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National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology. National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Date National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/29/11Solid-state memory
07/27/17 new patent  Water containing permanganate ions and producing the same
07/27/17 new patent  Ozone water and producing the same
07/27/17 new patent  Position control system and position control an unmanned surface vehicle
07/13/17Method for bonding stainless steel members and stainless steel
07/13/17Method for bonding stainless steel members and stainless steel
07/13/17Through electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
07/06/17Cellobiohydrolase having improved thermal stability
07/06/17Light emitting element, reference light source and observing luminous body
06/29/17Method for producing carbon particles by detonation
06/29/17Silanol compound, composition, and producing silanol compound
06/22/17Prevention of escherichia coli diarrhea
06/22/17Electric pipette system, electric pipette, and operating procedure display device
06/08/17Thermoelectric material and thermoelectric module
06/08/17Work processing apparatus and liquid chemical bag for the same
06/08/17Method for producing archaeal protein
06/01/17Polybenzimidazole carbon fiber and manufacturing same
06/01/17Stretchable electrically-conductive circuit and manufacturing method therefor
06/01/17Magnetic tunnel junction device
05/25/17Positive electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery and lithium-ion secondary battery
05/25/17Optical transmitter implementing wavelength tunable diode
05/18/17Particle charging device and particle classification device using the charging device
05/18/17Device and exchanging trade information
05/11/17Nucleic acid amplification device, nucleic acid amplification method, and chip for nucleic acid amplification
05/11/17Sorting device and sorting method
05/11/17Wet gel and producing thereof
05/11/17Nucleic acid amplification device, nucleic acid amplification method, and chip for nucleic acid amplification
05/04/17Optical member and producing same
05/04/17Impedance estimation device and estimation power distribution line
05/04/17Method for manufacturing semiconductor and cleaning wafer substrate
05/04/17Thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion module
04/27/17Functional polymer gel containing organic nanotubes and producing same
04/27/17Current collector for fuel cell, and fuel cell
04/20/17Protein film production method
04/20/17Antifouling sheet
04/20/17Carbon nanotube composite material and thermal conductor
04/20/17Pipette device and liquid treatment system
04/20/17Method of evaluating semiconductor device and evaluating semiconductor device
04/20/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
04/06/17Agent for improving glucose tolerance disorder
04/06/17Ammonia adsorbent
04/06/17Plasma processing device
03/30/17Method for detecting guanine-abasic site in dna
03/23/17Cancer stem cell proliferation inhibitor
03/16/17Columnar laminar flow generation device and generating columnar laminar flows
03/16/17Method for bonding stainless steel members and stainless steel
03/16/17Integrated circuit composed of tunnel field-effect transistors and manufacturing same
03/16/17Optical phase regeneration
03/02/17Ultrasonic flowmeter
03/02/17Protocol chart creation device, protocol chart creation method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
03/02/17System and multifaceted singing analysis
03/02/17Crystal orientation layer laminated structure, electronic memory and manufacturing crystal orientation layer laminated structure
03/02/17Sulfur-based positive-electrode active material, positive electrode and lithium-ion secondary battery
02/16/17Heat dissipation film, dispersion liquid for heat emission layer, producing heat dissipation film and solar cell
02/09/17Silicon carbide epitaxial wafer and process for producing same
02/09/17Light detecting device, solid-state image capturing apparatus, and manufacturing the same
02/02/17Haptic information presentation system and method
01/26/17Three-dimensional molding device
01/26/17Binder for electric double-layer capacitor electrode, electric double-layer capacitor electrode comprising same binder, electric double-layer capacitor using same electrode, and electric apparatus
01/19/17Water/oil repellant coating film and manufacturing method thereof
01/19/17Biodiesel fuel hydrogenation method
01/12/17Cognitive function evaluation apparatus, method, system and program
01/12/17Method for preparing water extract of ashwagandha leaves which has enhanced anti-cancer activity utilizing cyclodextrin, and pharmaceutical composition containing ashwagandha leaves
12/22/16Novel lung cancer biomarker (liph)
12/22/16Aluminum nitride piezoelectric thin film, piezoelectric material, piezoelectric component, and manufacturing aluminum nitride piezoelectric thin film
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12/15/16Method for reducing critical micelle concentration, and surfactant composition
