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Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technological University The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
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Nanyang Technological University patents

Recent patent applications related to Nanyang Technological University. Nanyang Technological University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nanyang Technological University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nanyang Technological University, we're just tracking patents.

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Photo-acoustic sensing apparatus and methods of operation thereof

A photo-acoustic sensing apparatus (100) for non-invasive measurement of blood parameters of a subject (102) comprises a photo-acoustic sensor (104) for sensing photo-acoustic signals (106) induced when a region of the subject is illuminated by a light source (108). A first sensor processing module (112) may derive blood oxygen saturation... Nanyang Technological University

Stent assembly and preparing the stent assembly

Various embodiments relate to a stent assembly comprising a stent; a swellable coating disposed on at least a portion of an exterior surface of the stent; optionally, a carrier dispersed in the swellable coating and/or disposed on at least a portion of an exterior surface of the stent; and an... Nanyang Technological University

Method of interconnecting nanowires, nanowire network and transparent condutive electrode

According to embodiments of the present invention, a method of interconnecting nanowires is provided. The method includes providing a plurality of nanowires, providing a plurality of nanoparticles, and fusing the plurality of nanoparticles to the plurality of nanowires to interconnect the plurality of nanowires to each other via the plurality... Nanyang Technological University

Methods of encoding and storing multiple versions of data, decoding encoded multiple versions of data and distributed storage system

There is provided a method of encoding multiple versions of data. The method includes computing a difference between a version of a data object and a subsequent version of the data object to produce a difference object, determining a sparsity level of the difference 10 object; determining whether the sparsity... Nanyang Technological University

Regenerable draw solute for osmotically driven processes

Disclosed herein is a use of an inorganic salt to form and regenerate a draw solute for forward osmosis, wherein the inorganic salt is selected from one or more of the group selected from sodium sulfate, calcium lactate, disodium phosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, and hydrates thereof. Also disclosed herein is a... Nanyang Technological University

Electrochemical detection of microorganisms

The present invention provides a method for determining the presence of a microorganism in a sample using an electrochemically active reporter, wherein the method comprises (a) contacting the sample with an electrochemically active reporter, wherein the electrochemically active reporter is a conjugate comprising a sugar moiety and a redox active... Nanyang Technological University

Device and energy harvesting using a self-oscillating power-on-reset start-up circuit with auto-disabling function

Device and method for energy harvesting using a self-oscillating power-on reset start-up circuit. The device for energy harvesting comprises a start-up circuit for generating self-oscillation and initial boosting of an input voltage from an energy source during a start-up phase; a main boost circuit for boosting the input voltage during... Nanyang Technological University

Nanocapsules carrying chikungunya-associated peptides

The present invention refers to a composition comprising a viral protein or fragment thereof, wherein the viral protein or fragment thereof is enclosed within a self-assembling protein nanocapsule, preferably ferritin, and wherein the viral protein, or fragment thereof is selected from a virus of the Togaviridae family. The viral protein... Nanyang Technological University

A draw solute for a forward osmosis process

A draw solute for a forward osmosis process, the draw solute comprising: a thermally responsive ionic compound having at least one of: a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) and an upper critical solution temperature (UCST), the draw solute being regeneratable from a diluted aqueous draw solution after forward osmosis via... Nanyang Technological University

Image recognition accelerator, terminal device, and image recognition method

An image recognition accelerator, a terminal device, and an image recognition method are provided. The image recognition accelerator includes a dimensionality-reduction processing module, an NVM, and an image matching module. The dimensionality-reduction processing module first reduces a dimensionality of first image data. The NVM writes, into a first storage area... Nanyang Technological University

Computerized personalized storytelling

A method and system are proposed for presenting information relating to a product to a potential customer for the product, upon the user scanning a 2D barcode using a mobile device. The information is presented to the customer as a story generated by an agent-based storytelling system. The story is... Nanyang Technological University

