composite
11/09/17Stabilized and autonomous antibody vh domain
11/02/17Systems and methods for revascularization assessment
10/26/17Method for preparing a magnetic chain structure
10/26/17Indium oxide nanowire having copper-based dopants, forming the same and gas sensor having the same, and forming nanowires having metal phthalocyanine, nanowire arrangement and gas sensor having the same
10/12/17Carrying platform for moving a device within a conduit
10/12/17Probe for iridocorneal angle imaging
10/12/17Methods to improve axial resolution in optical coherence tomography
10/05/17An amplifier circuit for a parametric transducer and a related audio device
09/28/17Device including halide perovskite structure, methods of forming and operating the same
09/21/17Method of manufacturing a germanium-on-insulator substrate
09/14/17Method of encoding data and data storage system
08/31/17Sustained timolol maleate delivery from liposomes for glaucoma therapy and occular hypertension
08/24/17Method of functionalizing surfaces of carbon nanomaterials
08/24/17A bioreactor module, a bioreactor system and methods for thick tissue seeding and cultivation in an hirearchical organization and physiological mimiking conditions
08/17/17Systems and methods for pedal revascularization assessment
08/17/17System and annotating and analyzing eeg waveforms
08/17/17Electronic circuit for single-event latch-up detection and protection
08/10/17Method of improving solvent tolerance in microbes
08/03/17Biological tissue adhesive composition and preparation thereof
07/27/17Method for providing a voltage reference at a present operating temperature in a circuit
07/27/17Magnetic random number generator
07/13/17Method of manufacturing a substrate
07/13/17Analog-to-digital converter
07/06/17Switch film
06/15/17Cathode materials containing olivine structured nanocomposites
06/08/17Methods and systems for demosaicing an image
06/08/17Microwave absorbing composite for turbine blade applications
05/25/17Polyimide-carbon nanotube composite film
05/25/17Systems and methods for synthetic biology design and host cell simulation
05/18/17Methods for separating carbon nanotubes
05/18/17Computerized automating rewards to customers
03/09/17Light absorbing films
03/09/17A dead time circuit for a switching circuit and a switching amplifier
03/02/17Partially coherent phase recovery
02/23/17System and predicting acute cardiopulmonary events and survivability of a patient
02/16/17Asx-specific protein ligase
02/02/17Allenamide as an orthogonal handle for selective modification of cysteine in peptides and proteins
01/12/17Emission source and forming the same
12/29/16Method and algorithmic control of the acceptance of orders by an e-commerce enterprise
11/17/16Device for determining a condition of an organ and operating the same
11/17/16Embolic device, an embolizing a target vascular site and a method thereof
11/17/16Electroactive bioadhesive compositions
11/17/16Graphene-metal chalcogenide porous material
11/17/16Hydration layer/lipid bilayer structures
11/17/16Nanocomposite, electrode containing the nanocomposite, and making the nanocomposite
11/10/16Method of forming an integrated circuit and related integrated circuit
11/10/16An integrated circuit adapted for mobile communication and related mobile computing device
11/03/16Multilayered nanoparticle and methods of manufacturing and using the same
10/27/16Method of preparing hollow metal or metal oxide nano- or microspheres
10/27/16Modified g-quadruplex nanoparticles
10/20/16Nanofiltration membrane and manufacturing a nanofiltration membrane
10/20/16Light-emitting device and forming the same
09/29/16A membrane filtration module
09/22/16Systems and methods for assessing and training wrist joint proprioceptive function
09/22/16Micro-machined optical pressure sensors
09/22/16Addressable siox memory array with incorporated diodes
09/01/16Method and arrangement for determining at least one pore-related parameter of a porous material
09/01/16Perovskite thin films having large crystalline grains
08/25/16Method and system for intelligent crane lifting
08/18/16Lighting control method and system
08/11/16Methods for controlling assembly of lipids on a solid support
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08/11/16Method of detecting hydrogen peroxide
08/04/16Photoacoustic imaging contrast agent composition
