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National Chiao Tung University
National Chiao Tung University Of Taiwan
National Chiao Tung University Of Taiwan Republic Of China
National Chiao Tung University_20100128
National Chiao Tung University_20131212
National Chiao Tung University_20100121

National Chiao Tung University patents

Recent patent applications related to National Chiao Tung University. National Chiao Tung University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Chiao Tung University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Chiao Tung University, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Motion detecting device, motion detecting sensor unit and motion detection method
11/23/17Optical detecting device
11/23/17Method and system for transforming between physical images and virtual images
11/09/17Preferably oriented nanotwinned au film, preparing the same, and bonding structure comprising the same
11/02/17Manufacturing composite electrode material
11/02/17Assembly instruction system and assembly instruction method
11/02/17Field effect transistor structure
11/02/17Composite electrode material
11/02/17Qpsk demodulator
10/26/17Head-mounted display apparatus
10/26/17Display panel
10/19/17Communication system and channel estimating method thereof
09/28/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
09/21/17Semiconductor device for ultra-high voltage operation and forming the same
09/07/17Impedance-to-digital converter, impedance-to-digital converting device, and adjustment of impedance-to-digital converting device
08/31/17Nerve impulse signal stimulation device and fabricating the same
08/31/17Method for processing image with depth information and computer program product thereof
08/24/17Manufacturing, utilization, and antifouling coating of hydroxyl-covered silicon quantum dot nanoparticle
08/24/17Method for parameter extraction of a semiconductor device
08/03/17Tag memory and cache system with automating tag comparison mechanism and cache method thereof
08/03/17Structure and formation semiconductor device structure
07/27/17Reconstituted apolipoprotein b lipoparticle, a preparation method and uses thereof
07/27/17Perovskite light-emitting device and fabricating method thereof
07/20/17Network communication system, software-defined network controller and routing method thereof
07/06/17Method for controlling a walking assistant apparatus
07/06/17Compound prescription colloidal eyedrop gel and methods of making the same
06/29/17Streaming service system, streaming service method and controller thereof
06/22/17Method of preparing selective catalytic reduction composite catalyst
06/15/17Brightness compensation circuitry, and display device including the same
06/08/17Movement assistance system and method thereof
06/08/17Impedance-to-digital converter, impedance-to-digital converting device, and adjustment of impedance-to-digital converting device
06/08/17Cooperative transmission system and cooperative transmission multiple access points in a wireless local area
06/01/17Catalyst composition for producing hydrogen and preparatin method and use thereof and use of the composition
05/25/17Method for analyzing and searching 3d models
05/18/17Physiological signal measuring system and method thereof
05/18/17Rack assembly
05/11/17One-dimensional titanium nanostructure and fabricating the same
05/11/17Optically visualized anti-counterfeiting electronic integrated apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
04/27/17Sensing bone fixing element
04/27/17Sensor apparatus and measurement apparatus having the same
04/27/17Bio-signal sensor
04/27/17Data line driving circuit, data line driver and display device including the same
04/20/17Pairing connection devices
04/13/17Master-slave flip-flop
03/23/17Automatic probe construction system and method thereof
03/16/17System for detecting core body temperature and the same
03/16/17System and blood pressure measurement, computer program product using the method, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
03/16/17Device of drowsiness detection and alarm and the same
03/16/17Silicon-controlled rectifier and an esd clamp circuit
03/09/17Planting baseplate assembly
03/02/17Composite water purification apparatus and method thereof
03/02/17Dispersive element and spectrometer using the same
03/02/17Heat conducting module
02/09/17Use of known compounds as d-amino acid oxidase inhibitors
02/09/17Package structure of a light-emitting device
02/09/17Photodetecting device and using the same
02/02/17Drug composition and preparing the same
