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National Central University
National Central University a University Of Taiwan
National Central University_20100128
National Central University x26 Delta Electronics Inc

National Central University patents

Recent patent applications related to National Central University. National Central University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Central University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Central University, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Bed set for inhibition obstructive sleep apnea
11/09/17Mouse action capture and replay system and method, recording medium, and program product
11/09/17System and an otitis media database constructing and an image analyzing
10/26/17Nonlinear optical crystal and manufacturing method thereof
10/05/17Large-area perovskite film and perovskite solar cell or module and fabrication method thereof
09/28/17Laser stimulated white-light lighting system
09/21/17Detector for measuring scanning ion beams in radiation therapy
09/14/17Periscopic 12x zoom cell phone camera lens with eight million pixels
09/14/17Active blue light leakage preventing led structures
09/07/17Adjustable headlight device
08/03/17Cell culture device, forming the same, and partially detaching stem cells from the same
07/27/17Feedback photoplethysmography measuring device and measuring method thereof
07/13/17Method and system for data analyzing by intrinsic probability distribution function
07/06/17Platform structure for use in low-temperature manufacturing of scaffold for use in tissue engineering and low-temperature manufacturing scaffold for use in tissue engineering
07/06/17Manufacturing use in low-temperature high-speed manufacturing of support structure and manufacturing use in low-temperature high-speed manufacturing of support structure
06/22/17Method of locating center position and axial direction of distal locking hole of intramedullary nail
06/22/17Computer-implemented meta-analyzing independent data sets and computer-readable medium encoded with computer program thereof
05/25/17System for monitoring and early warning of structural collapse and method thereof
05/04/17System and electric brain stimulator
04/27/17System and conjugate adaptive conjugate masking empirical mode decomposition
04/20/17Image processing two-photon structured illumination point scanning microscopy
04/20/17Holographic storage layer, holographic disk using the same, and manufacturing the same
04/20/17Method of manufacturing photovoltaic device having ultra-shallow junction layer
03/23/17Method for identifying images of brain function and system thereof
03/16/17Molecule carrier and preparing the same
03/09/17Optic distribution meter
02/02/17Liquid-cool light emitting diodes light
01/19/17Method for non-fluorescence higher harmonic generation ground state depletion super-resolution microscopy
12/22/16Lamp structure of adaptive streetlight
12/08/16Apparatus and noninvasive and cuffless blood pressure measurement
11/24/16Method for synthesizing of thioesters by using compound as catalyst
11/24/16Substituted 1,2,3-triazoles as antitumor agents
11/24/16Holographic light-emitting module and holographic storage system using the same
11/17/16Method and system of obstructed area determination for sleep apnea syndrome
11/17/16Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
11/03/16Fluorescence hyperspectral microscopy system featuring structured illumination and parallel recording
10/27/16Diode device and manufacturing the same
10/20/16Audio signal processing system
10/20/16Blue light leakage-suppressing led structure
10/13/16High-contrast and bistable scattering mode liquid crystal light shutters
10/13/16Solar battery using surface-plasmon resonance effect and making same
10/06/16Coating structure for forming hydrophilic film on surface
10/06/16Diagram building a signal data analyzing
09/29/16Financial derivatives pricing method and pricing system
09/22/16Ion-exchange membrane with preferentially oriented morphological texture
09/22/16Fault tolerant multiple servers
09/08/16Three-dimensional positioning method
08/18/16Method for live migrating virtual machine
08/11/16Application of metallic glass coating for improving fatigue resistance of aluminum alloys
08/11/16Annular scanning device for optical tomography scanning and imaging system
08/04/16Holographic device and data reading using the same
08/04/16Light interference module and holographic storage apparatus
08/04/16Holographic storage disk and holographic storage system
07/28/16Porous structure for stem cell purification and stem cell culture and manufacturing the same, stem cell purification device and stem cell purification, stem cell cultivation device and stem cell cultivation