08/04/16Spintronic materials and spintronic devices including the spintronic materials
08/04/16Method of detecting analytes having a thiol functional group
08/04/16Electrochromic device
07/21/16Biodegradable ocular implant
07/21/16Elongated titanate nanotube, its synthesis method, and its use
07/21/16Novel tricyclic chiral compounds and their use in asymmetric catalysis
07/21/16Method of generating a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal for an analog amplifier, and a related pulse width modulator
07/21/16Methods and systems for wireless transmission of data between network nodes
07/07/16An diagnostics of netural radicals in plasma
06/30/16Method of manufacturing a flexible and/or stretchable electronic device
06/16/16System and processing an input signal to produce 3d audio effects
05/26/16Accurate assessment of the state of charge of electrochemical cells
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05/26/16Perovskites for optoelectronic applications
05/26/16Electrolyte membrane for liquid anode cell battery
05/19/16Spiro-1,1'-bindane-7,7-bisphosphine oxides as highly active supporting ligands for paladium-catalyzed asymmetric heck reaction
05/19/16Highly porous aerogels
05/19/16Methods and systems for transport-of-intensity imaging
05/19/16Organic light emitting device
05/19/16Method for forming noble metal nanoparticles on a support
05/19/16Layer arrangement and fabricating thereof
05/12/16Metamaterial device and uses thereof
05/12/16Non-volatile logic device
05/05/16Switching circuit
04/28/16Battery charging devices, battery charging methods, battery systems, and methods for controlling batteries
04/28/16Peptides binding to parallel-stranded g-quadruplexes
04/28/16Image sensor and controlling the same
04/21/16Antibacterial cryogel and porous hydrogel, their preparation method, and their use for disinfecting water
04/21/16Modular synthetic gal1 promoter and use thereof
04/21/16Laser cooling of organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites
04/21/16Systems and methods for classifying electrical signals
04/07/16Power converter system and manufacturing thereof
04/07/16Electron device and manufacturing an electron device
03/31/16Ceramic-polymer nanocomposites
03/24/16A draw solute and an improved forward osmosis method
03/17/16A draw solute for forward osmosis
03/03/16Method of forming a magnetic domain wall in a nanowire
02/25/16A metal-doped hydroxyapatite catalyst
02/25/16Antiproliferative agent
02/25/16Electrochemical lateral flow bioassay and biosensor
02/25/16Flexible and/or stretchable electronic device and manufacturing thereof
02/18/16Site-specific induction of bimolecular quadruplex-duplex hybrids and methods of using the same
02/11/16Chitosan hydrogel derivatives as a coating agent with broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities
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02/11/16Activation of carbonyl beta-carbons for chemical transformations
02/04/163-piperidone compounds and their use as neurokinin-1 (nk1) receptor antagonists
01/28/16Hybrid nanomaterial of graphene oxide nanomaterial and cationic quaternized chitosan
01/21/16Monolayer of nanorods on a substrate and forming the same
01/14/16Method of manufacturing a device for supporting biological material growth and device therefrom
01/07/16Use of relatively permanent pigmented or vascular skin mark patterns in images for personal identification
01/07/16Method of manufacturing a monolayer graphene photodetector and monolayer graphene photodetector
01/07/16Method of preparing a vanadium oxide compound and use thereof in electrochemical cells
12/31/15Methods for testing a battery and devices configured to test a battery
12/24/15Optical imaging device and imaging a sample
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12/24/15Method of preparing a keratin-based biomaterial and keratin-based biomaterial formed thereof
12/24/15Angiopoietin-related protein 4 (cangptl4) as a diagnostic biomarker for acute lung damage
12/24/15Memory device
12/24/15P-type dopant and p-type doping of a semiconductor
12/24/15Capacitively coupled electrodeless plasma apparatus and a method using capacitively coupled electrodeless plasma for processing a silicon substrate
12/17/15A device and forming an anastomotic joint between two parts of a body
