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National Cheng Kung University patents

Recent patent applications related to National Cheng Kung University. National Cheng Kung University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Cheng Kung University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Cheng Kung University, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Rgb to yuv format conversion and inverse conversion method and circuit for depth packing and depacking
09/21/17Disintegrin variants and pharmaceutical uses thereof
09/21/17Reaction system and using method thereof
09/21/17Network topology system and method
08/24/17Device for surgical ligation
08/17/17Energy harvesting system with indirect power transmission and power distribution method
08/10/17Method of operating interface of touchscreen with single finger
08/10/17Perovskite solar cell
08/03/17Method of fabricating high-conductivity thick-film copper paste coated with nano-silver for being sintered in the air
07/27/17Method for regulating aldehyde dehydrogenase 1
07/27/17Single port sram memory cell driven by two word lines in asynchronous manner and memory employing the same
07/06/17Shoulder joint rehabilitation assistive device
06/22/17Intelligent wearable outfit and external information platform and computer program product in conjunction with the intelligent wearable outfit
06/15/17Method of fabricating high-conductivity thick-film aluminum paste
06/15/17Non-invasive impedance analyzing apparatus and method
06/01/17System and identifying root causes of yield loss
05/11/17Immunostimulatory nanocomplex
05/04/17Low power sigma-delta modulator architecture capable of correcting dynamic range automatically, implementing low power circuit thereof, and correcting and extending dynamic range of sigma-delta modulator automatically
04/20/17Portable electronic device with a smart air purifier
04/20/17Radio frequency energy-transmitting apparatus with location detection function and radio frequency energy-harvesting apparatus and radio frequency energy-transmitting method with location detection function
04/06/17Method of treating ovarian, tubal and peritoneal cancer
03/30/17Method for determining treatment response of cells
03/30/17Polymeric ionic liquid, intermediate polymer for making the polymeric ionic liquid, process for producing the polymeric ionic liquid, process for producing a polymer membrane including the polymeric ionic liquid, process for preparing a gel polymer electrolyte including the polymer membrane, and binder including the polymeric ionic liquid
03/09/17Optical device and determining an optical property of specimen
03/02/17Photonic microwave generation apparatus and method thereof
02/23/17Electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cell and preparing same
02/16/17Limb movement function evaluating method and implantation system thereof
02/16/17Biodegradable nanocomplex
02/09/17Digital to analog converter with output impedance compensation
01/12/17Method of adding high vapor pressure magnesium to steel liquid and performing the method
12/22/16Device of chip resistor with terminal electrodes
12/15/16Energy-efficient nonvolatile microprocessor
12/01/16Short peptide-based therapeutic agent and medicinal composition including the same for inhibiting activities of cancer cells
12/01/16Method for manufacturing metal nano-wire
12/01/16Digital roller mold manufacturing system
12/01/16Metrology sampling method with sampling rate decision scheme and computer program product thereof
11/24/16Method of diamond nucleation and structure formed thereof
11/24/16Electronic device having scratchpad memory and management scratchpad memory
11/24/16Composite electrode material and manufacturing the same
11/17/16Tissue regeneration membrane for repair and regeneration of peripheral nerve
10/06/16Piezoelectric energy harvester
09/29/16Non-volatile static random access memory
09/29/16Memory cell and content addressable memory having the same
09/22/16Guiding element for spinal drilling operation and guiding assembly comprising the same
09/15/16Method for assessment of neural function by establishing analysis module
09/08/16Method of synthesizing copper selenide powder
09/01/16Method for producing micro plasma with biocompatibility
08/18/16Biosensor device, systems and methods thereof
08/11/16Three-dimensional graphene oxide microstructure and making the same
07/21/16Method of operating interface of touchscreen of mobile device with single finger
07/14/16Thermal simulation device and integrated circuits
06/30/16Graphene optoelectronic detector and detecting photonic and electromagnetic energy by using the same
06/30/16Method of fabricating proton-conducting electrolytic membrane
06/30/16Ultra-low power transmitter applied in multi-channel frequency shift (fsk) communication
05/26/16Electrocardiography signal extraction method
05/26/16Organic solar cell having planar heterojunction active layer and manufacturing the same