07/28/16Telematics system, vehicle and method
07/07/16Oil-water separation porous structure, manufacturing thereof and device containing thereof
07/07/16Magnetic resonance imaging white matter hyperintensities region recognizing method and system
07/07/16Organic/inorganic electroluminescent device
06/30/16Adaptive headlight assembly
06/30/16Holographic storage layer, holographic disk using the same, and manufacturing the same
05/05/16Method and system for extracting ventricular fibrillation signals in electrocardiogram
05/05/16Cell-penetrating drug carrier and the application thereof
05/05/16Digital image capture device having an image sensor mechanism to compensate for occurrences of exposure blowouts
04/14/16Computer-aided diagnosis system and computer-aided diagnosis method
04/14/16Portable phototherapy psoriasis
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04/14/16High-contrast miniature headlamp
04/07/16Metal oxide nanoparticle material
03/24/16Noninvasive arterial condition detecting method, system, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
03/24/16Real-time color mapping system and method
03/10/16Apparatus and continuous synthesis of carbon film or inorganic material film
02/25/16Method of epitaxial growth of a germanium film on a silicon substrate
02/18/16Peptide ligand with antibody selectivity and the application thereof
02/04/16Method for detecting and quantifying cerebral infarct
01/28/16Medical drill
01/14/16Button device
01/14/16Method for manufacturing gate stack structure in insta-metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor
01/07/16Method and system for extracting ventricular fibrillation signals in electrocardiogram
12/31/15Illumination apparatus using sunlight
12/31/15Method, module, and computer program product for identifying user of mobile device
12/24/15Detecting system
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12/17/15Photovoltaic power generation system
12/10/15Phosphor diffusion sheet luminaire for agricultural lighting
12/10/15Method for forming a thermoelectric film having a micro groove
12/03/15Automatic test system and test computer, record medium, and program product
11/19/15Metal oxide nanoparticle material
11/12/15Method and system of implementing high dimensional holo-hilbert spectral analysis
11/05/15Alarming ventilator and ventilator alarm system
10/29/15Method for preparing perovskite film and solar cell thereof
10/15/15Method for ternary wafer bonding and structure thereof
10/01/15Non-coherent neighbor cell searching method
09/17/15Indication of anthra[2,1,c][1,2,5]thiadiazole-6,11-dione compound in alleviating pain
09/17/15Indication of naphtho[2,3-f]quinoxaline-7,12-dione compound in alleviating pain
08/27/15Inlet system for metal-organic chemical vapor deposition apparatus
08/27/15Light-emitting diode structure having progressive work function layer
07/23/15Method for treating metal surface
07/16/15Sensing electrode of enzyme-based sensor and manufacturing the same
07/09/15Preparation zeolitic imidazolate framework-90 in water-based system
07/09/15Method of multi-scales intrinsic entropy analysis
06/11/15Analysis system and method thereof
06/11/15Preparation electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells
06/04/15System, detecting bone defects
04/30/15Strain of bacillus subtilis and applications thereof
04/02/15Cell culturing article and manufacturing thereof
03/26/15Image-capturing system with dual lens camera
03/12/15Changed optical path measuring device for component concentration of water and measuring method thereof
03/05/15Cooling apparatus using solid-liquid phase change material
03/05/15Cooling system with a passive heat dissipation structure
03/05/15Image distortion correction method and image distortion correction device using the same
03/05/15Error measuring gear
02/12/15Pharmaceutical composition for treating disorders associated with insulin resistance
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02/05/15Preparation electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells
01/22/15Jitter-based transmission control method
01/22/15Porous amorphous alloy artificial joint and manufacturing method thereof
01/15/15Image interpolation method and image interpolation device and image apparatus using the same
01/08/15Protein and gene related with basal thermotolerance of plants
01/01/15Mocvd gas diffusion system with gas inlet baffles
01/01/15Anti-corrosion film, metal substrate with anti-corrosion layer and manufacturing method thereof
11/27/14Use of tumor necrosis factor (tnf) receptor-associated factor 7 (traf7) as biomarker for systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), method and kit for detecting of human with sle