Integrated reverse osmosis module with energy recovery for desalination

A system includes a first fluid inlet and a single reverse osmosis membrane module having a permeate outlet and a first inlet/outlet channel and a second fluid inlet/outlet channel in fluid communication with the first fluid inlet. An energy transfer system has a second fluid inlet, a brine outlet, a... Nanyang Technological University

Perovskite core-shell nanocrystals

Provided is a nanocrystal comprising a core comprised in a shell, wherein the core comprises a first material of a perovskite structure comprising a first organic cation not exceeding a molar weight of about 45 g/mol, a first divalent metal and a first counter anion, and, wherein the shell comprises... Nanyang Technological University

Conductive paste, forming an interconnection and electrical device

According to embodiments of the present invention, a conductive paste is provided. The conductive paste has a cam-position including a plurality of conductive nanoparticles and a plurality of conductive nanowires, wherein a weight ratio of the plurality of conductive nanoparticles to the plurality of conductive nanowires is between about 10:1... Nanyang Technological University

A metal oxide nanostructured material and an electrochemical cell comprising the same

A method for preparing a niobium, titanium or vanadium metal oxide nanostructured material is provided. The method comprises providing an aqueous reagent comprising (i) a soluble metal oxalate, and/or (ii) oxalic acid and a metal oxide precursor, adding a buffering agent to the aqueous reagent to form a mixture, and... Nanyang Technological University

Site-specific dna recombination

The present invention provides a method of stably integrating a DNA sequence of interest into a target genomic DNA sequence of a host cell, wherein the target genomic DNA sequence comprises a nucleotide sequence that is at least 80% homologous to the sequence as set forth in SEQ ID NO:1,... Nanyang Technological University

Field emission light source

The present invention generally relates to a field emission light source and specifically to a miniaturized field emission light source that is possible to manufacture in large volumes at low cost using the concept of wafer level manufacturing, i.e. a similar approach as used by IC's and MEMS. The invention... Nanyang Technological University

Engineered self-cleaning cementitious composites

The present invention relates to a cementitous composite specifically engineered to possess self-cleaning abilities while maintaining their unique strain-hardening behaviour and the preparation of the said composite. The cementitious composite comprises a hydraulic cement, a plurality of fibers, in particular polyvinyl alcohol fibers wherein the ratio of the plurality of... Nanyang Technological University

Recombinant expression system that senses pathogenic microorganisms

The present invention relates to a recombinant expression system comprising at least: (i) a first nucleotide sequence encoding for at least one protein of a quorum sensing system capable of detecting the presence, amount or both of a microorganism of interest by forming a complex with a marker molecule indicating... Nanyang Technological University

Bioresorbable-magnesium composite

The invention relates to biocomposites comprising a polymeric matrix and a magnesium filler such as a water soluble magnesium salt. The use of elemental magnesium or magnesium alloy in the biocomposite is minimized and preferably avoided. The magnesium biocomposites can be used as bone implants.... Nanyang Technological University

Stabilized and autonomous antibody vh domain

The present invention relates to single domain antibodies comprising at least one modification relative to the 4D5 antibody scaffold or human germline VH3 domain, the modifications selected from the group consisting of H35D, A78V, S93V, S93G and W103R, with the position numbering being according to the Kabat numbering scheme. Disulfide-free... Nanyang Technological University

Systems and methods for revascularization assessment

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for revascularization assessment. The methods can in some cases include one or more of the steps of measuring blood perfusion as a function of time to obtain time series data, mathematically transforming the time series data into a power spectrum, calculating at least one... Nanyang Technological University

Method for preparing a magnetic chain structure

A method for preparing a magnetic chain structure is provided. The method comprises providing a plurality of magnetic particles; dispersing the plurality of magnetic particles in a solution comprising a dopamine-based material to form a reaction mixture; applying a magnetic field across the reaction mixture to align the magnetic particles... Nanyang Technological University

