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National Institute For Materials Science
National Institute For Materials Science_20131212


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National Institute For Materials Science patents

Recent patent applications related to National Institute For Materials Science. National Institute For Materials Science is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Institute For Materials Science may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Institute For Materials Science, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date National Institute For Materials Science patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016001991701/21/16 Current-perpendicular-to-plane magneto-resistance effect element
22016000850701/14/16 Adhesive bone filling agent and adhesive bone filling agent kit
32015035992412/17/15 Tissue adhesive and producing same
42015035220912/10/15 Nanofiber having self-heating properties and biologically active substance release properties, production same, and nonwoven fabric having self-heating properties and biologically active substance release capabilities
52015034867912/03/15 Precursor wire for nb3al superconducting wire, nb3al superconducting wire, producing precursor wire for nb3al superconducting wire, and producing nb3al superconducting wire
62015031502311/05/15 Method for synthesizing hexagonal tungsten nitride, and hexagonal tungsten nitride
72015030669610/29/15 Welding equipment for metallic materials and welding metallic materials
82015029143110/15/15 Ultrathin graphene piece, preparing ultrathin graphene piece, preparing ultrathin graphene piece, capacitor, and manufacturing capacitor
92015027508210/01/15 Phosphor and light-emitting equipment using phosphor
102015028231010/01/15 Adhesive body between conductive polymer-metal complex and substrate and forming the same, conductive polymer-metal complex dispersion liquid, manufacturing the same and applying the same, and filling hole using conductive material
112015024897209/03/15 Linked stacks of partly reduced graphene, producing linked stacks of partly reduced graphene, powder comprising linked stacks of partly reduced graphene, film comprising linked stacks of partly reduced graphene, graphene electrode film, producing graphene electrode film, and graphene capacitor
122015021171207/30/15 Wavelength conversion member, light-emitting device, and producing wavelength conversion member
132015021177107/30/15 Magnetic refrigerator and device including the same
142015019783307/16/15 Ni-based single crystal superalloy
152015017588106/25/15 Fluorophore, producing same, light-emitting device, and image display device
162015017989906/25/15 Fluorophore, producing same, light-emitting device using fluorophore, image display device, pigment, and ultraviolet absorbent
172015014640805/28/15 Phosphor, producing same, light emitting device, and image display device
182015013235305/14/15 Biomaterial coated with hap/col composite
192015013260905/14/15 Perpendicularly magnetized ultrathin film exhibiting high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, manufacturing same, and application
202015010466204/16/15 Nanoparticle-containing polymer nanowire and producing the same
212015008328503/26/15 Magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy member and manufacturing same, and using magnesium alloy
222015008396603/26/15 Fluorophor and production thereof and illuminator
232015008396703/26/15 Phosphor, manufacturing same, and light-emitting device
242015008408303/26/15 Phosphor, production the phosphor, and light emitting device using the phosphor
252015007087503/12/15 Phosphor, manufacturing same, light emitting device, and image display device
262015004471902/12/15 Method for producing a recombinant protein using a cell line adapted to a protein-free and lipid-free medium
272015002828201/29/15 Resistance switching device and process for producing thereof
282015002118001/22/15 Highly proton-conductive polymer film, producing same, and humidity sensor
292015002429101/22/15 Storage container for thin lithium-air cell, and cell
302015001382001/15/15 Method for rolling/drawing nickel-free high-nitrogen stainless steel material, thin seamless tube of nickel-free high-nitrogen stainless steel, and manufacturing the same
312015000899801/08/15 Rare-earth nanocomposite magnet