11/20/14Digital holographic microscope
10/16/14Vision-aided hearing assisting device
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10/02/14Candle-like lighting device
09/18/14Semiconductor device and manufcturing method thereof
09/11/14Visible-light light emitting diode for high-speed vehicle communication
08/28/14Digital hologram recording system and numerical reconstruction hologram
08/21/14Method of using neutrilized dna (n-dna) as surface probe for high throughput detection platform
08/14/14Optical head-mounted display with mechanical one-dimensional scanner
08/07/14Granular bed filtration system with gas entrained recycling
08/07/14Method for fabricating mesa sidewall with spin coated dielectric material and semiconductor element thereof
08/07/14Planar lighting device
08/07/14Cell phone with automatic external defibrillator
07/24/14Light guide for assisting intubation
07/24/14Stress model based on rr integral average
07/17/14Wavelength modulation heterodyne light source
07/10/14Three-dimensional positioning method
07/03/14Optical interferometric apparatus
07/03/14Series-connected fuel cell assembly
06/19/14Method of enhancing an image matching result using an image classification technique
06/05/14Strain of bacillus subtilis and applications thereof
05/22/14Methods for processing sequential data to identify possible peak points and to estimate peak to noise ratio of sequential data
05/15/14Time synchronization calibration image taking and coordinate reading and delay time calculation method thereof
05/15/14System and motion trajectory reconstruction
03/27/14Method for determining the precision of gears
03/20/14Method for determining axial direction of bore of bone fixator
03/06/14Hydrogen storage apparatus
03/06/14Analysis module, cloud analysis system and method thereof
02/20/14Microscopy imaging structure with phase conjugated mirror and the method thereof
02/13/14Field effect transistor device
01/30/14Assay kit and analysis method
12/05/13Replaceable micro-surgical instrument
11/28/13Solar concentrator
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11/14/13Measuring and guiding device for reconstruction surgery
10/24/13As/sb compound semiconductors grown on si or ge substrate
10/03/13Accelerator beam monitoring detector and readout device thereof
10/03/13Phosphor-converted white led with low deviation of correlated color temperature and color coordinates and preparing the same
09/26/13Deep-uv optical coating preparation method using sputtering deposition with pure metal target
09/19/13Light-emitting diode packaging structure of low angular correlated color temperature deviation
09/19/13Illuminant with low dazzle
09/19/13Fto thin film preparation using magnetron sputtering deposition with pure tin target
09/12/13Method of measuring glycosylated protein proportion by ac impedance method
08/15/13Method of generalizing 3-dimensional building models having level of detail+
07/18/13Multi-channel down-mixing device
07/18/13Preparation of cerium oxide-supported nano gold-silver catalysts and its application in carbon monoxide removal in air
07/18/13Preparation of copper oxide-cerium oxide-supported nano-gold catalysts and its application in removal of carbon monoxide in hydrogen stream
07/11/13Laser cavity two-photon spectroscopy
07/11/13Method for analyzing data utilizing weighted suffix tree
07/11/13Method for classifying email
07/04/13Changed optical path measuring device for component concentration of water and measuring method thereof
06/06/13Virtual reality sound source localization apparatus
06/06/13The preparation of cerium oxide supported gold-palladium catalysts and its application in destruction of volatile organic compounds
05/30/13Highly adaptive thermal properties measurement system and measuring method thereof
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05/16/13Atmosphere light with interacting functions
05/16/13System and detecting irregular bone defects during dental implant osseointegration process
05/02/13Application of metallic glass coating for improving fatigue resistance of aluminum alloys
05/02/13Displaying device for projecting image onto pupils
05/02/13Led plant light
05/02/13Method of location estimation and tracking using distributed message passing of heterogeneous observation data accompanied with low-complexity data-fusion scheme
04/25/13Control method and system of brain computer interface with stepping delay flickering sequence
04/25/13Video stabilization system and method
04/25/13One-dimensional scanning displayer for projecting image onto pupils
04/25/13Method of manufacturing core-shell submicron spheres