05/05/16Electric connection and manufacturing the same
04/28/16Electric power supply system cooperated by a battery and a super capacitor
04/21/16Artificial implant for trapeziometacarpal joint
04/14/16Auxiliary jig for trapeziometacarpal joint arthroplasty
04/07/16Peripheral physiology inspection apparatus and peripheral auxiliary apparatus of smart phone
04/07/16Peripheral physiology inspection apparatus and peripheral auxiliary apparatus of smart phone
03/24/16Non-metallic semiconductor quantum dot and carrying out chemical reaction or photoluminescence reaction by using the same
03/17/16Authentification a communication network
03/03/16Hydrogenation catalyst and manufacturing the same
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03/03/16Copolymer based on dimethyl carbonate and preparing the same
03/03/16Method and device for polymerase chain reaction
02/11/16Graft copolymer, process for producing the graft copolymer, process for preparing a gel polymer electrolyte including the graft copolymer, and intermediate copolymer of the graft copolymer
02/04/16Method for localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system
01/21/16Palpation diagnostic device
01/14/16Motor fault detecting method and motor fault detecting system
01/14/16Photoelectrode and preparing the same
01/07/16System for producing tissue-engineered material
01/07/16Solar cell and manufacturing the same
12/31/15Zhankuic acid a and analogs thereof and their use as an anti-inflammatory agent
12/31/15Methods for maintaining population of therapeutic cells in treatment site of subject in need of cell therapy
12/31/15Photomask and manufacturing photomask
12/24/15Method of operating an endoscope by changing magnetic field and controlling feeding and rotation of the endoscope synchronously
12/24/15Pharmaceutical composition for elevating radiation-sensitivity of cancer cells, pharmaceutical composition for detecting cancer cells with radiation-sensitivity, and detection method thereof
12/24/15System and temperature sensing of three-dimensional integrated circuit
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12/17/15Method for physiological signal analysis and its system and computer program product storing physiological signal analysis program
12/17/15Signal process the same and biological resistance detection device and element
12/17/15Multiphoton luminescence excitation microscopy utilizing digital micromirror device (dmd)
12/17/15All-electric spin field effect transistor
12/17/15Ac motor with reduction mechanism
12/10/15Emotion regulation system and regulation method thereof
12/03/15Switchless network topology system for parallel computation and method thereof
11/26/15System, mobile device and electronic ticket peer to peer secure transferring by near field communication (nfc) technology
11/19/15Z cells activated by zinc finger-like protein and uses thereof in cancer treatment
11/19/15Method for manufacturing nano-structural film in solar cell
11/19/15Method for manufacturing solar cell with nano-structural film
11/05/15Preparation and application of carbon nanoparticle diode
11/05/15Method for preserving proliferation and differentiation potential of undiffrentiated cells
10/29/15Zhankuic acid a, a jak2/3 tyrosine kinase inhibitor, and a potential therapeutic agent for hepatitis
10/29/15Exfoliator, exfoliating apparatus and exfoliating method
10/15/15Chord input handheld device matching with virtual interface and physical buttons and handheld device using the same
10/01/15Treatment of inflammatory pain using il-20 antagonists
10/01/15Metrology sampling method and computer program product thereof
10/01/15Method for producing micro plasma with biocompatibility
10/01/15Optical signal conversion device and method thereof
08/27/15Microwave power amplification apparatus and method thereof
08/06/15Modified fibronectin fragments or variants and uses thereof
07/09/15Multi-electrode conductive probe, manufacturing insulating trenches and measurement method using multi-electrode conductive probe
07/02/15Method for biodiesel generation
07/02/15System and directly using waste heat from high temperature solid
07/02/15Method and device for measuring the liquid viscosity
06/25/15Electrolytic capacitor-less ac/dc converter and controlling method thereof
06/18/15Method and system for recommending research information news
05/21/15Prognosis and treatment of lung cancer using mirna-135b
05/14/15Gait analysis device and running exercise apparatus having the same
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04/30/15Conductive composition and applications thereof
04/30/15Method for reducing established metastatic tumor by pharmaceutical composition containing polypeptide
04/30/15Wet coating method
04/30/15Humanized anti-il-20 antibody and uses thereof
04/16/15Method for forming flexible transparent conductive film
04/16/15Bone fixation plate
04/02/15Escape device and use method thereof
04/02/15Unpacking method, unpacking device and unpacking system of packed frame