322015000956201/08/15 Optical material and manufacturing method thereof, and light-emitting device, optical isolator, and optical processing apparatus using the optical material
332015000200901/01/15 Metal hexaboride cold field emitter, fabricating same, and electron gun
342015000551101/01/15 Organic transparent electrode, producing organic transparent electrode, touch panel, display, organic metal, producing organic metal, compound or salt thereof, electric wire and electronic device
352014037032412/18/14 Cermet coating and coated metal body having the cermet coating, producing cermet coating, and producing coated metal body
362014035244712/04/14 Double-side-coated surface stress sensor
372014033299211/13/14 Production phosphor
382014033398211/13/14 Electrochromic gel, producing the gel, controlling electronic printing and erasing on electrochromic gel, and stretchable display
392014030095510/09/14 Optical element for terahertz waves
402014026303609/18/14 Flexible free-standing ultrathin or thin protein membrane
412014027144709/18/14 Piezoelectric oriented ceramics and manufacturing the same
422014023545108/21/14 Superconducting coil protection method and superconducting magnet device
432014020552607/24/14 Luminescent nanosheets
442014019951607/17/14 Resin coated member and resin coating
452014016206106/12/14 Process for precipitation of conducting polymer/metal composites, and conducting polymer/metal composites
462014013799105/22/14 High-temperature shape memory alloy and producing the same
472014011313904/24/14 Inorganic-compound particles and process for producing same
482014009103404/03/14 Nanoparticulate fiber solution, its fabrication process, and nanoparticulate fiber membrane filter
492014007282703/13/14 Alloy powder for oxidation-resistant coating, and alloy material formed of the powder and excellent in oxidation resistance characteristics
502014006187203/06/14 Method for reducing thickness of interfacial layer, forming high dielectric constant gate insulating film, high dielectric constant gate insulating film, high dielectric constant gate oxide film, and transistor having high dielectric constant gate oxide film
512014003386802/06/14 Method for extraction and separation of lanthanoid elements and actinoid elements, and means for extraction and separation of lanthanoid elements and actinoid elements
522014002817901/30/14 Phosphor, production the same, and light-emitting device
532014002818001/30/14 Phosphor, production the same, and light-emitting device
542014002140401/23/14 Method for producing anion-exchanging layered double hydroxide and substituting carbonate ion of layered double hydroxide
552014000810901/09/14 Method for producing conductive zinc oxide film
562014000981201/09/14 Display device and color electronic paper using the same
572014000112501/02/14 Nanostructure material supporting arsenic ion adsorption compound and method to remove arsenic ion using the same
582013033418912/19/13 Welding wire and welding method
592013032770312/12/13 Film formed of hemispherical particles, producing same, and use of same
602013031347611/28/13 Water-swelling layered double hydroxide, producing same, gel or sol substance, double hydroxide nanosheet, and producing same
612013030691111/21/13 Method of producing fluorescent material dispersed glass and fluorescent material dispersed glass
622013030818711/21/13 Faraday rotor, optical isolator and optical processing equipment
632013024524009/19/13 Bio-hybrid material, production method therefor, and stent
642013022017408/29/13 Two-component tissue adhesive and producing same
652013022146108/29/13 Ferromagnetic tunnel junction structure and magnetoresistive effect device and spintronics device utilizing same
662013020603808/15/13 Low-friction zno coating and preparing the same
672013021104808/15/13 Tissue adhesive film and producing same
682013020155008/08/13 Electronic printable medium, electronic print device and printing on electronic printable medium
692013016453306/27/13 Piezoelectric ceramic and manufacturing the same
702013012990805/23/13 Magnesium-based medical device and manufacturing method thereof
712013009500504/18/13 Near-field light microchannel structure and near-field light microreactor
722013009534604/18/13 Heat-resistant component
732013009026404/11/13 Metal nanoparticle array structure, device for producing same, and producing same
742013006513503/14/13 All solid lithium battery
752013006626403/14/13 Sugar-responsive gel and medicine administering device