12/17/15Ionic liquid electrolyte and fluorinated carbon electrode
12/17/15Image sensors and methods for controlling an image sensor
12/10/15Bio-absorbable medicament-eluting ventilation tube
12/10/15Quorum sensing inhibitors
12/10/15A piezoelectric energy harvester
12/03/15Apparatus and fabricating microcontainers
12/03/15Method of synthesizing peptides, proteins and bioconjugates
11/26/15Sensor, forming the same, and controlling the same
11/26/15Multi-screen media delivery systems and methods
11/19/15Specific internalization of nanoparticles into protein cages
11/19/15Liquid metal battery
11/12/15Programmable synthetic lysis system for controlled release of macromolecules
11/12/15Method of fabricating semiconductor devices
11/05/15New photoactive bioadhesive compositions
10/22/15Composite film and forming the same
10/22/15An upper body movement
10/15/15Apparatus for the generation of nanocluster films and methods for doing the same
10/08/15Nanofiber and use thereof in an electrode
10/01/15Compounds and methods for the production of suckerin and uses thereof
10/01/15Curiosity-based emotion modeling virtual companions
10/01/15Episodic and semantic memory based remembrance agent modeling virtual companions
09/17/15Apparatus and efficient task allocation in crowdsourcing
09/10/15Hyaluronic acid-based drug delivery systems
09/10/15Self-healing composite, self-healing supercapacitor and methods of fabrication thereof
Patent Packs
08/20/15Flexible master - slave robotic endoscopy system
08/13/15Predicting acute cardiopulmonary events and survivability of a patient
08/06/15Methods of manufacturing hydrogel microparticles having living cells, and compositions for manufacturing a scaffold for tissue engineering
08/06/15Reinforced membranes for producing osmotic power in pressure retarded osmosis
07/30/15Drug eluting member, a attaching the same and a fabricating the same, a device for holding the same and a drug eluting device
07/30/15Isolated nucleotide molecule and sensing and killing of pathogenic microorganism
07/30/15Angiopoietin-like 4 antibody and a its use in cancer treatment
07/16/15Angiopoietin-like 4 and a its use in wound healing
07/09/15Device, detection of fluid accumulation
07/09/15Stable liposomal formulations for ocular drug delivery
07/02/15Nanoparticulate contrast agent
07/02/15Composite material
07/02/15Alkane exporter and its use
06/25/15Expression construct for sensing cell density and substrate availability and its use in conversion of hydroxycinnamic acids
06/25/15Light-emitting device
06/18/15Floating capsules encapsulating particles loaded with one or more drugs
06/18/15Small molecule catalyst for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural production from saccharides
06/18/15Chiral phosphines for palladium-catalyzed asymmetric alpha-arylation of ester enolates to produce tertiary stereocenters in high enantioselectivity
06/11/15Method of fabricating a fibre device
06/11/15Addressable siox memory array with incorporated diodes
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06/04/15System and predicting acute cardiopulmonary events and survivability of a patient
05/28/15Miniature passive structures, high frequency electrostatic discharge protection networks, and high frequency electrostatic discharge protection schemes
05/21/15Silica aerogel composite
05/14/15Device and structure and forming the same
05/07/15Surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (sers) marker conjugates and methods of their preparation
04/23/15Method for detecting disease biomarkers
03/26/15Cell arrangement
03/19/15Microencapsulation of organic silanes and their use as self healing materials
03/12/15Method and system for real time inspection of a silicon wafer
03/12/15Emission source and forming the same
03/12/15Systems and methods for revascularization assessment
03/05/15Optical detection device and optical detection method
03/05/15Biomolecule-graphene quantum dot conjugates and use thereof
02/26/15Apparatus and separating a stacked arrangement
02/26/15Hydrophobic organic-inorganic composite hollow fiber membrane and forming the same
02/05/15Methods of preparing catalysts for the chirally selective synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
01/29/15Microfluidic platform and controlling the same
01/22/15Method for preparing a patterned substrate and use thereof in implants for tissue engineering