02/02/17Dielectric fuse memory circuit and operation method thereof
01/26/17System and measuring microfluctuation of accommodation
01/12/17Artificial retinal prosthesis system, optical device and retina chip
01/12/17System and service continuity in heterogeneous wireless networks
01/05/17Prism group and projection apparatus
01/05/17Method for constituting hybrid network spanning trees, redundancy, and control system thereof
12/29/16Color sequential image method and system thereof
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12/29/16Method for post-authenticating user equipment, controller and network system
12/22/16Optical sheet, manufacturing the same, light emitting diodes module and display using the same
12/22/16Routing gateway selecting method, controller and vehicles network system
12/15/16Method of making a semiconductor device
12/08/16Method of estimating internet activity dependence of a human subject
12/08/16Electrodeposited nano-twins copper layer and fabricating the same
12/01/16Electrospinning device
11/24/16Three dimensional electrical impedance tomographic method
11/24/16Biological sensing separating biomolecule
11/24/16Method and system for image recognition of an instrument
11/24/16Temperature sensing circuit and driving circuit
11/10/16Cardiac regulating apparatus and regulating method thereof
11/10/16Control system for an electrolytic cell
11/10/16Electrolytic tank apparatus
11/03/16Staggered-type tunneling field effect transistor
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11/03/16Semiconductor light emitting device
10/27/16Method for accessing multi-port memory module and associated memory controller
10/27/16Method for accessing multi-port memory module, increasing write ports of memory module and associated memory controller
10/27/16Constant transconductance bias circuit
10/20/16Semiconductor device
10/13/16Method for positioning a to-be-positioned device
10/06/16Electrostatic precipitator structure
09/29/16Server rack
09/22/16Magnetic bead-based digital microfluidic immunoanalysis device and method thereof
09/22/16Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
09/22/16Optical data center network system and optical switch
09/15/16Biological sensing device and separating biomolecule
09/15/16Signal decomposition method and electronic apparatus using the same
09/01/16Portable noninvasive inspection device
08/25/16Light detection apparatus and image reconstruction method using the same
08/11/16Programmable quick discharge circuit and method thereof
08/04/16Sunlight manipulating device
08/04/16Catalyst for producing hydrogen and preparing method thereof
08/04/16Dendrimer, dendrimer having functional group and antibody
08/04/16Optical object positioning apparatus and positioning method thereof
07/28/16Electronic device, monitoring and feedback system on thoracoabdominal motion and method thereof
07/21/16Wastewater treatment system
07/21/16Fluidized bed reactor for ammonia laden wastewater and treating ammonia laden wastewater
07/21/16High electron mobility transistor
07/21/16Hybrid tfet-mosfet circuit design
07/14/16Focusing antenna
07/14/16Method for retransmitting packet, data server using the same, and packet retransmitting system
07/14/16Backward depth mapping stereoscopic image synthesis
07/07/16Method for preparing two-dimensional material
06/30/16Robot and control method thereof
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06/30/16A fet device having a vertical channel in a 2d material layer
06/23/16Method for measuring two pupils and dual-pupil measuring device
06/23/16Readout system
06/09/16Method and system for generating twelve-lead electrocardiogram signals using three differential voltages
06/02/16Decentralized structured peer-to-peer network and load balancing methods thereof
05/12/16Thin planar biological sensor
05/12/16High electron mobility transistor and manufacturing method thereof
05/12/16Compression method featuring dynamic coding for wireless communication in wireless networks
04/14/16Long-lasting injectable drug releasing gel composition and manufacturing the same
04/07/16Selective inhibitors for protein kinases and pharmaceutical composition and use thereof
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03/31/16Protein-graphene nanocomposite drug carrier
03/31/16Folded butterfly module, pipelined fft processor using the same, and control the same
03/17/16Phase detecting device and clock data recovery circuit embedded with decision feedback equalizer