04/02/15Method, device and system for packing color frame and original depth frame
04/02/15Adaptive data-retention-voltage regulating system for sram
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04/02/15Method, device and system for resizing original depth frame into resized depth frame
04/02/15Method, device and system for restoring resized depth frame into original depth frame
03/26/15Portable system for simultaneously operating optical far field imaging, tomography and spectroscopy
03/26/15Sequence, technique platform, and in vitro detecting clostridium difficile ribotype 027
03/19/15Cell image segmentation method and a nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio evaluation method using the same
03/05/15Flexible photo-anode of dye-sensitized solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
03/05/15Methods for assessing adjusted cancer stage or prognosis of subject with hepatocellular carcinoma
02/19/15Ultraviolet laser sterilization system
02/19/15Power conversion apparatus and control method thereof
02/19/15Method and device for frame aggregation transmission of wireless network system
02/12/15Vibrio harveyi-specific binding down syndrome cell adhesion molecule, identification thereof and use thereof
02/12/15Electrocardiography signal extraction method
02/12/15Electrocardiography signal extraction method
01/29/15Automatic and manual electrical gear shifting electric vehicles
01/22/15Smart energy-saving power source control apparatus and method
01/22/15Method for inhibiting euptx3 to treat nasopharyngeal carcinoma by amino acid sequence
01/15/15Manufacturing the organic solar cell
01/15/15Microcrystalline silicon solar cell structure and manufacturing method thereof
01/15/15Substance delivery device and substance delivery method using the same
01/15/15System and using trusted device to browse e-book
01/08/15Measuring apparatus and method
01/08/15Method for authenticated encryption and decryption
01/08/15Fixed-outline floorplanning approach for mixed-size modules
12/18/14Use of il-20 antagonists for alleviating obesity
12/18/14Use of il-20 antagonists for alleviating spinal cord injury
12/11/14Amino acid sequence for inhibiting ptx3 to treat nasopharyngeal carcinoma
12/04/14Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system with particles arranged in anisotropic periodic manner
12/04/14Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system with anisotropic particles
11/27/14Portable electronic apparatus and portable cloud computing system
11/20/14Multi-point temperature sensing integrated circuit chip and system of the same
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11/13/14Hybrid organic solar cell with perovskite structure as absorption material and manufacturing method thereof
11/13/14Cu/cumn barrier layer and fabricating method thereof
11/13/14Method and system for reminding reader of fatigue in reading while using electronic device
11/13/14Real-time video annotation learning the same
10/30/14Electronic system, central processing unit expansion apparatus, portable electronic apparatus and processing method
10/02/14Plasma hydrogen generation device for new energy car
10/02/14Manufacturing microstructure
09/18/14System and rating and selecting models
09/11/14Method and system for dental implant path planning
09/11/14Data encryption system and method
08/28/14Continuous type wastewater purifying device
08/28/14Nanostructure, applied device and preparation method thereof
08/14/14Mri contrast enhancing agent
08/07/14Flexible dye-sensitized solar cell
08/07/14Adhesive cell tissue gels
08/07/14Binder-free process for preparing photoanode of flexible dye-sensitized solar cell
08/07/14Compensation evaluating support system for judgment of patent infringement
07/31/14Diamond film coated electrode for battery
07/17/14System for research and development information assisting in investment, and a method, a computer program, and a readable and recordable media for computer thereof
07/10/14Touch input method, electronic device, system, and readable recording medium by using virtual keys
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06/26/14Bin allocation point light sources for constructing light source sets
06/12/14Interactive cloud communication system
06/05/14In situ pulse-based delay variation monitor predicting timing error caused by process and environmental variation
05/29/14Mesoporous titania bead and preparing the same
05/29/14Anti-disassembling device for electronic products
05/29/14Method for preparing graphene oxide
05/29/14Nano-carrier, complex of anticancer drug and nano-carrier, pharmaceutical composition thereof, manufacturing the complex, and treating cancer by using the pharmaceutical composition
05/29/14Order vacancy compound and manufacturing the same
05/22/14Current vector controlled synchronous reluctance motor and control method thereof
05/22/14Methods for processing target pattern, generating classification system of target patterns and classifying detected target patterns