Indium oxide nanowire having copper-based dopants, forming the same and gas sensor having the same, and forming nanowires having metal phthalocyanine, nanowire arrangement and gas sensor having the same

According to embodiments of the present invention, a method of forming an indium oxide nanowire including copper-based dopants is provided. The method includes providing an indium-based precursor material and a copper-based dopant precursor material, and performing a thermal evaporation process to vapourise the indium-based precursor material and the copper-based dopant... Nanyang Technological University

Carrying platform for moving a device within a conduit

A carrying platform for moving a device within a conduit, the carrying platform comprising: a body configured to be moveable within the conduit; a number of clampers provided on the body and configured to releasably engage the conduit for immobilizing the carrying platform relative to the conduit; and a device... Nanyang Technological University

Probe for iridocorneal angle imaging

A probe for iridocorneal angle imaging of an eye, the probe comprising: a distal end having a corneal contact surface; a camera having an imaging lens at the distal end and an imaging axis orthogonal to the corneal contact surface; and at least two illumination sources, each illumination source having... Nanyang Technological University

Methods to improve axial resolution in optical coherence tomography

Methods are proposed to improve axial resolution in optical coherence tomography (OCT). In one aspect, the method comprises: obtaining a k-space interferogram of an OCT spectral image; uniformly reshaping the k-space interferogram to a quasi-stationary interferogram by extracting a source envelope; fitting a spectral estimation model to the quasi-stationary interferogram;... Nanyang Technological University

An amplifier circuit for a parametric transducer and a related audio device

An amplifier circuit for a parametric transducer, comprising: a signal processor for processing an input signal into first and second signals; and at least a pair of output stages arranged to respectively receive the first and second signals for generating amplified first and second signals respectively, which are provided to... Nanyang Technological University

Device including halide perovskite structure, methods of forming and operating the same

Various embodiments may provide a device for providing a first optical light of a first wavelength and a second optical light of a second wavelength. The device may include a halide perovskite structure including a first pattern and a second pattern different from the first pattern, so that the first... Nanyang Technological University

Method of manufacturing a germanium-on-insulator substrate

A method of manufacturing a germanium-on-insulator substrate is disclosed. The method comprises: providing (102) a first semiconductor substrate, and a second semiconductor substrate formed with a germanium layer; bonding (102) the first semiconductor substrate to the second semiconductor substrate using at least one dielectric material to form a combined substrate,... Nanyang Technological University

Method of encoding data and data storage system

According to various embodiments, there may be provided a method of encoding data, the method including providing a set of replica nodes, wherein each replica node of the set of replica nodes stores replica data identical to original data stored in a corresponding original node of a set of original... Nanyang Technological University

Sustained timolol maleate delivery from liposomes for glaucoma therapy and occular hypertension

Various embodiments relate to the field of liposomal formulations for drug delivery, in particular, liposomal formulations for ocular drug delivery. More specifically, various embodiments relate to sustained timolol maleate delivery from liposomes for glaucoma therapy and ocular hypertension.... Nanyang Technological University

Method of functionalizing surfaces of carbon nanomaterials

The invention relates to a method of functionalizing surfaces of carbon nanomaterials using oxygen in the air. The method is clean and eco-friendly with virtually zero chemical usage and zero waste generation. The dispersion of the surface-functionalized carbon nanomaterials is excellent in organic solvents.... Nanyang Technological University

A bioreactor module, a bioreactor system and methods for thick tissue seeding and cultivation in an hirearchical organization and physiological mimiking conditions

The invention provides a bioreactor and methods for tissue cultivation. A bioreactor module comprises a container, a holder adapted to hold a scaffold containing an inherent vascular network, an inlet connectable to a vessel of the inherent vascular network, an inflatable device disposed within the container, and a pair of... Nanyang Technological University