762013005243802/28/13 Max-phase oriented ceramic and producing the same
772013005246202/28/13 Networked polymeric nanofibers, process for producing same, gas adsorbent, and gas separation material
782013003983202/14/13 Method of producing silicon carbide
792013004016702/14/13 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and its manufacturing method
802013001681301/17/13 X-ray irradiation device and analysis device
812012032670212/27/12 Electromagnetic wave resonator and its fabrication process as well as electromagnetic wave generator
822012030734112/06/12 Smart window using organic-metallic hybrid polymer, producing smart window, and smart window system
832012029169511/22/12 Method for producing hexagonal boron nitride single crystals
842012027935111/08/12 Heat-resistant superalloy
852012028340311/08/12 Phenylboronic acid monomer and phenylboronic acid polymer
862012024403709/27/12 Sensing device and biosensor
872012023003209/13/12 Inorganic optical filter, optical element, and light source
882012017861807/12/12 Carbon porous body and adsorbent using the same
892012012755405/24/12 Display device and color electronic paper using the same
902012011844005/17/12 High-strength and high-ductility die-quenched parts and manufacturing the same
912012012098605/17/12 Thermocouple and thermometer using that
922012011229905/10/12 Ferromagnetic tunnel junction structure and magnetoresistive element using the same
932012009760304/26/12 Process for fabricating membrane filters, and membrane filters
942012009929104/26/12 Oxynitride fluorescent material and light-emitting device
952012006741003/22/12 Schottky-barrier junction element, and photoelectric conversion element and solar cell using the same
962012006440003/15/12 Negative-electrode material and lithium secondary battery using same
972012003257902/09/12 Phosphor, production method thereof and light emitting instrument
982011031181812/22/11 Titanium dioxide particles doped with rare earth element
992011030134412/08/11 Water-soluble phthalocyanine dye
1002011026591811/03/11 Graphene-coated member and process for producing same
1012011025128110/13/11 Composite material comprising high-molecular-weight matrix and low-molecular-weight organic compound and process for producing same
1022011023368909/29/11 Semiconductor device, process for producing semiconductor device, semiconductor substrate, and process for producing semiconductor substrate
1032011023530909/29/11 Illumination device for display device, and display device
1042011021315409/01/11 Bis-terpyridine monomer
1052011020452008/25/11 Metal electrode and semiconductor element using the same
1062011020686008/25/11 Method for forming polarization reversal
1072011020761008/25/11 Iron-based superconducting substance
1082011019743208/18/11 Method for forming polarization reversal
1092011020113308/18/11 Method for forming polarization reversal
1102011019531008/11/11 Production electrode for battery, electrode produced by production method, and battery including electrode
1112011019531508/11/11 Solid battery
1122011019043608/04/11 Acrylic adhesive composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet employing the same
1132011017551907/21/11 Oxynitride fluorescent material and light-emitting device
1142011016805607/14/11 Alloy particle and wire used in air plasma spray or wire arc spray
1152011014271406/16/11 Ni-based single crystal superalloy and component obtained from the same
1162011013553206/09/11 Mg-based alloy cold worked member
1172011003701502/17/11 Lead-free piezoelectric material
1182011003370702/10/11 Spherical boron nitride nanoparticles and synthetic method thereof
1192011002474202/03/11 Process for producing zno single crystal, self-supporting zno single-crystal wafer obtained by the same, self-supporting wafer of mg-containing zno mixed single crystal, and process for producing mg-containing zno mixed single crystal for use in the same
1202011001926601/27/11 Wavelength conversion element
1212011001438001/20/11 Apparatus and process for fabricating artificial opal films
1222010031510712/16/10 Electrode for electrochemical measurement apparatus and electrode for biosensors
1232010029698411/25/10 Method of and producing hydrogen from methanol
1242010029131211/18/10 Electroless plating alloy coating film and plating liquid
1252010028338111/11/10 Phosphor and light emitting device
1262010027984811/04/10 Preparation anion-exchangeable, layered double hydroxides
