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National Oilwell Varco L p
National Oilwell Varco L p_20131212

National Oilwell Varco L p patents

Recent patent applications related to National Oilwell Varco L p. National Oilwell Varco L p is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: National Oilwell Varco L p may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with National Oilwell Varco L p, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Washpipe assemblies for a power swivel
10/19/17Torque calibrating system
10/05/17Electrochemical corrosion of catalyst material from pcd elements
09/28/17Multistage stacked disc choke
09/28/17Pipe coupling system and method
09/21/17Method and the recovery of drilling fluid from shaker tailings during active drilling
09/07/17Multi-well bop cellar trailer
08/24/17Drilling rig with self-elevating drill floor
08/10/17Wellsite hardfacing with particle distribution and using same
07/27/17Vector maximizing screen
07/20/17Stuffing box and packing rings for use therein
07/13/17Well site pump with integrated driver and hydraulic motor and using same
06/08/17Universal driveshaft assembly
05/04/17Methods for operating wellbore drilling equipment based on wellbore conditions
04/27/17Coupling assembly and protective ring therefor
04/20/17System and detecting material loss in a tubular
04/13/17Method and reducing stick-slip
03/23/17Mechanism and system for rotating an elongate member of an oil pump
12/29/16Deep water knuckle boom crane
12/15/16A fluid treatment system, a fluid processing apparatus and treating a mixture
12/15/16A fluid treatment system, a fluid processing apparatus and treating a mixture
12/08/16Self-aligning pipe gripping assembly and making and using the same
12/01/16Well intervention apparatus and method
11/24/16Dual-direction mixing impeller
11/24/16Drill bit seal and using same
11/17/16Systems and methods for activation of trapped field magnets
11/10/16Drill bits with variable flow bore and methods relating thereto
10/27/16Method and erecting a drilling rig
10/20/16System and fabricating screen panel assemblies for vibratory separators
10/13/16Wellbore tubular air quenching
09/15/16Circulation sub and using same
09/01/16Drilling rig mast erection system
08/18/16Adjustable bend assembly for a downhole motor
08/18/16Downhole hole cleaning joints and using same
07/28/16Balanced thread form, tubulars employing the same, and methods relating thereto
07/28/16Compound blowout preventer seal and using same
06/30/16Coiled tubing injector with hydraulic traction slip mitigation circuit
06/30/16Drilling direct control user interface
06/09/16Floor mounted racking arm for handling drill pipe
06/09/16Method of closing a blowout preventer seal based on seal erosion
06/02/16Slow-shift spm valve
05/26/16Safety joint designed with anti-lock pressure compensation seal
05/19/16Mechanism and system for rotating an elongate member of an oil pump
05/12/16Wiper seal assemblies for a reciprocating pump and methods relating thereto
05/05/16Line stabilizer
03/03/16Thread cleaning device
02/18/16Tubular support and servicing systems
02/18/16Magnetic cycloid gear
02/11/16System and communicating complex downhole information
02/11/16Beam clamp
01/21/16Stator for progressive cavity pump/motor
01/14/16Closed loop drilling mud cooling system for land-based drilling operations
01/14/16Sheave with structured web
01/07/16Coiled tubing injector with limited slip chains
12/24/15Apparatus and methods for high pressure leaching of polycrystalline diamond cutter elements
12/24/15Powered reaming device
12/10/15Line stabilizer
12/03/15Multi-level wellsite monitoring system and using same
11/19/15Drilling mud cooling system
11/12/15High strength corrosion resistant high velocity oxy fuel (hvof) coating for downhole tools
11/12/15Lockable swivel apparatus
11/05/15Threaded connections with an adjustable secondary shoulder
10/29/15Self-balancing spreader beam
10/29/15Multi-cylinder hydraulically-driven pump system
10/22/15Mobile drilling rig with telescoping substructure boxes
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10/22/15Collapsible substructure for a mobile drilling rig
10/15/15Fleet angle tolerant sheave
10/15/15Blowout preventer monitoring system and using same
10/15/15Pulsed activation of trapped field magnets
10/08/15Modular instrumented shell for a top drive assembly and using same
10/08/15Radial valves and pumps including radial valves
10/01/15Frangible core barrel
10/01/15Spherical blowout preventer with energizeable packer seal and using same
09/10/15Apparatus and honing tubulars of a wellsite
09/10/15Safety joint for a tool string
08/20/15Valve mechanism having tool trap
08/13/15Wellbore desanding system
07/23/15Method for detecting at least one variable associated with the formation of at least one joint and/or a machine during assembly of a pipeline system