08/17/17 / #20170231510

Systems and methods for pedal revascularization assessment

Diffuse optical flow (DOF) sensors can be used to assess deep tissue flow. DOF sensors positioned on a foot can provide fluctuating light intensity data to an analyzer, which can then determine absolute and/or relative blood flow. The determined absolute and/or relative blood flow can be signaled to an operator,... Nanyang Technological University

08/17/17 / #20170231519

System and annotating and analyzing eeg waveforms

Systems and methods of the present invention provide for storing an annotated set of confirmed epileptiform discharges (ED) waveforms in a database; receiving, by a computing device, a signal encoding electroencephalograph (EEG) data from a plurality of electrodes each attached to a subject and detecting EEG data; generating a user... Nanyang Technological University

08/17/17 / #20170237250

Electronic circuit for single-event latch-up detection and protection

An electronic circuit for single-event latch-up (SEL) detection and protection of a target integrated circuit (IC) is disclosed. The circuit comprises: a first detector configured for detecting an absolute load current (i) and comparing the absolute load current (i) with a threshold current (ith); a second detector configured for detecting... Nanyang Technological University

08/10/17 / #20170226541

Method of improving solvent tolerance in microbes

The invention relates generally to a method of improving solvent tolerance in microbes, and in particular, to a method of improving bio-butanol titre in a fermentation process due to improved solvent tolerance in microbes. The method of improving butanol titre in a fermentation process involves the addition of a membrane... Nanyang Technological University

08/03/17 / #20170216485

Biological tissue adhesive composition and preparation thereof

A biological tissue adhesive composition is provided. The biological tissue adhesive composition comprises one or more macromolecules grafted with at least one catechol moiety and comprising at least one cross-linkable functional group, a first cross-linker for cross-linking the at least one catechol moiety, wherein the first cross-linker comprises or consists... Nanyang Technological University

07/27/17 / #20170212541

Method for providing a voltage reference at a present operating temperature in a circuit

A method for providing a voltage reference at a present operating temperature in a circuit is provided. The circuit comprises a first MOS transistor having a first threshold voltage; and a second MOS transistor having a second threshold voltage different from the first threshold voltage is provided. Temperature insensitivity is... Nanyang Technological University

07/27/17 / #20170212728

Magnetic random number generator

A magnetic random number generator is disclosed. The magnetic random number generator comprises: a) a Hall cross structure comprising at least one magnetic nanowire with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy; b) an in-plane pulsed current generator operable to generate stochastic nucleation of domain walls (DWs) in the Hall cross structure; and c)... Nanyang Technological University

07/13/17 / #20170200648

Method of manufacturing a substrate

A method of manufacturing a substrate is disclosed. The method comprises: providing a first semiconductor substrate, which includes an at least partially processed CMOS device layer and a layer of first wafer material; bonding a handle substrate to the partially processed CMOS device layer and removing the layer of first... Nanyang Technological University

07/13/17 / #20170201268

Analog-to-digital converter

An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is provided, having two comparators, two digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and an adder circuit. The ADC receives an input value and, over a plurality of conversion cycles of the ADC, generates an output value representative of the input value. Each respective DAC generates a plurality of threshold... Nanyang Technological University

07/06/17 / #20170194961

Switch film

A switch film comprising: a flexible film substrate; a switch supported by the flexible film substrate, the switch having a state consisting of one of: normally-open and normally closed, the switch configured to change its state upon application of at least a predetermined force; and an electronic circuit supported by... Nanyang Technological University

06/15/17 / #20170170479

Cathode materials containing olivine structured nanocomposites

The invention relates to cathode materials containing olivine structured nanocomposites for lithium batteries. In particular, the olivine structured nanocomposites include a mixture of lithium metal phosphates.... Nanyang Technological University

06/08/17 / #20170161872

Methods and systems for demosaicing an image

Methods and systems are presented for converting a mosaiced image in which, for each pixel, a single color intensity value is defined for only one corresponding color, into a full color image in which, for each pixel, color intensity values are defined for each of three colors. For each color,... Nanyang Technological University