1272010025484910/07/10 Magnesium alloy
1282010021912009/02/10 A flexible free-standing ultrathin or thin protein membrane, its fabrication method and application
1292010020968608/19/10 Mg-containing zno mixed single crystal, laminate thereof and their production methods
1302010020087408/12/10 Phosphor, producing the same and light-emitting device using the same
1312010019103307/29/10 Adsorbent for radioelement-containing waste and fixing radioelement
1322010018497107/22/10 Metal nanoparticles, an electrode using them and a process of preparing metal nanoparticles
1332010016314107/01/10 Mg alloy and production of same
1342010015119306/17/10 Film of sp3-bonded boron nitride having a self-organized surface texture capable of promoting field electron emission
1352010014016306/10/10 Flexible free-standing ultrathin or thin protein membrane, its fabrication method and application
1362010013622906/03/10 Warm spray coating method and particles used therefor
1372010012452605/20/10 Method of and synthesizing highly oriented, aligned carbon nanotubes from an organic liquid
1382010012018705/13/10 Production of a hexagonal boron nitride crystal body capable of emitting out ultraviolet radiation
1392010011053405/06/10 Wavelength conversion element, wavelength conversion method, phase matching method, and light source device
1402010009022604/15/10 Diamond uv-ray sensor
1412010009180304/15/10 Solid-state high-luminance far ultraviolet light emitting element including highly pure hexagonal boron nitride single crystal, solid-state laser, and solid-state light emitting apparatus
1422010008463404/08/10 Nano-crystal diamond film, manufacturing method thereof, and device using nano-crystal diamond film
1432010007249803/25/10 Lithium-containing sialon phosphor and manufactring the same
1442010007288103/25/10 Sialon phosphor
1452009030588512/10/09 Adsorbent for radioelement-containing waste and fixing radioelement
1462009029551012/03/09 Electromagnetic wave resonator, manufacturing the same, and resonating eletromagnetic wave
1472009028163311/12/09 Porous ceramic material and producing the same
1482009027299511/05/09 Resin composition for optical semiconductor element encapsulation, and optical semiconductor device produced by using the same
1492009027058910/29/09 Bis-terpyridine monomer, production process thereof, polymer material derived from the monomer, and electrochromic device
1502009023696909/24/09 Fluorescent substance, process for producing the same, and luminescent device
1512009023170309/17/09 Method of fixing polarization-reversed region formed in ferroelectric single crystal and optical element using the same
1522009023310709/17/09 Mixed-layered phyllosilicate and process for producing the same
1532009022771509/10/09 Method for production of organic-inorganic complex, organic-inorganic complex, and polymeric composite material
1542009022173409/03/09 Resin composition and process for the production thereof
1552009019682008/06/09 Process for producing anisotropic magnetic material and anisotropic magnetic material
1562009018594307/23/09 Steel plate and steel plate coil
1572009016715307/02/09 Light emitting diode lamp and light emitting device
1582009015302806/18/09 Fluorescent substance, manufacturing the same and image display device
1592009014654906/11/09 Light emitting device and illumination device
1602009013440305/28/09 Diamond ultraviolet sensor
1612009012747805/21/09 Infrared source and manufacturing the same
1622009012905205/21/09 Illuminator with fluorescent substance
1632009013154005/21/09 Biodegradable magnesium based metallic material for medical use
1642009010749504/30/09 Device for inhalation of medicine
1652009010823204/30/09 Lens material, optical electronic component and optical electronic device
1662009011092904/30/09 Titanium dioxide particles doped with rare earth element and manufacturing the same
1672009009123704/09/09 Fluorophor and production thereof and illuminator
1682009008546504/02/09 Fluorophor and production thereof and illuminator
1692009007885103/26/09 Far ultraviolet with high luminance emitting high-purity hexagonal boron nitride monocrystalline powder and manufacturing the same
1702009008155403/26/09 All-solid lithium battery
1712009005761103/05/09 Phosphor and process for producing the same
1722013032770312/12/13 Film formed of hemispherical particles, producing same, and use of same

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