07/16/15Method and process, system, and straightening of thin tubular shapes
07/16/15Blowout preventer with packer assembly and using same
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06/25/15Pipe joint apparatus and method
06/25/15Adjustable coring assembly and using same
06/11/15Wellsite cable support assembly and using same
06/11/15Blowout preventer monitoring system and using same
06/11/15Apparatus, systems, and methods for downhole fluid filtration
06/04/15Drilling rig with hinged, retractable outriggers
06/04/15Drilling cuttings treatment systems
05/28/15Wearable interface for drilling information system
05/21/15Hydraulically operated polished rod clamp
05/21/15Planetary gear assembly
05/14/15Method and retaining an electronic tag on a downhole tool
05/14/15Method and retaining an electronic tag on a downhole tool
05/14/15Plunger pump, plunger, and manufacturing plunger pump
05/07/15Progressing cavity pump/motor
04/30/15System and drill pipe tallying
04/30/15Wellsite connector with piston driven collets and using same
04/23/15Methods and reducing stick-slip
04/23/15Hard composite with deformable constituent and applying to earth-engaging tool
04/16/15Coiled tubing injector with load sensing tubing guide
04/02/15Performing simultaneous operations on multiple wellbore locations using a single mobile drilling rig
04/02/15Downhole temperature sensing of the fluid flow in and around a drill string tool
04/02/15System and downhole power generation using a direct drive permanent magnet machine
03/26/15Wellsite connector with floating seal member and using same
03/19/15Modular subsea stripper packer and using same
03/19/15Downhole pulse generating device
03/12/15Apparatus and connecting tubulars of a wellsite
03/12/15Method and connecting tubulars of a wellsite
03/12/15Downhole motor with concentric rotary drive system
03/05/15Drilling rig masts and methods of assembly and erection
03/05/15Downhole motor sensing assembly and using same
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02/26/15Bi-directionally raisable drilling rig mast
02/26/15Drilling control and information system
02/19/15Bi-directionally raisable drilling rig mast
02/19/15Magnetic drive devices, and related systems and methods
02/19/15Systems and methods for increasing the life of downhole driveshaft assemblies
02/05/15Downhole motor coupling systems and methods
01/29/15Mud hydraulic top drive
01/15/15Reciprocating subsurface pump
01/15/15Magnetic gears, and related systems and methods
01/08/15Rotary steerable push-the-bit drilling apparatus with self-cleaning fluid filter
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12/25/14Blowout preventer activator and using same
12/04/14Solids removal apparatus
11/27/14Automated dump system for solid separator
11/06/14Sealable wellsite valve and using same
10/23/14Poppet valve with variable dampener and elastically supported guide
10/16/14Pressure core barrel for retention of core fluids and related method
10/16/14Long reach spindle drive systems and method
10/09/14Drive shaft assembly for a downhole motor
10/02/14Providing energy to a passive wireless tag
10/02/14Control system security appliance
09/25/14System and controlling a downhole tool
09/18/14Top drive systems for wellbore and drilling operations
09/18/14Poppet valve with integrated dampener
09/18/14Method and measuring drilling fluid properties
09/18/14System and heat treating a tubular
09/11/14Flow measurement and flow sampling system
09/11/14Adjustable bend assembly for a downhole motor
09/04/14Compact wellhead system with built-in production capability
08/28/14Method and system for monitoring downhole assets
08/21/14Blowout preventer monitoring system and using same
08/21/14Pressure compensation system for a motor bearing assembly
08/21/14Optimum powder placement in polycrystalline diamond cutters
08/14/14Driveshaft assembly for a downhole motor
07/31/14Portable ram block changer
07/17/14Apparatus and density separator for drilling fluid
07/10/14Apparatus and separating solids from a solids laden drilling fluid
07/10/14Centrifuge separator
06/26/14Fluid treatment system, a fluid processing apparatus and a treating a mixture
06/19/14Remote heave compensation system
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06/12/14Method and connecting tubulars of a wellsite
06/05/14Marine riser with side tension members
06/05/14Downhole pulse generating device for through-bore operations
05/29/14Drill pipe using same
05/08/14Systems and methods for vapor pressure leaching polycrystalline diamond cutter elements
05/01/14Measurement tool
05/01/14System and using a passive wireless tag
05/01/14Lightweight and flexible rotors for positive displacement devices
04/24/14Apparatus and servicing pipes
04/24/14Blowout preventer seal assembly and using same
04/17/14Dual gradient drilling system