06/08/17 / #20170162947

Microwave absorbing composite for turbine blade applications

The invention provides a composite laminate comprising an outer, an intermediate and an inner section comprising, respectively, first layers of composite material and one or more functional layers having a printed circuit for absorbing the electromagnetic radiation incident on the composite laminate; second layers of composite material; a conducting layer... Nanyang Technological University

05/25/17 / #20170145175

Polyimide-carbon nanotube composite film

A polyimide-carbon nanotube composite film is provided. The composite film includes a carbon nanotube, and a polyimide obtainable by imidizing a poly(amic acid).... Nanyang Technological University

05/25/17 / #20170147742

Systems and methods for synthetic biology design and host cell simulation

Systems and methods are proposed for synthetic biology design and host cell simulation. In one form, a synthetic biology design system is proposed, comprising a model conversion component configured to: receive genetic circuit data indicative of a user-specified genetic circuit design; identify, from the genetic circuit data, constituent parts of... Nanyang Technological University

05/18/17 / #20170137291

Methods for separating carbon nanotubes

In various embodiments, a method for separating semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes from metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes may be provided. The method may include the steps of (a) passing a carbon nanotube dispersion over a charged material. The dispersion may include a mixture of the semiconducting carbon nanotubes and the metallic... Nanyang Technological University

05/18/17 / #20170140409

Computerized automating rewards to customers

A computerized reward mechanism system is proposed which makes use both of presently collected data relating to the customer, and a database of historical data relating to the customer. Using this information, the system performs a customer preference analysis, which results in selecting rewards which are adapted to the customers'... Nanyang Technological University

03/09/17 / #20170066932

Light absorbing films

Provided is a spectrally selective solar thermal coating, formed as a continuous uniform layer, combining a light-absorbing coating and an infrared (IR) reflecting layer positioned on top of the absorber coating. The coating is adapted for use in a plurality of applications, including amongst many control of stray light and... Nanyang Technological University

03/09/17 / #20170070200

A dead time circuit for a switching circuit and a switching amplifier

A dead time circuit (750) for a switching circuit is disclosed. The dead-time circuit comprises: an input (752) for receiving a switching signal of the switching circuit with at least one supply rail having a ground bounce signal; first and second outputs (754a, 754b); a first feedforward path (756) coupled... Nanyang Technological University

03/02/17 / #20170059845

Partially coherent phase recovery

A system and method for incorporating partially coherent illumination models into the problem of phase and amplitude retrieval from a stack of intensity images. The recovery of phase could be realized by many methods, including Kalman filters or other nonlinear optimization algorithms that provide least squares error between the measurement... Nanyang Technological University

02/23/17 / #20170049403

System and predicting acute cardiopulmonary events and survivability of a patient

A method of producing an artificial neural network capable of predicting the survivability of a patient, including: storing in an electronic database patient health data comprising a plurality of sets of data, each set having at least one of a first parameter relating to heart rate variability data and a... Nanyang Technological University

02/16/17 / #20170044515

Asx-specific protein ligase

The present invention is directed to enzymes having Asx-specific ligase and cyclase activity and to nucleic acids encoding those as well as methods of the manufacture of said enzymes. Further encompassed are methods and uses of these enzymes.... Nanyang Technological University

02/02/17 / #20170029373

Allenamide as an orthogonal handle for selective modification of cysteine in peptides and proteins

There is provided a compound of formula I, having the structure: wherein R1 to R5 have the meanings given in the description.... Nanyang Technological University

01/12/17 / #20170012404

Emission source and forming the same

In various embodiments, an emission source may be provided. The emission source may also include a gain medium including a halide semiconductor material. The emission source may further include a pump source configured to provide energy to the gain medium. The halide semiconductor material may include a lead-free perovskite material.... Nanyang Technological University

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