05/08/14Method for predicting machining quality of machine tool
05/01/14Use of il-20 antagonists for treating liver diseases
05/01/14Methods and biomarker for evaluating cancer metastasis, pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting cancer metastasis, and analyzing secretome
05/01/14System and producing tissue-engineered material
04/24/14Gas sterilization apparatus
04/10/14Monitoring method with function of correlation-based system identification
04/10/14Multi-cloud communication system
04/03/14Solar concentrator and photoelectric conversion structure
04/03/14Method for detecting mitochondria alterations
03/27/14Automatic gear shifting system for two-wheel electric vehicles
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03/20/14Digitally controlled non-inverting buck-boost dc-dc converter system
03/20/14Nanobeads with multiple oriented adapting peptides for binding to capture molecules
03/20/14Deep magnetic field generating apparatus
03/13/14Assistance taking medicine
03/13/14Debugging control system using inside core event as trigger condition and the same
03/06/14Use of il-20 antagonists for promoting bone fracture healing
03/06/14Triterpenoid derivatives, benzenoid derivatives, and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
03/06/14Assistant device and guiding assembly for percutaneous surgery
02/27/14Humanized anti-il-20 antibody and uses thereof
02/27/14Hard tissue regeneration material and manufacturing the same
02/20/14Led driver having compensation capacitor set
02/20/14Graphene and its growth
02/20/14Regulator, pharmaceutical composition encompassing the regulator and application thereof
02/13/14Medicine container and medication auxiliary device
02/13/14Method of reading multiple two dimensional barcodes
02/13/14Treating allergic airway disorders using anti-il-20 receptor antibodies
02/13/14Electromagnetic thermotherapy needle
01/23/14Primer set, method and kit for detecting pathogen in animals or plants
01/23/14Baseline predictive maintenance target device and computer program product thereof
01/16/14Method for producing optimum sound field of loudspeaker
01/16/14Marking co2 laser-transparent materials by using absorption-material-assisted laser processing
01/16/14Auxiliary device for articulator
01/09/14Continuous vapor grown carbon fiber mat and the producing method thereof
12/26/13Skull endosseous module for ultrasound penetration
12/26/13Method for forecasting work-in-process output schedule and computer program product thereof
12/12/13Methods and compositions for cardiomyocyte replenishment by endogenous and progenitor stem cells
11/28/13Methods and compositions comprising hyaluronan for enhancing bone marrow cell therapy
11/28/13Humanized anti-il-20 antibody and uses thereof
11/21/13Current balancing led driver circuit and method therof
11/21/13Joint motion measuring apparatus and measuring method thereof
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11/07/13Antibacterial calcium-based materials
10/31/13Graphite foil-bonded device and preparing same
10/31/13Pharmaceutical microsphere for embolization
10/24/13Method for producing biodiesel
10/24/13Blood component detection device
10/24/13Zebrafish seizure model, establishing the same, and screening antiepileptic drug using the same
09/26/13Method and device for separating charged particles in liquid sample and manufacturing the device
09/19/13Electrocardiogram signal compression and de-compression system
09/12/13Method for treating cancer by using fe-containing alloy particles
09/12/13Oral health care material and teeth cleaning agent composition
09/12/13Method for treating cancer by using fe-based particles
08/22/13Use of il-20 antagonists for treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis
08/22/13Polypeptide for inhibiting metastasis, uses thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
08/08/13Integration of filters and phase unwrapping algorithms for removing noise in image reconstruction
07/18/13Capillary electrophoresis analyzing collagen
07/11/13Roaming authentication a gsm system
06/27/13Photoelectrode and preparing the same
06/27/13Solar cell
06/27/13Permanent magnet apparatus
06/27/13Mesoporous titania bead and preparing the same
06/20/13Combustor for thermophotovoltaic power systems
06/20/13A combustor applied in thermophotovoltaic system
06/20/13Method for screening samples for building prediction model and computer program product thereof
06/13/13Yttrium aluminum garnet phosphor, preparing the same, and light-emitting diode containing the same
06/13/13Liquid crystal light valve and manufacturing the same
06/13/13Primer set, method and kit for detecting pathogen in fish
06/13/13Method for ameliorating insomnia
06/06/13Method for increasing mechanical strength of titanium alloys having alpha" phase by cold working
06/06/13Method for enhancing mechanical strength of a titanium alloy by aging

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