01/15/15Anode material for ultrafast-charging lithium ion batteries and a its synthesis
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01/15/15Metal oxide composite and a forming thereof
01/08/15Integrated access network
01/01/15Apparatus for heat dissipation and a fabricating the apparatus
01/01/15Processes for preparing indoles
12/25/14Traffic signal control method and traffic signal controller
12/18/14Graft copolymers of a poly(vinylidene fluoride)-based polymer and at least one type of electrically conductive polymer, and methods for forming the graft copolymers
12/18/14Method of synthesizing tungsten carbide nanorods and catalysts formed therewith
11/13/14Aquaporin based thin film composite membranes
11/06/14Spst switch, spdt switch, spmt switch and communication device using the same
10/23/14Method for modification of organic molecules
10/09/14Method and calibrating a motion tracking system
10/02/14Occlusion device for closing anatomical defects
09/04/14Method of operating controller for a power converter, and a corresponding controller
08/28/14Angiopoietin-like 4 and its use in modulating cell leakiness
08/14/14Multilayer filter
08/14/14Cationic peptidopolysaccharides with excellent broad- spectrum antimicrobial activities and high selectivity
08/14/14Processes of enantioselectively forming an aminoxy compound and an 1,2-oxazine compound
07/31/14Tangible user interface and a system thereof
07/24/14Deep tissue flowmetry using diffuse speckle contrast analysis
07/17/14Systems, apparatuses, devices, and processes for synergistic neuro-physiological rehabilitation and/or functional development
07/10/14Method of generating a metamaterial, and a metamaterial generated thereof
06/12/14Method and system for tracking motion of a device
06/05/14Data encoding methods, data decoding methods, data reconstruction methods, data encoding devices, data decoding devices, and data reconstruction devices
06/05/14Listening device and accompanying signal processing method
05/01/14Apparatus, a method and a computer program for interconnecting multiple computer networks
03/27/14Conducting polymer/graphene-based material composites, and methods for preparing the composites
03/20/14Sensor device
03/20/14Acetyltanshinone iia (ata) as anticancer agent
03/13/14Bioabsorbable tracheal stent, and manufacturing thereof
02/20/14Miniature passive structures for esd protection and input and output matching
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02/20/14Systems and methods for pedal revascularization assessment
02/13/14Apparatus and an assembly for emulating an impulse force exerted by a skeletal muscle
02/13/14Multi-layered surgical prosthesis
02/06/14Multiple-mode filter for radio frequency integrated circuits
01/16/14Method and an determining vein patterns from a colour image
01/09/14Forward osmosis membrane and forming a forward osmosis membrane
01/09/14Forward osmosis hollow fiber membrane
12/26/13Digital cell
12/19/13Power amplifier and linearization techniques using active and passive devices
12/12/13Miniaturized passive low pass filter
11/28/13Method of preparing reduced graphene oxide foam
11/21/13Integrated circuit architecture with strongly coupled lc tanks
11/14/13Cavitation sensor
11/14/13Method for encapsulating particles
10/24/13Device for controlled release of a bioactive agent
10/17/13Method for micropatterning a substrate and a patterned substrate formed thereof
09/19/13Membrane sensor and detecting fouling in a fluid
09/19/13Method for forming a tissue construct and use thereof
08/22/13Liposomal formulation for ocular drug delivery
08/15/13Biodegradable ocular implant
08/15/13Glaucoma valve, a casing for containing a glaucoma valve, and a glaucoma drainage device comprising the valve and/or the casing
08/08/13Methods and recovering phase and amplitude from intensity images
08/01/13Sensor network
08/01/13Microencapsulation of reactive diisocyanates and the application to self-healing anticorrosion coatings
07/04/13Method of manufacturing a scaffold for tissue engineering or repair
06/27/13Method for the synthesis of an amino acetal
05/30/13Balloon inflating device and a inflating a balloon
05/23/13Compound for use in peptide synthesis
05/09/13Asynchronous-logic circuit for full dynamic voltage control

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