04/25/13Co-crystal compound, preparing the same and oxidant of gas generator propellant
04/11/13Image reconstruction method
03/28/13Apparatus for detecting bone defects and dental abutment thereof
03/28/13Method for quantifying and modeling degree of nonlinearity, combined nonlinearity, and nonstationarity
03/21/13Way of reducing led's color temperature and color coordinates drifting
03/14/13Method for filtering web page content and network equipment with web page content filtering function
03/07/13Method for establishing gas molecule database
02/28/13Reflective street light with wide divergence angle
02/28/13Digital programmable load measurement device
02/28/13Audio processing method and apparatus
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01/31/13Lateral avalanche photodiode structure
01/31/13Display system and method
01/17/13Rehabilitation-assisting apparatus
01/03/13Screening device containing nanog promoter, sox2 promoter, lin 28 promoter, oct4 promoter and luciferase gene and screening method thereof
12/27/12Low-loss optical coupling apparatus
12/20/12Foxo6 polyclonal antibody and preparing the same
11/29/12Communication and device control system based on multi-frequency, multi-phase encoded visual evoked brain waves
11/22/12Structure and monolithically fabrication sb-based e/d mode misfets
11/22/12Peptide chromatographic purification assisted by combining of solubility parameter and solution conformation energy calculations
11/15/12Manufacturing device of optical deflector and manufacturing the same
11/15/12Catalyst, manufacturing the same by supercritical fluid and hydrogenating an aromatic compound by using the same
11/08/12Mach-zehnder wavelength division multiplexer having flat passband and low crosstalk
11/01/12Conductive polymer solution and preparation method thereof
11/01/12Method of orthoimage color correction using multiple aerial images
10/18/12Method of online building-model reconstruction using photogrammetric mapping system
10/04/12Visual drive control method and apparatus with multi phase encoding
10/04/12Data transmission system and method
08/30/12Bidirectional optical scanner assisting in mammography
08/23/12Hydrogen storage apparatus
08/02/12Sun tracking method and sun tracking system
07/26/12Wavelength division multiplexing and optical modulation apparatus
07/26/12Single-stage 1x5 grating-assisted wavelength division multiplexer
07/12/12Si photodiode with symmetry layout and deep well bias in cmos technology
07/12/12Novel photosensitizers for dsscs
07/05/12Coating composition for low-refractive index anti-reflection film
07/05/12Mixture for slab production
07/05/12Method of ct angiography to visualize trans-osseous blood vessels
06/21/12Laser power converter for data detection and optical-to-electrical power generation
05/31/12Lithium-based alloy and producing the same
05/31/12Hydrogen storage device
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05/31/12Fluid philicity/ phobicity adjustable surface structure
05/17/12Dual-polarized dual-feeding planar antenna
05/17/12Method for generating bone mask
05/03/12Solar sensing system and solar tracking method thereof
04/19/12System and mobile content sharing and delivery in an integrated network environment
03/08/12Optical coupler module having optical waveguide structure
03/08/12Method for enhancing thermotolerance of plant and genetic engineering applications thereof
03/01/12Cutting fluid for wafer processing
02/23/12Methods and systems for media data accessing in an intra network, and computer program products thereof
02/16/12Image processing method
02/16/12Wireless transmission system, device and method
01/12/12Method of fabricating one-dimensional nanostructure of organo-optoelectronic material
12/29/11Nano/micro-structure and fabrication method thereof
12/29/11Computer-implemented clustering data and computer-readable medium encoded with computer program to execute thereof
12/22/11Photonic generator of ultra-wide band millimeter wave
12/22/11Multi-cascaded photodiode
11/24/11Optical transmission module
11/24/11Optical coupler module having optical waveguide structure
11/17/11Light sensing system and control method thereof
11/10/11Surface plasmon resonance measuring device
11/10/11Electrical-device-implemented image coding method
10/27/11Photovoltaic module having concentrator
09/22/11Flow regulator for fuel cell
09/22/11Pointing error correcting system and method thereof
09/01/11Co-crystal compound of optical device
08/25/11Fuel cell bipolar plate assembly
08/04/11Led reflective structure and fabricating the same
07/21/11Adjustable desks and chairs for audiovisual classrooms
07/07/11Apparatus erasing blackboard through areas

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