03/10/16Compound for promoting apoptosis of cancer cells and a pharmaceutical composition containing the same and uses thereof
03/10/16Memory structure and preparation method thereof
03/03/16Sampling circuit and master-slave flip-flop
02/25/16Piezoelectric speaker driving system and method thereof
02/18/16Preferably oriented nanotwinned au film, preparing the same, and bonding structure comprising the same
02/18/16Method for obtaining plug combination of detecting obtaining power line topology and electronic apparatus using the same
02/11/16Horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna and antenna device incorporating the same
02/04/16Method for counting number of people based on appliance usages and monitoring system using the same
01/28/16Preferred oriented au film, preparing the same and bonding structure comprising the same
01/28/16Nonvoltile resistance memory and its operation thereof
01/28/16Nand-type resistance random access memory circuit and operation thereof
01/14/16Peptide molecular materials
01/07/16Line-contact dry electrode
01/07/16Line-contact dry electrode
01/07/16Line-contact dry electrode
12/17/15Trial frame and measuring key parameter thereof
12/17/15Bayesian sequential partition system in multi-dimensional data space and counting engine thereof
12/10/15Artificial retinal system
12/03/15Opticial film and light source module
12/03/15Secondary optical element and light source module
12/03/15Method for image enhancement, image processing apparatus and computer readable medium using the same
11/19/15Optical aid and retinal implant device thereof
11/19/15Pharmaceutical composition and use for applying 7,7''-dimethoxyagastisflavone in inhibiting tumor metastasis
11/12/15Data hiding method via revision records on a collaboration platform
11/05/15Portable noninvasive inspection device
11/05/15Active guard ring structure to improve latch-up immunity
10/22/15Chemicals and the synthesizing methods thereof
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10/22/15High energy density asymmetric pseudocapacitor and making the same
10/22/15Visible light communication method
10/22/15Method and system for dynamic instance deployment of public cloud
10/15/15Feature extraction from human gaiting patterns using principal component analysis and multivariate empirical mode decomposition
10/08/15Heterocyclic compounds and the synthesis method thereof
10/08/15Method for manufacturing platinum nanoparticle solution and self-assembled platinum counter electrode thereof
10/08/15Light emitting diode device having super lattice structure and a nano-structure layer
10/08/15Light emitting diode device
09/24/15Sensing system and sensor chip thereof
09/24/15Touch display apparatus and touch sensing method
09/24/15Session-aware network address translation traversal method
09/17/15Variable-latency speculating pipelined booth multiplier with statistical carry estimation for error detection and recovery
09/10/15Constant transconductance bias circuit
09/03/15Locating system for locking hole of intramedullary nail
08/27/15Sensor electrode device
08/27/15Method of generating in-kernel hook point candidates to detect rootkits and the system thereof
08/20/15Method for growing aluminum indium nitride films on silicon substrate
08/20/15Gate structure
08/06/15Optical system and its display system
07/30/15Cleaning inkjet print head
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07/23/15Method for selecting music based on face recognition, music selecting system and electronic apparatus
07/09/15Sand art simulation system and method
07/09/15Motor generator
07/09/15Gate-boosting rectifier and permitting current to flow in favor of one direction when driven by ac input voltage
07/02/15Reconstituted apolipoprotein b lipoparticle, a preparation method and uses thereof
07/02/15Package structure and manufacturing the same
07/02/15Method for encoding/decoding video by oblong intra prediction
06/18/15Multi-port sram with shared write bit-line architecture and selective read path for low power operation
06/18/15Optimal dynamic seam adjustment image stitching
06/11/15Static memory cell
05/28/15Multiple-interface network device and selection transmitting network packets
05/21/15Electro-optical liquid crystal device
05/14/15Sun tracking mechanism
05/14/15Power-saving data scheduling system in lte and method thereof
05/14/15Conjugated polymer compound
05/07/15Broadband connection structure and method
04/30/15Flow control device and the controlling the flow thereof
04/30/15Lateral diffused metal oxide semiconductor
04/30/15Lateral diffused metal oxide semiconductor