12/08/16Optical semiconductor device
12/01/16Electro-optical modulator
11/24/16Method for manufacturing metallic object in which additive manufacturing and plastic deformation are employed in combination
11/24/16Titanate compound, alkali metal titanate compound and producing same, and power storage device using titanate compound and alkali metal titanate compound as active material
11/17/16Package formation method and mems package
11/17/16Fluorescent particle, with semiconductor nanoparticles dispersed therein, fabricated by the sol-gel process
11/17/16Hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen storage alloy electrode, secondary battery, and producing hydrogen storage alloy
11/17/16Diamond crystal, diamond devices, magnetic sensor, magnetic sensor system, and manufacturing sensor array
11/17/16Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device and silicon carbide semiconductor device
11/10/16Raw material and production cyclometallized iridium complex
11/10/16Illumination method, and illumination device
11/03/16Free access floor structure, and manufacturing apparatus and carrier apparatus adapted for floor structure
11/03/16Detonation- mediated carbon particle production method
11/03/16Through electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
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11/03/16Received signal processing device, communication system, and received signal processing method
10/20/16Field-effect transistor
10/20/16Amorphous (lithium) sulfide or (lithium) titanium niobium sulfide
10/13/16Yeast having enhanced xylose fermentation ability, and use therefor
10/13/16Subsampling device and method
10/06/16Wet processing apparatus
10/06/16Sulfur-based positive-electrode active material and lithium-ion secondary battery
09/29/16Method of separating and recovering optically active carbon nanotube, and optically active carbon nanotube
09/29/16Protein comprised by linking by linker multiple domains having affintiy for proteins having fc part of immunoglobulin g (igg)
09/29/16Luminescent substrate for use in artificial bioluminescent enzyme
09/29/16Spin electronic memory, information recording method and information reproducing method
09/29/16Lithium titanium sulfide, lithium niobium sulfide, and lithium titanium niobium sulfide
09/22/16Remote behavior navigation system and processing method thereof
09/15/16Method for forming micropattern of polyimide using imprinting
09/15/16Method for producing high quality biodiesel fuel
09/15/16Method for manufacturing 3-hydroxybutyric acid using halomonas sp.
09/15/16Lithium sulfide-iron-carbon complex
09/08/16Power conversion circuit and device
09/01/16Piezoelectric thin film, manufacturing method therefor, and piezoelectric element
09/01/16Catalyst used for dehydrogenation of formic acid, dehydrogenating formic acid, and producing hydrogen
09/01/16Device manufactured by room-temperature bonding, device manufacturing method, and room-temperature bonding apparatus
09/01/16Photochemical reaction device, manufacturing same, and photochemical reaction method
09/01/16Optical measuring device and device having optical system
08/25/16Dose distribution measuring device
08/25/16Ferroelectric device and meethod for manufacturing same
08/25/16Structure formed on substrate, structure manufacturing method and line pattern
08/18/16Marker image processing system
08/18/16Carbon nanofiber actuator
08/04/16Near-infrared mechanoluminescent material, near-infrared mechanoluminescent body, and manufacturing near-infrared mechanoluminescent material
08/04/16Optical device having a stepwise or tapered light input/output part and manufacturing method therefor
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07/28/16Estimated-azimuth-angle assessment device, mobile terminal device, computer-readable storage medium, control estimated-azimuth-angle assessment device , and positioning device
07/28/16Microwave plasma processing device
07/21/16Apparatus for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregates
07/21/16Method for producing induced pluripotent stem cells
07/21/16Process substrate with crystal orientation mark, detecting crystal orientation, and reading device of crystal orientation mark
07/21/16Semiconductor element, manufacturing same, and semiconductor integrated circuit
07/14/16Surfactant composition
07/14/16Thermophysical property measurement method and thermophysical property measurement apparatus
07/14/16Manufacturing semiconductor substrate
07/14/16Lithium ion secondary battery having positive electrode that comprises thermal run-away suppressing layer on positive electrode active material layer
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07/07/16Method for reducing surface free energy and composition having reduced surface free energy
07/07/16Method for producing titanium oxide using porous titanium compound impregnated with solution
07/07/16Automatic ph adjustment device