04/10/14Super efficient regulator
04/03/14Apparatus, system, and controlling the flow of drilling fluid in a wellbore
04/03/14Extended range emf antenna
03/27/14Hands free gooseneck with rotating cartridge assemblies
03/13/14Assembly and wide catch overshot
03/06/14Heavy duty rope sockets and related methods
02/27/14Screen assembly and a making same
02/27/14Hydraulically controlled reciprocating pump system
02/06/14Methods and reducing stick-slip
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02/06/14Mud-lubricated bearing assembly with mechanical seal
01/30/14Telescoping core barrel
01/23/14Shale shakers with selective series/parallel flow path conversion
01/02/14Coiled tubing injector with limited slip chains
12/26/13Apparatus for reducing turbulence in a fluid stream
12/26/13Videometric offshore and oil-well drilling
12/19/13Coiled tubing injector with strain relief
12/12/13Carbon foam metal matrix composite and mud pump employing same
12/05/13Drill bit seal and using same
12/05/13Deoiling hydrocyclone
11/28/13Blowout preventer ram assembly and using same
11/14/13Shear seal blowout preventer
11/14/13System and monitoring seals between a stationary conduit and a rotating conduit
10/31/13Progressing cavity pump/motor
10/24/13Substructure of a mobile drilling rig with a movable center floor section
10/24/13Centrifugal applicator
10/17/13Mobile drilling rig with telescoping substructure boxes
10/10/13Misalignment-tolerant wellsite connection assembly, system, and method
10/10/13Blowout preventer seal assembly and using same
09/26/13Methods and enhancing elastomeric stator insert material properties with radiation
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09/19/13Windmill conveyance using same
09/12/13Coiled tubing injector head with chain guides
09/05/13Inner gauge ring drill bit
08/29/13Crane on a vessel
08/29/13Track guiding system
08/08/13Wellhead connector and using same
08/08/13Blowout preventer and using same
08/01/13Method and fluid treatment
07/25/13Downhole tool with external housing torque transfer
07/25/13Jack-up rig with leg-supported ballast loads
07/25/13Dampeners for pumping systems
07/18/13Collapsible substructure for a mobile drilling rig
07/18/13Welded downhole components and forming same
07/11/13Boom mounted coiled tubing guide and running coiled tubing
07/04/13Deep water knuckle boom crane
07/04/13Apparatus and positioning connection equipment on a drilling rig
06/27/13System and measuring pipe
06/27/13Hydrodynamic journal bearing flow control bushing for a rotating control device
06/13/13Method and system for monitoring a well for unwanted formation fluid influx
06/13/13Reinforced stators and fabrication methods
06/06/13Releasable corrosion inhibitors
05/23/13Pig receiver
05/23/13Dual-flow valve and swivel
05/16/13Rotary steerable push-the-bit drilling apparatus with self-cleaning fluid filter
05/16/13Videometric offshore and oil-well drilling
05/09/13Circulation sub and using same
05/09/13Resilient bit systems and methods
05/02/13Apparatus and separating solids from a solids laden drilling fluid
05/02/13Torque enhanced threaded connection
04/18/13Full closure core catcher
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04/04/13Stator for progressive cavity pump/motor
04/04/13Methods and coring
03/28/13Torque reaction device for pipe running tool
03/21/13Laser hardened surface for wear and corrosion resistance
03/14/13System and managing use of a downhole asset
02/28/13Cutting device on moveable platform
02/21/13Magnetic vibratory screen clamping
02/14/13Downhole tag assembly
12/13/12Tubular retrieval
12/06/12Drilling rig system with self-elevating drill floor
11/22/12Stator manufacturing method and whirling cutter device
11/08/12Downhole tractor
10/25/12System and drilling a borehole using streaming reference data
10/11/12Belt tensioner
09/13/12Method and sealing a wellbore
09/06/12Valve cartridge for pump systems
09/06/12Valve having opposed curved sealing surfaces on a valve member and a valve seat to facilitate effective sealing
08/30/12Drilling rig having rig operation loads supported on pressure control equipment
08/23/12Rock bit and cutter teeth geometries
08/23/12System and tracking pipe activity on a rig
08/09/12Impact absorbing access platform for drilling structures
08/02/12Blowout preventer seal and using same
08/02/12Oil-sealed mud motor bearing assembly with mud-lubricated off-bottom thrust bearing
07/19/12No-go tag progressive cavity pumps
07/12/12Pressure compensation system for an oil-sealed mud motor bearing assembly
06/21/12Pulsation dampening system for a reciprocating pump
06/14/12Enhanced elastomeric stator insert via reinforcing agent distribution and orientation
06/07/12Method and automated drilling of a borehole in a subsurface formation
05/31/12Method and wind turbine erection

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