04/30/15Portable noninvasive inspection device
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04/30/15Communication system between electric bikes and communication method thereof
04/23/15Color-based music output system and method thereof
04/23/15Integrated contactless signal transfer apparatus
04/23/15Data storage device and computing system with the same
04/16/15Gan-containing semiconductor structure
04/16/15X-ray image sensor and x-ray image sensor system using the same
04/09/15Method and electronic angle estimation verification
04/09/15Portable pupil detection device with multiband stimulating light and infrared illumination
04/09/15Vehicular communication system and routing method thereof
04/02/15Method for fabricating anisotropic polymer particles
04/02/15Borate moiety-contained linker and bio-sensing element containing the same
03/26/15Non-invasive intraocular pressure sensor
03/19/15Method and device for treating wastewater containing tetramethylammonium hydroxide and ammonium nitrogen
03/19/15The pixel circuit for active matrix display apparatus and the driving method thereof
03/19/15Comparator of mono-pulse radar and signal generation method thereof
03/12/15Interconnecting structure for electrically connecting a first electronic device with a second electronic device
03/05/15Graphite oxide and graphene preparation method
03/05/15Single crystal copper, manufacturing method thereof and substrate comprising the same
03/05/15Secret communication method with self-authentication capability
02/26/15Resource allocation server and communication system
02/26/15Access point and communication system for resource allocation
02/05/15Interconnection structure of semiconductor device
02/05/15Head-mount eye tracking system
01/29/15Optical active image acquisition
01/15/15Label-free sequencing single nucleic acid molecule
01/15/15Real-time multi-channel automatic eye blink artifact eliminator
01/08/15Receiver and receiving a combinerless linc ofdm system
01/01/15Method for growing non-polar m-plane epitaxial layer of wurtzite semiconductors on single crystal oxide substrates
12/25/14Reconfigurable sorter and sorting
12/18/14Wavelength-division multiplexing (wdm) optical fiber network system
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12/11/14Thin film transistor with uv light absorber layer
12/11/14System architecture and service continuity in heterogeneous wireless network
12/04/14Antibody-conjugated double-emulsion nanocapsule and preparation methods thereof
12/04/14Method for fabricating thin-film transistor
11/27/14Enhanced gan transistor and the forming method thereof
11/27/14Periodically resetting integration angle demodulation device and method using the same
11/27/14Two-way relay transmission method and apparatus applied to multi-input multi-output communication systems
11/27/14Real-time multi-channel eeg signal processor based on on-line recursive independent component analysis
11/20/14Light-guiding structure and light-emitting device
11/20/14Planar solid oxide fuel cell stack and its interconnect thereof
11/06/14Apparatus for identifying falls and activities of daily living
10/23/14Real-time signal processing system and method based on multi-channel independent component analysis
09/25/14Tft-pin array substrate and assembly structure for flat-panel x-ray detector
09/25/14Method for fabricating semiconductor device
09/18/14Wireless intraocular pressure monitoring device, and detecting module thereof
09/18/14Method for displaying a graphic interface with message/notification, apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
09/11/14Integrated passive optical network (pon) system
09/11/14Nanoparticle drug carrier, pharmaceutical composition and manufacturing method thereof
08/28/14Cognitive radio communication system and operating method thereof
08/14/14Dissoluble pdms-modified p(hema-maa) amphiphilic copolymer and fabricating the same
08/07/14Graphite oxide and/or graphene preparation method
08/07/14Electrical connecting element and manufacturing the same
08/07/14Streaming encoder, prosody information encoding device, prosody-analyzing device, and device and speech synthesizing
07/31/14Method of growing diamond thin film
07/31/14Vertical electro-optical component and fabricating the same
07/31/14Image coding method and embedded system using the same
07/31/14Method for forming vertical type sensor
07/31/14Ethanol reforming catalyst composition and producing ethanol reforming catalyst
07/31/14Soft error protection device

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