06/30/16Method for enrichment and separation of spinal fluid glycoprotein, searching for marker for central nervous system diseases which utilizes the aforementioned method, and marker for central nervous system diseases
06/30/16Alkali metal titanium oxide having anisotropic structure, titanium oxide, electrode active material containing said oxides, and electricity storage device
06/23/16Photodegradable cross-linking agent, photodegradable gel, cell culture instrument, cell arrangement-sorting apparatus, cell arrangement method, cell sorting method, tissue forming method, and tissue
06/23/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing a silicon carbide semiconductor device
06/23/16Inrush current limiting circuit
06/16/16Method for continuously producing cyclic carbonate
06/16/16Silicon carbide epitaxial wafer, manufacturing silicon carbide epitaxial wafer, device for manufacturing silicon carbide epitaxial wafer, and silicon carbide semiconductor element
06/09/16Silicon carbide powder and producing silicon carbide single crystal
06/09/16Method and device for measuring displacement distribution of an object using repeated pattern, and program for the same
06/02/16Carbon-containing solid acid having sulfonate group
06/02/16Matrix for magnetic separator and magnetic separator
06/02/16Method of screening for candidate compounds for regulating melanogenesis or pigmentation
06/02/16Static electricity distribution measuring apparatus and static electricity distribution measuring method
06/02/16High voltage semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
06/02/16Negative-electrode mixture for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell containing said mixture, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell provided with said negative electrode, and electrical device
05/26/16Operation command generation device, operation command generation method, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and process system
05/26/16Operation command generation device, operation command generation method, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, and process system
05/26/16Method for producing cyclic carbonate
05/26/16Novel polypeptide, and use thereof
05/19/16Cnt metal composite material, and producing same
05/19/16Methylcytosine detection method
05/19/16Imaging system and imaging method
05/19/16Interlayer light wave coupling device
05/19/16Method for producing lithium solid state battery
05/19/16Method and device for measurement of propagation delay characteristic in multipath propagation environment, and external audio perception device
05/05/16Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
05/05/16White light-emitting element
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04/28/16Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of cancer
04/21/16Method for producing catalyst for cyclic carbonate synthesis
04/21/16Adsorption characteristic measuring apparatus
03/24/16Drawn carbon nanotube yarn and production method therefor
03/17/16Immunity inducer for saccharide antigens
03/17/16Method for producing aligned carbon nanotube assembly
03/10/16Method for producing catalyst for cyclic carbonate synthesis
03/10/16Monoclonal antibody recognizing sialylated sugar chains
03/10/16Lithium secondary battery negative electrode active material and manufacturing same
03/03/16Method for producing catalyst for cyclic carbonate synthesis
03/03/16Piezoelectric thin film and producing the same
02/25/16Light up-conversion luminescent substance
02/25/16Mechanoluminescent material and use applications thereof, raw material composition for mechanoluminescent material, and producing mechanoluminescent material
02/25/16Sample holder for scanning electron microscope, scanning electron microscope image observation system, and scanning electron microscope image observation method
02/18/16Cleaning agent for washing out silicone stain
02/18/16Method for processing silicon-based wire optical waveguide
02/11/16Semiconductor light emitting element and producing the same
02/11/16Semiconductor process carrier
02/04/16Metal complex and supported metal complex having disiloxane as ligand, production therefof, and supported metal catalyst prepared by using the same
02/04/16Method for bonding stainless steel members and stainless steel
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02/04/16Organic/inorganic transparent hybrid films and a process for producing the same
02/04/16Compound semiconductor stack and semiconductor device
01/21/16Oral composition containing interferon-alpha
01/21/16Sperm selection unit structure, sperm screening device provided with sperm selection unit structure, and preparing semen for fertilization
01/21/16Magnetic tunnel junction device
01/14/16Adsorbent for rare earth element and recovering rare earth element
01/07/16Exhaust gas treating catalyst and exhaust gas purification apparatus using the same
01/07/16Production alkoxysilanes
01/07/16Nucleic acid molecule for expressing foreign gene in plant and method therefor
01/07/16Laser apparatus and method to re-tune emission wavelength of wavelength tunable ld
12/31/15Undifferentiated cell elimination method
12/31/15Molecule library constructed on the basis of backbone structure of microprotein
12/31/15Small production device and production system using the same
12/31/15Lithium-ion secondary battery and producing the same
12/24/15Apparatus and evaluating gas barrier properties
12/24/15Haptic information presentation system and method
12/24/15Inorganic material paste for electronic components such as resistors and dielectrics, and producing same
12/24/15Lithium ion conductive substance, lithium ion conductive solid electrolyte using the lithium ion conductive substance, protective layer for an electrode of a lithium ion battery, and manufacturing the lithium ion conductive substance
12/17/15Transesterification catalyst and producing biodiesel fuel using transesterification catalyst
12/10/15Antibody-binding peptide
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12/10/15Gasochromic system
12/10/15Portable radiation dosimeter
12/10/15Piezoelectric thin film and manufacturing the same, and piezoelectric element
12/10/15Operational amplifier
12/03/15Direct acting extensible and retractable arm mechanism, and robot arm provided with direct acting extensible and retractable arm mechanism
11/26/15Cell-spreading device and detecting rare cell
11/26/15Glycoform detection method and glycoform detection device
11/19/15Modified lectin derived from wisteria floribunda
11/12/15Link-type transfer robot
11/12/15Precursor fiber for carbon fibers, carbon fiber, and producing carbon fiber
11/12/15Reference leak generating device and ultra-fine leak testing device using same
10/29/15Substrate transfer antechamber mechanism
10/29/15Light source position detection apparatus, light source tracking apparatus, control method and program
10/29/15Light-modulating member
10/29/15System and singing synthesis
10/29/15Semiconductor device and fabrication semiconductor device
10/22/15Thin, narrow tube and drawing apparatus and drawing manufacturing the same
10/22/15Polymer actuator element
10/22/15Beta-1,3-glucan derivative and producing beta-1,3-glucan derivative
10/22/15Estimation system of spectral envelopes and group delays for sound analysis and synthesis, and audio signal synthesis system
10/22/15Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
10/15/15Epithelial ovarian cancer differentiation marker
10/08/15Novel xylanase
10/08/15Artificial bioluminescent enzyme
10/08/15Piezoelectric member, acoustic wave apparatus, and piezoelectric member manufacturing method
10/01/15Magnetic multilayer film and tunneling magnetoresistance element
10/01/15Binder for use in positive electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, positive electrode for lithium ion secondary battery containing said binder, lithium ion secondary battery using said positive electrode, and electrical machinery and apparatus
09/24/15Assay device using porous medium
09/24/15Protein having flavin adenine dinucleotide-dependent glucose dehydrogenase activity
09/24/15Surface plasma actuator
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09/10/15Room temperature bonding apparatus and room temperature bonding method
09/10/15Mass flowmeter
09/10/15Haptic information presentation system and method
09/10/15Movement evaluation device and program therefor
09/10/15Sensor network system
09/03/15Multilevel power conversion circuit and device
08/27/15Method for forming pattern
08/20/15Supported gold nanoparticle catalyst and producing same
08/20/15Particle sorting machine
08/20/15Substrate for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregates and producing the aligned carbon nanotube aggregates
08/20/15Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
08/13/15Method for producing electrically conductive thin film, and electrically conductive thin film produced by said method
08/13/15Metal material having n-type thermoelectric conversion performance
08/06/15Catalyst for generating hydrogen and generating hydrogen
08/06/15Process for analyzing sample by capillary electrophoresis method
08/06/15Monitoring system and slave device for photovoltaic power generation plant
07/30/15Automatic preparation system
07/30/15Joined structure comprising cube- or quadratic prism-shaped rock salt-type oxide nanoparticle and fine metal particle, and producing same
07/30/15Automatic preparation system
07/30/15Device for estimating moving object travel direction and estimating travel direction
07/30/15Sample holder and observing electron microscopic image
07/30/15Semiconductor structure, semiconductor device, and producing semiconductor structure
07/30/15Thermoelectric material and thermoelectric module
07/23/15Micro chamber chip for cell expansion
07/23/15Undifferentiated cell detection method and complex carbohydrate detection method
07/23/15Nebulizer and analyzer
07/02/15Apparatus and evaluating diabetic peripheral neuropathy
07/02/15Method for producing a composite wafer and a producing a semiconductor crystal layer forming wafer
06/25/15Device for measuring rotation angle acceleration

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